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1) joke
2) proverb/quote
3) anecdote
4) surprising fact
5) curiosity(?)
Grabbers (attention)

Topic (subject)

Thesis (argument)

Reasons (main idea)
+ve (support)
-ve (against)
2) What, When, Where, Who, When
v and how?

** Related (G/T/Th)

3) Strong statement

Ways to start your stories:
1. Start right in the middle of the action
2. Ask a question to make your reader curious
3. Give a surprising fact or statistic
4. Talk directly to your reader using the word YOU
5. Tell a brief story or anecdote that introduces the main
6. Use a dramatic or mysterious lead
7. Begin with an informative quotation
8. Start with thoughtful dialogue
9. Use an interesting description
10. Create a picture in the reader's mind
11. Start with a thought- shot or thought inside a character.
12. Start by misleading your re
13. Use onomatopoeia
14. "String of Pearls"( Using a series of three powerful
15. Begin with a bold opinion
16. Ask your audience to imagine something or use guided
17. Start with a moral, motto, or truism
18. Describe the setting in an usual way.
19. Start with a thesis statement
20. List all the important parts of your essay.
21. Introduce the object/person that you are talking about.


1. Start your story with "Hi. My name is..." or " I'm going
to tell you about..."
2. "Once upon a time" should only be used if you're trying
to create a story that models a fairy tale.
3. Only start in the middle of the action if you can
continue the story from there OR if you can easily back
up and explain how you got to that point in your story.
4. Don't use the exact words of a prompt - be creative!!!
5. Don't say "...and they lived happily ever after.