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Hay (sing.) there is there isn't is there?
Hay (plur.) there are there aren't are there?
Haba (sing.) there was there wasn't was there?
Haba (plur.) there were there weren't were there?
Habr there will be there won't be will there be?
Va a haber
there cgoing to
there isn'tgoing to
is there going to
Va a habar
there are going
to be
there aren't going
to be
are there going to
Ha habido (sing.) there's been there hasn't been has there been?
Ha habido (plur.) there have been there haven't been have there been?
Puede haber there can be there can't be can there be?
Podra haber there could be there couldn't be could there be?
Debera haber there should be there shouldn't be should there be?
Debe de haber there must be there mustn't be must there be?
Puede que haya there may be there may not be
Puede que haya there might be there might not be
Haba habido there had been there hadn't been Had there been?
Podra haber
there could've
there couldn't
have been
could there have
Debera haber
there should've
there shouldn't
have been
should there have
Deba de haber
there must have
there mustn't have
must there have
Puede que haya
there may have
there may not
have been

Puede que haya
there might
have been
there might have

Lo hago a menudo. do it often.
Lo hice ayer. I did it yesterday.
Lo he hecho dos veces esta semana. I've done it twice this week.
Lo har maana. I'll do it tomorrow.
Quin lo hace? Who does it?
Lo haces t? Do you do it?
Lo hace l? Does he do it?
Lo hacen ellos? Do they do it?
Por qu lo hace ella? Why does she do it?
Por qu lo haces t? Why do you do it?
Cundo lo hacen? When do they do it?
Cmo lo hace l? How does bedo it?
Cmo lo hacen ellos? How do they do it?
Cundo lo hars? When will you do it?
Con qu frecuencia lo has hecho? How often have you done it?
Cundo lo hizo ella? When did she do it?
Por qu lo hicieron? Why did they do it?
Por qu no lo hiciste t tambin? Why didn't you do it too?
Por qu no lo han hecho todava? Why haven't they done it yet?
Por qu no lo ha hecho l todava? Why hasn't he done it yet?
Cundo vas a hacerlo? When are you going to do it?
Cmo vas a hacerlo? How are you going todo it?
Cmo voy a hacerlo? How am I going to do it?
Cundo voy a hacerlo? When am I going to do it?
Quin lo va a hacer? Who's going to do it?
Quin lo hizo anoche? Who did it last night?
Quin lo est haciendo ahora? Who's doing it now?
Quin lo ha hecho ltimamente? Who's done it lately?
Hazlo, por favor. Do it please.
No se ha hecho todava. It hasn't been done yet.
l no lo hace a menudo. He doesn't do it often.
l no lo ha hecho ltimamente. He hasn't done it lately.
l no lo har maana. He won't do it tomorrow.
l no lo va a hacer. He s not going to do it.
l lo hara si pudiera. He would do it if he could.
l no lo hara por dinero. He wouldn't do it formoney.
No lo hago como ella lo hace. I don't do it like she does it.
l no lo hace como yo lo hago. He doesn't do it like I do it.
Cmo est usted? How do you do?
Qu haces los domingos? What do you do on Sundays?
Qu hace ella para ganarse la vida? What does she do for a living?
Ya se ha hecho. It's been done.
No se ha hecho. It hasn't been done.
Cundo se hizo? When was it done?
Por qu no se hizo? Why wasn't it done?
Por qu no se ha hecho todava? Why hasn't it been done yet?
Cundo se har? When will it be done?
No lo hagas, por favor. Don't do it please.
Quin lo est haciendo ahora? Who's doing it now?
Quin lo hizo ayer? Who did it yesterday?
Quin suele hacerlo? Who usually does it?
Por qu lo hace l? Why does he do it?
Qu tal ests? How are you doing?
Qu ests haciendo? What are you doing?
Estoy bien, gracias. I'm doing fine, thank you.
No estoy haciendo nada. I'm doing nothing.
Hiciste lo correcto. You did the right thing.
Qu puedo hacer por ti? What can I do for you?
Qu hace tu hermana? What doesyour sister do?
Haz lo que l hace. Do what he does.

