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Keith Killourie
Buyer III

Rob Cardelli

February 22, 2010
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Dear Mr. Killourie,

On behalf of the consulting professionals at Peak Performance Technologies we are pleased to present the
following response to your Request for Proposal for Oracle/PeopleSoft Enterprise Systems Consulting and
Related Services as part of your ongoing PeopleSoft and Oracle engagements. We are confident that our team is
capable of providing the required services and associated resources outlined in your RFP and our leadership
teams track record of working closely with large and small colleges around the United States will help ensure
you only work with senior level consultants capable of seamlessly integrating with your schools operating
culture and the functional and technical teams unique personalities.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your RFP and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you in
the future. As a point of reference, we are currently working with the following colleges and public sector
customers where we have been providing similar services to those outlined in your RFP: New York University,
Emory University, University System of Georgia, Medical College of Georgia, University of Akron, City
Universities of New York, University System of Texas, Gwinnett County Public Schools, North Dakota
University System, City of Washington D.C, Homeland Security Department, IRS, Department of Treasury and
several other large version education and government customers around the nation. We are confident we have
the resources, deployment model and commitment from our leadership team to help you get your projects done
on time and under budget.
Some of the key differentiators that set our team apart from our competitors include:

We are one of the only firms in the PeopleSoft Higher Education consulting market that can/will provide as
needed subject matter expertise to help education and government customers manage their budget
Peak Performance Technologies is a certified woman owned small business focused solely in the public
sector with 75% of our revenues being derived from our Higher Education consulting practice.
Expertise at Capital Budgeting, Program Management, Implementations/Upgrades and Strategic Staffing.
Our Management Team and consultants are some of the most senior ERP and I/T Staffing experts in the
industry. Our management team has an average of 13 years of PeopleSoft, Oracle and Banner experience
and our President along with our Vice President of Sales have both worked for global I/T staffing firms.
John Graham, the recently retired Executive Director of the Board of Regents of Georgia, will be an
additional advisor for most of your future projects. While at the Board of Regents of Georgia; John was
responsible for managing the day to day Infrastructure and ERP environments for over 30 public colleges
across Georgia.
We are experts at working in shared service environments.
We have a track record of 100% customer service!

If Peak Performance Technologies is chosen to assist you with this engagement, I will be your Client Partner. I
have personally led over 20 PeopleSoft implementations of HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions and I have
spent the majority of my fourteen years of consulting focused heavily in the Higher Education space. I have
also helped build out global I/T staffing firms consulting services and will personally help oversee all recruiting
operations associated with your account.

If there is any additional information you require, please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to working
with you to make this project a success.


Rob Cardelli
Phone: 678-570-3598
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY .......................................................................................................2

PEAK PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES OVERVIEW..........................................................4

KEY TEAM MEMBERS.........................................................................................................6

SECTION 4: PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS ...........................................................................9

SECTION 7: RESPONDENT QUESTIONAIRRE ...................................................................29

SECTION 7.2: PAST EXPERIENCE......................................................................................35

SECTION 8: PRICING SCHEDULE ......................................................................................43








Peak Performance Technologies Overview

Peak Performance Technologies was founded by several of the most senior PeopleSoft consultants in the
industry. Many of our executives were on the design teams for the orignial PeopleSoft Student Administration,
EPM and HCM products in the mid 1990s. We also employ executive advisors who have been in leadership
roles within large university systems or government agencies and understand how to approach complex
problems from a client point of view and a consultant point of view. The leadership team has worked
together in the past sharing a common business philosophy based on honesty, integrity, value added services and
client satisfaction. We have assembled a team of experts to help us manage the firm and we believe that your
success defines Peak Performance Technologies. It directs our leadership, influences our values, and guides the
growth of our team.

Our Capabilities and Key Differentiators

Disciplines Our current focus is solely on providing ERP Consulting and I/T Staffing exclusive for higher
education and public sector customers.
People We provide Advisory and Program Management, Project Management, Change Management
and all levels of functional and technical experts. Our team is comprised of industry thought
leaders and our consultants are routinely called upon to speak at leadership seminars.
Processes We have a powerful framework of evolutionary methodologies that includes a heavy focus on
Change Management when we are called on to assist with implementation related projects.
Accessibility We are headquartered in Georgia with additional locations in NY, Virginia, Nevada &
PPT Resources
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
PPT Offices


Peak Performance Technologies is a certified woman owned small business created to fill a distinct void in the
ERP consulting industry. The ownership team recognized that the consulting market has dramatically changed
from the days of large teams being deployed to execute complex implementations during a time when the
functional and technical resources with the appropriate skills were extremely scarce. Todays environment is
such that the majority of our customers have their own experienced internal resources fully capable of executing
many of the tasks related to upgrades and implementations of new products. Many of our clients internal
project teams are comprised of ex-consultants from the large system integrators or software companies and they
brought their own lessons learned, best practices and product expertise to bear when they opted to leave the
consulting industry and take permanent jobs with customers including many schools across the country.

Our firm was started by a husband and wife who combined have 27 years of PeopleSoft consulting experience
between them. Robert Cardelli, the firms President, was a partner at Accenture where he helped manage the
public sector consulting practice and he decided to leave to start a new company that could focus on delivering
cost effective solutions to small and mid-sized education and governement customers. Because of the size of
Accenture and the stringent financial guidelines placed on all deals there was very little flexibility to work with
customers under a certain dollar amount so Robert opted to start another a firm where he could control the bill
rates and delivery model himself. This is Mr. Cardellis second successful PeopleSoft consulting firm and his
first is still in business today focused primarily in the commercial market space. Robert is an expert in all areas
of PeopleSoft HCM including outsourcing, shared service models and onsite and remote delivery approaches.

Mr. Cardellis wife, Jennifer, was one of the early employees of PeopleSoft Inc. and also on the executive team
at Crestone Consulting in their early days. Mrs. Cardelli was on the design team for PeopleSofts original
Financials applications and helped build the eProcurement functionality now available in todays product line.
Jennifer owns 100% of the company and we have achieved Woman Owned Business Status in several states.
Many of the resources who work for Peak Performance Technologies were on Jennifers teams at PeopleSoft
Inc. and have been hired over the last few years because of their deep functional product skills as well as their
industry expertise in public sector environments.

We created a consulting and staffing model that leverages our clients onsite subject matter expertise and
augments it whenever or wherever necessary. We are adept at providing onsite and remote services either on
a full time or part time basis. This flexibility is the foundation of our value propostion and provides our public
sector customers with cost savings that are sorely needed in todays tight economic conditions. When you
couple our low costs and flexible models with the engagement management that every account receives (mostly
for FREE) we have become a strategic partner with some of the largest public sector customers in the nation.
Every client has access to the leadership team and can leverage lessons learned, best practices and a deep
knowledge repository as needed to help shape future project portfolios. We recognize the financial constraints
that exist across all public sector today and we fully recognize what is involved when independent school
districts run into budget issues.

We view every customer and specific situation as a strategically important project and we bring the same sense
of urgency and dedication to each engagement regardless of the revenue potential. This fundamental business
philosophy is unique in our industry and the employees and partnerships we have in place all share this same
mindset. Peak Performance Technologies is a registered vendor with The Maricopa County Community
College District (MCCCD) and our staff have worked at several customers across the state of Arizona in the past
including Arizona State University, Tucson City Schools, The City of Glendale and several commercial
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Key Members of Leadership Team

Robert Cardelli
Client Partner/Project Planning, Risk Management, Change Management & Shared Service Model Expert

Mr. Cardelli is the President of Peak Performance Technologies and has been working with PeopleSoft
applications for over 14 years with much of this time focused in the Higher Education space. Rob has held
leadership positions with Accenture, Ernst & Young and was one of the founders of a consulting firm
specializing in PeopleSoft Higher Education clientele. Rob was part of the team that helped rollout the Higher
Education User Group (www.heug.org) and has presented at many of the conferences over the past 7 years.
Rob has worked with dozens of PeopleSoft Higher Education customers and has contacts and personal friends in
dozens of others schools. His network allows him to bring valuable client references, best practices and lessons
learned to the table and he routinely hosts targeted conference calls with the executives of these institutions to
foster additional networking opportunities for all of the attendees. Before he helped found Peak Performance
Technologies Mr. Cardelli helped manage a $100 million I/T staffing firm and was responsible for supporting
over 100 major accounts including Federal, State/Local Government, Higher Education and strategic partners
such as IBM, Accenture, Bearingpoint, CSC, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, Deloitte and others.

John Graham
CIO Advisory, Governance and Executive Advisor

Mr. Graham is recognized as a thought leader in the CIO Advisory space within the Higher Education
community and has worked with Rob Cardelli and Brian Ellis for almost 9 years. He was our customer in the
past and when he retired he aligned himself with Peak Performance Technologies to help us with large scale
Higher Education and Government accounts. He opted to partner with us based on his experience and comfort
level with our delivery model, corporate philosophy and dedication to customer service. John is responsible for
leading all executive advisory sessions including CFOs, CIOs and Presidents of the colleges. Mr. Graham was
the Executive Director responsible for managing the PeopleSoft systems (and other environments) for the Board
of Regents of Georgia. John is currently helping several universities as a CIO Advisor and he is an expert at
creating Governance models.

Brian Ellis
End User Training/Infrastructure Assistance (if necessary) and Data Conversion

Mr. Ellis has been working with PeopleSoft and Oracle applications since the early 1990s and has held
executive roles with Andersen Consulting as well as PeopleSoft Inc. Brian is one of Peak Performance
Technologies Partners and is directly responsible for helping our customers design, build and manage their
complex ERP technical environments. Brian is an expert at all levels of PeopleSoft and Oracles I/T Platforms
and typically works with the CIO and I/T Director to audit the existing technical environments and provide
recommendations and project management services around the following areas: Data Center Design, Disaster
Recovery, Governance, Help Desk, project team roles and responsibilities, capital budgeting as well as in-
sourcing and outsourcing business case formulation. Mr. Ellis is currently helping the several colleges and
universities streamline their support organizations by leveraging onsite and remote consulting assistance as well
as exploring outsourced infrastructure models.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Suresh Pandurangam
PeopleSoft Financials Expert & Higher Education Expert

Suresh has been working with PeopleSofts Financial applications since 1996 and has helped 5 different
independent universities implement and/or upgrade their applications. He is an expert at project management,
general ledger, commitment control, accounts payable and purchasing and has also worked with Asset
Management, Accounts Receivable and Billing over the course of his career. Suresh is currently helping the
Florida A&M with their post production support by streamlining functional and technical processes and
redefining roles and responsibilities as well as corresponding policies, procedures and process flows.

Barbara Sanborn
PeopleSoft HCM Practice Manager

Ms. Sanborn has been implementing and upgrading PeopleSofts HRMS products since 1995 and has expertise
in many PeopleSoft HCM areas including Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll, Time and Labor,
Employee/Manager Self Service and Recruiting Solutions. Barbaras greatest contribution to our clients is his
ability to reengineer their functional support teams to cross train staff and increase the knowledgebase of
employees of all levels. Ms. Sanborn is involved in most of our HCM client relationships because she brings a
wealth of lessons learned and best practices to bear and typically provides a great deal of free consulting to all of
our clients.

Kevin Doran
PeopleSoft Upgrades/Financials and HCM Development

Kevin has been working with the Cardellis since 1995. He is an expert at all levels of infrastructure design and
support and has performed over 40 upgrades of PeopleSofts HCM and Financial applications. Additionally,
Mr. Doran is an expert at PeopleSoft develoment including PeopleTools, PeopleCode, SQR, Application
Engines, Component Interfaces, Integration Broker and XML Publisher. Kevin is typically involved in most of
our support customers because of his ability to quickly solve problems and his expertise at working remotely to
dial in and help customers understand what needs to happen while serving as a player/coach to mentor them
throughout the process.

Jennifer Cardelli
CEO/Client Partner/PeopleSoft Financials Expert

Mrs. Cardeelli has been working in the I/T and Accounting consulting market for almost two decades and was
one of the early employees of PeopleSoft Inc. She is a recognized thought leader in several financial
applications and has a stellar reputation for delivering on time and under budget implementations for customers
of all sizes. Shes also an expert in budget preparation and routinely helps our customers with activity based
costing excercises to ensure capital and operating budgets are adequately mapped out prior to any project
kickoffs. Jennifer has been personally helping support a global customer with operations in 30+ countries by
leading their production support team and helping manage the troubleshooting for GL, AP, PO, AR, BI, PO,
Contracts and Expenses

Higher Education and K-12 Consulting Services

Peak Performance Technologies provides a full complement of consulting services to support Colleges,
Universities and K-12 school districts. This includes implementation of administrative systems that incorporate
the unique business requirements of education institutions such as financial management, grants, capital
projects, student information, textbook management, and state and federal reporting. We have experience
working with two year colleges, four year colleges, community colleges and private schools and understand the
subtle nuances that exist within each of these different institutions.

Our consultants and project teams are uniquely qualified to help those customers that run PeopleSoft, Oracle and
Banner applications, offering integration and data conversion services using expertise in both application areas.
Our experienced resources bring us a level of credibility that differentiates our firm from the competition and we
are able to work at the CIO level all the way down to the junior analyst and immediately prove ourselves as
experts in our respective disciplines.

The leadership team at Peak Performance has consistently
gone above and beyond the call of duty in supporting our
functional and technical project teams. We value their
dedication to customer service. - Executive Director of
Enterprise Applications for a large school district.

Mr. Cardelli was able to come in and help transform our
HR Shared Service and the underlying culture in a very
short timeframe. We look forward to working with he and
his team on the upcoming PeopleSoft 9.0 upgrade. - Deputy
Director of a large Federal Government Agency.

Peak Performance Technologies has been instrumental in
helping our college rollout PeopleSofts Campus Solutions
products out to our several colleges. The last few years have
flown by and Andreas has become part of our family. -
PeopleSoft Project Director for a Mid Atlantic college

Currently 75% of revenue is derived from Colleges, University Systems and School Districts!!
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Section 4- Proposal Requirements


1. Be licensed in the State of Arizona, if duties requested require such licensure.

Peak Performance Technologies will have no problems obtaining any licenses. Additionally, if we are
awarded this contract we will apply for WBE certification in the State of Arizona. It typically takes less
than 45 days and we could provide you with this certification as well if you believe it would be valuable.

2. Offer fees that are reasonable and consistent with fees charged to other public entity clients in Maricopa
County, Arizona.

Peak Performance Technologies will provide a customized rate card that reflects all of the skill sets
outlined in this RFP as well as those that similar customers typically request. These prices will be firm
for 2 years from the date of award. We will provide onsite and remote rates for you to have on file.

3. Must acknowledge or confirm that all parts of this RFP have been read and that the Proposal submitted is in
accordance therewith.

Peak Performance Technologies has read all of the RFP and have taken all of your requirements into
consideration when composing our response.

4. Must submit all answers to the respondent questionnaire. All answers must be in the order in which the
questions are asked.

We will comply

5. Must submit a completed, signed pricing schedule. Schedule must be signed by an authorized company
official on behalf of the firm.

We will comply

6. Must submit a completed Bidders Statement.

We will comply


4.2.1. The Proposer must provide three (3) client references. Include company name, contact name, address,
updated telephone number, description of the service(s) provided, number of proposer employees involved,
number of client employees involved, timeframe of engagement, and current status of the project. If the
proposer was employed by another organization at the time the service provided to the client, it must be clearly

We will provide references on the sheets included in the RFP

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
4.2.2. Each Proposer must provide MCCCD with a list of all higher education institutions who have utilized
their services for implementation of Oracle/PeopleSoft applications or related services. If Proposer is providing
third party related services such as testing, data warehousing, reporting, directory integration or related
programming support, please respond to RFP in the context of these services.

In the last 3 years Peak Performance Technologies staff have worked with the following Higher
Education clientele:

College Summary of Work Performed
New York University Program Management, Technical Development, Campus Solutions,
Financials and UPK. EPM, OBIEE, Reporting, Testing and Training.
Emory University Financials. Campus Solutions. UPK. Development, EPM, OBIEE,
Reporting, Testing and Training.
City Universities of New York Program Management. Campus Solutions. Development. EPM,
OBIEE, Reporting, Testing and Training.
Georgia Institute of Technology DBA, Portal, Upgrade, HCM and Project Management.
Medical College of Georgia DBA, Upgrade, HR, Benefits Administration, EPM, Development.
University System of Georgia (The
following italicized schools are part of the University
System of Georgias centralized data center and we had
to work with all of them.
Program Management. CIO Advisory/ITIL, Oracle DBA and
Infrastructure. HCM and Financials. Upgrade Assistant. Training and
Albany State University
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Atlanta Metropolitan College
Bainbridge College
Augusta State University
Clayton State University
College of Coastal Georgia
Columbus State University
Dalton State College
Darton College
East Georgia College
Fort Valley State University
Gainesville State College
Georgia Highlands College
Georgia Gwinnett College
Georgia Southern University
Georgia Southwestern State University
Georgia State University
Gordon College
Macon State College
Kennesaw State College
North Georgia College & State University
Middle Georgia College
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Savannah State University
Southern Polytechnic State University
University of West Georgia
Valdosta State University
Waycross College
University of Texas- Tyler Project Manager. Campus Solutions. Testing. Training
University of Texas-Dallas Project Manager. Campus Solutions
University of Akron Program Management, CIO Advisory/ITIL, DBA, Upgrade, UNIX, DB2
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Lorain County Community College Program Management, CIO Advisory/ITIL, DBA, HCM and Financials
Bismark State College Campus Solutions. CIO Advisory. Infrastructure. Security
Dickinson State University Campus Solutions. CIO Advisory. Infrastructure. Security
Lake Region State College Campus Solutions. CIO Advisory. Infrastructure. Security
North Dakota State College of Science Campus Solutions. CIO Advisory. Infrastructure. Security
Mayville State College Campus Solutions. CIO Advisory. Infrastructure. Security
Minot State College Campus Solutions. CIO Advisory. Infrastructure. Security
Valley City State College Campus Solutions. CIO Advisory. Infrastructure. Security
Williston State College Campus Solutions. CIO Advisory. Infrastructure. Security
Florida A&M PS Financials and HCM. Project Management. Change Management
Rutgers Project Management
University System of Tennessee I/T Infrastructure. Advisory Services
University System of Nebraska Advisory Services
University System of California Advisory Services
University of South Carolina Project Management, Infrastructure Services, Development and Testing
Ball State University Program Management and Advisory Services
University of North Carolina Project Management. Reporting. EPM. Development. Campus
Solutions. Testing. Training.
Houston Community Colleges PeopleSoft EPM. OBIEE. Training.
Brandeis University PeopleSoft Financials. Project Management. Development. Training
Madison Area Technical Colleges PeopleSoft Project Management. Infrastructure Services. Campus
Solutions and HCM assistance
City Colleges of Chicago PeopleSoft Project Management. Infrastructure Services. Campus
Solutions, HCM and Financials assistance.
National Defense University Project Management. Development. Reporting. Campus Solutions

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
4.2.3. Each Proposer must provide MCCCD with a list of all clients who now have Oracle/PeopleSoft Campus
Solutions, Oracle/PeopleSoft HCM, Oracle e-Business Suite Financials, ERP Portal applications, in production
as a result of using the Proposers services.

Client Name PeopleSoft
Oracle e-Business
New York University

Emory University

City Universities of New York

Georgia Institute of Technology

Medical College of Georgia

University System of Georgia (The
art of

following italicized schools are p

Albany State University

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural

Armstrong Atlantic State University

Atlanta Metropolitan College

Bainbridge College

Augusta State University

Clayton State University

College of Coastal Georgia

Columbus State University

Dalton State College

Dalton College

East Georgia College

Fort Valley State University

Gainesville State College

Georgia Highlands College

Georgia Gwinnett College

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southwestern State University

Georgia State University

Gordon College

Macon State College

Kennesaw State College

North Georgia College

Middle Georgia College

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Savannah State Univer
Southern Polytechnic State University

University of West Georgia

Valdosta State University

Waycross College

University of Texas- Tyler

University of Texas-Dallas

University of Akron

Lorain County Community College

Bismark State College

Dickinson State University

Lake Region State College

ND State College of Science

Mayville State College

Minot State College

Valley City State College

Williston State College

Florida A&M


University System of Tennessee

University System of Nebraska

University System of California

University of South Carolina

Ball State University

University of North Carolina

Houston Community Colleges

Brandeis University

Madison Area Technical Colleges

City Colleges of Chicago

National Defense University

US Census Bureau

Social S

ecurity Administration

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
.2.4. Each Proposer must provide the name of the specific services lead who will be assigned to coordinate the 4
MCCCD project(s).

Functional Area Resource Name Role in Organization
Executive Support Rob Cardelli President
Higher Education Advisory Lead John Graham CIO Advisor
PeopleSoft HCM Lead Barbara Sanborn HCM Practice Manager
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Michalynn Hacker Practice Director
PeopleSoft EPM/Data Warehouse/OBIEE David Barlow Practice Director
(includes da bases, portal, identity management, networks and disaster recovery)
Brian Ellis Practice Manager cture Services
Oracle E-Business Financials Teresa Lussier Practice Manager

.2.5. Each Proposer shall provide a representative list of resumes for people who could be assigned to the
CCCD based on the categories described below in section 5.1.
Resumes Attached In Separate Section
.2.6. MCCCD reserves the right to refuse any subcontractor the vendor offers. All resumes, work histories, etc.
ill be provided to MCCCD for any suggested subcontractor the same as required for any vendor.

Peak Performance Technologies understands and will comply



4.2.7 Each Proposer must submit copies of the Proposer's latest annual report, latest audited quarterly report,
latest 10K statement, Dunn and Bradstreet ratings, and any other evidence of the Proposer's financial status. If
the company is a subsidiary of another company/corporation, audited financial statements for the parent
organization must be provided.

Peak Performance Technologies is a private company. We have never taken out any loans and have
been profitable since inception. Our finances are impeccable and we have a $250,000 line of credit
should we ever need it with Bank of America in Atlanta, Georgia. We have only had to tap into this line
one time since inception and that was for less than $30,000 to cover a delay in payment from a large
federal government customer.

All of our vendors have been paid on time since inception including any independent contractors we
have utilized.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
4.2.8 Each Proposer must submit the organizational chart of the company and an organizational chart of parent,

subsidiary, or subcontracting companies outlining relationships between entities.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
.2.9 Each Proposer must state whether proposer, or any predecessor entity of which proposer was a part or
which i r, acquisition, or otherwise, or any officer, agent, or employee of any
f the foregoing, has, to the best of the proposer's knowledge, information, or belief:
Peak Performance Technologies is in discussions surrounding a merger with The Gilfus Education
Group. They are an industry leading Higher Education Consulting firm whose CEO was the founder of
ef product developer. If this deal is finalized Peak Performance Technologies
will remain a wholly owned subsidiary and there will be no effect on our business operations. Our Ever been the subject of any criminal investigation, prosecution, or conviction for any alleged
on related to the activities of said business or within the scope of their responsibilities as an
officer, agent, or employee of any of the foregoing; or

thereof; or

Never Sued or been sued for breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, or any form of infringement
(e.g. copyright, trade secret, patent, etc.). If so, provide full details as to any such incident.

Not an issue

4.2.10 The vendor will be expected to sign and observe all pertinent and standard MCCCD security, data access,
and non-disclosure statements as may be appropriate regarding employee data, student data, financial data, or
system software, which may become accessible to the vendor.

We will comply

4.2.11 MCCCD encourages free and open competition. Whenever possible, specifications, proposal invitations
and conditions are designed to accomplish this objective, consistent with the necessity to satisfy MCCCDs
needs and the accomplishment of a sound economical operation. The Proposers signature on this proposal
guarantees that the prices offered have been established without collusion with other eligible Proposers and
without effort to preclude MCCCD from obtaining the lowest possible competitive price. The award will be
made to the responsible offeror whose proposal is determined to be most advantageous to MCCCD based on the
evaluation factors set forth in Section 3 of this Request for Proposal.

We understand and will comply

s now a part of proposer by merge

Blackboard and their chi
capabilities will increase to include Cloud Computing, LMS, Institutional Effectiveness and Content

act or omissi

Not an issue Ever terminated said entity's contracts or had its contracts terminated prior to the completion or
normal expiration of the term

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
4.2.12 MCCCD reserves the right to negotiate with any and all vendors on all aspects of this RFP.
We understand and will comply

to be
omplete and accurate and they shall be signed by an authorized signatory of the company, sworn to and
certifyin ient
cause fo


Proposers must specifically provide a separate listing of each circumstance in which their proposal differs from
any terms or conditions of the request for proposal. Failure to list such a deviation will result in that terms of the
proposal being disregarded in favor of the correlative term(s) of the RFP.

We have no issues

The Contractor shall furnish and include the above data with their proposal. Statements are required
d, if requested. A proposal submitted by an agent will have a current Power of Attorney, attached,
g the agents authority to bind the Proposer. Omission, inaccuracy, or misstatement may be suffic
r rejection of the proposal.
We understand and will comply
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www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

5.1 Des e, resumes
for indi e
made if that
are bein

n each area.
.1.1. Project Leadership: MCCCD may seek assistance in coordinating the implementation of the
related systems as well as future migration or upgrade efforts.
T est area. Pe nce pl
P r managers in y an ro
ucation clients who need assistance managing these implementations yet lack the
o justify paying fo ll time assistance. We are well known for
es where we help s a PMO struc create the project plan d help the clients
plan effectively using our 3
party oversight model. We will identify periods of time
of eyes should be involved and we can help you monitor the engagements progress
throughout the lifecycle in an effective and efficient manner. The resources who will help you in this
ject plans and templates to the team so you do not have to reinvent the wheel
and spend money in areas that we can simply give you a few former successful plans and use them as a
ur final implementation plan.
R t Cardelli, S ran s,

specific scop ill l e set
ts. All of our project managers are subject matter experts in their respective disciplines
ve as a Solution chitect as well eded. This way you are essentially getting 1.5 to 2.0
r money.

ection 5- Scope of Work S
cribe Proposers services, daily and total costs associated with services by specialty or job titl
viduals who could provide the services to MCCCD, and sample materials used. Special notation must b
the Proposer plans to use a subcontractor for the provision of any or all services. Describe products
g proposed, license fees and usage limitations, including annual maintenance costs.
Peak Performance Technologies will provide a comprehensive rate card for different sets of relevant
skills. In this rate card will be onsite and remote rates for you to work with. Resumes will be broken
out into each of these major headings to examine the level of skills we can provide i

Oracle/PeopleSoft applications and

his is our strong
eopleSoft senio
ak Performa
the industr
pro manage
Technologies em
d our ability to p
ment and organiza
oys some of the most experienced
vide full time, part time or as
tional change nagement needed project manag
er ed
gram ma
assistance to high
funds t sufficient r fu serving as
player/coach etup tu e, r an
team manage the
that an extra set
area have worked with several colleges if not dozens and many have been employees of universities in
the past and can bring a unique perspective from a consultant and former customer point of view.
Finally, we will bring pro
baseline for yo

esumes: Rober uresh Pandu
f work we w
gam, Tina Travi
ntify our consu
Kim Zaffino and Vickie Martin
ts who are best able to match th Based on your
e o ide tan
of requirem
and can ser Ar if ne
FTEs for you
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5.1.2. Application Implementation: seek assistan terprise
application modules and would requir figuration, and functional expertise.
Peak Performance Technologies has consultants with expertise implementing almost every PeopleSoft
Oracle e-Business module in t market. There are a few supply chain products that we have not
ed that are most assuredly not in production or even owned by MCCCD. In the PeopleSoft HCM
our most popular set o kills that we provide clients and th resident of Peak
Technologies was on the design team for one of the products many years ago. We have
matter expertise in every H area and we are able to provide full time, part time, onsite,
assistanc help you manage your implementations and upgrades efficiently
of our con tants can wear multiple roles on
ration, testing and training. Additionally, most of our team are also able to
ent expe nd project managers if needed. Below is a matrix that shows the
PeopleSoft HCM consultants we have along with other relevant factors.
eopleSoft HCM Consultants

e set-up, con
ce in implementing additional en

and he
space this is
f s e P
subject CM
remote and as needed
e to
and cost effectively. sul a team and can help with
planning, design, configu
ve as change managem ser r a ts
number of


Specific Skills Number of
Average Years
of Experience
Number of Consultants Who
Have Personally for President
HR/Base Benefits and Payroll 22 9 18
Benefits Administration 7 10 7
Time and Labor 5 10 4
ESS/MSS/Workflow 11 9 9
Pension Administration 2 10 2

HCM Resumes Included: Barbara Sanborn, Kevin Grace, Sriram Konkipudi, Padma Aluru, Pam Price, Vani
ow, Riffe and Vamshi Krishna. R

Campus Solutions

Specific Skills Number of
Average Years
of Experience
Number of Consultants Who
Have Personally for President
Admissions/Records 11 8 8
Student Financials 7 10 6
Financial Aid 5 8 5
Contributor Relations 4 9 4
Gradebook 4 7 3

ampus Solutions Resumes Included: CJ Tibbs, Sudheer Bollam, Sarat Chandra, Sam Islam, Kevin Gao,
hushan Athale, Kiran Varry, Ram Krishna, Stuart Jordan, Uday Bagampalli and John Banegas

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Oracle e-Business Functional & Technical Resources

Specific Skills Number of
Average Years of Experience
General Ledger 6 11
AP/PO 11 9
AR/Billing 4 9
Fixed Assets 7 10
Cash Management 6 6
Grants 3 5
Infrastructure 4 11
DBAs/ 7 8 System Administrators
Senior Developers (10+ yrs) 9 11
Mid Level Developers (5-7 yrs) 14 8
Reporting 6 9
Forms/Workflow 11 8
Security 3 7

Oracle E es Included ja, M
tt Singer, Todd Gre Jay i
Co uration: MCCCD may seek assistance in capacity planning and
e tuning of ERP applications in all tiers of the application.
rian Ellis heads up this practice for us and is a former PeopleSoft Inc. executive. He has over 15 years of
ands on expertise helping customers implement and stabilize their PeopleSoft environments. All of the
P experts and just about everything in between. His team has worked on every platform
eopleSoft is supported on (and a few that arent) and we can provide full time, part time, onsite, remote or as
eeded assistance in most of these areas. Finally, Brian and his team are well connected with the hardware and
ftware vendors and can help you with vendor selections, pricing strategies, collaboration and shared service
vid Stephens and Kevin Doran. We have other
resources but these three have an average of 13 years of experience each and typically handle all of our

-Business Resum : Agus Widja
ist, Karun
Alan Green, Jeff
aman and Srin
cDonald, Dave Dozier, Srinivasan
nelveli. Tirunelveli, Sco enqu ar Tiru

5.1.3. Hardware and Database nfig

resources working for Brian are subject matter experts in their respective disciplines and this includes architects
database administrators, performance tuners, disaster recovery planning experts, data center design experts,
security and LDA
models and project team training if necessary.

Resumes Included: Kerensky Rowan, Larry Williams, Da
education clients.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
.1.4 Software Development: MCCCD may seek training and assistance to implement, support, and extend the

e, report and
development efforts are typically more commoditized and can be done effectively using 3
consultants. We can provide any of the skills you required for PeopleSoft or Oracle e-Business
efore we provide any resources our Engagement Manager works with the customer to identify if specific
technolo he key
and then
of consu


ions using PeopleTools and other Oracle-specific tools such as Forms, Reports, XML Publisher, Crystal
, etc.
This is another area Peak Performance Technologies can help provide subject matter experts at
exceptionally attractive rates. Our ability to provide onsite, remote, full time, part time and as
needed consulting in the development arena allows our clients to augment their project teams if they
fall behind or focus their internal teams attention on more value added activities. Typically we
recommend our clients lead any conversion activities b/c they know the data. Interfac
development platforms.

gies such as Component Interfaces, Application Engines, XML Publisher or anything else are t
we make sure you only work with resources who are experts in those areas. We provided a few flavors
ltants for you and
Soft Technical Resources
Specific Skills Number of
Average Years
of Experience
Number of Consultants Who
Have Personally for President
Infrastructure 18 9 15
SOA/Fusion/OEM 13 7 7
DBAs/System Administrators 14 9 10
Senior Developers (10+ yrs) 16 10 16
Mid Level Developers (5-7 yrs) 22 6 17
Reporting 11 9 10
EPM 13 10 11
Security 9 10 8

eopleS rp, Anumit K, Ajay Kumar, Harshal, Caprice Ayers, Ed
reech, Ed Halter, Venkat RavipatiKerensky Rowan, Kevin Doran, Larry Williams, Raj Kuppa, Sri Vutla and

5.1.5 R
forms d

paper and streamline operations. The consultants we provided in Section 5.1.4 can more than likely
handle any of this work but if there was a specific set of skills you required we would try to match one of
our consultants to the requirement or introduce you to a 3
party firm that specializes in that particular
technology. We wont lie and try to be everything to everyone.
.1.6 Testing: MCCCD may seek assistance in the development and implementation of testing ERP applications
nd related systems.
P oft Technical Resumes Included: Richard Sha
Srini Bodduluri

elated Products: MCCCD may seek assistance in the addition of related products such as electronic
evelopments tools, automated/streamlines workflow, document imaging solutions that operate as ad-on
s within or with the e-Business or PeopleSoft framework.
We can help in almost any area you need assistance in. We have worked with most of the major
document imaging products and helped interface to PeopleSoft and Oracles products. We can help
design and implement workflow technologies and create electronic forms with signatures to
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
opers who will
perform the unit testing during development activities to integration testing to system testing to

ehind or take the
workload off of your team to focus on other activities. Any resource you get from us will be an expert in
5.1.7 D

veryone is on
the same page early in the engagement. Typically we recommend that the customer take responsibility
and helping make the technical and end user documentation client specific. We have
expertise in the PeopleSoft UPK tool and we can provide as much or as little assistance in the

.1.8 Training: MCCCD may seek assistance in the development and provision of end user technical and/or
nctional training
expertise training our client teams in the functional and
technical usage of their PeopleSoft and/or Oracle e-Business products. Specifically, Michalynn Hacker

5.1.9 R ,
data wa

e can provide expertise in all of these areas. David Barlow who manages our EPM and Data

Peak Performance Technologies can help in all aspects of testing ranging from our devel
performance testing to user acceptance testing. We will bring test plans and scripts to you for a
baseline so we dont need to reinvent the wheel and our resources can provide as much (or little)
assistance as you require. This is typically an area we can drive down costs by having our resources
available remotely as needed to debug issues, lend an extra hand if you are getting b
testing the functional and/or technical aspects of the modules in which the are working.

ocumentation: MCCCD may seek assistance in the development of technical and end-user
During the Project Planning Phase we work with the clients to identify who is responsible for
documentation. This is one of the most important activities and it is important to ensure e
for these deliverables BUT we are there to assist by providing prior project documentation to use as a
starting point
documentation area as possible. This is usually a good area to do internally to save money and we
usually have our functional and/or technical leads work with the client to ensure the work is being done
properly and provide quality assurance, lessons learned and best practices to ensure it is done

Peak Performance Technologies has extensive
is a former PeopleSoft/Oracle Inc. instructor and is nationally recognized as one of the best Campus
Solutions and EPM trainers in the nation. She oversees all training programs and will help you plan
and execute your unique training initiatives.
eporting: MCCCD may seek assistance in the development and implementation of Enterprise Reporting
rehousing, and Decision Support Systems.
Warehouse Practice is a former product expert from Oracle and has worked on some of the largest and
most complex PeopleSoft EPM/OBIEE initiatives in the nation. He personally oversees all of our EPM
customers and serves as the QA Manager for any engagement. We have expertise at providing project
management, HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions Data Mart assistance, ETL Development,
Training and Testing in all aspects of Reporting. We can also help you design, develop and test Oracle
e-Business reports and in both PeopleSoft and Oracle e-Business scenarios we can provide onsite,
remote, full time, part time or as needed consulting assistance to drive your costs down.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
.1.10 Directory Integration: MCCCD may seek assistance in the development and implementation of
irectory Integration between the Enterprise application and Maricopa central directory system.
ance as
rs with their Identity Management initiatives and
working with the LDAP and Director teams is integral in the success of these rollouts.

5.1.11 P

ting of
lting is
.1.12 Enterprise Management: MCCCD may seek assistance in the deployment and operation of enterprise
and technical team can help you in almost any area surrounding
deployment of enterprise management tools. We can help you network with your peers in the industry to
t and

5.2 Mar e
Peak Performance Technologies has a 100% successful track record with all of our customers when it
use the
new technology and manage their day to day business operations effectively. During the Planning

, Payroll (Year End) and Manager Self Service (e-Performance). We like to write a
project charter and include a knowledge transfer plan to ensure customers get what they need and
expect and a governance structure is implemented to ensure we do NOT cut corners to save time or


Brian Ellis and his infrastructure and technical team can help you in almost any area surrounding your
Directory Integration initiatives. This is not an issue and we can provide full or part time assist
needed. Currently we are helping several custome
ortal: MCCCD may seek assistance in the development and implementation of Enterprise Portal
We can provide subject matter expertise at any level in the design, development, branding and tes
your enterprise portals. This is an area that customers are becoming savvier in and we typically have
to re-implement the Employee and Manager Self Service applications to better leverage internal portal
technologies that may have changed since the original implementation. Most of our portal consu
done onsite to foster the knowledge transfer but we can do some development remo

management tools.

Brian Ellis and his infrastructure
share their lessons learned and identify gotchas that the software and hardware vendors typical
dont tell you about. We can provide strategic vendor selection assistance, implementation, suppor
in come cases; training. This is an area that we can potentially help in but it will depend on the specific
technology in question..
icopa assumes the assignment of internal resources. Describe what process you will use to train thes
als in your tools and preferred methodologies.

comes to helping with knowledge transfer. The project isnt done until the client knows how to
Phase we identify a Knowledge Transfer plan. This includes dedicated tasks, deliverables and
milestones for specific functional and technical components of the project. We bundle this with our
organizational change management plan and it is essential that we include a client sign off process to
ensure the appropriate client team members sign off that THEY are comfortable with the technology or
new business process.

Additionally, we are always available to help answer questions. We do not charge for a client to call
weeks and months down the road and walk them through something. It is common that our consultan
schedule Web Ex sessions with past clients to review principles of the implementation or reeducate them
if they forgot something. This is particularly true when it comes to PeopleSoft Benefits Administration
(Open Enrollment)

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
5.3 Des tion,

ges, Universities and K-12 clientele. We are experts at implementing
PeopleSoft in the Higher Education arena. We have worked with two colleges in the past that used
Oracle e-Business. Rutgers University (Oracle e-Business Financials) and Ohio University (Oracle
ation. The integration between the two platforms
has gotten better but the fundamental technologies are very different and require different development

5.4 Des
Engine, COBOL, Workflow, SOA, Oracle/PeopleSoft Student Administration and/or HCM, eBusiness Suite, or
any other products relevant to this RFP.

gencies with Oracle e-Business Financials and Supply Chain implementations and our consultants in
time. Additionally, we have expertise in XML Publisher and Component
terfaces that typically get utilized when using the latest version of PeopleSoft. We are experts at

5.5 Des

Peak Performance Technologies was formally incorporated January 3, 2008. Our consulting practice
eral and Department of Defense contracting and leverage their
GSA Schedule. Non Federal agencies have a very difficult time paying the much steeper rates included
in GSA Schedules so the divesture took place. Peak Performance Technologies brought the previous
non federal customers over to the new entity and as such never had cash flow or funding issues. We
grew 1400% in 2009 and are looking at another stellar year. Peak Performance Technologies is wholly
owned with no outside investors. Jennifer Cardelli owns 100% of the stock and we are WBE Certified
in multiple states.
.6 Describe the number, experience, and specialties of the Proposers staff dedicated to the
eopleSoft or e-Business practice. Please include resumes of potential proposed staff.
This information is included in earlier sections and the resumes will be included in the appendix in
specific folders detailing out PeopleSoft HCM, Campus Solutions, Technical, Project Managers and
Oracle e-Business. If additional information is required we will provide it immediately.

cribe any experience implementing major software applications within a higher education organiza
g the name of the organization, the application/s (including vendor/s) implemented; the project
s, and the extent of involvement by the Proposer.
Peak Performance Technologies only works with public sector customers. Currently 75% of our
revenues are derived from Colle
Financials). In both situations they were implementing PeopleSoft HCM and Campus Solutions
products and in both situations there was great frustr
teams. In an earlier section we provided an extensive list of where we worked with colleges and
universities. If additional information is requested we will be happy to provide it.
cribe the extent of experience by the Proposer with People Tools, SQR, PL/SQL, Java, Application
Peak Performance Technologies has extensive expertise in all of these areas. PeopleSoft and its
associated technologies are by far our greatest strength but we have helped several large Fed
this area are mostly ex Oracle Inc. resources with a great deal of commercial and government
experience. Based on the requirements outlined in your RFP we do not believe there is any area that
can not assist you with at this
upgrades and we will help you with planning activities mostly FREE of Charge when the time c
cribe the length of time the Proposer has been in business as the entity responding to this RFP.
was divested from another public sector consulting firm called Capital City Technologies. Robert
Cardelli was a managing partner in that firm and oversaw the non federal consulting practice that
included Higher Education, State/Local Government and K-12. The divesture took place so the parent
company could focus exclusively on Fed


2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
e what facilities and staff, if any, are permanently located in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

5.8 Des
to enhan

nities to start moving away from SQR and utilize Application Engines,
Component Interfaces, Integration Broker and XML Publisher. Oracle is moving away from SQR and
we will help you leverage new technologies. Additionally, we will help you use Oracles OEM tools and
y improves
the upgrade process.
y models and
potentially move the maintenance of security out of the technical hands and into the departmental
If you are interested we could also help you with Identity Management. The latest tools in this space
rollout solutions to integrate with your PeopleSoft and
Oracle e-Business platforms.

ateways. Financial transactions are being targeted by hackers and pose a serious threat to all
w with the integration of PCI Compliant Solutions and
their PeopleSoft and Oracle products and we can help you in this area if it is something you require
assistance in.

Finally, Peak Performance Technologies has expertise in working with public sector shared service
models. We can help streamline internal policies, procedures and process flows and identify areas for
improvement to better share fixed costs, lower costs, better leverage internal resources and enhance the
ERP and I/T operating environments.

5.7 Describ

Peak Performance Technologies does not have an office in Arizona. We have one in Nevada and
another one in California. The consultants we are proposing will come from all over the nation but a
heavy concentration will most assuredly come from Texas, Utah, Colorado and California. We h
three consultants who reside in Arizona. At this time we are not sure if they will be slated for your
engagement. Two of them are PeopleSoft HCM Functional and one is a PeopleSoft Infrastructure
Architect and Upgrade Expert.
cribe any products within the Oracle or PeopleSoft environments that you may be able to offer MCCCD
ce the operation of their Oracle/PeopleSoft systems.
If and when we help with your PeopleSoft upgrades we will be leveraging the latest version 8.5
platform. We will have opportu
better manage your upgrade using the latest Upgrade Analyzer functionality that significantl

Finally, we are experts at PeopleSoft Security. We will help you streamline existing securit
areas now that the latest version doesnt require a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it.

are excellent and we can help you design and
We can provide subject matter expertise in the area of PCI Compliance, FERPA and Payment
institutions. We have helped three colleges no
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
5.9 Specify the process Proposer will use to communicate organizational changes that impact these services to
gement structure. For MCCCD we
e will be responsible for ensuring all
sel. If any project team members for whatever reason were having an issue or we needed to
gement team to identify whether an exact set of
different might be preferable. We then provide two to three
to integrate with the existing project

5.10 Pro

% increase. Year five will be an additional 2%.
5.11 Ma

s re
nologies w

Peak Performance Technologies has a very effective account mana
would propose assigning Robert Cardelli as your client partner. H
aspects of your engagements are managed effectively and to your satisfaction. His involvement
typically entails conference calls and regularly scheduled site visits to provide quality assurance advice
and coun
replace them we work with the customer project mana
skills is needed or if someone a bit
consultants for the team to interview. Prior to the customer ever talking to these consultants we will
walk them through our internal project team interview process to ensure they have the functional and/or
technical skills to do the job and most importantly; the cultural fit
team. Only after the have passed OUR internal hiring process would you ever speak to them. We
would not waste your time. We can refine this process to accommodate any specific needs or
requirements you might have.
vide the maximum percentage price increase for years two to five as compared to year one.
Typically we have the following model for price increases: Years one and two there are no price
increases. Years 3 and 4 there will be a 5

ricopa prefers that the Proposer provide workstations and administrative support for their own
Peak Performance Technologies will comply

5.11 Documentation and all deliverable sulting from this contract shall remain the property of MCCCD.

e Peak P rformance Tech ill comply

Section 7: Respondent Questionnaire

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
d information. Failure to provide required information may cause the proposal to be deemed
ription of Firm/Personnel
your specific experience and history for the past 10 years, including a list of clients
and types of services provided.
try. The products work out of the box. The challenge is aligning the culture
ces built into the technology. That is where we
test value.
ied the colleges and universities where we have provided specific services
y to answer any additional questions you might have. In addition to the colleges
and universities outlined in the earlier section we have helped the following public sector customers
rovide all requeste
on-responsive. n

7.1. Desc

A. Describe your firm and
y type and name of institution, location b

Peak Performance Technologies is a public sector consulting firm that currently focuses 75% of all of
our consulting efforts in the Higher Education arena. Our leadership team has been working with
PeopleSoft and Oracle applications since the early 1990s and we are subject matter experts in the
functional and technical aspects of the product lines. Our greatest contribution to customers has

in the area of organizational change management. We know how to implement these complex ERP
technologies in your indus
and the organization around the inherent best practi
provide the grea

In earlier sections we identif
and we will be happ
with their PeopleSoft and Oracle implementations. The customers in RED were e-Business accounts.

Federal Government State Government Local Government
Department of Treasury
Department Agriculture
Library of Congress
State of Georgia
State of New Jersey
State of Texas
State of Florida
State of Ohio
Weld County, CO.
Lancaster County, PA.
Washington County, MD
City of Overland Park, KS
City of Lakeland, Florida
US Forest Services
Homeland Security
rce (DEAMS)
Health & Human Services
State of Indiana
State of North Dakota

City of Tampa, Florida
City of Charlotte, NC
City of Atlanta
City of Cambridge, MA
County of Napa, CA
City of Minneapolis, MN
City of Clearwater, FL
o, UT
City of Des Moines, IA
City of Pittsburgh, PA
Housing & Urban Develop
ATF County of Fresno, CA
Department of Justice
Air fo
Air force (ECSS)
Marine Corp. City of Prov
Social Security Department

Lucas County, OH
City of Louisville, KY
City of Huntsville, AL
DeKalb County, GA
Gwinnett County, GA
Mahoning County, OH
City of Boise, ID

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Services Provided:
eak Performance Technologies has a unique presence in the Public Sector consulting market. We only work with
nd we have a wide array of services that allow our team to work across most departments
nd government clientele.

public sector customers a
and agencies in education a



eareexpertsathelpingpublicsectororganizationsincludingHigherEducationcreateaportfolioofprojectsbyusing W




Stra meaccesstoPeopleSoftsubjectmatterexperts)


2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m




Todays mers are extremely savvy when it comes to managing their internal
applica Because of the difficult economic conditions facing the nation new implementations are few and
far betw nts
are previous customers. They helped our firm create the models that we have in place today including our
onsite, ith
educatio ice to
have. W
gaps of are one of the few consulting firms that will sit down and provide top
vel consultants on a part time basis. We can do this because we are open and honest about what options exist
and we rs who are in the same boat and need the same set
f skills yet can not afford full time assistance. Our ability to work collaboratively with our customers has

We can
and we

. Identify the key staff (exclusive of support or administrative staff) in the firm who will have primary

Describe their current responsibilities with the firm
ii. Desc
i. Provide a resume of each individual who would be working on the contract, if awarded, including:
. Their education and specific experience in the field and relevant clients that they have served as a

PeopleSoft and Oracle custo
een and the reality is ERP products are rapidly becoming legacy systems. The majority of our clie
remote, full time, part time and as needed services. We have become adept at sitting down w
n and government customers and talking about what projects NEED to be done and which are n
e are able to create innovative implementation and support models to drive down costs and fill in the
your internal projects teams. We
can help you implement sharing models with your pee
us valuable political capital and we believe it is the right thing to do.
provide functional, technical and project management support in all of the areas outlined in your RFP
stand ready to assist you in your upcoming endeavors.
ibility for work under this contract.
ribe the role each will play if a contract is awarded to the firm
1. Their length of service with the firm
financial advisor in the last five years

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
e provided a lot of this information earlier in the document but we will elaborate below. W

Robert Cardelli- President & COO
Robert Cardelli is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Peak Performance Technologies. He
oversees all operations including sales and delivery and he personally helps manage our strateg
accounts where he serves as a quality assurance advisor and at times a HCM Solution Architect.

If we a
re awarded this contract Mr. Cardelli will be your client partner. You will have access to him 5-
8 hours a week on average for FREE to assist with project management and change management
uld you have any issues whatsoever.

Robs resume is attached in the appendix
m and was with the previous company that Peak Performance
Technologies divested from.
r team to leverage
in the weeks and months to come.

related activities. He will personally oversee all resources that are assigned to your account and he
will be your final escalation point sho
Rob was one of the founders of the fir

Mr. Cardelli has a BBA from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Georgia State University.

Mr. Cardelli has over 15 years of PeopleSoft and Oracle Consulting experience and was formerly a
partner with Accenture in their Education and Government consulting practice. Mr. Cardelli has
worked with over 60 colleges and universities and will be a valuable resource for you
John Graham- Advisory Services Practice Direct
University System of Georgia. Prior to joining
eak Performance Technologies he was our customer for almost a decade. He was in charge of a

its core business processes.
n moved over to Peak
Performance Technologies during the divesture.
John has over 30 years of executive leadership in the higher education market place.
Steve Johnson- VP Consulting Services

John Graham is the former Executive Director from the
shared service center that supported 32 state colleges and universities across the state of Georgia and
prior to that role he served as the CIO for one of the universities.

John will be responsible for any advisory or potentially program manager work that might be needed at
your site. Mr. Graham is an expert in ITIL based methodologies and is regularly called upon by
education executives to perform I/T Governance Assessments and Institutional Effectiveness Audits to
provide insight into how the university can improve

John joined Capital City Technologies in early 2007 as an advisor there and the

Steve is responsible for overseeing operations of the different functional and technical service lines that
we offer. For the purpose of this project we will have Rob Cardelli run point on your account because
of his intimate knowledge of PeopleSoft HCM and his breadth of experience in Higher Education. Steve

t of contact and he
re everything runs smoothly.

Steve has been working with Peak Performance Technologies since 2008.
Barbara Sanborn- HCM Practice Lead
has done a great deal of work in commercial and local government but has limited experience in the
Higher Education market. For this reason we will allow Rob to be your main poin
can work with Steve as needed to ensu

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

elated will most assuredly involve Barbara and she
and Rob Cardelli will work together to ensure your team gets whatever they need. Barbara is a project

rian Ellis- Infrastructure Services
Barbara has over 13 years of PeopleSoft HCM experience and has been working in the consulting
market for almost 25 years. Any work that is HCM r
manager and solution architect with subject matter expertise in several functional disciplines.
Currently Ms. Sanborn is leading several initiatives for the Federal Government that are scheduled to
wrap up in the next few weeks. Its possible Barbara could be one of your consultants if the timing is
Barbara has worked with many of the team at Peak Performance Technologies for over a decade and
has worked with the firm since 2008.

utinely assists with infrastructure assessments and is he remains our focal point for all new
technologies including SOA, Fusion, Cloud Computing and Software as a Service.

Brian has been working with Peak Performance Technologies since our previous company and has
worked with Robert Cardelli for over a decade.

Teresa Lussier- Oracle e-Business Practice Manager
Brian has worked with Robert Cardelli for almost 12 years and the two have been close personal
friends for almost 28 years. Brian will oversee any infrastructure or development initiatives and is o
of the most knowledgeable PeopleSoft/Oracle technical experts in the nation. Additionally, Brian is a
expert in I/T Governance and works closely with Mr. Graham to facilitate CIO Advisory Services and

Teresa is a product expert with Oracles e-Business suite of applications. She has been working with
these products for over 13 years and was in an executive role at Oracle Consulting. Mrs. Lussier has
also served as the HRIS director for a large utility company where she managed the internal operations
that supported the organization. Teresa brings a unique blend of client and consulting skills to the table
and is an expert in organizational change management and project management. Any Oracle e-
Business project work will be managed exclusively by Teresa and most of the consultants in her group
worked for her at Oracle Corporation in the past.

Teresa has worked with the team for almost 5 years.

3. Other information that demonstrates specifically that the key personnel assigned to this contract have the
skills and experience to successfully perform the duties required under the scope of work.
iv. Provide an organization chart for the firm.

We provided this in an earlier section.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

ope o uties, above and beyond identified key personnel.
t we have the leadership team, consulting staff and
ersities around the nation assisting with all of the
We take every project personally and we would rather lose
money than lose a client relationsh r reputations and when we engage with a
new client we make su g is managed as effectively
and cost consciously a tisfaction rating and our

hours or 500 hours without any
e listen to your concerns and requirements and present flexible
eeds. If we cant meet your needs we will be the first to tell you.
Provide any additional information that substantiates that the firm has other capacity or staff to perform the
sc f d

Peak Performance Technologies is confident tha
proven track record of working with colleges and univ
factors outlined in your RFP. We are a mid-sized firm and rely on our reputation and relationships in
this industry to survive. We take every project personally and our internal culture and the personalities
of the leadership team are contagious.
ip. We have nothing but ou
re we do everything in our power to ensure everythin
s possible. We have maintained a 100% customer sa
team has a stellar reputation that dates back to the early 1990s.
It is important to reiterate that our firm is one of the few consulting organizations that is capable and
willing to sit down with a customer and partner to help manage budgetary constraints. How many firms
have you worked with that will offer as needed consultants for 5
retainers or long legal contracts? W
options that we believe can meet your n

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ses, and teleph bers of at least three (3) current professional client references
nder contract.
ther Political Subdivision Contracts

Section 7.2. Past Ex

dres one num A. Give the names, ad
at you currently have u th

Federal, State or O

MCCCD is also interested in speaking with public agencies or educational institutions for whom you
have provided such products and services covered here

1. Company Name: New York University
Address: 627 Broadway New York, NY 10016
Phone #: 774 306 1798
Contact Pers : Project Manager) on David Tartaglia ( tartag@nyu.edu

y Provided

ble and
urchasing experience. Both had multi-currency. PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Admissions/Student Records
unctional Lead. Technical Developer with Application Engines and Security expertise. Planning on
plementing OBIEE and our team will be helping with the design and build of this solution.
cope of the Assignment
YU is rolling out a new campus to Abu Dhabi. Peak Performance Technologies provided the global Program
anager to oversee the rollout of all applications including PeopleSoft. At the same time a new implementation
f Campus Solutions for NYU was going on and we had to help manage this from the client point of view. A 3

arty system integrator was in charge of the overall engagement. This is a multi year assignment and we are
urrently scoping out HR/Payroll for 2010.
cope of the Services Your Firm Provided
ee Above- Additionally, we had to build the project plan, manage the plan and provide functional and technical
sources as needed to fill holes in the project team. We have been providing onsite, remote and as needed
bject matter experts to help bring the total blended rates down and save money.
ntract Period: From: 009 To: Present February 2
ribe Services:
T pe(S) of Resources
Program Management, Organizational Change Management, Infrastructure (PeopleSoft Architect to setup
global environments, Oracle DBA to install RAC and create new PeopleSoft database environments. PeopleSoft
Finance team lead (General Ledger, Commitment Control) and a business analyst with Accounts Paya



2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
orgia 30322 USA 404.727.6123
m: February 2009 To: Present
escribe Services:
ance Technologies have worked with Emory for over a decade in a variety
UPK and Training (Direct to Emory)
izations pertaining to the version 9.0
pleSoft EPM Implementation
n the past we have helped with infrastructure, upgrades, PeopleSoft HCM upgrades, employee self
service implementations, Campus Solutions upgrade and testing and project management.

2. Company Name: Emory University
Address: 201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, Ge
Phone #: 404 713 4562 Fax #:
Contact Person: Angela William
Contract Period: Fro

The leadership team at Peak Perform
of project.

Most recently we have done the following:

PeopleSoft Financials Team Leads for Asset Management and Projects (We subbed under Cedar Creston
and Huron Consulting Respectively)
Team Lead for Reporting Solutions (Direct to Emory)
g Team Lead for Organizational Change Management includin
Interface, Reports and Custom PeopleSoft Technical Leads for
implementation. (Direct to Emory)
Project Planning and Assessments for Peo
o HCM Data Marts
o Campus Solutions Data Marts
o Financials Data Marts

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
3. Company Name: University S edical College of Georgia)
Address: 1120 15th Street, A
Phone #: 321 43
Contact Person: Dr. James Price
d Assessment)
8.9) (GL, AP, PO, AR, BI, AM). Provided functional and technical
nts along with project management.
Benefits Administration Implementation (mostly remote implementation. Provided functional team lead and
do e-Benefits and Workflow)
Reimplementation of SUN Solaris environment
terface development initiatives.
ystem of Georgia (M
ugusta, GA 30912
2 1925

Contract Period: From: 2001 To: Present
Describe Services:

f Resources Provided Type(S) o
Advisory (ITIL Base Project Manager. CIO
PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade (7.5 to
leads to assist with the upgrade and train the client.
PeopleSoft HCM Upgrade 7.5 to 8.8 (HR, Base Benefits, Payroll and e-Recruit) Provided functional and
technical consulta

a part time technical resource to

PeopleTools Upgrades (Multiple over the last several years)
EPM assessment and prototype
Oracle Database Upgrade from 9 to 10.
Oracle Database Upgrade from 10 to 11

Multiple Reporting and In

Project Planning for Version 9.1 HCM Upgrade

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
tate or Other Political Subdivision Contracts
Federal, S

MCCCD is also interested in speaking with public agencies or educational institutions for whom you
have provided such products and services covered herein:

. Company Name: Weld County Colorado 1
Address: 915 10th Street Greeley, CO 80632
Phone #: 404 723 8593
Contact Person: Cliff Smith csmith@co.weld.co.us
Contract Period: From: October 2008 To: Present
Describe Services:

Type(S) of Resources Provided
oject Manager. Progr Pr am Management. CFO Advisory. PeopleSoft Upgrade Lead. PeopleSoft ESS/M
team lead for e-Performance install. PeopleSoft Time and Labor Lead. PeopleSoft Benefits Administrat
ead. PeopleSoft UPK lead. PeopleSoft Security Lead. PeopleSoft technical developer for interfaces, reports,
ML Publisher, Application Engines and custom bolt on retrofitting.
opleSoft related. We helped them secure capital
e projects according to resource availability and budget constraints. We helped them
roject plan and assisted on a part time basis with the project management of several of the
provided functional team leads and technical resources to assist with the multiple
rance and risk management FREE of charge over
elping them with post production support and are
Employee Self Service rollouts.


Scope of the Assignment
We helped this client create a portfolio of projects including Pe
funding and prioritize thes
reate the p c
PeopleSoft engagements. We
projects and our Client Partner helped provide quality assu
month engagement. We are currently h the course of the 11
lanning additional p

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
A 30024-2978
ontact Person: Steven Katz
8 To: October 2009
Technologies have worked with this customer since
entation in 1999. We have had executive relationships through three administrations and
ontinue to work closely with one of the largest independent school districts in the nation.
/Budgeting around a PeopleSoft HR, Base Benefits, Payroll, ESS/MSS and
it and new financial applications in late 2009.
Soft developers that worked with application engines, component interfaces and
. Company Name: National Finance Center (Part of Department of Agriculture)
ddress: 13800 Old Gentilly Road New Orleans, LA. 70129
hone #: 678 431 5721
ontact Person: Bob Patti
ontract Period: From: January 2008 To: Present
escribe Services:
PeopleSoft Shared Service housing USDA, Homeland Security Department, Library of Congress, GAO and
US Forest Services. The clients all run PeopleSoft HCM and are currently in the process of upgrading to
version 9.0. Peak Performance Technologies is assisting with Change Management, Functional and
Technical activities, upgrade activities using upgrade assistant tool, testing and UPK development.
Rob Cardelli has worked with Bob Patti in his previous roles when he was at other large PeopleSoft
accounts including Caterpillar and General Motors. Mr. Patti knew our capabilities and sought our
assistance when he stepped into the program manager role with the National Finance Center.
15+ locations including New Orleans, Washington D.C and the various agency offices.
2. Company Name: Gwinnett County Public Schools
Address: 437 Old Peachtree Rd NW Suwanee, G
Phone #: 248 219 7626
Contract Period: From: January 200
Describe Services: The executives at Peak Performance
their original implem

Project Management, Estimating
Pension Administration implementation. We have also helped with General Ledger and e-Procurem
projects in the past and we can provide the references for this team if necessary. Steve ran the HCM
projects. Project originally started on version 8.3 and we helped them with their application upgrade to
version 8.9. The Pension Administration project is still going on and the customer is assessing moving to
version 9.0 and implementing Time and Labor, e-Recru
We have provided People
the security model.
We helped lead the data conversion of the Pension Administration data into the PeopleSoft module.



