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India has often been a!!ed a nation of sho"#ee"e$s% P$es&'ab!( the $eason fo$ this is) that*
a !a$+e n&'be$ of $etai! ente$"$ises e,ist in India% In -../* the$e 0e$e 1- 'i!!ion s&h &nits
of 0hih 123 a$e s'a!! fa'i!( b&sinesses* &ti!i4in+ on!( ho&seho!d !abo&$% E5en a'on+
$etai! ente$"$ises* 0hih e'"!o( hi$ed 0o$#e$s* a 'a6o$it( of the' &se !ess than th$ee
Retai!in+ is the o'bination of ati5ities in5o!5ed in se!!in+ o$ $entin+ ons&'e$ +oods
and se$5ies di$et!( to &!ti'ate ons&'e$s fo$ thei$ "e$sona! o$ ho&seho!d &se% In addition
to se!!in+* $etai!in+ in!&des s&h di5e$se ati5ities as* b&(in+* ad5e$tisin+* data "$oessin+
and 'aintainin+ in5ento$(%
7hi!e sa!es "eo"!e $e+&!a$!( a!! on instit&tiona! &sto'e$s* to initiate and on!&de
t$ansations* 'ost end &se$s o$ fina! &sto'e$s* "at$oni4e sto$es% This 'a#es sto$e
!oation* "$od&t asso$t'ent* ti'in+s* sto$e fi,t&$es* sa!es "e$sonne!* de!i5e$( and othe$
fato$s* 5e$( $itia! in d$a0in+ &sto'e$s to the sto$e%
8ina! &sto'e$s 'a#e 'an( &n"!anned "&$hases% In ont$ast those 0ho b&( fo$ $esa!e o$
&se in 'an&fat&$in+ a$e 'o$e s(ste'ati in thei$ "&$hasin+% The$efo$e* $etai!e$s need to
"!ae i'"&!se ite's in hi+h t$affi !oations* o$+ani4e* sto$e !a(o&t * t$ains sa!es "eo"!e in
s&++estion * and "!ae $e!ated ite's ne,t to eah othe$* to sti'&!ate "&$hase%

9e"a$t'ent Sto$es
9iso&nt Sto$es
C!othin+ Sto$es
S"eia!t( $etai!e$s
Con5eniene Sto$es
:$oe$( Sto$es
9$&+ Sto$es
Ho'e f&$nishin+ $etai!e$s
A&to Retai!e$s
9i$et Sa!es Cata!o+ and 'ai! o$de$ o'"anies
So'e e=o''e$e b&sinesses
O$+ani4ed $etai!in+ in India 0as esti'ated at Rs%12* ... $o$es in -..-=-..> and has
+$o0n at abo&t /.3 o5e$ the !ast > (ea$s ?So&$e @SA Retai! O&t!oo#A%
Retai!in+ has a t$e'endo&s i'"at on the eono'(% It in5o!5es hi+h ann&a! sa!es and
e'"!o('ent% As a 'a6o$ so&$e of e'"!o('ent $etai!in+ offe$s a 0ide $an+e of a$ee$
o""o$t&nities in!&din+) sto$e 'ana+e'ent* 'e$handisin+ and o0nin+ a $etai! b&siness%
Cons&'e$s benefit f$o' $etai!in+ in that* $etai!e$s "e$fo$' 'a$#etin+ f&ntions that 'a#es
it "ossib!e fo$ &sto'e$s to ha5e aess to a b$oad 5a$iet( of "$od&ts and se$5ies%
Retai!in+ a!so he!"s to $eate "!ae* ti'e and "ossession &ti!ities% A $etai!e$Bs se$5ie a!so
he!"s to enhane a "$od&tBs i'a+e%
Retai!e$s "a$tii"ate in the so$tin+ "$oess b( o!!etin+ an asso$t'ent of +oods and
se$5ies f$o' a 0ide 5a$iet( of s&""!ie$s and offe$in+ the' fo$ sa!e% The 0idth and de"th
of asso$t'ent de"end &"on the indi5id&a! $etai!e$Bs st$ate+(%
The( "$o5ide info$'ation to ons&'e$s th$o&+h ad5e$tisin+* dis"!a(s and si+ns and sa!es
"e$sonne!% Ma$#etin+ $esea$h s&""o$t is +i5en to othe$ hanne!s* 'e'be$s%
The( sto$e 'e$handise* 'a$# "$ies on it* "!ae ite's on the se!!in+ f!oo$ and othe$0ise
hand!e "$od&ts) &s&a!!( the( "a( s&""!ie$s fo$ ite's befo$e se!!in+
the' to fina!
&sto'e$s% The( o'"!ete t$ansations b( &sin+ a""$o"$iate !oations* and ti'in+s* $edit
"o!iies* and othe$ se$5ies e%+% de!i5e$(%
Retai!in+ in a 0a(* is the fina! sta+e in 'a$#etin+ hanne!s fo$ ons&'e$ "$od&ts%
Retai!e$s "$o5ide the 5ita! !in# bet0een "$od&e$s and &!ti'ate ons&'e$s%
S&essf&! $etai! o"e$ations de"end !a$+e!( on t0o 'ain di'ensionsC 'a$+in and t&$no5e$%
Ho0 fa$ a $etai! ente$"$ise an $eah in 'a$+in and t&$no5e$ de"ends essentia!!( on the
t("e of b&siness ?"$od&t !inesA and the st(!e and sa!e of the o"e$ations% In addition the
t&$no5e$ a!so de"ends &"on the "$ofessiona! o'"etene of the ente$"$ise%
In a +i5en b&siness t0o $etai! o'"anies 'a( hoose t0o diffe$ent 'a$+in !e5e!s* and (et
both 'a( be s&essf&!* "$o5ided the st$ate+( and st(!e of 'ana+e'ent a$e a""$o"$iate%

Rona!d R% :ist DS&++ested a one"t&a! f$a'e 0o$#* &sin+ 'a$+in and t&$no5e$* fo$
&nde$standin+ the $etai! st$&t&$e and e5o!5in+ a $etai! st$ate+(%D
Ma$+in is defined as the "e$enta+e 'a$# ti" at 0hih the in5ento$( in the sto$e is so!d and
t&$no5e$ is the n&'be$ of ti'es the a5e$a+e in5ento$( is so!d in a (ea$% This is a
dia+$a''ati $e"$esentation of the f$a'e 0o$# and an be a""!ied to a!'ost an( t("e of
$etai! b&siness%
9e"endin+ &"on the* o'bination of the t0o "a$a'ete$s* a $etai! b&siness 0i!! fa!! into one
of the fo&$ E&ad$ants% 8o$ instane L=L si+nifies a "osition 0hih is !o0 on both 'a$+in
and t&$no5e$) 0he$eas* H=L indiates hi+h 'a$+in and !o0 t&$no5e$%
S&h an o"e$ation ass&'es that !o0 "$ie is the 'ost si+nifiant dete$'inant of &sto'e$
"at$ona+e% The sto$es in this ate+o$( "$ie thei$ "$od&ts be!o0 the 'a$#et !e5e!%
Ma$#etin+ o''&niation fo&ses 'ain!( on "$ie% The( "$o5ide 5e$( fe0 se$5ies) if
an(* and the( no$'a!!( entai! an e,t$a ha$+e 0hene5e$ the( do% The 'e$handise in these
sto$es a$e +ene$a!!( "$e=so!d o$ se!f so!d% This 'eans that the &sto'e$s b&( the "$od&t*
$athe$ than the sto$e se!!in+ the'%
These sto$es a$e t("ia!!( !oated in iso!ated !oations and &s&a!!( sto# a 0ide % $an+e of
fast 'o5in+ +oods in se5e$a! 'e$handise !ines% The in5ento$( onsists of 0e!! #no0n
b$ands fo$ 0hih a ons&'e$ "&!! is $eated b( the 'an&fat&$e$ th$o&+h nationa!
ad5e$tisin+% Loa! "$o'otion fo&ses on !o0 "$ie% 7a!='a$t in the United States is an
e,a'"!e and Panta!oon Chain o$ S&bhi#sha a$e Indian e,a'"!es of s&h sto$es%
This o"e$ation is based on the "$e'ise that distinti5e 'e$handise* se$5ie and sa!es
a""$oah a$e the 'ost i'"o$tant fato$s fo$ att$atin+ &sto'e$s% Sto$es in this ate+o$(
"$ie thei$ "$od&ts hi+he$ than those in the 'a$#et* b&t not neessa$i!( hi+he$ than those
in si'i!a$ o&t!ets% The fo&s in 'a$#etin+ o''&niation is on "$od&t E&a!it( and
Me$handise is "$i'a$i!( so!d in sto$e and not "$e=so!d% These sto$es "$o5ide a !a$+e
n&'be$ of se$5ies and se!! se!et* ate+o$ies of "$od&ts% The( do not sto# nationa!
b$ands 0hih a$e nationa!!( ad5e$tised% T("ia!!(* a sto$e in this ate+o$( is !oated in a
do0n to0n a$ea o$ a 'a6o$ sho""in+ ente$% Sa!es de"end !a$+e!( on sa!es'anshi" and
i'a+e of the o&t!et%
These sto$es +ene$a!!( sto# a na$$o0 !ine of "$od&ts 0ith t&$no5e$ of $easonab!( hi+h
f$eE&en(% The( o&!d be sit&ated in a non o''e$ia! a$ea b&t not too fa$ f$o' a 'a6o$
tho$o&+hfa$e% Thei$ !oation ad5anta+e a!!o0s the' to ha$+e a hi+he$ "$ie% Hi+h o5e$
head osts and* !o0 5o!&'es a!so neessitate a hi+he$ "$ie%
Retai! ente$"$ises in this ate+o$( a$e "&shed to 'aintain !o0 'a$+ins bea&se of "$ie
0a$s% Co'"o&ndin+ this "$ob!e' is the !o0 5o!&'e of sa!es* 0hih is "$obab!( a $es&!t of
"oo$ 'ana+e'ent* &ns&itab!e !oation et% s&h b&sinesses* no$'a!!( +et 0i"ed o&t o5e$ a
"e$iod of ti'e%
Re+a$d!ess of the "a$ti&!a$ t("e of $etai!e$ ?s&h as a s&"e$'a$#et o$ a de"a$t'ent sto$eA*
$etai!e$s an be ate+o$i4ed b( ?aA O0ne$shi"* ?bA Sto$e st$ate+( 'i,* and ?A Non sto$e
o"e$ations% 8i+&$e 1%> i!!&st$ates this one"t%
For o! O"n#r$%i&
A $etai! b&siness !i#e an( othe$ t("e of b&siness* an be o0ned b( a so!e "$o"$ieto$*
"a$tne$s o$ a o$"o$ation% A 'a6o$it( of $etai! b&siness in India a$e so!e "$o"$ieto$shi"s and
Ind#&#nd#nt R#t'i(#r
:ene$a!!( o"e$ates one o&t!et and offe$s "e$sona!i4ed
se$5ie* a on5enient !oation and !ose &sto'e$ ontat%
Ro&+h!( 123 of a!! the $etai! b&sinesses in India* a$e
'ana+ed and $&n b( inde"endents* in!&din+ ba$be$ sho"s*
d$(!eane$s* f&$nit&$e sto$es* boo#sho"s* LP: :as A+enies
and nei+hbo$hood sto$es% This is d&e to the fat that into
$etai!in+ is eas( and it $eE&i$es !o0 in5est'ent and !itt!e
tehnia! #no0!ed+e% This ob5io&s!( $es&!ts in a hi+h de+$ee
of o'"etition%%
Most inde"endent $etai!e$s fai! bea&se of the ease of ent$(*
"oo$ 'ana+e'ent s#i!!s and inadeE&ate $eso&$es%
R#t'i( C%'in
It in5o!5es o''on o0ne$shi" of '&!ti"!e &nits% In s&h
&nits* the "&$hasin+ and deision 'a#in+ a$e ent$a!i4ed%
Chains often $e!( on* s"eia!i4ation* standa$di4ation and
e!abo$ate ont$o!= s(ste's% ConseE&ent!( hains a$e ab!e to
se$5e a !a$+e dis"e$sed ta$+et 'a$#et and 'aintain a 0e!!
#no0n o'"an( na'e% Chain sto$es ha5e been s&essf&!*
'ain!( bea&se the( ha5e the o""o$t&nit( to ta#e ad5anta+e
of Deono'ies of sa!eD in b&(in+ and se!!in+ +oods% The(
an 'aintain thei$ "$ies* th&s in$easin+ thei$ 'a$+ins* o$
the( an &t "$ies and att$at +$eate$ sa!es 5o!&'e% Un!i#e
s'a!!e$* inde"endent $etai!e$s 0ith !esse$ finania! 'eans*
the( an a!so ta#e ad5anta+e of s&h too!s as o'"&te$s and
info$'ation tehno!o+(% E,a'"!es of $etai! hains in India
a$e Sho""e$s sto") 7est side and IOC* on5eniene sto$es at
se!et "et$o! fi!!in+ stations%