ATTRACTIVE more attractive than the most attractive attractively atractivo
BAD worse than the worst badly malo
BEAUTIFUL more beautiful than the most beautiful hermoso
BIG bigger than the biggest grande
BRAVE braver than the bravest bravely valiente
BRIGHT brighter than the brightest brightly brillante
CAREFUL more careful than the most careful carefully cuidadoso
CARELESS more careless than the most careless carelessly descuidado
CHEAP cheaper than the cheapest cheaply barato
CLEAN cleaner than the cleanest cleanly limpio
CLEAR clearer than the clearest clearly claro
CLEVER cleverer than the cleverest cleverly inteligente
CLOSE TO closer to... than the closest... to closely cerca
COLD colder than the coldest coldly frio
COMFORTABLE more comfortable
the most
COMPLICATED more complicated
the most
COOL cooler than the coolest Fresco
DANGEROUS more dangerous than the most dangerous dangerousl
DARK darker than the darkest Oscuro
DEEP deeper than the deepest deeply Profundo
DIFFICULT more difficult than the most difficult Difcil
DIRTY dirtier than the dirtiest Sucio
DRY drier than the driest dryly Seco
EARLY earlier than the earliest temprano
EASY easier than the easiest easily Fcil
EMPTY emptier than the emptiest Vacio
EXCITING more exciting than the most exciting emocionant
EXPENSIVE more expensive than the most expensive Caro
FAMOUS more famous than the most famous famoso
FAR FROM farther from... than the farthest... from lejos de
FAST faster than the fastest fast Rpido
FAT fatter than the fattest Gordo
FLAT flatter than the flattest flatly Plano
FRESH fresher than the freshest freshly Fresco
FULL fuller than the fullest completo
FUNNY funnier than the funniest divertido
GOOD better than the best well Bueno
GREAT greater than the greatest greatly Grande
HAPPY happier than the happiest happily Feliz
HARD harder than the hardest hard Duro
HEAVY heavier than the heaviest heavily Pesado
HIGH higher than the highest highly Alto
HOT hotter than the hottest caliente
HUNGRY hungrier than the hungriest hambriento
IMPORTANT more important than the most important importantly importante
INTELLIGENT more intelligent than the most intelligent intelligently inteligente
INTERESTING more interesting than the most interesting interestingl
KIND kinder than the kindest kindly Amable
LARGE larger than the largest largely Grande
LATE later than the latest lately Tarde
LAZY lazier than the laziest lazily perezoso
LIGHT lighter than the lightest lightly Claro
LOUD louder than the loudest loudly Fuerte
LOW lower than the lowest lowly Bajo
LUCKY luckier than the luckiest luckily afortunado
NARROW narrower than the narrowest narrowly estrecho
NEAR nearer than the nearest nearly Cerca
NEW newer than the newest newly Nuevo
NICE nicer than the nicest nicely agradable
NOISY noisier than the noisiest noisily Ruidoso
OLD older than the oldest Viejo
POR poorer than the poorest poorly Pobre
PRETTY prettier than he prettiest Bonito
QUICK quicker than the quickest quickly Rpido
QUIET quieter than the quietest quietly tranquilo
RICH richer than the richest richly Rico
SAD sadder than the saddest sadly Triste
SAFE safer than the safest safely Seguro
SHORT shorter than the shortest shortly Corto
SIMPLE simpler than the simplest simply Simple
SLIM slimmer than the slimmest delgado
SLOW slower than the slowest slowly Lento
SMALL smaller than the smallest pequeo
SOFT softer than the softest softly Suave
SOON sooner than the soonest Pronto
STRONG stronger than the strongest strongly Fuerte
SWEET sweeter than the sweetest sweetly Dulce
TALL taller than the tallest Alto
THICK thicker than the thickest Grueso
THIN thinner than the thinnest delgado
THIRSTY thirstier than the thirstiest sediento
USEFUL more useful than the most useful til
WARM warmer than the warmest warmly caliente
WEAK weaker than the weakest weakly Dbil
WET wetter than the wettest Mojado
WIDE wider than the widest widely Amplio
WINDY windier than the windiest Ventoso
YOUNG younger than the youngest Joven