2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
. Company Name: Lorain County Community Colleges
ype(S) of Resources Provided
gement activities which include Communication Planning, BPR and End User
raining utilizing the PeopleSoft UPK toolset.

cope of the Assignment
eak Performance Technologies was engaged to help with the implementation of PeopleSoft HCM, Financials
provide any assistance around the Campus Solutions suite but we did help
ith interfaces to and from the HCM and Campus applications. Our Project Manager was responsible for
here we helped mentor their PM and
roject coordinator to better understand how to integrate with the system integrator.

Address: 1005 N Abbe Rd -- Elyria, OH 44035
hone #: 605 270 0341 P

t Person: Dr. John Webster
ct Period: From: March 2008 To: Present
e Services:

PeopleSoft Project Management. PeopleSoft Functional HCM and Financials. PeopleSoft Technical
Infrastructure, DBA, Security and Development. Additionally, we have provided part time assistance around
Organizational Change Mana
and Campus Solutions. We did NOT
helping train the clients Project Manager by serving as a player/coach w

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
d size of each of these engagements
ong with the name, location and type of institution and your role.
ctions. We listed the customers we have worked with
In every situation we were working directly with the
awarded the contract.
ach element of Section 5 "Scope of Work.
gies can provide all of the elements detailed in your Scope

infrastructure (servers, networks, tuning and databases) in addition to development of interfaces,
reports, conversion scripts, customizations, workflow or complex enhancements to your PeopleSoft
and/or Oracle applications. We can and will provide full time, part time, onsite, remote or as needed
access to our subject matter experts and we will work to ensure your team uses its time wisely and only
focuses on those activities that are value added. We can help as much or as little as possible in these
areas to save you as much money as possible.

E. List any additional information about your firm and personnel

See Below

B. List all comparable work in the past 10 years. Identify the timing, type an

We have provided this information in earlier se
and some basic details about what we did for each.
college with the exception of Emory where we were sub contractors to Huron and Cedar Crestone.
additional information is required we will be happy to provide whatever you need.

C. In the past 5 years, has your firm been involved in or currently under formal investigations or informal
inquiries from any federal or state regulatory agency. If so, please disclose the nature of the investigation and/or
inquiry and its current status.


7.3. Products or Services Available

b A. Explain why you feel your company should e

B. Confirm or qualify your ability to provide e

We confirm that Peak Performance Technolo
of Work.

C. Complete the Questionnaire to provide specific information about the services that may be provided.


D. Describe your technological resources and how they can be used in support of the services you can provide.

We have outlined our technical experience earlier but we can provide assistance with the underlying
Why Peak Performance Technologies

Our Experience with Similar Contracts

Peak Performance Technologies has existing contracts with dozens of colleges and universities around the
nation including some of the largest university systems running PeopleSoft. We were selected and continue to
work with these customers because of our Higher Education expertise and our commitment to delivering quality
resources are below market rates. Our ability to work with our customers in todays challenging economic
conditions and truly partner to help deliver projects on time and under budget should demonstrate our
commitment to your industry and we would like the chance to prove ourselves to your leadership team. Below
are a few of our customers where we have similar contract vehicles that allow us to assist with PeopleSoft HCM,
Financials, Campus Solutions, Project Management and Technical Development:

University System of Georgia
City Universities of New York (CUNY)
Houston Community College System
North Dakota University System
State Universities of New York (SUNY)
Kentucky Community Colleges
California State University System
Virginia Community College System
University System of Oklahoma
University System of North Carolina

Higher Education Experience

We are confident that the team we have assembled is capable of providing the resources, flexible pricing models
and personalized customer service that we know the MCCCD will demand from their selected vendors. We
believe our senior leadership teams diverse background and experience working with public sector and
commercial customers around the nation will help us manage this account more effectively than our
competition. We are experts in the Higher Education arena and we know many resources in on the west coast
and in the southwest that we can leverage to help reduce the overall costs associated with the individual projects.
Peak Performance Technologies is a small firm with nothing but our reputation and we will not let your projects
fail. We are willing and ready to partner with you and customize an approach that will meet the diverse needs
you outlined in your RFP. If our firm is chosen as your preferred vendor we will manage your account with
the personalized attention we know you desire and we will partner with your organization in the months and
years ahead. We are not a body shop and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the near future.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Section 8: Pricing Schedule

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m


2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

We are printing 1 copy of all of dates for the original copy. the candi

We will provide 2 for each section in the he soft copies will be on the CD ROM. copies. T
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m


Project M


2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Robert Cardelli

Relevant Experience
Summary o
Sector Operations
volved in over a dozen new
gher Education, K-

and Solution Architect.

Over 15 years of working with industry leading ERP
products and managing complex projects with large

integrated project teams.

Expertise in consolidating Public
and creating large scale Shared Service

Part of the design team for Benefits Administr
Have personally been in
implementations of this product.

Industry expertise in Healthcare, Hi
12 and City and State governments.

Experience as Program Manager, Project Manager,
Change Management
Expert at managing upgrades and re-implementations
of ERP applications.

Well versed in all technical areas including
development and infrastructure.

Experience managing global implementations
including projects in Europe, Canada, Asia, South
America and The Middle East.

Intimate understanding of cultural implications of large
scale I/T initiatives.

Expertise in PMBOK and PMI principles
Managing I/T development projects
Project Team >100 FTEs
Employee Base >200,000
Global Programs
Federal Government and DoD
Transit Agencies
State & Local Governments
Colleges and K-12
Program and Project Management
HR Transformation
Labor Union Experience
Software & Integrator Selection Process
Shared Service Centers
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ping setup global Program Management Office
o Public Safety
anizational change management elements
le software and integrator selections.

e PMO and provides targeted organizational change management services throughout the

se of their separate internal PMO.
ts. This project also included a new
Gwinnett County Public Schools- ERP and Pension Consulting. This is a long time client Ive worked with since 2001.
The majority of work entails leading Quality Assurance and Risk Management assessments as well as Organizational
Change Management audits and training sessions.
St. Paul Public Schools- ERP shared service discussions and I/T consulting. This work is being done in conjunction with
other public sector share service discussions among county, city, transit and state agencies looking at saving I/T consulting
and operational costs.
District of Columbia Schools- Advisory Services around an ERP and shared service project for the city, school district and
local transit. The majority of work entails leading Quality Assurance and Risk Management assessments as well as
Organizational Change Management audits and training sessions.
Lee County Schools- Advisory Services around an ERP implementation. Mostly change management related activities.
Advisory Services & Program Manager Work for Education Customers (2007-Present)

New York Uni versity Feb. 09-P
Global Program Manager & Shared Service Solution Architect
4 Continents with 15+ college campuses
Responsible for hel
Led design, development and rollout of Shared Service Center with following capabilities:
o Recruiting/Benefits Administration/Payroll
o Accounting & Finance
o Student Information Systems
o Global Helpdesk and Disaster Recovery Model
o Document Management & Imaging
o Financial Compliance and Sanctions monitoring
Helped design policies, procedures and process flows and implement the org
necessary to make this successful.
Created customized quality assurance and risk management plan to track progress on all implementation activities
Responsible for managing all aspects of multip
Helped streamline upstream and downstream business functions and realign roles and responsibilities of core team members
across all organizations.

Uni versity of South Carolina-Part time 3
party assurance over the integrator currently implementing their new SIS
applications. Rob helped setup th
NYU Medical Center-Helped with the divesture of their PeopleSoft HCM environment from the overall New York University
system. Also helped with the PeopleSoft Financials spin off from a planning effort. Not involved with the day to day
operations becau
Medical College of Georgia-Implementation of a project management office (PMO) that handles large and small
projects. This includes creating project tracking procedures, templates, policies, procedures and governance mandates as
well as mentoring new project managers as they lead their respective engagemen
implementation of PeopleSoft software.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
eb. 09
roject Manager/Program Manager for Oracle e-Business implementation and stabilization initiatives.
entoring several project managers and training them on how to manage ERP implementations and
y based management requirements gathering sessions.
and combinations to lower overall I/T spend.
s reengineering and end user training activities.
MARTA (Atlanta Transit Agency) April 2008-F
Responsible for assessing large integrators performance and recommending options
Responsible for reviewing existing PMO structure and aligning to meet corporate goals
Responsible for m
upgrade activities
Participated in several budget audits and activit
Helping identify outsourcing models including onshore, offshore
Responsible for helping identify Phase 2 and 3 scope requirements and writing RFPs for software and integrator servic
Assisted with organization change management activities including proces
to National Finance Center
plementation of the PeopleSoft HCM applications for several
rge Federal Agencies all residing in a shared service center.
al requirements and mapping to a custom functionality matrix with unique/complex
Office and all deliverables provided throughout the project
le (Charter, Functional Design Specs, Risk Management Plan)
eral software companies and integrators to integrate their products and services into master project plan
ting additional synergies and
l global locations were adequately trained and involved in the overall redesign of the platform.
y employees.
Department of Treasury/IRS/HUD/Dept Homeland Security/Others (April. 07 March 2008)
HRConnect & EmpowHR with integration

Rob was the program manager overseeing the upgrade and re-im
Responsible for working with Government Accountability Office to assess budgetary constraints
Responsible for reviewing existing Feder
requirements for each federal age
Responsible for helping modernizing the Project Management
Managed the infrastructure and development planning activities (servers, networks, databases)
Fine-tuned existing managed services agreements with Northrop Grumman and Unisys for infrastructure, development and
support services.
Led requirements gathering sessions and Fit Gap workshops for PeopleSoft HCM products
Worked with sev
Worked with another shared service center to assess impact of merging the centers and crea
cost savings.
Helped ensure al
Responsible for streamlining project organizational structure and identifying areas for cross training ke
Led software selection process for multiple products related to HR and Payroll.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
is part of a team that was awarded a statewide contract to help the colleges and universities across the state of
of excellence to offer a menu of offerings for supporting Banner
or to the creation of
the RFP, evaluation of vendors and contract negotiations.

Georgia Board of Regents and Technical Colleges June 2008 Present

Mr. Cardelli
Georgia along with state and local government agencies. Mr. Cardellis role is an advisor to the individual colleges and
government agencies.
Part Time and mostl y over phone.
60+ colleges run Sungards Banner products
37 colleges run PeopleSofts HCM and Financial applications
Peak Performance Technologies is creating a center
products including development, implementation and upgrade services.
Additional support includes advisory services surrounding the PeopleSoft, Banner and I/T projects across all campuses.
Current projects include data warehouse, business intelligence, identity management, content management/document
imaging and remote development.
Helped facilitate dozens of software and integrator selections for these colleges by serving as an advis

Medical College of Georgia (Jan. 2007-present)
Part Time and mostl y over phone.
Environments (PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Banner SIS)
Part Time
Rob has worked wit MCG for close to 10 years in several roles including client partner, solution architect and change
management lead. He was responsible for advising the senior leadership team in several areas including the creation of a
shared service model, infrastructure realignment, change management and business process reengineering. Rob is currently
helping them plan for a PeopleSoft and Banner Upgrade (scheduled in early 2009) and is helping evaluate new projects that
could be phased into the current portfolio of projects including benefits administration, data warehouse, identity management and
business intelligence.

Uni versity System of North Dakota (Oct. 2007-March 2008)
Program Manager/Client Partner for PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions environment
Part Time
Assisted with assessment to migrate infrastructure from SQL/Server to Oracle Databases
Helped review current shared service center and implement plans to streamline operations
Helped combine the states PeopleSoft platform with the university systems to lower costs and share resources including
hardware, software, functional and technical personnel.
Assisted with staffing levels for functional, technical and part time project managers
Provided advisory services to leadership team surrounding new product implementation activities.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

We were selected to assist because of our experience with the University System of Georgia and expertise designing and
Oracle HP/Unix
gents of Ohio to identify other 2 and 4 year colleges who are interested in having their future
Solutions platforms hosted by Akron and performing the budgeting and
el being rolled out.
Peak Uni versity of Akron (Oct. 2007-March 2008)
Program Manager/Client Partner for PeopleSoft HR/Campus Solutions Upgrade from 8.0 to 9.0
Part Time
Akron was selected by the Ohio Board of Regents to build a shared service center that would host 2 and 4-year coll
rolling out shared service models.
First tasks were to convert existing PeopleSoft platform from IBM/DB2 to
Next project was to upgrade PeopleSoft HR/SA environments from 8.0 to 9.0. This was essentially a new implementation
because of the significant differences in the versions
A new full time team was brought in and Robs role was executive sponsor and adviso
Helped manage the software selection process and ultimately the conversion of a new campus from Jenzabar to Peopl
Working with the Board of Re
PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Campus
requirements gathering activities necessary to ensure they are good fits for the mod
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
B ) 2B Workforce PeopleSoft/Oracle Deli very Manager (December 2005-March. 2007
This role entailed serving as a Program Manager, Risk Management Lead and Solution Architect for PeopleSoft and Oracle
customers. The majority of time was spent working with the client partners and senior managers of IBM, Oracle Consulting,
Accenture and Bearingpoint accounts and helping them with project planning, staffing and quality assurance activities.
enter on a part time basis.
exico (Global). Rob performed
Supply Chain implementation version 11i
IBM-Dana Corporation-PeopleSoft HCM upgrade from 8.3 to 8.9. Customer a he process of planning for Oracle 11i
M upgrade (Global) . Rob provided multiple QA sessions on the global shared
upgrade to version 8.9
ion Support and Best Practices (Global)
IBM-State of Indiana-PeopleSoft HCM and Financials implementation version 8.9
IBM-EPA-PeopleSoft HCM upgrade to version 8.8
s client from Gwinnett County Public

IBM-Nisource- PeopleSoft HCM implementation on version 8.9. HR, Benefits, Payroll, Time and Labor and Self Service.
Rob helped shape the HR Shared Service C
IBM-Caterpillar- PeopleSoft HCM global upgrade to version 8.9. Most of the work was in M
multiple QA sessions on the global HR/Payroll shared service cent
IBM-Carlson-Oracle HCM, Financials and Supply Chain implementation version 11i.
IBM-HIGLAS-Oracle Financials and
IBM-FAA- PeopleSoft HCM upgrade from version 8.3 to 8.9. Also included a new implementation of Time and Labor
IBM-US Census- Oracle 11i
IBM-Canadian Wheatboard- Oracle 11i
IBM-National Defense Universities (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions)
w s in t
Financials/Supply Chain implementation
IBM-General Motors-PeopleSoft global HC
service center.
IBM-Astrazeneca- Global PeopleSoft HCM implementation. (Global)
IBM-Cigna-PeopleSoft HCM
IBM-ABN Ambro-PeopleSoft HCM upgrade
IBM-FORD-PeopleSoft HCM upgrade (Global)
IBM-Johnson & Johnson-PeopleSoft Applicat
IBM-Pasadena Schools- Lawson HCM upgrade
IBM-Gwinnett County Public Schools-PeopleSoft Pension implementation

IBM-Clark County Public Schools- SAP implementation (The CIO here used to be Rob
IBM-Pasadena Public Schools- Lawson Implementation
IBM- Chicago Transit- Software Assessment (PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP and Lawson)
Alameda County Transit- PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Supply Chain
BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) - PeopleSoft HCM and evaluating Oracle 11i.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
they asked if he could come and help with Project Management and HCM Solution
B2B Workfo Turner Broadcasting (March 2006-August 2006)
This is a long time customer of Robs and
Architect activities surrounding the upgrade of PeopleSoft from version 8.0 to 8.9. Rob has supported this client for 13 year
dating back to ADP payroll days:
Rob helped implement PMO Structure and I/T Governance Model
Assisted with redesign of global HR/Payroll Shared Service Center and all organizational change management activities
including end user training requirements.
Responsible for creating multiple project plans and integrating them into master portfolio.
pment and testing methodologies to ensure we leveraged all work done in the past and
streamline the project schedule
Facilitated software and integrator selection for new recruiting and financial applications. This included writing the RFP
ration tasks. All three companies ran different versions of PeopleSoft
and the integration tasks were extremely complex and unions were heavily involved.
Responsible for assisting with budgeting and planning activities.
Responsible for creating develo
negotiating the contracts and SLA terms.
Assisted with Time Warner and America Online integ
Accenture Stat
e of Ohio and State of Georgia (February 2005-December 2006)
agement Manager/Solution Architect/IV&V
i-year strategic accounts Mr. Cardelli helped support. His involvement included capital budgeting, infrastructure assessment
procurement, project planning, creation of project tracking/performance metrics, outsourcing of development to offshore
er and testing plan creation.
Accenture Ohio rsity of Michigan (December 2004-April 2005)
Bo g time customers of Accenture. His involvement included capital budgeting, infrastructure assessment
and procurement, project planning, creation of project tracking/performance metrics, outsourcing of development to offshore


State Uni versity and Uni ve
gagement Manager/Solution Architect/IV&V
th universities were lon
nter and testing plan creation.
hio State University ran PeopleSofts HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions products
niversity of Michigan ran PeopleSoft HCM only at the time.
Accenture U chusetts (April 2004- March 2005)
Rob was implementing Student

ni versity of Massa
was one of the senior advisors on a PeopleSoft Campus Solutions implementation. The client
Ad h. Robs role was to assist
wi tion plan in place. Additionally, Rob was responsible for routine
project Healthchecks and multiple activities including budget assessment, project planning, review of project tracking metrics and
missions, Records, Financials and Financial Aid across multiple campuses in a phased approac
th selling the account and putting the phased implementa
egy sessions to help keep the project on track.
Accenture Gov
ernment of British Columbia (April 2004-June 2004)
Solution Architect/Engagement Manager
Accenture and Rob was brought in to help coordinate the upgrade of their
Pe n to implement PeopleSoft
Ti idate payroll operations for several different department and
government agencies. Rob split his time between this customer and Kaiser until a permanent team lead was available. Activities
inclu ce
won a large outsourcing contract with this customer
opleSoft HCM system from version 8.3 to version 8.8. At the same time Rob helped map out a pla
me and Labor, Benefits Administration and to help consol
ded capital budgeting, infrastructure assessment and procurement, project planning, creation of project tracking/performan
ics, outsourcing of development to offshore center and testing plan creation.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Ne implementation of PeopleSoft version 8.8. HR, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Self Service and a custom Time and
Labo roll
also his customer had hundreds of locations in all 50 states with multiple
unions and ver

Responsible for helping integrate delivery centers in Manila Philippines and Mumbai India. No travel was needed and the rollout
and resulting model was a success.

Accenture aiser Permanente (April 2004-November 2004)
CM Solution Architect/Project Manager
r/General Ledger system built on PeopleTools platform. Rob was the HCM Solution Architect for HR, Benefits and Pay
also helped with the change management activities surrounding the creation of a national shared service center. Rob was
the lead for coordinating all end user training activities. T
y complex configuration and testing requirements.

(August 2001-March 2004)
gagement Manager/Solution Architect
omprises 32 public universities and colleges is the largest public university system
e Benefits, Payroll, Employee and Manager Self Service with the laying of a foundation for the future
mployees in 32 cities
y responsible for schedule, budget, resources, system quality and all
risk management objectives.
Client Partner/En
of Regents of Georgia

The Board of Regents of Georgia which c
in the nation. During this engagement, Mr. Cardelli was responsible for helping to standardize business processes across
the state while upgrading all of the schools to the latest 8.8 release of PeopleSofts functionality. The scope of this projec
included HR, Bas
implementation of Benefits Administration and Time and Labor. This project involved over 150,000 e
across the state of Georgia. Mr. Cardelli was ultimatel

Rob Cardelli helped the CFO of Gwinnett County Public Schools plan and execute a complex change management project
pl ger, Accounts
pport of this project to IBM
nd his firm had been doing similar work
st with various activities throughout the lifecycle of this
winnett County Public Schools (January 2003-March 2004)
hange Management
an in conjunction with the implementation of PeopleSoft HR, Benefits, Payroll, Self Service, General Led
Payable, Purchasing and Asset Management. The customer outsourced the implementation and su
of the customer. Rob a but all Change Management activities were the responsibility
for the Board of Regents of Georgia and were brought in to assi

PeopleSoft HRMS upgrade from version 7.5 to 8.8 release of the application software. Mr. Cardelli was responsible for
coordinating the integration with the Board of Regents engagement (which was completely separate) and managing the
project planning, Risk Management and Quality Assurance components of this project. The scope of this project included
HR, Benefits Administration, Payroll and Self Service.
gia Institute of Technology (October 2003 March 2004)
lient Partner/Engagement Manager/Solution Architect
Medical College of Georgia and associated hospital (December 2003 March 2004)
Client Partner/Engagement Manager/Solution Architect

PeopleSoft HRMS upgrade from version 7.5 to 8.8 release of the application software. Rob was responsible for routine
project Healthchecks and multiple activities including budget assessment, project planning, review of project tracking metrics
and strategy sessions to help keep the project on track.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Client Partner/Engagement Manager/Solution Architect
ease of the application software. Rob was responsible for routine
ssment, project planning, review of project tracking metrics
n track.
eorgia State Uni versity (January 2004 March 2004)

PeopleSoft HRMS implementation of release 8.8 rel
project Healthchecks and multiple activities including budget asse
and strategy sessions to help keep the project o

ovember 2003 March 2004)
as responsible for all project planning, Risk Management
software was 8.0 with an eye to the upcoming

Cornell Uni versity (N
Client Partner/Engagement Manager/Solution Architect

PeopleSoft Benefits Administration implementation. Mr. Cardelli w
and Quality Assurance components of this engagement. The version of the
8.9 release of the E&G software.
PeopleSoft Time and Labor implementation. Rob was responsible for routine project Healthchecks and multiple activities
sions to help keep the
urner Broadcasting/AOL Time Warner (April 2003 March 2004)
CM Solution Architect/Program Manager
including budget assessment, project planning, review of project tracking metrics and strategy ses
project on track.
(Jan 2003 May 2003)
eopleSoft Time and Labor implementation. Rob was responsible for routine project Healthchecks and multiple activities
eep the
project on track.
f locations in several countries across 3 continents.
National Geographic
Client Partner/Engagement Manager/Solution Architect

including budget assessment, project planning, review of project tracking metrics and strategy sessions to help k

This was a global rollout that included integration o
ob was responsible for
multiple activities including budget assessment, project planning, review of project tracking
Midwest Express Airlines (October 2002 May 2003)
Client Partner/Engagement Manager/Solution Architect
PeopleSoft HRMS upgrade from version 7.5 to the latest 8.3 release of the application software. R
routine project Healthchecks and
metrics and strategy sessions to help keep the project on track.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ancials Upgrade
oft HCM implementation
eSoft Benefits Administration implementation
Emory University-PeopleSoft infrastructure and tuning efforts
th Florida-PeopleSoft Technical Development and Banner Development efforts
er Group (www.heug.org
Other Accounts Mr. Cardelli helped oversee (Dec. 2000 March 2004

Atlanta Gas & Light- PeopleSoft HCM/Fin
Alliant Energy- PeopleSoft HCM impl
American Family Insurance- PeopleS
ING- PeopleSoft Financials implementation
BYU- PeopleSoft HCM and Student Adm
NC State University-PeopleSoft infrastructure/portal im
Auburn University-SunGard upgrade and partial implementation efforts
University of Sou

Mr. Cardelli helped organize the Higher Education Us ) and has since worked with over 40
colleges as an advisor in non billable roles.

Ernst &
(May 2000 November 2000)
oject Manager
he latest 8.0
development and testing
activities and helping to create a post production support model.
This was a global effort that required integrating with operating units across Europe, Asia and South America.
PeopleSoft Re-Implementation from version 6.0 to t
Activities included budgeting/planning, creating project plan, managing project plan, leading

Ernst &
Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh (August 1999- March 2000)
Project Manager/HCM Solution Architect
PeopleSoft HCM implementation with Oracle Financials upgrade.
elopment and testing Activities included budgeting/planning, creating project plan, managing project plan, leading dev
activities, quality assurance and risk management tracking and helping to create a post production support model
Ernst &
Implementation of PeopleSofts HRMS and Financials applications.

PMC University of Pittsburgh Medical Centers (October 1999 March 2000)
roject Manager/HCM Team Lead
Creation of a shard service center for 140 plus hospitals.
Activities included budgeting/planning, creating project plan, managing project plan, leading development and testing
activities, quality assurance and risk management tracking and helping to create a post production support mode.
Ernst & C (May 1999 September 1999)
Design and implementation of a shared service center for 50 states
PeopleSoft HCM implementation with Oracle Financials upgrade.
activities, quality
assurance and risk management tracking and helping to create a post production support.
This was a global operation that included integrating with units in Europe and South America.
Project Team Lead/Co-Project Manager
Implementation of PeopleSoft HR/Payroll suite of products and Oracle eBusiness Fin
Activities included creating project plan, managing project plan, leading development and testing

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Young H M Project Manager
Ernst & Trinity Industries (November 1998 May 1999)
PeopleSoft HR/Payroll Implementation
Creation of Shared Service Center
Oracle e-Business implementation
Ernst &
Summa Health (July 1998 November 1998)
HCM Team Lead
PeopleSoft HR/Payroll implementa
Quality Assurance and Risk Management activities
Ernst &
ovember 1998)
HCM Team Lead

Henry Ford Health Care (July 1998 N

PeopleSoft HR/Payroll implementation
Quality Assurance and Risk Management activities
Ernst &
St. Luk
HCM Team Lead

es Hospital (May 1997 June 1998)

PeopleSoft HR/Payroll/Financials implementation
BETA Site for Benefits Administration Product (Mr. Cardelli helped build/test this product)
Ramos &
Associat /Cambri
Renal Healthcare Group (February 1997 May 1997)

Team Lead and Solution Architect for PeopleSoft HR, Benefits, Payroll implementation

Uni versity of Louisville (January 1997 March 1997)
Implementation of PeopleSoft HR, Benefits Administration, Pension and Payroll implementation on version 6.0 and 7.0. Mr.
Cardelli was payroll lead and assisted with many of the tasks on the Benefits Administration module. Additionally, Rob
helped the Campus Solutions team with the Admissions and Student Records design and configuration activities.
Ramos/CTP Boston Gas (September 1996 January 1997)
Implementation of PeopleSoft HR, Benefits, Pension and Payroll implementation on version 6.0. Mr. Cardelli was HRMS
lead responsible for working with all modules. There were many unions and complex policies and procedures involved with
this engagement.
Ramos/CTP New England Electric (September 1996 January 1997)
Team Lead and Solution Architect for PeopleSoft HR, Benefits, Payroll implementation
Ramos/CTP Genesis Health Care Group (July 1996 October 1996)

Team Lead and Solution Architect for PeopleSoft HR, Benefits, Payroll implementation
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Ramos/CTP Citibank eptember 1996)

Team Lead & Reporting Lead for PeopleSoft HR/Payroll Consolidation effort. This was a global implementation and Rob
(April 1996 S
spent a several weeks in France helping with the transition team.

Warner Lambert (May 1996 July 1996)

Team Lead for PeopleSoft HR/Payroll Global implementation. This was a global rollout and Rob spent several weeks in
Brazil, Spain, Canada and Mexico.
Senior Consultant for Implementation PeopleSoft HR/Benefits/Payroll/Pension
Barnett Bank (March 1996 May 1996)

Employee Medaphis Healthcare (Novem
ers and Acquisitions specialist fo organizati yzing potential
s and ultimately tions from their legacy based a PeopleSoft. Worked with
0 and ultimately 4.0 ible for assisting w ctions.
ber 1995- March 1996)
Merg r a rapidly growing healthcare on. Responsible for anal
acquisition converting their HRMS func pplications to
version 2.0, 3. at this location. Respons ith all HR, Benefits and Payroll fun
Employee ADP (Automatic Data Pro (August 1994-N
list for National Accounts. g with customer omputer room,
peripheral tasks w and on
delli w ayrolls
cessing ) ovember 1995)
Payroll specia Responsible for workin s, account executives, c
banking and our legal departments to ensure client payrolls and all ere accomplished on time
budget. Mr. Car orked with the team that managed all of the p with over 75,000 employees.

eorgia surance and Economics)
Georgia State Uni versity -- M.B.A (Human Resource Management and Information Systems)
ni versity of G B.B.A (Risk Management and In

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

g non
chieve major project milestones. Kim has extensive
Community n style of
ts and tasks
Benefits Administration
Open Enrollment

Business Process Redesign
Project Management
pting and Execution

Self Service

Application Engine
PK Development


a nnectCa lina

ity, documentation,
e mana ent and knowledge transfer.

, WI
s include but not limited hands on configuration,
tion supp n, design, process apping, conversion, nfigurati mentation and

04/2008 11/2008
c nt 8.9 enhancement .0 projec re include but ot limited to Payroll, Labor
on ce Recruit, TAM, ePAR ,

Versatile and successful Senior Consultant / Project Manager with 28 years of professional experiences relating to various businesses needs.
Exceptional interpersonal communication and customer service skills, organizational, planning and technical skills to achieve profes
results. Self-motivated. well rounded and resourceful strategist that enjoys working collaboratively as a cooperative team member. Adapts
easily to new concepts and responsibilities, enjoys employing out-of-box creative solutions to problems.

Over 18 + years of PeopleSoft and Oracle applications experience consisting of 21+ full life-cycle implementations and/or upgrade pro
Kim has helped various clients leverage the software to streamline their HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions operations by eliminatin
value-added tasks. Additionally she is well versed on proven methodologies and can a
knowledge across the HCM, Financials and Campus modules and best industry practices. Kims unique Hands-O
Project Management not only allows her to deliver je asks on time and within budget, but also assures quality projec pro cts and t
that substantially reduces the amount of rework or error resolution.

MS Project
Campus Solutions
Student Financials

General Ledger Financial Aid

nt Human Resources Student Reco Change Manageme
Global / NA Payroll
ADP Payroll
Payroll Interface
Tax Upgrades
Time and Labor
Calendar Year End
Succession Planning
Talent Acquisition
Candidate Gateway
Pension Administration
Administrative Tools
Table Configuration
Fit/Gap Analysis
Spec Development
Data Conversion

Absence Test Scri SQL/SQR Management

Performance Management Te

Commitment Accounting
Succession Planning
st Director
Component Interface
Integration Broker
Roles and Permissions
Training / U
University of North Carolin Co ro Chapel Hill, NC
resent Sr. PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Project Manager 8/2009 P
Higher Education client PeopleSoft v9.1 implementation project. Modules to include Campus Solutions, Admissions, Student Financials,
Financial Aid, Student Records, HR, NA Payroll, Benefits Administration, and Self Service, with current emphasis on University, State and
Labor Organization Compliance, Change Management, Business Process Standardization, STAT, Gap Analysis, Planning and Scope
Estimation. Specific responsibilities include but not limited to project management requirements gathering, design, process mapping,
onversion, configuration, modifications, interfaces, architecture, security set up, roles and permissions, role level secur c
training, chang gm
University of Wisconsin Madison
Sr. PeopleSoft HCM Project Manager 1/2008 08/2009 1
Higher Education client PeopleSoft v9.1 implementation project. Modules to include Human Resources, NA Payroll, Benefits, Absence
Management, Time and Labor and Performance Management, with current emphasis on University, State and Labor Organization Compliance
hange Management, and Business Process Standardization. Specific responsibilitie C
implementation, produc ort, modificatio m co on, security, docu
knowledge transfer.

Gwinnett County Public School District Atlanta, GA
Sr. PeopleSoft HCM / Financials - Functional Project Manager
Public Sector K12 lie / 9 t. Modules/ Softwa n Ben Admin, Time and
lanning, S lf Servi istribution (PS v9.0) , HR, Performance Management, Successi P e , e , eSupplement, Fund D
General Ledger, Asset Management, Grants, Funding, AP, Pension Administration (PS v9.0) with emphasis on configuration, compliance,
open enrollment, reporting, security administration, workflow, requirements gathering, customization, testing, app engine, sql, integration
broker and production support. Responsibilities include design, testing, issue resolution, configuration, documentation and knowledge transfer.
CB&I Chicago, IL
Sr. Global PeopleSoft Project Manager 02/2008 - 4/2008
Technical 8.8 9.0 upgrade Global HR / Base Ben / Order Management / SCM / Payroll Interface project. Responsibilities include testing,
issue resolution, configuration, security administration, role level security, department tree set up, documentation and training documen
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

ct Manager - Architect 5/2007 2/2008
enior PeopleSoft Techno-Functional consultant and Project Manager for 20 companies as part of PeopleSoft v 9.0 implementation Phase 1.
nal sponsibilities included Gap Analysis, Spec fig ation, Te ng, Change Manage for all
Enterprise, PCPW and Payforce implementation, Time and Labor, Position Management, Absence Management, MSS, ESS, Succession
ncies, Performance anageme Administration.
Training classes delivered via instructor led and online as well as self paced WBT and Webinars.
onfiguration, Scope Analysis, Risk Assessment, Compare and Retro Fit, Test Strategy, Test Script Writing and Execution,
econciliation, Documentation, Change Management, Training / User Guides and Production Support. Modules include but not limited to
cquisition, Partial Position Management, Time and Labor, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Open Enrollment,

Training, Position Management, Time Reporting, Payroll, Benefits, TAM and Procurement. Training delivered on UPK.
anufacturing King of Prussia, PA
r. PeopleSoft HCM Functional Technical Lead 1/2006 6/2006
eopleSoft Lead for Global Rolling Implementation of PeopleSoft 8.9. Responsibilities include but not limited to hand on configuration, Order
ent, eRecruit / TAM ls, time keeping
ent Planning. Client going through 8.3 8.9 upgrade and worked with them
part time to help with the Benefits redesign and plan Open Enrollment which would run concurrently with the Go Live on the ERP. Also

agencies covering more than 450,000 employees. In addition, responsibilities include leading
nd designing workflow, creation of Training Materials, UPK, CYE, and Tracking and PAR.

g and Leave Accruals.
his was a backfill spot.
MAC M ge Horsham, PA
oll / / Benefits Admin F nctional ad 4/2004 6/2005
Post Go-Live Production Support (v8.8 sp1) analyst position Issues include but not limited to Payroll, SOX compliance, Retro Pay issues, 3

CYE Project Management, MSS, Tax Updates, General Ledger, FLSA, Open Enrollment, eCompensation,
Modules include PS Time and Labor, Payroll Interface to JDE, Global HR, TAM/CG, Order to Cash, Inventory, Base Benefits, Absence
Management and Profile Management.
Synovate / Aegis PLC Remote/ NYC / London
Sr. PeopleSoft Global Proje
Functio re Development, Con ur sti ment and Training
implemented v9.0 modules. Technical responsibilities included Spec Development, Conversion, Component Interface, Configurat
Integration Broker, Security Administration, Roles and Permission Lists, Department Tree Set up and Trouble Shooting. Collectively working
with technical counterparts around the globe; we as a cyber team brought a total of 77 countries live onto PeopleSoft v 9.0. Modules included
Global HR, TAM / CG, Global Payroll, NA Payroll, Payroll Interface, ADP
Planning, Core Compete M nt and Benefits

Lincoln Financial / Jefferson Pilot Remote Part Time / Philadelphia, PA
Sr. Oracle Training Lead / Change Management / UPK Development 11/2006 5/2007
Training / UPK Content Development and Delivery for HRIS project which includes implementation of HR, GEAC Payroll and Knowledg
Pathways Knowledge Base. Management of team of 12 resources. UPK leveraged with all three applications. UPK Content development
includes but is not limited to Manager Self Service, Employee Self Service, Benefits Enrollment, Benefits Administration, iRecruiting, Ti
Reporting, Payroll processes, Human Resource processes, General Ledger, Expense Processing and Procurement. Training delivered to ov
13,000 employees and managers across 6 geographical locations. Training includes development of User Guides and other written materi

University of Delaware Newark, DE
Sr. PeopleSoft HCM (Payroll T&L) / Campus Solutions Lead 11/2006 5/2007
Project Lead for Higher Ed client involving an upgrade v8.3 - v8.9. Tasks include but not limited to Gap Analysis, Assess New Business
Requirements, C
Student Financials, Student Records, Admissions, Grants, Student Financials, Academic Calendars, HR, Performance Management,
Compensation, Talent A
Absence Management / leave accruals, FSA Administration, General Ledger as well as a customized front end specific to this client.

Amerigroup Remote/ Virginia Beach,
Sr. PeopleSoft Training Analyst UPK Development 6/2006 11/2006
Training / UPK Development for Upgrade v8.9 project. UPK Development for 35 HCM and Financial modules to include, MSS, eApps,

St. Gobain M
Management, Financial, time and labor rules / time interface , position managem -CG, leave accrua
maintenance, reporting, tax updates, data conversion from ADP, query maintenance, crystal reporting, new development, unit, system
parallel testing, business process redesign, test, end user training development and delivery and production support.

Legg Mason Remote / Baltimore,
Sr. PeopleSoft HR - Benefits Global Project Manager 2/2006 7/2006
Contract Project Manager for Benefits Redesign and Open Enrollm
developed UPK material and training documentation. Project tools included STAT.

City of NY FISA NY, NY
PeopleSoft HCM Solutions Architect/ Project Management Phase C 8/2005 1/2006
Architect / Designer / Project Management of 17 different work units within release B and C of NYCAP PeopleSoft 8.9 upgrade project,
managing 20 team members. Responsible for delivering customized solution for handling the citys complex HR Requests / PAR / CRM
which will eventually serve more than 100 city
Toll Brothers Horsham, PA
Sr. PeopleSoft HCM Payroll / HR Project L 7/2005 8/2005
HCM Lead for Implementation of PeopleSoft 8.9. FitGap, Configuration, Spec Analysis and Test Planning completed. Payroll for No
America from Ceridian, General Ledger and HR. Specific project tweaks include re-engineering of GL, Time Keepin

G ortga
Sr. PeopleSoft HRIS - Payr HR u Le
Party Sick Pay Processing,
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ePerforma mentation, Table Configuration,
rade managing a
Plan. Accelerated project plan was
due to new SOX requirements and included designing unctional d Techni cs a develop ript writing, testing
and post go - live support.

FDIC Washington, DC
Sr. PeopleSoft Financials / Payroll Lead 3/2004 5/2004
Payroll Lead for Implementation of PeopleSoft 8.8 North American Payroll to be used as a Supplemental Pay System. The Supplemental Pay
System project coincided with the PeopleSoft Financials Implementation. Responsibilities included General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Asset
Management, Business Process Redesign, Compliance and delivery of Payroll System training to Federal Employees.

National Starch / ICI Sommerset, NJ
Sr. PeopleSoft Global Lead 9/2003 4/2004
Global HR /Global - NAM Payroll / Benefits Administration, Financial / Order Management upgrade project - PeopleSoft 7.5 - 8.8.
Activities include Global Payroll / Global Human Resources / Compensation / Succession Planning / Recruit Workforce / Absence
Management / General Ledger / CRM / Order Management / Asset Management / Global Payroll Interface to Netherlands (NDL) and UK
Payroll Systems. Global Payroll for Mexico, Singapore and France. Global HR included more than 50 additional countries worldwide.
Interface development and management, Table Configuration, FitGap Analysis, Functional/Technical Spec Development and Test Script
Writing and Execution, Tax Upgrade Applications, HRMS Reporting, Business Units and Set ID, Time and Labor and Issue Resolution.
Strategic project planning with emphasis on Vendor Communication, CYE, Testing Strategies and Training Development and Delivery.

AIG Bermuda / NYC Bermuda/NYC, New York
Sr. PeopleSoft HRMS Global Project Manager 7/2003 9/2003
Involved in upgrade HRMS PeopleSoft 7.5 - 8.8 including Global Payroll / Benefits Admin / Recruit Workforce. Emphasis was spent on
expatiate taxation. Rules development for the following countries; Bermuda, UK, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico and Japan. This was
a backfill spot.

The Chicago Tribune Companies Chicago, Illinois

Sr. PeopleSoft Payroll Lead / Testing Manager 9/2002 8/2003
PeopleSoft (ver 7.5-8.3 / 8.4) upgrade implementation project to include integrating acquired companies, data mapping, data conversion and
conversion of employee data as well as rework of all of the interfaces. Upgrade responsibilities include FLSA, Salary Planning, Table
Configuration, query conversion, Crystal, CRM, General Ledger, end user training CYE training, documentation and delivery (web and
classroom) training. Responsibilities as Testing Coordinator included: development of test strategies, system, integration, stress, pilot and
parallel testing, script writing and execution, coordination of multi-state testing sites and testing team, documentation and issue resolution.

KeySpan Utilities Brooklyn, New York
Sr. PeopleSoft Payroll Analyst 6/2002 8/2002
PeopleSoft (ver 7.5 and 8.3). Upgrade implementation ver 7.50 8.3. Conversion of 11 acquired utility companies with ADP and Ceridian as
legacy systems. Maintenance support of weekly Payroll issues. Position Management, Employee Self Service, Tax Updates, Reconciliation,
FLSA, SmartTime time entry system, SQL, SQR, Query, Documentation, Education, Federal and State compliance and Audit. This was
backfill spot.

MD Anderson Cancer Center University of Texas Houston, Texas
Sr. Applications Systems Analyst HRIS 11/2001 6/2002
PeopleSoft E & G (ver 8.0 and 8.3) client is a division of University of Texas. Tasks include but not limited to: implementation from ver
7.02 8.0 (go live 12/1/01), implementation of Global Payroll for Spain (ver 8.3), Functional/Technical Analyst utilizing my skillset to support
Payroll and HR Departments of 14,000 employees with upgrade ver 8.0 8.3, Position Management, ePay, eBenefits, eCompensation, eRecruit
and eProcurement, Purchasing, CRM, Commitment Accounting, Tax Updates, CYE Processing, 1042s, FLSA, Time and Labor, Visa Tracking,
Reconciliation, KRONOS, SQL, SQR, Query, PeopleCode, Documentation, Testing, Training, Reporting, W-2, Federal and State compliance,
Audit, as well as day to day Payroll production support issues.

University of Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, New York
Sr. Software Specialist / Campus Solutions - HR Lead 11/2000 11/2001
At the University of Rochester, I worked on the HRIS Project as Functional Lead. My position relayed heavily on my knowledge of Campus
Solutions, Student Records, Student Financials, Payroll, Payroll Interface. HR, Benefits, Tax as well as PeopleSoft functionality. Day to day
tasks included but not limited to: Problem Resolution, Business Analysis, Change Management, Tax Upgrades, Taxation Issues, Testing,
Kronos, version upgrade implementation (7.02 8.0), SQL, SQR, Peoplecode, script writing, testing documentation, 1042s, Visa Tracking,
FLSA, HRMS Reporting, Y/E Processing.

Winter Haven, Fl and Houston, Texas
Payroll / Tax Compliance Project Manager 8/1983 11/2000
Payroll and Payroll Tax Management to include a manufacturing and services company. PeopleSoft certification in 1997 for HRMS
applications. Global HR, Global Payroll, NA Payroll, ADP, Time and Labor and Base Benefits Project Management.

nce, change management, end user education including desktop aids, training materials and docu
eApps, eRecruit, Tax Audit and Workmans Compensation. Additionally acted as Functional Project Manager for SP1 Upg
team of 9 functional and 5 technical resources. SP1 project was completed 4 weeks early based on Project
F an cal Spe nd ment as well as test sc
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www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
B.A. Accounting
Certified Payroll Professional 1998
S.U.N.Y. Plattsburgh
Plattsburgh, New York


2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Key Skills:
PeopleSoft ERP Financials/Human Capital Mgt/Campus Solutions, GAAP/GASB accounting principles, Technical Contract negotiations, Vendor
management, Software and Project evaluation, Capital Budgeting and Forecasting, Production support for critical financial systems, outsourcing,
Solid understanding of corporate accounting and finance functions, Excellent interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills with the confidence to
act quickly to gain trust both internally and externally. Proven ability to work with project management applications. Certified PeopleSoft Financials
GL and Commitment Control lead, Higher Education/ State/Federal Funds Accounting and Data reconciliation specialist, expertise and experience
in implementing & upgrading PeopleSoft ERP Solution (Versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x), PeopleTools (up to Release 8.49), Business process re-
engineering and design

Experience Summary:
Over 17 ye chnology and business-focused ars of solid, progressive te leadership work-experience in diverse sectors and functional areas, including
entati IT projects, especially ERP (Financials/HCM/Campus Solutions) implementation projects. Have
rience with
Work ility to plan, organize, communicate, motivate and make effective decisions in a leadership capacity.
achie arriers and roadblocks to

full life-cycle implem on and management of
worked on I.T and business process re-engineering projects in the higher education sector and other industries such as financial services, logistics,
retail, consumer goods and manufacturing. Have extensive hands-on experience in performing ERP package evaluations, functional fit/gap analysis,
business process design and reengineering, testing, and implementing PeopleSoft Financials (GL(including Commitment Control), Projects, AM,
AR, AP, BI, Budgets and Purchasing modules) in DB2/Oracle/ Informix/ SQL Server database environments. Possess a sound understanding of
technology, the challenges and risks involved in projects, business processes and project implementation methodologies. Significant expe
ma ging highly technical teams with success
experience has revolved around ab
Careers marked by successful adaptation of various project management methodologies to diverse business settings. Have a proven track record of
ving success through business process engineering, complex ERP implementations and the ability to over-come b
pro ct completion. Sound experience in Project Management, Business Process Reengineering, Process Modeling, Data Modeling, Joint Application
elor of Engineering(B.E), Electrical and Systems Engin Bach eering (1986-1990)
anagement, Leadership and PeopleSoft Functional and Technical courses Financials, Campus Solutions,
MBA Finance/Accounting systems (1990-92) Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Several Business Analyst, Project M
Project Management Institute-PMP Certified and Working On Program Manager Certification

Details of Work Experience:
, B oint to implement/upgrade/support PeopleSoft ERP Financials/HCM/Ca
ed in the capacity unctional Lead manager in partnership with leading Systems Cons Work of F ulting companies such as Oracle,
Accenture, PwC earing P mpus Solutions for multiple
and determining project outcomes, critical success pathways and appropriate
parameters. Developed detailed work plans, schedules, project estimates, resource plans and status reports to lay out the progression and
scope of the project. Conducted project meetings and shared responsibility for project tracking and analysis. Provided project status
les to decrease instances of scope creep. Actively assisted in
achieving finan l objecti ling and approving expenditures, analyzing variances and initiating
corrective actions.
wed vendor deliverables.
roject Role: PeopleSoft Financials Project Manager and Solution Architect
: 09 to 01/
sibilities: Project anager an nd re-configuration project. The scope of this
luded apping ou xisting p ed to be refined and managing the re-design,
ting d trainin ctivities. a functional team lead for General Ledger, Commitment Control
Universities in the USA. Led client-consultant functional teams on projects.
o Project Functional Lead roles carried management responsibilities that included leading discovery sessions with the client, detailed fit gap
analysis, business process documentation, detailed prototyping and testing of functionality, identification of various upgrade
options/scenarios, detailed project planning and user training
o Successful track record on every project with implementation on time and well within budgets accountability for projects from original
concept through final implementation.
o Interfaced with all areas impacted by projects including key end users, computer services and client services to provide a single point of
contact for respective project.
o Defined project scope and objectives, including identifying
Ensured adherence to quality standards and reviewed project deliverab o
cia ves by preparing project budgets, schedu
o vendor tasks and tracked/ revie Managed the integration of
o Provide on and guidance to le d directi sser-experienced project management staff to assist them in their role and understanding of more
complex project management. Provided technical and analytical guidance to project team and technical and functional project members.
Cleared pathway for project team to ensure they had the appropriate resources to function in their assigned roles. Served as a lead member
of the PeopleSoft functional/configuration team. Performed functional analysis, requirements, definition and ERP module configuration
and testing. Analyzed requirements to apply system solutions to business problems.

Client: Florida A&M, Talahassee Florida
Environment: FSCM 9.0
Project Duration 08/20 2010
Work R po M d Change Management Lead for a PeopleSoft Financ es n ials audit a
engagement inc m t e olicies, procedures and process flows that the customer felt need
configuration, tes an g a Responsibilities also included serving as
and the Accounts Recei dules. vable mo

Client: Tufts University, Medford, MA
Project Role: GL Upgrade Lead Consultant
Environment: FSCM 9.0 MP5, PT8.49, Oracle
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
mized PeopleSoft Financials upgrade project from Ver 8.4
l Eng. Univ. (FAMU), FL
ol Project Manager & Lead Consultant
nvironment: FSCM 9.0, PT8.49, Oracle
ation: 0/2007 to
ibilities: Project Manager a ials upgrade to Ver 9.0 project. Responsibilities include leading
sessions with the client, d cumentation, detailed prototyping and testing of new and upgraded
ntifi tion of various upgr le for include
ment C alize detailed
ectify variances by sources
organizational change management including communication planning,
defining and implementing new policies/procedures and process flows and leading end user training activities.
om nt-Child
d Budget Closing procedures.
nt to leverage the PeopleSoft functionality and ensure internal policies,
ssment study and prototyping/testing various upgrade scenarios for the University.
rade scenarios from Ver 7.5 to Ver 9.0 including detailed functionality walk-through
modules. Responsibilities included leading discovery sessions
otyping and testing of functionality, identification of various
responsible for included General Ledger including Multiple
roject Costing and Commitment Control across all modules. Planned and implemented the
eam Lead consultant role for the Commitment
tate in making the transition from the State financial system FLAIR/SAMAS to PeopleSoft Financials
State, including GL with Commitment Control, AP, PO, AR,
key tasks included:
Project Duration: 02/2009 to 8/2009

Work Responsibilities: Functional Lead General Ledger consultant on the significantly custo
to Ver 9.0. Project responsibilities include leading customization documentation sessions with functional/technical teams, discovery sessions with the end-
users in Treasury, General Accounting, Sponsored Programs and Capital Projects departments. Key deliverables are detailed fit gap analysis, business
process documentation, detailed prototyping and testing of new and upgraded functionality, identification of various upgrade options/scenarios and final
technical/functional recommendations.

- -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Client: Florida Agricultural and Mechanica
roject Role: GL/Project Costing/Commitment Contr P
Project Dur 1 01/2009
inanc Work Respons nd Functional Lead consultant on the F
Ver 9.0 discovery etailed fit gap analysis, business process do
functionality, ide ca ade options/scenarios, detailed project planning and user training. Modules directly responsib
odules, Capital Projects Costing. Cleaned up data and develop, test and institution General Ledger, Commit ontrol across all m
reconciliation procedures in and across GL/Commitment Control and other PeopleSoft sub-systems. Highlights of reconciliation areas include:
Comparison between Commitment Control Ledger/Activity and Trans Logs by Budget Period/Fiscal Year/Accounting Periods. Supporting
transactions at detail chartfield level
Compare module transactions in Purchasing (Reqs and POs), AP, AR, Billing and GL depending on the source of the transaction to the Source
nd r Header, Source Line and Activity Log at a ChartField combination level to identify a
Compare Open Balances in the Ledger KK to the Source Header/Source Line/Activity Log and Liquidation table for POs and Reqs with
outstanding encumbrances by ChartField combination. Variances occur when Successor docs alter chartfield values
Establishing overall accounting data reconciliation procedures across Financials system and queries/procedures to support best practices and
adherence to Fund Accounting principles. Developed, tested and rolled out several queries/reports and allocations to better support reporting
and integrity of accounting data across the University
Participated in several parallel PeopleSoft HCM/Campus solutions initiatives such as Commitment Accounting, Retro Pay, Campus Security,
Self-Service, Reporting, etc.
Responsibilities included helping the client manage all stages of

Client: Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Project Role: GL/ Commitment Control Change Management and Team Lead
i n t: Upgrad Env ro men e from FSCM 8.4 to 9.0, PT8.48, Oracle database
Project Duration: 10/2007 04/2008
Responsibilities: Part-time Functional Lead support consultant, assisting in functionality walk through sessions, fit-gap analysis and
p g sting various upgrade enhancements for the University, specifica p ototy in /te lly in the GL and Commitment Control modules. Scope of work included
Fit-Gap analysis, leading functional prototyping sessions, testing of current and enhanced functionality and training/documentation. Had responsibility for
all Test strategy and detailed GL/KK test scenarios and scripts. Was part of the project team completing detailed integration testing across all modules
source transactions to GL and reporting. Highlights included development, testing and proposed rollout of implementation of Pare fr
Commitment Control functionality along with detailed Budget Security an
This customer required a significant amount of organizational change manageme
procedures and process flows adhere to audit and compliance regulations.

Client: New York University, New York, NY
Project Role: GL/ Commitment Control/ Project Costing/Grants Lead
Environment: FSCM 9.0, PT8.48, Oracle
Project Duration: 06/2007 to 10/2007.
Work Responsibilities: Lead consultant on this detailed upgrade asse
The short-term goal was to complete the full assessment of upg
sessions and fit-gap analysis. The long term goal is to implement the full suite of PeopleSoft
with the client, detailed fit gap analysis, business process documentation, detailed prot
upgrade options/scenarios, detailed project planning and user training. Modules directly
Currencies, Mu lidations, Grants, P ltiple Business Units, Conso
detailed testing strategy f roject in conjunctio or this p n with the University Project Team and Accenture Consulting team.


Client: State of Florida, Project Aspire, Tallahassee, FL
Project Role: Commitment Control Project Manager and Team Lead for GL
Environment: FSCM 8.8SP1 MP3, PT8.46, Oracle
Project Duration: 03/2005 to 06/2007
Work Responsibilities: For this prestigious State-wide Financials Project, played Project Manager and T
Control module and GL module, assisting the S
8.8SP1. Was a key member of a functional team implementing several modules for the
Grants, Contracts, Billing, AR, and AM. In the role of lead commitment control consultant,
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
p nalysis f current business processes and requirements across the 38 State
king actices from Federal Projects Accounting
Detailed fit ga a or the GL/Commitment Control modules based on
Part of Task force wor on adopting best pr
Configuration / Unit and Integration testing/ Customization of the various aspects of the GL/Commitment Control modules and Design/Developmen
and Testing of the various interfaces to Commitment Control (from 3
party legacy systems such as the Budgeting Systems) and providing
direction to the functional team across all modules implementing Commitment Control functionality. Providing detailed knowledge transfer to c
personnel on use of PeopleSoft Commitment Control functionality, based on detailed understanding of funds-based reporting, budgeting
accounting, encumbrance accounting and commitment control.
Responsibilities included helping the client manage all stages of organizational change management including communication planning, defining
implementing new policies/procedures and process flows and leading end user training activities.