R#t'i( Fr'nc%i$in)
Is a ont$at&a! a$$an+e'ent bet0een a Df$anhise$D ?0hih
'a( be a 'an&fat&$e$* 0ho!esa!e$* o$ a se$5ie s"onso$A
and a Df$anhiseeD o$
8$anhisees* 0hih a!!o0s the !atte$ to ond&t a e$tain
fo$' of b&siness &nde$ an estab!ished na'e and ao$din+
to a s"eifi set of $&!es% The f$anhise a+$ee'ent +i5es the
f$anhise$ '&h dis$etion in ont$o!!in+ the o"e$ations of
s'a!! $etai!e$s% In e,han+e fo$ fees* $o(a!ties and a sha$e of
the "$ofits* the f$anhise$ offe$s assistane and 5e$( often
s&""!ies as 0e!!% C!assi e,a'"!es of f$anhisin+ a$e)
M9ona!ds* Pi44a H&t and Ni$&!as%

A $etai! oo"e$ati5e is a +$o&" of inde"endent $etai!e$s that
ha5e o'bined thei$ finania! $eso&$es and thei$ e,"e$tise
in o$de$ to effeti5e!( ont$o! thei$ 0ho!esa!in+ needs% The(
sha$e "&$hases* sto$a+e* sho""in+ fai!ities* ad5e$tisin+
"!annin+ and othe$ f&ntions% The indi5id&a! $etai!e$s $etain
thei$ inde"endene* b&t a+$ee on b$oad o''on "o!iies%
A'&! is a t("ia! e,a'"!e of a oo"e$ati5e in India%
Stor# Str't#)+ Mi,

