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Janella Marie B.

Recaplaza LIT 2 TH 12-3 PM Odyssey Multiple Choice

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the correct answer and encircle it.
1.) Who is the main character and king of the ancient Greek city of Ithaca?
a. Odyssey
b. Odysseus
c. Odyssium
d. Odyssus
2.) What did Odysseus tell his wife, Queen Penelope, if he does not return?
a. To remarry by the time their son becomes 21
b. To rule the kingdom all by herself
c. To tell Telemachus to ascend the throne when he becomes 21
d. To raise Telemachus to become a king
3.) How long did the Trojan War last?
a. 11 years
b. 12 years
c. 10 years
d. 15 years
4.) After a fruitless 10 year battle, to defeat the city of Troy, what did the Greeks do?
a. They constructed a giant wooden horse and hid inside
b. They constructed a big wooden box and put all their belongings
c. They made a giant wooden horse for decoration
d. They designed a horse as a gift and peace offering
5.) Who sent the sea monster to devour Laocoon, the person who warned the Trojans about the
wooden horse?
a. Aeolus
b. Poseidon
c. Zeus
d. Calypso
6.) After defeating the Trojans, what did Odysseus tell the gods that angered them mainly
a. They won the battle because of himself
b. That he is now immortal and powerful
c. He lead the Greeks without any help
d. The Greeks sneaked inside without any help
7.) What did Poseidon tell Odysseus?
a. He will make Odysseus journey home impossible
b. The Greeks will be stucked in the island forever
c. They will suffer a lot
d. Poseidon will kill all of his crewmen
8.) Odysseus and his crewmen stopped in an island where a one-eyed giant named ________ lives.
a. Calypso
b. Cyclopes
c. Polyphemus
d. Polyphem
9.) What are one-eyed giants called?
a. Cyclones
b. Cyclopse
c. Cylcops
d. Cyclopes
10.) When Polyphemus asked Odysseus what his name is, he said it is_________.
a. Somebody
b. Anybody
c. Nobody
d. No one
11.) To escape the cave and the one-eyed giant Polyphemus, what did Odysseus and his crewmen
first do?
a. They gave the one-eyed giant wine causing him to pass out
b. They blinded the cyclope
c. They sacrificed one sailor for Polyphemus
d. They sharpened a tree branch
12.) Who is the god of the winds who provided Odysseus a bag of wind to help him return home?
a. Aeolus
b. Poseidon
c. Polyphemus
d. Calypso
13.) Why did Odyyseus mother, Anticlea, committed suicide?
a. She is already old
b. She drowned in the sea
c. Sheis grieving for her sons long absence
d. She thought Odysseus is dead
14.) Arriving at the underworld, Odysseus sacrifices a ______ into the River Styx.
a. Sheep
b. Goat
c. Cow
d. Chicken
15.) Who is the beautiful witch that transformed Odysseuss crewmen into animals and blackmailed
them to stay at her place?
a. Circa
b. Circe
c. Ciria
d. Ciel

16.) The nymph who lived on the island of Ogygia and held Odysseus captive for years.
a. Calipse
b. Calypso
c. Calipus
d. Nympha
17.) What did Poseidon remind Odysseus about what he said after he defeating the Trojans?
a. Odysseus is a mere mortal
b. Odysseus is just a human and not important
c. Odysseus is the king of Ithaca
d. Odysseus is immortal
18.) Who is the Phaeacian King who helped Odysseus back to Ithaca?
a. Polyphemus
b. Antinous
c. Eurymarchus
d. Alcinous
19.) Disguised as a peasant, Odysseus meets up with Athena where she:
a. Confessed that she will remarry a noble and continue ruling Ithaca
b. Decided to hold a contest to find someone who can string Odysseus bow
c. Decided to find Odysseus by herself
d. Confessed that she is convinced that Odysseus is dead
20.) Who assisted Odysseus in slaying the suitors?
a. Eurymarchus
b. Alcinous
c. Telemarchus
d. Antinous