Project Position reported to: Project Director, State of Florida Financials Project

Client: Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
led project plan and project monitoring activities
Detailed fit gap analysis for the GL/Commitment Control modules based on current business processes and requirements and the delivered
ailed understanding of
Project Role: Financial Functional Lead Consultant
Environment: FSCM 8.4/8.9. SP2 MP2, PT8.45.10
DB: DB2 UDB for UNIX, NT 8.1 Fix Pack 5 / Hardware: IBM p-series servers, AIX 5.2
Project Duration: 10/2003 to 03/2005
Work Responsibilities: For this prestigious public State University, was the functional lead consultant, having assisted the university in successfully
making the transition from the State financial system FLAIR/SAMAS to PeopleSoft Financials 8.4SP2. Was part of a 15-member functional team
implementing several modules for the university including GL with Commitment Control, AP, PO, ePro, AR, Expenses, Grants, Contracts, Billing, AR,
nsultant, key tasks successfully carried out included: AM, Budgets. In the role of functional lead co
Contribution to development of the detai

functionality in PeopleSoft Financials 8.4SP1
Confi rat gu ion / Unit and Integration testing/ Customization of the various aspects of the GL/Commitment Control module and Design/D
and Testing of the various interfaces to GL (from PeopleSoft feeder systems and 3
party legacy systems), and providing overall direction to the
functional team. Provided knowledge transfer to client personnel on use of PeopleSoft Financials functionality, based on det
funds-based reporting and accounting, encumbrance accounting and commitment c
Project Position reported to: Project Manager, FSU PeopleSoft ERP Project

Work Exp (b) - Rapidigm Consulting (now Fujitsu), ultant PeopleSoft ERP practice - Sep 2001 to May 2003
ts. Configured configuration tables and transaction/control tables. Identify and resolve gaps in business
uthorization set-up, user documentation, data interface design, data migration and reconciliation.
Newton, MA
als Lead Consultant

porting and accounting,
P ge
---------- --------------------------
ior to the impending move from PeopleSoft Financials Version 7.52 to 8.4. Modules covered
nancials modules: GL, AP, AM, AR and Billing; and an entirely custom-built (with Peopletools)
included: Assisting Project Manager and
s project phases and
gration/user acceptance testing, hands-on training and documentation,
documenting all current customizations, outlining the scope for potential
Principal Cons
o Worked in the capacity of Functional Lead consultant on various PeopleSoft ERP Financials implementation projects. Led cross-
functional/technical project teams.
o Designed and developed functional specifications, data flow diagrams, data mapping, flow charts, data dictionaries, and functional
mapping for automated solutions in support of business process operations and functions. Performed fit/gap analysis of business
requirements/processes to PeopleSoft delivered functionality.
o Documented system enhancement proposals, outline issues, alternatives and provide recommendations detailing performance, costs,
scheduling, time and benefi
processes. Performed security/a

onsulting: Highlights of sample projects worked as part of Rapidigm C
College, Client: Boston
Project Role: Financi
Project Duration: 04/2002-10/2003
Work Responsibilities: For this prestigious College in Massachusetts, was the functional lead consultant, instrumental in successfully making the
transition from FAS legacy system to PeopleSoft Financials 8.4SP1. Was a key lead player in the 5-member functional consultant team implementing
several modules for the client including GL with Commitment Control, AP, PO, ePro, AR, Expenses, Grants, Contracts, Billing, AR, AM, Budgets. In the
role of the functional lead, key tasks carried out successfully included: development of the detailed project plan, detailed fit gap analysis for the
GL/Commitment Control and Budgeting/Budget Planning modules based on current business processes and requirements and delivered functionality in
rection to the functional team, based on detailed understanding of funds-based re PeopleSoft Financials 8.4, as well as providing di
ncumbrance accounting and commitment contro e
Project Position reported to: roject Manager, Boston Colle

------------------ ------------------------------- -----------------------
Client: Florens Containers, San Francisco, California
Project Role: Functional Lead
Project Duration: 03/2002-04/2002
Work Responsibilities: For this leading marine containers leasing company, assisted the client in carrying out a detailed upgrade
accelerator project as preparatory work pr
uring the assessment included PeopleSoft Fi d
module called Fleet Manager (Operations module). In the role of the functional lead, key tasks
t plan, including detailed estimates of time and effort for the variou technical lead in preparing the upgrade projec
components, including the actual upgrade exercise, unit/inte
nd Analyzing and documenting business currently functionality, a
decommissioning of applicable ones in the Upgraded environment and overall upgrade strategy.
Project Position Reported to: Project Manager

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Work Responsibilities: For this a leading producer and distributor of natural gas, conducted a detailed pre-upgrade assessment exercise
, AP, AM, Purchasing and
c ersions 8SP2 & 8.4,
rade. Completed detailed project plan for the upgrade project. Plan included detailed estimates of
r the various project phases and components, including the upgrade, testing, training and documentation.
ob Position Reported to: Project Manager
Employer/Client: Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), New Albany, OH
Functional Lead
M and
d project planning, analyzing existing documentation,
ain approval for detailed scope of the upgrade
plications of the upgrade project including cost and time savings,
ctionality enhancements to the various modules. A key achievement
Reported to: Project Manager

Employer/Client: National Fuel Gas Company, Buffalo, New York
Project Role/Job Title: Functional Lead
Project Duration: 01/2002-02/200
from Version 7.02 to 8 SP2 and 8.4. Modules covered during the assessment included Project Costing, GL
Inventory modules. In this role, documented currently PeopleSoft functionality actively used by the users in the modules under
onsideration, demonstrated and walked functional users through detailed module functionality enhancements in V
captured key functionality requests based on users current business requirements and anticipated future needs, and designed preliminary
fit-gap analysis document for the upg
time and effort fo

Project Role/Job Title:
Project Duration: 09/2001-12/2001
Work Responsibilities: For this leading retailer of high-end apparel, assisted the client in upgrading their Project Costing, GL, AP, A
Purchasing modules from Version 7.02 to 8 SP2. Responsibilities included detaile
cument and obt interviewing end-users and subject matter experts within A& F to capture, do
im project. Key accomplishment was to convey to senior management detailed
un necessary changes to current business processes and procedures and f
was the successful carry over of over 75 customizations and modifications from the PS 7 environment to the new 8SP environment, testing
hand-over to functional users. This included customized processes, reports, queries, pages and components.
Job Position

Work Exp (c) - Kurt Salmon Associates / Trans-tech Inc. / March First - Senior Manager, Enterprise Solutions Aug 98 Aug 01
o System and Business Analyst responsibilities, team management, Client services, Software design, Liaison with IT/Business
stakeholders, Testing/ Training/ Demo and Knowledge-transfer, Bundles/Fixes/Patches & Instance Mgt. Strategist

Highlights of sample projects worked as part of Kurt Salmon/Trans-tech Consulting:

Employer/Client: CyberSoft Insurance (JV with Royal Group), Bartlett, IL
Project Role/Job Title: Functional Lead
Project Duration: 12/2000-08/2001
Work Responsibilities: For this leading E-Insurance venture, assisted in the full-cycle implementation of GL and AM modules of PeopleSoft 7.5 with a
view to streamline all accounting operations and financial reporting mechanisms across multiple international locations and business units. In this role he
acted as functional lead for full-life cycle development, and refined the clients business processes, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, data
integrity, and security. Planned and conducted detailed Fit-Gap analysis to map client multi-currency transactional and reporting requirements to Out-of-
the box functionality offered in PS 8. Tasks included user interviews, mapping of current business processes and functionality implemented in 7.5 and
anticipated future business requirements.
Job Position Reported to: Project Manager

Employer/Client: Peopleflow, Chicago, IL
Project Role/Job Title: Functional Lead
Project Duration: 06/2000-11/2000
Work Responsibilities: For professional E-Recruitment startup, assisted the client in designing and developing an ASP model with tie-ins with best-of-
breed partner companies and in defining ERP system requirements, identifying, evaluating and recommending an appropriate ERP package for the entire
Finance and Accounting operations. Led the detailed business requirements analysis and ERP system specifications, led the definition of PeopleSoft
Financials 7.5 standard functionality and a detailed fit-gap analysis between client ERP system requirements and out-of-the box PeopleSoft Financials
functionality, was involved in designing and developing the eStrategy with respect to business partners and interface design with all partners for the web-
enabled ASP solution, and effectively managed project scope, methodology, analysis, timeline, work plan, and resource allocation.
Project Position Reported to: Project Manager

Employer/Client: UCLA, San Francisco, CA
Project Role/Job Title: PeopleSoft Financials Consultant
Project Duration: 01/2000-06/2000
Work Responsibilities: Responsible for analyzing, mapping and estimating conversion effort and time for migrating data from disparate legacy systems.
Wrote and tested conversion program with complex data validation (accounts, departments, business units) procedures. Developed and interface from the
PeopleSoft 7 AM system to consolidating General Ledger. Modified processes (Journal generator, account creation, depreciation calculation), reports,
panels and menus.
Project Position Reports to: Project Manager

Employer/Client: Salzer Group, IL
Project Role/Job Title: Functional Consultant /Project Lead
Project Duration: 08/1998-03/1999
Work Responsibilities: For this multinational manufacturing and distribution conglomerate, led a PeopleSoft Financials Implementation of the Financials
and Distribution modules. Performed Fit/Gap Analysis to determine PeopleSoft allocation functionality in relationship to legacy systems and to determine
and document requirements for accounting and reporting systems. Designed, developed, and implemented combination-edits in PeopleSoft GL, designed
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
allocations in PeopleSoft and redesigned chart of accounts to meet PeopleSoft criteria and developed detailed functional/technical report specifications.
Planned and implemented functional, regression and stress testing to determine feasibility and user acceptance parameters
Project Position Reported to: Project Manager

Work Exp (d) - KPMG- A. F. Ferguson Senior Co ril 1992 July1998
o Played progressively challenging Manage nts in diverse sectors. Typical projects included IT
Audit, Systems Analysis, business process reengineering, security strategies and audits, technology planning
o Worked on multiple full-cycle software develo ectors such as shipping, retail, banking and finance,

nsultant, IT Consulting practice Ap
ment and I.T Consulting roles with clie
pment projects with clients in diverse s
logistics and healthcare

ct, Access, Visio, Rational Rose
mponent Interface, SQR, App-Messaging, Upgrade/Change Assistant, Tree Manager,
n Tools, Data Mover, Workflow, File Layout, App messaging/Integration Broker
, PS Query, nVision, XML
MS Office including Word, Excel, Power Point, Proje
People Tools: App-Designer, PeopleCode, App-Engine, Co
Reporting Tools: SQR, Crystal Reports, Tree Manager
PeopleSoft Administration Tools: Process Scheduler, Configuration Manager
Application/Web Servers: Weblogic, Tuxedo, Jolt, Apache, Microsoft IIS
Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Tools: Import Manager, Data Mover, Test Director, Win Runner, Load Runner, QTP, Mercury Load runner a
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
S rogram/Practice D ation, and documentation.
Recognized for the ability to assess b solutions. Demonstrated ability to provide timely, quality
s al and external custo munication skills.
ver 20 years of Human Resource and IT experience with:
Excellent communication, presentation and problem solving s y to make broad based, cross-functional decisions and lead broad
based cross-functional teams.
ications. With specific area focus in the Human Resource/Payroll area. (Oracle Human
tandard Benefits, Advanced Benefits, Oracle Training Administration, Oracle iLearning,
coverer, SmartForce, ProBusiness, Deltek, ADP, Ceridian, Hire.com, FormScape, Discoverer, BIS, etc.)
ience with Oracle full suite implementation of full Financials and
for full ERP suite with team of approximately 16 ftes.
ns. (US, Asia, Caribbean, Canada, Brazil, and Europe)

d party products and vendors.
) as well as full financials in both global single instance (GSI) as well as US only instances.
oBusiness, Fastech, Deltek, AON, T Rowe, First Union, Cendant, Hewitt, Solomon Smith, FormScape,
Hire.com, etc.
Leadership and analysis experience handling payroll conversion stems such as PeopleSoft, ADP, Ceridian, Genesys, etc.
Leadership experience with implementation and production supp t of company portal both stand alone and integrated with the human resource
nalysis and re-engineering, gap analysis, system analysis and design,
t plan preparation and reporting, end user and train the trainer training, preparation of training
as well as SR IT Mgmt level
nistration, salary administration, payroll, employee relations, ADA, FMLA,
y, training and personnel management.
and Safety Programs.
overnment and utilities.
tations in version 11i.
ment and delivery.
olution-oriented P irector/Functional SME with extensive experience on system analysis and design, configur
usiness needs and implement effective business system
mers. Team oriented with excellent interpersonal com upport to intern
kills. Have the abilit
Outstanding functional knowledge of Oracle Global Appl
Resources, Oracle Self Service, Oracle Payroll, Oracle S
Oracle Learning Management, Oracle Dis
Hands on global implementation experience, as well as project management exper
Human Resource/Payroll applications. Responsible for budget
Includes global implementatio
Have developed and managed full life cycle development models and proced
Database instance management.
Actively led and participated in RFP development and review process.
various thir Implementation of Oracle Human Resources/Payroll with
Oracle HR with ProBusiness Payroll as well as full financials
as well as full financials Oracle HR with ADP (several)
Oracle HR with Oracle Payroll (several
Third Party Products/Vendors: ADP, Pr
from various sy
management system database.
ith business process a Full understanding and hands on experience w
specification preparation, project sizing, projec
Strong understanding of data integration points between Oracle Human Resources/Payroll and Oracle Financials products.
Strong understanding of human resource and information technology management. Has held HR Director and
Human Resource Generalist experience in employment, benefits admi
ities, safety, securit OSHA, workers compensation, union relations, facil
Design and development of Human Resources Policy & Procedures, Employee Handbooks
Design and development of job descriptions to comply with ADA and FMLA.
Corporate and division budgeting process.
Acquisition and divestiture project management.
Industry experience in staffing, banking, manufacturing, real estate, federal g
Have hands on experience with over 6 full life cycle implementations of which 2 full cycle implemen
Team management and development.
Training curriculum develop

Product Expertise:
Oracle Human Resources Oracle Training Administration/iLearning
racle Discoverer
Oracle Payroll Oracle Standard & Advanced Benefits
ProBusiness Payroll
Oracle Self-Service Human Resources O

Oracle BIS
Deltek ADP
Ceridian Hire.com
Smart Force
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m


Banking: The Associates of N. America, E*Trade
Real Estate: Trammell Crow Company
Engineering: Dikita Enterprises of Texas, Inc.
Manufacturing: Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation, General Electric, Triad Color Graphics, Verifone
Technology: Oracle Corporation, AnswerThink, B2BWorkforce
Utilities: Mirant, Green Mountain Power, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Washington Suburban Sanitary
Commission, Bangor Hydro, Southern Mississippi Electric Power Authority
Public Sector: GSA, US Postal Service, US Air Force
Pharmaceutical: Merial, Ltd.


Dinero Solutions Oracle Practice Director 03/07 - Current
B2B Workforce Oracle Product Specialist 02/06 03/07
erial, Ltd., HR Sr. Manager 10/05 02/06 M
CSC (Mirant Corporation) Principal Program/Practice M
Mirant, Corporation, Oracle Applications Manager 09
anager 1/05 10/05
/01 12/04
r mmel Crow Company, 1989 - 1990
E*Trade, Sr. IT Manager, 06/00 09/01
Cotelligent, HRMS Manager, 01/00 06/00 (E*Trade Independent Consultant)
AnswerThink Consulting Group, Oracle Solutions Manager, 5/99 01/00
Oracle Corporation, Principal Consultant, 11/96 5/99
Dikita Enterprises of Texas, Inc., Director, Human Resources, 1995-1996
d Color Graphics, Director, Human Resources, 1994-1995 Tria
Associates Credit Card Services, Inc., Asst. Personnel Manager, 1990 - 1994
a T
Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation, 1986- 1989


Oracle Practice Director for Oracle Applications Consulting Firm:
Responsible for assisting with sales life cycle.
Assist with defining roles/responsibilities
Manage recruitment process for firm whic
Creates project staffing plans, staff the team, and manage staff on a daily basis for the overall Oracle practice.
Manage the project execution and delivery, including high-quality deliverables and high levels of customer satisfaction
Manages all aspects of Solution and Delivery of the Oracle Practice.
Works with project leads for all customer feedback
h includes hands on recruitment of full time employees and consultants as needed
us reports to senior client management
tes as required
Presents or Reviews major deliverables and stat
Troubleshoots any client issues and escala
Delivers technical consulting services which will include database management, technical assessments, and technology solutions
Responsible for the Engagement Management process for all Oracle Clients
Works with our other Directors in the establishment and maintenance of other business partnerships
Maintains existing and new customer relationships
Drive partner relationships
Provide staff augmentation for end clients as needed

Oracle Applications Specialist for Staff Augmentation Firm:
Responsible for assessing client skill needs based on overall project delivery.
Managed team of recruiters.
Review resumes and validate if appropriate to meet end clients needs.
Managed and responsible for building an Oracle Professional Services Outsourcing Team for the largest Oracle Payroll Services provider in the US.
iew/responses. (Partnered with various integrators to assist in winning the project work.) Participated in RFP rev
Actively participated with the Sales team in client meetings, sales calls, conferences, etc.
Responsible for building and managing end client relationships.

racle Applications Manager for Pet Pharmaceuticals Company. O
Applications manager of Oracle HRMS soluti
HR & Oracle HR Self Service. Compan
on for global pet pharmaceuticals company. Actively participated in assessment and rollout of Oracle
y already live on Oracle Financials in stand alone environments. Worked with team to build overall strategy
to consolidate into one global environment.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Oracle Applications Manager for Energy/Trading Comp
rgy company. Actively participated and management of
f team, to maintaining standards and meeting new service
ation of Markview (automated accounts
racle HR
ntinue using
Project management of 11i Human Resource/Payroll side of Oracle Financials/HRMS ERP global single instance implementation. The global single
instance was implemented for US, Canada, Asia and Curacao. L roximately 30 employees and consultants to successfully meet go
live. Implementation included Oracle Human Resources, Oracle m Manager Self Service, Oracle Training Administration, Oracle
re.com, Oracle Payroll & ADP, FormScape and various custom programs to address both employees and contingent workforce.
over 30 interfaces to third party vendors and fully integrated with the Oracle Financials suite. Put together implementation
me & Labor. Successfully managed the transition of consultant and contractor knowledge to a team of 7 production support
team members. Took total project size down from 20 to 7 members.
Implemented full life cycle development procedures and processes.
Implemented document management procedures
Special Achievements: Selected to participate in the Corporate Overhead Initiative (COI) project. This team is comprised of 18 Mirant employees
nationally. The purpose of the team was to review corporate expenses and reduce overall corporate spending by 68M.
Special Achievements: Was selected to participate in the Mirant Leadership Development program. This program was put together and allowed 22
Mirant employees to participate. This program was sponsored by the president of the company and the management council team played an active
role in the training and assignments delivered.

Senior IT Manager for Internet Trading Company.
Applications manager of Oracle ERP (Financials & HRMS) solution for global ene
outsourcing production support team. This included vendor evaluation through transition o
level agreements. During transition phase of outsourcing project, successfully met goals set for implement
payable process).
Led an effort to reduce overall HRMS support costs in the Jamaica business unit. Researched payroll vendors and led initiative for a vendor
evaluation and selection. Worked with a third party consulting firm to fold the Jamaica business unit (2500 employees) into existing O
global single instance and a third party payroll vendor to configure an out-sourced payroll solution for the Jamaica operation. US to co
Oracle Payroll. Overall goal: to increase global reporting capability and reduce overall support costs.

ed team of app
E ployee &
iLearning, Deltek, Hi
The full system includes
plan to roll out Oracle Ti

Hands on implementation as well as project leadership for global Oracle HRMS and Financials implementation. Lead the HRMS portion of global
implementation to address both employees and contingent workforce. Lead team of approximately 12 employees and consultants to successfully
meet implementation deadline. Successfully managed transition of knowledge and released consultants. Final production team was stabilized and
comprised of 6 full time employees. Was responsible for leading team efforts for multiple projects such as Oracle Human Resources, Oracle
Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, Icarian Work Force Applicant Tracking, ProBusiness Payroll, Bisnet, Fastech, etc.
Successfully managed technical production support team that supported the company portal.

Consultant HRMS Project Manager/Lead
Project Manager and HR Functional Lead for Oracle HR application implementation for a Manufacturing company in Connecticut. Its corporate
office was rolling out the Oracle HR application to approximately 30 of its global operations. This manufacturing company within the umbrella
setup employs approximately 16,500 people, working in 20 different states, with approximately 90 locations, 10 of which were unionized facilities.
Processing 32 different payrolls. Successfully implemented the HR application, rolled out equipment, reporting functionality, developed and
delivered end user training (160+ users) and materials.

Consultant HRMS Project Manager/Lead
Project Manager and HR Functional Lead in an Oracle Human Resources/Payroll/Financials implementation for an Offshore Drilling company.
Managed the HR core team timeline and project scope. Completed full business process analysis and re-engineering, gap analysis and application
design and implementation. Prepared and delivered end user training and materials. Met all project plan financials and timelines. This diverse
drilling company had locations throughout the US with multiple payrolls and legal entities. The core internal HR team consisted of approximately
15 members. The entire project team consisted of approximately 70 team members. The consulting team was composed of 4 team members.

Consultant HRMS Project Manager/Lead
Human Resources Functional Lead in an Oracle Human Resource/Payroll/General Ledger implementation for a major water sanitation company.
Worked directly with client personnel to implement new database system by using human resource methodology. Managed project scope and
timeline. Was able to review and assist with re-design of salary administration program to accommodate future company growth and
competitiveness. Assisted in development of new job descriptions to insure compliance with ADA and FMLA. Assisted by streamlining processes
and increased efficiency by utilizing the functionality within the Oracle product suite. Formulated and delivered an End User training program.

Consultant HRMS Project Manager/Lead
Human Resource Functional Lead for a global commercial company. Successfully implemented an Oracle Human Resources conference room pilot
system. This company had major sales and R&D facilities in seven countries. Worked independently with client setting up new database system
through analysis of global human resource methodology.
Demonstrated Oracle Human Resource Conference Room Pilot at a World Wide Human Resource meeting to assist with operational involvement
and acceptance.

Consultant HRMS Lead
Key member of an Oracle Human Resource implementation for a US federal agency. This implementation was structured as a Job/Position
Maintenance system. The system was not implemented with the intention of holding employee data, but rather to be used for budgeting variances.
The core HR system was implemented with some customization in the area of reporting and data maintenance.

Other Various Assignments & Experience
Oracle Human Resource Implementation Instructor for Oracle Corporation internal student boot camp program.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Assisted Oracle Sales team with client presentations.
Assisted Oracle Sales team with RFP responses and prepared Sales presentations.
yroll year end volume support in Oracle Corporations world wide support organization.

Provided peak pa
Led an internal initiative to develop and implement training programs on the Web for the entire Oracle Human Resources suite of applications.
Key team implementation member of an Oracle Human Resource Conference Room Pilot (CRP) program for a major federal agency.
Key team implementation member of an Oracle Human Resources, Payroll, Training, and General Ledger demonstration system for the US Military.


BA Economics/Finance
exas at Dallas University of T

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
a Travi
training of the PeopleSoft Human Capital
ctor clients. Additionally, she has led and
pported numerous PeopleSoft modules including the Human Resources Student Administration (HRSA) combined elements of Campus Community,
roject as well as
e impl entations and most recently a PS Financials 8.9 (AP, GL, AM and AR) training project. As a result, this background
ment, security strategy/implementation, end-user training and documentation development.
SQL Server 7.5, 2000, 2005
Security Administration

Consulting Experience
Project Manager
State of Indiana Auditor of States Office 8/07 Present
Responsibilities Include:
Providing project management for the delivery of a state-wide system standardization of PS Finance 8.9 training for over 2000 agency end-users.
Developed project plan and training schedule for the roll-out of training to over 2000 users for a designated period as well as post-production

Tin s

o Pr
With over eleven years consulting experience, Tina has assisted the successful implementation and
fessional Profile
Management, Campus Solutions, and Finance products at a wide variety of higher education and public se
Admissions, and Student Records, implemented business process redesign for a PS Financials 8.4 General Ledger and Project Costing p
managed multiple enterpris em
has allowed Tina a breadth of experience where responsibilities have included project planning, fit/gap analysis, business process analysis/re-engineering,
deployment, report/query develop

Skills Summary
Pe pleSoft o
HRMS Student Administration Campus Solutions HRSA Student Administration
General Ledger Project Costing Accounts Paya
Asset Management Accounts Receivable
Oracle 8, 9
Operating Systems
Windows XP/2003/2000 HP-UX 11.11 MS-DOS
Additional Skills
Fit/Gap Analysis Testing Functional
Application Tuning Project Planning Production Support
Business Process Redesign End User Training Change Management
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
amily Social Services Administration (FSSA) 5/06 9/06
Prov s expertise for redesign and development of business process documentation and queries to support process changes for
acco 8.4.
Prov garding AOS reconciliation processes
Deve roject Costing and General Ledger reconciliation processes
niversity 3/06 6/07

entation of 8.9
ansas State University 9/06 12/06
utions 8.9 integration assessment for project management for Kansas State University
1/02 12/06
alifornia Maritime Academy
SU Fullerton
agement, Campus Community, Admission and Recruitment consulting support for the implementation of PeopleSoft Student
Led fit/gap analysis sessions for deployment of the PeopleSoft Student Campus Community, Admission and Recruitment modules.
d requirements.
plementation strategy support to the internal project management team. Specifically, facilitated cross-functional meetings,
mentation as well as managed resource planning.
ERP Practice Director
State of Indiana F
Responsibilities Include:
ided business proces
unting end-users for PeopleSoft Finance
ided documentation and training to end-users re
loped training documentation for P

U of Houston Systems
Responsibilities Include:
Provided PeopleSoft functional lead support for Admissions and Campus Community for University of Houston System for implem
Campus Solutions.

Carnegie Mellon University 2/06 2/06
Responsibilities Include:
Provided ERP selection feedback and assistance for Carnegie Mellon University

Responsibilities Include:
Provided Campus Sol
Provided overall implementation timeline and implementation schedule for 8.9 Admissions for Kansas State University

California State University:
CSU San Bernardino
CSU Channel Islands
CSU Chico
CSU Sacramento
Responsibilities Include:
Provided Project Man
Administration at multiple California State University

Identified system gaps, and designed functional specifications to tailor functionality towards university needs an
Provided planning/im
prepared and maintained project task, timeline and schedule docu

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
3/99 10/08
Rollins School of Public Health
ommunity, Admission and Recruitment modules.
towards university needs and requirements.
functional meetings,
ed project task, timeline and schedule documentation as well as managed resource planning.
testing, scope definition, and training strategy
development for both traditional and non-traditional academic structures.
Student Campus Community, Admission and Recruitment modules.
Provided planning/implementation strategy support to the internal project management team. Specifically, facilitated cross-functional meetings,
Process Specialist/Project Manager
Emory University
Included the following Schools:
Graduate School
Oxford College of Emory University
Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

Goizueta Business School
of Theology Candler School
School of Medicine
Responsibilities Included:
Led fit/gap analysis sessions for deployment of the PeopleSoft Student Campus C
Identified system gaps, and designed functional specifications to tailor functionality
Provided planning/implementation strategy support to the internal project management team. Specifically, facilitated cross-
prepared and maintain
Provided project planning, customization analysis/design, conversion planning, interface design,

ege District 3/01 6/01 Los Rios Community Coll
Responsibilities Include:
Led fit/gap analysis sessions for deployment of the PeopleSoft

assisted client project manager with preparing and maintaining project task, and timeline.

Leland Stanford University 5/02 6/02
Responsibilities Include:
Provided functional lead expertise for the development of the PeopleSoft Reporting Data Store product for Student Administration/Campus
Solutions Admissions, Recruitment and Campus Community.

Universidad PanAmericana 9/00
Responsibilities Include:
Created an Admissions and Recruitment prototype.

Central Queensland & Griffith University Australia
Responsibilities Include:
Delivered Academic Advising training for version 7.6.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Christopher Newport University 5/00 7/00
esponsibilities Include:
lysis sessions for deployment of the PeopleSoft Student Campus Community, Admission and Recruitment modules.
Identified system gaps, and designed functional specifications to tailor functionality towards university needs and requirements.
ience Center 11/99
ess rules and
10/98 3/99
Led fit/gap analysis sessions for deployment of the PeopleSoft Student Campus Community, Admission and Recruitment modules.
ned functional specifications to tailor functionality towards university needs and requirements.

esponsibilities Include:
Served as an analyst for the custom built Student Contact Syste
Developed training materials and trained Admission staff on th
Developed and executed ad hoc as well as summary level queries and reports
Maintained the Office of Admission website
f an experimental database to collect and use geo-demographic software to be used
odeling, targeted recruitment and marketing.
Led fit/gap ana

Provided planning/implementation strategy support to the internal project management team. Specifically, facilitated cross-functional meetings,
prepared and maintained project task, timeline and schedule documentation as well as managed resource planning.

Oklahoma University Health Sc
Responsibilities Include:
Delivered preliminary campus community sessions with various campus users to discuss shared data standards, data stewardship, busin
best practices
Assisted in the timeline and schedule for Campus Community data conversions.

Virginia Community College System 5/00
Responsibilities Include:
Assisted with building an Admissions prototype in a multi-institution academic structure.

University of Central Florida 8/99 4/00
Responsibilities Include:
evelopment. Provided post-production support for Admissions report d
Led sessions across all functional areas for 3C development

Gallaudet University
Responsibilities Include:

Identified system gaps, and desig

Provided planning/implementation strategy support to the internal project management team. Specifically, facilitated cross-functional meetings,
prepared and maintained project task, timeline and schedule documentation as well as managed resource planning.
Purdue University Office of Admission 1/95 4/98
m (SCS)
e SCS system

Assisted in the development o for future efforts regarding

prospective student choice m

Purdue University
Bachelor of Arts, English (Professional Writing for the Computer Industry)
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
V i c k i e M a r t i n
on with
g, Software
he continuing
education that they desire.
P, PMI) including application upgrade and implementation, change control process
covery planning
agement, budget planning and management,
change control management
gging and troubleshooting
- Educating adults in a University environment in their pursuit of advanced education
- Develop and implement application implementation methodology and change management methodology

PeopleSoft Financ cy, AR, Billing, Travel and Expense, Allocations, Consolidations, AP, ePro, Projects, Budgets,
Human Resources (Core, Time & Labor), Portal, PeopleTools (PeopleCode, nVision,
elect, Equations, Visual
University System of Colorado August 2008 Present
Project Lead & Solution Architect for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions/CRM/Portal Implementation, PeopleSoft AR/BI Implementation, PeopleSoft Financials
n and PeopleSoft
pus Solutions.
Financial Aid and Student Financials.
Records and Financial Aid.
Folder, and Report Definitions.
specific functionality in support of job functions.
Designed and developed Campus Solutions Queries and XML reports.
mpus 8.4 to 9.0.
the Campus, RFQ, etc.
nd adapt to business process changes
ravel & Expense, Purchasing, ePro, Assets, Receivables,


I am an effecti ve, team-oriented leader and executor for application and ERP vendor development and implementati
extensi ve expertise in Higher Education, Federal Government, Healthcare, Staffing, Engineering, Investment Bankin
and Cons tion/Manufacturing. I also am an educator for Higher Education institutions to provide adults with t truc
- Project management (PM
implementation, database upgrade and installation, disaster re
- Project planning including project charter, scope, change order man
executi ve communications
- Full lifecycle implementation and upgrade expertise for PeopleSoft Financials, Campus Solutions and HR including
requirements gap/fit anal ysis, design and implement PeopleSoft Financials and reporting solutions.
- Design and implement PeopleSoft application security including setup and configuration, data conversion, prototype,
and anal ysis and troubleshooting as well as security documentation, audit guidelines and application strategy
- Systems auditing (Sarbanes-Oxley, Public Organizations and Federal Government) and
- Production support including feature implementation, reporting, debu
- Application(s) testing, test plans, scripts, scenarios and quality assurance
- Mentoring users, co-workers and customer
- End user training, development and deli very
- Budget planning and administration
ials (General Ledger, Multi-Curren
Assets, Purchasing (Versions 2.X to 9.0)), CRM, Campus Solutions,
Cryst Se al, curity, Utilities, Query, Trees, Workflow (Versions 2.X to 8.X)), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Pop S
SQL*Plus, SQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, HTML Basic, Microsoft Project, Lotus 123, Microsoft Access, MicroControl, Crystal, ACF2,


Developed and managed project plans in support of Campus Solutions/CRM/Portal Security, PeopleSoft AR/BI implementatio
application upgrade.
Designed, setup, tested and debugged application security issues related to CRM and Cam
Monitored integration broker messages between C/S, Portal and CRM to ensure that all messages were resolved as required.
Provided support in setup of the web service security required for the automated provisioning for external users.
Designed and delivered PeopleSoft Query training to Campus Solutions users in support of query and reporting requirements.
Designed and developed PopUpdates and Equations in support of business processes within
Completed analysis of upgrade from highly customized PeopleSoft Financials to 9.0.
Completed gap/fit and recommendation for implementation of AR and Billing in support of replacing a 20 year old system.
Worked with end users, campus liaisons, project managers, upper management and faculty in ensuring that the needs identified were met for the specific
areas of concern.
Analyzed and designed Campus Solutions security model for Admissions, Student Financials, Student
Developed and implemented Campus Solutions security model including Portal, SACR,
Provided end user support during production rollout for Campus Solutions phases including troubleshooting of issues, use of the application and
functionality and training of

University October 2007 December 2008
Independent Consultant/Project Manager (PeopleSoft Financials, HR, Campus Solutions Upgrade)
Provided project management planning and leadership for the Financials and Human Resources upgrades.
Completed security analysis, setup and refinement in support of the HR implementation 8.9, Financials update 8.4 to 9.0 and Student/Ca
s. Created application security strategy, key reporting needs, and workflow notifications for security change
Gathered and analyzed requirements for the Financials 8.4 to 9.0.
Implemented new functionality to include billing sponsors from Contract through Billing/AR, Travel/Expense for
Redesigned ePro and Travel workflow rules to work with the new engine, including 8 levels or approvals and based on dynamic as well as static roles.
Assisted in the initial implementation of Time & Labor 8.9 for use in a limited campus base.
Reviewed current application configuration and modified to take advantage of efficiencies a
Completed application testing and development for financials upgrade for core modules, AP, T
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ecurity, development guidelines and change management.
Completed complex Query report development, Crystal reports with sub reports and nVision board books in one layout.

Staffing Firm March August 2007
cials upgrade
ed and analyzed requirements for the Financials 8.0 to 8.9 upgrade
s for the Financials including analysis of reporting requirements, configuration and
cruals, and allocations), Billing (billing interface through to invoicing), Receivables
ing (nVision and Crystal/Query).
a 3
ed, developed and tested complex Crystal reports to meet invoicing and regional reporting needs
Redesigned security including portal synchronization to accommodate 8.9 upgrade.
Completed end-to-end testing for Front Office through Financials and HR/Payroll.
ful and effective results for the organization.

Created and managed the financials project plan including management health status and key performance highlights.
Gathered and analyzed requirements for the Financials 8.0 to 8.9 upgrade
Implemented use of budgeting/forecasting with multiple ledgers and using allocations.
Designed and created nVision books to support the budgeting, forecasting planning for the expansion of the business.
Completed application testing for financials upgrade from 8.0 to 8. odules, GL, AP, Projects, and Assets.
Completed user and technical documentation related to customizations, application enhancements, application configuration and user training materials.

Engineering February 2002 January 2008
Director of Enterprise Application Development (PeopleSoft Implementation and Upgrade, Custom Application Development)
Led the program management for the implementation of a site wide PeopleSoft suite including 4 project teams and 5,000 employees.
Managed the implementation of the PeopleSoft ERP Financials and Procurement version 8.9. The first phase went live on time and under budget by
$110,000. Phase 2 went live in January 2007 on time and under budget by >$500,000.
Managed the upgrade of the PeopleSoft Human Resources application from version 8.0 to 8.9 including business unit split to different hardware.
Served as team lead in implementation of PeopleSoft Financials (GL, Assets, Payables, nVision reporting, warehousing, query, security).
Developed the software testing and change management methodology incorporating Sarbanes-Oxley, CMM, IEEE, best practice, etc.
Rolled out the use of Time & Labor 8.9 to meet the unique requirements of the Idaho Site.
Designed and executed test scripts for unit, system and end-to-end testing for IT use; developed guidelines for subject matter experts to use in the
development of their test cases.
Completed user and technical documentation related to customizations, application enhancements, application configuration and user training materials.
Completed requirements gathering, specification development, configuration and setup, report development, security design and setup, historical data
load, etc. for Financials (GL, Projects, AP, Reporting, Time & Labor 8.9, Security and Procurement.
Completed design of core business processes for purchasing for Rocky Flats and Idaho
Implemented the use of Time & Labor 8.0 for all employee and subcontractor types including significant customizations to allow for split timesheet
reporting for Rocky Flats.

Software October 1998 - February 2002
Financial Applications Manager, MIS Applications (PeopleSoft Implementation and Upgrade, NIKU)
Managed the rollout of new internally used systems including management status reporting, budget review and coordination, business case preparation,
issue resolution.
Led the implementation of PeopleSoft FDM (7.X, 7.53 Upgrade, 8.X Upgrade) including General Ledger, Reporting, Budgeting, Accounts Payable,
Receivables, Billing, Asset Management, and Purchasing.
Led the implementation of NIKU PSA to entire PSO field. Rollout included internal departments based on successful rollout to PSO.
Developed and implemented budget and forecasting module using PeopleSoft applications and reporting
Developed and implemented security processes and procedures for PeopleSoft, NIKU and internal systems.
Developed business processes related to the requisitioning and purchasing requirements with flow to AP and BI.
Developed end user training curriculum and materials for PeopleSoft FDM (GL, AR/BI, OM, AP/PO, AM) and HR (Ben Admin, Base HR, Self-
Service, Training)
Provided management and financial reporting solutions using nVision, Query and Crystal.
Billing, nVision, Security, Crystal
Integrated Financials with PeopleSoft HR/Payroll version 8.9 and Student Admin 8.4.
Designed and executed test scripts using UPK; the test script format then became the basis for user training.
Completed data cleanup and synchronization between all modules to enhance use of the application.
Implemented system audit guidelines related to reporting, audit, s
endent Consultant/Project Manager (PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade)
Provided project plan guidelines and oversight related to the finan
Implemented use of allocations, consolidation and elimination
development of necessary reports.
Designed and executed test scripts for GL (module journals, ac
(from Billing through to GL), Projects (from billing data) and report
Configured and implemented Billing using the Billing interface from

Ensured interactive team environment to ensure success
Hospital July December 2006
Independent Consultant (PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade)
9 for core m
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Converted historical information from legacy systems.
Fully tested all interfaces from/to General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Billing, and Order Management.
Ensured team members met audit requirements for systems to ensure integrity, system stability and system optimization.
Delivered National User Conference presentations (Designing a Chart of Accounts and ChartField Customization, Upgrading with the PeopleSoft
Upgrade Lab, Reaping the Benefits of PeopleSoft Ben Admin).

Staffing January 1998 - October 1998
Consulting June 1994 - January 1998
Manufacturing. PeopleSoft Financials (GL, Assets) V7.X implementation and subsequent upgrade
Financial Services. PeopleSoft Financials (GL) V5.X implementation
Consulting October 1991 June 1994
Manufacturing. PeopleSoft Financials (GL) V5.X implementation
Financial Services. PeopleSoft Financials (GL) V3.X implementation
Financial Services. PeopleSoft Financials (GL) V2.X implementation
Banking. Dun & Bradstreet GL and Reporting implementation
Financial Services. Dun & Bradstreet GL and Reporting implementation
Big 6 C

o Tulane University, Sarbanes-Oxley Certification
o Project Management Institute, PMP/PMI Certification
o Suffolk University, Masters of Scien
o University of Wisconsin - Eau Clair

onsulting June 1989 October 1991
C A T I O N / C E R T I F I C A T I O N S
ce - Business Education
e, Bachelor of Business Administration

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Human Capital Management


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Bar lopment and information technology professional. Has hands-on functional expertise, curriculum
develop ces (including eApplications, ELM, Health and Safety), Benefits, Payroll,
Com modules, versions 6.0-9.0, and Sales Incentive Management, Front Office Systems modules. Over ten years experience as
a Pe nager, project leader, and end user. Has over 20 years of results-oriented experience in national and international
envir programs including implementations, upgrades and training, for energy, healthcare, information systems,
manufactur retail industries, state and federal government. Presented at National and Regional professional meetings. Extensive
backgr ministrator. Strategic planning and change management consultant with
exp evelopment programs. Developed and presented programs for ERP
implem ertified in PeopleSoft HCM and Tools.

Professional Summar
Peak Performa

Barbara Sanborn Certified PeopleSoft HCM/Tools
bara is a seasoned senior human resource deve
ment, implementing and upgrading PeopleSoft Human Resour
petencies, Compensation
opleSoft Consultant project ma
onments managing projects and
ing, maritime, distribution,
ound in education at the University level as an instructor, professor and ad
ertise in Balanced Scorecard, change and transition initiatives as well as d
entation and Business Process Analysis. C
nce Technologies, Inc. July 2008-Present
NFC UPK Development and Training

ate project plan that included scope, tasks, constraints, milestones and onsite/remote schedule for
8.8 and 9.0 for all HR content (no payroll)
a plan to de-customize the existing system
ement activities related to upgrade and reimplementation
ted to new 9.0 environment and UPK Development
Led Security Content, Development and Training Components of the project
rkflow for new 9.0 HCM environment and all UPK associated training
lines we walked customer through new features arriving in version 9.1 to
ild a 9.0 environment that would be scalable to leverage 9.1 features in coming years. (i.e.

Pre Sales a County in Northern California.
n HCM upgrade to 9.0
y 2008
Worked with the customer to lay out upgrade plan from 8.8 to 9.0
Worked with customer and integrator to cre
Responsible for leading Fit Gap sessions between
Led all Self Service fit gaps sessions and worked on
Managed all Organizational Change Manag
Responsible for all HCM and Payroll Content and Development rela
o Payroll is a legacy application
Managed rollout of Wo
Due to delays and rethinking of project plan and associated time
determine viability of waiting for this release
Identified differences between 9.0 and 9.1
ermined the changes between 9.0 and 9.1 were negligible Created matrix that identified value of 9.1 functionality and det
Provided future state recommendations for how to bu
e-Performance, Manager Desktop..)

Ciber, Inc. March 2007-July 2008
Presentations for Sonom
Response to an RFP for a
Strat y P eg roject State Government Agency (King County, WA)
Strategy project for 8 weeks to determine phasing, version, plans for testing, , fit/gap for a county agency.
Implementation is planned to start in October and will be a five to ten year project. Presentations to stakeholders regarding fi
E M st Plan Development (Metropolitan Water District) Februar L Fit/Gap, and Te
Designed for UPK development
Developed Benefits Administration and Initial Business Process Engineering Methodology for the City and County of San Franciso
Cond ed uct an ELM fit/gap for a state government Ag
Initial Set up of system with technical support
Fit/Gap and Requirements
Design and Customization
Test Scripts
UPK for support of all activities

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Administration and Base Benefits for the City and County of San Francisco upgrade to version 9.0
uary 2008
Developed the modules for Benefits
V9.0 PeopleSoft Upgrade (Trinity Health Systems) August 2007 Jan
is for an HCM upgrade from 8.9 to 9.0 for eight healthcare facilities.
l for the UPK PeopleSoft Product
Change Management Issues and Plans
h corporate
County of San Francisco upgrade implementation and Water Management
hstone June 2007 January 2008)
Developed and conducted Business Process Analys
Business Process Analysis included:
o Business Rules and Policy
o Process Flow Documents (WorkFl
o Ben Admin
o Compensation
o Payroll
d functiona o Designe
o Business Process Analysis
les and Policy Business Ru
Process Flow Documents

Issues and Plans
Integration of 7 remote facilities wit
July-August 2007: Completed response documents for
District Proposals
Business Process Re-engineering Project Arc
ementation and Business Process Analysis, (both end user and Project Team ) and Requirements
Revere, Inc. 8/26/05 3/16/07
Business Process Re-engineering Project (A.Duda and Sons, Orlando)
Project Manager for impl
idenfication PeopleSoft Upgrade to 9.0
Payroll Interface t
ap documentation Completed fit/g
Completed configuration
Developed test scripts
Developed materials and presented project team .

nt Project Lead
, core HCM, sales, purchasing, inventory business process using a functional and system use case approach.

Evaluated RFP and worked on selection process
Conducted business process as is, to be and gap analysis and for end to end processes including:
o Procure to Pay
o Hire to Retire
Benefits an IPO 8.8 and 8.9 Overview/Deltas
Business Process Specialist /Developme
neering the core financials Re-engi
Trained client on functionality, business process and change management
Developed templates and methodology for analysis
Conducted interviews and re-engineering sessions
Documented high level process for system selection
Gathered Requirements for System Selection
Assisted client with development of RFP
o Order to cash
o Demand to Build
Strategic Analysis to include:
Operational Model to determine strategic direction for the organization
Strategic Analysis for the Human Resource and areas to determine optimal process, outsource opportunities for future state
Adminstration implementation for

HCM and Benefits Administration.
Project Manager:
Configured over 600 Benefit Programs.
Reviewed functional table setups and verified of the core Base Benefit tables for the new release.
Evaluated Payroll and interfaces.
Analyzed problems with setup which saved the IPO a significant loss of clients
Made recommendations for changes to existing business processes and setup to accomplish process improvements.
Provided and knowledge transfer to the end use
Documentated and conducted end user for Benefit Administration
Documented and conducted 8.9 for

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
orkforce, Atlanta, GA 3/29/04-7/28/05
M analysis for current HCM project City Government

etups and verified of the core HR, Base Benefit tables for the new release.
roll and interfaces.
etermine optimization for the second phase of an HCM implementation that was highly customized.
ess improvements.
HCM Health
Project Lead HCM:
Reviewed and documented Benefit Risks, Changes for Release Two of the implementation.
Reviewed functional table s
Evaluated Pay
Conducted an analysis to d
Made recommendations for changes to existing business processes and setup to accomplish proc
to the end users. Provided and knowledge transfer
Care(Kaiser Permanente)
Functional Lead HCM
Fit Gaps for Georgia, Ohio, Northern California, Hawa
Confi re
ii, Northeast, Northwest Regions and executive offices.

icular information to test and teams
U. S. Navy,
gu d HCM for all regions.
Integrated configuration with benefits, ben admin and design team
Evaluated interfaces
Loaded configuration with component interface
Analyzed needs from each region for follow on phases.
Conducted process analysis for regions and corporate offices.
Developed scenarios and curr
Trained end users and project team
Information Technology Center
Lead for Recruit Workforce Implementation Team and ELM implementation team, analyst on Administer Workforce
Conducted fit/gap
Identified requirements use case analysis of current system vs. optimal system.
00 legacy systems to determine fit. Analyzed over 1
Process Specialist on Workforce Administration T
Requirements analysis o
o Fit/Gap large legacy database and 15 contingent web
Lead for ELM, Grievance Implement
Analyzed Naval Medical Center for PeopleSoft Fit/Gap
Analyzed workforce administration business process and potential for re-engineering to move toward removal of customizati
and a vanilla implementation
Inc. 10/2003, 04/2004
State Department of Public Safety (Ohio)
Project Lead
Full cycle implementation Human Resources, Base Benefits, eRecruit and Recruit Workforce, eProfile, Health and Safety,
ation and testing.
am to map the interfaces and complete the customizations.
Conducted end user for enterprise learning, HCM and Benefits
Enterprise Learning
Conducted fit/gaps, use case analysis, configur
Worked with technical te

ESOFT, INC. 9/2000-10-2003

me Corporation, (Crowley Maritime)

minister , eApplications
Conducted team meetings and maintained schedule, budget and timeline.
acceptance, and parallel testing and deployment.
r roll out dates for clients marketing areas.
he world. All
ad to be provided to the ships as soon as they docked so logistics
Project Manager Upgrade from 7.5 to 8.8. Managed project using Microsoft Project 2003
cruit Workforce, Payroll, Benefits, Time and Labor, second phase to include ad Modules Employment/Re
and manager desktops.
Presentations and updates to project sponsors weekly
Developed timeline for entire project including system testing, user
Developed timeline fo
Offices in United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Africa, Central America, and on ships throughout t
payrolls are completed in Florida and Puerto Rico. Checks h
became a very important aspect of the project.
Served as liaison with business owners for process analysis (fit/gap) testing and .
ional Bank - Global Implementation (DC)

, Payroll, Benefits, administer , eApplications and manager desktops.
sors weekly
Project Manager
soft Project 2003. Managed project using Micro
Modules Employment/Recruit Workforce
on Presentations and updates to project sp
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Conducted team meetings and maintained schedule, budget and timeline.
d timeline for entire project including system testing, user acceptance, and parallel testing and deployment.
t dates for clients marketing areas.
Developed timeline for roll ou
Offices in United States, Mexico, Asia/Pacific, Europe, several countries in Central America and the islands.. All payrolls ar
completed in various countries and tracked in Washington, DC. Served as liaison with business owners for process analysis (
testing, deployment, and .
ent Solutions Company

nal teams.
Auto Par
Project Manager Discovery/Optimization
Conducted discovery sessions for Sales Incentive Management and relationship to CRM, HCM
Provided final deliverable.
Discovery sessions with both technical and functio
ts Company (VA)

ementation. Included strategy for
to legacy system.
Liaison between client and PeopleSoft.
Mid Mark
Project Manager, Strategy Phase Upgrade to 8.8
of an HR, Benefits and Payroll 8.8 upgrade impl Project Manager for the Support Phase
eApplications, time and labor interface
32,000 employees, 2500 l
Completed the upgrade strategy analysis and delivered to client
et Insurance Corporation

iness owners in developing core table configuration, and conversion strategy
Project Manager
nefit Administration, Recruit Workforce, eApplications and Payroll Inte Developed Strategy for Human Resources, Payroll, Be
Payroll for U.S. and Payroll Interface for Canada.
Developed overall project plan including strategy, structure, de
sses and proc
sign/configuration, test and deploy.
Assisted business owner in revising business proce
technical assistance to bus Provided functional and
500 employees
Offices in United States and Canada.
Government Lending Group for Savings and Loans (FreddieMac)
Project Ma ge na r, Optimization Project
Assessed potential for implementing or upgrading the following PeopleSoft modules: HR, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Manage
, eRecruit, Data Warehouse, ePerformance, ePay, eProfile, eRecruit,

Implem rategy Workshops (University Health in Cleveland,
Competencies, Recruit Workforce, Resume Processing
eBenefits, Budget, , Succession Planning, Salary Planning.
Documented project assessment, developed detailed project plan and budgetary requirements, and presented them to executive
Discovery sessions for both technical and functional teams.
entation and St
oject a Strategy Sessions for Aircraft Manufacturer in Atlanta, and a University Health Center in Ohio
Developed Strategy for upgrades to 8.8 HCM
Completed project plan
Pr M nager,
Completed Project Plan
Completed Charter

Waste Managem nt C e orporation
Project Manager, Upgrade 7.0 to 8.3-8.8
mpensation, eApplications, payroll interface for Canadian
Managed the project with Project 2002 and CSC methodology.
ing the United States and Regional offices covering the Canadian provinces.
Presented to executives, management teams and project teams regarding status, integration and process.

Full life cycle upgrade

HR, Payroll, Benefit Administration, Administration, Competencies, Co
offices, Kronos time and labor interface.
Managed a team of forty consultants from approximately ten different consulting companies
Managed both the technical and functional teams
Seven regional offices cover
Over 35,000 employees

State Governm O ent rganization River Authority Lower Colorado River Authority

) 7.0 to 8.8
Project 2002
and a client team of approximately 40 team leads and end users.
Project Manager- Upgrade 7.0 to 8.8
fit Administration, Administer , Health and Safety, Time and Labor Upgrade HCM( HR, Payroll, Bene
Implementation Portal, Data Warehouse and eApplicatio
Completed and managed the Project Plan using Microsoft
Managed a team of five process specialists from PeopleSoft
Managed both technical and functional teams.
Developed project strategy and charter documentation.
line, budget and resource allocations. Maintained time
Used Compass Methodology
Developed strategy and documentation
Conducted end user and project team
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www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Energy Corporation Dynegy

of HCM( HR, Benefit Administration, Payroll, Time and Labor, Recruit Workforce, Position
Management, Portal, eApplications
rategy and charter documentation.
oject sponsors, executives and client team leads regarding status of budget, resource allocation and timelines.
Offices in the United States, Canada and England

Front Of
Project Manager- Implementation 8.3 Global
Full life cycle implementation
Managed technical and functional team
Developed project st
Maintained timeline, budget and resource allocations.
Presented to pr
Ensured all project documentation was complete and accurate.
Over 40,000 employees
s Methodology Used Compas
Developed strategy and documentation and provided for HCM, eRecruit, and Payroll
Develop change management strategy
fice Staffing Corporation Randstad
ew product for PeopleSoft
cases for the system using a modified rational approach methodology.
ding status of budget, resource allocation and timelines.
Project Team Lead for HCM component of the Front Office System which was a n
Full life cycle implementation of HCM (HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time and Labor Version 7.5) and Front Offi
Managed technical and functional teams
ctional and system use Conducted and documented fun
Maintained timeline, budget and resource allocations.
Presented to project sponsors, executives and client team leads regar
as complete and accurate. Ensured all project documentation w
Offices in the United States, Canada and England
Over 40,000 employees
Trained end users and projecct team on a new PeopleSoft Module.
tery Manufacturer IBSA

Full life cycle implementation of HCM (HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time and Labor Version 7.5)

d Canada
HR Team Lead Full Implementation 7.5 HR, Benefits, Ben Admin, Payroll
Managed technical and functional teams
budget and resource allocations. Maintained timeline,
Presented to project sponsors, executives and client team leads regarding status of budget, resource allocation and timelines.
Ensured all project documentation was complete and accurate.
Offices in the United States, Canada Retail operations throughout the United States an
Over 35,000 employees

ESTAR/STATISTICA, Washington DC 9/1998-9/2000

Federal Govern n me t Military Implementation DIMHRS

nts and COTS identification.
development strategies.
fluenced selection decisions and implementation strategies.
d services to best meet organizational needs.
ystem teams to identify project strategy.
nd UML.
ANTILLY, VA 11/1995- 8/1998
Project Team Lead Functional and System Use Case Analysis
Responsible for information gathering and analysis to identify and support requireme
Led meetings for requirement definition, strategic operational assessment and system
Researched products an
Worked closely with the requirements and legacy s
Conducted functional and system use case analysis using Rational Rose a

Aircraft Manufacturer Seattle Boeing
Project Leader, Payroll and Travel Expense Interface. Testing lead for the implementation.
applied Boeing Project and documentation methodology.
Worked with both functional and technical teams to ensure configuration decisions were accurate.
ements analysis

rietta oll and Boeing payroll.

Entrepren mputer Systems).

ms the government
Learned and

Conducted Requir
Identification of earnings codes for all regional offices.
fornia corporation into Boeing Sy Integration of Cali
Integration of Mart M in a payr
eurial Firm Acquired by Electronics Corporation (Compion Co
Human Resource and Director
Small entrepreneurial firm grew from 7 to 130 and then a
Developed security s st y e for
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
for both functional and technical employees including orientation, UNIX operating system, project management for
a HR

Developed all
technical teams, finance, accounting nd payroll, MS.
Developed for VAX computer and operation guides
Developed technical writing
dicaid Managed Care Corporation HealthCare USA

uman Resource, Payroll, Benefits and Recruitment, HRIS organization for an entrepreneurial Medicaid
f e in labama, Missouri and Tennessee as well as Florida.

Vice President of Human Resources
Developed the entire H
Developed new venture o fic s A
al Association Florida Hospital Association

ees. Presented at Regional and National conferences.
i s Human Resources and Education in Florida. Consulted on Human Resource systems, policy
ruitment event and served as first president for healthcare recruitment in Florida.
Completed compensation surveys for nursing and allied health.
Developed and conducted statewide programs for hospitals in HR, HRIS, Compensation and Recruitment
ty Medical Center Shands Hospital at the University of Florida
Director of Human Resources
Served on several state healthcare and education committ
Lobbied for healthcare initiat ve in
and operational strategies with over 120 hospitals in Flor
Developed first state rec
Director of Human Resources and Development
Developed Nationally recognized Nurse recruitment program
Developed Career publication for the State of Florida High Schools
Served as President for the Alliance of 100+, an organization designed to encourage students to choose healthcare as a career
Developed and implemented an applicant tracking system for the medical center
Lutheran Health Systems Fargo, ND
Directed Payroll/Benefits/Compensation/ and Development
cal Center Developed and presented orientation programs for Medi
Directed Employment/Recruitment
Served as first President of the State of Florida HealthCare Recruitment organization

National Health System
w Ventures
ealthcare venture opportunities including financials, construction, human resources, operations and all
spects of a venture projection.
Implemented ventures in states from Arizona to Alaska in the western United States.
National Nursing Publication Nursing Spectrum
Vice President of Ne
Analyzed projects for h

sible for all aspects of ground floor development of a Nurse Recruitment Publication for the State of Florida
Publication grew to a position where it was acquired by Gannett Publishing
l University of Illinois
Hospital Physician Services Burnham Hospita
ice Services
ing System
s interaction with Hospital
cluding finance, human resources, operations.
Director of Physician Off
Implemented Hospital/Physician Bill
n Implemented Network for Physicia
ndent practices in Managed 26 indepe
Teaching Experience:
Instructor/Coach: University of Illinois
Instructor/Assistant Professor/Coach: University of North Dakota
Athletic Director/University Administrator/Instructor/Coach: Moorhead State University
Secondary Schools: Libby Montana, Wheatridge Colorado

Manage Competencies/Manage Profile 6.5- 9.0
Plan Succession
Report Regulations

Skills Profile
alanced Scorecard (Linking the planning processes to strategy exec B ution)
Stand up (Platform) Trainer
PeopleSoft Functional/Technical
HCM Core Tables 6.5- 9.0
Manage Positions
Administer /ELM 9.0
Plan Careers
Plan Salaries
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
GL Interface
Payroll/Payroll Interface 6.5 to 9.0
Base Benefits 6.5 to 9.0
echnical Expertise
Blog Applications (Word Press, Google)
Interfaces to ADP
Front Page
Rational U
Adobe Acr
s, Champaign Urbana, IL. 1970-72 PhD. Coursework Philosophy
University of Illinois, Champaign, Urbana, IL. 1982-83 Coursework PhD. Human Resource Training and Organizational Development

Linkedin Member and Group Administrator

Students the HeartBeat of Health Care National Healthcare Recruiters Conference San Diego, CA
Florida Hospital Association Statewide Meeting, Orlando, FL
Billing and Collection Systems for Radiology Practice: State Radiology Meeting, Orlando, Florida
eBook: PeopleSoft Tips and Tricks, 2007
eBook: ELM, A Walk in the Park, 2008
EmpowHR 9.0 Transition 8.8 to 9.0 Training Manual(UPK)
EmpowHR 9.0 Implementation Training Manual(UPK)
Workflow training manual(UPK)
Security training Manual(UPK)

Sales Incentive Management Initial implementations
Enterprise Learning Management 9.0
Front Office Systems Initial Implementation
PeopleTools 8.4
Component Interface

Other Functional/T
Microsoft Applications
Microsoft Project

nified Process

University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, Double Bachelor Degree Art, HPER, 1962
University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, Master of Science, 1967
University of Illinoi

Certific tion a
PeopleSoft Functional HCM
PeopleSoft Tools
Certified Facilitator
Licensed Insurance Agent Life/Health
Licensed Realtor
fessional Organizations
ASTD Association for and Development
Chamber of Commerce
PeopleSoft Users Group
Florida Hospital Association Recruiters Association
SHRM Society for Human Resource Management
PMI Project Management Institute

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Jay Riffe
recent years, has become an expert
as eCompensation Manager Desktop, ePerformance, eBenefits,
or improvement through the use of system solutions based
n th

Spec l
Professional Experience
9.0 M
d TAM modules.
July 2009 Sept 2009
pg ad d PeopleSoft HCM from 8.8 to 9.0 for a transit authority in the Northwest.
Workforce Admi stration, Position Ma gement, and TAM m es.
t the cli ts business requirem nts.
d with the Security Administrator to ensure the proper roles were setup properly for workflow.
y tore Chain
porate operations.
t scripts and reporting testing defects.
Created use cases to develop Train-the-Trainer training guides for recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants.
Worked with the Security Administrator to ensure the roles are setup properly for Recruiter, Recruiting Administrator, Hiring Manager, and

Management (HCM) suite. In Over twelve years experience as a functional consultant on PeopleSofts Human Capital
Gateway modules as well with PeopleSofts Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate
and how Position Management affects the various modules.

r P
oven ability to enter an environment, develop user requirements and discover opportunities f
e client's needs.
ialist in human resource skills tracking and management applications, specifically PeopleSoft HCM Collaborative apps. Participated in severa
ementations and upgrades in various industries including public sector, higher education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

perience ERP Ex
Applications: PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 9.0, 8.9, and 8.8; Position Management; Talent Acquisition Manager 9.0,
Candidate Gateway 9.0; eCompensation, ePerformance, Manager Desktop (MSS); eProfile (ESS), eBenefits, and ePay.

n raining: Rece t T Recruiting Solutions 8.9 and ePerformance 9.0
Implementation Considerations for eRecruit, eProfile, eBenefits, ePay, and eComp

ral Housing Mortgage Company
SS and Talent Acquisition Manager/Candidate Gateway Functional Lead Nov 2009 Dec 2009
Upgrading PeopleSoft HCM from 8.8 to 9.0 for one of the two largest mortgage companies in the country.
Performed Fit/Gap analysis on Position Management, ePerformance, an
Project was put on hold.

Rapid Transit Authority
9.0 HCM and Talent Acquisition Manager/Candidate Gateway Functional Lead
r e U
Performed Fit/Gap analysis on ni na odul
Configured the system to mee en e
Creating functional specs for modifications to the application where gaps existed according to the clients business process.
Led testing effort by creating System and User Acceptance test scripts and reporting testing defects.
Identified the deltas between version 8.8 and 9.0 to create UPK training materials.
Prepared the client to move the application into production.

Fortune 500 Grocer S
9.0 Talent Acquisition Manager/Candidate Gateway Functional Lead Jan 2009 May 2009
Configured Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) and Candidate Gateway (CG) to implement Recruiting Solutions 9.0 for a major retail grocery cha
in the Southeast to replace an existing internal recruiting solution.
Designed and configured templates, questionnaires, and screening criteria to internally post job openings for retail and cor
Modified the Text Catalog to provide page instructions online.
Configured Status Area and Reasons to trigger different dispositions in the Interview and Offer stages.
Led testing effort by creating & executing system tes

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Apr 2008 Oct 2008
tions to business processes, policies or system.
Nov 2007 Mar 2008
r employees against an associated budget
tment table.
Modified Roles and Permission Lists so that only managers had access to the data they needed to approve budgets.
vity by developing test scenarios and script
Candidate Gateway (CG) Recruiting Solutions.
nts and employees.
ating test scripts and facilitating testing defect review meetings.
on for recruiter in agers

ollo anage elf-Serv t romotions,
d s and revisions
Feb 2007 Mar 2007
Gas Pipeline Company
8.9 ePerformance Functional Lead
Configured Annual and Midyear Performance Reviews to tie to Salary Planning.
Used Group Build to create Group IDs by Supervisor so managers can do employee performance reviews onlin
Configured Document Templates, Section Definitions, and Performance Criteria.
Performed Fit-Gap analysis of requirements to package.
Documented modifica
Used UPK to create test plans and test scripts as well as review training documentation.

8.9 eCompensation Functional Lead
Configured Base Compensation and Manage Budgeting (Salary Planning) to implement eCompensation and eCompensation Manager
Used Plan Salaries to calculate Base Compensation Budgets; View Budget Comparisons; Plan Group Increases; Load Salary Changes to
Compensation Records (Job Data).
Used Group Build to create Group IDs by Supervisor so managers can view and initiate changes fo
Configured the workflow approval process for Ad Hoc Salary Changes to use Supervisor ID on the Job record instead of Manager ID off of
Directed the testing acti s.