Retai!e$s an be !assified b( $etai! sto$e st$ate+( 'i,*
0hih is an inte+$ated o'bination of ho&$s* !oation*
asso$t'ent* se$5ie* ad5e$tisin+* and "$ies et% The 5a$io&s
ate+o$ies a$eC
(A)Con*#ni#nc# Stor#C Is +ene$a!!( a 0e!! sit&ated* food
o$iented sto$e 0ith !on+ o"e$atin+ ho&se and a !i'ited
n&'be$ of ite's% Cons&'e$s &se a on5eniene sto$e) fo$
fi!! in ite's s&h as b$ead* 'i!#* e++s* hoo!ates and and(
(-)Su&#r 'r.#t$C Is a di5e$sified sto$e 0hih se!!s a b$oad
$an+e of food and non food ite's% A s&"e$'a$#et t("ia!!(
a$$ies s'a!! ho&se ho!d a""!ianes* so'e a""a$e! ite's*
ba#e$(* fi!' de5e!o"in+* 6a's* "i#!es* boo#s* a&dio/5ideo
C9Bs et% The :o5t% $&n S&"e$ ba4aa$* and @end$i(a
Ihanda$ in 9e!hi a$e +ood e,a'"!es of a s&"e$ 'a$#et%
Si'i!a$!( in M&'bai* 0e ha5e A"na Ia4a$ and Saha#a$i
(C)D#&'rt#nt Stor#$/ A de"a$t'ent sto$e &s&a!!( se!!s a
+ene$a! !ine of a""a$e! fo$ the fa'i!(* ho&seho!d !inens*
ho'e f&$nishin+s and a""!ianes% La$+e fo$'at a""a$e!
de"a$t'ent sto$es in!&de Panta!oon* Ebon( and P($a'id%
Othe$s in this ate+o$( a$eC Sho""e$s Sto" and 7estside%
(D)S&#ci'(it+ Stor#/ Conent$ates on the sa!e of a sin+!e
!ine of "$od&ts o$ se$5ies* s&h as A&dio eE&i"'ent*
Je0e!!e$(* Iea&t( and Hea!th Ca$e* et% Cons&'e$s a$e not
onf$onted 0ith $a#s of &n$e!ated 'e$handise% S&essf&!
s"eia!it( sto$es in India in!&de* M&si 7o$!d fo$ a&dio
needs* TanishE fo$ 6e0e!!e$( and M9ona!ds* Pi44a H&t and
Ni$&!aBs fo$ food se$5ies%
(E)H+&#r M'r.#t$/ Is a s"eia! #ind of o'bination sto$e
0hih inte+$ates an eono'( s&"e$ 'a$#et 0ith a diso&nt
de"a$t'ent sto$e% A h("e$ 'a$#et +ene$a!!( has an a'biene
0hih att$ats the fa'i!( as 0ho!e% Panta!oon Retai! India
Ltd% ?PRILA th$o&+h its h("e$'a$#et DIi+ Ia4a$D* offe$s
"$od&ts at "$ies 0hih a$e -F3 = >.3 !o0e$ than the
'a$#et "$ie%
Non Stor# R#t'i(in)
In non sto$e $etai!in+* &sto'e$s do not +o to a sto$e to b&(%
This t("e of $etai!in+ is +$o0in+ 5e$( fast% A'on+ the
$easons a$e) the abi!it( to b&( 'e$handise not a5ai!ab!e in
!oa! sto$es* the in$easin+ n&'be$ of 0o'en 0o$#e$s* and
the "$esene of &ns#i!!ed $etai! sa!es "e$sons 0ho annot
"$o5ide info$'ation to he!" sho""e$s 'a#e b&(in+ deisions
The 'a6o$ t("es of non sto$e $etai!in+ a$eC
(A)In Ho# R#t'i(in)/ 7he$e* a sa!es t$ansation ta#es
"!ae in a ho'e settin+ = in!&din+ doo$=doo$ se!!in+% It
+i5es the sa!es "e$son an o""o$t&nit( to de'onst$ate
"$od&ts in a 5e$( "e$sona! 'anne$% He/She has the
"$os"etBs attention and the$e a$e fe0e$ dist$ations as
o'"a$ed to a sto$e settin+% E,a'"!es of in ho'e $etai!in+
in!&de* E&$e#a 8o$bes 5a&' !eane$s and 0ate$ fi!te$s%
(-)T#(#$'(#$0T#(#&%on# R#t'i(in)/ This in5o!5es ontat
bet0een the "$os"et and the $etai!e$ o5e$ the "hone* fo$ the
"&$"ose of 'a#in+ a sa!e o$ "&$hase% A !a$+e n&'be$ of
'obi!e "hone se$5ie "$o5ide$s &se this 'ethod% Othe$
e,a'"!es a$e "$i5ate ins&$ane o'"anies* and $edit
o'"anies et%
(C)C't'(o) R#t'i(in)/ This is a t("e of non sto$e $etai!in+
in 0hih the $etai!e$s offe$s the 'e$handise in a ata!o+&e*
0hih in!&des o$de$in+ inst$&tions and &sto'e$ o$de$s b(
'ai!% The basi att$ation fo$ sho""e$s is on5eniene% The
ad5anta+es to the $etai!e$s in!&de !o5e$ o"e$atin+ osts*
!o0e$ $ents* s'a!!e$ sa!es staff and absene of sho" !iftin+%
This t$end is athin+ &" fast in India% I&$!in+tonBs
ata!o+&e sho""in+ 0as E&ite "o"&!a$ in $eent ti'es% So'e
'&!ti !e5e! 'a$#etin+ o'"anies !i#e O$if!a'e a!so $eso$t to
ata!o+&e $etai!in+%
(D)Dir#ct R#$&on$# R#t'i(in)/ He$e the 'a$#ete$s
ad5e$tise these "$od&ts/ se$5ies in 'a+a4ines* ne0s"a"e$s*
$adio and/o$ te!e5ision offe$in+ an add$ess o$ te!e"hone
n&'be$ so that ons&'e$s an 0$ite o$ a!! to "!ae an
o$de$% It is a!so so'eti'es $efe$$ed to as D9i$et $es"onse
ad5e$tisin+%D The a5ai!abi!it( of $edit a$ds and to!! f$ee
n&'be$s sti'&!ate di$et $es"onse b( te!e"hone% The +oa! is
to ind&e the &sto'e$ to 'a#e an i''ediate and di$et
$es"onse to the ad5e$tise'ent to Do$de$ no0%D Te!eb$ands is
a !assi e,a'"!e of di$et $es"onse $etai!in+% Ti'es
sho""in+ India is anothe$ e,a'"!e%
(E)Auto'tic V#ndin)/ A!tho&+h in a 5e$( nasent sta+e in
India* is the &!ti'ate in non "e$sona!* non sto$e $etai!in+%
P$od&ts a$e so!d di$et!( to &sto'e$s/b&(e$s f$o'
'ahines% These 'ahines dis"ense "$od&ts 0hih enab!e
&sto'e$s to b&( afte$ !osin+ ho&$s% ATMBs dis"ensin+ ash
at odd ho&$s $e"$esent this fo$' of non sto$e $etai!in+% A"a$t
f$o' a!! the '&!tinationa! ban#s* a !a$+e n&'be$ of Indian
ban#s a!so "$o5ide ATM se$5ies* o&nt$(0ide%
(F)E(#ctronic R#t'i(in)0E-T'i(in)C Is a $etai! fo$'at in
0hih $etai!e$s o''&niate 0ith &sto'e$s and offe$
"$od&ts and se$5ies fo$ sa!e* o5e$ the inte$net% The $a"id
diff&sion of
inte$net aess and &sa+e* and the "e$ei5ed !o0 ost of
ent$( has sti'&!ated the $eation of tho&sands of
ent$e"$ene&$ia! e!et$oni $etai!in+ 5ent&$es d&$in+ the !ast
1. (ea$s o$ so% A'a4on%o'* E=ba( and Ia4ee%o'
H98CSe%o' a$e so'e of the 'an( e=tai!e$s o"e$atin+%
Is a h("othesis that atte'"ts to e,"!ain the e'e$+ene of
ne0 $etai!in+ instit&tions and thei$ e5ent&a! de!ine and
$e"!ae'ent b( ne0e$ $etai!in+ instit&tions< Li#e "$od&ts
$etai!in+ instit&tions a!so ha5e a !ife (!e%
Ao$din+ to this theo$( ne0 $etai!e$s ente$ the 'a$#et as*
!o0 'a$+in* !o0 "$ie* !o0 stat&s instit&tions% The (!e
be+ins 0ith $etai!e$s att$atin+ &sto'e$s b( offe$in+ !o0
"$ie and !o0 se$5ie% O5e$ a "e$iod of ti'e these $etai!e$s
0ant to e,"and thei$ 'a$#ets and be+in to sto# 'o$e
'e$handise* "$o5ide 'o$e se$5ies* and o"en 'o$e
on5enient !oations% This t$adin+ &" "$oess% In$eases the
$etai!e$sJ osts and "$ies* $eatin+ o""o$t&nities fo$ ne0
!o0 "$ie $etai!e$s to ente$ the 'a$#et%
The e5o!&tion of the de"a$t'ent sto$e i!!&st$ates the D0hee!
of $etai!in+D theo$(% In its ent$( "hase* the de"a$t'ent sto$e
0as a !o0 ost=!o0 se$5ie 5ent&$e% 7ith ti'e it 'o5ed &"
into the t$adin+=&" "hase% It &"+$aded its fai!ities* sto#
se!etion* ad5e$tisin+ and se$5ie% The sa'e de"a$t'ent
sto$e then 'o5es into the 5&!ne$abi!it( "hase* bea&se it
beo'es 5&!ne$ab!e to !o0 ost/!o0 se$5ie fo$'ats* s&h as
f&!! !ine diso&nt sto$es and ate+o$( s"eia!ists% 8i+&$e 1%F
i!!&st$ates this theo$(% 7hi!e the 0hee! h("othesis has a
+$eat dea! of int&iti5e a""ea! and has been bo$ne o&t in
+ene$a! b( 'an( st&dies of $etai! de5e!o"'ent* it on!(
$ef!ets a "atte$n% It is not a s&$e indiato$ of e5e$( han+e*
no$ 0as it e5e$ intended to des$ibe the de5e!o"'ent of
e5e$( indi5id&a! $etai!e$%
The$e a$e 'an( fato$s fo$ $etai!e$s to onside$ 0hi!e
de5e!o"in+ and i'"!e'entin+ thei$ 'a$#etin+ "!ans% A'on+
the 'a6o$ $etai!in+ deisions a$e these $e!ated to ?aA Ta$+et
'a$#ets ?bA Me$handise 'ana+e'ent ?A Sto$e !oation ?dA
Sto$e i'a+e ?eA Sto$e "e$sonne! ?fA Sto$e desi+n ?+A
P$o'otion* and ?hA C$edit and o!!etions%
T'r)#t M'r.#t$/ A!tho&+h $etai!e$s no$'a!!( ai' at the 'ass 'a$#et* a +$o0in+ n&'be$ a$e
en+a+in+ in 'a$#etin+ $esea$h and 'a$#et se+'entation* bea&se the( a$e findin+ it
in$easin+!( diffi&!t to satisf( e5e$(one% Th$o&+h a a$ef&! definition of ta$+et 'a$#ets*
$etai!e$s an &se thei$ $eso&$es and a"abi!ities to "osition the'se!5es 'o$e effeti5e!( and
ahie5e diffe$entia! ad5anta+e% The t$e'endo&s +$o0th in n&'be$ of s"eia!it( sto$es in
$eent (ea$s is !a$+e!( d&e to thei$ abi!it( to define "$eise!( the t("e of &sto'e$s* the( 0ant
to se$5e%
M#rc%'ndi$# M'n')##nt/ The ob6eti5e he$e is to identif( the 'e$handise that
&sto'e$s 0ant* and 'a#e it a5ai!ab!e at the $i+ht "$ie* in the $i+ht "!ae at the $i+ht
ti'e% Me$handise Mana+e'ent in!&des ?iA 'e$handise "!annin+ ?iiA 'e$handise
"&$hase* and ?iiiA 'e$handise ont$o!% Me$handise "!annin+ dea!s 0ith deisions
$e!atin+ to the b$eadth and de"th of the 'i,* needed to satisf( ta$+et &sto'e$s to
ahie5e the $etai!e$s $et&$n on in5est'ent% This in5o!5es sa!es fo$eastin+* in5ento$(
$eE&i$e'ents* deisions $e+a$din+ +$oss 'a$+ins and 'a$# &"s et% Me$handise
b&(in+ in5o!5es deisions $e!atin+ to ent$a!i4ed o$ deent$a!i4ed b&(in+* 'e$handise
$eso&$es and ne+otiation 0ith s&""!ie$s% Me$handise Cont$o!C dea!s 0ith 'aintainin+
the "$o"e$ !e5e! of in5ento$( and "$otetin+ it a+ainst sh$in#a+e ?theft* "i!fe$a+e et%A%
Stor# Loc'tion/ Loation is $itia! to the s&ess of a $etai! sto$e% A sto$eBs t$adin+=
a$ea is the a$ea s&$$o&ndin+ the sto$e f$o' 0hih the o&t!et d$a0s a 'a6o$it( of its
&sto'e$s% The e,tent of this a$ea de"ends &"on the 'e$handise so!d% 8o$ e,a'"!e
so'e "eo"!e 'i+ht be 0i!!in+ to t$a5e! a !on+e$ distane to sho" at a s"eia!it( sto$e
bea&se of the &niE&e and "$esti+io&s 'e$handise offe$ed% Ha5in+ deided on the
t$adin+ a$ea a s"eifi site '&st then be se!eted% 8ato$s affetin+ the site in!&de*
t$affi "atte$ns* aessibi!it(* o'"etito$sB !oation* a5ai!abi!it( and ost and "o"&!ation
shifts 0ithin the a$ea%
Stor# I')#/ A sto$e i'a+e is the 'enta! "it&$e* o$ "e$sona!it( of the sto$e* a $etai!e$
!i#es to "$o6et to &sto'e$s% I'a+e is affeted b( ad5e$tisin+* se$5ies) sto$e !a(o&t*
"e$sonne!* as 0e!! as the E&a!it(* de"th and b$eadth of 'e$handise% C&sto'e$s tend to
sho" in sto$es that fit thei$ i'a+es of the'se!5es%
Stor# 1#r$onn#(/ Sa!es "e$sonne! at a $etai! sto$e an he!" b&i!d &sto'e$ !o(a!t( and
sto$e i'a+e% A 'a6o$ o'"!aint in 'an( !anes of $etai!in+* is the "oo$ attit&de of a
sa!es"e$son% The$e is a +$o0in+ t$end no0* to "$o5ide t$ainin+ to
these sa!es !e$#s to
on5e$t the' f$o' o$de$ ta#e$s to effeti5e sa!es assoiates%
Stor# D#$i)n/ A sto$eBs e,te$io$ and inte$io$ desi+n affet its i'a+e and "$ofit
"otentia!% The e,te$io$ sho&!d be att$ati5e and in5itin+ and sho&!d b!end 0ith the
sto$eBs +ene$a! s&$$o&ndin+s% The te$'
At'os"he$isD is &sed to $efe$ to the $etai!e$Bs
effo$t at $eatin+ the $i+ht a'biene% Me$handise dis"!a( is eE&a!!( i'"o$tant% An
effeti5e !a(o&t +&ides the &sto'e$ tho&+h the 5a$io&s setions in the sto$e and
fai!itates "&$hase%
1rootion/ $etai! "$o'otion in!&des a!! o''&niation f$o' $etai!e$s to ons&'e$s
and bet0een sa!es "eo"!e and &sto'e$s% The ob6eti5e is to b&i!d the sto$es i'a+e*
"$o'ote &sto'e$ t$affi* and se!! s"eifi "$od&ts% It in!&des both* "e$sona! and non
"e$sona! "$o'otion% Pe$sona! o''&niation is "e$sona! se!!in+ = the fae to fae
inte$ation bet0een the b&(e$ and the se!!e$% 9e"a$t'ent sto$es and s"eia!it( sto$es*
e'"hasi4e this fo$' of "$o'otion% Non "e$sona! "$o'otion is ad5e$tisin+% The 'edia
&sed a$e TK* Radio* Ne0s"a"e$s* O&tdoo$ dis"!a(s and di$et 'ai!* othe$ fo$'s of
"$o'otion in!&de* dis"!a(s* s"eia! sa!es* +i5e a!0a(s and ontests et%
Cr#dit$ 2 Co((#ction$/ Retai!e$s a$e +ene$a!!( 0a$( of "$o5idin+ $edit* bea&se of
additiona! osts=finanin+ ao&nts $eei5ab!es* "$oessin+ fo$'s and bad debts et%
I&t 'an( &sto'e$s "$efe$ so'e fo$' of $edit 0hi!e "&$hasin+% This e,"!ains the
"o"&!a$it( of diffe$ent t("es of $edit a$ds and debit a$ds%
In $eent (ea$s the nat&$e of $etai!in+ has han+ed d$a'atia!!(* as fi$'s t$( to "$otet
thei$ "ositions in the 'a$#et "!ae% Man( &sto'e$s a$e no !on+e$ 0i!!in+ to s"end as
'&h ti'e on sho""in+ as the( one did% So'e seto$s of $etai!in+ ha5e beo'e
sat&$ated* se5e$a! $etai!e$s a$e o"e$atin+ &nde$ hi+h !e5e!s of debt and n&'be$ of
$etai!e$s afte$ $&nnin+ f$eE&ent Dsa!esD* ha5e fo&nd it diffi&!t to 'aintain $e+&!a$
Retai!e$s a$e ada"tin+ toLthe sho""in+ needs and ti'e onst$aints of 0o$#in+ 0o'en*
d&a! ea$ne$ ho&seho!ds and the in$eased &sto'e$ inte$est in E&a!it( and &sto'e$
S%o&&in) M'(($/ A +$o0in+ n&'be$ of sho""in+ 'a!!s a$e o'in+ &" a!! o5e$ the
o&nt$(% In no$th India) the$e see's to be a "$o!ife$ation of s&h 'a!!s s&$$o&ndin+
9e!hi* in "!aes !i#e :&$+aon and Noida% In +ene$a! the( ta$+et hi+he$ ino'e
&sto'e$s* 0ith thei$ "$esti+io&s s"eia!t( sho"s* $esta&$ants and de"a$t'ent sto$es%
F'ctor+ Out(#t$/ Man&fat&$e$s a$e o"enin+ fato$( o&t!ets to se!! off s&$"!&s
in5ento$ies and o&tdated 'e$handise% This fo$0a$d 5e$tia! inte+$ation +i5es
'an&fat&$e$s +$eate$ ont$o!
o5e$ dist$ib&tion* than se!!in+ the 'e$handise to off
"$ie $etai!e$s% Mohini #nit0ea$ of L&dhiana ?P&n6abA and n&'be$ of 0oo!en and
hosie$( 'an&fat&$e$s set &" thei$ o&t!ets in 9e!hi d&$in+ 0inte$s%
Non Stor# R#t'i(in)/ Non sto$e $etai!in+ is ae!e$atin+ at a faste$ $ate than in sto$e
$etai!in+% This in!&des di$et 'a$#etin+% In Ho'e sho""in+ TK sho""in+ and e=tai!in+
Di*#r$i!ic'tion o! O!!#rin)$/ S$a'b!ed ?&n$e!ated "$od&ts o$ se$5iesA
'e$handisin+ is ta#in+ on a b$oade$ 'eanin+ and inte$ t("e o'"etition a'on+
$etai!e$s is +$o0in+% 8o$ instane Citiban# is o$+ani4in+ to&$ist t$i"s and sendin+ 'ai!
o$de$ ata!o+&es to its $edit a$d &sto'e$s%
I&'ct o! T#c%no(o)+ on S%o&&in) -#%'*ior$/ The 0a( $etai!e$s "$esent thei$
'e$handise and ond&t thei$ t$ansations a$e han+in+% Cab!e TK Channe!s a$e &sed
to "$esent 'e$handise* Kideos ha5e $e"!aed ata!o+&es and o'"&te$ !in#a+es to
aE&i$e info$'ation and 'a#e "&$hases a$e on the in$ease% Ki$t&a! sho""in+ th$o&+h
P9ABs is anothe$ "ossibi!it(%
Mu(ti C%'nn#( R#t'i(in)/ T$aditiona! sto$e based and ata!o+&e $etai!e$s a$e "!ain+ 'o$e
e'"hasis on thei$ e!et$oni hanne!s and e5o!5in+ into '&!ti hanne! $etai!e$s* bea&se the(
an $eah ne0 'a$#ets and o5e$o'e !i'itations "osed b( t$aditiona! fo$'ats%
The Re!iane :$o&"* fo&nded b( 9hi$&bhai H% A'bani ?11>-=-..-A* is IndiaBs !a$+est "$i5ate
seto$ ente$"$ise* 0ith b&sinesses in the ene$+( and 'ate$ia!s 5a!&e hain% :$o&"Bs ann&a!
$e5en&es a$e in e,ess of US9 -H bi!!ion% The f!a+shi" o'"an(* Re!iane Ind&st$ies Li'ited*
is a 8o$t&ne :!oba! F.. o'"an( and is the !a$+est "$i5ate seto$ o'"an( in India%
Ia#0a$d 5e$tia! inte+$ation has been the o$ne$stone of the e5o!&tion and +$o0th of
Re!iane% Sta$tin+ 0ith te,ti!es in the !ate se5enties* Re!iane "&$s&ed a st$ate+( of ba#0a$d
5e$tia! inte+$ation = in "o!(este$* fib$e inte$'ediates* "!astis* "et$ohe'ia!s* "et$o!e&'
$efinin+ and oi! and +as e,"!o$ation and "$od&tion = to be f&!!( inte+$ated a!on+ the 'ate$ia!s
and ene$+( 5a!&e hain%
The :$o&"Bs ati5ities s"an e,"!o$ation and "$od&tion of oi! and +as* "et$o!e&' $efinin+ and
'a$#etin+* "et$ohe'ia!s ?"o!(este$* fib$e inte$'ediates* "!astis and he'ia!sA* te,ti!es and
Re!iane en6o(s +!oba! !eade$shi" in its b&sinesses* The :$o&" e,"o$ts "$od&ts in e,ess of
US9 1F bi!!ion to 'o$e than 1.. o&nt$ies in the 0o$!d% The$e a$e 'o$e than -F*...
e'"!o(ees on the $o!!s of :$o&" Co'"anies% Ma6o$ :$o&" Co'"anies a$e Re!iane Ind&st$ies
Li'ited ?in!&din+ 'ain s&bsidia$ies Re!iane Pet$o!e&' Li'ited and Re!iane Retai!
Li'itedA and Re!iane Ind&st$ia! Inf$ast$&t&$e Li'ited%
3Gro"t% %'$ no (iit 't R#(i'nc#4 I .##& r#*i$in) + *i$ion4 On(+ "%#n +ou c'n dr#'
It5 +ou c'n do it43
D%iru6%'i H4 A6'ni
8o&nde$ Chai$'an Re!iane :$o&"
9ee'be$ -2* 11>- = J&!( G* -..-
9hi$&bhai A'bani fo&nded Re!iane as a te,ti!e o'"an( and !ed its e5o!&tion as a +!oba!
!eade$ in the 'ate$ia!s and ene$+( 5a!&e hain b&sinesses%

