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Michael J.

Gibsonton, Florida 33534
Phone (813)466-2652 email:mmccormick128!"mail#com

Regional/Director Level: Retail Sales/ Operations / Learning and Development Management
Accomplished multi-unit sales manager with a strong portfolio of successes in new and
existing store sales in specialty retail, wireless, and medical apparel organizations.
Reputation for elevating organizations and teams into top level producers in sales and
Combines education, experience, and desire into a winning combination.
Cited Media Authority A!C, C!", #!C, $ox, %he !oston &lobe, Miami 'erald
Recognized (in)ed*n and "ocial Media Mar)eting +xpert.
Retail "ales and ,perations, -isual Merchandising, $inancial Management,
*nventory and "hrin) Management, "trategic .lanning, &rowth,
Customer "ervice, (eadership and ,rganizational /evelopment,
*nstructional /esign, Recruiting and "taffing, %eam !uilding, %raining, ',A Management,
Professional Experience
Retail Consultants of Tampa Bay Tampa Bay !L " #$%# present
Owner Principal
!usiness consulting for the retail industry
"earch +ngine ,ptimization "+,0 +xpert 1 (in)ed*n +xpert 1 (in)ed*n .ublisher
$ounder of the new Career and 2ob "ee)er #etwor) &roup on (in)ed*n and the
"ocial Media 33 Media Authority 33 (in)ed*n .rofile "+, blog.
Specialty Areas
"ales, ,perations, Multi-4nit Management, $inance, 'uman Resources
-irtual and *nstructor (ed %raining .rograms with emphasis on "ales including !5!0,
Recruiting and 'iring, Coaching, (eadership, ,rganizational /evelopment, Change
Management, and %ime Management.
!asic, *ntermediate, and +xpert level Microsoft ,ffice "uite training Access, +xcel, ,utloo),
.ower.oint, .ublisher, and 6ord0 and .ro7ect.
!lac)berry +nterprise "erver Administrator training.
"ocial Media in the wor)place
(in)ed*n .rofile ,ptimization
&oogle Resume .lacement
Media Authority .lacement
"ocial Media Mar)eting
"earch +ngine Mar)eting
"earch +ngine ,ptimization
+mail and /igital Mar)eting
eCommerce 1 e!usiness
6ebinar bases sales programs
&ealt'care (niform )nc* Sout'east Region May #$%$ Decem+er #$%,
Regional Manager Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Nort !arolina,
Sout !arolina and "e#as
(eader of 58 retail stores operating under both (ife 4niform and 4niform City brands
in Alabama, $lorida, &eorgia, (ouisiana, #orth 9 "outh Carolina, and %exas. Currently
developing remote operation truc)s0 and ac:uisitions. .rior to reorganization, ;5
stores in combined mar)et area.
Ma$or !ontributions
!udget preparation and management < full .9( responsibility for region.
5=> +!*%/A growth in first year. !rought controllable expense down by =?> in first year.
#egotiated local vendor agreements resulting in an average of 5@> cost savings.
Contributed to and developed field level pro-forma budgets for potential ac:uisitions
%rained managers on analysis and use of .9( in decision ma)ing process.
Created strategic plan for mar)et expansion including site ac:uisition and lease negotiation
!uilt store and region level mar)eting plans to support national efforts.
Cultured relationships with executive level management of hospitals and large facilities
which led to increased sales to their organizations.
*mproved customer satisfaction survey scores to company leading average.
Manage team of 58 direct reports and A@ indirect reports.
-meritel .ireless !lorida Division May #$$/ May #$%$
%irector o& "'Mobile Limited (Master Agent)
"ole leadership for 8 %-Mobile (imited branded locations and B corporate owned locations in $lorida.
Also direct account management for ;B sub dealer accounts and oversight of 5@@ accounts.
Ma$or !ontributions
Created mar)eting initiatives that led to sales volumes of CD> in first sixty days.
/eveloped budget for mar)et resulting in achievement of net profitability in the first sixty
days following seven months of net loss
%rained management level team on fiscal management procedures.
Reduced employee churn by B@>
*mplemented operational procedures resulting in zero inventory loss
Responsible for site selection and lease negotiations
T"Mo+ile (S- Tampa !lorida #$$# #$$/
Regional %e*elopment "rainer ' Retail
.rimary leader for training initiatives within two divisions of the retail channel =@@E stores0 with focus
on driving the development of all levels of the organization, from front line sales to executive
management. Core responsibilities were sales, customer service, and operations.
Ma$or !ontributions
/elivery of national launch event trainings with high impact and visibility
Created, in con7unction with $inance /epartment, financial training program for managers
/eveloped and delivered customer centric sales wor)shops resulting in sustainable sales
increases of =@> or more
"ole individual on team selected to deliver advanced technical training to front line sales.
Managed team on an interim basis for eighteen months as "enior Manager of Retail /elivery
T"Mo+ile (S- 0itts+urg' 0ennsylvania #$$% #$$#
Regional Retail Manager
(eadership for seven retail store mar)et with focus on turn around opportunities.
/eveloped cohesive management team and too) the mar)et from poor to division leading
performance in both sales and customer satisfaction.
Ma$or !ontributions
.ropelled mar)et to division leading sales productivity in B months.
&enerated D?> increase in same store sales comparison from previous year
Reduced employee churn at representative and manager level by 8?>
/elivered lowest inventory and cash loss in the entire channel.
/eveloped and instituted process leading to operational efficiency and cost reduction.
1e2elry )ndustry < *arious locations trougout +astern ,-S- .//0 122.
Store and Multi ,nit Manager (3ale4s, Friedman4s, 5iteall)
"pearheaded leadership in mar)ets ranging from seven to twenty five stores. Managed
sales, operations, and credit portfolio at store and mar)et level.
+levated mar)et wide increases an average of thirty five percent while slashing expenses
through superior financial management
!ottom line contribution increased by over =@@>
.artnered to secure highly profitable new store sites
Reduced D?> of receivables to current in credit portfolio of B?M 1 developed mar)et level
criteria for credit approval in sub-prime situations.
Career Notes
DD) Targeted Selection 3+e'avioral intervie2ing4 certified facilitator
-c'ieve 5lo+al Selling S6ills certified facilitator
0riority Management .or6ing Smart 2it' Outloo6 certified facilitator
Researc' in Motion !acilitator " Blac6+erry Specialist Mid"Mar6et 3B#B4 and B7S
-dministrator courses
Founder 66 Regional Manager Retail Sales on Lin7ed8n
Management Leaders in Retail Sales in te "ampa9St- Petersburg, Florida Area
Founder o& te new Ma7e"ime5or7:, Group on Lin7ed8n and te Ma7e"ime5or7:, blog
-2ards received at store and mar6et level for Sales Operations S'rin6 0rofit Customer
Service and staff development and retention*
!-- Spea6er8s Bureau for over ,$ years*
Mem+er of -STD*
MCS- certification
9e2 7ngland )nstitute at Mt* )da College " Boston M-
9umerous management related courses and seminars 2it' focus on sales
finance operations 'uman resources and training*