8.9 Talent Acquisition Manager/Candidate Gateway Functional Lead Apr 2007 Oct 2007
Configured Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) and to implement
Gathered and defined Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) and Candidate Gateway (CG) requirements for the client.
Led prototyping sessions and demonstrated software functionality.
Developed fit/gap documentation based upon requirements and functionality.
Designed and configured templates, questionnaires, and Terms and Agreements for external applica
Led testing effort by cre
s and hir g man . Assisted in creating training documentati

Major University in the Southeast Mar 2007 Apr 2007
anager Self-Service Consultant M
Analyzed the universitys business requirements to r ut M r S ice (MSS) ransactions such as Terminations, Retirements, P
Demotions, Pay Rate Changes, Transfers, a d oft; which include entifying workarounds, customization n other Data Changes on PeopleS d i
to security.
Worked with business analysts and developers to come up with a solution to roll out the MSS workflow approval processes. PeopleSoft-delivered,
several of these transactions did not have an approval process and, hence, did not meet the universitys needs.

althcare System He
eRecruit Trainer
Maintained a current, in-depth knowledge of the functions and features of the eRecruit and eRecruit Manager Desktop product to effectively
transfer this knowledge to managers, supervisors, and recruiters in order to allow them to use the modules as effectively as possible.
Delivered consistent, high quality, appropriate levels of training on the eRecruit product suite to a wide range of users.
livered at corporate headquarters, client's sites, one on one, and rem Courses de otely through Webexs.
Worked with the system analysts, developers, and/or infrastructure team to test software for go-live. Provided feedback on application errors
and worked with the necessary team for resolution.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
nager/Candidate Gateway Functional Lead
ateway from a third-party recruiting application, iCIMS.
ss the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
ocessing vendor solutions from Resume Mirror and Resume Fox. The Resume Mirror solution included a plug-in for
didate database.
ting the system soup to nuts from the Job Opening through the Manage Hire business
pany Jan 2006 May 2006
lf-Service Text tables.
tance, Marital Status and
Nov 2005 Dec 2005
ents in PeopleSoft 8.9 identified in the Fit/Gap phase.
lorida Aug 2004 Nov 2005
ion Manager (TAM) & Candidate Gateway (CG) Lead
d deployment o Serv and employees for two
& CG; eProfile; eComp; ePay; eBenefits; ePAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form), and Managers
for instance, Direct Deposit, View Paycheck,
Analyzed, configured, and tested Employee Self-Service and Managers Desktop system requirements such as permission lists, roles, direct reports
setup, job requisition authorizers, and workflow defaults.
Coordinated testing efforts between eApps modules and Workforce Administration.

B2B Commerce Compan Jul 2006 Jan 2007
8.9 Talent Acquisition Ma
This client was upgrading from 8.3 to 8.9. They started implementing eRecruit in 8.3 and decided to scrap it. Therefore, this was a new implementa
of 8.9 Talent Acquisition Manager & Candidate G
Analyzed and made recommendations for Talent Acquisition Manager (formerly Recruit Workforce and eRecruit Managers Desktop) and
Candidate Gateway (formerly eRecruit) configuration, customizations, and security to meet the clients global business requirements identified in
PeopleSoft 8.9.
Led Fit/Gap sessions to identify the clients requirements and system modifications to adapt the system such as the Job Opening and Job Offer
work globally acro
Configured Implementation Defaults, Sites, and Attachment Types based on the above.
Set up Job Opening, Job Posting, Resume, Screening, Questionnaire and Recruitment Templates for the job requisition and job application
Reviewed resume pr
Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word which allowed resumes received via email or opened in Word, to be processed through its resume
parsing extractor so they could automatically be loaded into the Talent Acquisition can
Created functional specifications for developers to make customizations where delivered functionality did not meet the clients requirements.
Identified and created test scenarios and scripts for tes

Medical Instrument Com
8.9 Self-Service Consultant
Analyzed the clients business requirements to reconfigure and test eBenefits and eProfile on PeopleSoft 8.9; which included identifying
workarounds, customizations and revisions to security.
Configured options in eBenefits to enable, by Event Class and Life Event Rules, how information entered through self-service is handled; for
instance, New Hires and Family Status Changes. Also, added client-specific information to the Se
Configured options in eProfile to enable, by transaction, how information entered through self-service is handled. For ins
Address Changes did not update the database directly because these changes affected benefit eligibility.

Texas Medical Center
8.9 Talent Acquisition Manager QA Resource
Analyzed and made recommendations for Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway configuration, customizations, and security to
meet the clients business requirem

State University Consortium of F
.9 Self-Service Lead/Talent Acquisit 8
PeopleSoft 8.9 HCM Self-Service Lead involved in the implementation an f Self- ice functionality to managers
rsities. major state unive
Client initially implemented eRecruit in 8.8. Upon completion, immediately upgraded to 8.9 taking advantage of new features in TAM &
CG as well as other HCM modules.
Performed a Fit/Gap on the deltas between 8.9 and 8.8.
Analyzed Self-Service apps, such as: TAM
Desktop to meet the clients business requirements.
o Configured options in ePay to enable how information is handled through self-service;
Voluntary Deductions, W-4 Tax Info, and W-2 Reissue Request.
Analyzed Self-Service customizations and business process workarounds to fill the gaps (business requirements not met) identified abo

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www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ul 2004
o 8.8 deltas during the Fit/Gap Analysis phase.
p; ePay; and Managers Desktop to meet some of the business requirements
rmine whether to implement eRecruit or a third-party eRecruit-like product.
usiness requirements and translated them into security system requirements.
Configured permission lists, roles, row-level security, and primary permission list preferences into user ids to coincide with department tree-level
g test plans with Project Manager and functional subject matter experts. Coordinated testing efforts to test business processes
Mar 2003 Jul 2003
igured a prototype in PeopleSoft 8.8 for a Higher Education (E&G) environment with over 12,000 paid employees and students. The
ime & Labor. In addition, the implementation of the HRMS Collaborative (Self-Service)
Student Administration and 8.4 Financials.
Identified the Enterprise Integration Points (Application Messaging) and setup to be used between the Student Administration and Financial modules
abor to Projects; endors to AP; etc.
rocesses and recommends alternative approaches to the Project Director by reporting possible
Oct 2002 Feb 2003
manufacturing company in the Western United
he eRecruit implementation included: Administering Job Requisitions; Applicant and Requisition Activity; Recruiters Desktop; Managers Desktop;
esses and possess IT skills to manage the implementation of the Recruiting and Self-Service processes.
issues such as: Mohomine; Verity (Applicant Index);
the eRecruit and Managers Desktop modules.
LDS University in Utah Jul 2003 J
HRMS Functional
Guided functional users and technical developers in a higher education environment in the upgrade to PeopleSoft 8.8 from 7.5 with an active payroll
population of over 18,000, which included students.
The upgrade included: Human Resources; Salary Administration (Compensation); Position Management; Recruit Workforce; Base Benefits; and Payroll.
Analyzed previous customizations (i.e., online mods, SQRs, and interfaces) and business process workarounds that could use PeopleSoft-delivered
vanilla functionality by demonstrating the 7.5 t
Analyzed Self-Service apps, such as: eRecruit; eProfile; eCom
identified above.
Developed a matrix for the Steering Committee to dete
Conducted analysis with business representatives to understand their b

security and access.

Assisted in creatin
from Hire to Termination. Logged errors through intranet testing tracking system.
Demonstrated to end-users on the pros and cons of using Position Management. Because of the dynamics of the organization, the client decided to
forego this module and used existing job codes instead.

State University Consortium of Florida
HRMS Functional Lead
Designed and conf
HRMS implementation included: Administer Workforce, Recruit Workforce, Position Management, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Commitment
Accounting, Department Budgeting and Encumbrances, and T
apps included: eRecruit, eProfile, eComp, eBenefits, ePay, Managers Desktop, Workflow, and PeopleSofts Resume Processing End-to-End Solution
The overall implementation also includes PeopleSoft 8SP1
Worked at all levels within the entitys structure to identify key business requirements in the Discovery (Fit/Gap) phase.
Configured PeopleSoft, specifically the Self-Service apps, to meet the business requirements identified above.

such as: Payroll to GL; Time & L V

Provided guidance and assistance to team members and client staff in the use of the PeopleSoft m
Used project management techniques and tools to establish and maintain work schedules to ensure the project milestones are planned and complete
in a timely, cost effective manner.
Anticipated changes required in project plans and p
scope changes immediately.

Largest Window Manufacturing Company in Western U.S.
eRecruit Lead
Configured PeopleSoft 8.3 Recruit Workforce, eRecruit, and Managers Desktop for the largest window
States, with nearly 2,500 employees in 14 Western states.
Workflow; and Resume Processing (Mohomine).
Analyzed HR business proc
Analyzed the clients requirements and guide developers into accomplishing business objectives.
Assisted PeopleSoft developers, DBAs, and security administrators in troubleshooting
Workflow Rules, Routing, and Roles; and Self-Service Roles and Permission Lists for

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www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Workforce; Position Management; Payroll; Training Administration; and Benefits Administration. The implementation of the e
ss processes: Job Requisition and Applicant Activity;
ily Status Changes through Self-Service (eBenefits).
clients key business requirements.
niversity Hospital in Philadelphia Dec 2001 May 2002
ctor-like) environment in the upgrade from 7.0 to PeopleSoft 8.3 HRMS with an approximate payroll conversion of

r experts and the technical developers during the Design phase; including making
s) and value (fields) odifications.
unit, system, and parallel testing using PS o build complex queries and datab
roll, plus Security which included: Tree
or Restaurant Delivery Chain Aug 2001 Nov 2001
HRMS Project Lead
Led an HRMS upgrade from PeopleSoft 7.0 to 8.0 for a business that operates domestically in 49 states, the District of Columbia and 10 international
markets with a payroll population of close to 20,000. The upgrade included the following modules: Human Resources; Payroll (including multiple state
localities); Base Benefits and Training Administration.
The objectives of the implementation were to:
Implement the system in the current location in this phase.
Implement the same basic functionality that exists to support the current business processes.
Keep employees involved in the process during the whole implementation.
Transfer knowledge to client so they can confidently operate the system in production.
Provide an application platform to support the clients business, whereby, client can add additional functionality in subsequent phases.

One of the largest North American Food Producers Apr 2001 Jul 2001
HRMS Functional Consultant
PeopleSoft 8.0 HRMS implementation for one of North Americas largest food producers with a payroll population of 68,000. The implementation
included Human Resources (HR), Ben Administration (Ben Admin), and Payroll modules.
Researched, developed and recommended alternative solutions to gaps.
Identified pros and cons of alternative solutions and recommended the "best solution.
Developed detailed functional specifications according to project standards for those "best" solutions that required modifications to the system.
Identified test cases and developed test scripts.
Tested modifications to ensure that each performed according to specifications and test plans.
Transferred knowledge to client staff.

HRMS and CRM Training Mar 2001 Apr 2001
PeopleSoft 8.0 HRMS
Siebel 2000 Core Consultant Course

State of Delaware (including University System) Jul 2000 Feb 2001
HRMS Functional Consultant
Conducted thorough testing of PeopleSoft Public Sector HRMS 7.5 prior to the upgrade of Human Resources (HR) and the implementation of
Benefits Administration and Payroll for a state government agency.
Member of a 4-person team responsible for creating and executing over 600 unit and system test scripts for approximately 160+ customizations on
an employee population of 38,000 for a state government project.
Used Mock Conversion data, a trial population of the employee base, to conduct test scenarios, allowing the test environment to reflect the
production environment as closely as possible and identify errors that might have otherwise gone undetected.
Defined the steps, input data, and expected results for test conditions.
Recorded and retested errors.
Prepared the client to move into the parallel-testing phase.

Financial Services Company in San Antonio Jul 1999 Jun 2000
HRMS Functional Consultant
Setup and conducted PeopleSoft HR/Payroll and Benefit functional workshops for a PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5 Upgrade Project.
Provided working knowledge of process changes in PeopleSoft HRMS Release 7.5 from 6.02.
University Medical Center in Pittsburgh Jun 2002 Oct 2002
Self-Service Lead
Upgraded PeopleSoft from 7.5 to 8.3 in a healthcare setting and implemented the e modules: eRecruit and eBenefits. The upgrade included: Hum
Resources; Recruit
modules included converting a third-party recruiting application, Greentree into these eRecruit busine
esume Processing (Mohomine); Managers Desktop; Workflow; and processing New Hires and Fam R
Configured PeopleSoft to meet those business requirements.
Trained the client staff in the use of the PeopleSoft modules
Supported the client team post-implementation.
Daily onsite project management in the functional area of the project.

HRMS Project Lead
Led a higher education (public se
rl nea y 19,000 employees. The re-implementation (upgrade) included the following modules: Human Resources (Fit/Gap on eProfile, including Personnel
Actions); Recruit Workforce (Applicant and Requisition Tracking); Payroll (Fit/Gap on ePay); and Benefits Administration (Fit/Gap on eBenefits). In
addition, also implementing eHR collaborative apps such as: eRecruit, including Job Requisition and Applicant Hiring; Resume Processing (Mohomine);
Managers Desktop; Enterprise Portal (including Single Sign-On capability); and Workflow.
Identified previous customizations that could use PeopleSoft delivered vanilla functionality by demonstrating the deltas during the Fit/Gap Analysis
Provided interactive support between the functional subject matte
panel/page (record m
tion for Query skills t ase links to validate Provided strategy and execu
and troubleshoot test plans during the Testing phase.
Provided oversight and quality assurance in designing and setting up core system tables for HR and Pay
ort delivered Workflow co Manager; Permission Lists; Roles; User Profiles; and Business Activities to supp

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www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
led of Workflow processes and ass ted in the commendation to use a Workfl omatic

e of Position Management and assisted in determining the recommendation presented to the Executive Steering
ess Processes.
Developed Test Plan, including detailed schedules for Unit, System/Integration, and Parallel/Acceptance testing phases.
to track test cases and errors.

ng panel and record changes for the first business unit to go into production. Assisted with data
ng materials to be used for end-users.

data mapping to convert from a legacy system to PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5.
Provided working know ge is re ow alternative for the aut
distribution of certain reports.
Provided working knowledg
Assisted with requirements gathering and documentation and redesigning Busin

Testing Phase

Designed an Access database

Coordinated the development of Test Cases/Scenarios, and Test Scripts using SQA Robot, an automated testing tool.
Coordinated the testing of HR, Benefit, and Payroll pay-inbound, including Time Entry, IVR, and Intranet applications and non-pay
interfaces and customizations with internal and external vendors.

PSInet (formerly Metamor Solutions) Oct 1998 Jun 1999
HRMS Functional Consultant
Developed a Process Blueprint, organizing the company across five business units identifying the PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5 modules corresponding to
the organization.
Produced a high-level demonstration of the way HRMS information rolled up to the corporate level using PeopleSoft with minimal customizations.
Configured the HRMS setup parameters includi
mapping to convert from ADP PC Payroll to PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5. Also verified traini
Prepared the clients project team to move into the testing phase.

Defense Contractor Aug 1998 Oct 1998
HRMS Functional Consultant
Verified the HR and Base Benefit setup parameters for a Conference Room Pilot.
Assisted with Base Benefits
Prepared the client project team to move into the user acceptance testing phase.

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PricewaterhouseCoopers May 1998 - Aug 1998
HRMS Functional Consultant
S 6.01 for a governmental agency from the Project
Initiation stage through Package Solution Definition. Used a proven methodology to manage the life cycle of the project.
Sep 1996 Feb 1997
RMS Functional Consultant
Provided planning and implementation consulting assistance on Oracle Human Resources including Time & Attendance and PeopleSoft Human
A Communication; minor in Business Administration, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

PwC Internal Implementation
Identified the benefit and payroll fields critical for deduction and tax processing in PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5. The client previously had determined that
PeopleSoft Benefits and Payroll were out of scope in PeopleSoft HRMS 7.0.
Configured the application's setup parameters for payroll prototyping.
Assisted with data conversion field definitions and data mapping to the legacy system.

Dept. of Treasury, Puerto Rico Feb 1997 May 1998
HRMS Functional Consultant
Provided planning and implementation consulting assistance on PeopleSoft Human Resources and Infinium HR/Payroll projects.
Participated on a five-person functional team to implement PeopleSofts Public Sector HRM
Team lead for System Testing. Established Test Plans, Testing Strategies as well as Test Scenarios, using SQA Robot, an automated testing tool.
Team lead for BASys, a database tool to track business events including change requests to document requirements for gap and fit analysis. In
addition, this tool was used to develop migration procedures and end-user documentation. This tool created 80% of the detailed design document for
client approval.
Familiar with IDEF-META, an integrated computer-aided manufacturing definition methodology tool for business modeling to design and document
the "as is" and "to be" reengineered processes.
Conducted JAD sessions to reengineer business processes including forms, reports, etc.
Guided the client to a best practice solution in setting up tables for development and application prototyping.

Major Publishing Company in NYC

Resources system projects.

Participated on a five-person functional team in the critical going live phase of PeopleSoft HRMS 5.12 running on an Oracle platform for a
publishing company.
Assisted in setting up various foundation tables and new hire information to confirm data conversion verification from a legacy system, InSci.
Also assisted in parallel testing, preparing technical, end-user and training documentation.

MBA University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
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Kevin L. Grace
dge of Oracle conferences for up-to date changes forthcoming in the HCM release.

Solid PeopleSoft 9.0 & 8.x Global Functional/Technical Project Management and Change Management Lead skills; has extensive key experience as
Contracted Functional/Technical Project Lead Manager. With 21 years of Federal, Private and Public sector exposure to the (ERP) HRMS and 11 a
years in the HCM fields in the PeopleSoft arena. This candidate holds a Secret Security Clearance. Candidate also has excellent interpersonal, verbal
and written communication skills with the ability to effectively influence and negotiate with to meet set goals and objectives for a given Project.

Project Management experience includes; Analysis, Configuration Implementation, Post Production and Upgrade through Q/A and Testing of various
Human Capital Management suites. Provided Human Capital Management (HCM) project directions and scope management of project resources
and dollars; engaged in communication with senior level clients as well as end-user groups to ensure directions for each project. Informed; pursued the
atest knowle l

HCM Commercial/ Federal Time & Labor Lead Manager- Completed requirements gathering for the implementation and upgrade of the PeopleSoft
Time & Labor and Application. This included Online ESS/MSS (Employee/Manager Self Service) as well as third party Vendor feeds from Kronos
nd various other time and attendance app a lications to PeopleSoft. Effectively lead and completed system specifications for implementations, upgrades and
groups that worked with the business processes
the client. Processed Time Administration and published Payable time to Payroll in the unit/Parallel testing and the Production phases of the
oject. In addition, Tested Patches and Fixes to current Releases once applied.
modifications from the clients legacy system when needed, while completing configuration, conversion mapping. Lead the testing effort of employees
time collection via Positive punch devices, Time & Expense Management and through Employee Self Service. Instrumental in the initial designs for Web
based and Table based group pages/panels for Time & Labor Security and Time Entry Template Pages. In addition, set-up and tested T & L Time
Reporting Codes, Value lists, and Defined Rule Templates. Developed specified rules centered on the business process and exceptions for clients.
ompleted configuration of Schedules, Time Periods, Workgroups, Taskgroups, Dynamic and Static C
r p

HCM Global, Commercial/Public & Federal Sector Payroll Lead Manager - Gathered system requirements for implementation and upgrade of
deral, Global, Canadian, Mexican and North American Payroll, including e-Pay and Payroll Interface. Completed system planning and
nctional design documents and proceeded to engage the complete configuration for each new release and country extension. Assisted in the
nfiguring and testing the module for the clients employees and managers. As Lead Manager, insur
plementation of ePay by co ed the Configuration
nd Q/A Testing and Planning of Payroll Calendars, Calendar IDs, Pay Groups, Element Deductions, Garnishments, Element Earnings programs. In

HCM Commercial/ Public Se
addition, Tax table ownership, with the completion of On-Cycle and Off-cycle checks, Direct Deposits along with Retro Pay Programs.
nterface configurations for third party clients and vendors as well as worked to coordinate Time & Labor Uploads, Special Accum I
c figuration Elements and Tax update releases and post production of Year-end processing to include W-2 configuration and processing.
ctor Benefits Administration Lead Manager- Analyzed System and Business Functional requirements for
Adminis s and

ntation and upgrade for Clients using PeopleSoft HCM suite. Completed system planning and specifications for use of the Benefits
tration and Base Benefits modules. Researched Requirements and configured eBenefits for clients as an alternate method for employee
anagers use during Open Enrollment. Oversaw the development and execution of test scripts and ensured the desired results for the end-user. This
AS activity included Initial Hires, Terminations, Rehire Activity, Leave of absence, Short-term disability and Retirement plans (401K, 403B) of
mployees. Interfaced Benefit data to Vendors including calculations to GL via Payroll and third party Payrolls. Completed annual and semi-annual
pen enrollment, daily Event Maintenance, Benefits Billing, COBRA Administration among other responsibilities outlined at each client.
M Commercial/Public Sector/Federal & Global Human Resources Lead Manager- Gathered from end-users system requirements for
plementations and upgrades of new releases for GBL Human Resources. Completed future state documentation and proceeded to configure activated
odules for clients. This included Person Model, Talent Acquisition with Candidate Gateway, Compensation and planning, Monitoring Health and
tration, eProfile an
Safety, Managing Positions, Planning Careers, Workforce Adminis d Managing Labor Relations. Specifically Hired and Re-hired
employees ilities,
partial work ed to

into the Company, Departments, Paygroups, Benefits, Unions and Positions. Processed deaths, maternity leaves, short-term disab
days, and incident records. Tested salary changes, job code changes, department changes and security. Created queries and process
Crystal Reports and Nvision.

CM Commercial ePay, eBenefits, eComp, eProfile and TAM/CAG Lead- Configured (Functional /Technical system requirements for presentations
f Pilot programs for clients. Aided in vendor selection and recommendations for upgrading to PeopleSoft 8.0 thru 9.0 including PeopleTools 8.47.
ated in the configuration and testing of each product within ESS and e Applications. Trained End Users and documented each process of set
Particip -up

or the client for the purposes of archiving and future progression.

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oject Experience

M Functional/Technical Time & Labor & Payroll Lead with Maximu Cystems Logic, Oakland, CA (Sept 2008 September 25 , 2009) s, Inc &

PeopleSoft 9.0 to tion of the new
functionality of Tim
tab or
lea 6

Document fr ew version;
com s
A .
completed GL processing to ensure that data for

CM 9.0 Time & Labor Lead for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Duties included a Lifecycle Upgrade of the HCM Suite from PeopleSoft 8.8 to
include Fit/Gap, Configuration, Unit Testing, UAT through Parallel. Area of responsibility included Demo Presenta
e & Labor & Payroll North America 9.0 System. Facilitated Fit/Gap Analysis sessions in the base configuration and processing
les as well as the Web Based Service Tables (Manager & Self-Service) for T&L and NA, while creating a detailed customization carry forward
ve behind document to determine how best to use the delivered functionality without customization for 6 Union/Bargaining Units configured around
s. group
reated a To Be Document that represented what the Time & Labor Configured system will resemble once configured; completed a Configuration
om a technical view to assist the technical team in determining bolt on custom pages that will be carried forward into the n
pleted a Testing Execution Plan and a Time & Labor & Payroll Desk & Manager Procedures Document to assist in the validation of the company
siness processes with the new system.


dditionally; completed a detail review of current Time & Labor Rules and Custom Rules that will be used in Time Administration processing
onfigured and Tested each rule program in its current state to determine if further coding would be needed in TA processing. Moreover, completed the
guration of PeopleSofts Labor Administration to facilitate Union/Bargaining Unit contracts, Candidate Gateway Testing and interfaces, and
expenses were moved to the Financials AP application.

CM Functional Compensation/e-Compensation Lead with Millennium Group Consulting, Austin, TX (May 19, 2008 Aug 2008)
model. Project consists of evaluation and change ma s and salary grade structure. Reviews included were
executive level jobs and non-exempt level positions, to include third party interfaced systems.


HCM 9.0 Functional Compensation/e-Comp Lead for USAA, Inc. Duties included an Assessment and Fit-Gap of the Organizations Compensation
nagement of the current compensation plan
M Functional/Technicel Absence Management Lead with Berean Group Consulting, Atlanta, GA (April 2008- May 16, 2008)
HCM 9.0 Functional/Technical Absence Management Lead for Cox Enterprises Inc. Duties included a 6 Week Assessment and Fit-Gap for the
nterprise. These duties included an in depth evaluation of the application as it fits into the framework of the organization. Facilitated discovery working
ed toward creating an as is a

session with key leaders in the companys industry; and work nd to be picture for each business in order to determine if the
responsibilities include Implementation and Test Management acti g to Operational and Project level functions. These activities include
facilitating testing management workshops, change management workshops, change/issue log management, communication plans and schedules, change
management plans, project change requests, application ing committee preparation and presentations.
In addition, facilitating and monitoring testing activities for the HCM and FMS suite. This includes HR-Person Model, Payroll, Benefits
tation Project Functional Lead with Towers Perrin, Gilead Sciences, In. (April, 2007- September 2007).

9.0 Global HCM Functional Lead with Gilead Sciences, Inc; responsibilities included insuring the timely implementation of PeopleSoft 9.0 HCM
session work-streams to include: Base Core HR & Global Payroll, which involved managing approved business
process requirements, customizations, legacy system data conversion and various other
volved managing country specific items for France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Greece,
Canada and Spain within the PeopleSoft Global Human Resources system . Manager/Employee Self-Service for e-Compensation Manager, and e-
product, while approving security strategy for self-service, portal,
lating to self-service.

Security, responsibilities include facilitating security discussions to form ines the creation of security
ponents for HCM with follow-
ough user acceptance testing. Other Focus Groups include: HR Help Desk, Data conversion, Interfaces, Global Payroll, On-boarding (TAM,
CAG), T&L implementation, Reports, and Workflow.
illiamstown, MA (September 2006- March 2007).
grade Functional Lead with Williams College. Responsibilities included hands on upgrade, configuration and project team
management of the PeopleSoft HCM/Campus Solution Applications; which included: Time & Labor, Human Resources and North American
ilities included future state meetings, project plan management, decision making on configuration direction, naming conventions, set-
p of prototype to include department structure, security structures for both human resources and time & labor, workgroup structure, rules configuration,
organization as a whole would benefit from the delivered Absence Management application.

HCM/FMS 9.0 Implementation Testing and Change Management Lead, Oracle Consulting Services (October 2007- April 2008)

HCM/FMS 9.0 Public Sector Implementation Change Management (OCM) and Testing Lead with Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach, FL; Current
vates relatin
change equests, and steer

Administration (401K, 403B and Vendors), Absence Management, TAM, Commitment Accounting, Commitment Control, General Ledger,
Accounts Payable, eProcurement and Allocations; also creating testing plans, creating testing calendars, script tracking logs, and procedures for the 9.0

HCM 9.0 Implemen
systems. This responsibility includes: analysis, Configuration, Testing, Reports and Interfaces relating to the HCM system.

Responsibilities also included leading
work-streams proposals that affect the HR system.

International HR & Payroll, which in
Profile; These responsibilities include prototyping and demonstrations of the configured
reporting and any other dependencies re
ulate and present al Security Strategy that determ
profiles, company, country and departmental level security, role definitions and access as well as the configuration for com
up thr
HCM 8.9 Upgrade Project Functional Lead with Crossway Group, W
HCM 8.8-8.9 Up
Detailed responsib
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
s, terminations, union employees and hires in the time &
nges in the human resources system and its effects in the North American payroll system and Time & Labor groups.
HCM 8.9 Upgrade Project Manager with Berean Group International. Akron, OH (May 15 2006- September 15, 2006).
HCM 8.9 Project Manger with the Westfield Group Corporate Headquarters; current responsibilities included facilitation and discussion of project
oriented tasks, managing internal project staff and external consultants in the upgrade of the PeopleSoft/Oracle HCM 8.9 Suite which included: Talent
erican Payroll and Benefits Administration.

Additional responsibilities included hands on Functional upgrade post production support and configuration and application to include: Candidate
its Activity with Vendors and
Employees, Payroll processing, Check and Direct Deposit preparation, GL interface activity and Year End Tax Preparation guidance.
Demonstrated excellent knowledge of the 8.9 application, including e-applications for self-service in preparation for the next phase of the upgrade by
completing a project plan to include instillation of the e-performance and e-compensation application. In addition, prepared the client by completing a
application as well the Time and Labor applications for 8.9 HCM.

chnical Upgrade Testing Lead with Berean Group International. Dallas, TX (January 2006- May 12, 2006).
C- IT Department. Designated as the Functional-Technical Upgrade Lead consultant-
m HCM 8.3 to 8.9. Detailed responsibilities include, system mapping, process
, N/A Payroll, Benefits Administration and Talent
HCM 8.9.

modifications. In addition, conduct weekly team staff meetings, module meetings and IT update meetings with client staff and end users. Demonstrate
ering questions in relations to the clients business process- a
mo-application and with each module test database used as
a staging area for each upgrade database.
HCM Global 8.9 Functional Talent Acquisition Manager and Time & Labor implementation Lead (August 2005- December 2005).
eation, Planning and
forth in the project charter.

ctivities included Requirement Analysis, Table Configuration and Documentation (Current State and Future 8.9 state for these
ution to ensure that the client understood the how to process of each
emo Databases to ensure the client was comfortable with the daily
ll were instrumental in the success and go-live of the PeopleSoft HCM 8.9 application for T&L and Talent Acquisition

Additional Project Experience
plans and programs, time & labor additions to current payroll tables, demo effects on transfer
labor system; status cha

Acquisition, Core Human Resources and its applications, North Am
Activity, Requisitions, Non-Employees, Hires, Rehires, Terminations, Transfers, Partial Position Management Benef
configuration model and plan for the Candidate Gateway
HCM Global 8.9 Functional-Te

HCM 8.9 Global Functional Lead for Alcon Laboratories, IN
current responsibilities included the functional portion of the upgrade fro
redesign, patches/fixes application, Q/A Test Script creation and execution for Global HR
Acquisition Manger and e-Compensation for
Day to day activities include issue resolutions by Functional and Technical Work in four key areas of the application- Functionality, Technical D
Process Flow and Customization. This involved aiding the end-user in the New Functionality-Demo and Technical Design of new requested
with great detailed knowledge each of the applications capabilities functionally while answ
tion of problems that may be encountered with using the de how to session to aid in the resolu

Designated as the Time & Labor-Talent Acquisition Functional Lead for St. Vincents Hospital; responsibilities included Cr
Execution of a team project plan in order to implement the HCM application modules for the first time in 8.9. This endeavor included the creation of
staffing percentages of time with date milestones for each area analysis, implementation, testing and support; which encompassed what has been set
In addition, daily a
two applications. Issue resolution was also addressed by test case creation and exec
training and Demonstration of the application via the D of the application; conducted
processing of the application. A

ini, Cincinnati, OH (May 2004 August 2004).
CM Functional Time & Labor and Benefits Administration Manager and (Acting) Global Payroll Manager with Northrop Grumman IT New

exico Extension and Time & Labor Functional Lead with Cap Gem HCM Global Payroll with M

HCM 8.8 Global Payroll and Time & Labor Lead for Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America (TMMNA) & Baja, CA Mexico (TMMBC)
HRIS Department.

Orleans, LA (Dec 2003 May 2004)

HCM 8. Functional L or and B min Implementation Manager for the DOD Defense Integrated Military Human Resource
System (DIMHRS) Pr

HCM Functional Time & Labor and e-Benefits Lead with Oxford International
8 Time & ab en Ad

Des Moines, IA (Aug 2003-Nov 2003)

HCM 8.8 Time & Labor and e-Benefits Post Production Lead for the City of Des Moines Water facility plant.

HCM Functional GBL Payroll/Time &Labor Lead with COMSYS Atlanta, GA
(Nov 2002-Aug 2003)

HCM 8.3 GBL Payroll/Time &Labor Functional Lead upgrade consultant for British Telecom (BT) North American Headquarters.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
SR. HCM Functional/Technical Consultant with ESG (Enterprise Solutions Group)
Washington, DC (Oct 2002)
oduction Team Lead for The Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute (IITRI) Corporate Headquarters. HCM 8.0 Post Pr

HCM Payroll/Time & Labor Functional Lead with (Cap Gemini Ernst and Young)
Columbus, OH (July 02- Sept 02)

HCM 8.3 Analysis Team Lead for The Limited (Limited-Brands Access Program) Corporate Headquarters.

HCM Functional/Technical Lead with (Price Waterhouse Coopers)
Columbus, OH (Jan02- Jun02)

HCM Implementation Testing Team Lead for American Electric Power (AEP) Corporate Headquarters. Applications include P
HR, North American Payroll and Time and Labor.

eopleSoft 8.0
sultant with (PWC) GBLHCM Functional Lead Production Support/Upgrade Con
New York, NY (Jan01-Oct01)

HCM Production support and 8.0 upgrade management consultant for The Pfizer Pharmaceutical Corporation's World Headquarters.

HRMS Functional/Technical Team Lead Consultant with (Impact Innovations)
New Orleans, LA (Oct00-Dec00)

Implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS to include Human Resources, Base Benefits, Payroll and Time & Labor 7.5.

Functional Time & Labor Lead Application & ESS Consultant with (Impact Innovations) Dallas, TX (Jul00-Sept00)

and Development on Current and Future State Documentation requirements for South Western Bell, Inc. (SBC) now
s markets.
Completed an Analysis
Cingular Wireless and it

s) Functional Profiling and Analysis Team Lead with (Impact Innovation
Glendale, CA (Mar00-Jun00)

Performed an analysis and prepared a profile for the upgrade of the current PeopleSoft HRMS System from Version 6.0 to 7.5. Functioned as
lendale's Pu
Q/A Team Lead and Coordinator with (Ernst and Young)
the City of G blic Sector PeopleSoft Team Lead.

PeopleSoft Technical Testing
Omaha, NE (Nov99-Feb2000)
e implementation of PeopleSoft 7.5 Human Resources, Benefits administration and Payroll for the ConAgra

Developed a Testing Plan for th
adquarters. Corporate He

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Padmaja Aluru

Over 13 years of over all IT experience that includes five years of experience with PeopleSoft Functional Analysis, Techno-
Functional development and analysis, technical analysis, implementations, including customizations, data conversion, interfacing,
sis, functional system design and

tensive domain knowledge of payroll, recruitment, human resource,
r employee support
8 years of non-PeopleSoft cross-functional experience across domains in the areas of HR, employee Benefit Administration, Pre-
echnical Writing, Offshore Process Transition and process support, Project Coordination, Roll-out support,
HRMS (functional) modules.
kill Summary:
opleSoft Enterprise Portal (Employee, Customer and Supplier), PeopleSoft HRMS

, QA and training guides.
ess group members to analyze the requirements
for development of materials for ELM module, using UPK tool.
Conducted requirements definition/mapping, test plan preparation, test scenario, & script development, UAT execution.
t Deliverables for HRIT and Process Owners.
eds/gap analysis, proposed training solutions, training delivery and approach and proposed the content design and
mentations and test script materials.
Responsible for delivery of training for the business users utilizing the documentation developed with UPK.

Professional Summary:

reporting, upgrading and production support in Enterprise Portal (8.8), HCM (7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.3, 8.8 & 8.9) and Finance mod
through 8.9 versions).
Good Experience in writing Functional and Technical specification documents from scratch from user Interaction/ FIT-GAP
Experience in both PeopleSoft HRMS & Finance in the modules Recruitment Solutions (TAM & CG), Base Benefits, Benefits
Admin, Self Services, emodules (eRecruit, eBenefits, eDevelopment eProfile, ePay, ePerformance), ELM, eProcurement,
Purchasing, GL, PO, AP.
Experienced in Global payroll, offshore model, offshore process transitions. Worked in India HR processes and payroll apart from
North American HR modules. Experienced in HR/Recruitment practices for India, USA, UK regions.
Expertise in business requirements gathering, process analysis and design, gap analy
specifications, system configuration, regression, system integration, functional and performance testing procedures and
Participated in at least 2 training efforts using UPK.
Excellent communication, documentation skills including test plans/cases, user manuals, technical writing skills and in conducting
formal and informal user training and coordination.
Prior non-PeopleSoft experience as a HRMS generalist with ex
benefit administration, open enrollments and other commonly used practices in human resources and othe
services in USA and India.

Sales & Sales Support, T

ement Training manag
Trained on ORACLE

ERP : Pe
9.0/8.9/8.8/8.3/8.0/7.x (HR, Payroll, Base Benefits, Ben Admin, Time & Labor, eRecruit, ePay, eP
ePerformance, eBenefits, eDevelopment & eCompensation), PeopleSoft 8.8/8.9/9.0 Purchasing, e
PeopleTools : PeopleTools 8.4x/8.20/8.1x/7.55/7.01
Reports : SQR, PS Query, Crystal Reports 8.5/7.x, and n/Vision
Integration technologies : Application Designer, PeopleCode, Application Engine, Component Interfaces
Databases : DB2, Oracle, and MS-SQL Server
Data Management Tools : Data Mover, Mass Changer, EDI Manager and Import Manager
Languages : C, C++, COBOL, JAVA, SQL, and PL/SQL
Web Programming : ASP, HTML, DHTML, XML, VBScript and JavaScript
perating Systems : MS-DOS, Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, UNIX, and Novell O NetWare
Others : UPK tool, Quest STAT change management tool, Onyx

Professional Experience:

City Colleges of Chicago; Chicago, IL
(Oct 2008 - Current)
Sr. Consultant, UPK development for PeopleSoft HRMS
PeopleSoft ELM 9.0, Oracle UPK v3.1

Review Functional Requirements and document the process
Responsible for gathering requirements through various sessions with client / busin

QA the ELM Projec

Conducted ne
development plans.
Leading the Design and development effort for generating training docu

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
rocess and policies
fic to
DIE methodology.
ework to create documentation, online simulations, interactive
content, and help links.
d all UPK development related project processes including project plan, design, development, all QA efforts
migration and implementation.
hed processes and procedures to be followed, to manage the transition process with the Business user community,
IT administration team.
Provided inputs for modifications, review and validation of end user training materials during localization

n & Setup, Customization design, testing, training and
mization requirements for global locations.
Configuration and setup of all templates like Job, Recruitment, Screening, posting, Interview Evaluation etc and other required
locations, recruitment sources, relationship management etc.
n various language related customizations and requirement gathering for the languages being used by various
eloped high level functional documentations for the same
mizations as required for Job Approvals and Offer letter
or client

f processes.

Exelon Corporation; Chicago, IL
(Aug 08 October 2008)
Functional Lead, TAM/UPK development
Talent Acquisition Manager v8.9, Oracle UPK v3.1

Conducted extensive requirement gathering sessions with client / business group members to analyze the requirements for
development of materials for the module Talent Acquisition Manager, using UPK tool.
Provide Subject Matter Expertise for TAM to the client and provide functional guidance to the technical team on any business
required modifications.
Conducted needs/gap analysis, proposed training solutions, training delivery and approach and proposed the content design and
development plans.
effort for generating role-based training materials that combine system, p Have lead the Design and development
with exercises/practice to ensure effective learning. Also documented all test scripts, training guides and user guides speci
manager self service and employee self service, further distinguished by various roles.
Content is designed and developed using sound ISD principles / AD
Extensive interaction with users and stake holders to define the fram
Have led and owne
and UT, including UAT
Have establis
stakeholders, technical members and

IMS Health; Allentown, PA
(Jan 08 June 08)
Sr. Functional Analyst
Peoplesoft 8.9 TAM/CG Global Implementation

o Pr

ject Details & Responsibilities:

Working on PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 new implementation for Recruitment solutions Talent Acquisition Manager &
Gateway modules. Also assisted client on ePerformance and eBenefit customizations and setup.
Module being implemented globally in 3 phases : phase 1 - AsiaPac ; phase 2 Europe & Middle East; phase 3 Americas
I am currently involved in the Fit-Gap, Business analysis, Configuratio
other functional efforts involved for phase 1 & 2 i.e implementation.
v Conducted high level business and functional analysis, Fit Gap, demo on deli ered functionality to new users.
Study the existing HR process and existing Brass Ring process used by client for global talent management and designed the gap
analysis and proposed custo

configurations like
Worked extensively o
regions as per clients global
Extensively worked on customization design and specifications and dev
Worked on Approval Framework related Set up, configuration and custo
process as per clients requirem
Monitor the project progress and timelines and control the complete project related documentation
Developed functional specifications and inputs for technical team for enabling them develop technical design documents
Involved in designing of custom reports f
Suggested modification of existing HR processes to bring them under OFCCP compliance
Involved in all levels of testing and developed test scripts for Unit Testing, System Integration Testing and user acceptance
Involved in developing training documentation and training input scripts for new users. Used PeopleSofts User Productivity Kit
(UPK) as one of the tool for developing training materials.
Involved in configuration and setup coordination for parsing tool Resume Mirror

Pfizer; St. Louis, MO
(Sep 07 J an 08)
Functional /Business Analyst
People soft Recruitment solutions, TAM/CG upgrade from v8.3 to v9.0

Project Details & Responsibilities:
i Working on PeopleSoft HRMS 9.0 upgrade Recruitment solutions, benef ts and self service modules.
Worked on Fit Gap, requirement gathering and Business process analysis. Identified functionalities that needs to be carried forwa
into 9.0 or existing 8.3 functionalities that can be retired and replaced by ver 9.0 functionality.
Working extensively on Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway modules for customizations, modifications, set up and
enhancement i
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ctional area.
uirement of the client like offer, resume, job openings etc.
t, Airs
earch for Applicants page for Recruiters/Leaders as per the client
Designed a customized process to enable mass disposition changes for candidates by a recruiter
Designed and configured custom emails and embedded links to be used in place of the delivered approval frame work to enhance
f desired notification groups as against the delivered workflow enabled framework.
s for modifications.
elp desk issues for PeopleSoft modules HR, Benefits, Recruit and also support Global Identity
IM) apart from supporting change management.
nt tool Quest STAT extensively.
eraction, Customization analysis and Requirement gathering
nd establishing ELM security.
at outline learning objectives and design specifications.
iences and define curriculums for each audience.
ate of Indiana, IOT
an 2007 J une 2007)
ons (TAM/CG) upgrade from v8.8 to v8.9
Worked on PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 upgrade from version 8.8 for Recruitment solutions, benefits ePerformance and self service
t Template,
Details as per the requirement of the client.
tions as used in earlier versions.
Applicants page for Recruiters/Leaders as per the client
Standard Offer Letter to Applicants using PeopleCode, Component Interface and Crystal Reports.
e Search for
Collected business requirements from end users, created functional and technical design specifications, involved in regrouping of Fit
Gaps into Functional Designs based on the fun
Customized various recruitment templates as per the req
Conducted data mapping of custom/ customized 8.3 records to 9.0 records
Configuration and setting up of resume parser, Arbita, Hire Righ
Designed configured custom processes / Batch programs to load and receive the Job and Applicants data from 3rd party
(ARBITA, AON)to PS recruitment tables
Customized search jobs page by modifying search by job categories to search by job functions as used in earlier versions.
Customized View Job Postings page for applicants and S

the functionality o
Written test script
Manage and support Tier 2 h
Management (GD
Worked with change manageme

State of Indiana, DCS
(J uly 07 -Sep 07)
Functional Lead
HCM Support, ELM 9.0 implementation

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Fit gap Analysis of the ELM environment
HR Support for HR, Recruitment solutions, Benefits Administration, eApplications.
User int
Developing Functional specifications and Technical documentation.
Setting up Basic Tables, Groups, Reports a
Evaluate the effectiveness of courseware and programming in compliance with AICC/SCORM standards
Create design documents th
Worked with the clients internal team to identify training aud
Used the UPK to record procedures, add client specific business process and conceptual information, thereby creating a
performance support solution.
Setup of Resource, Facility, Activity and Learner functionality of ELM
Created Generic and Component Templates to send out Notifications
Worked closely with Project Manager for Technical & Functional Analysis, Design, Documentation & project estimation for the ELM
customizations and issues.

Techno-Functional Consultan
PeopleSoft Recruitment Soluti

Project Details & Respon

Worked on several customization tasks
Provided Subject matter expertise in the areas of Performance Document setup, Approval Rule Sets and Workflow.
Worked extensively on Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway modules for on customizations, modifications, set up
and SQR processes.
Collected business requirements from end users, create d functional and technical design specifications for Applican
Applicant Search, Job Search, Printable Resume, and Offer Letter.
Customized Applicant template pages such as contact details, Current and Prior Employment, Employment Details, Education,
Designed and developed the Application Engine process to load the applicants data from 3
party system to PS applicant tables
using People code and Component Interface for Performance testing.
Designed and developed Standard Printable Applicants resume using PeopleCode and SQR.
Customized search jobs page by modifying search by job categories in 8.9 to search by job func
Customized View Job Postings page for applicants and Search for
Designed and developed
Involved in configuration efforts of Mohomine for Resume Processing.
Customized the Applicant Index Application engine process (HRS_SRCH_INDX), which extends the functionality of th
Applicants to check the Verity collection files for new applicants that may be suitable for open requisitions.
Involved in setting up the workflow for the self-service transactions such as Job Requisition approval as per the business rules of th
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

e for the eRecruit collaborative applications module.
ity batch interface programs for Talent Acquisition , Candidate Gateway
Analyzed and documented Benefit Plan codes in PeopleCode, SQR, SQC and COBOL.
Involved in creating various reports such as Interview schedules and Evaluation results between the dates and based on Job
collaborative application.
plans and executing various testing efforts.
es under e-
a Techno Functional Analyst & Developer for the module under development.
ing the requirements, Documenting the processes,
t, Testing and
rocess into a People soft process.
unctional and technical designs and test specifications for the
n several project prototype
. Department heads and Process owners and
Incorporated Bar-Coding functionality into the project and developed a customized contract processing using barcodes.
Handled processes and issues from Development thru Production
ized interface page for the existing application based on client requirement for a specific department.
ns of the developed application to the Business users and Process owners to obtain user acceptance and
st planning, testware design, execution and management of test processes.
ndia). Worked as
ce (US) to the
n integration with Finance GL module.

t tracking & status to
Configuration for Self Service Transactions and workflow Transactions included setting up the approval process; allow Database
updates, setting up direct reports for managers based on partial position management. Designed Group build process for manager
and employees, administrator roles, set up functional specifications for the approval rule set to point to the assigned role, route
control to roles, so email notifications can be sent only to the assigned administrators.
Mapped out record & status changes when applicants applied for jobs, Select for Screening, Routing, Schedule interviews, Interview
evaluations, Prepare job offer and New Hire.
Involved in setting up eRecruit setup tables and Status.
Involved in setting up the various resume options in the Resume Options pag
Worked with PeopleSoft to fix bugs and provide enhancements.
Executed unit test plans for medium complex

requisition for the e-recruit

Involved in all aspects of Testing, developing test

State of Indiana, IOT
May 2006 J an 2007)
Sr. Techno Functional Analyst
E-Procurement 8.9

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Developed a portal application for Creating and Tracking a very high level customized Government Contracts and process
procurement module.
Worked independently as
Responsible for conducting the Business Process Study, Analyz
Fit/Gap Analysis, Data Gathering, Design, Developmen
Interact with business users, gather requirements and automate the
current manual p
Identified and analyzed the high level requirements; developed f
Based on the initial study, I have designed and developed an initial prototype design and give
presentations to high-level business unit
user community representatives and business unit heads comprising of various Govt
Business user community.
Designed and developed interfaces to non-PeopleSoft system

Delivered additional custom

tatio Given several presen
Responsible for all aspects of the testing process from te
Involved in creating and customizing pages and applying new functio
Handled production support iss

s Fu ion Technologies Inc, NJ
(Feb 2005 Apr 2006)
Global HR Analyst
opleSoft HRMS 8.8 Pe

oject Details & Responsibilities: Pr
Worked on offshore (India) onsite (US) model for PeopleSoft HR & Finance process transition to offshore facility (I
a transition lead to obtain and share the knowledge in PS HR application (India & US specific) from the global offi
transition team in India.
The Role: Functional member for the modules under implementation Responsible for Fit/Gap Analysis, Data Gathering, Design,
Development, Testing, Roll-out and end user training.
Involved in PeopleSoft HRMS implementation of 8.8 version. Also worked o
Handled offshore transition of HR and Finance operations and setup Processes. Training to offshore team members on PeopleSoft
Functional consultant for the modules under development Responsible for Fit/Gap Analysis, Data Gathering, Design, Development,
Testing and Roll-out.
Interact with business users and gather change requirements. Analyze customization requirem
Identify modification and customization requirements, develop technical design specifications
Involved in customizing pages and applying new functionalities.
Prepared and presented the project development methodology, Busines s Requirements, design, projec
sponsors of the project
Developed a customized application for employment transfers process between India and US.
Provide Subject matter expertise in the areas of Performance Document setup, Approval Rule Sets and Workflo

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
r Medical Dental and Vision Interface, logic get Dependent Terms when dependents are dropped in
goes from Family Coverage to EE Only Coverage
specs for audit tables at the record table to track changes made to key benefit, Benefit admin tables.
uploading timesheet information.
tro Pay, Deduction Codes and configured payroll processes for Quarterly/Periodic Accumulators,
s & Balances
S 8.8
Fortune 500 companies across the
gacy systems. Modules
, eProfile, eProfile Manager
Desktop, ePerformance.
Handled the Recruitment Module in Gathering requirements.
cess flows and Documents
nal scope Document and Requirement scope documents for the Project.
rs for developing functional designs, process flows and specification documentation for
Setting up the datas and configuring templates.
r for Candidate gateway.
e system.
inistrative workforce.
nsation pages to review salary and compensation per pay frequency, as well as variable compensation. eRecruit
rvice pages as per the client request.
ew benefits summary, health plans, insurance plans, and savings plan, and family status
role users and Permission lists.
ent maintenance and scheduling for performing benefits administration process.
rative applications to access information for managers
it programs like savings plans, health, vision and
veloping the interface
files to notify the benefit providers about the
Created Design specifications fo
the case where an EE
Worked on payroll interfaces like GL and
Mapped processes for Funding, Re
Year End & Special Accumulator

US Technology.UK, India, USA
(Oct 04 Feb 05)
PeopleSoft HCM End to End Implementation
Associate Consultant
PeopleSoft HRM

Project Details & Responsibilities:
US Technology Resources is a leading provider of end-to-end IT and BPO services for leading
globe, operating out of five countries. The project was implemented to complete suite of PS HCM Ver. 8.8 applications for its
business operations across the globe.
The implementation was planned to have real time interface with PS ESA modules and existing le
implemented are Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway (eRecruitment), Core HRMS

Preparing the required Pro

Creating the Functio
Extensive coordination with clients and use

Configured Mohomine Resume Extracto

Verity search criteria configured for Mohomine.
Developed the Employee referral matrices for the organization in th
Involved in all level of testing the system as a whole and testing plan Preparation.
UAT documents and Training materials.
Also major interests in other modules as in Adm

World Bank, Washington DC
(May 2004 Sep 2004)
Functional PeopleSoft Consultant
PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 (ePerformance, eRecruit, eBenefits)

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Involved in customizing ePerformance 8.8.
Worked on self service applications for managers desktop ( customizations include eRecruit , SQR reports and queries)
Provided Subject matter expertise in the areas of Resume Processing, Position management and Competencies
Created eCompe
manager and self se
Created eBenefits page that links to revi
t and beneficiary page change, dependen
Involved in setup of security
Involved in Open enrollment, ev
Created ePay page that links to Payroll, Taxes, and Salary.
Created eProfile (personal information, and managers) home page for collabo
and employees self - service viz., personal information page links to view personal information, emergency contact, change of
marital status, phone number, email and leave of absence/ termination.
Customized functionality for Applicant Nationality based on the World Bank Requirements
Assisted in the setup of Benefits providing employees online access to their benef
insurance. Customized the marital status change workflow in Benefits. Involved in the analysis, design and de
programs which tracks the employee and dependent detail changes and generates flat
changes through FTP or email.
Re-Engineered Dispositions (Applicant, Requisition and Offer) based on client Requirements.
Develop Workflow for the requisition approval process
Redesigned/Customized competencies to meet world Bank standards,
Developed Workflow for New/Customized Roles(Security Center , Medical Center and Service Center)
Involved in Implementation of Position management and customizing it to meet World Bank Standards
Verify the results of each payroll calculation and ensure the results are in compliance with FLSA regulations.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Upgrade from 7.53 to 8.8
odify PeopleCode behind the Record Fields, Pages and Libraries to include new functionalities

s by Debugging and Tracing the application in the back-end to solve the issues encountered by system users
Build new projects, run back ups , run compare reports and move projects across the Databases
rincipal Financial Group, IA
ional and technical design specifications for Applicant Template,
ted in the upgrade of PeopleSoft HRMS from v8.3 and Implementation of Peoplesoft eRecruit & eRecruit Manager Desktop.
icants applied for jobs, Select for Screening, Routing, Schedule interviews, Interview
ew Hire.
ating various reports such as Interview schedules and Evaluation results between the dates and based
ecruit collaborative application.
orce business process, setup competencies, applicant information requirements,
aluation and authorization rul
delivered fixes and patches.
e offshore location based in India, in the upgrade of PeopleSoft HRMS from v7.02 to v8.3. The HRMS upgrade
enefits, and Payroll for 2 clients based in USA.
sis/impact of the existing customizations to that of the functionality of the new release. Following
es that
d Benefits.

s Key fields against corresponding
the record table to track changes made to key benefit, ben admin tables.
ivered SQR reports and worked with the functional analyst to determine if the customizations
ed in running the scripts and upgradation reports.
ed international employees compensation conversion program.
Involved in Unit, Integration, System and User Acceptance Testing.

Norton Healthcare, Louisville, KY
(Dec 2003 April 2004)
PeopleSoft HR

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Create custom PeopleSoft objects and register the same in the Portal
Add, carry-over and m
Work on Query Trees, add Records to the Query Tree for the users to view and use the same for running old queries and creating
new queries
Administer the PeopleSoft Security, Modify and Regulate access of PeopleSoft objects to users
Simulate the Permissions users had in the old version and add, remove or regulate access to some objects based on their role in the
Develop new Interface programs and Retrofit custom SQR Reports for Payroll Interface and Benefits modules
Troubleshoot SQRs for errors, change print formats , address modifications and date formats
Modify SQRs to bring in custom formatting styles using Document Markers and mail merges
Resolve technical issue
Provide production support during post go-live period in version 8.8

(J une 2003 Nov 2003)
Business Analyst and Functional Consultant
PeopleSoft eRecruit 8.3

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Collected business requirements from end users, created funct
Applicant Search, Job Search, Printable Resume, and Offer Letter.
Mapped out record & status changes when appl
evaluations, Prepare job offer and N
Involved in designing and cre
on Job requisition for the e-r
Identified the reporting needs, setup workf
screening criteria, interview ev es etc. for eRecruit.
Customized Applicant template pages such as contact details, Current and Prior Employment, Education, Reference Details as per
the requirement of the client.
Customized the Applicant Index Application engine process, which extends the functi onality of the Search for Applicants.
Created the workflow for the Job Requisition and New Hires based on specifications.
Worked on day-to-day request to fix the Production problems.
Created PeopleSoft Job Definitions and scheduled PeopleSoft Jobs using Control-M.
Involved in unit and integration testing of the customized/modifie d applications and PeopleSoft

TXN Services, India
an 2003 May 2003) (J
Techno-Functional PeopleSoft Consultant
PeopleSoft HRMS 8.3

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Participated from th
scope included HR, B
Involved in the Fit and Gap analy
are the accomplishments on the project:
Conducted the analysis of existing customizations, conversion, interfaces, and report programs and identified the chang
needed to be made and documented the impact from the technical perspective.
Setup EE information in Payroll Module to calculate EE Earnings and Taxation of their Earnings an
Involved in Setting up Pay sheets and Pay Calendar for Hourly and Salaried Employees
E-Pay: Configured Self Service for Pay Slip Leave Balance Information, and Voluntary Deduction information
Customized the page PC_IC_PI_DATA in ePay, accordingly so employees could view their paycheck o
Designed an Interface Program which gets Pay sheet Data from Time Keeping Systems and Validate
Master Tables and loads data into Staging Table for further Payroll pay sheet Process.
Created specs for audit tables at
Analyzed the customizations to the del
need to be reapplied or retired.
Retrofit the customizations and also involv
Designed and develop
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Lanco Global Systems Ltd. NJ (USA), Hyderabad (India)
(May 2001 Dec 2002)
Global HR Analyst
and functional requirements into the PeopleSoft
roup, adopted Benefit programs for
and Calculation Rules as applicable for Indian employees and US employees.
ools and coded many SQRs to satisfy the needs of the clients different
ead across various cities, Clients & Associates (both domestic &
overseas) for ongoing project (HP Smart1)
Operations: Coordinate with Business Associates, vendors and technology partners based in Singapore & South Africa for electronic
time, generate and give presentations for prospective business associates and
fshore support
and implementation/modification of HR systems and interfaces.
HR Technical Lead for Benefits ESS project for open enrollment and life-event administration.
& Soft skills) Mapping requirements, Training schedules, Training outsourcing
eb-site. Maintain and execute training calendar.
Documentations related to policies and federal compliance with local governance.
oject Details & Responsibilities:
eedback analysis, Coordination.
Maintain companys internal training web-site. Maintain and execute training calendar.
HRIS Analyst

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Was a part of the implementation support group for PeopleSoft HRMS v8.0. The HRMS implementation scope included HR, Benefits,
and Payroll.
My role was to develop and redesign existing client business processes for the Human Resource area using PeopleSoft for both India
and US offices.
Supported and provided Project Lead deliverables for design, testing, training, and support phases of the implementation.
Interact with user groups and technical resources to translate business processes
Defined Benefit Plans, Customize Benefit programs with the Benefit/Deduction Program Table G
Health plans, Life plan, Dental plans, Establishing Rates
eT Designed and developed several pages utilizing Peopl
operating companies.
Created design, functional & technical document for various interfaces to subsystems.

Reese Systemnet Pvt Ltd, India
(J une 2000 April 2001)
Global Manager Proj ect Coordination

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Responsible for overall operations of the Data processing center, including HR Functions and Branch Operations
Customer Coordination: Regular Coordination with Customers spr

requirements, procurement of materials for project rollouts.
Business Support: Respond to RFI/RFPs from time to

Intersoft International Pvt. Ltd, India
(J une 1999 May 2000)
HR manager of

Project Details & Responsibilities:
Responsible for providing all HR Admin support functions for offices in USA and South Africa.
Manage all HR activities for the global offices from the offshore delivery office in India including New Joiner process, payroll advice
Health Insurance and other benefits, Appraisals, Terminations and Separations etc.
Responsible for executing service center strategy and evaluating service levels and needs. Utilize, develop and integrate technology
and information systems for the delivery of employee services and workforce planning.
Provide direction, development and supervision of daily tasks and special projects. Evaluation of companys HR systems portfolio

Employee Training & Skill Development (Technical
operations, Feedback analysis, Coordination.
Maintain companys internal training w

Software Technology Group Pvt. Ltd, India
(J an 1997 May 1999)
HR & Training Manager

Manage all Employee Benefit, payroll coordination, Personnel and Training operations of the company (150 employees)
Policy making & Implementation, Payroll & Leave Mgmt, Appraisals, Staff welfare & Development, Employee Induction/orientat
Mediclaim operations.
Author company policies, employee manuals, guidelines, design and develop forms.
Employee Training & Skill Development (Technical & Soft skills) Mapping requirements, Course scheduling, Training outsourcing
operations, F

Plan & Organize events for Employee entertainment and personal development; Bonding activities

Education and Training
Masters in Personnel Management
Master Diploma in Computer Applications
Bachelor of Sciences
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mployee Profile
Pam Price
Pam is a Managing Consultant in the Oracle-PeopleSoft practice with over 15 years of experience delivering projects on
time and within budget. Experience includes several full-cycle implementations and upgrades of PeopleSoft HCM. Blend
of strong project management and functional skills in HR, Benefits Administration and North American Payroll for versions
.5 through 9.0. Strengths and areas of expertise incl

ude project management, business process re-engineering, change 7
management and facilitating business leaders towards best practice functional design. Recent consulting experiences with
PeopleSoft versions 8.8, 8.9, and 9.0 include the commercial and higher education settings. Proactive leader who
communicates well with both management and staff-level team members.
Professional Experience
Project: PeopleSoft HCM 8.8 to 9.0 Upgrade Project
Duration: 14 months Industry: Higher Education
bsence Management upgrade that followed the successful upgrade of PS v9.0 financials. Led
ient with 14,000 employees through all aspects of payroll upgrade process including integration broker communications
d current staffing requirements. During this process, identified and recommended process
costs more than $750,000 annually. Created test cases and worked with
roject team.
ess improvement opportunities in benefits and
ayroll. Worked closely with technical team to reduce manual processes. Created functional design specifications for all
plemented age-60 processing to replace 401(k) catch-up process used by former
arent company in order to support safe harbor rules associated with the new 401(k) plan. Coordinated system and user
roject: PeopleSoft HCM 8.9 Implementation
ment for North America, G/L Integration, Benefits Billing, UPK
nd a concurrent upgrade of PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 to 8.9. Multiple job functionality was required. Enhancements
lient is a multi-state business with multiple lines of business including more than 115 grocery stores, several clothing
ores, food warehouse and distribution centers, printing companies, water companies and a construction company.
owned franchise grocery stores. Client is converting approximately 97,000 employee records, with 12,000
f those being active employees. History back to 1947 is being converted from the home-grown mainframe system to
elivered client workshops using a prototype to identify reports, interfaces, conversion elements and enhancements
ICE) for all modules. Documented outputs of workshops to include configuration elements as well as conceptual designs
r all RICE elements identified in each workshop. Individual workshops included HR, Recruiting, Benefits, Conversion
trategy, Competency & Performance Management, Organizational Structure, Payroll, Time and Attendance and General
edger Integration. Subject matter experts and functional area management participated in workshops, validating
rototypes, as well as RICE elements.
As Payroll Lead, participated in upgrade project from v8.8 to v9.0 PeopleSoft HR, Automated Benefits, Payroll for North
America and Time & Labor/A
with PS financials. Conducted requirements gathering and fit-gap sessions for payroll. Identified client-applicable new
functionality in version 8.9 and 9.0 for payroll and automated benefits and presented demo to functional, technical and
management team. Evaluated clients current payroll team and presented analysis against bench marking statistics to
help client better understan
improvements that would reduce administrative
technical team to unit test upgraded programs and objec

Project: PeopleSoft HCM 8.8 Spin-off/Enhancement Project
Duration: 5 months Industry: Financial Services
Coordinated User Acceptance Testing Cycle for Spin-Off project which split database from controlling parent company
divested entity. Worked with client to ensure appropriate levels of testing occurred for self-service, benefits
dministration and payroll. Managed issue logs related to UAT, providing reporting to project executives, as well as to the a

xtended at clients request for Phase II of HRMS project. Identified proc E
interfaces and enhancements. Mentored PeopleSoft Business Analysts responsible for supporting HRMS functionality for
organization. Assisted client in outsourcing COBRA, unemployment case management, employment verification and
payroll tax via third-party interfaces. Im
acceptance testing for this phase of the project to ensure smooth 2008 transition occurred for additional functionalit

Duration: 8 months Industry: Retail

Responsible for leading functional client team through implementation cycle of PeopleSoft 8.9 HCM suite of applications
including employee and manager self-service. The first phase included Human Resources, Base Benefits, Competency
Management, E-Performance, Payroll and Absence Manage
included in the first phase resulted in deployment of some simple workflows to managers
Another line of business provides human resources, financial and payroll outsourcing services to more than fifty
PeopleSoft 8.9.