Mu.#$% D4 A6'ni Chai$'an M
Mana+in+ 9i$eto$

Ni.%i( R4 M#$"'ni E,e&ti5e
Hit'( R4 M#$"'ni
E,e&ti5e 9i$eto$
IndiaJs 8o$t&ne F.. "$i5ate seto$ +iant* Re!iane Ind&st$ies Ltd* has* in fat* been fi$st off the
b!o#s b( !a&nhin+ its fi$st Re!iane 8$esh o&t!ets in H(de$abad*
Re!iane f$esh is the $etai! hain di5ision of $e!iane ind&st$ies of India 0hih is headed b(
M&#esh A'bani% Re!iane has ente$ed into this se+'ent b( o"enin+ ne0 $etai! sto$es into
a!'ost e5e$( 'et$o"o!itan and $e+iona! a$ea of India% Re!iane "!ans to in5est $s -F... $o$es
in the ne,t / (ea$s in thei$ $etai! di5ision and "!ans to be+in $etai! sto$es in H2/ ities a$oss
the o&nt$(% The $e!iane f$esh s&"e$'a$#et hain is $i!Js $s -F*... $o$e 5ent&$e and it "!ans
to add 'o$e sto$es a$oss diffe$ent +* and e5ent&a!!( ha5e a "an=India foot"$int b( (ea$ -.11%
The s&"e$ 'a$ts 0i!! se!! f$esh f$&its and 5e+etab!es* sta"!es* +$oe$ies* f$esh 6&ie ba$s and
dai$( "$od&ts and a!so 0i!! s"o$t a se"a$ate en!os&$e and s&""!(=hain fo$ non=5e+eta$ian
"$od&ts% Iesides* the sto$es 0o&!d "$o5ide di$et e'"!o('ent to F !a#h (o&n+ Indians and
indi$et 6ob o""o$t&nities to a 'i!!ion "eo"!e* ao$din+ to the o'"an(% The o'"an( a!so
has "!ans to t$ain st&dents and ho&se0i5es in &sto'e$ a$e and E&a!it( se$5ies fo$ "a$t=ti'e
Re!iane 8$esh 0i!!N
O 8o$+e st$on+ and !astin+ bonds 0ith 'i!!ions of fa$'e$s and 0i!! t$ansfo$' the
Re!ationshi" 0ith &sto'e$s to a ne0 !e5e!
O Offe$ &n'athed affo$dabi!it(* E&a!it(* on5eniene* se$5ie and hoie
O Offe$ o&$ &sto'e$s the 0idest $an+e of f$&it and 5e+etab!es at the best "$ies in
the nei+hbo$hood
O P$o5ide fo$ the dai!( needs of o&$ &sto'e$s b( offe$in+ sta"!es* +$oe$( and
ho&seho!d "$od&ts at +$eat "$ies
O Offe$ onsistent hi+h E&a!it(* &nbeatab!e f$eshness and +$eat se$5ie so that o&$
C&sto'e$s #no0 that 0e an be t$&sted e5e$( da(%
In Ranhi the$e a$e 1 o&t!ets of Re!iane 8$eshC
1% SP: Ma$t
-% T$i#&ta Hi!!
>% Rathod Ci$&!a$ Road
/% K(as En!a5e
F% L N Co'"!e,
G% M R To0e$
H% E(e!e, Hinoo Main Road
2% P$asad Moto$s
1% Ioot( Mo$e
On an a5e$a+e t&$no5e$ is F.* ... in Ranhi* 0he$e as o'"a$e to othe$s ities it is too !o0%
Thei$ 'ain ai' is to "$o5ide +ood E&a!it( "$od&ts in !o0e$ "$ie M &sto'e$ se$5ie M
&sto'e$ satisfation%
Ao$din+ to $e!iane f$esh sto$e 'ana+e$ the( 0e$e satisf(in+ HF3 of &sto'e$ e,"etations%
T%#$# Ar# t%# 1ro6(#$ W# Found In R#(i'nc# Fr#$% in R'nc%i/8
- Ranhi is a &!t&$a! o$iented it(
- Pe$ Cons&'e$ ino'e !o0e$ than o'"a$e to 'et$o"o!itan ities
- The 'ost of the ons&'e$ 0i!! "$efe$ to +o fo$ !oa! 'a$#et
- Re!iane is sit&ated in hi+h ino'e ons&'e$ a$ea
The$e is !i'ited ons&'e$
- Ad5e$tisin+ st$ate+( is not +ood in Ranhi%
= It is the o$+ani4ationa! st&d(
= identif( the $e!iane 'a$#etin+ st$ate+( in Ranhi
= 7e "$o5ide info$'ation to $e!iane f$esh to fo&s
On 'idd!e !ass ons&'e$s in Ranhi
= I'"!e'entation of this "!an sho&!d not affet
Othe$ R
Marketing Research
Marketing research as a functional area of management is becoming
increasingly important as compared to other feld. All decisions in modern
business organization revolve around the marketing information. Because
the success of the business does not depend upon the guess work rather
have the correct information about the customer, what they want, how
want, how much they are able to pay, and the substitute available in the
they market etc. his information!s can be collected and utilized the help
of marketing research.
Marketing research is the systematic and ob"ective identifcation,
collection, analysis, discrimination, and use of information for the
purpose of improving decision making related to the identifcation
and solution of problem in marketing.
Types of Research
#. considered. Basically there is a little knowledge on which to build.
$. Descriptive Research: %escriptive research embraces a large
proportion of marketing research. he purpose is to provide an
accurate snapshot of some aspect of the market environment. &n
descriptive research, hypothesis often will e'ist, but them tentative
and speculative.

