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MCQs true or false type.

Endocrine and metabolic diseases(based on Davidson)

1.The folloin! hypothalamic releasin! factors stimulate the pituitary !land to secrete
the hormones listed belo
b.somatostatin"!roth hormone
c.Thyrotrophin releasin! hormone(T#$)"T%$ and &rolactin
d.!onadotrophin releasin! hormone('n#$)"($ and )%$ independently
e.corticotrophin releasin! hormone(C#$)"beta lipotrophin and *CT$
*ns+a.false"Dopamine inhibits prolactin release
b.false"%omatostatin inhibits !roth hormone release
c.True",nvivo si!nificance of effect on prolactin is uncertain
d.True"'onadal steroids and inhibin modify 'n#$ effects
e.True"*r!inine vasopressin also effects *CT$ release
-.The folloin! statements about pituitary tumours are true+
a.Chromophobe adenomas may cause pressure effects or hormone secretion
b.Diabetes insipidus usually indicates suprasellar e.tension
c.Cushin!/s disease is usually caused by acidophilic macroadenomas
d.*crome!aly is most often associated ith basophilic microadenomas
e.Tumour enlar!ement ith e.pansion of the pituitary fossa usually presents ith
headaches and 0or a bi"temporal upper 1uadrantanopia
a.True"prolactin secretin! tumours are the most common
b.True"may be visualised on CT scannin!
c.)alse"usually basophil microadenoma
d.)alse"usuallyacidophil macroadenoma
e.True"other visual field losses may occur
2.The typical features of acrome!aly include +
a.Thoracic 3yphosis and myopathy
b.$ypertension and diabetes mellitus
c.!oitre and cardiome!aly
d.!roth hormone suppression durin! a !lucose tolerance test
a.True"perhaps ith pro!nathism and s3ull !roth
b.True"or impaired !lucose tolerance
c.True"and perhaps hepatome!aly
d.)alse"!roth hormone levels fail to suppress
e.True"The s3in is thic3ened ith increased sebum production
4.Typical features of pituitary dependent Cushin!/s disease include
a.enlar!ement of the pituitary fossa
b.amenorrhoea and depression
c.pro.imal myopathy and diabetes mellitus
d.suppression of plasma cortisol folloin! de.amethasone
e.hypotension and hyper3alaemia
*ns+a.)a,se"not usually apparent on plain films
b.True"impotence in men
c.True"impaired !lucose tolerance
d.)alse"plasma cortisol is not suppressed
e.)alse"hypertension and hypo3alaemia

5.#eco!nised causes of hyperprolactinaemia include
a.oestro!en therapy
b.chlorproma6ine and haloperidol therapy
c.primary hypothyroidism
e.Cushin!s disease
*ns+a.True"physiolo!ical pre!nancy
b.True"*nd metoclopramide 7methyldopa
c.True"T#$ is elevated
8.,n childhood !roth hormone deficiency
a.&anhypopituitarism is a typical findin!
b.most patients have a craniopharyn!ioma
c.a !enetic deficiency of '$ releasin! factor is common
d.delayed bone development is a characteristic feature
e.treatment ith human !roth hormone produces precocious puberty
*ns+a.)alse"usually isolated '$#$ secretory failure
b.)alse"*ffects the minority
c.True"as an isolated abnormality
d.True"ith conse1uent short stature
e.)alse"&uberty not affected
9.#eco!nised causes of short stature in childhood include
a.:linefelter/s syndrome
b.Turner/s syndrome
c.emotional deprivation
d.Cushin!/s syndrome
a.)alse"may cause !i!antism
b.True"and other chromosomal abnormalities
c.True"and malnutrition
d.True"usually ith obesity
e.)alse"&rimary hypothyroidism
;.#eco!nised causes of hypopituitarism include
a.post"partum haemorrha!e
b.Cushin!/s syndrome
d.autoimmune hypophysitis
*ns+a.True"&ituitary necrosis(%heehan/s syndrome)
b.)alse"<sually microadenoma
c.True"usually macroadenoma
e.True"*c1uired hypothalamic dama!e

=.The clinical features of hypopituitarism include+
a.hypotension ith hyper3alaemia
b.a normal increment in plasma cortisol 2> minutes after parental *CT$
c.loss of libido 7menstruation and secondary se.ual hair
d.hypo!lycaemia ithout the typical symptoms
e.coma and ater into.ication
*ns"a.)alse"*ldosterone secretion is maintained
b.)alse"There is secondary adrenal insufficiency
c.True"impaired ($ then )%$ secretion
d.True"There is increased insulin sensitivity
e.True"ith hypo!lycaemia and hypothermia.