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www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
onfigured complex organizational structure which included more than 10 Set-IDs, 150 business units, and 115

ields from
ayroll history. Client required all job history be
l team.
to ever-changing resources and scope. Communicated impact

ltiple unions and operates in a highly regulated environment, requiring excellent
ttention to detail to accurately accommodate the complexity of their business processes and regulated requirements.
Pe on Mod includ analysis, prototyping, configuration, and testing.
del worked in 8.9.
tegration broker functionality to message general ledger data between PeopleSoft
ity in H was app-messaged from financials and general ledger data was
tants as needed in validating configuration and testing.
an test scripts, reported results, re-
tested and worked with technical team to resolve issues.

Served as War Room lead for hyper-care of all upgraded and new implemented functionality for go-live and production
support issues.

Project also included the roll-out of new modules of Recruiting Solutions and Manager Desktop as new functionality to the

Involved with trouble-shooting all issues that came in from production team. Worked with technical development and
steady state teams to remedy issues quickly.

Project: PeopleSoft Enhancement Project HRMS 8.9
Duration: 2 month Industry: Chemical/Paint Manufacturing
companies to meet security needs while at the same time maximizing the use of table set sharing to reduce configuration

Guided client through business changes to utilize best practices instead of customizing software when business
circumstances provided an opportunity to do so. Also championed move of payroll processing from the IS department to
the payroll team. Worked with client executive management team to redesign payroll function, moving them from time
lerk to a full-service payroll processing department. c s

Coordinated conversion tasks with technical team. Working in concert with the technical lead, we mapped data f
multiple internal systems into PeopleSoft. This conversion was highly complicated because the client used multiple
systems to support more than 50 years of HR, labor, benefits and p
captured from all systems and converted to PeopleSoft. This required complicated mapping of systems and fields to
ensure accurate job data was created. In addition to conversion tasks, technical specifications for customizations were
ed with the technical lead to ensure they met the needs of the functiona review

Worked closely with Project Manager to adjust project plan
f scope changes to client. o

Using PeopleSoft set-up manager tool configured all tables for first phase, taking into consideration the need to lay a g
foundation for future phases such as benefits administration, time and labor, recruiting solutions and enhanced employee
and manager self-service.

Project: PeopleSoft HRMS Upgrade 8.8 to 8.9
Duration: 6 months Industry: Gas and Electric U

Worked as Payroll Lead on an HCM 8.8 to 8.9 upgrade at a Gas & Electric Utility company with 9,700 employees
undergoing a complete business transformation outsourcing (BTO) initiative outsourcing HR, Payroll and Benefits to an
IBM service center in Costa Rico. Additionally, all finance transactions were outsourced to IBM.
lient has many companies with mu C

Provided subject matter expertise on 8.9 rs el, ing
p e Provided client worksho xplaining how person mo

Worked with technical team to deploy in
fina ials and HR. New combo-code functional R
app-messaged from HR to financials

Project responsibilities included requirement reviews, development of test plans for HR, position management, self
service, and North American Payroll, payroll testing, cutover activities, post-go-live support and interfacing with the client
at all steps in the process.

Assisted Recruiting Solutions and Human Resources consul

Created test scripts for HR, benefits, payroll, employee and manager self service. R
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
r nd recommend approach for the following three PeopleSoft version

not accurately report wages and tax. Moving this
processing to PeopleSoft provided client with accurate wage and tax reporting for this population of employees.
Project P o
due to le
Provided on each
Project: PeopleS
Prepared and delivered HR, Benefit Administration, Payroll and Query training to group of customer service
on experiences, and to challenge
nt role midway into combined implementation project of PeopleSoft Student
dministration and HCM, version 8.9. Responsible for leading client team through set-up tables, prototype sessions, and
eating user acceptance test plans. Also implemented Contract Pay functionality and presented prototype session to
executive leadership of University.

Other Proj ects
Project: PeopleSoft Upgrade 8.0 to 8.9
Duration: 1 month Industry: Engineering
Work Performed: Drafted functional design specification for upgrade of HRMS application including HR, Benefits
Administration, Payroll, ESS and MSS.

Project: PeopleSoft HCM Upgrade 7.5 to 8.3
Duration: 6 months Industry: Transportation Airlines
Work Performed: As Project Manager, created project plan, managed all phases of project including internal and
external resources. Managed timelines, issues and all communications to leadership team. Assisted functional team in all
areas of project, resulting in hands-on experience in HR, Ben Admin, Payroll and T&L modules.

Project: PeopleSoft HCM Benefits Administration Implementation
Duration: 4 months Industry: Transportation -- Airlines
Work Performed: Hands-on Project manager, created project plan, managed resources, issues, and all phases of
project. Participated heavily in creating event classes, event rules, and testing.

Conducted planning assessments to scope work effo t a
8.9 projects:
Project IHR: Worked with client project owners on International HR project, a project that merged inpatriate and
expatriate employees into PeopleSoft from third-party application and paid them accurately. Included comple
tax scenarios. Legacy processing was cumbersome and did
Project IDR: this project automated disability payments, both from a vendor perspective and an e
persp ive. Worked closely with technical development consultant to address all aspects of interface.
GRP: this project created new paygroups for employees requiring weekly pay in Boston and Puerto Ric
gal compliance issues surrounding pay timing.
documentation to client on recommendations for all three projects, included quasi-project plans
hat identified needed resources, tasks, timelines and costs. project

oft HRMS 8.9 Training
th Industry: Outsourcing HR Support Duration: 1 m

representatives working in service center environment whereby they supported multiple businesses using P
HRMS version 8.9. Training materials were created to support lectures, provide hands-
students to troubleshoot issues that would arise in their day-to-day work supporting clie

Project: PeopleSoft HCM Implementation 8.9
Duration: 6 months Industry: Higher Education

Assumed the HR/Benefit Lead Consulta
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Project: PeopleSoft HRMS Implementation PS 7.5
Duration: 9 months Industry: Transportation -- Airlines
Work Performed: Hands-on Project Manager responsi al and technical resources, as well
as all other aspects of the project. Le tation and roll-out of HR, Base
Benefits, Payroll for North America an
kills Profile
ble for managing both function
d company through software selection, implemen
d Time and Labor version 7.5
Functional: PeopleSoft HRMS versions 7.5 through 9.0, Human Resources, Benefits Administration, North American
America, Year-End Payroll, Time and Labor Administration, Competency Management, Training,
M. PeopleTools, Hands-
Payroll, Employee Self Service, Manager Self-Service, Business Process Design. Attended PeopleSoft
University classes as follows: Intro to HR, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Payroll for North
PeopleTools I, SQR, Query, Advanced Query & Crystal Reporting.
Technical: Worked in environments using Oracle Databases; MS SQL Server, DB2 and Unix. User of Windows
NT/2000/2005, IBM OS, BEA Tuxedo, BEA WebLogic PeopleSoft Applications: HC
on experience using SDLC methodology.
Software: Excel, Word, MS-Project, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lotus Notes, PeopleSoft HRMS, Ce
Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI, BA in Business Management & Psychology, May 1989
Professional Affiliations
Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM)
American Payroll Association (APA)

Sriram S. Konkipudi

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
and results orient xperience in K-12 Education, Automotive,
and Insurance.

Over eleven years of extensive hands-on e sions, and Pos Go-Live Production
Support. In-depth knowledge of eeds.
Extensive PeopleSoft functional expertise in HCM , eApplications, Benefits Administration), and SCM
(eProcurement, Purchasing, Inventory, Strategic Sour ity.
he Payroll Process to validate the Employee data of Earnings, Benefit and General Deductio
ay Confirm processes and all the related reports. Applied the periodic Tax Updates and managed the Payroll

business requirements, performing
O-BE process documents. Strong analytical and
-solving skills co
End Process Retro Pay FLSA Balance Adjustments
ent Event Maintenance Row Level Security Check Reconciliation Data Mapping
ification Item Vendor Pricing Procure-to-Pay Process Purchasing Contrac
R ment Process Inventory Counts Receiving Cost Accounting Project Management Fit/Gap Analysis
Project Scoping Requirements Determination
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Sri Venkateswara University, India
US Citizen
sional (PMP) Certification (in progress)
HCM, FIN, SCM, PeopleCode, PeopleTools I/II, Informatica, PS Query, HR, Warehouse Bootcamp
yroll Interface, Purchasing, Inventory, GL, AP/AR, eProcurement, Strate
and more)

asing, Inventory, Strategic Sourcing, eSupplier Connection
Talented ed Sr. PeopleSoft Functional Consultant with over sixteen years of industry e
xperience in Peoplesoft P Implementations, Upgrades, Cover
Peoplesoft module configuration to meet the various cross functional business n

(Core HR, Payroll, Time&Labor
cing, eSupplier Connection), EPM 8.8, UPK, and Application Secur

of t ns, and Taxes by Managed the End-to-End testing
running the Paysheet, Pre-Calc, and P
year-end process.

In-depth experience with data mappings, data cross-walks, data conversions from legacy and other source systems to PeopleSoft.

Very adept at presenting innovative ideas and solutions to the CXO level management using state of the art technologies and innovative software
solutions resulting in a substantial cost savings and quicker ROI to the organization.
Strong expertise in the overall Project Management by applying PMI standards. Excellent knowledge in gathering
Fit/Gap Analyses and developing AS-IS process documents, solution design and preparing the T
problem mbined with very effective communication, and interpersonal skills.

In-depth experience in writing ad-hoc SQL, PS-Queries, SQR, and Crystal reports to assist in the Functional Analyses and results validation.


Payroll Process Tax Updates Payroll Year-
Open Enrollm
Data Conversion ts Data Pur
equisitioning & Purchase Orders Inventory Fulfill


MBA in Management Information Systems, Fort Hays State University, Hays,



PMI Project Management Profes
Certified PeopleSoft & BI Training (
(EPM), Application Engine, Benefits, Payroll/Pa gic Sourcing, FDM,
Cognos Certified Training (Cognos Series 7, Impromptu, Framework Manager)

PeopleSoft HCM Human Resources, Base Benefits, North America Payroll, Payroll Interface, Time and Labor, eApplications, Benefits

PeopleSoft SCM eProcurement, Purch

PeopleSoft EPM HCM Warehouse, FDM/SCM Warehouse.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Engine, Workflow Administrator, Integration Broker,
r, Process
2, DB2/400, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Toad, DB-Visualizer,

Management Institute (PMI), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)


sion 8.0 to Version 9.0.
d Job Data. Successfully
ty application hosting and maintenance leading
aining aid for the newly upgraded HCM 8.9.
to Payroll delta changes interface that runs every pay period to load Job Data.
d Data Mapping and Cross-Walks as needed.
were applied accurately
rysler. Led technical resources in developing PeopleSoft
ting and eliminated majority of training costs.
ivity Kit (UPK) implementation for use as training solution for highly custo
osting solution.
oject teams, including technical and
red and delivered presentations and
tation of PeopleSoft 9.0 Purchasing and Inventory module upgrades. Configured Business
(Nov 2003 to Jun 2006)
yroll, and Time & Labor modules to
he application. Coordinated the
plementation of PeopleSoft EPM 8.8 for the HCM and Financial & SCM Data Warehouses.
nvironment: PeopleSoft 8.8 HCM, Payroll, Time&Labor, PeopleSoft EPM 8.8, Peopletools 8.43.x, Unix, Windows2000/NT, Oracle 8.x
Provided functional support, direction and troubleshooting in upgrade tasks. Liaison between functional users and technical developers. Gathered
user requirements, prepared design documents.
Directed and assisted the Payroll department staff on the configuration and setup of the Payroll module.
Analyzed all Payroll reports, tax report and reconciliation reports and directed the retro fit efforts as needed including thorough testing.
Held mapping and data purification workshops for earning and deduction codes.

PeopleSoft Tools: Application Designer, PeopleCode, Application
Application Messaging, Component Interface, Import Manager, Mass Change, Data Move
Scheduler, Security, Tree Manager, Change Assistant, UPK 2.7.5, SQR, PS/Query, Crystal Reports.

Applications: MS Office, Project, Visio, Lotus Notes, Oracle 10g, DB
STAT 5.2.0, Mercury Quality Center 8.0 (Test Director)

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, OS/400, VM/ESA

Hardware: Sun Solaris, IBM-AS/400, IBM RS-6000, IBM Mainframe, PCs, Macintosh



Company: J D M Systems Consultants (Jun 2007 to Pres
ole: Senior Functional Consultant R
Client: Chrysler LLC, Auburn Hills, MI

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 UPK 2.7.5, PeopleTools 8.48.10, IBM AIX, Windows NT/2003 Server, DB2

As a Senior Functional Consultant provided Functional leadership and direction in the upgrade of PeopleSoft HCM from Ver
Conducted workshops and CRPs to present the Functional design for the upgrade of customizations to the Person Model an
integrated the Plant Self Service Kiosk business process into PeopleSoft eliminating the need for third par
to a substantial savings in fees paid to the vendor. Implemented UPK module as a tr

Developed comprehensive functional/technical documentation for the highly customized business process.
Tested the HR
Reviewed the PeopleSoft Tax Update documents to ensure all pre-requisites are fulfilled before applying the Tax Updates
Reviewed table structures in the new version and provide
Coordinated with business to validate the payroll results to ensure the updates
Directed integration of self-service kiosk applications and PeopleSoft for Ch
integration solution.
Saved $500,000 in third-party fees for application hos
As Team Lead, managed User Product mized PeopleSoft
application. Reduced costs by developing h

Company: VEE INC., Southgate, MI (Jun 2006 Jun 20
Role: Project Manager / Functional Lead
Client: California State Automobile Association

Planned and led upgrade and integration of PeopleSoft modules, and server/infrastructure migrations. Supervised pr
system administration resources. Prepared project plans. Involved in defining project scope and definition. Prepa
Co f ence Room Pilots. Designed document templates, and communicated effectively with business customers.

Served as Functional Team Lead on the implemen
Unit and Product related options for both PO and IN modules. Conducted CRPs and workshops to the business users on the new functionality.
As a Project manager for the infrastructure project managed the infrastructure planning and server migration to bring them in house from EDS.
Planned the risk management and mitigation.
Improved productivity and performance levels by streamlining requirements gathering.
Delivered major savings and improved turnaround time.

ompany: J J & Associates, C Detroit MI
Role: Functional/Technical Consultant
Client: Detroit Public Schools/Compuware AMC

As a Functional/Technical Consultant implemented the upgrade of PeopleSoft HCM, Benefits Administration, Pa
Version 8.8 from Version 8.3. Managed the post go-live Production support and ongoing customizations of t


2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Reviewed the year-end process documentation from Pe ary year-end patches and bundles in preparation for W-2s,
1099s etc.
Reviewed the tax updates per schedule and applied them to the database as needed.
staff and the bank to roll out the DDP process for all the employees (before that it was only through a check)

troit MI
Oct 2003)
ategic Sourcing modules. Implemented PeopleSoft
nancials & SCM 8.4, Peopletools 8.43.x, Unix, Windows2000/NT, Oracle 8.x
ration and setup of foundation tables and Vendor security.
training material for the eSupplier Connection module training.
y modules.
cle Count process by conducting workshops and
ng and programming. a creation of a many highly complex SQR reports,
n urity framewor
ff sion testing.
(Mar 2000 to Oct 2001)
Soft HRMS, Ben Payroll from Ver. 7.0 to 8.3. Performed functional and technical fit/gap analysis, regular
testing for user acc and interaction with functional team for customization specifications. Reviewed the
mented customizations to PeopleSoft HRMS v8.3 to facilitate various HR, Benefits,
lead managed the Benefits positive enrollment process.
Core H
Involved in the retro-fit of SQR reports and PS-queries.
he Implementation Team as a liaison for the business users for issues related to the upgrade.
des Pay heet Cre tions, Pay Confirmation and
it data from the Payroll tables to external vendor systems such as Benefits, Employment Verification, Social
sits to Banks etc.,
complex customizations to the Check Printing and distribution, Payroll Register, Check Reversal, Check Reconciliation, and Overtime
Benefits Positive enrollment process for all the employees.
opleSoft and applied the necess

Worked with Payroll dept

Automated the process of Garnishment payments through Accounts Payable by turning on the App messaging process through Integration Broker fo
Friend of the Court, Writs, Tax Levys, and other vendors.
plemented the vendor sync process between Accounts Payable and HR/Payroll. Im
Re-engineered the clients Business Processes and created functional design documents for the Pay Check printing and distribution process.
lped the business in the configuration and set up of control tables for all the other application modules. He
Managed the End-to-End testing of the Payroll Process to validate the Employee data of Earnings, Benefit and General Deductions, and Taxes
running the Paysheet, Pre-Calc, and Pay Confirm processes and all the related reports.
ovided Functional/Technical leadership and mentor Pr ed the implementation and development team members, and knowledge transfer to functional
department resources.

Company: J J & Associates, De
Role: Team Lead / Functional Consultant
Client: Detroit Public Schools / Compuware AMC (Nov 2001 to

As a Team Lead / Functional Consultant was responsible for identifying, understanding, and implementing innovative solutions in the implementation
the PeopleSoft 8.4 Financials & SCM, modules included Purchasing, eProcurement, Inventory, and Str
8.4 Strategic Sourcing and the eSupplier connection modules, and subsequently as a Team lead was responsible for production support.

Environment: PeopleSoft Fi

Performed scoping and fit/gap analysis for the implementation of Strategic Sourcing and eSupplier Connection.
Responsible for module configu
Worked with the training team to develop external Vendor
As a team lead managed the conversion and setup of a new warehouse in the Inventory module.
Provided project plan, timeline and resource requirements at a detailed level.
Streamlined the Textbook Annual Order Processing in eProcurement, Purchasing, and Inventor
Provided the Warehouse management with the functional expertise in executing the Physical and Cy
planning m
ve De loped specifications and guidelines for data mappi M naged the
t the business PS/Queries, and interfaces to mee requirements.
Analyzed security requirements a d implemented application sec k.
e Coordinated the overall testing ort including system, parallel and regres

Company: J J & Associates, Detroit MI
are Consultant Role: Team Lead / Senior Softw
Client - Detroit Public Schools/Compuware AMC

vo In lved in the upgrade of People efits, and
h with the end users, eptance, walk-throug
functional and technical design specification documents and imple
, and Payroll functionality and processing. As team Time & Labor

t: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.3, HR, Benefits, Payroll, Time & Labor, Windows NT, AIX and Oracle 7.3

Involved in configuring and setting up the foundation tables for the R, Payroll, and Self-service modules.
Worked with t
Production Support for monthly Payroll processes, which inclu s ation, Preliminary and Final Calcula
Printing the Paychecks and reconciliatio
Customized interface programs to transm
Security Administration, and Direct Depo
Report SQR programs.
Involved in setting up the PeopleSoft Payroll setup tables like Earnings, Savings Plans, General /Benefit Deductions etc.
Customized the Payroll posting interface to Financial General Ledger application.
Customized the PeopleSoft Leave Accrual Process as per Business requirements, which runs every pay period.
Created a SQR to load Incentives, Awards and Bonus into the Pay Earnings table after Pay sheets are created
Worked with the business to successfully complete the

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Vamshi Krishna

Professional Summary
PeopleSoftTechnoFunctionalconsultantwith7+ yearsofexperienceinPeopleSoftHRMS(globalPayroll,PayrollforNorthAmerica,Base


Involvedintechnofuncti onalanalysis,gatheringuserrequirements,projectdevelopment,troubleshooting

PeopleTools PeopleCode
Application Engine File Layout Component Interface
ject Se
Integration Br
Production Support
Trouble Shooting Workflow
L Data Mover nVision
PeopleSoft HRMS/ELM (9.0, 8.9, 8.8, 8.3, 8.x, 7.x)
Application Designer
Security Administrator Ob curity Portal
Tree Manager oker SQR
PS Query Crystal Reports
Performance Tuning
Windows 2000, 2003, NT UNIX
Oracle 11g/10g/ 9i/8/7.x MS SQL Server DB/2
CoreHRBaseBenefits Payroll TAM/eRecruit
BenefitsAdmin Time&Labor CandidateGateway eperformance

Work Experience
HewlettPackard,NJ June08Current

Developed an SQR to calculate the Time Taken for Requisitions to be filled. This includes the internal as well as external postings and
Modified existing offer letter report formats and developed XML Publisher reports using PS query.
Designed and developed client specific reports (C-2 form, C-11 form, Provisional report, Board report) using XML Publisher and application
engine process.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
portan stomiz theDive rthebusinessneeds.
involvingComponentInterfaces to9.0.
DesignedanddevelopedtheJobRequisitionRe dcu ed rsityofHiresreportaspe
gineprograms asapartoftheupgrade DevelopedandCustomizedAppEn


CityCollegesofChicagoIL June07Mar08
Responsible to perform enhancements to HCM
/Payroll/Benefits and Campus Solutions (Student Admin/Records, Financial Aid, Student
team meeting in defining system settings, document types, rating models and performance criterias for the
nt Records,
Worked on Campus Solutions (Student Records, Student Admin) for the SA team and developed complex logic driven SQRs to
Extensively involved in
Technical design specs, program coding/debugging, unit testing, system testing, user acceptance testing in Financial Aid, Stude
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
This includes the internal as well as external postings and

Developed an SQR to calculate the Time Taken for Requisitions to be filled.

Developed Custom Time and Labor Reports which included Compare Reports, which were extensively used while transferring data from a
lI SetupEmployerMatchandsentappropriatedeductioninformationforeachpayrollcycleacrosstoADPusingPayrol

FedEx,Memphis,TN Nov06April07
o the PS_SAVINGS_PLAN and PS_GENL_DEDUCTION table with appropriate PreTax, AfterTax, CatchUp employee
for check printing / advice form printing specific to client
Resolvedt issuewhereBenefi OpenEn ntpa fServicewas wingth stsasa rpayperiod.
and UNIX
plans and load them int
Modified delivered XML Publisher templates PYCHKUSA and PYADVUSA
he ts rollme geinSel sho eco nnualizedinsteadofpe
Program. ChangedtheSelfServiceConfi

Environment: PeopleSoft HCM 8.9 (HR /Payroll/Benefits) PeopleTools 8.46, SQR, DB2,
StateFarmInsurance,OH June05toOct06
Involved in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS, Payroll, Benefits and benefits administration
Involved in Building and managing a comprehensive benefits system tailored to the particular needs of the organization, from automated
aintenance, enrollment and billing and Comprehensive
esign requirements and extensively used PeopleCode (Record PeopleCode,
ne validation and to implement the business rules.
sed Data mover to export / import data from the PeopleSoft tables to the data files
e Com Inte face to integrate, val leSoft payroll tables
sses and Objects to accommodate new customizations to meet Business requirements
ng batch process by efficiently tuning the complex SQLs and bringing down the running time
ely involved in generating workflow notifications and emails routing to the correct destinations by defining the roles and rules
enrollment and billing to the selection of multiple benefit programs. Automatic event m
Reporting and Analysis.
Created / modified various Crystal Reports based on PS Queries.
Developed online objects using Application Designer as per the d
Application Engine PeopleCode and CI PeopleCode) for the onli
Extensively used integrating tools lik ponent r idate and load data into the Peop
Modified and added new PeopleCode by using new Cla
SQRreport ModifiedtheDentalplan
Fine tuned the long runni
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Involved in Fit-gap and Business process reengineering and end user training.
pleSoft business processes and
Provided functional assessment for current Peo
recommended improvements for processing in 8.9 environments and also Conducted
the developed application and created ripts and test cases for the Unit Testing and System Testing
Unit tested test sc

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 (HR / Payroll/Benefits) PeopleTools 8.45, SQR, Oracle 9i, Windows NT / 2000.
WinnDixie,FL Sep04Mar05

and configuration of Time Collection Devices (TCD) to help employees report time through Time clocks into the PeopleSoft
rts for Various Payroll Data including Paycheck data, deduction, Earnings, Balance Data, Employee work hrs by
loped the HR, Benefit, Wage verification statements.
pleCode to implement the business rules and to validate the data entry process
Resolution of Pay calculation, Pay confirmation and Benefits administration issues/abends.
Involved in setup
Time and labor system.
Customization of SQR Repo
Employee and Location
Designed and deve
Wrote Peo


BJs,MA Jan03Aug04
Involved in PeopleSoft Upgrade (7.58 to 8.3/8.8) (HRMS, Payroll, Benefits and Benefits Administration, Time & Labor, e-Compensation, e-
Pay, e-Recruitment, e-Benefits).
Core member of upgrade team (7.58->8.3 and 8.3->8.8) and provided feedback and document customization to help in future upgrades
of the system.
Prepared and analyzed the Compare Reports to identify the customizations done to version 7.58 panels, panel groups and menus.
Identifying customizations to the underlying tables - new fields and indices.
Modifying, converting and testing panels, panel groups, People Code and menus.
Compare PeopleSoft Version 7.58 Reports Vs Version 8.3/8.8 and change accordingly.
Using the Upgrade Assistant, modifying and running numerous Application Engine programs in the upgrade process
Involved in creating DDD (Data Definition Documents), TDD (Technical Design Docs), Mappings by analyzing the BRDS (Business
Requirement docs) delivered by functional experts.
Involved in gathering & defining requirements, overall scope definition in terms of functional & technical requirements, legacy system
integration, testing and debugging.
Extensively worked on Component, Data Buffer classes, Scroll buffer classes, Grid classes, Rowsets to modify the behavior of panels
Involved in organizing the Payroll Process using Pay Groups, Pay Calendars, and Pay Run Ids. Also created pay sheets used to deposit data
required for employees pay calculations for each pay period.
Worked with Component Interfaces and Business Interlinks.
Creating process definitions and groups for process schedulers to run the SQR Reports
Developed and implemented a comprehensive custom purge script to clean up eleven Database tables and various logs/traces generated by
Application Server, Process Scheduler, Web Server, and Application Engine by setting up the time limit as 45 days.
Developing and customizing existing Reports per End user/Client requirements using reporting tools SQR, Crystal Reports, and PS/nVision.


HartfordFinancialServices,CT May02Nov03
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

ModifiedaTuitionExemptionSQRReport,whichwoul ngwiththeemployeeinformation.
Technical Developer for HCM Campus Solutions/Student Admin modules.
Involved in designing the technical and functional specifications for all the process changes with the new release for the upgrade process.
sis between business process and Financial Aid .
Involved in generating Security and Auditing Reports in Student Records, Student Financials , Recruiting and Admissions Modules.
run daily tasks at a specific time, or to run processes recursively at a specific interval.

Tribune,IL Jan02Apr02
Did fit gap analy

Submitted several processes to the Process Scheduler to

he changes required by the users and tested successfully before it is moved to
ificationsfor zati nofPeopleSoft
) Tools 8.42, Oracle 9i, W
Involved in the development of online
elivered application as per t
objects using Application Designer as per the design require
Customized the PeopleSoft d
eSQLerrorsoccurredintheonline ExtensivelyusedSQLTrace/PeopleCodeTraceextensivelytodebugth
heparameters CreatedseveralRuncontrolpageswhereusercaninputt
orsoccurred Effectivelyworkedonresolvingthepayrollerr
Documenteduserrequirementsanddevelopedspec customi o HRMS.
Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8(HR, Benefits, ESS/MSS

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www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Vani B. Row

Over 12 years experience with PeopleSoft HCM; led implementation teams; post implementation production support; developed Implementation strategy;


extensive PeopleSoft knowledge; entire implementation life-cycle.
About 16 years of work experience as a business analyst with an MBA degree; 15+ PeopleSoft implementations. Worked with most Big 4 Consulting

ecent Higher Education implemen R

US Citizen.

Summary of Skills and Tools

Experience with Global rollouts.
Fit-Gap analysis, analysis of customizations and design of functional and technical specifications.
PeopleSoft Self-service Applications.
rts, nVision.
Project Management skills.
Strong Payroll, Recruiting Solutions, Self-Service Applications, Benefits Administration.
PeopleSoft, PeopleTools, Peoplecode, SQR, Security, Application Engine, Crystal Repo
Strong SQL, Microsoft Project, Excel, Access , Word and PowerPoint.
Mentoring of Junior Technical Staff and user community.
Strong communication and presentation skills.

Professional Experience

crat Technologies, Las Vegas, NV & Sydney, Australia 01/09 Current
eopleSoft Core HCM, Benefits Administration, Payroll 9.0

plemented the Test Plan.

olumbia University, New York, NY 05/08 12/08
ade from 8.8 to 9.0 Defined detailed scenarios, scripts and
conditions for all end to end processes for both delivered functionality and customizations including multiple interfaces. including Manager Self-Service.
Defined new scenarios for the Person Model and Profile Management. Defined detailed plan for scripts creation and execution plan for Functional,
Performance and Parallel Testing. Testing for rollout of ePerformance with upgrade.

Defined test strategy, created scenarios, conditions and scripts. Testing and communication of 75+ interfaces with external systems for integration
including and post UAT, Parallel Testing, Mock Go-live , Go-live and Post production support..

Idaho National Labs, Idaho Falls, ID 06/07 Current
PeopleSoft Core HCM and Recruiting Solutions 8.9
As Functional Lead, led the upgrade effort from PeopleSoft 8.8 to 8.9 for Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway. Led the Business
Process Sessions, Fit Gap Sessions, effort estimation and prioritization for customizations, modifications to upgrade scripts, provided the table setup
structure, configuration, created the test plan and executed with test conditions, test scripts and test scenarios, go-live and post-production support.
Provided knowledge transfer through structured Demos, test scripts and training.
Complex implementation involving multiple databases inside and outside the firewall requiring consistent synchronization and Applicant IDs from
multiple databases in 8.8. Provided a batch schedule for delivered and custom processes in all databases. Change management, training and post
HR Functional Lead for a Global Implementation across 12 countries. Scoping, estimation and planning of the project Fit Gap, Module Selection,
Configuration, Design, Interfaces, Conversion and Integration Testing with HR, Benefits and Payroll. Created and im
PeopleSoft Core HCM, Base Benefits, Payroll 9.0

As Test Lead, developed the Test Planning Strategy and detailed Test Plan for the HCM Upgr
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
roduction support for the new processes introduced including screening and referral programs. Additional changes included modification of the
delivered approval process through configuration using the Approval Workflow Engine.

cements d rollout of new functionality referral pr sing, in ents to other modules.
Partners Healthcare, Boston, MA 10/07 11/07
e HCM, Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway
ston College, Boston, MA 06/07 10/07

3 Test plans, cutover plan and
hange management efforts for the upgrade, Support of UAT and go-live efforts for the Upgrade.
including configuration for old and new templates. Identified and resolved issues with upgraded
ta, attachments, applicant logins for existing applicants and compliance related issues.


As Solution Architect for Accenture, designed a custom solution for Planned Action Report using functionality from PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions
er Desktop, Recruit Workforce, eProfile and eCompensation Manager Desktop.
nalyzed designed and managed the build of customizations impacting the Benefits processes. Identified, documented and reviewed Test scenarios,
conditions an
Post implementation support, enhan an oces tegration with enhancem

PeopleSoft Cor
Subject Matter Expert for special troubleshooting issues for a heavily customized TAM/CG implementation across 12 Business Units, including multiple
SetIDs and Site IDs with several customizations. Provided the table setup structure, created the test plan with conditions, scripts and scenarios
provided guidance for the execution.

Resolved issues with conversion data and identified gaps specific to the healthcare requirements and restrictions for Manage Applicant, Scr
Duplicate Applicant processing, modification of conversion scripts and compliance for OFCCP.

PeopleSoft Core HCM, Payroll, Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway
Audited the configuration for the upgrade of Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate Gateway (eRecruit 8.9) from 8.

Accountability for testing and setup for all upgraded data

City of New York, New York, NY 05/06 05/07
eopleSoft Core HCM, eRecruit, ESS and MSS
8.8 eRecruit, eRecruit Manag

d scripts for integration test for Job related processes and Benefits processes.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Miami-Dade County, Miami, FL 09/05 04/06
hodology. Business Process Re-engineering and Fit-Gap Analysis for the countys recruiting processes for over 50 county
50+ users across multiple departme consensus. Config setup and
fe-cycle creating Job Openings, Job Postings, Applicant experience, ches, Screening
processes for minimum qualifications and preferences, applicant interview, selection, job offer and hire process. As part of configuration, setup
templates, accomplishments, competencies and notifications. Incorporated additional
nctionality to meet needs of bargaining units, layoff procedures, Veterans Preference. Worked with Oracle customer connection.
plementation of Position Management. Customizations to leverage the functionality of the new Person model in 8.9. Setup of foundation tables, job
sala salary grades and step. M, CG and ePerformance.
t, Compe
n Designer and PeopleCode.
ffshore Technical Manager in India for the HRMS and Benefits Administration upgrade from 8.0 to 8.9. One of the largest logistics management
ompanies with the world. Structuring of the upgrade project plan using a Global Delivery Model. Upgrade planning for databases, copies of production,
application of upgrade scripts. Design and planning for retro-fitting of customizations for SQRs and online modifications.
Unique setup for drivers, benefit programs, benefits plans, eligibility and event rules for this employee population. Customizations in place to
e. Setup of eBenefits as a part of the upgrade.
tation. About 500,000 applications a year; 145,00 phase involved improving Business
ed closely with the user experience team. Requisition management from
nts, wrote specifications; developed and implemented the test plan.
03/04 08/04
Respon for A lysis, dev opment, sting and tina the largest roll-out of
ed in multiple regions and countries for this roll-out while maintaining

PeopleSoft Core HCM and Recruiting Solutions 8.9

Structured Met
unctional lead for implementation of Core HRMS, Talent Acquisition and Candidate Gateway (eRecruit 8.9) for the Miami-Dade County using a
departments. Led user sessions with nts and varying priorities to achieve uration,
design for the entire recruitment li from Job and Applicant Sear
Job Profiles. Designed customized approval routing and

code tables, rate code tables, ry plans, Extensive analysis of competencies for use between TA
Design of Business Processes for Recruitmen nsation and Testing for the same.

Configuration and setup of Workflow for Recruitment. Online modifications using Applicatio

CNF Worldwide 04/05 08/05
HCM and Benefits Administration Upgrade 8.0 to 8.9


facilitate the processing for the sam

Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA 09/04 04/05
PeopleSoft HCM 8.3 eRecruit

Phase II of largest eRecruit implemen 0 employees. This
Processes for better user experience for internal and external users. Work
Manager and Recruiter function. Defined Business and Functional Requireme

Citigroup Latin America, Fort Lauderdale, FL
PeopleSoft HRMS 8.3, Base Benefits

Lead for Argentina Modifications sible na el te delivery of modifications for Argen
a 18 country implementation. Co-ordination with teams and users locat
standardization with other implementations world-wide.

This implementation included customizations to facilitate the unique benefits for some of the Latin American countries including government provided
benefits and child-care. Setup of benefit programs and benefit plans to accommodate these requirements.

Production Support for Latin America.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
niversity of Rochester and Strong Medical Center, Rochester, NY 11/03 - 03/04
stration, & Labor, Payro

cruit, eBenefits, ePay, eCompensation and eDevelopment. Workflow for the self-
s. Setup security - roles, permission lists for the implementation. Fit-gap from a workflow perspective.
esigned and developed workflow solutions for the implementation.
nefit Administration for edical, Dental or the eBenefits setup
06/03 - 10/03
equirements gathering and Fit Gap Analysis for the eRecruit and Recruit workforce module, mapped current business processes to PeopleSoft business
ltiple sys ms mana aged the Project plan for the Analysis
iageo Plc, Stamford, CT
modules e events for eBenefits and testing for the
r these modules. Workflow and security followed by
10/02 - 3/03
tion for Medical, Dental, Life and Disability; led Fit-gap sessions; requirements
nalysis; mapped current business processes to PeopleSoft business processes, Table setup and configuration of the control tables for Base Benefits,

Established the rchitected Security adminstration.
roduction support for PeopleSoft Financials; process improvement projects, implementation for remote locations and end-user training. Managed
inistration Release 7.5 and 8.0
ment. Fit-Gap for Self-service
ntified functionality required and tailored the
eopleSoft. Worked on the set-up and implementation of eRecruit for Internal Applicants. Designed
d Security Clearances.
ices, co-ordinated testing teams of 30 individuals located
d executed them. Worked on Reporting requirements from PeopleSoft versus the Data Warehouse.
PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 - HR, Benefits Admini Time ll, eRecruit
Setup for the Multi-lingual Self-service applications - eProfile, eRe
service applications and also the base module

Configuration and setup of eBenefits for Be M and Life plans. Testing of Event Maintenance f

Capital One, Richmond, VA
PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 - eRecruit, Recruit Workforce

processes. Analysis of functional needs to be met by mu te ging a large recruiting machine. Man

D 04/03 - 06/03

eopleSoft HRMS 8.3 - eProfile, eBenefits, ePay, eCompensation, and Manager Desktop P

equirements gathering, fit-gap analysis for self-service using a custom portal. Setting up of several lif R
same through Event Maintenance in the Benefits Administration module. Setup and configuration fo
ripts. development of test plan and writing test sc

ord Motor Company, Detroit, MI F
PeopleSoft HRMS - Base Benefits and Benefits Administration 8.

Functional Analysis for the Base Benefits and Benefits Implementa
Benefit Administration and eBenefits Setup of the benefit programs and benefit plans; development of functional specifications. Worked on the Project
plan for Benefit related deliverables. Extensive customizations to meet the union requirements.

Tropical Shipping, West Palm Beach, FL 03/02 - 09/02
PeopleSoft HRMS - HR, Benefits Administration, Payroll 7.5 and 8.3
eopleSoft Financials - GL, AP, Purchasing, Inventory, AR, Asset Management P

RMS 8 Upgrade - Fit gap analysis and retro-fitting of customizations. security schema with the re-a H
Implemented and retro-fitted Employee Self-service and Manager Self-service. Designed and developed a customized solution for e-timesheets. Used
PeopleTools, SQR, Crystal, Application Engine, nVision, workflow for the above. Also, retrofitting the customizations for a database migration from
Oracle to SQL Server. Managed user testing for the application.

projects for Process improvement.

The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA 07/01 - 02/02
PeopleSoft HRM, Benefits Adm

Heavily customized PeopleSoft Application; upgrade from Release 7.5 to 8.0, Fit-Gap analysis, design and develop
applications for PeopleSoft 8.0 - eRecruit, eProfile, eBenefits and ePay. Determined requirements, ide
adaptations to an already customized application of P
customizations to accomodate requirements on account of Unions an

Team Lead for specific processes within the organization for entire United States Boeing off
nationwide. Delivered testing plans an
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Housecall Medical Resources, Knoxville, TN 07/00 - 06/01

PeopleSoft HRMS - HR, Benefits Administration and Payroll 7.5
PeopleSoft Financials AP and GL 7.5

Team lead for HR post implementation production support. Resolved issues with Payroll in production; streamlined solutions to meet user needs. Payroll
check reconciliation, Interfaces to the third party benefit administrators and Interfaces from the Timekeeper systems.

Adventist Health Systems, Orlando, FL 08/99 - 06/00

PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5 - HR, Benefits, Time & Labor, Payroll, EPM.
PeopleSoft Financials 7.5 - GL, AP, Purchasing, Inventory.

Developed implementation strategy to ensure standardization across this mu ospital business group while allowing each unit to maintain operational
independence. Defined project requirements; drew work plans. Defined the S Ds, Business Units and department structures.

Budget Rent-A-Car Corporation, Orlando, Florida. 01/99 - 07/99
PeopleSoft Financials 7.5 - Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Billing.

Lead for the Billing team - Design al Billing Systems.

Set-up of foundation tables for th s. Designed solutions to meet
requirements, developed specific iness Processes to eliminate /
substitute custom development w

Seminole County Public Schools, Orlando, Florida. 08/98 - 12/98

PeopleSoft HRMS 7.0 for E&G - HR, Base Benefits, Budget Encumbrance and Payroll Modules.
PeopleSoft Financials 7.0 for E&G - GL.

Configuration, mapping, set-up and population populations. Lead Designer for solutions to
meet regulatory requirements - data to the Florid

ational Car Rental, Fort Lauderdale, Florid
eopleSoft HRMS 7.0 - HR, Benefits and Payroll Modules
eopleSoft Financials 7.0 - General Ledger and Accounts Payable

Configuration, mapping and design of the Payroll to GL Interfaces. Automated garnishment payments generated from payroll by designing and developing
an interface to pass payment vouchers to Accounts Payable Analysis and design of reports.

Ryder Communications, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 06/96 - 04/97

As Business Analyst, developed user specifications and requirements for software development utilizing Microsoft products; developed applications
utilizing Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and 4.0 with Access and Oracle as back-end databases. Crystal Reports 5.0 was used as a Reporting Tool.Worked on
Quotation Processing Systems, Order Taking Systems, Program generation wizards and Account Management Systems.

ICRA Limited, New Delhi, India - A Corporate debt rating agency. 05/94 - 12/95

As Analyst, assigned ratings to corporate bonds. Similar to analysis by Standard & Poors/Moodys, studied business operations and analyzed operating
performance and industry statistics to determine growth prospects of company; Analyzed financial statements and cash flows of previous years; Created
financial models to assess the sensitivity of future financial projections.

Ernst & Young, Bangalore, India 06/93 - 04/94

As Consultant, worked on market research, project feasibility studies, mergers, acquisitions, financial and organizational restructuring; developed financial
models to analyze variation in return of investments; valuation of stock; recommended strategies on investment / divestment of assets; utilized Lotus 1-2-3
for developing financial models.

Education and Training


and Development of Interfaces - Both Inbound and Outbound Interfaces to and from Extern
e multinational with several business units with various businesses and multiple currencie
ations for these solutions involving the Rental Agreement. Identified redundancies in Bus
ith delivered functionality thereby conserving Project resources in terms of cost and time.

of foundation tables. Managed conversion effort for specific
a government Department of Education.
a. 05/98 - 07/98 N


Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. 1993
(Rated as one of the top Business Schools in Asia)

Bangalore University, Bangalore, India. 1991
BS (Physics, Math and Electronics)
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Campus Solutions

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m


pus Community, Student Admissions, and Contributor
onality with their HRMS, Campus Solutions, and Financials
rade Assistance
ft Financials
- End user training / UPK
- Communication Generation XML Publisher / 3Cs
ributor Relations, Admissions, Student Financials, Campus Community, Enterprise Portal, CRM, and UPK
dvancement) since 1999.
ership processing, Giving Club processing.
- Joint Communication, 3Cs, and Communication Generation for Contributor Relations.
tudent Financials
n new functionality and how it would be best suited for their environ
implementation and discussed possible are
mplemented various Tuition Group policies, utilizing a variety of criteria and equations to lessen the data entry by staff
multiple cashiering locations with various rules for cahiers

models for implementation
- Created load processes for TS-189 structured information
- Created a complete auto evaluation process for incoming freshmen
- Designed and implemented a multi-career security matrix to segment out users
CRM for Higher Education
- Configuration of Online Marketing and Marketing functionality
- Setup donor solicitation campaigns
- Setup retention initiatives
- Setup recruiting and admission solicitation.

C.J Tibbs

Peak Performance Technologies February 2009

- Functional lead for Campus Solutions implementation
- Post production support and testing of Enterprise Portal, Student Financials, Cam
Relations (all version 9.0)
- Helped clients leverage Portal functi
- Fit Gap Analysis
- Project Management / Upg
- Integration between Contributor Relations and PeopleSo
- Student Financial Item Type Setup for Contributor R

Oracle January 2007 February 2009
Higher Education Consultant
Certified in Cont

Contributor Relations
- Worked with clients after reviewing their alumni advancement / fundraising practices on different models for im
- Been heavily involved with Contributor Relations (formerly known as A
- Worked with beta schools for Contributor Relations such as SMU and Cornell.
- Setup all integration between PeopleSoft Financials General Ledger and Contributor Relations.
- Configured Gift and Pledge processing, Memb
- Relationship setup and configuration

- Worked with clients to help explai ments
- Trained clients on best practice for as for workflow improvements
- Designed and i
- Set-up item types for all classifications with links to GL interface
- Created a wide range of waiver policies to offset tuition and make exception processing smoother
- Designed and set-up cashiering functionality using the system variables to define
and drawer functions
- Created student payment plans and 3
party contracts.
- Set-up and ran credit history processing and collections. Defined communications to collection agencies and past due students.
- Fit Gap / Project Planning

- Worked with clients after reviewing their admissions/recruiting practices on different
- Set-up various examples for review of search/match functionali
- Set-up admissions rules
- Created various 3C flows for different triggered events

- Setup integration betwee and Campus Community
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
CedarCrestone 2003 - January 2007
With more than 20 years of successful engagements wit oup is a global leader in technology visioning,
nalytics, strategy and implementation.
d Enterprise Portal
les and requirements.
- Development of all end user training and materials

IBER Enterprise Solutions Dallas TX December 2002 to September 2003
ternet strategy and development, complete life cycle system
er quotation thr
best pr
- Functional lead for
o December 2002
Manager Role
g options and identifying and selecting a ERP solution that would meet management's goals (PeopleSoft)
fulltime staff/consultants
- Managed application of Patches and fixes
- Lead cross-functional project teams using leadership, communication, negotiation skills.
- Created and delivered over 30 presentations to executive committees and the Board of Trustees
- Initiated and managed a complete disaster recovery initiative accomplished complete system recovery in under 12 hours
the implementation of those specifications..
- Co-wrote Fit/gap analysis for all systems
- Led audit on Access controls and security on all PS systems
zed, established, and executed tasks and milestones through interaction with the client.
h the world's leading enterprises, The Cedar Gr

ni Se or Consultant
plementations of Contributor Relations, CRM, Admissions an - Functional Lead for PeopleSoft im
- Set up the interfaces from Contributor relations, bookstore, food services and other 3
party applications
- Developed self service PeopleSoft Portal for Student Admissions, Student Records, faculty, and staff.
- Created custom Enterprise Portal pagelets.
- PeopleSoft Portal security
- Integrated PeopleSoft Portal with other PeopleSoft modules and 3
party systems.
- Setup online giving through Contributor Relations via Enterprise Portal.
- Functional design and implementation of security model ru
- 3Cs / Communication Generation
- Fit Gap
- End User Training / U
- Project management

CIBER, Inc. is a leading international, e-business integrator, providing IT services for In
m cust oug integration (fro om h cash collection), with superior value-priced services for both private and government sector clients.

- Assisted and contributed to multiple sales presentations and engagements
- Designed and cted the communications for business intelligence and business management processes.
new - Created actices for methodologies in IT business processes.
- Conducted n s presentations communicating new best practices.
PeopleSoft Implementations of Contributor Relations, Student Admissions, and Student Financials
- Fit G
uppo - Upgrade assistance / Post Production S rt

innacle Paradise Inc. September 1999 t P

- Assisted in assessin
- Managed of staff of 4-18
- Managed the implementation of PeopleSoft Contributor Relations and Financials
- Managed multiple upgrades of PeopleSoft systems (HRMS, Contributor Relations, and Financials)
- Analyzed existing business processes, identifying areas for process improvement, and guiding the business in the establishment of effective and
efficient business practices
- Partnered with the user community to identify their business requirements, produced functional specifications and design documents, and lead

- Created and communicated rollout for Contributor Relations Self Service initiative
- Facilitated weekly status meetings with staff and management
- Proficient with MS Project/Office/Visio/WebEx
- Analy

The University of Texas at Austin May 2000

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Uday Bagampalli

10 years of Business and IT Project Management and Information Technology Systems experience.
10 years of PeopleSoft Experience.
Consult in the areas of Business and IT Strategy, Technical Architecture, and Business Strategy and Operations supporting many aspects of complex
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (B) Systems.
Managed multiple projects as Project Manager, Advisor, Functional Lead and Technical Manager.
In depth knowledge of Business Processes and Systems supporting Financial Management, Human Capital Management, and Student
Developed various cost benefit models and project metrics to better assist clients in making decisions for best return on investment.
Detail knowledge of software design life cycle (SDLC)
Deep knowledge of government and private procurement cycles
Developed complex procurement proposals
Lead sales support efforts
One Year experience in Developing Simulation Models for optimized supply chain.


p O erating Systems: UNIX AIX, UNIX Solaris, Windows NT/2000/20
Languages: Java, JavaScript, C, Visu
l Basic .Net, Visual Basic, HTML, VB Script, SQL, PL/SQL.
nt Administration, HRMS, Financials and Enterprise Portal
Application Designer, Performance Monitor, Upgrade Assistant, Change Assistant, Application Engine, XML Publisher,
Web Servers: Weblogic, WebSphere, IIS.
Application Servers: PeopleSoft Application Server, Brio Intelligent Server, WebCT
Psoft Applications: PeopleSoft Stude
Other Applications: WebCT, Blackboard, BRIO, Data Stage, Active Directory, Sun One Directory Server
REN Server, Integration Broker, Application Messaging, Security, Tree Manager, Query, Business Interlinks, Component
Interface, PeopleCode.
Testing Tools: SQA Robot, Mercury Quick Test and WinRunner.
PeopleSoft Versions: PeopleSoft HRMS/TL 5.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.8, 8.9, 9.0
PeopleSoft Student/CR 7.5, 7.6, 8.0, 8.9, 9.0
PeopleSoft Financials 7.0, 7.5, 8.4, 8.8, 9.0
PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.4, 8.8, 8.9, 9.0
PeopleSoft EPM 8.4, 8.8, 8.9


DIVYA CONSULTING INC. Boston, MA Oct 05 Present
Capella University, Arizona State University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Northern Arizona University, Brandeis University, Syracuse
University, Rhode Island College, Wesleyan University, Maryland Institute College of Art, University of Maryland University College, Westchester
Community College, Bringham Young University-Idaho.
Project Management, PeopleSoft Advisor, Functional Lead, Functional Specialist, Proposal Development, PeopleSoft Architect, Advisor, Upgrade
Specialist, PeopleSoft Administrator, Security Administrator, Database Administrator, Tuning Specialist, Conversion Specialist, Systems Integrator.
Purchasing and developing new business processes to automate and streamline their current business processes. Also designed and built a custom
budget preparation system. Also integrated with student, HR and other third party systems.
Currently acting as lead Financial Aid business analyst overlooking all analyst functions and assisting client on day to day financial aid challenges.
This includes identifying gaps associated with implementing FA for a for online school with unique requirements.
m between FA Common Line, Student Financials and GL. This process tracks
transaction from end to end ( From Bank to Roster to FA/SF to GL).




Successfully upgraded PeopleSoft financials from 7.5 to 9.0. This process involved upgrading 7.5 to 8.4 and then to 9.0. Sole consultant in various
capacities from planning to managing to functional and technical leads. This process involved reconfiguring Commitment Control, GL, AP and

Successfully resolved multiple Financial Aid configuration and business process issues for a client who went live with Financial Aid. Process
involved evaluating their current processes developing different ways of accomplishing same with minimal and more efficient ways. Also helped
with production support related to Financial Aid.
Designed, Developed and Implemented complex reconciliation syste
In the process of Upgrading Student from 8.1 to 9.0. Going live on July 21st.
Successfully upgraded 2 HR/SA 9.0 and 4 HR/SA 8.9 from 8.1x and 1 Financials 8.8 to 9.0. Acted in different roles from project manager to
functional lead to technical lead.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
stems from State to local campus.
m recent implementation. This includes, but not limited to bad setup, Streamlining business process
menting pre existing external class/course catalog into PeopleSoft self service add/swap/search features.
olvement module with some customizations.
nt control and Integration with other financials modules.
version of data from their legacy system. Implemented in phase by phase approach.

Integrated HR/CR/SF with PeopleSoft Financials. This also includes real time chartfield update, allocations of gifts, real time validation of Chartfield
nd other
in multiple roles from project management, PeopleSoft System Administrator, and Functional Analyst for Student, HR and Financial
modules, technical analyst, security administrator and Integration broker specialist.
Performed FIT/GAP analysis at a major university to recommend if PeopleSoft is a viable solution for their student and HRMS applications.
Designed, developed and implemented PeopleSoft integration broker messaging with different third party systems.
Successfully upgraded Student/HRMS/CR upgrade from 8SP1 to 8.9 at multiple clients. This includes developing project plan, Functional Planning,
llation, upgrade using change assistant, Fit/Gap analysis, functional assistance for student records,
admissions, advising, student financials, financial fid, contributor relations, HR, payroll, benefits. I was lone consultant assisting client on all roles.
Assisted in financials year end closing by helping in setup, reports, identifying issues, and developing procedures to reconcile data.
Major cleanup of Grants/Project Costing/Contracts/Billing/AR data to recreate data which was deleted and corrupted by buggy PeopleSoft process
and manual intervention. This process involved complex methods to streamline grants, contracts, projects, commitment control, GL, AP, PO, AR and
Contracts, Proposal Management, Billing, AR, GL, Commitment Control,
Assisting and training PeopleSoft architecture team on architecture, upgrades, configuration and tuning.
al and Technical team in actual upgrade, setup, conversion, development.
nning and strategizing on when and how to merge Student and HRMS.
Successfully performed year end closing.
ration and develop nVision Reports.
PMG CONSULTING INC. Boston, MA Nov 98 Oct05
Syracuse University, Cablevision, Rhode Island College, Mass bay Community College, Red Cross, Campbell Soup, Vlasic Pickles, Gillette
Company, University Maryland University College, Westchester Community College, Maryland Institute Of College and Arts, Salem State College

Project Manager, PeopleSoft Architect, Functional Lead, Technical Lead, Portal Architect, Advisor, Upgrade Specialist, PeopleSoft Administrator,
Database Administrator, Tuning Specialist, Data Warehouse Architect, Conversion Specialist, Systems Integrator, Developer, Report Writer,
Functional Analyst, Testing Coordinator, and Proposal Coordinator.

Managed multiple projects overseeing the project in all aspects which included Project Management, Technical and Functional details.
Extensive Knowledge of all PeopleSoft HRMS, Student Administration, Financials and Enterprise Portal modules from both Technical and
Functional Perspectives. Worked in Every role from last 8years in all modules.
Advised and performed cost benefit and fit/gap analysis of moving certain administrative sy
Successfully upgraded PeopleSoft Student and HRMS from 8.9 to 9.0.
Developing a project plan to implement AR/BI and additional post award sponsored project modules. Client is already live with Pre and certain post
award fu
Managed multiple upgrades to success at major universities.
Functional/Technical Lead for Student Financials, Financials Aid and Student Records for multiple upgrades. Assisted in configuring new 8.9 and
9.0 functionality and developing test scripts for upgrade.
Assisting client with Financial Aid issues fro
from loans to awards, Equation Engine,etc.
Lead in designing and imple
In the process of implementing additional functionality in CR, including Prospect management and streamlining whole communication process to
suit client ne
Migrating self service involvement from third party system to use PeopleSoft CR/Inv
Detail functional knowledge in all student admin, CR, core HR and some financials modules with multiple implementations and upgrades acting as
Project Manager to Functional lead.
Successfully implemented time and labor module at a university.
Implemented pre-award and post-award process in PeopleSoft grants/contracts/project costing and AR/BI modules. This also included streamlining
their business process (especially in Cost sharing) to commitme
Successfully implemented Contributor Relations, including con
Converted critical reports from crystal to XML publisher.
Developed complicated methodologies for equation engine for both Financial aid and Student financials, using views and SQL objects. Used same
methodologies for 4 upgrades.
Lead implementation of UPK, including planning, design and installation.
Functional lead for CR assisting in upgrading from 8.1 to 8.9 and 8.1 to 9.0.

combos and avoid using valid combo table.

Lead project for implementation of provisioning, including PeopleSoft security from Portal to Content systems like Student, Financials a
custom system
Assisted client

Functional Setup, defining architecture, insta
Worked extensively in PeopleSoft financials (Project Costing, Grants,
eProcurement, PO, AP) as Functional/Technical Consulta

Assisting Function
Setup Financials allocations, CR to GL integ


2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
PeopleSoft Enterprise Architect analyzing and designing architecture for Implementations.
Functional Analyst in analyzing and configuring PeopleSoft Student Records, Admissions, Student Financials, Financial Aid, General Ledger,
Grants, Contracts, Commitment Control, eProcurement, Payables, Purchasing, Human Resources, Ben Admin, Base Benefits, Payroll and Time and
PeopleSoft Upgrade Specialist upgrad and People tools at various clients from
version 5.0, 7.0, 7.5, 7.6, 8.0, 8.4 to a l Technical design, applying upgrade
patches and fixes, Installing Demo and r upgrade scripts, Conversion, Test Scripts,
Functional and Technical setup, Sizing, etc.
PeopleSoft Administrator installing various PeopleSoft applications, plying Patches, Maintaining Servers, PeopleTools Upgrades
and Application Upgrades.

PeopleSoft Tu
ation between PeopleSoft applications and third party applications like
eProc ace were extensively used for this purpose.
ut not limited to Fit
r emen tegrations with multiple Systems,
ysis for migrating to PeopleSoft advancement 7.6.
d Developed Custom Centralized User ID Management /Provisioning system which creates User ids, Assigns Roles, De-provision
s and Portal, Active directory, Learning Management Systems,
TE Internetworking, Stop and Shop Corporation

Mapped and developed multiple interfaces.
ing HRMS, Student Administration, Financials, Enterprise Portal
ater version. This includes Strategy, Planning, Managing, Functional and
unning upgrade scripts using upgrade assistant, Writing custom
Analyzing and Ap
Conversion Specialist converting data from Legacy to Student, HRMS, Financials applications. This included analyzing, mapping, developing code
and testing.
ning specialist in analyzing, identifying and correcting tuning issues.
Integration specialist, integrating systems for real time. This included integr
CyberSource, LDAP, urem c. Business Interlinks, Integration Broke ent et r and Component Interf
Technical and Functional lead coordinating various teams in implementing Enterprise Portal at multiple clients. This includes b
Gap Ana e ts, Design, Installation, Administration, Branding tent Management, In lysis, Developing quir , Con
Single Sign on, and Se y.
Fit Gap anal
Designed an
Roles and integrates various systems. This included creation of user assigning roles in
Student Administration, Financials, etc.
PeopleSoft Database Administrator Managing Microsoft SQL Server. Also assisted Oracle DBA for various functions.
Developed various testing scripts using SQA robot and Mercury Products.