(. Causal Research: )hen it is necessary to show that one variable
*auses or determines the values of other variables, a casual
Approach must be used. +ince data collection method is from
,ence %escriptive type of research is used for analysis of the
All research approaches can be classifed into three general
categories research-
(. Exploratory Research: .'ploratory research is used when one is
seeking insights into the general nature of the problem, the possible
decision alternatives, and relevant variables that need to be
Types and collection of data used
Basically there are two types of data which are used in marketing research
1. Priary Data
A. /bservation
B. &nterview
*. 0uestionnaires
!ntervie": &nterview is one of the chief means of collecting data in
research process. &nterview may be defned as a systematic conversation
initiated for a specifc purpose and focus on certain content areas.
#urveys: here are mainly three types of surveys, depending upon the
method of data gathering used- 1ersonal surveys, telephone
surveys and mail surveys.
$dvantages of #urveys
#. )ider %istribution
$. 2ess %istribution bias
(. houghtful reply
he primary data under processing is collected from both direct flling the
3uestionnaires and through telephone interviews also.
$. #econdary Data: he data once collected by once person
become the secondary data if used by another person.
+ources of +econdary %ata- he various sources of data are as follows-
#. Bibliography
$. %irectories
(. elevisions
4. 5ewspapers
6. 7ournals
8. )ebsites
he +econdary data like information of e'isting customers, information
about company has been taken from company website, company!s yearly
chronicles and employee!s of the company.
A sample is a part of population. he sample should be representative of
the population and the information obtained must be reliable. &n any
survey where reliability is desired, the errors and variances have to be
controlled, measured and interpreted.

9.+.A9*, %.+&:5
he type of 9esearch %esign will be %escriptive
he types of 1rimary %ata collection procedures that would probably
be used.
1opulation ;%ealers, distributors, <eet owners, company!s
representative in 9anchi.
1rocess ; +ampling
Method of data collection ; yped 0uestionnaire
$ttitude Measureent
Attitude is psychological constructs, a way of conceptualizing the
intangible. Attitude can! really be observed or measured directly because
their e'istence is inferred from their conse3uences. Attitudes are mental
states used by individuals to structure the way they perceived their
environment and guided the way respond to it.
ypes of Attitude measurements +cale- here are four types of
measurement scale as follows.
#. %oinal #cale: &n a nominal scale, ob"ects are assigned to
mutually e'clusive, labeled categories but there is no necessary
relationship among the categories.
$. &rdinal #cale: An ordinal scale is obtained by arranging them in
order with regards to some common variable. he 3uestion is simply
whether each ob"ect has more or less of this variable than some
other ob"ects.
(. !nterval #cale: &n an interval scale the numbers used to rank the
ob"ects also represent e3ual increments of the attributes being
4. Ratio #cale: A ratio scale is a special kind of interval scale that
has a natural zero point.
he 5ominal +cale is used while designing the 3uestionnaire. Both close
ended and open ended 3uestions are put together in the 3uestionnaire.
1RIMARY DATA 8 Co!!eted f$o' ons&'e$s and s&""!ie$s* $e!iane f$esh e'"!o(ees
SECONDARY DATA 8 Co!!eted f$o' inte$net* a$ti!es* and ne0s "a"e$s%
The info$'ation is the 'a6o$ "a$t of an( $esea$h "$o"osa! to attain e$tain ob6eti5es 0e
$eE&i$e both seonda$( and "$i'a$( data 0hih is dis&ssed abo5e
The h("othesis tested on both $e!iane f$esh and "eo"!e of Ranhi
H:/ Re!iane f$esh is not fa'o&s M not si+nifiant in Ranhi%
H;/ Re!iane f$esh is fa'o&s M hi+h!( si+nifiant in Ranhi%
E5e$( $esea$h has e$tain !i'itation so the$e is no $esea$h is f$ee f$o' !i'itation sa'e thin+
ha""en in this $esea$h 0hih is dis&ssed be!o0C
- Less in5est'ent in ad5e$tisin+ in Ranhi it(
- Peo"!e a$e 5e$( onse$5ati5e
- P$i'a$( data is not s&ffiient!( a5ai!ab!e
- M&h of the $esea$h done 0as based on ons&'e$ and s&""!ie$ s&$5e(
- Resea$h based on Ranhi it(
- Last b&t not !east ti'e onst$aint%
- %EED &' #T(D):*
A detai!ed st&d( in Re!iane Retai! fo&sin+ "$i'a$i!( on t0o a$eas of thei$ o"e$ations%
1% Retai! sto$es o"e$ations based on as"ets C=
I% :ene$a! o"e$ations ao$din+ to the o'"an( 'an&a!s%
II% Sto$e o"e$ations based on SUS9 ?Sh&tte$ &" to Sh&tte$ do0nA
-% An ana!(sis of footfa!!* ti#et si4e M ath'ent of Re!iane f$esh sto$es o"e$atin+ in
Ranhi dist$it in o$de$ to dete$'ine thei$ "e$fo$'anes based on indiato$s !i#e sa!e*
sa!e "e$ sE% feet * +$oss 'a$+in* sh$in#a+e * d&'"in+ and ti#et si4e fo$ the 'onth of
Ma( -..1 as 0e!! as thei$ o'"a$ison 0ith 'onth of A"$i! -..1%
G#ttin) 1roduct$ to S%#(!
;) Ind#ntin) 2 1urc%'$# Ord#r$ (1O<$)

(')Ind#ntin) 8 DC D#(i*#r+/-
Indentin+ 0i!! be ha""en afte$ he#in+ sto# in the sto$e and +oods in t$ansit% O$ 0hene5e$ if
$eE&i$ed an( han+es in indentin+ d&e to season* 0ee#ends o$ an( festi5a!s then the E&antit(
is 'odified% 8o$ b$anded +oods the$e is a a&to'ati indentin+ s(ste' 0hih is hand!ed b( the
head offie ?M&'baiA% 9e!i5e$( of f$&it M 5e+etab!es is afte$ /2ho&$s afte$ bein+ $aised%
Indentin+ fo$ 'i!# and dai$( "$od&ts is de!i5e$ed afte$ >G ho&$s%

(6) R'i$in) 1O !or -'.#r+
PO ?"&$hase o$de$A fo$ ba#e$( s&""!( is $aised in the sto$e and a!so $e!eased to the 5endo$s
b( the sto$es% PO on 5endo$s an be $aised on!( one eah da( M it 0i!! be 5a!id fo$ -/ ho&$s%
=) R#c#i*in)/-
(') C%#c.in) o! D#(i*#r+ in DC
A!! the 9$( 9C de!i5e$( 0i!! be he#ed b( a sto$e staff in the 9C sta+in+ a$ea befo$e
"a#in+ and !oadin+% This is to 'ini'i4e de!i5e$( o&nt e$$o$ and ens&$e that $i+ht E&antit( is
de!i5e$ed to the sto$es% Iehind this a!! the ati5it( o0ne$ is Sto$e Mana+e$%
(6) R#c#i*in) Good$ in Stor#/ Fro DC 2 C1C
Reei5in+ indented +oods f$o' the 9C M CPC as "e$ the de!i5e$( shed&!e% At the ti'e of
$eei5in+ +oods f$o' 9C 'an( thin+s 0hih is fo!!o0ed b( the SM* ASM*M CSAC=
Che# the sea! in f$ont of d$i5e$%
Note do0n the ai$ ondition te'"e$at&$e%
Ins"et sto#s fo$ t$ansit da'a+es%
If an( HU ?Hand!in+ &nitA / a$ti!e is fo&nd da'a+ed* e,ess* o$ 'issin+ noted it on
the t$i" sheet fo$ $et&$n to 9C%
9o the :RN ?:oods $et&$n noteA fo$ the de!i5e$( fo$ the at&a! $eei5ed E&antit(%
Sto$es a$e not &n!oadin+ t$ansit da'a+ed sto#s% T$ansit da'a+es 0i!! be $et&$ned to
9C in the sa'e de!i5e$( t$&#%
The 'ain fo&s d&$in+ +oods $eei5in+ '&st be to &n!oad the $ates/ a$tons f$o' the
t$&# as E&i#!( and safe!( as "ossib!e%
(c) R#c#i*in) !ro V#ndor$
P$oed&$e fo$ $eei5in+ +oods di$et!( f$o' 5endo$s% Iehind this 0ho!e ati5it(
o0ne$ is sto$e 'ana+e$/ asst% sto$e 'ana+e$% Re!iane f$esh sto$es indentin+ s"eia!!(
ba#e$(* be5e$a+e and boo#s/'a+a4ines and '&si% SM/ASM Che#sC=
Che# the de!i5e$ies fo$ E&antit(* da'a+es and f$eshness and ae"t on!( +ood
"$od&ts as "e$ she!f !ife no$'s%
9o not ae"t an( sho$t she!f !ife o$ da'a+e E&antit( f$o' 5endo$ and $ed&e it f$o'
the in5oie if $eE&i$ed%
Re'o5e a!! e,"i$ed "$od&ts f$o' the she!f and +et the' $e"!aed 0ith f$esh "$od&t
0itho&t an( :RN fo$ the sa'e%
In ase of boo#s/'a+a4ines and '&si SM/ASM he# ba$=odes on the boo#s o$
'&si C9s de!i5e$ed b( the 5endo$ M $et&$n the &nso!d ite's to the 5endo$s%
Kendo$s and sto$e staff he# "h(sia!!( he# 9S9 de!i5e$ies fo$ da'a+es and
f$eshness and ae"t on!( f$esh sa!eab!e "$od&ts%

