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Unifas VII Unifas VII Unifas VII

Communications Communications Communications
August 2014, U COM - N. 1
VII International Congress of
the Servite Family U
Collevalenza, Italy
4-11 August 2014
A Sower went out to sow:
The Servants of Mary and
the New Evangelization
Arrival and Reception

On 4 August 2014, the 7
International Congress of U has begun at the Casa del Pelle-
grino, in Collevalenza (Perugia Italy).
The brothers and sisters of the Servite Family began to arrive at the Shrine of Merciful Love in the
Indeed it is a great joy to see the well/known faces, to share to each other the recent happen-
ings and it is also a time to know the new faces
The atmosphere in the shrine is good and conducive for our work and for rest as well.
After welcoming the participants, the U organization team took them to their rooms. In the
evening we were served a delicious dinner after which some practical information was given.

On 5 August 2014 at 9.30 a.m., the Prior General
fra Gottfried M. Wolff, officially declared open
the 7
International Congress of U with an
inspiring welcome message on faith and hope.
Fra Paolo M. Orlandini, the facilitator of the Con-
gress helped the participants to present one an-
other to the assembly in a simple and spontane-
ous way. The participants were divided into 9
groups according to their language in order to fa-
cilitate understanding and sharing.
Work: Lectio Divina

Around the afternoon, Mrs. Theresa Orozco
, resented the follow up of the previous In-
ternational Congress of U (Rio de Janeiro, 7-
14 July 2010). This helped the participants to un-
derstand how the Servites have faithfully carried
out the resolution taken in the previous congress
to safeguard creation.
At 4.00 p.m., Sr. Elizabeth Torres Martinez,
presented the lectio divina on the theme of the
parable of sower (Mt 13: 1-23), in a creative way
with songs and meditation. All participated in the
lectio divina, which is the guiding theme of this 7

International Congress of U. There was a
moment of personal reflection, sharing in groups
and presentation in the assembly.
At the end of lectio divina Mr. Josef Hofbauer
from Czech Republic, presented a musical con-
cert in honor of our Blessed Virgin Mother. With
the Eucharistic Celebration presided over by fra
Susaimani M. Arokiasamy, Prior Provincial ,
we concluded the first day of the Congress.

S.N. Groups of membership

01 Order of Friars Servants of Mary 27
02 Nuns Servants of Mary 01
03 Compassionist Servite Sisters 03
04 Servite Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows - Florence 02
05 Servite Sisters - Galeazza 03
06 Sisters of the Mother of Sorrows Servants of Mary India 02
07 Servants of Mary Ladysmith 02
08 Servite Sisters Cuves/London 03
09 Servite Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows - Naples 01
10 Servite Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows - Nocera 03
11 Servite Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows - Pisa 06
12 Mantellate Servants of Mary - Pistoia 03
13 Servants of Mary - Ravenna 01
14 Servite Sisters Riparatrici 03
15 Servite Sisters - Swaziland 01
16 Servite Secular Institute 04
17 Secular Institute "Regnum Mariae" 03
18 Lay Diaconias ... 04
19 OSSM Brazil 01
20 OSSM Canada 04
21 OSSM Philippines 01
22 OSSM India 01
23 OSSM Ireland 02
24 OSSM Italy 05
25 OSSM Mexico 02


26 OSSM Mozambique 02
27 OSSM Czech Republic 02
28 OSSM South Africa-Uganda 01
29 OSSM USA 02
30 Associate Members: Servite Sisters London 02