1. Presente continuo I 'm taking him to the airport.
2. Presente habitual I take him to the airport often.
3. Futuro simple I 'll take him to the airport tomorrow.
4. Futuro de intencin I 'm going to take him to the airport tomorrow.
5. Futuro seguro I 'm taking him to the airport tomorrow.
6. Pasado continuo I was taking him to the airport when I heard the explosion.
7. Pasado simple I took him to the airport yesterday.
8. Presente perfecto I 've taken him to the airport three ti mes this year.
9. Presente perfecto continuo I 've been taking him to the airport every day for the past three years.
10. Condicional futuro I 'll take him to the airport if I have time.
11. Condicional presente I would take him to the airport if I had time.
12. Condicional pasado I would've taken him to the airport if I had had the time.
13. El verbo poder en presente I can take him to the airport.
14. El verbo poder en pasado I was able to take him to the airport.
15. El verbo poder en futuro I 'll be able to take him to the airport.
16. Primer condicional del verbo poder I would be able to take him to the airport.
17. Segundo condicional del verbo poder I could take him to the airport.
18. Primer condicional pasado del verbo poder I would've been able to take him to the airport.
19. Segundo condicional pasado del verbo I could've taken him to the airport. poder
20. Obligacin externa presente I have to take him to the airport.
21. Obligacin externa futura I 'll have to take him to the airport.
22. Obligacin externa pasada I had to take him to the airport.
23. Obligacin hasta ahora I 've had to take him to the airport
24. Imperativo personal I must take him to the airport
25. Auto-recomendacin I should take him to the airport
26. Auto-recomendacin pasado I should've taken him to the airport.
27. Seria auto-advertencia I had better take him to the airport!
28. Posibilidad 1 1 may take him to the airport.
29. Posibilidad 2 I might take him to the aiport.
30. Posibilidad pasada 1 I may have taken him to the airport but I don't remember.
31. Posibilidad pasada 2 I might have taken him to the airport but I don't remember.


32. Presente continuo He's being taken to the airport right now.
33. Presente habitual He's taken to the airport often.
34. Futuro simple He'll be taken to the airport tomorrow.
35. Futuro intencional He's going to be taken to the airport tomorrow.
36. Pasado continuo He was being taken to the airport when the explosion was heard.
37. Pasado simple He was taken to the airport yesterday.
38. Presente perfecto He's been taken to the airport three times so far this week.
39. Presente condicional He would be taken to the airport if there were a chauffeur.
40. Pasado condicional He would've been taken to the airport if there had been a chauffeur.
41. Poder presente He can be taken to the airport.
42. Poder condicional He could be taken to the airport
43. Poder condicional pasado He could've been taken to the airport.
44. Recomendacin He should be taken to the airport.
45. Recomendacin pasada He should've been taken to the airport.
46. Obligacin externa He has to be taken to the airport.
47. Obligacin personal He must be taken to the airport.
48. Conclusin lgica pasada He must ve been taken to the airport.
49. Posibilidad 1 He may be taken to the airport.
50. Posibilidad 2 He might be taken to the airport.
51. Posibilidad pasado 1 He may have been taken to the airport.
52. Posibilidad pasado 2 He might have been taken to the airport.
53. Seria advertencia He had better be taken to the airport!