>) R#&(#ni$%#nt o! )ood$
(') R#&(#ni$% S%#(! !ro Good$ R#c#i*in) Ar#'
P$oess of 'o5in+ +oods f$o' +oods $eei5in+ a$ea to the $es"eti5e ba(s/f$ee4e$s/hi!!e$s as
"e$ the "$io$it( fi!! $&!e%
8$o4en "$od&ts $eei5ed '&st ha5e fi$st "$io$it( fo$ sta#in+ in the 8$ee4e$s%
St$it!( fo!!o0 8I8O
P!ae "$e5io&s sto# in the f$ont/to" of the she!f%
Chi!!ed "$od&t $eei5ed '&st ha5e seond "$io$it( afte$ f$o4en "$od&t fo$ sta#in+
in the hi!!e$s%
?) M'n')in) 1ric# C%'n)#$
(') C%'n)in) SEL$ !or t%o$# S7U<$ "%#r# &ric# %'$ 6##n c%'n)#d4 A(( t%# c%'n)in)
o! S7U<$ i$ don# 6+ %#'d@u'rt#r Mu6'i4
A) M'n')in) 1('no)r'
I&(##nt'tion o! c%'n)#$ o! 1('no)r'
The P!ano+$a' indiates the !oation fo$ eah S@U on a she!f% This "$oess des$ibes ho0 to
han+e P!ano+$a'% Chan+in+ of P!ano+$a' is 0ho!!( 'ana+ed b( headE&a$te$% HeadE&a$te$
send ne0 P!ano+$a' to sto$e b( 'ai!% Chan+in+ of fi,t&$es and she!f hei+hts* at
"e$ ne0 P!ano+$a'% The 'a6o$ han+e of she!f is !ess than F ba(s% Che# E&a!it( of sto#
$eei5ed as "e$ P!ano+$a'* $aise an indent of additiona! sto# if $eE&i$ed% Sta# +oods as "e$
P!ano+$a' and $ead6&st SEL to a!i+n 0ith the !eft hand side of the fi$st fain+ +oin+ f$o' the
!eft% A!! the han+es 'ade on she!f to be si+ned off b( sto$e 'ana+e$% A!! the P!ano+$a' to be
"$o5ided in standa$d fo$'at% P!ano+$a' indiate she!f hei+hts% P!ano+$a' is send to the sto$e
at !east - da(s in ad5ane of the han+e% No sto# to be dis"!a(ed on the she!f if it not in the
P!ano+$a'% If the 8M K setion !oo#s e'"t( in the !ate e5enin+ bea&se of sto# o&ts* then
sto$e 'ana+e$ 'a( han+e on!( the 8M K P!ano+$a' in a s&itab!e 'anne$ to +i5e a""ea$ane
of f&!! sto$e%

B) G#ttin) 1roduct$ !ro S%#(! to cu$to#r$
(') 1rootion 'n')##nt ($#ttin) u& t%# $tor# !or n#" &rootion$)
Sto$e he# that a!! ne0 "$o'otiona! sto# has been $eei5ed f$o' the 9C and the
f$ee +ift &nde$ "$o'otiona! offe$ a$e b&nd!e a!on+ 0ith the "$o'otiona! sto#% If the
f$ee +ift is too !a$+e to be ao''odated on the she!f P the +ift sho&!d be "$o5ided to
the &sto'e$ at the ti!!%
P&t &" ne0 "$o'otiona! si+na+e abo5e the end a" at the 'a$#etin+ defined
ASM/SM b$iefs the staff at the 'o$nin+ and afte$noon 'eetin+ on the "$o'otion
Staff need to be b$iefed on the fo!!o0in+ C
9etai!s of the "$o'otion
Pe$iod of the "$o'otion
Ad5anta+es to the &sto'e$
An( s"eia! a$$an+e'ents at the ti!!
Sa!es ta$+et fo$ the "$o'otion
P$oess fo$ dea!in+ 0ith !eft o5e$ "$o'otion sto#
If the &sto'e$ b$in+s the "$o'otion ite' ba# fo$ e,han+e / $ef&nd P the &sto'e$
has to b$in+ ba# the f$ee offe$ as 0e!!% E,e"tion an be 'ade at the &sto'e$Js
fa5o&$ at dis$etion of sto$e 'ana+e$%
C) Stoc. Di$&('+ M'n')##nt
8i!!in+ &" the +a"s on the she!5es fo$ S@U so!d d&$in+ the da( is defined as s"ot fi!!%
8i!! 8MK in a si'i!a$ 'anne$ &sin+ $ates sto$ed in the botto' she!f of the 0a!! $a#s*
be!o0 hea"e$s and in ba# $oo'% 8o!!o0 8E8O* 8I8O $&!es%
In ase of 8MK* $e'o5e the o!d $ates* "!ae the ne0 $ates on the $a#s and then
"!ae the o!de$ "$od&ts on to" of the ne0e$ "$od&ts P 8I8O
Che#in+ of te'"e$at&$e of hi!!e$s and f$ee4e$s is a!so a "a$t of S9M%
It is the "$oess of he#in+ and 'o5in+ sto#s to ens&$e that the o!de$ sto# +ets
so!d befo$e the ne0e$ ones%
8E8O / 8I8O to be fo!!o0ed fo$ sto# $otation fo$ non 8MK S@Us%
The thin+ 0hih is st$it!( fo!!o0ed is $e'o5a! of da'a+ed "a$t of the 8MK 0i!! not
be a$$ied o&t at the sho" f!oo$ &nde$ an( i$&'stanes%
In e5e$( sto$e e5e$( da( e'"!o(ees he# fo$ date ode he# shed&!e fo$ the da( in
sto$e "e$fo$'%
E'"!o(ees $e'o5ed e,"i$ed "$od&ts f$o' the she!5es and ta#e the' to the ba# of
the sto$e%
E'"!o(ees identif( M se+$e+ate nea$ e,"i$( "$od&ts fo$ 'a$# do0n as "e$
'a$#do0n "o!i( and +&ide!ines%
P$oed&$e fo$ se!!in+ !oose sta"!e "$od&ts to the &sto'e$ in desi$ed E&antit(%
P$oed&$e fo$ 'ana+in+ the onessionai$e in o&$ sto$es !i#e the Pi#!es o&nte$s*
S0eet o&nte$s et%
Ho'e de!i5e$(C fo$ this the$e is so'e "$oed&$e 0hih is fo!!o0ed b( sto$es%
P&$hase a detai!ed st$eet 'a" of the !oa! a$ea e%+% Eihe$
O&t!ine on the 'a" the ath'ents 0hih fa!! in - @'
$adi&s of the sto$e%
P$e"a$e a !ist of $oads / b&i!din+ 0ith in that a$ea%
The( a""oint t0o e'"!o(ees fo$ Ho'e de!i5e$( ha'"ions
?H9CA P fo$ o$de$ ta#in+* "i#in+ and bi!!in+%
Ho'e de!i5e$( assoiate ?H9AA P bi!!in+ and de!i5e$(%
The$e is t0o t("e of ho'e de!i5e$( 0hih is +i5en b( the
R8C Con*#ni#nc# ord#r P this is a sit&ation in 0hih the
&sto'e$ has o'e to the sto$e* "i#ed ite's* +ot the'
bi!!ed and then $eE&est R8 sto$e tea' to de!i5e$ to his
$esidene% The "a('ent in this ase fo$ the +oods has
a!$ead( been $eei5ed%
1%on# Ord#r$ = This is a sit&ation in 0hih the &sto'e$
does not a$$( o&t the ati5ities of "h(sia!!( "i#in+*
bi!!in+ et% b&t "!aes an o$de$ on "hone b( a!!in+ eithe$ at
the sto$e o$ at the a!! ent$e% The "a('ent in this ase
0o&!d be $eei5ed one the de!i5e$( CSA +oes to the
&sto'e$ destination and hands o5e$ the +oods%
Ii+ o$de$s sto$e hi$e a&to* $i#sha0s M it is deided b(
sto$e 'ana+e$%
D) M'n')in) "'$t# 'nd 'r.do"n$ /
(') S#)r#)'tion o! d'')#d 'nd #,&ir+ in $tor# /-
?aA 8o$ 8MK $ates a$e $eei5ed a$ef&!!( fo$ the ite' not fo$ sa!e as "e$ $e!iane $etai!
E&a!it( and a$e $e'o5ed f$o' the she!f%
?bA It is done b( CSA / 8MK ha'"ion%
?aA Nea$ e,"i$( "$od&t is 'a$#do0n as "e$ the RR $&!e%
?bA An e,"i$ed "$od&t is se+$e+ated and a$e t$eated as "e$ fo!!o0in+%
9S9 s&""!( E,han+e 0ith f$esh sto# f$o' the
5endo$ at the ti'e of ne,t de!i5e$(
9C s&""!( 9&'" in sto$e%
(6)M'r.do"n !or d'')#$ 'nd n#'r #,&ir+/-
9a'a+ed and nea$ e,"i$( "$od&ts a$e 'a$#do0n as "e$ the fo!!o0in+ $&!esC
M'r.do"n crit#ri'/-
U" to Rs% 1F o$ 1F 3 of se!!in+ "$ie ?0hihe5e$ is !o0e$A M it is done b( Sto$e 'ana+e$%
U" to Rs >. o$ >.3 of SP?0hihe5e$ is !o0e$A M it is a!so done b( 9M / AM%
Ie(ond Rs >. o$ >.3 of SP M it is done b( state f$esh head%
Du&in) o! d'')#$ 2 #,&ir+ &roduct/- Tr#'t#nt !or d'')#d 2 #,&ir#d &roduct 'r#
don# in !o((o"in) 'nn#r/-
Lo$$ t+&# Action
(') T("e C da'a+e 9&'" in sto$e ?sho0n in SAPA
9is"ose in sto$e%
(6) A!! e,"i$( P ?9C s&""!( M 9S9
0itho&t RTKA
9&'" in s(ste' ?SAPA
9is"!a( in sto$e
(c) E,"i$( P ?9C s&""!( 0ith RTKA E,han+e 0ith f$esh sto#* f$esh
5endo$ at the ti'e of ne,t de!i5e$(
8o$ "$oessin+ of d&'" ?da'a+ed M e,"i$edA a""$o5a! is obtained f$o' sto$e
Afte$ d&'"in+* a!! the d&'" a$e ente$ed into d&'" $e+iste$ in the "$esene of SM
0ith his /he$ si+nat&$e%
The enti$e d&'"ed "$od&t is then +et hand o5e$ed to +a$ba+e o!!etion a+en(%
8o$ t("e C da'a+ed "$od&t so'e "a$t of eah "$od&t is #e"t as "$oof%
8ina!!( the d&'" $e+iste$ is "$esent nea$ 9M/AM fo$ a""$o5a! ?si+nat&$eA%
(c)Du& on 'rri*'(/-
On a$$i5a! of +oods ?8MK sto# $eei5ed f$o' 9CA "oo$ E&a!it( +oods a$e
It is #e"t in se"a$ate "!ae in the sto$e 0ith the sti#e$ d&'"ed on a$$i5a! P not
fo$ sa!e a!on+ 0ith $eei5in+ date%
And the $es"eti5e SM is info$'ed%
In the :RN ?+oods $eei5ed $o!esA fo$ the de!i5e$(* "oo$ E&a!it( sto#s a$e
ente$ed as 9a'a+ed R&a!it(%
8&$the$ it is #e"t fo$ ins"etion and a$ea 8MK e,e&ti5e is info$'ed% E='ai! is
send to the 8MK head / 8MK ate+o$( head%
8ina!!( d&'"ed sto#s a$e hand o5e$ to +a$ba+e a+en(%
In ase the :RN is done at the ba# end 'aintain a $eo$d of the 9UA and a!so
$eo$d the so'e on the in5oie that is sent to the o''e$ia! tea'%
(E) R#turn$/-
(') Good$ R#turn to DC/-
A fina!i4ed !ist of +ood sto# a$ti!e fo$ $et&$n to 9C is obtained f$o' state
'e$handisin+ tea'%
Ao$din+ to the !ist sto# of a$ti!es a$e se+$e+ated and a$e 'o5ed to the
ba# offie%
Ret&$n shed&!e is obtained f$o' the state 'e$handisin+ tea' and "a#in+
of +oods a$ton a$e "!anned%
The( a$e "a#ed "$o"e$!(% 8ood and non=food ite's a$e "a#ed se"a$ate!(%
And :R9C is $eated in SAP fo$ the E&a!it( to be $et&$ned%
8ina!!( it is !oaded and dis"athed to 9C in 9C t$&# and $et&$n to 9C
do&'ents is +et si+ned b( the t$&# d$i5e$ and is #e"t 0ith itse!f%
(6) Good$ R#turn to V#ndor/-
Sto#s 0hih a$e to be $et&$ned to 5endo$ a$e ta#en o&t to the ba# $oo'%%
9S9 $et&$ns a$e se+$e+ated as "e$ ate+o$( +&ide!ines%
Ret&$n to 5endo$ do&'ent is $eated in the sto$e%
Ret&$ns a$e !oaded to the 5endo$Js 5ehi!e%
- o"ies of 5endo$ do&'ent a$e 'ade and is +ot si+ned b( the 5endo$%
One o"( is iss&ed to the 5endo$ and -
o"( is fi!!ed as $eo$d%
Se&$it( ont$o! $e+iste$ fo$ $et&$ns a$e &"dated $e+&!a$!(
(c) 1%+$ic'( *#ri!ic'tion o! $toc./-
A!! PI do&'ents "$esent in the s(ste' a$e he#ed and !osed%
Sto#s ta#e he#!ist is &"dated%
It is 'ana+ed 0ith 9C to ens&$e that the$e is no afte$noon o$ e5enin+
de!i5e$( on the sto#s o&nt da(%
8o!!o0in+ a$e he#ed and ens&$eC=
?iA :RN fo$ a!! 9C de!i5e$ies ha5e been "$e"a$ed%
?iiA :RN fo$ a!! 9S9 de!i5e$ies ha5e been o'"!eted%
?iiiA A!! da'a+ed "$od&ts ?t("e A ha5e been d&'"ed%
?i5A A!! e,"i$( "$od&t ha5e been d&'"ed%
?5A PI do&'ents fo$ sto#s ta#e is +ene$ated%
?5iA HHTs a$e 'ana+ed and ens&$ed that the( 0o$#in+ "$o"e$!( et%
(d) Stoc.$ count 'nd r#conci(i'tion/-
Ob6eti5e of the o&nt* the !a(o&t of the sto$es and the "$oess a$e b$ief!(
e,"!ained to the staff%
8o$ sto# o&nt staffs a$e de!i5e$ed fo$ o&ntin+ of a$ti!es in fi,t&$es and fo$
ente$in+ the o&nt in the HHT%
-'c. o! $tor# 8 $tor# t'.#
S7U$ 6+ "#i)%t (F2V5 (oo$# $t'&(#$5 #tc)
?iA Eah !oose a$ti!e a$e 0ei+hed se"a$ate!( and E&antit( sti#e$s a$e "asted%
?iiA It is ontin&ed &nti! a!! S@Us a$e 0ei+hed%
S7U$ 6+ count/-
(i) P$od&t 5a$iants a$e se+$e+ated% N&'be$ of &nits a$e o&nted and sti#e$s a$e
"asted 0ith the E&a!it( on S@Us%
(ii) It is ontin&ed &nti! a!! the S@Us a$e not o&nted%
(iii) PI o&nt in the HHT is o"ened ?a!! PI do&'ent to+ethe$A and E&antit( is ente$ed
afte$ sannin+ the EAN / a$ti!e ode of the S@Us f$o' the "$od&t in the HHT
PI do&'ent%
(i*) It is ontin&ed in this 'anne$ ti!! a!! the S@Us in the ba# of sto$e is o&nted and
the E&antit( is ente$ed in the PI do&'ents 0ith the he!" of HHT%
(#) Stor# O&#nin) /-
(i) Sto$e sh&tte$ is o"ened%
(ii) I&$+!a$ a!a$' is "&t off%
(iii) Ent$( fo$ o!!etion of #e(s and sto$e o"enin+ detai!s a$e $eo$ded in the
$e+iste$ #e"t at the se&$it(%
(i*) Li+hts a$e s0ithed on and a!! the eE&i"'ents a$e he#ed fo$ 0o$#in+ 'ade%
(*) :ene$ato$s a$e he#ed fo$ 0ate$ !e5e!* en+ine oi! and 9iese!4
(!) Stor# c(o$in)/-
?iA Anno&ne'ent is 'ade fo$ sto$e !osin+ 1. 'in befo$e !osin+%
?iiA No% of ti!!s to be !osed o$ o"e$ated f&!!( de"ends &"on the no% of &sto'e$
in the sto$e%
?iiiA Ens&$e that no &sto'e$ is "$esent inside the sto$e%
?i5A POS M E9C !os&$e "$oess is "e$fo$'ed%
?5A It is he#ed that eE&i"'ent is in o$de$ o$ not afte$ 0hih the sto$e is !osed%
?5iA Se&$it( +&a$d is +ot to "&t "a"e$ sea! on safe and a!'i$ah%
?5iiA A!! ai$=onditione$s a$e s0ithed off e,e"t se$5e$ $oo' a/ ?0hih '&st be
'aintained bet0een --=-/ de+$ee A
?5iiiA 9is"!a( !i+hts and faSade !i+hts a$e s0ithed off%
?i,A Ia# $oo' !o# is sea!ed 0ith a "a"e$ sea!%
?,A I&$+!a$ a!a$' in the sto$e is &"dated and #e( $e+iste$ is si+ned in%
?,iA 8ina!!( sh&tte$s a$e !o#ed%
On t%# $'(#$ !(oor-$toc. t'.#/-
?iA Co&ntin+ and 0ei+hin+ of ba(s a$e sta$ted* and E&antit( o$ o&nt sti#e$s a$e
?iiA PI do&'ents a$e o"ened * EAN/ a$ti!e ode on the "$od&ts a$e sanned &sin+
the HHT and the o&nted n&'be$ is ente$ed%
?iiiA Si'i!a$!( a!! the S@Us she!5es and ba(s o&nted on sa!es f!oo$ and the o&nt
ent$( is ente$ed in the PI do&'ent%
?i5A Cont$o! sheet fo$ the fi,t&$es that has been o&nted a$e &"dated%
?5A One a!! the a$ti!es in the sto$e a$e o&nted and o&nt ent$( is done in the HHT *
"ost the o&nt data b( "$essin+ the "ost o&nt b&tton in the HHT on!(%
?5iA HHT 0o&!d dis"!a( the !ist of S@Us fo$ 0hih o&nt has been not ente$ed then
the a$ti!e in the sto$e is !oo#ed &"on and o&nt is &"dated in ase the a$ti!e is
"$esent in the sto$e and o&nt ent$( 0as 'issed ea$!ie$%
?5iiA The fina! o&nted data is "osted one a+ain b( "$essin+ the "ost o&nt b&tton%
?5iiiA S&ess !o+ is he#ed to ens&$e that a!! the PI do&'ents a$e s&essf&!!(
?i,A The sto# ta#e $e"o$t is +ene$ated is SAP and in5ento$( diffe$enes is !isted%
?,A In ase of 'a6o$ 5a$iations $eo$d is "e$fo$'ed and the o&nt in the PI do&'ent
is han+ed and the o&nt is $e"o$ted%
?,iA The 5a$iation is he#ed and onfi$'ed and then the diffe$ene is "osted b(
"ostin+ the PI do&'ents in TSTORE* &sin+ the UPost Uo"tion &nde$ Ph( in5%
Post in the "h(sia! in5ento$( 'en&%
?,iiA The sto# ta#e he# !ist !ifted in the sto$e%

