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Technical Charts Daily view for 15 August 2014

Prepared by icola Du!e

Page 2 "#P$%D & '$($%D
Page ) A$D$%D & $%D*P+
Page 4 '$("#P & $%DC,-
Page 5 '$(*P+ & "old
Page . /T0 1il & DA2
Page 3 %&P500 & %ilver
4et 5e !now if you would li!e a chart for anything else6
Daily view
7ery s5all ha55er today after the long bearish 5arabu8o candle6 The si8e of this candle vs the
decline suggests interi5 support but does not inspire longs yet6 Cable stopped at the 5uch
fabled 16999 level but first -ibonacci target is slightly lower at 1699)0 :2)69 fibo fro5 201) low;
,ourly view
0 e<pect so5e bac! and fill today bac! to 169.40= rallies should be capped at 169.43
(esistance 169.49:5a>or; 169.9.:last wee!s low; 169919
%upport 169990 & 1699)0
Daily view ? the do>i days of su55er6
@ultiple tests of 16))) are holding but no fuel for a sAuee8e yet and no brea! of the support for
shorts6 A retrace to 16)4B0 as a counterCtrend trade is still possible but the trend says this is
li!ely a wedge D pennant for a brea! lower to interi5 target of 16)150
-our ,ourly view
Trade the wedge D pennant pattern to stay within the range until it brea!s
%upport 16)))5 :5a>or; 16)150:5a>or;
(esistance 16))50 16)450 16)50 :5a>or;
Daily view
#ullish rebound continues but holding below the previous ,&% nec!line support B)23
-our ,ourly 7iew
(esistance B)23:5a>or; B)5. :5a>or;
%upport B233 & B2.0
Daily view
0nside day= today is the last day of *apanese holidays and we could see 5ore bac! and fill6
102690 is good resistance6 A rollover here could see another leg lower :to 101 range botto5;
-our ,ourly 7iew
This 102625C)0 level has been pivotal resistance since -ebruary= now we have bro!en it is
holding as support6
%upports 102643 & 1026)0 :5a>or;
(esistance 1026.4 :5a>or; 102630 10)600 :5a>or; 10)611
Daily view
%5all daily shooting star has the rally consolidating after bullish brea! higher6 ot at resistance
4 hour chart view
%upport .BB.:5a>or; .B34
(esistance 30)0 3099:5a>or; 3155:5a>or;
Daily view6
Daily candle is another do>i day6 Dia5ond pattern is still for5ing6 0s today the day it brea!sE
-our ,ourly view
Trading off the top or botto5 of the range or waiting for pattern resolution see5s to be best6
B0.2 pattern pivot
%upports on a brea! 06B019C1B:5a>or; 063B35
(esistance 06B0B. 06B11):5a>or;
Daily view
%hooting star following a failed brea! of the top of the range6 Consolidation & holding support6
4ong targets re5ain 1)9620
-our ,ourly view
%upports 1)96.9= 1)965B :5a>or;
(esistance 1).612 :5a>or;= 1).650C90:5a>or; 1)3600
Daily view
%till consolidation6 The head and shoulders reversal we were watching appears to now be a
pennant which is easier to trade with the trend6 A brea! lower is a buy at 12B5 brea!out retest6
A brea! higher is a good long entry with target of 1)90
-our ,ourly view
(esistance on a brea! 1)24C25 1)42
%upports 1)00 12B5:5a>or;
OIL $% /T0 crude
Daily 7iew ? ,uge brea! of support yesterday fell to ne<t B550 support6 @uch of this 5ove is
driven by the #rent %pread6
After a big 5ove day e<pect sideways consolidation and another test of the low6
%upport lies in the B5620CB4620 which is trendline support fro5 the 2003 low
-our ,ourly view
@a>or %upport B5650 B4690C.0
(esistance is at B.600 B.6)0 BB600CBB6)0:5a>or;
Daily view
%tays bullish= consolidating above the !ey 3B0B level6 0nverse head and shoulders pattern
@ini5u5 target of B))3 then B920
-our ,ourly view
%upport at B200 B1.):5a>or; B1)0
(esistance D targets B))3:5a>or; B411 B4.):5a>or;
/A(0" T1DA+ 0% 1P'26 '2P'CT T,' $'2P'CT'D
Daily view bullish continuation
(eversal at the )3fib gives us new high targets of 201. and 2050
-our ,ourly view
(esistance 1B5365:5a>or; 1B.3:5a>or; and prev high 1BB1
%upport 1B42:5a>or; 1B)1
Daily view F 9 inside days in a row= still sitting on 1B30 support6
%ilver still storing up energy for a 5ove6
,ourly chart C
There is the range F
0ntraCday levels to watch 1B.):range botto5; 1B6B0 1B6B. 20609 2012:range top;
%upport below 1B.3 is at 1B99 & 1B55
Above 2012 resistance is at 2062B & 20640 :5a>or;