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Teaching Plan (Theory)

(Academic Year: 2008–2009)

Name of the Institute: K. K. Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik. Name of the Subject: Programming in C (CPR)
Institute Code No.:078 Subject Code: 9017
Name of the Program: Information Technology (IF) Name of the Faculty: Mr. Kute T. B.
Semester: II Probable / Actual Hrs Available: 64
Date: 22/12/2008

Ch. No. of L.R./Media to be Date of Date of

Topic Sub topic Remarks
No. Lectures used commencement Completion
01 Basics of C 10 Algorithms and flowcharts
History of C, where C stands
C character set, tokens, constants
Variables, keywords
C operators (arithmetic, Logical,
Books, Chalks,
assignment, relational) 2 Lect. 22/12/2008 06/01/2009
Black board,
C operators (increment and decrement, Transparencies
conditional, bitwise, special, operator
precedence) 2 Lect.
C expressions data types
Formatted input, formatted output
02 Decision making 12 Decision making and branching
If statement (if, if-else, else-if ladder) 2
Nested if-else Reference
switch-case statement Books, Chalks,
09/01/2009 24/01/2009
break and goto statement Black board,
Decision making and looping Transparencies
While, do-while statements (2 Lects.)
for loop (2 Lects.)
continue and break statement
03 Arrays and 14 Declaration and initialization of one Reference
27/01/2009 14/02/2009
Strings dimensional, two dimensional and character Books, Chalks,

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arrays (4 Lects.)
Accessing array elements
Declaration and initialization of string Black board,
variables (2 Lects.) Transparencies
String handling functions from standard
library (4 Lects.)
04 Functions, 14 Functions, Need of functions, scope and
Structures lifetime of variables (2 Lects.)
Defining functions, function call
Call by value, call by reference (2 Lects)
return values, storage classes (2 Lects).
Category of function( No argument No
Books, Chalks,
return value, No argument with return value, 16/02/2009 10/03/2009
Black board,
argument with return value) (2 Lects.)
Structures Defining structure, declaring and
accessing structure members (2 Lects)
Initialization of structure, arrays of structure
(2 Lects)
05 Pointers in C 14 Understanding pointers (2 Lects.) Reference
Declaring and accessing pointers (2 Lects.) Books, Chalks,
13/03/2009 04/04/2009
Pointers arithmetic (4 Lects.) Black board,
Pointers and arrays (6 Lects.) Transparencies

1. Books
Sr. No. Name of Book Author Edition Publication
1 Programming in ANSI ’C’ Balgurusamy 3rd Tata Mc-Graw Hill
2 Let us ‘C’ Y. Kanetkar 3rd BPB
3 Complete reference: C Herbert Shildt 4th Tata Mc-Graw Hill
4 Working with C Y. Kanetkar BPB
5 C Programming language Ritchie / Kerningham 4th PHI
6 Programming in C Byron Gottfried Tata Mc-Graw Hill

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Mr. Kute T. B. Ms. Karande M. S.

(Subject Teacher) (Head of Department)

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