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TOSHIBA LCD MODELS: 26HL37, 26HL47, 26HL57, 26HL67, 26LV47, 26LV67, 32LV67,
32HL17U, 32HL57, 32HL67, 32HL67S, 32HL67U, 32HL67US, 32LV17U, 32LV67, 32LV67U
37HL17, 37HL57, 37HL67, 37HL67S, 40RF350U, 42HL117, 42HL167, 42HL57, 42HL57U,
42HL67, 42HL67U, 42HL67US, 42LX177, 46LX177, 46XF360U, 47HL167, 52HL167, 52LX177,
52RF350U, 57LX177

TOSHIBA DLP PROJECTION MODELS: 50HM67, 57HM117, 57HM167, 65HM117, 65HM167

The installation process is simple; however, please read all of the following instructions and notices prior to installation.
This software update is intended solely for use with the TOSHIBA Models indicated above.

Notice (Read Prior to Beginning the Software Upgrade)
The following events may interrupt the upgrade process and result in an inoperati ve unit.
1) DO NOT unplug the Power Cord during the software update procedure.
2) Avoid loss or interruption of power during the software update procedure.
3) DO NOT Press the power button on the unit during the software update procedure.
If you are experiencing problems or have further questions:
Customers should contact Toshiba Customer Service at 800-631-3811.
Toshiba Authorized Service Providers should contact Toshiba Technical Support Group.

Use the following procedure to update the Television software version:
1) Disconnect AC Power from the Television.
2) Remove the Service Port Access Cover. Refer to step A. for LCD Models or refer to step B. for DLP
Projection Models.

A. LCD Models: Carefully remove the Service Port Access Cover located on the back panel near the AC
Power Cord, by removing the phillips head screw. Refer to Fig 1 & 2.

LCD Models Figure 1. LCD Models Figure 2.

B. DLP Projection Models: Carefully remove the Service Port Access Cover located on the back panel just
above the HDMI Input ports. Insert a small flat screwdriver into the tab as shown in Fig 3 & 4 and gently
position the screwdriver to the right to unsnap the door latch.

DLP Projection Models Figure 3. DLP Projection Models Figure 4.

3) Reconnect AC Power to the Television and Power ON the Television.

4) Insert the provided media card with the software update into the Service Port Slot on the rear of the TV
receiver. Refer to step A. for LCD Models or refer to step B. for DLP Projection Models.
A. LCD Models: Refer to Figure 5. B. DLP Projection Models: Refer to Figure 6

LCD Models Figure 5 DLP Projection Models Figure 6

6) Start the software update by using the right arrow key of the user remote to highlight OK. Press enter to
begin the update. See Fig 7.

Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9

7) The software updating process will begin. During the software update the TV receiver will display Software
Upgrade in Progress, please wait Do not to remove power to the Television during the update process.
See Figure 8.
8) Upon completion of the software update, a message will be displayed on the screen advising, The Software
Update is Complete.. See Figure 9 or on models 42LX177, 46LX177, 52LX177 or 57LX177 the
message will indicate to remove the card from the TV. DO NOT PRESS ENTER OR ANY KEY ON THE
9) Unplug the AC cord from the AC outlet at this time.
10) Remove the media card and reinstall the Service Port Cover removed in step 2.
11) Re-Apply AC power to the Television.
12) The LED indicator will flash while the set is booting up. When the set has completed booting up the TV should
now turn on. In the event the TV does turn on by itself, press the power button on the Television to turn the set
13) Some personal settings and preferences may need to be adjusted upon completion of this upgrade.
14) Discard the SD Card upon completion. This firmware update is only intended for use with the Toshiba models
indicated. Use in any other model, product or brand may result in damage to the device and/or attached
15) Reset the closed captioning preferences in the user menu by the following: Press Menu and select the
Preferences menu. Select Closed Captioning Advanced and press enter. Select Reset and press
enter. Select Done to complete the reset.

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Lebanon, TN 37087

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