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Energy consumption at new office building of Civil Engineering
Department State Polytechnic of Bandung need to be audited in order to
reduce operational costs of that building particularly in electrical energy
usage. The main focus of this study is on the air conditioning and lighting
system of the building. The idea of optimization is to make a re-design of
the elments of the building with less investment costs. The optimization is
emphasid on the utilization of natural energy and also the use of the
correct mechanical equipments that cause loss of energy can be avoided.
In Indonesia, air conditioning system is generally the biggest
electrical load from energy usage in a building ranging between 45-75%
of total electricity consumption, while electricity consumption for lighting
systems ranging from 10-20%, so that based on energy conservation
standard is very helpful to save energy consumption closely related with
operational costs.
Evaluation of existing design of air conditioning system and
lighting system was begun with the field inspection such as testing wind
speed, air temperature measurements both outdoors and indoors in the
operational time of the building, the air humidity value, the value of lux
(level of light). The data collection of the existing condition related air
conditioning and lighting system. The priority of design is on the
utilization of natural energy possibility and optimization of the mechanical
equipments refering to energy conservation.
The maximum temperature of the eksisting building is 31
C without
ventilation facilities therefore has a large heat load. The value of lux of the
eksisting condition on 7m distance measuring point below the standard.
The lighting natural system design carried out by adding glassblocks and
cross ventilation as the use of natural ventilation design which can be
used at the 2nd floor and 3rd floor. This may reduce the energy usage
without reducing the level of user comfort. The design of mechanical air
conditioning systems,installation of air curtain at the 1st floor,installation
of exhaust fan ceiling mounted typed at the 2nd floor, 3rd floor and lamp
lighting system design by adding a point of light used as an additional
alternative to ensure buildings user comfort level according with the
standard of energy conservation. The new design by more utilizing natural
energy can save total cash flow up to 66% from the existing building
conditions, while the savings gained from the operational electricity costs
about 84%.
Keywords: Civil Building 2, the evaluation of air conditioning and
lighting, operating costs, optimization of air conditioning system, lighting
system optimization.