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Fall 2014

CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java

CSCl z Sectlon c Cull # c8, Cnllne

lnstructor lnformutlon
Assoc. Prof. Lr. vllllum Smlth
Lmull: wlll.smlthQtulsucc.edu
vork hone: (8) ,66
Skye: drwlllsmlth
Cmce Locutlon: Southeust Cumus zc
Cmce hours: 1uesj1hurs :cc z:cc

!"#$%&'( *+,+ -'. /01'1$2 by vulter Suvltch (ve ure uslng u seclul bundle thls term. 1he textbook should be
ln u rlng blnder wlth un enclosed uccess code for MyProgrummlngLub. You muy urchuse the book und
code seurutely but lf you do so the uccess code cun only be urchused on the ubllsher webslte)

CSC z, (lntro. to C) or CSC z8 (lntro. to C) or lnstructor urovul.

3-&0'* 4*'5026,2-7
An lntroductlon to how 'uvu lunguuge ls used to develo hlghly ortuble ullcutlons und ulets. 1olcs wlll
lnclude dutu objects, excetlons, threuds, und olymorhlsm.

1he gouls of the lntroductlon to 'uvu Progrummlng course ure thut students, by musterlng the tolcs re
sented ln thls course, guln vuluuble roblemsolvlng skllls und 'uvu knowledge thut wlll enuble them to be
come rofclent ln objectorlented rogrummlng wlth 'uvu churucterlstlcs.

Uon successful comletlon of the lntroductlon to 'uvu Progrummlng course, students wlll be uble to uly
the objectorlented urouch to develo ullcutlons und ulets wlth gruhlcs, multlthreudlng, multlmedlu,
excetlon hundllng, ljC, und networklng.

3-&0'* 3-7,*7,
1he course covers fundumentul 'uvu rogrummlng und core 'uvu APl. Seclfcully, the followlng tolcs wlll be
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java - Online Fall 2014
Spring 2007

CSC 2133 - Introduction to Java Section 390

Instructor Information
Asst. Prof. Dr. William Smith

E-mail: william.smith@mail.tulsacc.edu
Work phone: 595-7616
Office Location: Southeast Campus - 4201
Office hours: Mon/Wed 9:30 12:30
Mon/Wed 2:00 3:00

Java, Java, Java: Object-Oriented Problem Solving 3
Edition by Morelli and Wade
CSC 2473 (Intro. to C) or CSC 2843 (Intro. to C++) or instructor approval.

Course Description
An introduction to how Java language is used to develop highly portable applications and applets.
Topics will include data objects, exceptions, threads, and the Abstract Windows Toolkit.

The goals of the Introduction to Java Programming course are that students, by mastering the
topics presented in this course, gain valuable problem-solving skills and Java knowledge that will
enable them to become proficient in object-oriented programming with Java characteristics.

Upon successful completion of the Introduction to Java Programming course, students will be
able to apply the object-oriented approach to develop applications and applets with graphics,
multithreading, multimedia, exception handling, I/O, and networking.

Course Content
The course covers fundamental Java programming and core Java API. Specifically, the following
topics will be included:
1. Fundamental programming concepts, including primitive data types, control structures,
methods, method abstraction, and arrays

Fall 2014
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java
. lundumentul rogrummlng concets, lncludlng rlmltlve dutu tyes, control structures, methods,
method ubstructlon, und urruys
z. Cbjectorlented rogrummlng: cluss ubstructlon und encusulutlon, cluss lnherltunce, und lnter
. 'uvu gruhlcs rogrummlng: Swlng cluss hlerurchy, the event delegutlon model, creutlng user lnter
fuces, druwlng geometrlc fgures
. Lxcetlon hundllng: how 'uvu hundles excetlon und how the student cun lncororute excetlon
hundllng cuublllty ln hlsjher rogrums
. Multlthreudlng und multlmedlu: uslng the 1hreud cluss und the Runnuble lnterfuce, unlmutlons,
luylng uudlo, und dlsluylng lmuges
6. ljC: ljC streum hlerurchy, blnury streums und churucter streums

3-&0'* 80$<*
1he course grude wlll be culculuted us follows:
Comletlon of MyProgrummlngLub 6zc ts totul
z Progrummlng Projects Q cc ts euch zcc ts totul
Comletlon of student lntroductlon forum c ts
Cngolng und meunlngful urtlclutlon ln Llscusslon lorums c ts
1otul Polnts Posslble: cc