+ To come Came Come Coming Venir
+ To do Did Done Doing Hacer
+ To get Got Got/gotten Getting Conseguir/obtener
+ To give Gave Given Giving Dar/entregar
+ To go Went Gone Going Ir
+ To have Had Had Having Tener
+ To know Knew Known Knowing Saber
To like Liked Liked Liking Gustar
+ To make Made Made Making Hacer/preparar
To need Needed Needed Needing Necesitar
+ To think Thought Thought Thinking Pensar/creer
To want Wanted Wanted Wanting Querer
To ask Asked Asked Asking Pedir
+ To bring Brought Brought Bringing Traer
To call Called Called Calling Llamar
+ To catch Caught Caught Catching Agarrar
To expect Expected Expected Expecting Esperar
+ To fall Fell Fallen Falling Caer
+ To feel Felt Felt Feeling Sentir
+ To find. Found Found Finding Encontrar
To finish finished finished finishing Acabar
+ To hear Heard Heard Hearing Oir
To help Helped Helped Helping Ayudar
To hope Hoped Hoped Hoping Esperar
+ To keep Kept Kept Keeping Conservar
To last lasted lasted lasting durar
+ To leave Left Left Leaving Dejar
+ To let Let Let Letting Dejar/permitir
To listen Listened Listened Listening Escuchar
To look. Looked Looked Looking Mirar
+ To lose Lost Lost Losing Perder
+ To mean Meant Meant Meaning Significar
To miss Missed Missed Missing Perder
To move Moved Moved Moving Mover
To pick Picked Picked Picking Recoger
O To plan Planned Planned Planning Planear
To play Played Played Playing Jugar
+ To put Put Put Putting Poner
+ To run Ran Run Running Correr
+ To say Said Said Saying Decir
+ To see Saw Seen Seeing Ver
To seem seemed seemed seeming Parecer
+ To set Set Set Setting Poner/colocar
+ To show Showed Showed/shown Showing Mostrar
+ To speak Spoke Spoken Speaking Hablar
To start started Started Starting Comenzar
To stay Stayed Stayed Staying Permanecer
O To stop Stopped Stopped Stopping Parar
+ To take Took Taken Taking Coger/tomar
To talk Talked Talked Talking Hablar
+ To tell Told Told Telling Contar/decir
O To try Tried Tried Trying Intentar
To use Used Used Using Utilizar
To wait Waited Waited Waiting Esperar
To wish Wished Wished Wishing Desear
To work Worked Worked Working Trabajar
To answer answered answered answering Responder
To arrive Arrived Arrived Arriving Llegar
+ To become became become becoming Llegar a ser
+ To begin began begun beginning Empezar/Iniciar
To believe believed believed believing Creer
+ To break broke broken breaking Romper
+ To build built built building Construir/Edificar
+ To buy bought bought buying comprar
To carry Carried carried Carrying Llevar
To change Changed Changed Changing Cambiar
To check Checked Checked Checking Comprobar
To close Closed Closed Closing Cerrar
To copy Copied Copied Copying Copiar
+ To cost cost cost costing Costar
To count Counted Counted Counting Contar
+ To cut cut cut cutting Cortar/Segar/Acortar
To depend depended depended Depending Depender
+ To drink drank drunk drinking Beber
+ To drive drove driven driving Conducir/Pilotar
+ To eat ate eaten eating Comer
To explain Explained Explained Explaining Explicar
+ To fight fought fought fighting Luchar/Combatir/Pelear
+ To fly flew flown flying Volar
+ To forget forgot forgotten forgetting Olvidar
+ To grow grew grown growing Crecer
To happen happened happened Happening Suceder
+ To meet met met metting encontrarse con
To open opened opened Opening Abrir
To own owned owned Owning Poseer
+ To pay paid paid paying Pagar
To point pointed pointed pointing Apuntar
To prepare prepared prepared preparing Preparar
To promise promised promised Promising Prometer
To pull pulled pulled Pulling Tirar/ extraer
To push pushed pushed Pushing Empujar
+ To quit quit/quitted quit/quitted quitting dejar/abandonar
To reach reached reached Reaching Alcanzar
+ To read read read reading Leer
To receive received received receiving Recibir
To rest rested rested resting Descansar
+ To sell sold sold selling Vender
+ To send sent sent sending Enviar
To serve served served Serving Servir
+ To shut shut shut shutting cerrar
+ To sit sat sat sitting sentar
+ To sleep slept slept sleeping Dormir
+ To spend spent spent spending gastar $ o t
+ To stand stood stood standing Estar de pie/ permanecer
+ To steal stole stolen stealing Robar
O To study studied studied studying Estudiar
+ To teach taught taught teaching Ensear
+ To throw threw thrown throwing Lanzar/Arrojar
+ To understand understood understood understanding Entender
To walk walked walked walking Caminar
To waste wasted wasted wasted Perder / desperdiciar
To watch watched watched watching Ver
+ To win won won winning Ganar
O To worry worried worried worrying Preocupar
+ To write wrote written writing Escribir
To pass passed passed passing Pasar/ aprobar

+ To blow Blew Blown Blowing Soplar
+ To choose Chose Chosen Choosing Elegir/escoger
+ To deal Dealt Dealt Dealing Dar o repartir (cartas)
+ To hold Held Held Holding Agarrar/aguantar
+ To hurt Hurt Hurt Hurting Doler
+ To lead Led Led Leding Llevar/guiar
+ To lend Lent Lent Lending Prestar
+ To lie Lay Lain Lying Mentir/tumbarse
+ To ring Rang Rung Ringing Sonar/repicar/
+ To rise Rose Risen Rising Subir/elevarse
To accept To clean To earn To insist To print
To act To communicate To eliminate To invent To progress
To add To contact To enjoy To invite To rain
To advise To continue To escape To join To raise
To agree To cook To exist To jump To rent
To allow To cover To expand To land To retire
To appear To create To express To laugh To save
To attend To cross To face To live To shout
To attract To cry To follow To love To smile
To avoid To dance To gain To notice To snow
To belong To decide To hate To offer To treat
To borrow To die To impress To park To wash
To bother To divide To include To prefer To wear

And Bothand After
But Either...or Before
Or Neithernor When
So Not onlybut also While



Because Although If
Since Thogh Unless
Now that Even though Only if
As Whereas Whether or not
In order that While Even if

In case (that)

Above Between Of Till
Across Beyond On To
After By Onto Towards
Against Down Opposite Under
Along During Out Underneath
Among For Outside Until
Around From Over Up
At Inside Round Upon
Before Into Since With
Below Near Through Within
Beside Next to Throughout Withou