Jan 1998 Oct 1998
Software Engineer

Upgrade Specialist, Technical Developer, Functional Analyst

S mmary

Mapped and Converted from PeopleSoft HRMS to CYBORG

S. Assisted Client in Upgrading from PeopleSoft 5.01 HRMS to PeopleSoft 5.12 HRM
Production support for HR, Payroll, Payroll Interface, Base Benefits, Benefit Administration

Masters in Business Admin (MBA) NYU , New York (2008-Present)
MS Industrial Engineering Texas A&M, College Station 1997.
BS Mechanical Engineering Osmania University, India - 1995.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Twelve years of increasingly diverse responsibilities in the information technology industry. A result-oriented team player that learns quickly,
develops close professional relationships, and possesses a strong desire to succeed. Major strengths include:

Crystal Reports 6-10 SQR PL/SQL
Database Agent Oracle 6-10 DB2


COBOL Un Process Scheduler

SQL Server 6.5-2000 MS Access ETL


Oracle/PeopleSoft - Campus Solutions Functional Consultant PeopleSoft 9.0
Audit functional work performed by Oracle consultants. Write reports outlining issues and exposure incurred by CUNY due to any short comings of
ripts, functional designs and cal de version of foundation tables into
g deliv ment of user acceptance testing
t and build consensus on joint functional deliverables such as self-service.
MISS URI 04/08-10/08
documentation. Documentation including test sc techni signs. Assist with the con
erables. Spearhead the develop CUNYs data warehouse. Mentor in house staff in training, documenting and testin
and training for Campus Solutions. Audit CUNYs implementation partners project timeline and address any faltering deliveries. Make
recommendations on making deliverables on-time. Resolve conflic
Audit documentation of implementation partner.
Train staff on new version of Campus Solutions.
Develop documentation for training.
Develop test scripts for Student Financials.

Oracle/Peoplesoft - Campus Solutions Functional/Technical Consultant PeopleSoft 8.9
Write training documentation and perform session
entation for training.
Work with consultants and St. Louis staff to configure/customize the Campus Solutions product.
training for all internal staff. Mentor technical staff with regard to cobol, sqr and PeopleTools. Perform technical development in order to implemen
Perform unit testing of bills, collections, credit history, batch loads, 1098-Ts, tuition calc, payments, charges, refunds, general ledger, self-
service, communications, payment plans and customizations.
Train staff on new version of Campus Solutions.
Develop docum

Peoplesoft/Oracle Campus Solutions - Functional Consultant PeopleSoft 9.0
lutions product to version 9.0 from version 8.0. Perform unit testing of bills, collections,
edger, self-service, communications, payment plans and
Mentor technical staff with regard to cobol, sqr and PeopleTools.
tory, tch loads ents, charges, refunds, general ledger, self-
mizat ns.
Work with consultants and Emory staff to upgrade the Campus So
credit history, batch loads, 1098-Ts, tuition calc, payments, charges, refunds, general l
ustomizations. Write training documentation for in house staff and perform training. c
Perform unit testing of bills, collections, credit his ba , 1098-Ts, tuition calc, paym
service, communications, payment plans and custo io
Develop strategy for delivering upgrade on short deadline.
Train technical staff on new version of PeopleTools.
Develop documentation for training and performed role of instructor.

UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, Fayetteville, AR 03/04-11/07
Peoplesoft/Oracle Campus Solutions - Student Financials Tech Lead PeopleSoft 8.0-8.9
in the upgrade to 8.9 of the Student Administration software for
lication engines, pages, components, sql, fields,
and third party bills using Crystal Reports, SQR and Application Engine.
ludes health insurance for graduate assistants, To-Do lists, payment
udent messages for mass communications, Orientation charges, and Advanced
Student Financials Experience: Served as part of a team in the implementation of 8.1 and
the University of Arkansas. Created custom objects including PeopleCode, sqrs, crystal reports, app
records, menus and projects. Co-authored functional specifications and technical specifications. Provide first level technical support for all issues rela
to the Student Financials module and Student Loan system. Also support, instruct and mentor other employees working with the Student Records ,
Admissions and Financial Aid modules.
Created custom student batch bills, E-bills
Automate external debit and credit uploads into the Student GL.
Manage and customize Campus Community to better serve students. That inc
plans, reports, account summary, polling for state reporting, st
Placement Testing charges.
Authored several equation engines for term fees.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Peoplesoft/Oracle - PeopleSoft
Human Resources and Project Management Experience: Implemented and maintained
Human Resources Information Systems Consultant 8.3
custom compensation piece tied to Position Management and
ployees at Shaw Industries.
organizations were either out
per - SQL
ports for
premiums. Evaluate new technical solutions
te EIS r decisio akers.
s system while upg ding to v sion 11.06.01.
nd in system.
products at Synovus Mortgage
Create specifications for reports by interviewing requestors and determining their needs.
tom reports for borrowers information, branch profitability, fees collected, invoices paid, originator fees, flood certification fees, appraisal
s information, lender quotas, and interest rate & point quotes.
he data warehous nd allow ucts.
edures to maximize processing efficiency of data retrieval for reports.
HEALTHSOUTH COMPANY, Birmingham, AL 03/02-10/02
eCompensation for bonus eligible salaried, salaried, office hourly and plant hourly em
Ensured proper setup of control tables to ensure a comprehensive model of the position/organization tree.
Created reports in Query to audit the progress of the compensation system as a whole. These reports alerted to which
of budget or late in approving.
Created user documentation in preparation of the roll out of the system.
Fielded questions from corporate officers in the design and functions of the system.

HEALTHSPRING OF ALABAMA, Birmingham, AL 02/03-11/03 Data Warehouse & Legacy Develo
: Create new applications and re Server 7.0/2000, VB, COBOL, HP3000, MPE, Data Warehouse Insurance and Data Warehouse Experience
oth the production Amisys system and the data warehouse for the financial analysis of members, claims and b
for business problems and make proposals. Crea fo n m
Converted all customizations of the Amisy ra er
Maximize efficiency of stored procedures associated to updating the data warehouse.
Performed audit of existing data warehouse stored processes to ensure integrity as a whole and repair any errors fou

SEVALA & ASSOCIATES, Birmingham, AL 10/02
Crystal Reports Consultant - Version 8.5-9.0, SQL Server 2000, Data Warehouse
Mortgage Experience: Create accounting and production reports with regard to the sale of mortgages and financial
Company. Thoroughly test all reports before submitting to users.
Created an application, database and reports, written in MS Access, to enter new requests and track the life cycle of reports.

Create cus
fees, seller
Create and alter tables to assist in data conversion for t e a tracking of prod
Create views and stored proc

- Systems Engineer - PeopleSoft HRMS Version 8.3, Brio, Data Warehouse
Human Resource Experience: Repair errors with paysheet creation. Rerun bad pay cycles. Customized the reconciliation batch processing to report
unclaimed payments. Communicate with vendors of benefit programs to accurately share data. Continuously modified the deduction processes to deliver
the changing needs of data for multiple vendors. Modify leave accrual processing for accurate deduction of time with regard to leave taken in a given pay
period. Create training manuals with regard to end-users to instruct them in new customizations. Worked with intranet team to create customized tuition
reimbursement and training applications. Create adhoc reports and queries for training related issues, tax contribution imbalances, benefit deductions and
orphaned data. Assist in the multiple steps of moving projects through change control. Perform weekend testing of system and database due to
maintenance or changes.
Human Resources and Upgrade Experience: Performed work with regard to Peoplesoft HRMS upgrade.
Modify SQR batch processes and peoplecode/pages to work with new database schema.
Created ETL stored procedures for feeding the historical data warehouse.
Thoroughly test all changes to ensure accuracy of work.
Assist end users in testing and resolving issues.
Document changes and differences between releases.
Customized payroll system to report and prohibit the processing of zero checks.

VULCAN MATERIALS COMPANY, Birmingham, AL 02/01 02/02
PeopleSoft/Oracle - Systems Analyst - Peoplesoft Version 7.5, Powerbuilder, SQL Server, Oracle, Unix, NT
Financials and Project Management Experience: Served as purchase order lead. Performed maintenance and trouble shooting of existing Purchase Order
and Accounts Payable system. Documented all changes made. Tested all changes thoroughly before submitting to production.
Worked remotely first three months.
Managed the technical and functional aspects of implementing the Lights Out Paycycle piece of Peoplesoft.
Customized the Lights Out Pay-cycle routine for Accounts Payable.
Authored the technical documentation for troubleshooting automatic check runs.
Estimated hours needed to complete projects and made certain that those deadlines were met.
Equipment Maintenance Experience: Worked as a technical and functional resource on the Equipment Management System conversion project. The
project is the effort to consolidate a
three-tier database into a one-tier configuration. Communicated pros, cons, and concerns of ongoing changes to project leader and user group. Through
discussion had input on new database schema.
Created new objects to add functionality to the EMS application.
Made changes to existing objects to back into the new SQL Server database.
Helped to create testing scripts to ensure accuracy of work.
Co-authored the new security for the application.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
nstructor for Fourth Generation Methodology
nstructor to teach programming language skills.
rrollton, GA 06/99-0
- Visual Basic 6.0 Adjunct I
Training Experience: Worked as an i
Taught fourth generation methodology using Visual Basic 6.0 as the medium.
Managed student projects.
Through in-room discussion and programming exercises explored the possibilities of object-oriented programming.

STATE OF GEORGIA, Atlanta, GA 02/99 02/01
Peoplesoft/Oracle - Human Resources Programmer Analyst - Peoplesoft Version 7.0, Crystal Reports, Oracle, Unix, Unisys, DB2, Data Warehouse
Human Resources and Implementation Experience: Performed fit-gap analysis with regard to preexisting reports and applications in an effort to implement
the Peoplesoft HR module. Discussed with functional team members ideas to customize the production flow and implement changes.
Documented existing applications and changes made to the system during and after implementation.
Created custom reports and batch processing routines, written in Crystal Reports and SQR, for payroll, employee salaries, budget projections, vacant
04/97 02/99
rience: Coded and maintained applications and batch processes for Accounts Payable and Receivable.
orked along side experienced inventory experts to convert existing mainframe system into a Powerbuilder release.
nd manufacturing business design.
positions, pensions and benefits for the Peoplesoft HR implementation.
Created ETL stored procedures for feeding the historical data warehouse.
Executed duties of operator with regard to nightly production during parallel testing and identified and corrected malfunctioning jobs.
Performed customization and maintenance of the payroll, benefits and pensions modules after go-live.

Business Applications Programmer - Powerbuilder, Cobol, PL/SQL, Oracle, DMSII, Unix, Legacy
Financials Expe
Authored new programs, written in Cobol, for accounts receivable and payable system.
Co-developed purchasing and receiving applications to replace mainframe version in Powerbuilder.
Inventory Experience: W
Using IEW Case Tools helped to perform analysis and design in recreating the inventory and order system
urrent inventory a Coded new objects using Powerbuilder and stored procedures using PL/SQL to model c


94-1997 Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems 19
Auburn University, Auburn, AL

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
pport and Tested PeopleSoft products by creating Test plan, Test case,
opl Tools, App-Designer App-Engine, Integration Broker, Component Interface,
PS-Query, Fields, Records, Pages, Component, Menu & other People Code events.
Web-based environment, distributed n-tier & Client/Server architecture. Developed various packages
y, Permissions, Roles, Structure & contents, Portal registry. Applied Patches & Bundles. Experience in change packer, upgrade assistant and
nge Packer, Upgrade Assistant.
Setup Student Records, Personal Information, Student Center, Academic Records, Faculty Center, Student Financials & Aid, Recruiting, Admissions &
alog and Community or outstanding charges, payments, financial aid &
ep payment toward out
ion. Created Business requirement & justification documents, Provided Functional design & setup
entation. Performed functional setup in PeopleSoft 9.0 Student Admin, Recruiting, TAM Candidate gateway, financial modules. Also worked on User
ack to improve current business
Records, Student center, Faculty center,
like Effective Communications Management and Efficient Event Planning. Setup Academic Calendars,
month and make adjustment plans
Bhushan P. Athale
10+ years of experience in complete ERP SDLC using AGILE, Waterfall methodologies and Lean Software Development process.
Designed developed, customized, configured, setup, Integrated, Upgrade, Production Su
Test script and setting up Test data.
e , PeopleCode, App-Package, Experience in PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, Pe
rt Manager, Portal, XML, File Layout, Workflow, Impo
Procedural, Object Oriented Programming in Experience in
ng usi Java & People Code.
Gathered and documented business requirements, Performed FIT-GAP analysis, Created Functional & Technical documents, UML diagram, test scripts-case, use
case, User interface guide/training material.
Expert in PeopleSoft EIP, 3
party integration, Web services, Data Mart and Legacy system integration.
Worked on PeopleSoft Reporting Tools, EPM, XML Publisher, SQR reports, nVision, Crystal Reports, online reports using Java script, HTML, and PS Query.
Created DMS script, stored procedures, functions & triggers, SQL Views. Developed & performance tuned complex SQL queries, SQR. Worked with Integration,
Data migration and ETL tools.
Provided Securit
compare reports. Tree manager, process scheduler and configuration manager.
Worked on RDBMS like Oracle, SQL and MS Access. Integrated Oracle, MS SQL and other RDBMS.
Experience in multiple industries such as Aviation, Communication & Media, Government, Education, Utility, Energy, Manufacturing, consulting and Information
Proactive with a strong bias for action. Inquisitive with desire to continuously improve current business practices/processes. Highly motivated with effective time
management, interpersonal skills. Ability to work both independently as well as in a team. Immediate availability and willing to relocate.

Programming Languages: PeopleCode, SQL / PLSQL, Java, HTML, XML, Visual Basic, C++, Java / VB Script, COBOL.
ERP: PeopleSoft 8.X/9.0 Student Admin, Financials, , ELM SCM, , HRMS/HCM, CRM, EPM modules.
People Tools: App designer, PeopleCode, Application Package, Application Engine, Component Interface, Integration Broker, Application Messaging, Business Interlink,
Party Integration, File Layout, Portal Pack , Tree Manager, Data Mover, Workflow, SQL Editor, Cube Manager, Cha
Reporting Tools: PS-Query, XML Reporting, SQR, Crystal Reports, nVision, Tree Manager.
Administration Tools: Process Scheduler, Configuration Manager, Compare reports, STAT 5.1, Import Manager, Data Mover, PS Security.
Database Technologies: Oracle 9i/8/7.x, SQL Server 2000, MS Access, TOAD, Golden, PL-SQL, Putty.
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista, UNIX.
Application / Web Servers: Weblogic, Tuxedo, Jolt, Apache 2.0, Microsoft IIS.
Web Technologies: WebEx, SOAP, Pagelets, Servlets, Cognos, Adobe Photoshop, Flash.
Modeling & Management: Data Modeling, Enterprise Architect, Rational Requisite Pro, Rational Modeler.
Testing Tools: Mercury testing tools Test Tracker & Director, Win Runner, Load Runner.
Microsoft Tools: Visio, Projects, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Front Page.

Client: Houston Community College System September 2008 to Present
Title: Sr. PeopleSoft Consultant.
PeopleSoft 9.0 Campus Solutions, Financials, Recruiting & TAM.
Provided Functional & Technical support for PeopleSoft 9.0 Student Administration, Financials, Recruiting & TAM, Candidate gateway, Self Service & HR /
HCM modules.
Enrollment, Transfer Credit, Course Cat Directory Search. Customized PS definitions f
& e-payment & step-by-st standing charges using the payment wizard. refunds Created CC
Analyzed customer & technical needs to provided solut
productivity kit.
Designed, developed and implanted Re-usable intelligent, multi level survey with branching logic to provide accurate feedb
process & functionality.
Provided functional & role-based & self-service functionality TYPE_CNTL_SETUP for personal data, Setup Student
SF merchants, Institution sets, service options & payment messages, service loan status descriptions, inquiry & awarding options and actions and access in
packaging. Setup Service indicators to Hold transcripts & deny class registration for students who had unpaid/Balance Fees as per the request of Financial Aid
department, Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) visa processing for International Students, FERPA Privacy Control for currently
enrolled students.
Designed Financial aid & Academic Advising appointments process to automatically assigns incoming freshman financial aid appointments & Academic
advising appointments with their advisor by creating setup pages to enter the session timings to avoid timing conflict. Automated the Incoming freshman
residential college assignments.
Designed processes for Campus Community Duties
Dynamic Classes, Level/ load Tables and setup academic Programs, Carried out the Project Plan for whole year/
accordingly for Student Financial, Financial Aid, Admission and Records.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
est scripts, Test
8.49, Oracle 10g, Windows XP, UNIX, Reporting Tools, ETL tools, Integration Tools, Java SE Development Kit , Mercury testing tools,
olden, Ultra-Edit, WebEx, SQR, XML, HTML, Java Script, Visio, MS Projects, Microsoft Office.
April 2007 to August 2008
tle: System Analyst & Senior PeopleSoft Developer.
eopleSoft 9.0 ELM, Financials, HRMS/HCM.
s, worked as a SCRUM master, conducted daily tag up meetings & project rollouts. Gathered, Analyzed
performed FIT-GAP analysis, identified GAP. Provided Functional setups & created design to develop custom
tion Packages, Methods & JAVA classes to implement Re-usable functionality for business process logic.
oftware development following LEAN & Agile methodology. Setup test data, create & executed test cases and
ter, and Individual Learning Plan. Customized Manager, Delegate
teamlist functionality, customized Group Actions, Individual Actions. Customized
ed calling completion
grades. Worked on customization of business process for Grading,
up and configuration. SCORM experience.
siness Interlink, Excel-to-CI, SOAP & XML messaging. Customized Message & message subscription
le loading: activities, and programs (Certification & Curriculum), data conversion interfaces to
load key transaction tables, setup tables & provide enrollment status and billing data to external systems. Performance tuned application, SQL. Created
oped email response to incorporate workflow related to learner and manager self service. Customized Search & Browse pages and
underlying Application package PeopleCode. Developed and tested customizations to e-Recruit, e-performance, Manager, employee, learner self service
Created various reports using XML, SQR, Crystal reports, PS-Query. Used Java Script with HTML object to provide functionality, data and text on PeopleSoft
pages. d Run Control page. Worked on Portal, Portal reg tegration Broker &
L Functions, Cursors, Packages, Stored procedures. Database triggers.
n document, BRD, UI guide & training material. Worked towards Functional Setup, fixing Bugs, Documentation, End-Users Training
owledge Transfer.
er, Operator Security, People Code, Data Mover, PS Query,
, Java SE/J2SE, Visio, Reporting Tools, ETL tools, Integration Tools, Mercury tools, Send
ormation, Relationships & Messages. Worked on Full & Batch data publish rules, Data exchange. Analyzed
rement document for sequence of execution and
re on codes th cert sta efined & customized search filters for Enrollment status,
ery method, supplemental learning type and learning request type. Added filtering criteria for self service. Customized logic to work for
learning environments for administrator, managers & learners. Setup Learner groups and mass enrollment. Customized Application Package logic for
history of
ge activate &
Worked with various teams such as Compliance, Risk, Resourcing, Recruiting, HR Security, HRSS, HRSC, Service delivery and change management.
Resolved integration issues between PeopleSoft 9.0 & third party systems such as Resume Mirror, Choice Point etc. Created Functional T
data, identified bugs and worked with Key business customers, Technical lead & SME to deliver quality product.

Environment: PeopleTools

Client: Boeing, MO
Experience in Lean Software Development proces
&documented business requirements,
Lead Functional, Development & testing process, acted as point of contact for offshore team, Interacted with client, business users & reported project status to
delivery manager & stake holders. Prioritized, developed and tested business critical functionality to deliver quality product in scheduled rollouts.
Performed configuration & Functional setup for PeopleSoft 9.0 Learning Management, Financials, Position Management and e-Apps Self-Service modules,
leading functional testing efforts through the s
Worked with SCORM, AICC, Dumb Content, e-Performance, e-Test, Certification, Group Ros
and Learner self service modules by customizing the flow and providing
Team Members, Team Learners, Search catalog, Browse Catalog and Supplemental learning, Team Learning, program details, activity details and
conformation pages.
Customized flow form Team Member page, Search Catalog and Browse catalog to incorporate business requirement and to add to Plan Activity, Catalog,
Program and Add Enroll in to Activity, Catalog and Register in Program. Modified core certification engine, Interfaces for roster includ
engine logic to meet business requirements. Created catalog of activities and delivery methods like blended, web based, instructor led learning. Worked on
business rules for enrolling, approving learning requests and waitlists for Manager and learning administrator.
Defined default processing rules, status changes, search filters, commit frequency, passing
Managing learning records, scheduling, delivery methods and tracking attendance. Added Individual learning plan (add to ILP) functionality to Self service
modules. Created custom component pages to maintain team list functionality. Customized search filters depending on learning environment for ELMS.
Identified, configured required tables and completing table set
Worked with Data Conversion team in efforts to map learning related, person data from legacy systems to PeopleSoft ELM, developing SQR programs, File
Layout, CI & AE programs to load data in to ELMS, Financials & HCM. Designed custom integrations with external e-Learning training providers. Provided &
consumed Web-Services using Integration Broker, Bu
People Code, Setup Channel, Node definition, Gateway properties, Transformation, Relationship, Data Publish rules. Analyzed, debugged and fixed issues
related to XML Messages. Also worked on Course history, tab
triggers, stored procedures, DMS script. Used Excel-to-CI utility. Used Informatica ETL tools.
Designed and devel
Worked with Process Scheduler & modifie istry, Security, Structure & contents, In
EIP. Created PL/SQ
Created Functional desig
and Kn
Proficient in PeopleTools, PeopleCode, Application Designer, Application Package, Application Engine, Integration Broker, XML Reporting, Component
Interface, Process Scheduler, Upgrade Assistant, Tree Manager, Process Monitor, Import Manag
object oriented programming, SQL, SQR, HTML and Java script.
Environment: PeopleTools 8.49, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 9.0, STAT 5.X
Master, Java SE Development Kit , Mercury Testing, Toad, Golden, Ultra-Edit, Putty, Citrix, WebEx, SQR, SOAP & XML, HTML, Java Script, MS Projects, Microsoft
Office, UNIX, Windows XP.

Client: University of Dayton, OH January 2005 to March 2007
Title: PeopleSoft Consultant.
PeopleSoft Student Admin8.8, HRMS/HCM 8.8, ELM 8.8
Provided Functional & technical support, solution options & estimates to application enhancements requests to business, QA team & end-users. Resolved
issues by debugging analyzed, troubleshooting application. Researched & recommend vendor delivered solutions, patches.
Functional Setup & security for Academic Institution, Recruiting and Admissions, Student Records, Student Financials, Contributor Relations. Worked with
Equation Engine & Directory Interface, Campus Community business processes integrations & implementation.
Setup Sync/A-sync EIP. Executed foundation, Full-Sync and Incremental-Sync messages using Integration Broker and Business Interlink. Setup Gateway,
Node, Channel, Connectors, XLST, Transf
debugged & fixed issues related to Integration Broker, Business Interlink & XML messages. Created requi
Defined Certification status codes associated as wi tus, program status and d
Activity & program Deliv
prerequisites to incorporate business requirements.
Set Up Identification, Health, Participation & Organization data, Communications, Comments & Checklists.
Created & performance tuned SQR Reports, PS Query, complex SQL query/Views, created database trigger , stored procedures for making
insertion, updating, deletion. Developed & customized PeopleCode at various levels & events such as Record-Field, Component-Record, Pa
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ssages, Message subscription. Worked on creating & customizing Fields,
s, test plans, release notes. Used STAT, compare reports, project migration tools to process changes
UNIX, Toad, Ultra-Edit, SQR, nVision, XML, Visio, MS Office, Eclipse
January 2003 to December 2004
Worked for PeopleSoft upgrade from Release 8.0 to 8.9. Ran Compare Reports between different environments to assess the impact of migrations and
coordinated with DBA to ensure clean environment. Applied Bundles and Patches, assessed performance issues in the application namely the time taken by
users to access certain web-pages as well as time taken by queries on databases. Wrote People Code for performance enhancements and customizations.
Worked towards project migration and STAT.
Designed, developed & modified User Interfaces, Application Logic, 3
party interfaces, Batch processes, Workflow, Portal, PeopleSoft pages, Components,
PeopleCode, Application Engine, Integration Broker Messaging, Component Interfaces, etc.
Worked with Deep links integration and portal with other learning systems.
Worked on Web based & test learning components, passing status, compliant learning, component lessons and offline access to content for web based
learning compliant with SCORM 1.1 and AICC standards and pages for adding notes and attachments.
Work closely with operations and engineering team to analyze operational performance & trends, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
Design and perform operational impact analysis. Worked to resolve issues, impediments in product delivery & production support cycle.
Setup user-profile and Role for individuals. Provided Security using Permission list and Roles. Worked on Enterprise Portal, managing Portal Registry,
development of Iscripts and Security setups for the content. Provided Production support, fixed bugs, performing Data Cleanup and supported business issues
like product choices for customers, account set-up issues and appropriate user interfaces.
Extensively used Integration Broker, Application Engine, CI, and Application Package. Created XML Messages and wrote message subscription PeopleCode
to process XML response. Implemented Credit Card Update, User Profile Update messages. Enabled Online Credit card payments through a third party
solution and Logic to update CARD_HISTORY table.
Performed customization like adding new search criterion for BO searches and for enabling global case sensitive searches. Created Bolt on tables, SQL
Views, SQLEXEC, Translate values, Dropdown lists, Pages, Fields, Records, Components, Menus, Scroll, Grids, and PeopleCode. Have good understanding
of Business Process, Data Models & Table Structure.
Attended weekly meetings with client team for conflict resolution. Prepared power-point presentations for business meetings. Wrote technical design
documents for customizations pertaining to the UIs designed.

Environment: PeopleTools 8.45, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Windows XP, UNIX, Toad, STAT, SQL- Plus, Test Director, Ultra-Edit, Crystal Report, SQR, nVision, PS-Query,
Microsoft Office, Visio, Projects.

Client: State Government of Florida, FL August 2001 to December 2002
Title: PeopleSoft Developer.
PeopleSoft upgrade from 8.0 to /8.4
Gathered & documented Business requirements, create mockups, functional test scripts, Functional & Technical design document. Product Setup &
Configuration. Interacted with Key customer focal, Conducted daily tag up meetings & report out.
Work closely with operations, engineering and usability team to analyze operational performance & trends, and identify opportunities for continuous
improvement. Design and perform operational impact analysis
Worked on PeopleSoft e-Development, e-Performance, e-Benefits, e-Compensation, e-Profile and other e-Application modules Business process
implementation, integration and customization such as evaluation criteria, work flow for reviews & approval, competency & rating models.
Imported third-party content and build search indexes. Linked development tips to competencies and sub-competencies. Defining content for the Language
Checker tool, Results Writer and development tips tools.
Customized training development process of Submitting training requests, training request approval, training request status view, Review training history,
errors & warnings handling.
Worked on User Productivity Kit to implement functionality of training delivery details for a group and individual workstations to review topics related to work
area specific and cross training.
Created Batch Processes, Inbound - Outbound Interfaces, Data Processing logic using App-Engine, SQR programs, Component Interface, File Layout and
other PeopleTools. Integrated 3
party, Legacy systems & PeopleSoft.
Created SQL Views, DMS script, database triggers, stored procedures, Performance tuned complex SQL query with multiple nested loops to improve
performance and reduce execution time.

Environment: Oracle, Windows XP, UNIX, Toad, SQL- Plus, Test Director, PeopleTools 8.4/8.41, Crystal Report, SQR.

Company: Reliance Industries Ltd, Mumbai July 1997 to June 2001
Title: IT Engineer & Programmer.
As a scrum master worked with development team, functional & testing team, business users for timely delivery of quality product. Facilitated JAD sessions.
Gathered & documented business requirements, Performed FIT-GAP Analysis. Identified and prioritized deliverables for corporate wide ERP implementation.
Worked for development and production support of applications. Used Java, C, C++, Java Script, People Code and other programming languages.
Developed and customized various department reports using SQR, Crystal reports. Performance tuned complex SQL queries with nested loops.
Component. Created App-Engine, Component Interface, Application Package, Me
Records, Pages, Components, Menu, Scroll, Grids. Created various Batch Processes, User Interface, provided Security, Portal, Web Library.
Developed functional & technical design document
according to Change Management policies & procedures. Created user interface guide, training material. Performed training and knowledge transfer to other
team members.

n E vironment: PeopleTools 8.47, Oracle 9i, SQL Server, MS-Access, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows XP,
UML2 Tools, Mercury Tools, Send Master.

Company: Plato Learning Solutions, MN
Analyst. Title: Sr. PeopleSoft Developer & Business System
eopleSoft HRMS and ELMS 8.0 to /8.8 upgrade. P
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Created test plan, test case and executed test script,. Setup and loaded test data.
Developed Oracle Stored procedures, functions an packages, SQL queries. Performed application Tuning, Database
Administration work. Created SQL views.
Created DMS scripts, SQR programs and used ETL tools for data extraction, transformation and loading sequence in to appropriate tables. Executed
DDDAUDIT, SYSAUDIT & Object migration.
De d ecuted Test scripts, case and created user training material.
t: SQR, PS Query, Crystal Reports, Windows, Oracle data base, UNIX, JAVA, ETL tools, Mercury testing tools.
d Database Triggers. Wrote stored
velope and ex


Masters of Science (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Ohio, USA.
Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics & Computer

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
John Banegas


John posse
technical a s,
including full spectrum development of PeopleSofts Campus Solutions system. John is proficient in the use of all PeopleTools (Application Designer,
Comm Ge

John was
as Technical Lead and Technical Trainer on Financial Aid and Admissions implementations. He has created extensive data conversions
and interfaces for multiple systems, and developed customized on-line and batch processes for Financial Aid, Admissions, Student

pplication & Tool(s) Release(s)


Aid Student Records Student Financials

Scheduler, Import Utility, PS Query, Comm Gen, XML Publisher, PeopleCode, SQR, Crystal, COBOL

sses strong leadership and technical/functional consulting skills, with over eighteen years experience in the design, development, and
ation of application systems. He is experienced in Campus Solutions, Human Resources, Benefits, Benefits Administration, and Payroll. His
bilities have enabled him to participate in the extensive development and implementation of a number of computerized application system
Application Engine, Component Interface, Data Mover, Mass Change, EDI Manager, Process Scheduler, Import Utility, creating mail merge p
n, XML Publisher, PS Query, POP Select), PeopleCode, SQR, Crystal and COBOL processes.
a member of the PeopleSoft team who developed major process for the Admissions and Financial Aid modules, and has served
and Student Records. He also developed automated on-line budgeting processes for Human Resources, and Benefits open
t systems.
Version 6.0 9.0
t Functional Expertise

Campus Solutions
Admissions Campus Community

Human Capital Management
Human Resources Payroll

PeopleSoft Technical Expertise
ing: Application Designer, Application Engine, Component Interface, Data Mover, Mass Change, EDI Manager, Process
Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
Systems: UNIX, DB2
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
LDS Busi
DS Business College has provided quality education for 123 years. LDSBC is accredited and offers one and two year certificates and degrees
t Financial Aid system. LDSBC wanted to start utilizing Mass
ackaging and wanted to automate Financial Aid processes that they were doing by hand. This involved creating an ISIR review checklist process
ngine pr ess to gen nal setup for SAP, developing a Set Ready to
ness Office. CASHNet is 100% focused on
mmerce solutions within the higher education marketplace. They currently support over 140 campus locations, many of which have multiple

Butler Un
tler University for t cials off included assisting with their CASHNet
Wisconsin-La Crosse, is one of the 13 four-year campuses in the University of Wisconsin System. It offers 85 undergraduate
CASHNet July October 2008 Ver 9.0
llows Universities, colleges, and Community Colleges the ability to easily support unique payment processing requirements of multiple
central ed contro emen sines SHNet is 100% focused on
f undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and special professional degrees..
s. This included the development of new
Fox Valley
other WI technical colleges. FVTC serves approximately 50,000 people annually.
John developed and implemented processes associated with the automation of mass matriculation for FVTC. This development effort was the
result of the process re-engineering effort that John did for the Admissions Office. This included developing new application engine processes,
al Summary

ness College, Salt Lake City, UT November 2009 Present Ver 9.0
with a student population of 1400.

John provided both functional and technical support to LDSBC for their Peoplesof
(Application Engine), creating a 3C E oc erate ISIR checklists, completing the functio
Package process using Population Update, completing the functional setup for Mass Packaging, creating Equations for Mass Packaging, and settin
up Forms Engine to generate the Financial Aid Notification letter. In addition, John provided production support for Financial Aid issues.

, Oakland, CA April 2009 October 2009 Ver 9.0
CASHNet allows Universities, colleges, and Community Colleges the ability to easily support unique payment processing requirements of multip
locations while maintaining centralized control, security, and system management in one central Busi
satellite operations.

John provided technical and functional support to CASHNet for their Peoplesoft Student Financials offerings. This included converting CASHNets
Peoplesoft components (Components, Component Interfaces) to PS Version 9.0, re-working components to achieve performance improvements
and developing enhanced functionality for these components. John also provided support to CASHNets Peoplesoft client base for installation and
troubleshooting issues.
iversity, Indianapolis, IN April 2009 Ver 8.9
Butler University was founded in 1855 and offers more then 60 majors. They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees and have a
population of 4,437 students.

John provided technical support to Bu heir Peoplesoft Student Finan erings. This
Peoplesoft interface and develop g onents to reapply payments. in custom on-line comp

of Wisconsin, La Crosse, WI October 2008 March 2009 Ver 9.0
he University of T
programs in 30 disciplines and 21 graduate programs and emphases in eight disciplines. It serves 8,521 undergraduate students and 1,454 graduate

John provided technical support for the University of Wisconsin Financial Aid, Student Records and Student Financials modules. This includes
setting up and utilizing delivered PS tools (Comm Gen, XML Publisher, Pop Select) for communications and reports. Creating custom processes:
ISIR Checklist, State Grants, eConsent and various reports. This development effort involved new on-line pages and tables, application engine,
application packaging, PS Query, XML Publisher.

, Oakland, CA
ASHNet a C
locations while maintaining iz l, security, and system manag t in one central Bu s Office. CA
commerce solutions within the higher education marketplace. They currently support over 140 campus locations, many of which have multiple
satellite operations.

John provided technical support to CASHNet for their Peoplesoft Student Financials offerings. This includes maintaining and customizing their
Peoplesoft components (Components, Component Interfaces) and troubleshooting PS production issues.

of Houston, Houston, TX June September 2008 Ver 8.9
he University of Houston, Texas' premier public metropolitan research and teaching institution, is home to over forty research centers a T
institutes and sponsors more than 300 partnerships with corporate, civic, and governmental entities. UH stands at the forefront of education,
research, and service. The largest and most comprehensive component of the University of Houston System, a public system of higher education
that includes three other universities: UH-Clear Lake, UH-Downtown and UH-Victoria, as well as two teaching centers: UH System at Sugar
and and UH System at Cinco Ranch, UH offers a full range o L

John provided technical support for the University of Houston Financial Aid and Student Financials modules. This includes troubleshooting a
enhancing the following custom processes: Scholarship Load processes and 3Cs Checklist/Communication Batch Load processes. John also b
the development of a Student Financials project to allow students to setup Direct Deposit for their refund
batch and on-line processes and the modification of the SF_AP_INTERFACE. Development effort involved new on-line pages and tables,
application engine, application packaging and component interface.

Technical College, Appleton, WI April June 2008 Ver 9.0
Fox Valley Technical College was established in 1912. FVTC offers over 80 associate degree and technical diploma programs, 120 specialized
certificates, and offers 12 unique programs not offered at

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
o munication processe tion letters. Population Selection functionality
California State University, Los Angeles, CA January May 2008 Ver 8.9
and technical support on the 3Cs processes, trouble shooting
mmunication processes and provided assistance on the use of equation engine.
Fox Valley
over 80 associate degree and technical diploma programs, 120 specialized
rtificates, and offers 12 unique programs not offered at other WI technical colleges. FVTC serves approximately 50,000 people annually.
gineering effort for the Admissions Office. This included developing new process flows, ensuring delivered processes are being fully utilized,
s needed b sions O ce.
ersity of Houston, Texas' premier public metropolitan research and teaching institution, is home to over forty research centers and
stitutes and sponsors more than 300 partnerships with corporate, civic, and governmental entities. UH stands at the forefront of education,
ed technical support for the University of Houston Financial Aid and Admissions modules. This includes post production support
ng, Scholarships, Loan ass Matric, M nancial Aid and
rface) and
Brigham Y
Customizations required by BYU include a custom on-line Institutional
awar Financial Aid Award Packaging processes
SIR checklist process. These tasks included designing new process flows
20 20 Ver 8.0
ed back to Heald in February 2007 to assist with a financial aid Verification project. This project consisted of taking a large
opulation of students through an intense verification process. This required the development of on-line and batch processes that would allow
nci aid data against ISIR
ers over 18 associate and bachelor degree programs in Business, Information Technology, and Design as well as over 7
egree, diploma, and certificate programs in Health Care, Industrial Services, and Aviation Maintenance.
wer based FA, creating and running test matrixes for the
ifferent FA processes and developing and testing workflow processes. In addition, John analyzed and designed the COBOL modifications for
n nd Postin processes iven an directly with developers to assist
component interface processes, c m s and new setup tables to automate matricula
was utilized for communications and service indicators.

At CSU, students can choose from among 23 campuses and over 1,800 bachelors and masters degree programs in some 240 subject areas.

John provided technical support to CSULA for the conversion of Admissions process from version 8.0 to 8.9. This included the modification of
process to utilize version 8.9 person model. John also provided functional

Technical College, Appleton, WI November December 2007 Ver 9.0
Fox Valley Technical College was established in 1912. FVTC offers

John conducted a fit gap sessions for an Admissions upgrade from PSSA 8.0 to PSCS 9.0. He was also responsible for conducting a process re-
identifying and developing reports and system modification y FVTC Admis ffi

of Houston, Houston, TX March 2007 August 2007 Ver 8.9
The Univ
research, and service. The largest and most comprehensive component of the University of Houston System, a public system of higher educa
that includes three other universities: UH-Clear Lake, UH-Downtown and UH-Victoria, as well as two teaching centers: UH System at Su
Land and UH System at Cinco Ranch, UH offers a full range of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and special professional degrees..

hn provid Jo
(troubleshooting Awarding/Packagi Processing, Disbursements, 3Cs, M ass Change) for both Fi
Admissions, and the development of new batch and on-line processes. These include interface processes for both Financial Aid (ACS Inte
Admissions (SEVIS Interface). John also created Equation Engine processes and numerous ad-hoc reports/queries.

oung University, Provo, UT June 2006 January 2007 Ver 8.9
Brigham Young University was established 1875 and is an accredited university serving approximately 28,000 students on its Provo, Utah, campus.
The university offers courses in 11 colleges, granting degrees in 184 bachelor's degree programs, master's degrees in 68, doctorates in 25 and juris
doctorates in one.

John provided technical/functional support for Brigham Young Universitys Financial Aid implementation project. The purpose of this project
as to bring up PS Financial Aid and Student Financials stand alone. w
Application process to be used to drive d packaging. They also required the automation of the
to cut down on the manual intervention required of their FA staff and to reduce the flow of students to the FA department requesting add
funds. John was responsible for the automation of the packaging processes and assisted with the design of the Institutional Application pr
s it relates to packaging. John also assisted with the design of the I a
and design documents, and developing processes to automate initial packaging and request for additional funds repackaging based on the
Institutional Application. In addition, John developed and setup packaging equations and packaging plans to support the automation of

le Heald Col ge, San Francisco, CA January 06 June 2006 February 07
Heald College is the oldest business career college in t estern United States with camp es located he w us in 11 cities. Heald College offers Associate in
Applied Science degrees, Associate of Arts degrees, diplomas and certificates in 34 fields.

John was the technical project manager and provided technical/functional support for Heald Colleges Financial Aid compliance project. The
purpose of this project was to ensure that Heald Financial Aid is in compliance with Federal Regulations. This included developing new
process flows, identifying and developing reports and system modifications needed by Student Records, Student Financials and Financial Aid
to ensure the accurate and timely entry of data. John also provided technical and functional expertise to developers and to the clients.

John was call
for the comparison of tax/fina al data.

wood College, Denver, CO March 2005 September 2005 Ver 8.0
Westwood College off

John provided functional support for the Financial Aid module. This included table setup, testing of patches and fixes for FA, testing on-
and batch processes, analyzing and designing modifications necessary for borro
Budgeting, Awarding, Validatio a g to enable FA Term to be Aid Year dr d worked
with the development and testing of custom processes.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
University Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR December 2004 March 2005 Ver 8.0
r land 00 academic programs and is the
hn worked on the development of a custom batch process for Admissions to handle the generation of multiple communications to students

m, gender, ethnic status and GPA. In addition, John troubleshot and modified production processes dealing
ith Mass Changes and Application Engine auto evaluation processes.
Towson U
t university in Maryland and a member of the University System of Maryland. They enroll more than 16,000
udents, including international students from nearly 100 countries.
plesoft Business Document that can be read into EDI Manager.
Ver 8.0
the State System of Higher Education of the
ommonwealth of Pennsylvania. Total enrollment at West Chester includes approximately 9,400 undergraduate students and about 2,000 graduate

ommunications/checklists for batch processes and provided assistance with SAP processes, State Grant processes and College Work Study
University North Texas, Denton, TX January 2004 October 2004 Ver 8.0
sto line pr mission f Te cal School application

e parent information for Plus Loans. He
l Aid
Academy o, CA October 2003 December 2003 Ver 8.0
he Academy of Art was founded in 1929 and prepares aspiring artists and designers for careers in the fields of art and design by delivering
gre nd certifi e program
hn provided technical support for the Financial Aid module. This included troubleshooting both batch and on-line issues with Award Entry,
Southern isconsin Consortium of Technical Colleges, WI June 2001 September 2003 Ver 7.6
i three separate technical colleges located roughout ong the schools range from 700 to 50,000
loading, and modified EDI
anager and COBOL processes to allow for multiple institutional processing. He created numerous queries for the Financial Aid administrator
. He also troubles onment problems ided functional Financial Aid
Vanderbil niversity, Nashville, TN April 2000 June 2001 Ver 7.6
culty of approximately 1,500 and staff of more
as a full range of graduate and
rofessional degrees.
John participated in the Fit/Gap analysis and assisted with the development of the project plan for the Financial Aid module. He conducted
to develop modifications, customizations and interfaces for

University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN November 1999 December 1999 Ver 7.0
University of St. Thomas is a private Catholic university with approximately 4,310 students and employs 112 full-time and 131 part-time members.
The University offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees.

John conducted training sessions for end users on the use of 3Cs, including 3C setup, mass changes, on-line functionality and batch processes.
The U of A is both the majo -grant university and the state university for Arkansas. It offers more than 2
flagship campus of the University of Arkansas System. They enroll more than 16,500 students.

either through a flat file or through direct entry. He also developed Admissions Activity reports showing current year and prior year statistics
by admission type, academic progra

niversity, Towson, DE November 2004 Ver 8.0
Towson University is the second larges

John worked on the development of a custom batch process for Admissions to handle the importing of TS130 transcript data. This custo
process takes the TS130 X12/Speede data file and reformats the data into a Peo

West Chester University of Pennsylvania, West Chester, PA October 2004
West Chester University is the second largest of the 14 institutions of higher learning that compose

John provided functional/technical assistance for Financial Aid. This involved reviewing functional specifications and enhancing/adding
technical specifications. John also assisted the technical staff with knowledge transfer on the requirements for creating

The North Texas System consists of a consortium of two institutions. The University of North Texas which has a student population of
approximately 27,000 and the Health Sciences Center has a student population of approximately 1,500.

John developed cu m batch and on- ocesses for Ad s to handle the importing and exporting o xas Medi
data. He developed custom batch and on-line processes for Financial Aid to calculate Other Resource awards. These awards were based on
Waivers and Third Party Contracts which were assigned through the use of Student Groups, SF Equation Variables and Third Party Contracts.
line components for Student Self Service Financial Aid module to capture and stor He developed on-
also assisted with multi-institutional issues regarding loan processing and ISIR loading. In addition, John provided functional Financia
assistance to both UNT and the Health Sciences Center.

of Art University, San Francisc
undergraduate, professional de e a cat s.

Loan Origination and ISIR processes. In addition, John designed and developed component interfaces to provide batch award entry
adjustments and debugged equation engine definitions.

A consort um of th Wisconsin. Enrollments am

John developed numerous batch and on-line process for Financial Aid to include State Grants, SAP, MIL and Ready to Package, and created
custom Letter Generation processes. He researched multi-institutional issues regarding loan processing and ISIR
to assist with Financial Aid processes hot on-line, batch and envir and prov

t U
Vanderbilt is a private university employing more than 1,900 full-time faculty, part-time and clinical fa
han 13,000. The University serves approximately 10,500 students and offers undergraduate programs, as well t

technical training sessions for clients technical staff, and worked with them
Financial Aid. He also troubleshot on-line, batch and environment pro
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

pa Community College, AZ October 1995 N 000 April 2000 Ver 7.0
The colleges maintain 1,265 full-time faculty and more than 3,600 adjunct faculty members.
John developed on-line budgeting processes for the Human Resources and Payroll modules, that automatically updated effective-dated setup
February 1998 July 1999 Ver 7.0
on-degree programs.
Phoenix, AZ September 1997 January 1998 Ver 7.0
ce store with locations nationwide.
ect, John converted legacy data into PeopleSoft Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll modules. He
sion and developed an on-line/batch Benefits open enrollment system.
estles USA, Glendale, CA July 1996 August 1996 Ver 7.0
One of the worlds leading food companies with annual sales of $8 billion in sales. The company has approximately 17,300 employees nationwide.
re 33 manufacturing facilities, 6 distribution centers and 17 sales offices around the country.
for upgrading the
e system, and debugged inbound and
ng independent resi ntial

ponsible efits. He developed SQR and import
He also developed system interfaces
the HR and Benefit
Ver 6.0
s solutions.

John was Technical Lead responsible for the data conversion of HR and Benefits data from multiple legacy systems into PeopleSoft HR and
Benefits. He setup and executed conversion plans, and created conversion SQRs and import utility definitions.
Edison, Los Angeles, CA April 1994 May 1994 Ver 6.0
he largest subsidiary of Edison International. SCE provides power for 11 million individuals, 800
inesses and 280, 000 small businesses.
Marico ovember 1995 January 2
Maricopa Community College consists of 10 colleges and skill centers that provide affordable and flexible education to more than 277,000

tables based on job classifications.

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
The University of Phoenix offers a unique approach to adult education with over 100 locations nationwide. They offer a wide variety of Bachelors,
Masters and n

John was the Technical lead for the Financial Aid implementation. He was responsible for the customization and debugging of the Financial
Aid module. He also developed automated processes for the generation of checklists and communications, online development of loan
adjustment processes, and performed major debugging of COBOL processes.

PeopleSoft, Inc., Pleasanton, CA Sep 1995 Jun 1996 Sep 1996 Jan 1997 Feb 1998 Ver 6.0 7.0
PeopleSoft is a leading provider of enterprise applications to both public and private sector clients.

As one of the Technical Developers of PeopleSofts Campus Solutions system, John developed extensive on-line and background processes for
Admissions and Financial Aid, including recruiting/prospects and communication/checklists. He created extensive Mass Change processes for
Admissions, and designed, developed and setup EDI manager processes for Transcripts and Applications. He assisted developers with
debugging issues, performed audits and cleanup in preparation of system and platform testing and conducted both system and platform testing.

Circle K, Inc.,
A subsidiary of Tosco Corporation, Circle K is a retail convenien

As a technical consultant on the proj
developed SQR and import utility definitions for data conver

There a

was responsible John was the Technical Lead for the Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits implementation. He
He also developed a bonus incentiv PeopleSoft system, including application of payroll tax updates.
outbound Benefits interfaces.

nding, Pasadena, Countrywide Fu CA August 1994 September 1995 Ver 7.0
A leadi de mortgage lender and a global provider of financial services with over 500 branches and 17,200 employees.
John was res for data conversion of multiple systems including ADP to PeopleSoft HR and Ben
atch and on-line environments. utility definitions, and designed and developed custom processes in both b
om to and fr s application systems.

Novell, Provo, UT May 1994 August 1994
Novell is a leading provider of net busines

outhern California S
One of the largest electric utilities and t
d cities, 5,000 large bus communities an

John assisted with the Fit/Gap analysis of PeopleSoft Human Resources and Benefits modules.

B.S. Computer Science, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Kiran Varry

Professional Summary

Around 9+ years of experience in development of Software Engineering Applications.
esting, customization, production support, conversion and upgradation
fits, Ben Admin, eRecruit, ePay, ecompensation, eprofile, eBenefits,
nity, Admissions, Student
grade from 8.0 to 9.0.
Have good knowledge in SQL Server 2000 and Oracle Database 10G/9.x/8.x and extensively used SQL and PL/SQL for writing Stored
nd Packages.
e lifecycle of the project involving Requirements, Analysis, Specification, Design, Development, Conversions,
Installations, testing and Maintenance, Application Performance and tuning.
Strong working knowledge of UNIX.
Around 9 years of experience in implementation, development, T
of PeopleSoft applications.
Expertise in PeopleSoft HRMS Modules HR, Payroll, Base Bene
Time and Labor.
Very Good Experience in Campus Solutions\Student Admin modulesStudent Records, Campus Commu
Financials, Financial Aid, Academic Advisement.
Excellent experience in Application Designer, PeopleCode, SQR, Application Engine, Component Interface, Integration Broker, Crysta
Reports, Maintain Security, PSQuery, File Layout, Process Scheduler, Tree Manager, Data Mover, Workflow,XML Publisher,
Application Package .
Worked on Full Life Cycle Implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS and Campus Solutio
Involved in Peoplesoft HCM 8.8 to Finance 8.9 Integration.
Involved in Peoplesoft upgrade from 7x to 8x and 8.3 to 8.9 and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions up
Extensively worked in the analysis and applying of peoplesoft Tax Updates.

Procedures, Functions, Triggers a

Expertise in complet
Specialized in Data extraction interfaces and Conversion from legacy to Peoplesoft applications using SQR programs and Application
Involved in creating interfaces for the Peoplesoft Financials.
Strong documentation and written presentation skills, and developed various technical specs with Test Plans and Procedures.

Excellent communications, interpersonal & analytical skills

Have experience in knowledge transfer, training clients and end-user training.

Technical Skills

PeopleSoft Modules HRMS (9.0/8.9/8.8/8.3/8.0/7.5) HR, Payroll, Time & labor, Benefits, Ben
ation, Talent
ge, Workflow.
t, XML, HTML, C, C++, Java
00, DB2 and MS Access
ctor, Applaud, Acqa Data Studio
Admin, ePay, eBenefits, eRecruit, eprofile, eCompens
Acquisition and candidate gateway.
Campus Solutions (8.9/9.0) - Student Records, campus community,
Admissions, financials, Financial Aid, Academic Advisement.
People Tools Application Designer, Security, Application Engine, Tree Manager, PS/Query, File Layout,
Application Upgrade Asst, Process Scheduler, Component interface, Integration Broker, Application
Messaging, Maintain Security, Data Mover, XML Publisher, Application Packa
Programming Languages People Code, SQR, SQL, PL/SQL, VB Scrip
Operating Systems Windows 2000/NT/XP/98 and UNIX
Database Oracle 10g/9.x/ 8.x / 7.x, SQL Server 20
Other Tools Quest STAT 5, Tivoli Maestro, Visual Basic 6.0, TOAD, Test Dire
Reporting Tools SQR, Crystal Reports 8.x/7.x, nVision and PS
Application Server Web Logic 8.0

Work Experience

Houston Community College, Houston, TX
(April 2008 to Till Date)
Description: The project is an upgrade of peoplesoft Student admin 8.0 to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0.

As a Peoplesoft Technical Consultant, responsibilities include:
Worked the Student Center -Self Service enrollment Verification request.
Worked on the PeopleCode customizations on the Student self Service, Applicant pages.
o Coordinating Board Management Report (CBM) for the Texas Higher Education Board.
alidations of different loans, Grants.
d missing grades.
Designed the custom Transfer Credit Evaluation process to upload to and from Speede system.
Created an Application Engine to load the population for the Financial AID Term Build process.
Worked on Changes t
Worked on the Financial Aid Extract report for the v
Created SQR reports to Print Diploma statistics an
Involved in the designing the existing ASP admissions process into PeopleSoft.
Worked on the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) process to evaluate student test scores, create milestones on the Student
Retrofitted the PeopleSoft objects for the PeopleSoft 9
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ays Initiatives.
e roster implementation on the self service.
ster and batch grade posting processes.
d designed the processes for the department.
esting, code review and providing functional testing
ation testing, Unit Testing.
, Oracle 9i, UNIX/NT.
Involved in SQL tuning for the long running batch process.
Worked on the manual receipt generation process from the self service.
Worked on XML Publisher to generate 1098T for financials.
Involved in setup of 3Cs and worked on 3C engine process.
Modified the reports to be generated by sessions based on user input.
Involved in setting up and testing of SEVIS.
Worked on the designing the process for the Early College and Pathw
Created a report for the Credit Card Refund Load for CashNet.
Worked on issues with enrollment cancellation and cashiering issues.
Worked on attendanc
Create an application engine process to automate Test scores
Involved in modifications and testing of Class roster, Attendance Ro
Retrofitted the batch programs for the changes in functionality of PeopleSoft 9.0.
Coordinated with Office of institutional research (OIR) for the business requirements an
Participated in requirement analysis meetings, creating technical designs, Unit T
Involved in the complete System Lifecycle testing, Integr

Environment: PeopleSoft 9.0 HRMS and Campus Solutions, People Tools 8.49

h O io State University, Columbus, OH
(Mar 2006 to April 2008)

escription: D Ohio State University is a world-class public research university and the leading comprehensive teaching and research
o State is a multi-campus university with more than 60,000 students, 18 colleges, and 170 majors, the university
ous breadth and depth of opportunity in the liberal arts, the sciences, and the professions. The project is aimed at
the PeopleSoft Student Information Systems/Campus Solutions.
Worked on Campus Solutions Development.
hman Forgiveness.
cess to update the term fee amounts.
Event id generation process to post
n to allow students to sign up for the payment plans online.
elivered pages for campus meeting and events to have the same functionality as Class Meeting pattern so that events can
ost the Honors and Awards notation to the
m roll process to include buildings and facilities in the term roll.
Interface to post the test Scores File data obtained from different
the data using
f instructors and faculty self-service pages to provide faculty transactions.
d functional testing support.
Plan structure, have been involved in designs related to student
institution in the state .Ohi
offers its students tremend
e full-life cycle implementation of th

As a Peoplesoft Technical Consultant, responsibilities include:

Created process to post mass enrollment requests for Fres

Modified Student Center Component to add custom link and processes like Student Evaluation of Instructor.
Create a file upload pro
Worked on Class Schedule Interfaces both Extract and Upload to Schedule 25 System and created
room scheduling.
Create an applicatio
Modified people code on enrollment and program plan components to trigger 3c Engine
Modified d
be scheduled for the date range, Delivered functionality only creates an event for a da
Create a process to identify all students meeting the criteria of the Deans List and p
students record.
Added Facility Search on all Schedule of Classes Components and written people code to bring the facility back.
Created SQR reports to Print Diploma statistics and missing grades.
Designed commencement system to collect the complete commencement informat
Designed the processes to send information to Students Athletic system.
Develop a new SQR report that will display the statistical data of ISIR load process for financial aid.
Modified the ter
Designed an interface using App Engine, File Layout and Component
Worked on post-secondary enrollment option report.
Created a custom App Engine process to automate the placing and releasing of service indicators on students Record.
Designed and developed a batch App Engine process for Intra-University Transfer Campus Changes and validated
Component Interface.
Developed a batch App Engine process to Drop Students Enrollment for Non-Payment of Fees.
Created Component Interface to automatically drop failed audit courses.
Created student self-service pages for the online evaluation o
Involved in creating the Technical designs, Unit Testing, Code Review an
Complete understanding of student Academic Career, Program
enrolled in dual academic careers, students with multiple programs with in the career and double major (Plans) within the acade

Environment: Peoplesoft 8.9 HRMS and Campus Solutions, People Tools 8.48, Oracle 9i/10G, UNIX.

Sprint-Nextel, Reston, VA
Capgemini & Oracle Corp - (July 2005 Mar 2006)

i Description: The Project is the merger of Sprint- Nextel Companies. Worked with Cap Gemin
evelopment and customization of PeopleSoft HRMS module as per the requirements of the
& Oracle Corp for the Conversion,
client. D

As a member of Technology team, responsibilities include:
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
in, Payroll, Time & Labor, HR, Self-Service modules.
Created Interfaces using Application engine and SQR to benefits vendors for reporting the health, dental and vision benefits.
nversion of Departments, account code in Peoplesoft HR for the changes in the Peoplesoft Financials.
art field conversions changes in HCM to map e GL.
ges in Finance.
Worked extensively in Benefits, Ben Adm

Involved in the mapping and co

Incorporated the Ch th
Developed conversion programs to convert Job Data using Component Interface.
Worked on Manager\Employee Self-Service modifications to incorporate the chan
Created Interfaces for Life/Dependent Life Insurance requiring EO
Involved in modifying and running the Benefit Snapshot process.
Designed and created process to load Peoplesoft Financials DB2 tables which are used by ePRO/sPRO and Ariba system for
requisition approval.
Created interfaces in HR new hire, Work force management.
Created feeds from PS Time & labor to the Project costing system.
Involved in running security jobs, loading the security tree and migrating it across different environments.
Worked on the GL bonus accrual Interface for the modifications on the account code.
Designed and created GL interfaces from Peoplesoft HCM for the journal entries.
Involved in setting up of security for the Users and issues resolving the access.
Created Inbound and outbound Interfaces from payroll.
er. Involved in data migration across different environments using Data mov
Involved in migration of objects, creating and analyzing compare reports.
Involved in Playbook creation for the Go-Live Environment Build activities.
Involved in resolving defects\issues during the Integration, UAT and System testing.

Environment: HCM 8.8, People Tools 8.45\8.47, SQR, Oracle 9i/10G, UNIX, Windows XP.

MetLife, Hauppauge, NY
(April 2004 July 2005)

Description: The Project is a conversion of Travelers Life & Annuity of Citigroup with MetLife. The project involved Conversion,

Worked with admin in running SYSAUDIT and DDDAUDIT reports in analyzing the data redundancy and identifying the inconsistencies
and orphaned objects.
Analyzed the existing applications and involved in Fit/Gap Analysis and Customization evaluation.
Involved in working with admin for running Upgrade Compare Reports between Demo database and Copy of production before we do
the upgrade copy.
peoplecode in HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time & Labor, eBenefits for 8.9
rts for Peoplesoft upgrade.
Involved in customizations of the Employee Self ules.
ages, Managing Insurance Plans and FSA pages
ntive Program (TRIP) A benefit for MetLife
grams, Benefit Program Participation using
error reports for reconciliation.
st environment.
GL after the payroll is run.
d Menus to run Custom sqrs
cords and scroll bars. Wrote People
job streams if required.
Development, Support, and Upgradation of the PeopleSoft HRMS.
As a member of I

D technical team, responsibilities include:

Incorporated changes to several customized pages, components,

Responsible for retrofitting several customized SQR repo
Service\Manager Self Service mod
ealth Plan P Customized pages for e-Benefits to deliver Benefit Enrollment pages, H
Involved in setting the new deduction codes for Transportation Reimbursement Ince
associates and created on-line pages for checking the employee eligibilities for these benefits and loading into the General Deductions.
Done analysis and modified the SQRs to fit the needs of the Travelers Company.
Created a process to FTP files from online page and loading deductions and additional Pay.
Involved in creating Application Engine and component interface programs to load Global MetLife HR data in Global Associate Data
Involved in Direct Deposit applications for sending the interface files.
Involved in customizing and testing year-end batch processes.
Developed conversion programs to convert Names, Addresses, Department, Benefit Pro
uced SQR, application Engine. As a part of conversion, performed data validation and prod
Applied Tax Updates 2005, 2006 A/B to demo database (PS 8.3) and migrated to development and te
Involved in running the Compare reports after the Tax Updates to reconcile the data between the production and test
Involved in configuration & setup of Integration Broker between HRMS 8.9 and CRM 8.8.
Involved in working with the EIPs between HRMS & CRM.
Involved in GL-Interface feeds from HRMS to
Responsible for debugging and troubleshooting the payroll issues.
efinitions, Records, Pages, an Extensively used People Tools for creation or modification of Process D
through People Soft environment.
pages, and secondary pages. Used multiple re Used Page Designer to modify or add pages, sub
Code to incorporate business logic and Created Menu definitions to make them available at the application
Created Permission lists, users, roles and assigned roles to users through Maintain Security.
Involved in Migrations from Test environments to production by Creating CSR-s using STAT.
Used Maestro for running different reports, processes and scheduling jobs.
fter pay confirmation to debug payroll error Involved in running a payroll error tracking report before and a
Involved in production support and monitoring of nightly Payroll

nvironment: HRMS 8.9/8.3, CRM 8.8, People Tools 8.19/8.44/8.45, SQR, Oracle 8i/9i, Maestro, E
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
eneral Electric, Schenectady, NY
Windows XP

(Sep 2003 Mar 2004)
at files to
ntal plans. Developed complex SQR program that creates multiple
a into paysheets.
lls and derived records.
the requested Peoplesoft instances using a combination of
up keys to records, assign table edits like prompt table etc.
se by using SQR,
ion and preparing Technical Documentation.
hes & Fixes periodically to our current environments.
ver and also migrations of internal objects.
Involved in preparing Migrations request form, User acceptance document, and unit test results document.
Involved in assigning and tracking work through kintana.
o improve performance using advance features like Load lookup and Arrays.