C'tc%#nt 'r#'/ - the area and population from which a region attracts visitors or
#!-E D$TE
./10/1223 401 12. 0/1/1223 425 124
./16/1223 70. 135 0/1/1223 .40 725
./15/1223 456 74. 0/7/1223 .40 47.
./13/1223 .06 741 0/4/1223 4.7 736
./12/1223 4.1 7.4 0/./1223 4.0 135
./11/1223 7.4 153 0/0/1223 4.7 171
./11/1223 470 721 0/6/1223 .17 727
./17/1223 04. 427 0/5/1223 47. 7.1
./14/1223 706 722 0/3/1223 .47 741
./1./1223 .04 421 0/12/1223 47. 141
./10/1223 4.7 16. 0/11/1223 .04 711
./16/1223 .47 72. 0/11/1223 .47 723
./15/1223 4.7 470 0/17/1223 410 153
./13/1223 47. 1.4 0/14/1223 .74 1.0
./72/1223 .40 74. 0/1./1223 417 7.1
./71/1223 753 127 0/10/1223 435 417
0/16/1223 4.0 7.1

Conside$in+ the abo5e ha$t it an be on!&ded that fe'a!e 5isit 'o$e as o'"a$e to the 'a!e
o&nte$"a$t and hene $e!iane f$esh o0ne$ sho&!d onside$ abo&t the fe'a!e and sho&!d ta#e
'o$e a$e of fe'a!e in the s"he$e of se$5ies*"$otetion and "$od&t a5ai!ibi!t( a!so%
i! "# con$id#r t%# '6o*# c%'rt it c'n 6# #'$i(+ conc(ud#d t%'t t%# &#o&(# 6#t"##n t%# ')#
)rou& =>->= *i$it or# 'nd or# in t%# r#(i'nc# !r#$% $tor# 'nd %#nc# $tor# 'n')#r
$%ou(d t'.# c'r# o! t%i$ ')# )rou& &#o&(#$ $o t%'t t%#+ '+ c'&ti*'t# t%# 6+ )i*in)
*'riou$ di$count or !'ci(iti#$ #tc4
The ta$+ets fo$ the &$$ent 'onth to an( sto$e a$e assi+ned ao$din+ to the sa!es fi+&$es of
the "$eedin+ 'onth% Us&a!!( the ta$+et fo$ the &$$ent 'onth is +$eate$ than the sa!es
ahie5ed fo$ the !ast 'onth b( 1.=1F 3 in no$'a! onditions% The( an a!so e,eed to a!'ost
-F3 in so'e ases 0he$e the$e is !a$+e sa!e s&""!( of sto#s of e$tain #ind seein+ &"on the
a$isin+ o""o$t&nit( fo$ thei$ sa!e%
STOREWISE REVENUE (A(( t%# !i)ur#$ 'r# in ('.%$)

; -112 SP: 'a$t /1G> >-%2H >H%G- >/%F2 1- 3 F 3
= -111 T$i#&ta hi!! -->/ 2%GG 1%FF 2%2/ 1> 3 - 3
> -1-. Rathoid
-111 1H%G. -.%-F 1H%F1 2H 3 . 3
? -1-1 K(as
-FG. 1G%1F 12%11 1H%GF 1> 3 1 3
A -1-- L N
/2>- -1%.1 >-%GH >-%2> 1.. 3 1> 3
B ->HH M R To0e$ 11>F G%GF H%H- G%21 22 3 - 3
C -//F E(e!e,
-2.. -.%-G -G%/H --%F2 2F 3 11 3
D -H-H P$asad
FHG/ -.%.> --%1G -1%.2 1- 3 F 3
E -21- Ioot(
-//. 1F%-- 1H%FG 1G%G. 1F 3 1 3
R#$u(t =DD>E ;BB4A> ;E>4C ;CD4AA E= G C G
Re!iane Retai! a!&!ates its in"&t "e$ sto$e in fo$' of sa!es / ft / da( in tota! no% of h$s% of
o"e$ation ?f$o' HC.. AM ti!! 1)>. PMA% This ost of o"e$ation / in"&t in!&des $enta!s*
!o+istis ost* !abo$ osts* e!et$iit( ha$+es and &" #ee" and 'aintenane ha$+es% 8T9
?fi,ed ti!! dateA sa!e / sE ft% $e"$esents the b$ea#=e5en "oint fo$ the o'"an(% In ase of Ma(
-..1 8T9 ta#es into onside$ation% >1
da(s of o"e$ation f$o' 1
'a( -..1 to >1
'a( -..1%
8T9 sa!e/sE ft is assi+ned to eah indi5id&a! sto$e f$o' the M&'bai based headE&a$te$s of
Re!iane Retai!

