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... through Bertha Dudde

What is the world? ....
Thus you can look at the world with all its creations as a kingdo
!elonging to "y o##onent$ %or it shelters all %allen s#iritual
su!stances$ it is &ust that he is de#ri'ed o% the during the tie
when they e!ody one %or a%ter another. (nd yet the world
was created !y "y lo'e$ wisdo and ight and "y ad'ersary
has no #art in it$ des#ite the %act that it !elongs to hi he has no
control o'er his world ....
(nd it has arisen in all its !eauty$ sheltering the ost ar'ellous
creations o% all kinds .... "y lo'e$ wisdo and ight can !e
noticed e'erywhere .... and although ) constrained the re!ellious
s#iritual su!stances within these creations the act o% creation was
a ha##y one %or "e which ena!led "y once eanated strength to
!ecoe acti'e again$
!ecause the strength ) e*ternalised as a +!eing, re%used to !e
acti'e and !y re&ecting "y strength o% lo'e also rendered itsel%
inca#a!le o% it.
(nd thus ) ga'e this strength a task again .... !y !ringing a world
into e*istence with all its innuera!le creations .... !ut also with
#artici#ation o% the !eings that had reained %aith%ul to "e %or
they$ too$ had the #ower to create. They knew "y thoughts$ "y
#lan o% -al'ation and e*#erienced their working with "e as
e*ce#tional ha##iness. Their lo'e concerned their %allen !rothers
who they wanted to hel# li%t out o% the a!yss.
The %act that this #rocess re.uired an in%initely long tie %ro a
huan #oint o% 'iew did not !other the$ %or they were #er%ect
and there%ore lacked all conce#t o% tie ....
/or did the conce#t o% tie e*ist before the stage o% the huan
!eing. )t only started when the huan !eing entered the creation
as a sel%0aware !eing and it will not lose this conce#t o% tie and
s#ace again until he !ecoes #er%ect once ore ....
(nd this conce#t o% tie can !e seen in all creations$ where
e'ery %or .... !e it in the ineral$ #lant or anial world ....
always has a liited tie s#an at its dis#osal and thus higher
de'elo#ent always de#ends on certain #eriods .... which thus
also e*#lain the #er#etual changes which constantly can !e
o!ser'ed in nature and which su!se.uently also deterine the
#er#etual return o% the seasons$ o% s#ring$ suer$ autun and
winter ....
1'erything took #lace in unsur#assed wisdo$ which always and
%ore'er will reain unchanged as long as creation e*ists$ %or
e'erything #roceeds according to di'ine law. (nd the 'arious
di%%erent worlds are su!&ect to di%%erent laws again .... 2et each
one contri!utes towards higher de'elo#ent$ and each one takes
the already achie'ed degree o% aturity into account.
This is why ) look u#on "y creation with #leasure !ecause ) don,t
see in it the fallen spirits !ut only the means %or their ascent$
and ) consider all eans as an e*#ression o% "y lo'e and wisdo
which one day will acco#lish the return o% the %allen s#irits to
(nd you humans may take pleasure in My creation$ %or it
o%%ers you works o% wonder which you are una!le to create
yoursel'es. 2ou can only e'er see and ar'el$ !ut you carelessly
take no notice o% what testi%ies to your 3reator,s wisdo$ lo'e
and ight.
(nd yet this whole world only cae into !eing !ecause o% you$
and you are its crowning glory$ you are the once fallen spirits
which are on the last short #ath o% return .... 1'erything you can
see around you ser'ed to achie'e your degree o% aturity4 you
ha'e erely o'ercoe all these %ors already.
But in the last stage as a huan !eing "y ad'ersary has #ower
o'er you again which ) cannot deny hi !ut which you can take
away %ro hi yoursel'es !y directing your will towards "e ....
(nd once ore all !eings o% light will stand !y you in order to
su##ort you in your !attle against hi$ %or they all want you to
!ecoe %ree %ro hi .... who alone was the cause o% the origin
o% the earthly world !ecause he had #ulled you down into the
2ou$ howe'er$ ust decide %or yoursel'es which lord you want to
&oin$ and this decision alone deterines your %ate in eternity ....
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