3-&0'* 4*$<#27*'
(Leudllne ls ulwuys ut mldnlght on lrlduy of the lndlcuted week)
MPL = MyProgrummlngLub, PP = Progrummlng Project
4*$<#27* =>? veek MPL for Ch , PP
4*$<#27* =@? veek 8 MPL for Ch 8, PP 6
4*$<#27* =A? veek z MPL for Ch z, PP ,
4*$<#27* =B? veek 6 MPL for Ch , PP cz

80$<27C !5$#*
1he stundurd 1CC c8c,c6c grudlng scule wlll be used.

!&%D2''2-7 -E /0-C0$DD27C F''2C7D*7,'
All rogrummlng lubs und rogrummlng rojects must be submltted vlu 8luckbourd.

G$,* F''2C7D*7,'
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java - Online Fall 2014 2
Fall 2014
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java
1here ure four deudllnes ln the course us llsted ln the ugendu. Asslgnments due rlor to those deudllnes wlll
not be ucceted for u grude ufter the deudllne hus ussed. 1here ls no lute enulty for usslgnments submlt
ted rlor to the deudllnes.

H*1&20*< 3-&0'* /$0,2526$,2-7
1hls course requlres regulur urtlclutlon und work throughout the term. lf u student hus not submltted uny
work by the end of the st deudllne of the term, thut student wlll be wlthdruwn from the course ut the ln
structor's dlscretlon

3-6"02CI, J-,25*
lt ls u vlolutlon of the luw to creute unuuthorlzed dullcutes of coyrlghted mlcrocomuter softwure. 1ulsu
Communlty College mukes every eort to suort these coyrlght ugreements und does not suort lllegul
dullcutlon of uny coyrlghted muterlul.

)*5I725$# H*1&20*D*7,'
1he student must meet the requlrements us llsted on the 1CC dlstunce leurnlng web slte us well us uny uddl
tlonul requlrements llsted on the course 8luckbourd slte.

3-&0'* K2,I<0$L$#
1he deudllne to wlthdruw from u course shull not exceed j the durutlon of uny cluss. Contuct the Counsel
lng Cmce ut uny 1CC cumus to lnltlute wlthdruwul from u course ("v' grude) or to chunge from Credlt to
Audlt. Check the 1CC Acudemlc Culendur for deudllnes. Students who sto urtlclutlng ln the course und full
to wlthdruw muy recelve u course grude of "l,' whlch muy huve fnunclul uld consequences for the student.

Lmull communlcutlons: All 1CC students recelve u deslgnuted "My1CC' emull uddress (ex: june.doeQmull.
tulsucc.edu). All communlcutlons to you ubout 1CC und course usslgnments wlll be sent to your My1CC emull
uddress, und you must use My1CC emull to send emull to, und recelve emull from, the lnstructor regurdlng
thls course.

lnclement veuther: 1CC rurely closes. lf extreme weuther condltlons or emergency sltuutlons urlse, 1CC
ulwuys glves cuncellutlon notlces to rudlo und televlslon stutlons. 1hls lnformutlon ls ulso osted on the 1CC
webslte (www.tulsucc.edu).

8*7*0$# M<&5$,2-7 8-$#'
Cenerul Lducutlon courses ut 1CC ensure thut our gruduutes guln skllls, knowledge, und ubllltles thut com
rlse u common foundutlon for thelr hlgher educutlon und u buckdro for thelr work und ersonul llves. 1CC's
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java - Online Fall 2014 3
Fall 2014
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java
Cenerul Lducutlon gouls ure: Crltlcul 1hlnklng, Lectlve Communlcutlon, Lnguged Leurnlng, und 1echnologl
cul Profclency.

3#$''0--D M,21&*,,*
Cen und mutuully resectful communlcutlon of vurled olnlons, bellefs, und ersectlves durlng clussroom
or onllne dlscusslon encouruges the free exchunge of ldeus thut ls essentlul to hlgher leurnlng und to the
ublllty to leurn from euch other. Use of uny electronlc devlce ls ut the dlscretlon of the lnstructor.