MAY =::E
Sr4 No Stor#cod# Stor# N'# Ar#' FTD LMTD MTD
; -112 SP: 'a$t /1G> /1%- -F%F -G%2
= -111 T$i#&ta hi!! -->/ 1H%F 1-%2 1-%2
> -1-. Rathoid C%R -111 >/%1 -G%1 -G%1
? -1-1 K(as En!a5e -FG. >-%H -.%/ --%-
A -1-- L N Co'"!e, /2>- >-%F 11%/ -1%1
B ->HH M R To0e$ 11>F 11%> 11%1 11%/
C -//F E(e!e, hinoo -2.. /.%> ->%> -G%.
D -H-H P$asad
FHG/ 1F%1 11%- 11%2
E -21- Ioot( Mo$e -//. -/%. -.%1 -1%1
R#$u(t =DD>E =D4: ;D4B =:4:
So it an be seen that none of the nine o"e$atin+% Re!iane f$esh sto$es in Ranhi ha5e been
ab!e to ahie5e thei$ b$ea#=e5en "oint fo$ the 'onth of Ma( -..1% Re!iane 8$esh sto$es a$e
on 5e$+e of o'"!etin+ a!'ost -($s of thei$ o"e$ation in Ranhi dist$it b&t the( a$e (et to
$eah thei$ b$ea#e5en "oint%
O&t of the /H Re!iane f$esh o&t!ets in easte$n $e+ion ?in!&din+ 1 f$o' RanhiA none ha5e
(et $eahed thei$ IEP%The Co'"an( assi+ns +$oss 'a$+in of o"e$ation to eah indi5id&a!s
sto$es based on thei$ "ast "e$fo$'anes of sa!es* in"&ts in &$$ent 'onth* sh$in#a+es and
MAY =::E
Sr4 No Stor#
Stor# N'# Ar#'
; -112 SP: 'a$t /1G> 1F%> 3 1F%2 3 1/%F 3
= -111 T$i#&ta hi!! -->/ 1>%1 3 1F%1 3 1/%> 3
> -1-. Rathoid C%R -111 2%1 3 1/%H 3 G%2 3
? -1-1 K(as En!a5e -FG. 1F%/ 3 1F%1 3 11%> 3
A -1-- L N Co'"!e, /2>- 1-%1 3 1/%H 3 1>%1 3
B ->HH M R To0e$ 11>F 11%G 3 1>%1 3 G%2 3
C -//F E(e!e, hinoo -2.. 1F%. 3 1G%- 3 1F%F 3
D -H-H P$asad Moto$s FHG/ 1G%1 3 1/%H 3 1/%1 3
E -21- Ioot( Mo$e -//. 1G%/ 3 1/%F 3 1-%1 3
R#$u(t =DD>E ;?4: G ;?4C G ;?4; G
It an be seen that e,e"t sto$e no T$i#&ta Hi!!* L N Co'"!e, M E(e!e,* none of these sto$es
ha5e been ab!e to +i5e the assi+ned !e5e!s of +$oss 'a$+in%
Re!iane Retai! has a "o!i( of not !ettin+ to e,eed the sh$in#a+e ?!oss of +oods d&e to theft
M "i!fe$a+eA M d&'"in+ ?!oss of +oods d&e to e,"i$(A to indi5id&a!!( e,eed -3 of the tota!
sa!es% It 0as obse$5ed that d&e to "$aties !i#e bette$ in=sto$e &"#ee"* s&""!( !ose to de'and
* bette$ s&$5ei!!ane et% the sh$in#a+e M d&'"in+ 0e$e $est$ited to the desi$ed !e5e! in
a!'ost of the sto$es%
Sr4 No Stor#
Stor# N'# Ar#' S%rin.G Du&G
; -112 SP: 'a$t /1G> 1%. 1%/
= -111 T$i#&ta hi!! -->/ -%1 /%.
> -1-. Rathoid C%R -111 .%1 >%/
? -1-1 K(as En!a5e -FG. -%F -%F
A -1-- L N Co'"!e, /2>- 1%/ 1%.
B ->HH M R To0e$ 11>F -%F >%H
C -//F E(e!e, hinoo -2.. 1%> >%.
D -H-H P$asad Moto$s FHG/ -%1 1%G
E -21- Ioot( Mo$e -//. =.%F -%F
R#$u(t =DD>E ;4? =4=
T$i#&ta hi!! sto$e* K(as En!a5e sto$e* M M R To0e$ had abo5e $est$ited !i'it sh$in#a+e M
d&'"in+% 8o$ P$asad 'oto$ sto$e on!( 3 a+e M sh$in#a+e 0as hi+h%
7he$eas in Rathod i$&!a$ $oad *E(e!e, hinoo M Ioot( 'o$e sto$e on!( ?3A a+e d&'"in+
0as hi+h than the $est$ited !i'it%
N&'be$ of ti#ets 'eans the tota! n&'be$ "&$hases that 0e$e 'ade d&$in+ the enti$e 'onth%
Sr4 No Stor#
Stor# N'# Ar#' FTD MTD
; -112 SP: 'a$t /1G> FHG 1F*->2
= -111 T$i#&ta hi!! -->/ >.1 H*1-F
> -1-. Rathoid C%R -111 /G. 1>*HGG
? -1-1 K(as En!a5e -FG. FH> 1/*21-
A -1-- L N Co'"!e, /2>- G>/ 1H*.H/
B ->HH M R To0e$ 11>F ->H 2*>.1
C -//F E(e!e, hinoo -2.. F>- 1-*21H
D -H-H P$asad Moto$s FHG/ F>H 1/*FH.
E -21- Ioot( Mo$e -//. >/. 11*.1.
R#$u(t =DD>E ?;DE ;;A5AE>
It 0as obse$5ed that a+ainst the ta$+et on on!( /121 "&$hase a!! the 1 Re!iane 8$esh sto$es
of Ranhi $e+iste$ed o'bined!( 11F*F1> "&$hases%
Sa!es / ti#ets ?ti#et si4eA 8T9 $e"$esents the 5a!&e of sa!es "e$ "&$hase that the sto$es
sho&!d 'a#e in o$de$ to $eah the IEP 'a$+in%
Sa!es /ti#et ?MT9A $e"$esents the 5a!&e of sa!es "e$ "&$hase at&a!!( ahie5ed b( the sto$e%
MAY =::E/-
Sr4 No Stor#
Stor# N'# Ar#' FTD MTD
; -112 SP: 'a$t /1G> -12 --H
= -111 T$i#&ta hi!! -->/ 1-G 11-
> -1-. Rathod C%R -111 1FG 1-2
? -1-1 K(as En!a5e -FG. 1/G 112
A -1-- L N Co'"!e, /2>- -/2 11-
B ->HH M R To0e$ 11>F 1- 2-
C -//F E(e!e, hinoo -2.. -1- 1HG
D -H-H P$asad Moto$s FHG/ 1H. 1/F
E -21- Ioot( Mo$e -//. 1H- 1F1
R#$u(t =DD>E ;E= ;A?
In this ase a!so it 0as seen that none of the 1 sto$es ha5e $eahed the IEP%
Re!iane $etai! e,"eted its Re!iane 8$esh 5ent&$e to $eah its IEP 0ithin a s"an of 1 P 1%F of
thei$ o"e$ation and to beo'e a "$ofit 'a#in+ entit( afte$ that o&t of 1 sto$es in Ranhi a!!
ha5e o'"!eted thei$ at !east 1 P - (ea$s of e,istenes b&t a$e (et to ahie5e thei$ IEP%
Based on my ovservation & found that reliance fresh is not able to
make an advertisement properly as compare to big bazaar or other
retail store which is its competitor. so company should make a
proper team to let the people aware about their schemes and o=ers
being given by reliance fresh.
*ompany should increase the number of counter so that it may
minimize the 3uie of the customers.
*ompany should ac3uire more and more skilled people so that it
may satisfed their customer in all areas.
PR&MT%E## !% #ER8!CE#:
*ompany should pay kind attention towards the e'isting customer
and try to provide them 3uick response in the sphere of services so
that they become B+52!+ loyal customers.
Many corporate houses was there who were reluctant to use bsnl
lease line provided that someone assure them to have a promt
services from them.
Main competitor Airtel ata and 9eliance comes with various
schemes and margins on the other hand Bsnl is not giving any sort
of scheme and discount that is why many clients were inclined
toward using the lease line o=ered by other players..
After all business is all about proft and retailer wants some proft
and margins.
:E9$8!&R $%D C&MM!TME%T:
Ieha5io$ and o''it'ents of sa!es 'an to0a$ds the d$( o&t!ets sho&!d be i'"$o5ed%
&t was a pleasant e'perience to have a summer pro"ect in a big company
like B+52. &t has given me an opportunity to know all dimensions of the
market and how to tackle problems of it .& have learned various functions
carried out at all the level of organization especially of middle level and
lower level. After a rigorous period of my pro"ect & come to know that how
practical knowledge is di=erent from the theoretical concepts.
& was supposed to do pro"ect in %elhi where B+52 is playing ma"or role in
the feld of telecommunication having a market share of appro'imately
>(? ./ther players are Airtel 9eliance and ata.india has a large market
size and it is increasing day by day.
@rom the survey and analysis of data it can be concluded that still there is
a big opportunity to convert small and big clients. But some how company
is lagging behind in the era of cutthroat competition .company is unable to
make good relationship with corporate clients. Main rival Airtel is trying
to capture more market share with their new ideas and plan. As B+52 is
concern the company should become liberal on his policies. *ompany
should give the clients more facilities so that they may became new
clients and may continue through it. he company also needs a proper
marketing wing to operate well in this areas and accomplish the goal
,mission and vision of the company.