Environment: HRMS 8.8, PeopleTools 8.42/8.43, PeopleCode, SQR, Oracle 9i, Windows 98, UNIX.

Description: The project is the full life-cycle implementation of the PeopleSof

Worked extensively in Time & Labor, Benefits, Payroll modules.
Administering Open Enrollment and Event Maintenance. Customized the existing interface programs for the HR to send fl
various vendors for employees enrolled in different medical and de
reports dynamically based on various parameters.
Involved in the whole Time Labor process of receiving the files from GEs business till loading the dat
Developed and modified various interface SQR programs and reports in HR, Payroll and Benefit.
Involved in creation of component interface to load data to the health benefit and dependent benefit
Worked in developing and customizing complicated Portal Pages using multiple level scro
Created an Automated process for Creating User Profiles across
Application Engine, File Layout and Component Interface.
Modified, designed, configured and built fields, records, sub records, setting
s. Involved in the customization of Pages, SQR reports and SQR proces
Designed and developed various interface programs to move data from Legacy Systems to Peoplesoft databa
Application Engine.
Analysis of COBRA Interface and writing Technical Specifications. Writing interface programs based on technical specs to send
changes occurring in benefits.
Documented the specifications on regular basis for every change required and implemented.
Involved in analyzing the Functional Documentat
Involved in downloading and applying upgrade Patc
Moving application data between two peoplesoft databases using Data Mo

Tuned SQL/SQRs t

Duramed Pharmaceuticals, NJ
(Jan 2003 Sep 2003)

Project : PeopleSoft HRMS
s a member of PeopleSoft HRMS technical team, responsibilities include: A
Worked as Technical Consultant for full life cycle implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS
d in Fit/Gap analysis stage for Recruit Workforce, eRecruit, Competency Management, Position management, Employee Self
modules for Recruit
Created complex SQL objects to implement business processes.
Strong working knowledge of eProfile, eCompensation, eRecruit, eBenefits and ePay.
Maintaining the Application Engine programs of eRecruit and Recruit workforce.
Documentation of eRecruit security and logon issues and development of customizations.
Developed/Enhanced several SQR programs for reporting and database processing.
Developed different custom reports using SQR and Crystal Reports according to user specifications.
Independently designed and developed custom on-line pages for PeopleSoft HRMS Employee self-service module.
Worked in creating new Application Engine programs and also in debugging existing programs.
Analysis of functional requirements, preparing technical specifications, test plans, co-ordination of user acceptance testing for every
change management requests.
Worked on the object oriented PeopleCode.
Worked on development of PS queries using core HRMS tables for end user frequent requirements.
Developed various Crystal Reports for analysis with the help of graphs.
Implementation of PeopleSoft customized application objects from development into production.
Applied Patches/Fixes for PeopleSoft HRMS 8.3
Implementing the Workflow and Business rules using Workflow Administrator and Business process maps
Handled Security related issues for certain roles and also giving department level security through Tree Manager.
Attended client meetings and gave presentations of the work done and resolve any critical production support issues.
Involved in estimation, analysis, coding, testing and review phases of work based on user requirement.
Interacting with users and preparation of relevant documents.

Environment: HRMS 8.3, People Tools 8.19, UNIX, Windows 2000, Oracle 8i, SQR & Crystal Reports.

rv Se ice, Manager Self Service, Training Administration and Administer Workforce.
Involved in the functionality and implementation requirements gathering for eRecruit and the Self-Service product
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Kemper life Insurance, FL
Dec 2002)
Project : PeopleSoft upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0

As a member of PeopleSoft HRMS technical team, responsibilities include:
Involved in defining departments in tree manager and assigned access code, Involved in query security.
m programs developed.
rograms SQRs, and SQLs scripts for PS8 upgrade based on the analysis that was made.
eld renames.
gning them to roles.
ponents, menus and giving access to them by
aintain security.
de, Job Data and Personal Data Panels in Manage Human Resources and Administer Workforce modules as
Analysis of PeopleSoft version 8.0 for upgrade.
Environment: PeopleSoft 7.5 / 8.0, Windows NT, SQR, people tools, oracle 8i

Net ystems, India
(Nov 2001

Worked with development team during the upgrade of PeopleSoft from version 7.5 to version 8
Generated comparison reports to identify the fields, panels, menus, xlats etc. that needs to be copied and upgraded to PS8.
Analyzing the impact of new fields in custo
Identifying the batch programs (SQR's) and SQC's that needs to be retrofitted for PS8.
Worked with core HR users to resolve the issue with new fields default values and translate values.
Retrofitted the batch p
Modified the SQL loader control files that load data into custom tables based on the fi
Reviewed and modified App Engine programs that are used to convert application data.
Analyze, reapply and test modifications to Pages/Components/Menus.
Analyze, reapply and test PeopleCode custom modifications.
Migrated the projects into the integration testing environments and tested.
Worked on payroll program enhancements and performance tuning.
Helped in setting up security in version 8 environment, creating permission lists and assi
Extensively worked with Application Designer to modify record definitions, pages, com
using m
Customized the Job Co
per the user requirements.

web S
(Jul 2001 Oct 2001)

Project : Vendor Performance Anal
Gathered requirements from clients, analyzed them and translated into design
s analysis ( (ERD)) and created tables and other database
ype screens an
Developed about 25 forms using Visual Basic 6.0 and 12 reports using crystal reports. Enhanced several existing forms and reports.
ule lev ort after the release.
Developed database Triggers, Functions, Procedures and Packages.

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, VBScript, orac

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India.
ysis System
Performed system Dataflow Diagram (DFD), Entity Relationship Diagram
Prepared protot d reports and set standards.
Was involved in the mod el and System level testing of the project and first level supp
le 8.0, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports, windows 98.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Ram krishna

Implementation, Upgrade & Production support experience.
ms encompassing strategic planning, analysis, design, development and enhancement of client/ server
e of data from legacy system to new PeopleSoft Tables
xperience with PeopleSoft Student Administration - Student Records, Campus community, Student Financials, Advisement, Admissions and
ge agent
ports and SQR Files

ng and Knowledge Transfer.


Over 6 years PeopleSoft Fit-Gap Analysis,
Extensive experience in Information Syste
based applications with 3- Tier Architecture
Experience in three tier architecture (PIA) weblogic, application Server configurations, installation and maintenance
Specialized in Functional analysis, designing and developing customizations of Pages, Components interfaces, and reports for PeopleSoft Student
Experience in converting high volum
Financial Aid systems
Proficient in the use of: PeopleSoft, SQR, Application Designer, Application Engine, Data Mover, Import Manager, Maintain Security/ Security
Administrator, Query/Crystal, PeopleCode, Mass Change, Workflow and Database Agent, Messa
nd customizing PeopleSoft Delivered Crystal Re Proficient in creating complex database reports a
Experience Da in tabase SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Base, MS-Access, DB2
ni Excellent in Production Support, Documentation, End-Users Trai

Bachelor of Engineering

PeopleSoft Expertise

Application Financial Aid, Student Financials, Admissions, Academic Advisement, Human Resources,
Payroll, Benefits, Student Records, Campus Community, General Ledger

Development Tools Application Designer, PeopleCode and Application Engine

Reporting Tools SQR, Tree Manager, PS Query, Crystal Reports and PS/nVision

Data Management Tools

Data Mover, Mass Changer, EDI Manager and Import Manager.

Administration Tools Maintain Security/Security Administrator, Object Security and People Tools Utilities.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems

Windows 2000/NT 4.0/ 95/98, UNIX, NovellNetware3.12

Tools SQR, PL/SQL, SQL, COBOL, HTML, JDK1.2, C, C++, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, Developer 2000.


Oracle, MS SQL Server, SQL Base and MS Access, FoxPro.


PeopleTools 6.01/7.01/7.55/8.13/8.21, Visual Basic, Developer 2000, and MS Office, Business Objects

Web Programming ASP, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Java Applets, Servlets

Web Tools/Servers Front Page, IIS, Apache, Site Server. E

xchange Server, Tuxedo Windows 2000 Server, Terminal Server

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m


sity Of Michigan, MI
7 - Current

leshooting and problem analysis for the current version of
Sr. Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Consultant

Worked as Peoplesoft consultant for University of Michigan. During my stay at University of Michigan, I worked on the upgrade project. The upgrade is
from Peoplesoft Student Administration Ver8 to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Release 9.0. The Peoplesoft 9 development was carried out using Pe
Tools V 8.48. Along with development, I was also involved in Fit-Gap, Design, support, troub
Student Administration in the production.

Involved in implementation and Fit Gap Analysis of Campus Solutions Applications Student Records and Enrollment, Financial Aid, Student
Involved in collecting/gathering of the Requirements/Needs of the Campus Solutions Modules.
Set up the following in Financial Aid Module.
Financial Aid year - Define Financial Aid Years.
Packaging Plans
Budget - Create Budget Categories for Aid year
Create Budget Item
Budget Groups and Budget Assignments
Awards -
Disbursement Plan Table
Disbursement ID table
Disbursement Slip codes
Disbursement Split code Formula
Financial Aid Item Types.
Worked with Aid Year Activation Process Financial aid Years, Built FA Terms in Batch, and Award Processing like Assign Awards to students.
Involved in Assigning Budgeting to Students and Awards Packaging.
Customized PeopleSoft Financial Aid key functionalities like Awards External Awards Load and Awards Processing to fit in the Framework of
the Student Administration business model.
Used Application Engine and Component Interface for batch processes like Award Load.
Used Remote Cobol call in Application Engine program.
Worked on the chart fields data synch with financials CLASS_CF, FUND LOAD, ACCOUNT CHARTFIELD, PROGRAM CF, PROJECT.
Customized PeopleSoft Student Financial key functionalities like GL Interface Chartfield Sync messages to fit in the Framework of the UMICH
Student Financials business model.
Worked on Integration Broker related setup like Queues, Services, and Services Operations.
Created new Rowset based message for the GL Project sync.
Created new Message Handlers. Used Message handler testing utility to test the handlers created.
Documented all the changes and newly created IB objects according to the UMICH standards.
Used XMLP for creating 1098-T report and Billing reports.
Created 1098-T XMLP Template from the scratch using Microsoft Word Template Builder. Added a new page to the 1098-T report which shows the
grants, scholarship details.
Documented the template change according to the UMICH standards.
Analyzed System Audit Reports to compare data structures defined in the People T lying database to uncover ools tables against the under
Performed Vanilla Comparison test between our demo database and our copy of production to identify customization and analyzed the reports.
Created Pre conversion and post conversion Scripts.
Used STAT for the change ma

nagement and version control of the Peoplesoft Objects.
Environment: PeopleSoft 8.0/9.0 Campus Solutions (Student Financials, Financial Aid, Student Record) modules. PeopleTools 8.48, Windows NT,
STAT and Oracle

UMASS, Amherst, MA
Nov 2006 May 2007
Sr. Peoplesoft Consultant

Design new Fields, Records, Pages, Component for continuing education system.
Create a custom message catalog entries.
Design new component interfaces.
Create new component interface peoplecode which inserts the new selected career & term and make student active for that term.
Written new component interface peoplecode which checks for active student and do enrollment in the system for selected term.
Testing of component interface and debugging of peoplecode.
Create and customized complex SQL queries to meet eligibility criteria.

Environment: PeopleSoft 9.0 HRSA. (Student Financials, Financial Aid, Student Admin, Student Record) modules. PeopleTools 8.48, Windows
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
land, MD
n creating Application Engine programs and FileLayout definitions such as writing data to a file, reading from flat file by adding new
ables against the underlying database to uncover inconsistencies.

error handling procedures.
s to read data files (Flat files).
ion of records, pages, components and menus. Customized and created record definitions, designed new page (Summary
ation and used People code to incorporate validation rules according to the specifications.
enerate reports of the customized application as per the user
nvolved in creating, validating and setting Component Interface Security and used the interface keys, properties, collections and methods.
t parameters to run the reports through the Process
existing SQRs and attach processes to pages, components
ion engine in writing new reports and used as a development tool.
nvironment: PeopleSoft Student Administration 8.0/8.9 (Financial Aid, Student Financials, Admissions, Student Records, Campus Community, General
niversity of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
Records, Financial Aid and Student Financials
ing of the Requirements/Needs of the Student Administration Module (Student Records, Financials and Financial Aid)
e Ids and to check the Offered and
ount for respective
rams, data mappings, components, tables, pages, reports,
et messages to say to pay the due
and identified cross-functional issues for resolution with other areas,
in identifying functional conversion requirements
NT and Oracle 9i.

University of Mary
Nov 2005 Nov 2006
Sr. Peoplesoft Consultant

Involved i
Sections, Steps and Actions.
Ran System Audit Reports to compare data structures defined in the People Tools t
Performed Vanilla Comparison test between our demo database and our copy of production to identify customization and analyzed the reports.
Involved in the design strategy and implementation of loading the data from Legacy HR.
Developed main SQR to convert legacy system data to PeopleSoft Application tables. SQR functionality included data validation, processing, a
Written SQR program
Involved in customizat
pages) to display additional inform
Involved in automating the manual process using Work Lists and Email (Workflow A
Modified existing Report Formats and added new Reports using PS/Query to g
Used Process Scheduler/ Report Manager for scheduling different processes.
Developed run control pages and components to get user input and added different process.
Worked in both Student Financials and Student Record module.
Developed Component Interfaces and programmed in PeopleCode by generating PeopleCode template and used several classes.
Worked extensively in Peopl eCode using various PeopleCode functions and events for data processing through pages.
Develop, modify and test interface programs and reports on using SQR to load and update data.
Create Run control pages and records using PeopleTools with the input and sor
Written SQRs, customized
Written SQR programs to calculate due date by each student billing tuition calculations, grants schedules, direct lending, disbursement and
reconciliation reports
Used data mover for loading the student data and used process scheduler to handle users request to execute the batch programs and
Used trace folders in order to trouble shoot some of the errors that have to rectify.
Used Applicat
Provide technical support to other Developers in the team.

Ledger) ORACLE, PeopleTools, PeopleCode, Application Engine, component interface, SQR, Crystal Reports, UNIX and Windows NT.

Aug 2004 Oct 200
PeopleSoft Consultant

Involved in implementation and Fit Gap Analysis of Student Administration Applications- Student
Involved in collecting/gather
Wrote a SQR Program to check the student listed for Work study are having valid SSN and their Employe
Accepted work Study Award
d excel she Involved in conversion of data to load and unload Student Record Tables using SQRs from the legacy system an
elimited text files and update the calculated am Wrote SQR for Package and Dispersed module to extract the records from Tab D
Worked with Student Records to extract and to update the data to the respective tables
Make effective use of technical tools to develop effective solutions: conversion prog
interfaces, performance and tuning
Coordinated security testing and setup of security tables, and maintain the same with different instances
Involved in the configuration and setting up of PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA)
Did modifications of Table Structures and Customization of templates
Involved in Campus Community Duties like Effective Communications Management and also in Efficient Event Planning
Involved in maintaining all the database instances uniform and unique (DEV, TST, STG and Production Environment- PRD)
Worked with Campus community Data, Enrollment of Students, Term Histories etc..
Wrote SQR program to calculate automated Billing for each term with Previous and current Balances and s
alances and issues balances within the time and the effects for not paying the b
Involved in creating functional specs for reports, interfaces, and customizations,
including Admissions, Student Records, Financial Aid, and PeopleSoft Financials. Lastly, involved
and reporting needs.
Involved in migrating the data and objects between the environments (DEV, TST, STG and PROD)
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Wrote a SQR Program to Bridge the gap between HR and PeopleSoft for work study
Involved in defining a process for resolving duplicates and Search/Match guidelines for accepting or adding a person in

any other awards for
r w
op ments, Recommend policy change
test plans (s
enance for Upgrade
g custom
permission lists,
igned and developed sever
in creating Application Engine
, Steps and Actions.
Reports to comp Tools tables against the underlying database to uncover inconsistencies.
la Comparison test between our mo database and our copy of production to identify customization and analyzed the reports.
the design strategy and i n of loading the data from Legacy HR.
Developed main SQR to convert leg functionality included data validation, processing, and
R programs to read data t into PeopleSoft benefit tables and these reports are written to handle rejected rows
uce report
stomization of recor and created record definitions, designed new page (Summary
onal informat according to the specifications.
manual p d Email (Workflow Administrator).
g Report Formats sing PS/Query to generate reports of the customized application as per the user
er/ Repor
trol pages and co
nd Customization
development, enha nance of PeopleSoft HR, Base Benefits and Payroll.
signer to
rts using SQR to lo
ol panels, panel gr lable to various
operators through Maintain Secu
Used Application Engine to perf
Involved in Setup of Eligibility
_Calender, yroll
veloped Inbo
ontributions and Va
Developed new SQR reports f
like Medical, dental, and Life
ocess Scheduler to Schedul
itor to find out th
nvironment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8

developing departmental
Involved in Setting up Financial System -Billing process for all terms which gives the total balance to be paid by every student which excludes the
the current term
mic Classes, Level/ load Tables and setting up academic Programs
hole year/month and make adjustments plans accordingly for Student Financial, Financial Aid, Admission and
ing information for test scripts, Define security require
Financial Aid and
Setting up Academic Calendars,
Carried out the Project Plan fo
Responsibilities included -- devel
Create and execute ystem, integration, and end-user acceptance tests).
ities associated with application analysis, table build, and testing for the software development and roll out Responsible for executing the

Environment: Student Admin 8.0 (Financial Aid, Student Financials, Admissions, Human Resources, Student Records, Campus Community), P
PeopleTools, Web Logic, Tuxedo - App Server, Win 2000 Server, Oracle

Target, Minneapolis, MN.
Jan 2003 Jul 2004
PeopleSoft Technical Co
f PeopleSoft Support, Maint rom 7.5 to 8.16 / 8.16 to 8.8 project.

Involved in convertin ized panels into pages and panel groups into components.
Involved in creating users, roles and assigned roles to users (Maintain Security).
al new SQR Reports in PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5 to 8.x and edited several reports in 8.x. Des
Involved programs and FileLayout definitions such as writing data to a file, reading from flat file by adding new
are data structures defined in the People
Ran System Audit
Performed Vanil de
mplementatio Involved in
acy system data to PeopleSoft Application tables. SQR
error handling pr
Written SQ
and to prod
files (Flat files) and loaded i
Involved in cu ds, pages, components and menus. Customized
code to incorporate validation rules pages) to display additi
Involved in automating the
ion and used People

rocess using Work Lists an

nd added new Reports u Modified existin
Used Process Schedul t Manager for scheduling different processes.
Developed run con mponents to get user input and added different process.
8 6 8.8, Payroll, HR, Benefits Administration, ePay, eProfile, eBenefits,

Environment: People Soft HRMS 7. / .1 / eRecruit modules, PeopleTools
T. 8.45, SQR, Oracle 9i, UNIX, Windows N

GE, Albany, NY.
April 2002 Dec 2002
PeopleSoft Technical C
Maintenance, Support a for Implementation of People soft HRMS 8.16 Project.

Involved in design,
Used Application
ncement and mainte
Involved in the Data m
modify existing records, pages, and menus and wrote People Code to support application.
Data conversion and Data loading from the external system into people soft tables.
ad data into PeopleSoft Payroll tables. Written conversion repo
Created Run contr oups, attached them to required menus through Application Designer and made them avai
rity to have the reports run under Process Scheduler.
orm background SQL processing against the database.
rules and Plans in Benefits Administration.
PS_Pay_Check, PS_Job, PS_Personal_Data, PS_PersNid tables and Generated reports by PayGroup, RunId in Pa Worked on PS_Pay
Designed and De
Loan and 401K C
und Interfaces and processing procedures for processing and Loading Employee Benefits, Deferred Compensation,
cation Buy and Health & Welfare information in to PeopleSoft Tables.
scratch like, Number of rom employees in each Benefit Program, and List of employees in each major Benefit Plan,
Insurance etc.
e the process at a specific time and run recursively on the server periodically.
e status of the process.
Used Pr
Used Process Mon
Created Users, Roles and Per
Tuned SQRs to improve per
ission list for users by using Maintain Security.
ce-using advance SQR features like Load lookup and Arrays.

E .16 (HR, Benefits, Payroll, Time & labor), People Tools 8.12, SQR, Crystal Reports, Oracle and UNIX.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
reas of Expertise

Sam Islam
roject Experience
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
Versions 8.x/9.0
PeopleSoft HRMS Versions 8.9
8.8, 8.3, 8.0, 7.5
Enterprise Resource Planning

PeopleSoft Experience
Campus Solutions
Campus Community
Recruiting & Admissions
Academic Advising
Student Financials
Time and Labor


Public Sector
Information Services

People Tools
Application Designer
Query (8.0 / 8.4x)
Security Admin. ( 8.x/ 8.4x)
Data Mover /Import Mgr/ Message
Workflow (version 7.5 / 8.0 / 8.4)
Process Scheduler
Application Engine

Integration Tools
Integration Broker
Component Interface
Application Messaging
Business Interlink

Reports Experience
SQR (Advanced)
Crystal Reports

Oracle 8/8i/9/9i,

duler, SQR,
ws ,
ion skills.
a Requirements
, Reports, Interfaces , Frequency / Timings , Dependent Process , Impacted Process
quirements ,Conversion Requirements ,
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Upgrades & Integration of systems through corporate
being a senior member and handling
Over 8 years of experience in PeopleSoft having strong skills in Functional
Design, Development, Upgrading & Implementation of PeopleSoft in Multi-
Environment using PeopleSoft 8.x/9.0 (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions(Cam
Community, Recruiting & Admissions, Academic Advising) & PeopleSoft HRMS (HR,
benefits, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Time & Labor, e-recruit, e-pay, e-development,
Student Administration, Self-Service)
Experience in working with PeopleTools - Application Designer, Application Engine,
Application Messaging, Application Packages, PeopleCode, Process Sche
Upgrade Assistant and PS-Query
Experience in Fit Gap Analysis , Current System Business Process , Process Flo
Security , Issues , Defects , Reports information and mapping to Future system with
certain definitions like Gap , Adequate , In Adequate
Excellent Analytical, Organizational, Interpersonal and Communicat
Experience in Functional Design provides Solution , Business Rules , Dat
,Audience, Legislative Requirements , Security Re
eria information Acceptance Crit
Experience with
Strong documentation and written presentation skills, and developed va
functional and technical specifications with Test Plans and Procedures
Excellent proven Leadership skills acquired
multiple tasks at work.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Professional Experience

Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN
Jan08 to Current
Functional Consultant

Was responsible for the setup, design and implementation of the Student Record,
Admissions & Campus Community module
Carried out analysis and feasibility studies of the Student Administration Modules and
was responsible for creating functional project documents.
Discussed with the functional end users, advisors, executive management and technical
staff on functionality aspects of implementation and provided impact analysis for Project.
Worked closely with the Admissions functional and technical team to ensure all
functional/technical specifications were completed on both ends and clearly documented
Worked with HRMS team to make sure setup tables were already
regions, jobcodes, joblocations, disabilities, were to be used from t
defined as regulatory
he exisiting HRMS
f Course Catalog and schedule of classes for Student
ransfer credit policy of university to setup Transfer credit processing.
Evaluated letter codes, groups, 3C categories and speed keys for Communication
d setup
oups, Course
blish pages in reverse
ts and finally
ernatives, for courses not offered during a particular
Involved with the design and setup o
Analyzed the t
implementation in the 3C engine
Reviewed various grade schemes for Grade setup in Student Records
Worked with Faculty, Advsiors,Transcripts and Registrars office to evaluate an
degrees and transcripts in the system.
Worked with Advising staff in understanding course structure, degree options, plans,
sub-plans to create appropriate course
Educated Technical developers on some of the components that Academic Advising
shares with Student records such as Academic/Enrollment Requirement, Gr
Lists etc.
Educated team on some setup pitfalls such as during setup to esta
order such as first defining courselists,then academic requiremen
Requirement groups than vice versa.
Worked with Admission & Registrar office every semester to setup various
exceptions/overrides as alt
Setup communcations in 3C engine to manage various institutional contacts, checkli
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Operating System
Windows 95/98/2K/XP

istration for students who
ocessing for
tional documents for reports such as listing visa status that were to expire at
R 033 as per
Records modules and ensuring the teams are on track.
Conversion team is kept on track
legacy to PeopleSoft.
aid various Payment Plans offered to students and accordingly
ocess. The process
s do not
er generator was used for this purpose. Also had to create setup
pages to enter the academic advising and financial aid session timings.
Automated the Incoming freshman residential college assignments. All incoming
freshman are assigned residential college assignments and this has to be done randomly.
Analyzed applicable State Regulations and designed Reporting/Implementation
plex Reports. Reports included data like Assignment by Ethnicity,
erfaci s, High School Type, Citizenship
and state of residence.
d implementation of Student Administration
ts for Payment Plan setup.
al Contracts
ent Plans calculation methods such as Lump sum Payment,
Calculated Payment etc
e student listed for Work study are having valid SSN
and their Employee Ids and to check the Offered and Accepted work Study Award
and subsequent comments in self-service.
Setup Service indicators to Hold transcripts and deny class reg
had unpaid/Balance Fees as per the request of Financial Aid department
Worked on setting up FERPA Privacy Control for currently enrolled students.
Setup Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) visa pr
International Students in the University
Created func
the end of current semester.
Created Functional documents for various SQR reports such as PER 032, PE
user requirements.
Responsible for assessing progress of development and testing activities
Responsible for helping manage the quality assurance process across multiple
implementation teams
Assisting as a Solution Architect for Campus Community, Admissions and Student
Responsible for ensuring Data

Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS
May 06 to Dec07.
Functional Consultant

Discussions with the end users on functional aspects of the Student Administration
Designed interfaces with third party systems.
Designed and implemented a conversion process from
Worked on incorporating various fee waivers to the tuition group.
Worked on setup of Deferral Contracts for Payment Plan setup.
Setup administrative fee and charges setup in Deferral Contracts
Reviewed with Financial
setup various Payment Plans calculation methods such as Lump sum Payment,
Calculated Payment etc.
Designed the Financial aid and Academic Advising appointments pr
automatically assigns incoming freshman financial aid appointments and Acad
advising appointments with their advisor. Care had to be taken so that the time
conflict. Random numb
programs as per the requirements.
Designed various com
Academic Program, Int ng with State Regulation
Involved in functional testing and functional production support

University Of Missouri, Kansas City, MO
Dec 04 to Mar06.
Functional Consultant

Involved in Fit Gap Analysis an
Applications- Student Records, Financial Aid and Student Financials
Involved in collecting/gathering of the Requirements/Needs of the Student
Administration Module (Student Records, Financials and Financial Aid)
Worked with Faculty, Advsiors,Transcripts and Registrars office to evaluate and setup
degrees and transcripts in the system.
Was Involved in discussions with Financial aid department for establishing Tuition
groups, Term Fees, Course and Class fees for setting up Tuition calculator .
Worked on incorporating various fee waivers to the tuition group.
Worked on setup of Deferral Contrac
Setup administrative fee and charges setup in Deferr
Reviewed with Financial aid various Payment Plans offered to students and accordingl
setup various Paym
Designed SQR Programs to check th
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
nd designed processes for Campus Community Duties like Effective
fficient Event Planning
Designed and implemented omated Billing for each term
Created SQRs for NA Payroll and Benefits Interfaces
vice Modules such as e-recruit, e-profile, e-benefits and e-pay.
Extensively worked on Customization/modification of Records, pages, Components,
on Compensation Panel
Analyzed a
Communications Management and E
SQR program to calculate aut
with Previous and current balances and set messages to say to pay the due balances
within the time and the effects for not paying the balances and issues.
Setup Academic Calendars, Dynamic Classes, Level/ load Tables and setup academic
Carried out the Project Plan for whole year/month and make adjustment plans
accordingly for Student Financial, Financial Aid, Admission and Records.
for reports, interfaces, and customizations, and Involved in creating functional specs
identified cross-functional issues for resolution with other areas, including Admissions,
Student Records, Financial Aid, and PeopleSoft Financials. Lastly, involved in identifying
functional conversion requirements and reporting needs.
Worked as a liaison between Functional Team/Client/Users and the Technical Team.

State of Ohio, OAKS, Columbus, Ohio
Jan04 To Dec 04
e unctional Co T chno-F nsultant
Part of Supporting Day to day production issues
Customized HR Self Ser
Menu, Component Interface. Application Engine and Workflow definitions.
Business rules are implemented using People code.
Customized pages, records and implemented People soft HR self-services
Designed a Component interface to JOB component for calculating pay rate components
Designed and developed/Modified SQR Reports for Benefits Module, for conversion
programs to convert data from legacy data to PeopleSoft Database.
Designed & developed various inbound & outbound Interfaces using SQRs &
Application Engine

Ohio Department of Public Safety, Columbus, OH
Jun03 to Dec03
Techno Functional Cons
volved in applying on-line customizations,
R programs for PeopleSoft HRMS
Reimplem tation of the PeopleSoft 7.x HRMS (HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration,
Student Administration) Modules to 8.3 Version based on Organizational needs and
Performed interfacing, conversions, data migration and report writing (using People
Code, People Tools and SQR).
Extensively used PeopleSoft Application designer, Report Manager, Process Scheduler,
PeopleSoft Query and other development tools.
Extensively applied Peoplecode validations. Developed generic Peoplecode function
library programs for various tasks, for example, implementing field level security based
on end user roles.
Worked extensively in the HR modules Training, Time and Labor, Base Benefits, Payroll
Created new objects (Fields, Records, Pages, Components, Menus and Images) and
enabled the security for new pages.
Tax Updates and w2 Year end process in payroll.
Developed SQRs to extract employee data, calendar information, and vacation, leave,
and sick accruals.

Houston Community College, Houston, TX
Re-implemented (HRMS v7.x to v8.3) In
developing/customizing Application Engine and SQ
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Jan02 To
t Techno Functional Consultant

Customized and Developed PeopleSoft Objects such as Pages, Components and Menus
Implemented Security using Security Administrator and Object Security to restrict users
pleCode for batch processes.
Implemented and tested Open Enrollment Process.

Client: V I S, Inc.,
Jun01- Dec01
PeopleSoft technical consultant
mpany to implement
olution that significantly reduces administrative costs for the staffing
er invoices and over 40,000 paychecks every
ion, payroll and billing into one streamlined and
tegrated process, consolidating operations and improving efficiency. Its pay-to-bill linkage
cy in time entry and invoicing, based on user requirements.
as part of Version 8 upgrade.
Made possible Functional / Technical changes to programs as part of Version 8 Upgrade
Identifying strategies in the analysis phase for Conversion of HR, Base Benefits history
data from Tessaract and EIS legacy systems into PeopleSoft application tables.
Customized / Developed impacted PeopleCode programs due to Version 8 upgrade
Applied Updates, patches and fixes
to their work area.
Used Application Engine and Peo
Ran the time Administration, Load T/L, Pay Sheet, Pay Calculation, Pay Confirmation
and Leave Accrual Process for Payroll and Time and Labor modules
Designed and developed interface specifications for Benefit Elections in Open Enrollment

V.I.S is a staffing and telecommunications services firm. It is the first co
PeopleSofts staffing s
industry. It uses it to efficiently process 20,000 custom
week. Staffing Back-Office unites time collect
increases flexibility and accura

Merges and
ing and
programs like Retirement, Criterion (employee and history)
ealth interface), lump-sum amount of earnings balances
dger for Financials& Annual benefits enrollment statement for an
Upgrading the PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5 to 8.0 by using the Upgrade Assistance.
Identifying from Ver. 7.5 to Ver. 8.0 and making
ecessary changes to the Client's Customized SQRs in order to perform in PeopleSoft 8.0
e following reports:
Developing and Coding of new SQR's for running Interface programs after
base to the other( People soft payroll reports). Exporting data from data
Gathering requirements from the End User, analyzing the process flow, creat
modifying Reports, coding new SQR programs as per the requiremen
Developed interface SQR
outbound interface, Vytra (h
to post in General Le
employee (Internal).
Fields and Tables that were changed
Developed / Customized th
Active employees report
Employee Expense Details Report
Hours and Earnings by Category and Status report

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Sarat Chandra Durgam

Professional Summary:
Around 11 years of IT experience, which includes 9 years as PeopleSoft Consultant.
Having good experience of various modules in PeopleSoft HRMS/HCM (HR, Payroll, Benefits, Benefits Administration, Time & Labor, e-
Pay, e-Profile, e-Profile Manager Desktop, e-Recruit & e-Benefits) and PeopleSoft SIS (Student Records, Student Admissions, Campus
ommunit & Student Self-Service)
plication Designer, Process Scheduler, Application Engine, Component Interface, File Layout,
ice, Service Operation, Workflow, Application Package, Data Mover, Process Monitor, and
orked on developing new reports, customizing/debugging existing SQR reports.
C y, Student Financials .
Expertise using People Tools such as Ap
Application Messaging (Integration Broker), Serv
PS Query.
In depth understanding of PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) and Security.
PeopleSoft experience includes implementations, upgrade projects, extensive development, testing, developer training and technical
Very good at Analytical thinking, Troubleshooting, Communication skills and capable of working well as a team member and independently.
Always willing to learn and implement new technology quickly.

BS in Engineering.

Technical Skills:

ERP PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5/8.0/8.3/8.8/8.9 (HR/Payroll/Benefits/Benefits Administration/T&L).
ion Designer.
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.9
(Student Records/Admissions/Financials/Campus Community)
Operating Systems : Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95, MS-DOS and UNIX.
Reporting Tools : SQR and PS/Query.
Programming Languages : People Code, PL/SQL, C and PASCAL.
GUI : Applicat
Integration Tools : PeopleSoft Integration Broker, Application Engine, Component Interface and File Layout.
Scheduling Tools : Process Scheduler, AUTOSYS and MAESTRO.
Database : Oracle 10.2/8.1.7/8.0/7.x, SQL Server 7.0, DB2/UDB for OS/390 and MS-Access.
Migration Tools : STAT, Xpedio, Mercury ITG, Quality Center and PVCS.
Query Tools : Toad, SQL Plus, SQL Navigator, Aqua Data Studio and WinSQL.
Software : Lotus Notes and MS Outlook.
Professional Experience:

Project#1 Apr09-till date
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Client:
Title: PeopleSof
Developmen m ion Sup us Solutions 8.9
t Campus Solutions Technical Consultant
mp t, Custo ization and Product port of Ca

Description: The Ohio State University is a world-class public research university and the leading comprehensive teaching and research institution in the
ain campus in Columbus. With more than 60,000 students, 18 colleges, and 170 majors, the state. Ohio State is a multi-campus university with a m
university offers its students tremendous breadth and depth of opportunity in the liberal arts, the sciences, and the professions. The project is aimed at the
development, customization and production support of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Extensively used People Tools such as Application Designer,
Application Engine, Component Interface, Application Package, SQR, PS Query, Data Mover, SQL and File Layout.

Environment: ools 8.49.09, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.9 (Student Records/Study Abroad/Campus Community/Self Service)

People T
developed an Inbound Interface to insert/update Transcript Text data using Application Engine, Component Interface and
Designed and
File Layout.
Designed and developed a batch Application Engine process to insert missing external degree codes using Component Inte
Developed Technical Specification documents as part of new design and development.
Wrote PeopleCode to prevent most users from adding additional future dated rows to CPP stacks once complete.
Designed and developed an Inbound Interface to load Student Advisor data using Application Engine, File Layout and Component
Wrote PeopleCode in several events to validate and to attain the business functionality.
Designed and dev eloped an Application Engine conversion process to update Academic Plan for specific Plan Types using Comp
Designed and developed Grade Upload Webservice using Application Package, Service and Service Operation.
Used ExceltoCI utility to insert/update data for simple Component Interfaces.
Provided technical support and functionality enhancements to improve efficiency of processes.
Designed and developed an App Engine process for Post Graduation Enrollment using Component Interface.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Change Audit
n Designer and made them
Involved in analysis and set up of run controls to schedule the jobs in AUTOSYS.
Created Enrollment Transaction Inquiry component to display the data of Enrollment Transactions, Student Enrollment, Grade
Data and wrote PeopleCode to attain business functionality.
Involved in production support.
Created queries for users as per the business requirement.
Created Fields, Records, Views, Pages, Components, registered them to required menus through Applicatio
available to various users through Security Administrator.

Project#2 Mar08-Mar09
Client: The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Title: PeopleSoft Technical Team Lead Consultant
Integration of Study Abroad Functionality into PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.9

Description: The project is aimed at the integration of Study Abroad Program Functionality into PeopleSoft Student Information Systems/Campus
Solutions. Extensively used People Tools such as Application Designer, Application Engine, Component Interface, SQR, PS Query, Data Mover,
SQL and File Layout. The project involved AGILE development.

Environment: Pe pl o e Tools 8.49.09, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.9 (Student Records/Student Admissions/Student Fi
munity/Self S
Com ervice)

Designed the entire project b y creating requirements documents from analysis meetings with the business sponsors and users.
Developed Functional and Technical Specification documents as part of Agile development.
Performed Project Management responsibilities for technical team including project work plan management, change management, status
ered functionality.
ce access of the same
business functionality.
gine Component Interface Mass
ess using Application Library to GROUP POST Students Program fee, Program
Tuition credits and Cancellation Charges.
onality nhancem with Study Abroad Program.
ser Profiles, Assign roles for Reviewers and Students automatically using USERPROFILE process.
process to update the Statuses of App Fee, Program Fee, Program Deposit and Cancellation Charges.
(Permission Lists, Roles and User Profiles) to OIA staff, Reviewers, Program Coordinators and students.
ed menus through Application Designer and made them
State University, Columbus, OH
reporting and issue resolution processes.
Integrated and Automated OSU Study Abroad Program Functionality into PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.
Selected, sourced and managed technical team supporting client resources
Performed fit/gap analysis, designed gap strategies and recommended business process changes to take advantage of deliv
Designed and developed Self Service Study Abroad Program Application for the student and provided the maintenan
to OIA Staff, Program Coordinators and Reviewers.
Worked with the technical team and wrote PeopleCode in several events to validate and to attain the
Designed and developed a batch Application En process using to update the Study Abroad Program and to
Enroll the students into IS697.
Designed and developed a batch Application Engine proc
P ec pp n e ents to improve efficiency of processes associated rovided t hnical su ort and fu cti
Developed Mass Change to Create U
Designed a batch Application E
Involved in setting up Security
Coordinated development and testing efforts between the team members.
Conducted end-user training session and provided troubleshooting during parallel testing.
Resolved issues and change requests by providing Production Support.
Created Fields, Records, Views, Pages, Components, registered them to requir
available to various users through Security Administrator.

roject#3 P
Client: The Ohio
Title: PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Technical Consultant
Implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.9

Description: The project is aimed at the implementation of the PeopleSoft Student Information Systems/Campus Solutions. Extensively used People
Tools such as Application Designer, Application Engine, Component Interface, Application Package, SQR, PS Query, XML Publisher, SQL and
File Layout.

Environment: People Tools 8.48.07, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.9 (Student Records/Student Admissions/Student Financials/Campus

e R sponsibilities:
Involved in writing Technical Specifications during the Design phase of the project by gathering functional requirements.
Designed the entire Commencement Process of OSU.
Designed and created a batch App Engine process and validated the data using Component Interface to drop failed audit courses.
Designed and developed a batch App Engine process to insert the PeopleSoft data into Athletic System Database as part of Student Athlete
Record changes.
Designed and created an Inbound App Engine process to Update/Insert data in S tudent Milestone component using Component
and File Layout.
de in several events to attain the business functionality.
Designed and developed a batch App Engine process for Intra-University Transfer Campus Changes and validated the data using Component
Developed a Custom Commencement Component for OSU and wrote PeopleCo
Designed and created an SQR process to identify all students meeting the criteria of the Part Time Deans List and post the Honors and Awards
notation to the students record.
Created a custom set up Department Data page, Component and attached it to the Menu.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Wrote PeopleCode to incorporate the logic of Recurring Meetings in Campus Event Planning.
ustomized Campus E ent and M ponents ts to validate the business data.
nsert the Tuition Payment status into Custom record.
App Engines and online PeopleCode.
rtment Data page, Component and attached it to the Menu.
Service Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) and added pages, PeopleCode as per the clients requirements.
ized Self-Service To Do List Campus Personal Information component and added PeopleCode to attain the business functionality.
le determined by
ent of Fees.

tion Designer and made them
C v eetings Com and added PeopleCode in several even
Developed a batch App Engine process to i
Developed Application Packages to use in
Created a custom set up Diploma and Depa
Designed and developed a batch App Engine process using set processing technique to Clean up the Term Rolls.
Designed and developed a batch App Engine process to update the Student data in Athletic System Database with the PeopleSoft data as per
the business logic.
Designed and created an SQR process to update the fields of custom Commencement Table to attain the business functionality.
Created SQR to Print the Demographic Report of OSU Athletic System Database.
Customized Self-
Designed and Created an Inbound interface using App Engine, File Layout and Component Interface to load the Test Post Scores File data
obtained from different tests.
Developed an inbound App Engine process to update Term Fee rates using File Layout and Component Interface.
Customized Class Schedule Report (SR201) as per the client requirements.
Developed a batch App Engine process
To identify students who have been admitted that need to have either provisions or conditions or both calculated.
To assign a specified checklist/checklist item to the selected population.
Develop a batch App Engine process for assigning active collection accounts to one or more different collectors on a schedu
the Office of the Treasurer.
Developed a batch App Engine process using Set Processing Technique to Drop Students Enrollment for Non-Paym
Customized External Academic Summary Component and wrote PeopleCode to validate the data as per the clients requirem
Added PeopleCode logic on several records to trigger 3C when transactions are performed.
Customized delivered batch Term Roll (SRROLL) Process to include the logic of roll scheduled rooms forward from one term to the next.
Designed and developed SQR to print the Custom Advising Report.
of OSU Commencement. Customized Student Academic Program/Plan Component to attain the business functionality
Created an Activity page that allows staff to see history of the applicant and wrote PeopleCode as per the business lo
Designed and developed SQR to print Missing Grade Report.
mmencement. Customized Degree Table and Degree Honors Table Components as part of OSU Co
Developed unit test documents for every design.
Created Record definitions, Page definitions, Components, attached them to required menus through Applica
available to various users through Security Administrator.

Client: State of Ohio, OAKS, Columbus, OH
Title: PeopleSoft HCM Technical Consultant
entation of P Implem eopleSoft HCM 8.9

Description: The project involved full life-cycle implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS with Accenture. The project is aimed at the development and
mization of the PeopleSoft HRMS module as per the requirements of the client. Worked extensively with People Tools such as Applic custo
tion Engine, Component Interface, PS Query esigner, Applica SQR, and File Layout.

Environment: People Tools 8.46.07, PeopleSoft
Web logic 5.1, Oracle, UNIX and Windows NT.
HRMS 8.9 (HR/Payroll/Benefits/Ben Admin/Time & Labor/e-Pay/e-Benefits), Tuxedo6.5/Jolt 1.2,

Designed and developed a batch process Application Engine program to Update POSN_STATUS field in POSITION_DATA table using Set
Processing technique.
Developed ad-hoc query for OBM to monitor Position Status.
Developed an SQR process for Benefits Administration to insert the new effective dated row into JOB, JOB_JR, COMPENSATION and
CBR001.SQR to include the SSN and Employee Id on the COBRA Initial and Secondary Letters.
ized BEN040.SQR Non-COBRA Billing Statements as per the client requirements.
C_PLAN table using Set
OH_OHIO_JOB tables.
Resolved the issues related to online Create COBRA Non-Employee.
Designed and developed a batch process Application Engine program to Update OPTION_CD field in BAS_PARTI
Processing technique.
Developed ad-hoc T&L Queries for the users to obtain the information irrespective of the pay period being processed.
, ANNL_BE Developed an Application Engine program to update ELIG_CONFIG1, ELIG_CONFIG2, ELIG_CONFIG3
BAS_GROUP_ID fields in JOB table by Set Processing technique.
Customized View Paycheck page to make it printer friendly by adding a button on the page and wrote people code to attain the business logic.
Developed a Standard Deduction Outbound Interface Application Engine program using File Layout to support general deductions withheld
for various insurance, credit unions and loan payments not related to a benefit plan.
rint Confirmation and Enrollment Statements. Wrote people code to attain the business functionality for the run control pages of P
Customized Benefits Enrollment page by adding people code
Modified Print Confirmation Statements SQR as per the client requirements.
Created Record definitions, Page definitions, Components, Run control records/pages, attached them to required menus through Application
Designer and made them available to various operators through Security Administrator to have the reports run under Process Scheduler.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Project#5 May06-D
Client: The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Title: PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Consultant
Upgrade and Customize PeopleSoft HRMS 8.0/8.9

Description: The project is aimed at the upgradation and customization of PeopleSoft HR
nent Interface, SQR and
MS from 8.0SP1 to 8.9. Worked extensively with online
Application Engine. PeopleCode, Application Designer, Application Package, Compo

Environment: People Tools 8.18.07/8.46.07, PeopleSoft HRMS 8.0 SP1/8.9 (HR/Payroll/Benefits), Tuxedo6.5/Jolt 1.2, Web logic 5.1, Oracle, UNIX
and Windows NT.

e R sponsibilities:
Designed and customized Application Engine programs Update Personal Data Future HR_PERSDATA and Refresh Personal Data
OSU fields in PERSONAL_DATA table.
mized t oblems involved with Personal Data and POI
Find Job Opening pages and wrote online people code along with the modifications in Application
ponent and added people code to validate the data.
, Personal Data, Benefit Program Participation and BAS activity.
eloping SSN Change History custom Component with custom objects and attached it to the Menu.
Customized Approve Payable Time Component by adding people code in the appropriate events.
d Fiscal Year Appointment Length Table page and changed the navigation.
l the custom objects and attached it to the Menu.
R (PER616OS) to include the OSU requirements as per 8.9
through Application
PERS_REFRESH to update the
Added people code in several events and custo he Component Interfaces to fix the pr
related to COBRA.
Customized Create Job Opening and
package to attain business functionality.
Involved in customization of Earnings table com
Worked on Personal Data Component to include OSU Campus Address page and added people code to attain business logic.
Customized pages related to JOB DATA Component and added people code as per OSU requirements.
Involved in customizing Pay Check Component to include OSU fields and added people code to validate the data.
Extensively worked with PeopleCode while reapplying the customizations to the bolt-on, customized and delivered objects.
Customized the pages related to the Job Code Table Component, modified people code and resolved the issue with Defaulting Rule
Component Interface CI_CMP_RULE_DEFN.
Resolved many Upgrade Issues with Job Opening, POI related to Job Data
Worked on Setup Task Profile Page to populate appropriate OSU values for Combo Code.
Involved in dev
Involved in Designing and developing FMLA Leave Administration.
Developed Name Change History custom Component with al
Modified Graduate Fee Authorization Setup Table page and changed its navigation.
Created Unit Test documents for all the development tasks.
Modified Compensation Statements SQR (BEN675OS) as per 8.9 tables.
Designed and Customized Alumni Campus Campaign Pledge Card Interface SQ
Used Xpedio as Version Control Tool for SQRs.
Created Record definitions, Page definitions, Components, Run control records/pages, attached them to required menus
Designer and made them available to various operators through Security Administrator to have the reports run under Process Scheduler

Project#6 Mar05-May06
Client: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Tampa, FL
Title: PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Consultant
Development, Customization and Upgradation of PeopleSoft HRMS

Description: PricewaterhouseCoopers U.S. provides industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services building public trust and enhancing value
ment, customization and upgradation of PeopleSoft HRM for public and private clients and their stakeholders. The project is aimed at the develop
.0SP1 to 8.9 for UPAS. Worked extensively with online PeopleCode, Application Desi
S from
gner, Component Interface, SQR, Workflow, PS Query, Upgrade
Applica n Engine.
Assistant and tio

Environment: People Tools 8.18.07/8.46.08, PeopleSoft HRMS 8.0 SP1/8.9 (HR/Payroll/Benefits), Tuxedo6.5/Jolt 1.2, Web logic 5.1, Oracle, UNIX
and Windows NT.

Designed and developed Workflow for UPAS Housing Differential from the scratch to send an email to the partners.
Wrote online PeopleCode for UPAS Housing Differential and UPAS Loans to validate the data and to attain the business functionality.
Developed a batch process Application Engine program for the UPAS Housing Differential to load the Housing data.
eveloped Workflow for UPAS ESS to send emails to the partners.
Customized PDP wire transfer Interface to include the partners, evaluate the Account numbers, generate a flat file to BONY and to produce the
ontrol and error reports.
ude the partners and to produce the detail, control and error reports.
Wrote an S
Wrot o l Deduction, UPAS Supplemental form and UPAS Payline to restrict the user
Custo es and to produce the detail,
Work in designing, developing, customizing, testing and Upgrading PeopleSoft HRMS System from Version
8.0 S
Developed and customized PDP pages and tables and wrote PeopleCode to attain the business functionality.
Designed and d
detail, c
Customized PAY002UP SQR and UPAS Payroll Register SQR to incl
QR for MetLife Inbound Interface to produce reports and an output file.
e Pe pleCode for UPAS Additional Pay, UPAS Genera
mized Partner Life Insurance Deductions from PS to Minnesota life SQR to evaluate the deduction cod
control and error reports.
ed with PeopleSoft Upgrade team
P1 to 8.9.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Resp d SQR reports from PeopleSoft version 8.0 to 8.9.
and modified JOB, EMPLOYMENT and PERSONAL_DATA tables in 8.9.
Crea d patches on the sample database and ran the compare reports.
Work orphaned objects.
lved in the team in solving upgrade issues.
e bolt-on, customized and delivered objects.
Administrator to have the reports run under Process Scheduler.
ation of PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8
Desc tio
onsible for modifying & upgrading several customize
d Analyze
ed with PS Vanilla compare reports.
ted a sample database of production for the upgradation and applie
ed with SYSAUDIT and DDDAUDIT reports in analyzing the data redundancy and identifying the inconsistencies and
Involved in meetings in analyzing fit-gap analysis.
Customized several fields, records, pages, components and Menus during upgrade.
Actively invo
Extensively worked with PeopleCode while reapplying the customizations to th
Worked with User queries and Role queries.
Created Record definitions, Page definitions, Components, Run control records/pages, attached them to required menus through Application
Designer and made them available to various operators through Security
Used PVCS Version Control to migrate the SQR's between the environments.
Involved in Production Support.

Project#7 July04-Mar05
Client: Yum Brands! Inc., Louisville, KY
Title: PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Consultant
Development & Customiz

rip n: Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the worlds largest restaurant company in terms of system units with approximately
taurants in more than 100 countries and territories. Four of the companys restaurant brands - KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, A&W and Long 33,000 res
John lv
Peopl of
omponent I Workflow.
Si ers - are the global leaders with a combined turnover of over 24 Billion US Dollars. The project involved full life-cycle implementation of
eS t HRMS with Bearing Point Inc. as the technology partners. The project is aimed at the development and customization of the PeopleSoft
ively with People Tools such as Application Designer, Application Engine, S odule as per the requirements of the client. Worked extens
nterface, File Layout, Application Messaging, PS Query and C

Environment: People T S 1 roll/Benefits ools 8.44.11, PeopleSoft HRM 8.8 SP (HR/Pay L), Tuxedo6.5/Jolt 1.2, Web logic 5.1, DB2, /Ben Admin/T&
UNIX and Windows NT.

esponsibilities: R
Developed an Inbound Application Engine to transfer and validate the fixed file VPA to YUM Daily Employee Leave Data from VPA into
JOB and EMPLOYMENT tables using Component Interface.
Involved in tuning of Time Administration batch process (TL_TIMEADMIN), submit time and submit all process.
Involved in designing Technical documentation highlighting business rules implemented with PeopleCode functions and Pseudo-code.
Developed an Inbound Application Engine to transfer and validate the fixed file general deduction information from STARBRIDGE into
Involved in developing an integrated inbound interface between legacy system and PeopleSoft using Application Messaging for HR and T&L.
epublishing PeopleCode in the record field change event to republish the message from the suspense processing.
ansfer and validate the fixed file savings and deductions information from CITISTREET
d ran them from Process Scheduler.
age design including all scroll levels, grids, subpages and secondary pages.

Proj 8
Client: Ba
Title eo

GENL_DED_CD and GENL_DEDUCTION tables using Component Interface.
Wrote PeopleCode for data validation and to attain the business functionality.
Wrote R
Modified Hire Workforce Activity to include new event for hire, rehire and new salary plan to send an email to the specified roles.
Developed an Inbound Application Engine to tr
into BENEFIT_PARTIC, SAVINGS_PLAN, GENL_DED_CD and GENL_DEDUCTION tables using Component Interface.
Customized HR & Benefits reports using SQR an
Developed new SQRs like Rehire Retiree's report and Full Time Student report.
Involved in p
Created Record definitions, Page definitions, Components, Run control records/pages, attached them to required menus through Applicatio
Designer and made them available to various operators through Security Administrator to have the reports run under Process Scheduler.
Used STAT Version Control to migrate the objects between environments.
ect# Jun03-July04
nk Atlantic, FL
: P pleSoft HRMS Consultant
n: Bank Atlantic is one of the largest and oldest financial institutions in Florida. The project is aimed at the customizations of the PeopleSoft -
HRM m Designer, Application Engine,

S odule as per the requirements of the client. Worked extensively with People Tools such as Application
ponent Interface and Workflow.
E ent: People Tools 8.4, PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 (HR/Payroll/Benefits, e-Recruit and e-Profile), Tuxedo6.5/Jolt 1.2, Web logic 5.1, Oracle 8.0,
indows NT. UNIX and W

me Implemented new vacation bank na ly CTO (Combined Time Off),
o Developed an SQR to combine all available vacation banks for eligible employees into one new CTO bank and all sick banks into
printing) SQR program to include ESB and CTO in the pay check file.
tomized SQRs to calculate Quarterly/Yearly bonus based on the condition provided in specifications which include,
y Active employees at the time of bonus payout,
one new bank namely ESB (Extended Sick Bank).
o Modified all Vacation Liability Reports for Finance users to include new banks such as CTO and ESB.
o Modified PAY003 (pay check
Developed and cus
o Numbers of hours worked,
o Onl
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Must be active atleast for the last six months.
s per the specifications provided by Vendor (TALX).
eduler for submitting the tasks to accomplish various PeopleSoft jobs like running SQR reports and Application Engine
_SURVEY Record.
kflow, which sends comments/feedback request email to the
rograms to send the Beneficiary information to various Benefit providers.
Detail page (HR_EMERG_CNTCT_DET), Email Addresses page
ile self service application.
based on
ugh Application
er and made them available to various operators through Security Administrator to have the reports run under Process Scheduler.

itle: PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Consultant
o Developed new Menus, Components, Pages, Records and Fields a
o Developed Employment Verification Interface for TALX.
o Customized the SQR provided by Vendor to generate Employment-Income verification file after each pay period
Developed SQR to increase union dues for deduction in GENL_DEDUCTION record for deduction code UDAFS as per the specifications.
Used Process Sch
Wrote People Code for data validation and to attain the business funct
Created Inbound Application Engine programs to transfer the flat file Salary survey Information into JOBCD
Developed a batch process Application Engine program for the employee wor
employee and his/her manager after 45 days of the initial employment.
Created Outbound Application Engine p
Modified HR_EE_PROMOTE Activity and added an event to send an email to supervisor.
Involved in customizing the pages such as Emergency Contact
(HR_EMAIL_ADDRESSES), Request Marital Status Change page (HR_EE_MAR_STATUS), Home and Mailing Address page
(HR_BOTH_ADDRESS) in the e-Prof
Worked with the update resume page (HR_RES_V_UPD_APP) and applied People Code validations which do not allow the applicant to
change values.
Worked with the Component Interface RP_Applicant_Data to insert the data extracted by the Resume Extra
Involved in page design including all multi-level scrollbars, search records, menu design and people code as per the specifications
organizational needs.
Created Record definitions, Page definitions, Components, Run control records/pages, attached them to required menus thro
Created permission lists and Roles for different user systems.

Client: Key Bank, OH
Customizing PeopleSoft HRMS 8.3

Description: KeyCorp is one of the nation's largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately $84 billion. Key companies
rovide investment management, retail and commercial banking, consumer finance, and investment banking products and services to individuals and

hanging the existing customizations for the new environment/ architecture.
companies throughout the United States and, for certain businesses, internationally. PeopleSoft HRMS team is responsible for reviewing, analyzing and

ent: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.3 (HR, Payroll, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, e-Profile, e-Profile Manager desktop), Resume Processing
People To ndows NT and Unix.

Resp ib
ols, People Code, SQR, SQL, Web Logic 5.1, Tuxedo 6.5, JOLT 1.2, Oracle 8i, Wi
ons ilities:
Developed a new Component, Page, Record and Fields for the Employee Gift shop Interface and wrote an SQR report to classify the eligible
earnings, deductions, and taxes for each
ts to apply online jobs in the e-Recruit HR Self-Service
Involved in customizing the Interview Evaluation Form page (ER_INTVW_EVL_FORM), added customized fields as per the specifications.
ers, Terminations, Promotions and
Union Deduction Increases.
es and attached it to the Process Scheduler to run the SQR reports. Both SQR reports and
SQR processes are created and scheduled to run recursively at a predefined time.
ed new business processes, created work lists and wrote People Code for the Workflow. These include Dependent Notification,
tification, and Employee Benefits Enrollment Confirmation.
y attending meetings with end user team.
ponent Interfaces for the integration with third party applications.
ns on existing system to new release and tested those customizations.

Proj 1 Sept01-Sept02
Clien W
pgrade of PeopleSoft (HRMS) 7.5 to 8.0

employees based on the cost centers of the bank.
by adding logic to produce YTD amounts for gross pay, net pay, Customized the PAY002 report
employee. Also added YTD amounts for
Involved in setting up the web server configuration file for the external applican
Involved in customizing pages such as contact details page (HR_RES_A_CONT_APP), Preferences Page (HR_RES_A_PREFS_APP), Current
and Prior Employment Page (HR_RES_A_EMP_APP), Personal Information Page (HR_RES_A_PER_APP), Education Page
(HR_RES_A_EDUCA_APP) according to the requirement of the client.
Developed many customized SQR reports/processes to read data from flat files and process Employee Transf
Created new Run Control Records and customized Pag
Employee Status Change No
Involved in Technical Fit Gap Analysis b
Worked extensively with the Com
Involved in incorporating the customizatio
ect# 0
t: eil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, NY
PeopleSoft HRMS Upgrade Consultant
Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, now in its eighth decade, is a widely respected law firm, now one of the largest in the U.S. The firm has over
1100 lawyers in 17 offices, including U.S. offices, European offices and an Asian office. This project involves Upgrading People Tools release 7.5 to 8.12
and HRMS application release from 7.5 to 8.0 SP1.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 7.5/8.0 (HR, Payroll, Benefits, Benefits Administration) on Windows NT, People Tools, People Code, SQR, SQL,
Oracle 8.0 and HP-Unix.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

Involved in meetings with functional experts
Used Application Designer to compare and Copy projects between different databases for upgrades and fixes.
Worked with PeopleSoft Upgrade team in Customizing and Upgrading PeopleSoft HRMS System from Version 7.5 to 8.0.

