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PTI Chairmans Press Conference of Monday 11

Aug 2014
All actors involved directly/indirectly in the general elections 2013 who became beneficiaries
All these people who played a pivotal role in rigging the election, Punjab in particular, have been
rewarded as follows:
a) Najam Sethi, as interim CM Punjab, his services in election were rewarded by his
appointment as PCB chairman, many times over.
b) Justice(rtd) Khaleel ur Rehman Ramday, the mastermind of the rigging plan and a Link
between N League and the Judicial officers maintained & operated an election Cell in his
own office to monitor the general election 2013. His son Adv Mustafa Ramday operated
from the same cell, as his office was in the same building. Nawaz League got Asad Ramday
elected MNA from TT Singh. Secondly, on the reserved women seat from Punjab, Justice
Ramdays late brother Farooq Ramdays(ex Attorney General) daughter in- law Ms Ayesha
Farooq w/o Late Raza Farooq Ramday, became an MNA. Thirdly, in violation of the rules
Justice Ramdays son Mustafa was made Advocate General of Punjab with much perks and
privileges. Lastly it was Justice Ramday who over ruled everyone in the meeting and asked
Nawaz Sharif to give a speech declaring his victory in the Elections. This speech made a great
impact on the ROs & DROs an d they made sure that they were on the winning side. This
suggestion of Ramday also facilitated him in fulfilling the task assigned to him for rigging the
c) Secretary ECP has earned many extensions in his service, in spite of his failure to hold a
fair/free election, this has been condemned by all the political parties. These extensions are
in negation of the SC rulings.
d) The Election Commissioner Punjab Mr. M Tariq Qadri was transferred from Punjab to Sindh
as punishment in the last week of March 2013, after election schedule was announced. This
was on the complaint of PML N MNA Prevez Malik and J(rtd) Riaz Kiani/ Secy ECP. In his
place Mr. Mehboob Anwar from Sindh was posted in Lahore. For his services rendered Mr.
Anwar has been given extension for ONE year. He has also remained in Punjab to conduct
the all the Bye- elections( where huge mismanagement took place & election laws violated)
e) Another official of Punjab election commission Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad Sarwar, REC Multan was
made responsible for distribution of all Ballot papers to ROs/DROs. For his services he has
been posted back to Lahore from Multan.
f) Mr. Tariq Bajwa, Secretary Finance Punjab, appointed as Chairman FBR.
g) Mr. Shahid Khan, Secretary Home Punjab, appointed as Federal Secretary Interior. He holds
a very pivotal position in Fed Govt as he is dealing with & relied on in all sensitive cases
including Gen . Musharrafs trial by the Tribunal.