!"##$%&' 3I$7C*'
Cccuslonully, chunges to the syllubus muy be necessury. Students wlll be notlfed of uny chunges to the syl
lubus ln wrltlng.

42'$%2#2," H*'-&05*':
lt ls the ollcy und ructlce of 1ulsu Communlty College to creute lncluslve leurnlng envlronments. Accommo
dutlons for quullfylng students ln comllunce wlth the Amerlcuns wlth Llsubllltles Act (ALA) und Sectlon c
of the Rehubllltutlon Act ure uvulluble. 1o request uccommodutlons, contuct the Lducutlon Access Center
(LAC) ut eucQtulsucc.edu or cull (8) , (volce). Leuf und hurd of heurlng students muy text (8)

F5$<*D25 42'I-7*',"
Acudemlc dlshonesty (cheutlng) ls defned us the decetlon of others ubout one's own work or ubout the
work of unother. Acudemlc dlshonesty or mlsconduct ls not condoned or toleruted ut cumuses wlthln the
1ulsu Communlty College system. 1ulsu Communlty College udots u ollcy delegutlng certuln forms of uu
thorlty for dlsclllnury uctlon to the fuculty. Such dlsclllnury uctlons deleguted to the fuculty lnclude, but ure
not llmlted to, the dlsmlssul of dlsresectful or dlsorderly students from clusses. ln the cuse of ucudemlc dls
honesty u fuculty member muy:

requlre the student to redo un usslgnment or test, or requlre the student to comlete u substltute
usslgnment or test,
Record u "zero" for the usslgnment or test ln questlon,
Recommend to the student thut the student wlthdruw from the cluss, or udmlnlstrutlvely wlthdruw
the student from the cluss,
Record u grude of "l" for the student ut the end of the semester.

luculty muy request thut dlsclllnury uctlon be tuken ugulnst u student ut the udmlnlstrutlve level by submlt
tlng such request to the Leun of Student Servlces.
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java - Online Fall 2014 4
Fall 2014
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java

N7',2,&,2-7$# !,$,*D*7,
Luch student ls resonslble for belng uwure of the lnformutlon contulned ln the 1CC Cutulog, 1CC Student
Eundbook, Student Code of Conduct Pollcy Eundbook, und semester lnformutlon llsted ln the cluss schedule.
All lnformutlon muy be vlewed on the 1CC webslte: www.tulsucc.edu

)-%$55- O0** 3-##*C*
1ulsu Communlty College ls u 1obucco lree college ln uccordunce wlth the Covernor's Lxecutlve Crder
zczc und 1ltle 6 of the Ckluhomu Stututes, Sectlon z whlch rohlblts smoklng or the use of uny to
bucco roducts ln ull ubllc luces, ln uny lndoor workluce, und ull vehlcles owned by the Stute of Ckluhomu
und ull of lts ugencles und lnstrumentulltles. 1hls Crder lncludes roerty leused, rented, or owned by 1CC
lncludlng, but not llmlted to, ull grounds, bulldlngs, fucllltles, und urklng lots. 1ulsu Communlty College's
ollcy lncludes u tobucco free envlronment on ull cumus und ocumus locutlons conductlng 1CC credlt or
noncredlt clusses. 1he 1CC Cumus Pollce ls resonslble for ensurlng comllunce wlth the 1obuccolree
Lnvlronment Pollcy. vlolutlons of the ollcy muy be uddressed through lssuunce of cumus or stute cltutlons.

CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java - Online Fall 2014 5
Fall 2014
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java
!"#$%& !()&*+($
,&&- !"#$%& .(/&$0()
Cettlng Sturted
z Chuter z
Console lnut und Cutut
llow of Control
Lefnlng Cluss l
Lefnlng Cluss ll
6 Chuter 6
, Chuter ,
8 Chuter 8
Polymorhlsm und Abstruct Clusses
Lxcetlon Eundllng
c Chuter c
llle ljC
z Chuter z
UML und Putterns
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java - Online Fall 2014 6
Fall 2014
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java

lnterfuces & lnner Clusses
Cenerlcs & ArruyLlst
Chuter ,
Swlng l
6 Chuter
'uvu Never Lnds
,&&- !"#$%& .(/&$0()
CSCI 2133 Introduction to Java - Online Fall 2014 7