Involved in designing and customizing PeopleS People Tools 8.12.
to pages in
panels, panel groups, menus and giving access to
lied patches on the sample database and ran the compare reports.
data redundancy and identifying the inconsistencies and orphaned objects.
, SQL Exec and derived work in customizing the panels/pages and fields.

roject#11 Feb01-Aug01
Client: Detroit Medical Center, MI
e: PeopleSoft Financials Consultant
Customization of PeopleSoft Financials 7.5 Modules
in analyzing Fit Gap Analysis.

Worked as a team member in People Soft HR technical group and was responsible for Design, development and testing of upgraded reports and
oft records, panels, and menus by using
Involved in converting our customized panels in 7.5
Responsible for modifying & upgrading s
everal customized SQR reports from PeopleSoft version 7.5 to 8.0.
Used to run scripts (rel 811.sql & rel 814.sql) to upgrade People Tools 8.12.
Created and modified Records, Panels, Panel Groups, Menus, Trees, Process Definitions and Process Jobs using People Tools 8.12 that had
been customized in ver 7.5 as necessary.
Developed new SQR reports on HR module for employee job restrictions with personal data and also involved in customizing many other
reports such as Training, Competencies, Absence and Career reports.
Extensively worked with Application Designer to modify and create the record definitions,
them by using security administrator.
Used Process Scheduler for running different Processes (single/multiple), Reports (SQR & Crystal) and also scheduling these Processes at
different times either on Client or Server and used Process Monitor to view status of the process.
Involved in configuring Tuxedo6.5/Jolt1.2 and WebLogic5.1 servers to make use of Internet Architecture.
Created a sample database of production for the upgradation and app
SYSAUDIT DDDAUDIT s in analyzing the Worked with and report
Used People code extensively. Used scroll functions

Description: The largest health ca er in southeast Michigan, the Detroit Medical Cen re provid ter operates seven hospitals, two nursing centers and more
nt f nvolved the development, customization and implementation of the
l employees under DMC.
than 100 outpatie acilities throughout southeast Michigan. This project mainly i
odules, which keeps PeopleSoft Financia M track of the financial information of all the hospitals

Environmen People Tools 7.5, SQR3.0, PS/Query and Windows NT 4.0.
b ities:
PeopleSoft Financials (AP, AR, PO, GL), People Code, Oracle,

Responsi il
esigned, developed and custom ing Application Designer.
Used Object Security to assign different levels of security for the objects groups.
Wrote People Code for data validation and to attain the business functionality.
Involved in running Data Mover scripts to populate the tables with the existing production data.
Used Security Administrator to give security access to end-users for those newly developed panels.
Wrote conversion/interface program to load employee data into General Ledger Tables.
Involved in production support.

D ized Records, Panels, Panel groups and Menus us

Project#12 Feb00-Jan01
Client: Vigilance Information Monitoring System, INDIA

Description: The aim of this system is to monito
unction g of the banks in various parts of the
r the vigilance department activities of the organization. The system is developed in such a way that the
in country is monitored and the reports are submitted to the respective heads of the organization. The f
vigilance activities of the Head office start after inspecting a branch office under a region, and a report is submitted to head office by the inspection
authority. At head office the computerized analysis of the report is made and the same is submitted to top management.

Environment: ORACLE 7.1, Windows 95, Windows NT

System Study at client site.
Collection of business rules from client.
Worked with Oracle Triggers
Involved in writing PL/SQL Procedures.
Design of standard screen formats for all modules.
Database design and guiding the team members in table creation.
Reports generation and installing application at client site.
Supported the application during customer acceptance test.

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ears of experience in the area of Information Technology. Good communication and inter-personal skills, and also capability to adapt
tudent Financials, Student Records, Financial Aid, Campus
ns, and also capable of handling Batch Processes and Interface
ort, Module Development and
nd writing/debugging PeopleCode.
Strong analytical skills with ability to identify actual and potential problem areas. Good Knowledge in interface programming and generating
reports with various Modules.
Extensive experience on PeopleSoft Student Administration and HRMS.
: Developer 2000, Visual Basic 5.0
Sudheer Bollam
Over Nine y
and learn new tools & applications.

My PeopleSoft knowledge and experience includes:
dministration ,S Expertise working with Student Administration Modules (Student A
Community), HRMS Modules (HR, Payroll, Benefits), EPM.
Proficient in Restructuring, Redefining and Streamlining Work Process functio
onversion, development, data migration, Production supp Strong technical expertise in module interfacing, upgrading, c
reporting based on People Tools 8.48,8.46,8.45,8.42/8.x/7.x a
Experienced with Object based PeopleCode, used methods and build-in functions.
Extensively worked on SQR 4.x/6.x, Crystal Reports 5.0/6.0/8.0, PeopleCode, Application Engine and People Tools, Component Interface,
Application Engine and Process Scheduler.

Ability to provide one on one training, where required.

ERP : PeopleSoft Learning Solutions 8.00 / HRMS
Web Tools : HTML, Net Objects Fusion, Front-page Express
eporting tools R : SQR, Crystal Reports, and PS/nVsion.
Operating system : MS-DOS, UNIX, and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Languages : FORTRAN, COBOL, ETL and SQL
RDBMS : Oracle 7.x/ 8.x, SQL Server 2000, PeopleSoft RDS
GUI Tools
Utilities : MS-Office 97, Lotus 1-2-3, HG
Hardware : IBM PC-Compatibles, Unisys U-6000

Pe us Solutions opleSoft Camp (Student Records, Admissions, Student Financials, Financial Aid, SQR, Crystal Reports)
Sep 08 Current
le : PeopleSoft Campus So Ro lutions Consultant
Client : University of Houston, Houston, TX

Involved in the implementation and upgrade of Student Administration Applications- Student Records, financial aid, student financials, Self-Service
and Admissions.
Conducted meetings with users and the testing team and involved in discussing their problems and helped them out in finding the proper solutions
ports and worked with the functional analyst to determine if the customizations need to be
Create and customized complex SQL queries to meet eligibility criteria.
Equations, Security Objects, and Tree Hierarchy of Equation Engine in Financial Aid.
Equation conversion tables prior to the upgrade.
verify the results.
fees, course and class fees and waivers.
for their requirements.
Involved in discussions with the Users about the requirements and analyzed the need.
Pr ided functional and technical direction.
R re Analyzed the customizations to the delivered SQ
re lied or retired.

Worked with
Worked with
Worked with Test data page and entered the test data and executed the equations to
Created Equation Engine to define the rules for calculating tuition and fee structure for term
Used Equation engine to define packaging rules to include custom record fields along with packaging data.
Prepared Technical Design Documentation to provide the solution.
Extensively worked on Application Designer, Application Engine and People Code.
mponents and Menu. Developed new Fields, Records, Views, Pages, Co
Configured Record metadata, Engine Metadata, Job stream Job meta data, Define Job stream Record suites and assign records Job
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ployment Wages Report, New Hires reporting by locations and fund locals, multiple locations worked,
s, Installation Tables, Defining Rules for Admissions, financial aid, Student Records and Campus Community.
r Financial Aid and Work-
l Aid, Student Financials, Admission, and Academic Advisement.
Worked with Student Records to extract and to update the data to the respective tables.
d modifying the SQRs as per the Specs.
rot port.
pleSoft Campus Solutions 8.8/9.0, HRMS 9.0, Student Records, Financial Aid, Student Financials, Admissions, Academic
, Self Service Payroll, HR and Benefits.
Analyzed, designed and developed various SQRs like Garnishment reports, General Deductions Report, Termination Report, Absence Report,
Fund report, Severance Report, Unem
Quarter to date Labor hours Report, and employee Benefits report.
Involved in the Upgrade process from Student Administration 8.8 to HRSA 8.9.
Set Core Table
Planned the creation of XLS files and Tab delimited/CSV files to update and load the date into the respective tables fo
Customized and created records, panels, menus for the Student Records, Financia
Migrated data from legacy system to PS for Admissions and Campus Community.

Developed interface programs to populate various PeopleSoft tables.

Involved in re-customization of all external objects (SQRs, Crystal Reports, etc.).
Extensively involved in working with modifying and writing SQRs from Scratch.
Involved in acquiring Specifi om the functional team an cations fr
W e documentation, trained users and production sup

Environment: Peo
dvisement, ETL, Equation Engine A

PeopleSoft Student Administration (Student Financials, Financial Aid, Develop Enrollments, Student Records)
Jul 07 Jul 08

ST with current data of student with
le for batch updates to WebCT Vista 3.0.
ser community to provide online module support where needed along with Ad Hoc reporting requests in HCM, Campus Solution
Technical responsibilities included create and develop interface programs and create customized reports in SQR and App Engines .Developed
ecs, pr Financial Aid, Student Records, and
issions, Campus Community modules.
ETL Process for creating and populating the Data warehouse with DataStage.
Designed and developed custom stages and parallel jobs for handling large amount of data and also server jobs and sequences for handling the
to the Data warehouse.
Developed SQL scripts and used to run them during the validation phase of the reports and prepared a detail document of the results for the users.
o e ft Student Admin tables.
/W, W/F, W/D, F/W,
HRMS 8.9, EPM 8.9, People Tools 8.20/8.42, PeopleSoft RDS, SQR 4.3.4, SQL Server 2000, ETL,
Role : PeopleSoft Student Administration Consultant
Client : Cerritos College, Norwalk, California


Created Batch process to update student group table PS_STDNT_GRPS and PS_STDNT_GRPS_HI
Extracting data from PeopleSoft RDS (Reporting Database Service) to create an Excel fi
Query PeopleSoft RDS to identify students who are currently enrolled, and display the registration appointment time assigned to those students.
Work with u
modules in PeopleSoft.

Technical design sp ogram coding/debugging, unit testing, system testing, user acceptance testing in
Student Financials, Adm
Designed and developed the

regular ETLs

Also developed SQL Loader scripts in order to load legacy data (A1, ID, E1 files) into Pe pl So
Create report to identify students with the following grade combinations for two previous attempts of a single course ID: W
and D/W.
Design a batch process to generate an export file from PS_PERSONAL_DATA table updated daily which is then imported as a lookup table within
the Liberty imaging s
Creating customized Menus for Financial Aid, Enrollments and Student Records.
Used People Tools security settings to set Roles and Permission Lists for user login.

Environment: PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 8.00,
Crystal Reports 8.5, WebCT Vista, Windows 2000.

PeopleSoft Student Administration (Student Financials, Financial Aid, Campus Community, Student Records)
Aug 04 Jun07
Role : PeopleSoft Student Administration Consultant
Client : Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana


pts. Written reports and batch process to generate mailing labels for web transcri
Modified the delivered enrollment appointment process to include various client parameters.
Using Import Manager to populate data into Peoplesoft class table. The data was in Excel file format in the legacy system.
Involved in analysis, development, design, testing and implementation of PeopleSoft Student Administration Module.
Customized the Student Records, Student Financials and Financial Aid as per the business requirements.
Writing Technical specifications for user acceptance.
gs, Enrolling Students, Scheduling
the classes ), (Financial Aid - - Awarding and Packaging, Direct Lending, Processing Financial Aid), (Student Financials - - Calculating
Involved in complete life cycle of Student Administration (Student Records - - Creating the course catalo
Tuition and Fees, Returning Tuition and Fees) module.
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
lica d lo stem in flat file format into PeopleSoft
rti ps and a ving at the focus topics.
mizing and creating records, panels, and menus for the Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid and Student
Created denormalized tables to optimize the performance of the app tions an aded the data for legacy sy
Financial Aid tables using SQR.
Pa cipating in the Student working grou rri
Involved in custo
Maintaining project logs, tracking issues and coordinating with other developers both in Technical and Functional issues.
Coordinating with customization teams in explaining the functional designs during development.
Migrating Projects with all dependencies from Test to Production environment.
Preparing a schedule for Patches and Fixes using PeopleSoft consumer connection.

Environment: PeopleSoft 7.6/8.0, ORACLE 8, PeopleTools, SQR, PS Query, Windows NT.

PeopleSoft Student Administration (Student Financials, Financial Aid, Academic Advisement, Campus Community, Student Records)
March 03 July 04
rn University, Georgetown, TX
ministration Module.
the clients business requirements.
d testing of the applications.
specifications for user acceptance.
ly with the Functional team to gather the requirement and develop the product with better performance.
Worked with tasks like Data conversion for PeopleSoft Student Administration (NT/SQL Server) implementation. Managed and executed legacy
Role : PeopleSoft Student Administration Consultant
Client : Southweste

Responsibilities :

Involved in customization, implementation and post production s of PeopleSoft Student Ad upport
Customized the Student Financials, Financial Aid and Academic Advisement modules as per
Involved in design, development an
Writing Technical
Worked close

system data conversion into using Import Manager.

Modified several SQR reports to accommodate the new fields.
Also developed several new reports using SQR and Batch processes based on user requirements and documented the same.
Involved in customizing and creating records, panels and menus for the Financial Aid and Student Financials.
Involved in complete life cycle of Student Administration (Financial Aid, Student Financials) modules.
Involved in PeopleSoft Student Administration user training (Modules like Financial Aid).
Developed automated data entry and test database setup scripts using SQA Robot software.
Managed the post-implementation help desk for go-live week for the PeopleSoft Student Administration Financial Aid implementation team
Environment: PeopleSoft 7.5, ORACLE 7.x/8.x, People Tools, SQR, PS Query, Windows 00/NT, UNIX.

eopleSoft HRMS/FDM P (Payroll, Benefits, Benefits Admin., GL, Projects, AM,) May 02 Feb 03
ole : Consultant
al Production Problems for the end users in versions 5.12 and 7.5. Each version having Test, Copy and Production databases.
Involved in fixing Major problems, i.e. Payroll and General Ledger Interface, Which is the backbone for the Payroll Interface with the GL, which is
the main SQR Program (PAYGLNUI.SQR).
Involved in extension for PAYGLNUI for better reporting on Interface, which gives detail values on each employee with their RunID, Pay Groups.
Developed a new SQR programs to give Detail information on Pay GL Interface.
Involved in solving production problems like, Panel changes and customizing Panels, Developed and attaching Process Scheduler Request for new
Panel Groups and new Menus for Interface programs. Involved in testing programs and Interfaces in Production.
Involved in Migrating and Creating new Crystal Reports for GL, AP, AR, AM and PC reconciliation for Utility and Non-Utility Companies.
Involved in customizing the existing Crystal Report for Express Checks for PO Module for better format and flexibility.
Involved in formatting SQR programs in different Modules, i.e. PAY002, PAYN04, PAYN10, PAYN50, GLS9002, TAX015, GLS7002, NUI7002,
POPO005 etc.
Extensively used PeopleTools like Application Designer, Security Administrator, Utilities, Process Scheduler, PS Query, Process Monitor and also
used some of the tools like Application Reviewer, Import Manager, Mass Change, Application Engine, PS nVision whenever required.
Involved in implementing the PeopleSoft HRMS Web Client Application.
Involved in implementing PeopleSoft Benefits, PeopleSoft Human Resources, PeopleSoft Payroll on Self-Service Application.
Tested the Web Client Application. Validated and Granted Security Access. Used PeopleCode extensively on panel level customization. Used
PeopleSoft Applet Tags, Parameters, Operator Alias, and PeopleCode to Populate Search Dialog key fields.
Worked extensively in Security Administration by setting up the employee data security, creating Security Trees to grant or restrict
user access to employee data.
Setting up new operator classes using Operator Security and control security among the Developers and users.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS/FDM 5.12/7.5,Self Service Application, Security Trees, SQL, Oracle 7.3.4, Windows 95/NT and UNIX

Client : Whole Foods, Austin, TX

esponsibilities: R

Involved in working with different Modules of HRMS and FINANCIALS for the Client.
Involved in writing SQRs for importing data from flat files to Interface Project Resource table which is used in PC Module.
Involved in creating complete validations and data mapping for given flat files. Which can cross checked with the Project Activity table, Project
Analysis table and Department table. Invalid data will prompt for user acceptance and backup copy of invalid data and report on each report file for
each SQR Program.
Mainly Involved in Solving Production Problem in HRMS version 7.5 as there was newly upgraded from 5.12.
Involved in norm
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
PeopleSoft HRMS (HR, Payroll, Benefits, Benefits Admin.) Nov'01 May02
Role: Consultant
Client: Corporate Express, Newark, NJ.


Involved in Design and Development of Conversion Programs Using SQR for transferring of data from Legacy System to PeopleSoft HRMS (HR,
Payroll, Benefits).
Created Cross-reference tables like ben-pln, ern-cd, which are needed to load the PeopleSoft format. Involved in Data Mapping for the data of
PeopleSoft to be matched with the fields in the legacy system.
Involved in system testing of the data that is transmitted correctly nto PeopleSoft. Developed and customized reports according to client
requirements using SQR, PS/Query, Crystal and PS nVision.
Used Import Manager for loading data into PeopleSoft tables. Involved in changing PeopleCode that is associated with the objects to meet the client
Submitted several processes to the Process scheduler and used Tree m nager to run daily tasks at a specific time or run process recursively at a
specific interval.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 6.0, SQR, Crystal Reports, and Oracle 7.x, Windows NT

PeopleSoft HRMS (HR. Payroll, Benefits, Benefits Admin.)
Jan 01 - Oct 01
Role: Consultant
Client: TFM Investments, Chicago, IL.


Involved in Design and Dev between different systems.
Developed custom SQCs u scratch like tl_txut_emp_009,
which basically reads the em
Written SQRs in benefits fo so involved in customization of
benefits panels like life & AD/D benefits panel, FMLA leave panel etc.
Performed panel-level customization in HRMS Benefits. Involved in customization of existing PS panels in benefits and customization of payroll
and tax reports using SQRs.
Involved in development and customization of on-line panels and menus using PeopleTools like Data Designer, Panel Designer, and Menu Designer.
Developed various reports like absence history, employee review audi d department salaries for HRMS using SQR AND Crystal Reports.

Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 6.0, Oracle7.x, SQR, PS/Query, Crystal Reports, Windows N X

Sales inventory and accounting system
elopment of inbound and outbound interface programs using SQR for transferring the data
sed for converting the data from legacy system to PeopleSoft system. Written SQRs from
ployee data from the flat file and writes into the tl_empl_data table, tl_txut_esch_010.
r interface as well for reports, like loading the data from flat files into benefits tables. Al
t, an
T, and UNI
Jan 00 - Aug 00
Role: Programmer Analyst Client: Guru Computer Technologies, Pune

Software: Oracle 7.x, VB 5.0
Description: This system was developed to computerize the sales and ents of an organization. This system contains two modules. The
first module sales inventory facilitates all the sales details by C ise. It is also provides area maps, collections Details and stock
details. The second module accounting maintains all the Accou aintenance a/c, printing & stationary a/c, and staff Welfare a/c,
sales tax a/c. It is also provides daily, monthly and yearly Reports
Responsibilities: Involved in the development of the applicati e database tables. Generating the Crystal Reports using the
database tables.
accounting departm
ustomer-wise and area-w
nts like bank a/c, office m
on using VB. Creating th
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m



2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
ith HP-UX 10.20, DEC
lpha 410
Intel based

8 Server R
7.5 Human
eports 2. m, Visio, Data Architect Data Modeling Software, SQL Windows, C, C++, Java, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Quest
oftware P

rofessional Experience
Oct. 2007 Present
ere also
ajor res velopment,

IX System Administrators, Application
evelopers, Network Technicians, and Workstation Support Technicians in performing PeopleSoft 8x application and PeopleTools 8x
enetration testing analysis,
ation and tuning, PeopleSoft
as a Certified Pe leSoft T t engagements are as follows:

Career-Related Skills
ARDWARE: Sun Solaris 8, Sun Solaris 9, Hewlett-Packard 7410, 5410, and 2410 with HP-UX 11.11, Hewlett-Packard 9000 w
0 with Digital UNIX 4.0D, Sun SparcCenter 2000 with Sun Solaris 2.6, IBM RS6000 with AIX, Intel based computers with Red Hat Linux 5.1,
computers with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and NT 4.0, IBM and IBM Compatible Microcomputers
RE: Oracle 10g Server Release 10.2.0, PeopleTools 8.48, PeopleTools 8.43, Oracle 9i Server Release 9.2.0, Mercury LoadRunner 7.6, Oracle
elease 8.1.7, SQLServer 2000, SQLServer 7.0, Oracle 8 Server Release 8.1.6, Oracle 7 Server Release, and,
ls 8.16, PeopleTools 8.14.10, PeopleSoft 7.5 General Ledger, Payables, Purchasing, Receivables, Project Costing, Billing, Budgets, PeopleSoft
Resources and Payroll, Microsoft IIS 5.0 Web server, PeopleTools 7.61, PeopleTools 7.56, SQR, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms 4.5, Oracle
5, BPCS ERP Syste R
S roducts Spotlight, SQLab, Space Manager.
Peak Performance

kron, Ohio A

Lead technical architect/PeopleSoft Admin- Helped migrate a large college from a DB2 environment to a IBM AIX/Oracle 10g environment to support th
upcoming shared service model that would support multiple other campuses sharing the PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions product line
esponsible for all aspects of design, installation, testing and knowledge transfer. Client was upgrading from PeopleSoft 8.0 to 9.0 and many of the ta R
w centered around the upgrade scripts.

Atlanta, Georgia May 2007 Oct. 2007

Sr. Oracle DBA/PeopleSoft Admin - Currently working as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator/PS Admin supporting PeopleSo
databases, Appworx databases, and Business Objects databases in an outsourcing engagement.

M ponsibilities include installing Oracle RDBMS software and PeopleTools software, creating Oracle databases for De
Test, and Production requirements, creating Tuxedo application server domains and process scheduler domains, WebLogic web instance
scheduling and administering RMAN backups, assisting with PeopleSoft SQL code tuning and database server performance tuning, serv
and disk storage capacity planning and installing PeopleSoft application patches as necessary.

Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia April 2002 May 2007
thens, Georgia A

Sr. Oracle DBA Architect Team Lead - Worked as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator Architect Team Lead supporting 64 production
PeopleSoft databases for both Human Resources and Financials.

ajor responsibilities included coordinating tasks as related to database applications for DBAs, UN M
upgrades, Oracle database upgrades, database backup and recovery, database security hardening and p
n Upgrades, PeopleTools Upgrades, WebLogic configuration and tuning, Tuxedo configur PeopleSoft Applicatio
SQL code tuning and database server performance tuning, server and disk storage capacity planning, and UNIX and Windows Server

Independent Consultant January 2002 March 2002
Birmingham, Alabama
Contract Consultant Served op echnical Consultant. Clien

2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m

all and configuration completed for a single sign-on utility using Netegrity Siteminder,
which wa
restone International, Inc. June 2001 December 2001
lpharetta, Georgia
eo Client engagements are as follows:
PeopleSoft 7.5 and PeopleSoft 8 software, installing
S , configuring
application server domains, configuring web server environments using WebLogic with Microsoft IIS 5.0 server, configuring Process
Scheduler, running upgrade scripts from PeopleSoft 6 to PeopleSoft 7.5 and subsequently to PeopleSoft 8, and providing weekly
re for
thens, Alabama
onsultant/Oracle DBA Served as an Oracle Database Administrator Consultant with the Global PeopleSoft Practice. Client
ngagements are as follows:

base Sup ort Com leted a two-month a ncial corporation based in Chicago, IL
implementing PeopleSoft Tax Upgrade 01-B. Main responsibilities included migrating tax update patch through database environments and retrofitting
. Additionally, an application performance tuning exercise was conducted to ensure timely execution of the payroll system.
hed products and relate those items and products to
appropriate cost centers. Main database responsibilities included analy of the logical and physical data model, creating and maintaining
the physical database environment, applying upgrades and fixes to the datab ronment, and performing system tuning accordingly (SQL tuning,
ng Data Ar itect soft gical and physical data models.
Database Production Support Completed a six month assignment with a national power supplier based in San Jose, CA. Main
ed upgrading the PeopleSoft Financials system from version 7.52 to 7.53; creating and maintaining all databases required for
; performing capacity planning in creating and maintaining the databases;
going tuning of the database instances; installing new versions of the Oracle RDBMS and its tools; applying fixes to the PeopleSoft
nvironment; planning and implementing backup and recovery of the Oracle databases; administering all database objects including tables, indices, views,
sequences, packages and procedures; managing sharing of resources amongst the PeopleSoft applications; and troubleshooting problems regarding the

Tuning Support Completed a three month assignment with a national telecommunications corporation based in Atlanta, GA.
vironments during the initial implementation of the PeopleSoft system; UNIX OS tuning
ning included SGA tuning, SQL statement tuning, DBWR tuning, LGWR tuning, Rollback
gment tuning, and I/O datafile tuning; PeopleSoft system tuning included application server domain tuning.

JLS Technical Staffing April 1999 December 1999
Birmingham, Alabama
Oracle DBA Served as the Oracle Database Administrator for Sloss Industries in support of BPCS, their ERP solution. Main responsibilities
included creating and maintaining all databases required for development, testing, and production; performing capacity planning in creating and
maintaining the databases; administering database security; conducting ongoing performance tuning of the database instances; installing new
versions of the Oracle RDMS and its tools; planning and implementing backup and recovery procedures of the Oracle databases; administering
all database objects including tables, indices, views, sequences, packages and procedures.

Childrens Health Systems May 1997 - March 1999
Birmingham, Alabama
Senior Programmer/Analyst Served as the UNIX Systems and Oracle Database Administrator for the PeopleSoft Financial Systems (General
Ledger, Payables, and Purchasing) and the PeopleSoft Human Resources Systems, which include Human Resources, Base Benefits, and Payroll.
- System Administration responsibilities included installing and configuring the UNIX operating system; planning, coordinating, and
performing system upgrades; performing scheduled maintenance tuning; ensuring system availability and uptime; configuring backup procedures and
ensuring recovery measures; administering security for the system; installing, configuring, and maintaining the batch COBOL environment; logging,
reporting, and resolving issues related to the online PeopleSoft processing; configuring external devices such as tape drives, modems, and network
printers; and ensuring network connectivity
Completed a PeopleSoft Internet Architecture Installation for a client based in Orlando, FL. Main accomplishments included
installing and configuring Apache Web Server software for PeopleSoft on UNIX, installing and configuring BEA Tuxedo Application Server
software for PeopleSoft on UNIX, installing and configuring Oracle database client software for UNIX, creating PeopleSoft database web sites
and application server domains for the clients development environment on UNIX, and configuring PeopleSoft Process Scheduler and Report
Server for web reports. There was also a separate inst
s integrated within the PeopleSoft web server component. This allowed for seamless user authentication through the clients main web
site into the PeopleSoft environment.

Contract Consultant Served as a Certified P pleSoft Technical Consultant.

HRMS Upgrade Team Lead Completed a PeopleSoft Human Resources system upgrade from PeopleSoft 6.0 to PeopleSoft 8.
for a New York based media corporation. PeopleSoft upgrade also included a database migration from SQLBase to SQLSe
Primary responsibilities included creating project plan for upgrade, installing
QLServer database software on Windows 2000, creating SQLBase and SQLServer database environments
status reports.

Database Support Completed an internal assignment where main responsibilities included installing PeopleTools 8.14 softwa
both HRMS and Financials. Created all Oracle databases for demo and development environments using Oracle 8.1.6 on HP
Other accomplishments included configuring application servers and web servers for the complete PeopleSoft install.

Computer Sciences Corporation August 1999 June 2001
Senior C
HR Tax Upgrade Data p p ssignment with an international fina
custom code accordingly

Cost Management Development Database Support Completed a six month assignment for an international automotive manufacturer in
Erlanger, KY supporting a custom developed cost management system data mart using PeopleSoft's PeopleTools development environment. Main
business elements of the system were to track production and usage items for roducing finis p
sis and design
ase envi
Oracle database tuning, UNIX OS tuni ). ch ware was used to create the lo

accomplishments includ
development, testing, and production usage of the PeopleSoft system
performing on
databases, applications, and development tools.

Main accomplishments included tuning the development en
ncluded kernel tuning and I/O tuning; Oracle database tu i
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
- Oracle Database Administration re ses required for development, testing, and production
usage; performing capacity planning in creating a of the database instances; installing new versions of
e Oracle RDMS and its tools; planning and im administering all database objects including tables,
s, sequences, packages and procedures; managing sharing of resources amongst the PeopleSoft applications; and troubleshooting with problems
eopleCode; enhancing and re-writing system interfaces (SQRs) to satisfy client requests; planning,
ication for the Personnel and Payroll Department utilizing Oracle Forms 4.5
eports 2.5. Other responsibilities included serving as team leader in Personnel and Payroll application deployment, third level support for
implem ation System
AI racle Database Ad PL/SQL.
s (ISSC) ember 1996
Informat ci st - Served as / Alabam ded
i aces, and the various sche d i t m. Major
g EDI onto the s d rms. Other
first l are and software i
Olympics pr ng testing analysis for ugust of 1996.
received form n o e rosoft Visual C++.

Souther September 1994 - May 1996
Provided extensive assistance in maintaining and enhancing corporate engineering applications by developing
ing up programming code for the various applications utilizing SQL Windows. Also assisted in internal
u as running monthly reports and creating presentations.

University of Alabama at Birmingham January 1994 - June 1996
Birmingham, Alabama
Obtained Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems.
June 2, 1996

University of Alabama in Huntsville September 1991 - December 1994
Huntsville, Alabama
Pursued the Management Information System curriculum

sponsibilities included creating and maintaining all databa
nd maintaining the databases; performing ongoing tuning
plementing backup and recovery of the Oracle databases; th
indices, view
regarding the databases, applications, and development tools.
- PeopleSoft Development responsibilities included utilizing PeopleTools to develop customizations upon client request; providing implementa
ssistance by writing interfaces (SQRs) and constructing P a
coordinating, and applying upgrades and fixes to the online PeopleSoft application; installing PeopleSoft components to the file server and user wor
and creating and authorizing PeopleSoft operators and operator classes.

Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB) November 1996 - May 1997
Talladega, Alabama
omputer Applications Specialist - Worked on developing a reporting appl C
and Oracle R
database administration, and CO-lead for
loyed with
entation of AIDB Student Inform .
While being emp

DB, I received formal training in O ministration, SQL Plus and

International Business Machine June 1996 - Nov
, Alabama
ion Technology Spe ali I T Specialist on assignment in Vance,
y managing the databases, tablesp
a with Mercedes Benz. Primary responsibilities inclu
ma objects associate w th he providing assistance to the Database Adm nistrator b
accomplishments included installin Oracle server and creating databa es an tablespaces within the RS6000 AIX platfo
responsibilities have included providing evel support to the client users for hardw mplementation issues.
Other assignments: Assisted with the oject in Atlanta by providi the Info96 application from July - A
While being employed with ISSC, I al training in Object Oriented tech ol gi s utilizing IBM VisualAge C++ and Mic

n Company Services
Birmingham, Alabama
Information Systems Analyst (Co-op) -
screen, modifying existing reports, and clean
management reporting duties s ch
2905 Jordan Court Suite B-219 | Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 | Phone 678-570-3598 | Fax 888-315-1310
www. p e a k p e r f o r ma n c e t e c h . c o m
Kerensky Rowan Sr.

Ker leSoft Technical Architect/PeopleSoft Administrator/PeopleSoft SQL Server DBA, and a PeopleSoft Certified Installer that has over 18
year ience in the Information Technology field.

Afte Training System Engineer building and providing technical support for various customers on
train eopleSoft Certified Installer, he demonstrates a superior knowledge of the PeopleSoft
Internet Architecture, to include creating Oracle and SQL Server databases, application servers, batch servers, web servers, and high availability and fail-
PS Financials 8/8.4 Crystal 8.5/90
Patch Application Change Assistant
PeopleSoft Portal
Environment Tuning
ensky is a Peop
s of exper
r joining PeopleSoft, he has worked as a Portable
ing environments that are shipped to clients. In his role as a P
over solutions for web, application, and batch servers.
Leaving PeopleSoft, he worked as a PeopleSoft Technical Architect/PeopleSoft Administrator, providing technical support for various comple
environments, to include patching applications and troubleshooting errors.

PS Tools 8.44/8.45/8.46 CRM 8.8/8.9 Tuxedo 6.5/8.1
BAM/CRM 8.8 HRMS 8.8/8.9
PS Portal 8.8/8.9
Student Admin 8
Bea WebLogic 5.0/6.1/8.1

PeopleSoft Skills
Basic Unix Admin Application Servers
Server Express 2.0.11
Tools/App Upgrades
Integration Broker
Server Load-Balance
Upgrade Assistant
Tax Updates
Environment Config
Process Scheduler

Oracle 8.x/9.x/10g SQL Server 2000

Operating Systems
Windows 2000 Server
Sun Solaris 8,9
True 64 Unix
Windows 2003 Server

eopleSoft HCM
or helping the customer test the new version of the application and correct any issues that were identified.
the functional and technical staff to better utilize the PeopleSoft toolset.
. He
and isolate deficiencies within development and production. He also assisted in integrated a high
and process scheduler for all the
ers, 3 Process
oc environment and PeopleSoft CRM
e system's performance, fault
tolerance and proper statistical analysis.
ng parameters within Weblogic web server to improve system performance.
and the 3
party applications
r and Application Messaging
on within PeopleSoft for integration with
tion 8.9 and KSUs 3rd party application
to include creating various permission lists, roles, and user profiles.
Configured the LDAP integration between PeopleSoft and KSUs the directory server
configuration within PeopleSoft for LDAP integration.
8.9, Fin8.4, Tools 8.47/8.44/8.21/8.19, SQL Server., Windows 2003 Server/Oracle 10g)
d Salisbury Universities. He was instrumental in developing
knowledge transfer to instill PeopleSoft best practices to assure a successful implementation of PeopleSofts Enterprise Portal.


Medical College of Georgia (10/07-Present)
PeopleSoft Upgrade Lead/Architect
(Applications PeopleSoft HCM version 8.9. Oracle 10G)

Client was upgrading the PeopleSoft HCM applications from version 8.8 to 8.9
Kerensky was responsible for helping reconfigure the database, application and web servers to better support the P
Responsible for running the test moves to production and debugging all issues related to these processes. The customer used the P
Upgrade Assistant.
Responsible f
Helped mentor and train

Wells Fargo Bank (11/06 9/07)
PeopleSoft System Administrator
(Applications CRM 8.8, PeopleTools 8.45/8.48, Solaris 10/Oracle 9i/10g)
Kerensky served as a PeopleSoft Systems Administrator assisting with both development and production environmental issues
used his expertise to troubleshoot
availability and fail-over solution for the clients production environments.
Provide support to integrity, and general accessibility of the web server, application servers
Development and Production environments on a 24/7 basis
Helped design the current complex Load Balanced environment, to include the F5 load-balancer, 3 Web Servers, 3 App Serv
Configured Integration Broker and App Messaging between PeopleSoft CRM 8.8 to the CRM 8.8 Adh
8.8 to all the 3
party applications.
Troubleshot and resolve issues within PIA architecture including Web Server, Tuxedo Application and Server Process Scheduler
Modified and maintained Tuxedo tunable parameters, including server spawning and failover to improv
Implemented Java tuni
Implemented SSL message integration between PeopleSoft
Executed phase I of upgrading the Development, System Integration environments from PeopleTools 8.45 to PeopleTools 8.48
Perform object and code migrations of customizations and maintenance patches and fixes for all environments.
During Load-Testing monitored systems performance and benchmark thresholds in an n-tier environment.
Helped refine support procedures and train staff on lessons learned and best practices.

n Ka 06 10/06)
PeopleSoft Campus Solution 8.9 Implementation
sas State University (09/
(Applications Campus Solution 8.9, PeopleTools 8.47, Solaris 10/Oracle 10g)
Kerensky provided technical expertise and guidance to KSU regarding their implementation of Integration Broke
integration with their third party application. He was instrumental in implementing SSL configurati
LDAP, REN Sever and various 3
party applications. He also developed and wrote sound documentation outlining the procedures for
configuring the various components.
Configured and tuned the Weblogic 8.1 development Webserver.
Proficiently configured Integration Broker and App Messaging between PeopleSoft Campus Solu
Implemented SSL message integration between PeopleSoft and the 3
party application WebMethods
Integrated PeopleSoft Self-Service with KSUs home grown Learning Management System
Configured the security for the PeopleSoft and LMS integration

Implemented SSL
Instrumental in configuring the REN Server environment with

Towson University/Salisbury University (03/06 08/06)
PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.9 Implementation
(Applications SA 8.0, Portal
Kerensky served as a PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal Administrator for both Towson an
an Enterprise development Portal Prototype that the client could use as a building block for future implementations. He also provide ex

y configured Integration Broker and App Messaging between the Portal Prototype and the development Financials 8.4 and the
in 8.0 environments.
Installed and configured all 3 party applications such as Tuxedo 8.1, Crystal Reports 9.0, and Weblogic 8.1.
Applied most current Patches and bundles for both PeopleTools 8.47 and Enterprise Portal 8.9 both manually and utilizing PeopleSoft
ction environmental issues. He used his
integrated a high availability and fail-
general accessibility of the web server, application servers and process schedulers.
Application and Server Process Scheduler
tolerance and proper statistical analysis.
Weblogic web server to improve system performance.
egration Broker interface between all the PeopleSoft applications.
ic 8.1 sp3, and the PeopleTools
HRMS and FSCM Implementation and Upgrade
MS 8.9, CRM 8.8, Portal 8.8, Tools 8.45/8.46, Oracle, Solaris)
t Technical Architect utilizing his expertise in resolving both development and production environmental issues.
ons environments.
elopment environments.
rious environments for testing and configuration, and ran compare reports to verify the

ipts to automate the startup and shutdown of both the Production and Development environments.
implementing Integration Broker within Stage and Production environments.
ment and Production environments.

Test and Production environments. He provided
ithin the system configuration. He worked closely with the existing
Soft architectural configuration complied with government security
, procedures and policies to meet federal mandated security controls.
Instrumental in the installation and configuration of several Enterprise Portal instances.
Student Admin 8.0 environments in order to synchronize user profiles and roles.
Configured Single Sign-on between the Portal Prototype and the development Financials 8.4, and the Student Adm
Migrated user profiles and roles from the various content provider databases into the Enterprise Portal Prototype da

Change Assistant.
Developed customized Portal Branding Themes for various user groups within the Portal Prototype environment.
Developed Shortcut Collections for various user groups and trained the staff on how to better manage the applications.
Troubleshot and resolve issues within PIA architecture including Web Server, Tuxedo Application and Server Process Scheduler

Alta College (10/05 02/06)
opleSoft Student Admin, CRM, and Portal Implementation Pe
Applications SA 8.0, CRM 8.8, EP 8.9, Tools 8.45/8.21, SQL Server, Windows 2003 Server
Kerensky served as a PeopleSoft Systems Administrator assisting with both development a produ
expertise to troubleshoot and isolate deficiencies within development and production. He also assisted in
over solution for the clients production environments.
Provided support to integrity, and
Troubleshot and resolve issues within PIA architecture including Web Server, Tuxedo
Modified and maintained Tuxedo tunable parameters, including server spawning and load balancing to improve system's performance, fault
Implemented Java tuning parameters within
Troubleshot and reconfigured Int
Migrated patches, and fixes included in Scheduled Bundles in support of all the PeopleSoft Application (CRM, SA, Portal).
Perform object and code migrations of customizations and maintenance patches and fixes.
Updated security access with in Development and Production after migration of Scheduled Bundles.
Develop and maintain documentation for procedures performed throughout the implementation.
Instrumental in building the new Test environments, to include installing Tuxedo 8.1, Tuxedo 6.5, Weblog
and Application code.
Updated the existing Development and production environments, with Tuxedo and Weblogic patches.

Accenture (02/05 10/05)
(Applications FSCM 8.4, HR
Kerensky served as a PeopleSof
He was Instrumental in assisting developers with the preparation of upgrading their existing HRMS 8.8 Oracle 9i environment to HRMS 8.
Oracle 10g. He integrated high availability and fail-over solutions for the client stage environments.
Helped create and maintain all the HRMS 89/Oracle 10g environments such as the Demo, Development, Conversion, Test, and Stage in
preparation for go-live.
Isolated performance bottle-necks within all the Development and Producti
Implemented Application Server and Weblogic 8.1 Web Server tuning parameters in order to improve performance
Configured Integration Gateway within all the Stage environments to allow integration broker messaging.
Provided technical end user support for both the Production and Dev
Instrumental in the migration of objects from the va
integrity of the migrated objects.
Help develop Safe Test documentation to test the integrity of environments after
Installed and configured the Digital Certificates for Weblogic 8.1 within the Stage environment.
Assisted in developing Unix Shell scr
Instrumental in configuring and
Troubleshot query performance issues within the FSCM 8.4 sp1 Develop
Utilized Change assistance to apply updates, patches and fixes.

FDIC (10/04 01/05)
PeopleSoft FSCM and HRMS Security Testing and Evaluation
(Applications FSCM 8.4, HRMS 8.8, Tools 8.44, DB2, Mainframe)
Kerensky served as the PeopleSoft subject matter expert during the security evaluation of the
technical expertise and guidance identifying security vulnerabilities w
Security Testing and Evaluation team to assure that the clients People
regulations and publications
Helped develop technical security controls to identify security vulnerabilities.
Evaluated the infrastructure, all the technical documentation

g the Production environment to ensure System and Information
o safeguard the internal Information System infrastructure.
Verified Logical Access Controls mechanisms were in place to authenticate user access to the information system.

hooting and resolving connectivity and end user issues. He provided
ning Environments. He worked closely with the network
of the various components in the EPM, Portal, and FSCM Training environments
ing environments.
een the Test EPM 8.8 and
or performance.
er recovery for all the PeopleSoft Production and Training environments.

leSoft and Network configuration. He provided
ty within their current PeopleSoft Architecture.
t environment.
hem effectively and with minimal risk.
their current PeopleSoft environment.
debugging of PeopleCode.
Soft Internet
oker and a 3rd Party
ir architecture.
ected them in a timely manner.
proaches, process re-engineering and design
ation of
t Integration Broker to the clients 3rd Party Apps.
ient production
ons and settings. He
ns for the client production Web Servers.
Installed and configured the Digital Certificates for Weblogic.
Implemented the SSL protocol and forced secure logins for all users.
Configured the Report Repository to utilize the load-balancer and the SSL protocol.
Troubleshot the end users https browser connection errors.
Applied patches to internet explorer certified by PeopleSoft.
Assessed the technical control mechanisms for maintaining and auditin
Verified System Communication and Protection mechanisms were in place t
Made recommendations to utilize their current LDAP configuration as the centralized authentication mechanism.

Penn National Insurance (05/04 09/04)
PeopleSoft FSCM, Portal, and EPM Implementation
(Applications EPM8.8, FSCM 8.4, Portal 8.8 Tools 8.43, SQLServer 2000, Windows 2000)
Kerensky served as the Technical Architect and was instrumental in troubles
technical expertise and guidance to the clients regarding all of their Production and Trai
technician to develop documentation for disaster recovery.
Instrumental in the re-installation and re-configuration
after server crash, to include BAM, Informatica, and Nvision.
Isolated various Budgeting and configuration errors in both the EPM Production and Train
Responsible for technical performance and stability of the EPM Budgeting Environments.
Supported the end-users with various errors within FSCM 8.4 sp1 such as the posting of Journals.
Implemented the installation of the PeopleSoft Portal 8.8 environments, configuring Single-Sign on betw
Financial 8.4 sp1 environments.
Isolated performance bottle-necks within all the Productions and Test Environ
Implemented Application Server and Weblogic 6.1 Web Server tuning parameters f
Instrumental in helping develop detailed documentation for disast

Georgia Technology Authority (04/04 05/04)
PeopleSoft HRMS Implementation
(Applications HRMS 8.8, Tools 8.44, Oracle 9i, Solaris 8)
Kerensky served as the Technical Architect and was instrumental in assessing the clients Peop
technical expertise and guidance to the clients regarding the implementation of Network Securi
Provided detailed technical specifications for changes proposed to the existing PeopleSof
Participate in requirements gathering and configurations sessions to ensure overall business fun
on. Reviewed and assessed the current Architectural configurati
Assess the impact of updates and provide proposals for applying t
Instrumental in providing Best Practice Network Security Scheme for
anding issue with 3 tier Effectively troubleshot and solved the client outst

Seagull Inc (04/04 04/04)
PeopleSoft Tools Integration
(Applications Tools 8.44, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 S
Kerensky was a Technical Architect and a positive impact for the client isolating various connectivity issues with their People
Architect configuration. He also assisted the developers with configuration and implementation of PeopleSoft Integration Br
application. He provided solid PeopleSoft Best Practices Solutions to the client regarding the
Troubleshot the database connectivity issues from the client workstations.
Isolated the Application and Process Scheduler server configuration errors and corr
Provided technical expertise and guidance to clients on integration ap
Applied the applicable patches keeping with PeopleSoft standards.
Assisted the Developers with the configur
Successfully tested a transaction from PeopleSof
Assisted the client in configuring a test environment for continue development.
Provided detailed documentation of the suggested configuration of the existing architecture.

N AO Consulting (03/04 04/04)
PeopleSoft FSCM Implementation
(Applications FSCM 8.4 sp1, Tools 8.42, Oracle 8.17, Solaris 8)
Kerensky was the PeopleSoft Weblogic Administrator in which he integrated a high availability and fail-over solution for the cl
Web Servers. Kerensky was diligent at keeping with PeopleSoft standards and recommendations for Weblogic configurati
also provided training and knowledge transfer to the AON Consulting Web Administrator Representative.
Integrated high availability and fail-over solutio
Assisted the Senior Web Administrator with configuring the Foundry Load-Balancer.
Configured a separate Weblogic Web Server for redirection.

Implemented Application Server tuning parameters for performance.
Trained the web administrators on suppor
Configured both Unix and NT Process Sc
Worked with the Senior Unix Admin in cr and process scheduler servers.
(11/03 03/04)
MS SQL Server, Windows 2000)
Soft Te menta
integ ver solutions for th onment. Kerensky was also diligent
ments patched an test level.
r the Installation and c on of all go-live environments.

ation fix pac
Tools 8.42 to PeopleTools 8.43, and then to PeopleTools 8.44.
a li productio
igratio ments for
ently ran compare reports to data o to g them over.
hed the Unicode Data
h app engine,
er for all of the tion.
plication ser
a for each environment.
ved them in a timely manner.
entation of LDA nment.
eSoft Directory In AP.
2000 Server oper e production servers.
nfiguration and im Dell CX600 storage array

are, University of Central Florida (04/00 11/03)
(FSCM 8. MS 8.8, Tools 8. le 8.17,
racle 8.
Load-balanced and configured the Appl
e Process Scheduler t re
configur ity Se
various tools and application patches.
ded o the latest to ly a sist
igur s su l r
t reports to onsi the databases.
Ran the verification s test out the functionality of the applicatio
d additiona ins fo
on kn re stro ins oft
B SQL Server, Windo
Architec e clie e in integra nd fa
eb serve nstru ing technic impl
ead for in ation of nments.
d the inst ta , Developm tion en
echnical for cus
Single-Si terface oduct su ro
mentation on each environment created to thoroughly mers satisfaction.
arious PeopleSoft Databases for developm onments
ting and maintaining Weblogic.
heduler with a Master Scheduler.
eating scripts to administer the appserver, webserver,

Recall Corp
PeopleSoft FSCM and CIS Implementation
(Applications FSCM 8.4 sp1, Tools 8.44,
Kerensky was the People chnical Architect in which he was instru l in the configuration of the various environments included in the
go-live migration path. He rated high availability and fail-o e client production envir
at keeping all of the environ d upgraded to the la
Technical lead fo onfigurati
Instrumental in keeping all envir
Applied applic
onments current with upgrades and patches.
ks and maintenance packs.
Upgraded all environments from People
l bi ty n fa - e Integrated high avai
Instrumental in the m
a d il ov r solutions for the client
n environment.
testing and configuration. n of objects from the various
Profici bases when applicable, and als projects before and after migratin
Created and refres bases for the developers for each
phase of the implementation.
Supported developers wit sqr, and crystal
Created Process Schedul
Configured and Load-Balanced the ap
environments to include Produc
vers for QA, TEST, and PROD.
Implemented the database backup schem
Created and implemented the security strategy for the TEST and QA en
Troubleshot any technical problems, and resol
Assisted in the implem P for the production enviro
Configured the Peopl
Installed the Windows
terface (PDI) integration with LD
ating System on the all th
Instrumental in the co plementation of the s.
University of Maryland, University of Delaw
PeopleSoft FSCM and HRMS Installation and config
4 and HR
Created the Dem
42, DB Orac
databases on an O
Solaris 8)
7 platform.
o and Sys
Weblogic Web servers for fail-ove
ication Servers with the Web servers.
Configured th
Installed and
s and the Repor
ed Peoplebooks and Ver
Effectively upgra
Installed and conf
Ran Audi
the PeopleTools t
ed all 3rd party application
determine any errors or inc
cripts in order to
ols release, both manual
ch as Tuxedo and Crysta
stencies in
nd using the upgrade as
Provided hands
l environments and doma
owledge transfer to ensu
r Dev and TST.
ng understanding of the and outs of the PeopleS Architecture.

Bass Hotels and
PeopleSoft 8.8 HRM
s 8.8 H
Resorts (12/98 03/00)
S and Portal Implementation
RMS Portal 8.4, Tools 8.42, D

(Application ws 2000)
Kerensky was the
nd W
ture Lead and provided th
r environments. He was i
nt with assistanc
mental in provid
ting high availability a
al feedback during the
il-over solutions into their
ementation workshop. Application a
Technical L
stallation and con
allation of HRMS 8.8 and Por
additional enviro
l 8.4 on the Test Implem ent, QA, and Produc vironments.
Developed t
environments standards
gn on for the Portal to in
with the HRMS pr Config ite on all the various envi nments.
ed multiple application servers and
balancing for both HRMS and Por
process schedulers for conn
ection fail-over, and multiple w
assure custo
eb servers for connection fail-ov
and loa
Provided detailed docu
Created v ent and test envir



HR/Benefits/Payroll Change A s ssistant(CA) MSS / ESS ( self ervice e-Apps )
eCompensation ePerformance eBenfits
Benefits Administration Compensation ace GL interf
Manager Desktop y Receiva ePa Accounts ble
eRecruit eCompensation Inventory
General Ledger Accounts Payable Billing
Application Designer Applicat
( tuxedo / jo
ssistant nt (CA) ion Server
lt )
Upgrade A / Change Assista
nVision Weblogic ( 8 and above ) Change Assistant
Application Engine Peopleco IA de debugger w/P Data Mover
Administering PS Security Workflow Data Conversion Tools
Security setup(Roles/PL Business Process Designer s) Tree Manager
Oracle DBA Install / setup / config / tuning SQL + PS Batch processes
on ix platforms Oracle install + Setup NT + Un
Oracle Enterprise Mgr Oracle DBA Studio DB2-OS/390 z/OS v1.4
Quest - Toad Quest - S Lab tat Quest - SQ
Quest SQL Navigator Quest SQL Expert Quest Vista Plus
Data Conversion Tools MS SQLServer
6/2009-Present Upgrade to version 9.0 , visor and
HR, Ben, Pay, ESS
Upgrade Ad
Technical Suppor
Weld Count
y, CO
Upgrade to version 9.0 8-9.0 in,
Payroll, T&L and ESS
, Upgrade
Lead, Developer, Prod
PeopleSoft 8. HR, Benefits Adm Project Manager
Cox Commun
eApps(MSS/ESS), Total
9 ( HCM
+ ELM )
ESS/MSS, ePay,
10/07 12
PeopleSoft 8. HR/Ben/Payroll/T
eProfile, eRecruit,
ePerformance, EL
Project Manager, Tech
Cross Country
4/07 9/07
Office / Paybill (MSS)
PeopleSoft 8.9 ( HR +
FS )
Front Office, PayBill,
ad, Integration
Broker setup, config and
tuning, app server tuning
Financials + HR Tech Le
Cross Country
9/06 4/07
Financials 8.9 Upgrade,
HR 8.9
PeopleSoft 8.9 PC, AR, GL, BI, AP,
FO, PayBill, nVision
Technical Upgrade Lead /
Cox Enterprises
12/05 9/06
Financials 8.9 Upgrade,
Compensation Team
PeopleSoft 8.9 AR, AP, Billing, GL,
Upgrader, Project Planning
Cox Enterprises
6/05 12/05
PeopleSoft 8.3 eBenefits, Benefits
Tech Lead
Cox Enterprises
2/05 6/05
PeopleSoft Upgrade +
Total Compensation
PeopleTools 8.21 Variable Compensation Upgrader + Technical Lead
Home Depot
6/04 2/05
PeopleSoft Upgrade PeopleTools 8.45 HR, MSS + ESS self-
Upgrade Lead + technical
Upgrader + Technical
Project Manager
Home Depot
9/03 6/04
HR / self-service
PeopleSoft 8.8 HR, MSS + ESS self-
Development Lead ( 20
Developers )

Genesis Healthcare
3/03 9/03
PeopleSoft 8.8 HR, Ben, Ben Admin,
Upgrade Lean, Tech Lead,
Architecture Lead
Emory University HR/Payroll + SA PeopleSoft 8.3 HR, Ben, Payroll + Student Admin Technical

4/03 8/03 ( remote- Upgrade(Student Self- Student Administration lead
support ) Service)
Oakwood Hospital FS Upgrade
11/02 3/03 nVision reporting Architecture
PeopleSoft 8.4 GL,AP,PO, IN, AM, Upgrade Lead, Tech Lead,
Oakwood Hospital
5/02 11/02
HR Upgrade PeopleSoft 8.3 HR, Ben, Ben Admin,
Upgrade Lead, Tech Lead
Comforce Staffing HR + FIN Upgrade PeopleSoft 8 HR, Ben, GL, AP,
10/01 5/02 BI, nVision reporting
AR, Upgrade Lead, Tech Lead
Randstad North
6/01 10/01
Implementation PeopleSoft 8 + 7.5 HR, Ben, Payroll, Front
Office, FS
Technical Lead, PSA &
VISA International Installation & Upgrade PeopleSoft 8 HR, Ben
4/01 6/01 DBA
, Payroll Technical Lead & Oracle
Crestone International,
Upgrade + eBenefits(ESS) PeopleSoft 8 HR, Ben, Payroll Developer
2/01 4/0
Marsh & McLennan
11/99 4/01
Implementation PeopleSoft 7.5 HR, Ben, Payroll Technical Lead
John Harland
2/99 11/99
Upgrade PeopleSoft 7.5 HR, Ben, Payroll, T&L,
Technical Lead
John Harland Upgrade PeopleSoft 7.5
2/99 11/99 BenAdmin
HR, Ben, Payroll, T&L, Architectural Lead
John Harland
2/99 11/99
Upgrade PeopleSoft 7.5 HR, Ben, Payroll, T&L,
Project Manager, Technical
Madison Square Garden
Upgrade PeopleSoft 6 HR, Ben, Payroll Project Manager, Technical
7/98 1/9 Lead
Madison Square Garden M

id-Year Payroll PeopleSoft 6 HR, Ben, Payroll Technical Lead
Implementation PeopleSoft 6 Global HR Technical Lead
PeopleSoft Inc. System Testing PeopleSoft 6 Pension Admin Consultant
AT & T Capital
Development PeopleSoft 6 HR, Ben, Payroll Consultant
Hewitt Associates

Implementation PeopleSoft 6 HR, Ben, Payroll Technical Lead
Sunglass Hut Imple
mentation PeopleSoft 5 HR, Ben, Payroll Consultant
Madison Square Garden
2/96 6/96
Implementation &
PeopleSoft 4 HR, Ben, Payroll Technical Consultant &

Washington County Maryland, Upgrade Lead for HCM and Financials Upgrade- Provided part time assistance to client staff during the upgrade
to version 9.0. Several modules are involved including HR, Base Benefits, Payroll, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Asset
Management, Project Costing, Accounts Receivable and Billing. Kevin is assisting as a player/coach helping mentor the client through the upgrade
process and working with the infrastructure team to enhance performance throughout the applications.

Weld County Colorado, Upgrade Lead for HCM Upgrade- Led a large scale upgrade from version 8.8 to 9.0 of PeopleSofts HCM products.
Customer was also in the process of implementing Time and Labor and various ESS applications so the project had several key checkpoints where
data was integrated into the database. Kevin served as the upgrade lead, co-project manager and technical development lead throughout. Currently,
Kevin is assisting with post production support and tuning of the applications on a remote basis.

Cox Communications(Atlanta), Technical Lead for eApps Implementation Hired to manage a Peopletools Upgrade along with
implementing e-Apps(ESS + MSS) such as ePerformance, eCompensation and Variable Compensation, Mr. Doran is responsible for
self-service solution involving workflow routing and a detailed setup of PeopleSoft security.

companies. Mr.
and reapplied at the target version. Reengineered customizations to stay more vanilla and be better
poised for the next upgrade. Documented all phases of the upgrade using eRoom(Documentum). Executed all technical upgrade
go-live cutover.
Tesseract + Kronos ( WFC + 8D versions ). Utilized Mercury Load Runner for stress testing the PeopleSoft PIA ( up to 250
SQRs, nVision and online customizations.
ication/testing/parallel/go-live cutover. After
me to the FS 7.5 -> 8.4 upgrade where I cut the move-to-production upgrade scripts from
ding a sub-system
M) for batch scheduling to work in conjunction with process scheduler. Migrated all customized objects, patches and fixes.

VISA International, Installation & Upgrade, Technical Lead & Oracle DBA Installed PeopleSoft 8 on both NT and UNIX environments.
Served as the Oracle DBA, installing Oracle on both NT and UNIX, creating all necessary file systems and databases. Devised a database
implementing a complete PeopleSoft

Cross Country Healthcare, 8.9 Upgrade, FO/Paybill install and Implement Served as Project Manager for Financials 8.9 upgrade combined
with Paybill/Front-Office implementation. Installed HRMS 8.9 and integrated to Financials utilizing Integration Broker messaging.
Implemented new integration broker messaging scheme introduced in PeopleTools 8.48. Installed all maintenance packs and PeopleTools
updates. Implemented reporting solutions including AE, SQR and nVision.

Cox Enterprises(Atlanta), PeopleSoft eBenefits Tech Lead Mr. Doran was responsible for HRMS development ( including Cobra, FSA, +
other PS modules ) in addition to enhancing a major SQR interface which fed the HR database with data from subsidiary
Dorans role was expanded to include for Open Enrollment enhancements for the 2006 + 2007 OE seasons which required an in depth know
of PeopleSoft self-service(ESS + MSS).

The Home Depot(Atlanta)
Upgrade, Upgrade Lead Documented a project plan, issues, risks for upgrading the PeopleTools to rel. 8.45. Implemented the new
Tuxedo ( 8.1 ) and Websphere WAS ( 5.1 ) across a Unix / Mainframe ( z/os 4.1 ) / NT architecture. Identified all database +
architectural customizations
passes including

Implementation, Development Lead Development Lead for a PeopleSoft HRMS implementation of Version 8.8. Responsible for
an onsite team of 15 developers + an offsite team of 20 developers in India. Managed development from spec document creation,
through development, system testing + go-live. Given the employee population, it was a phased rollout scheme with a total
population of 360,000 active employees ( 1 million total including terminated EEs ). Implemented Manager self-service(MSS) wi
enhanced workflow capabilities for over 10,000 Managers. Utilized XML + Java for integration of Legacy + 3
. party apps
concurrent users ).

Genesis Healthcare, Upgrade Lead, Tech Lead Upgrade Lead for an upgrade from PeopleSoft 7.5 to 8.8 ( HRMS/Ben/Payroll ). Lead the
effort of installing the PIA infrastructure and oracle database instances for both UNIX and NT. Directed project management by identifying all
phases of the upgrade, including: install / initial-pass/customization reapplication / testing / parallel / go-live cutover. Applied all mid-upgrade
bundles, tax updates and PeopleTools upgrades(8.43.03). While executing upgrade passes ( move-to-productions ). Mr. Doran was able to assist
in the development efforts by upgrading

Oakwood Hospital, Upgrade Lead, Tech Lead Upgrade Lead for an upgrade from PeopleSoft 7.5 to 8.3 ( HRMS/Ben/Payroll ). Assisted
PMO with project planning all phases of the upgrade from install/initial-pass/customization reappl
go-live with HR 8.3, the client immediately transitioned
70 hours to 17 minimizing the production downtime duri