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Community-based practice means providing care to people in theri own

natural environments: home, school, and workplace, for example.

-Public health services are given free of charge.
-B!-" C#! $enable to be C#! apply at baranggays%
-&atio $'(): municipal%
-*ayor $chairman of the municipality%
-*unicipal Physician $ the one who looks over everyone%
&oles of the commun
ity health nurse
-Clinician +" utili,es teh !x process in the care of client
+" conducts referral of pts to appropriate levels of care hwen
- -acilitator
- upervisor---" the midwives manages
---" monitors and supervises the performance
- .ducator +" utili,es teaching skills to improve health knowledge skills and
attitude of the individual, family and the community.
- #ealth Planner
Elements in health education:
-.ducation --" kills, knowledge, attitude
-Communication---" they are the sender, receiver, messages in between
---" could be verbal or non-verbal
Target Population:
- -amily --" number of persons 0oine to gether by bonds of sharing and
emotional closeness and who identify themselves as being part of the family.
---" group of people sharing common geographic boundaries and( or
common valves 1 interests.
-individual ---" could be sick or well
---" seen both as client and patient.
---" can be used as entry poknt in working with the family.
- Community
Elements considered in CHN:
-cience of Pulioc health
- Public health nursing skills
- ocial assistance functions
Public Health workers:
-*edical o23cers
-Public #ealth !urses
-&ural health *idwife
-*ed. 5ech
-&ural healths inspector
Challenges of community Health Nurse:
-tubborn patients
- 6ack of supplies and materials7 the resources are limited
8urroundings $area(location%
8!ature of work
8ecure and check the medicines
89dmits the patient7 #ealth center
8 :iving information $health teachings% eg. $rabies%
84ealing with di2erent kidns fo people
8 5eamwork and linkages
8-ree medicines given
8 :oing to far ;ung places of the community
&.P<!/B/6/5. <- C#!
- participates in the development of an overall health plan, its
implementation, and evaluation for communities
-provides =uality nursing services to the > levels of clientele
-*aintain coordination( linkages with other health team members !:<( 6?:
in the provvision of public health services
-initiates and conducts researches relevant to C#! services to improve
provision of helath care.
-/nitiates and proved opportunity for profession growth and continuing
education for sta2 development
+ in the care of the families
-provisions of P#C services
- 4evelopmetn( ?tili,ation of -!CP in the provision of care
+ in the caer of communities
- community organi,ing, mobil,ation, community development, and
people empowerment
-case 3nding and epidemiological investiong
-Program planning implentatopon and evaluation
- /n;uencing executive and legilative individuals or bodies concrning
health and development
*?5 5< @!<A:
+the public health nurse will take cahrge of teh *#<Bs responsibilities in the
even tthat the *#< is unable to perform his duties(functions or is not
P.C/96 -/.64 <- C#!:
'% <ccupational #ealth
)% chool
>% *ental health
Cprovides for and delivers health care servies to workers and worker
- focuses on promton, protection, and restorationo f workersB health with in
the context of a safe and healthy work environment.
%!&O' !'E!( O) CONCE'N:
- dissemination of health info(edu
- family planning
- counseling
- implementation
- environmental sanitation
-work safety
-disaster prevention and control
-orrientation of new employees
(CHOO# N'("N*:
- 9ims of promoting the health of school children and preventing health
problems that would hinder their learning perfomance of their developmental
- 5hey visit and assist the students and teachers to any health related task in
- 5hey visit rooms for regular check-up and see for students if they are okay
and have lice or anything like that.
%ENT!# HE!#TH N$:
- ?ni=ue clinical process which includes as integration of concepts from
nursing, mental health, social psychology, community networks and
Primary health Care:
-an essentiakl health care made univesally accessible to individuals and 3ly of
the community by means acceptable to them through their full participation
at the cost that the family and the country can a2ord
-health for al the 3lipino and health the hand of people by )D)D
.-education, information, advocacy
6-locally endemic diseases
.- expanded program on immuni,ation $3rst immmuni,ation that a
baby would get is BC:%
*- maternal and child health program
.- essential 4rugs
!- nutrition program $ feeding program in schools%
5- treatmena dn control of disease
- sanitaiton and environment
#e+els of PCH:
,- le+els of Health care facilities
-Primary le+el
- indi+iduals in fair health
- dpatients with diseases int eh early symptomatic stages
- 'H. brgy/ Helath center. lying- in clinic
- usually the 0rst contact between the community and other
le+e of health facility
- (econdary #e+el
- ser+ices po1ered to patienst iwth symptimatic stages of
diseases which re2uire moderatly speciali3ed knowledge and
technical reousces for ade2uate treatment/
- City/ pri+incial health serces or hospital labs
-Tertiary le+el
- (er+ices rendered at this le+el are for clients a4icted with
diseases which seriously threaten their health and which rwe2uireer
highly technical and speciali3ed knowldege faciliteand and personnel
to that e1ecti+ely
-'egional medical centers
5- #e+els of Pre+ention
Primary pre+entions
- No illneses
- focuses on health promotion and speci0c pre+ention against
-applied to health indi+iduals
-Eg/ %arriage conseling and familey plannibng
(econdary pre+ention
-emphasi3es son ealry diagnosis. case 0nding prmpt t6 for indi+ual
e6periencing dfhealth problems
- !pplied to peipel with signs nad sysmptnms 7 screeening sru+ey.
check up. dental. breast testicular e6ams. !'". acute respiratory m
Tertiary Pre+ention
- 'ehabilitation
8tohelp indi+iduals restore their ptimum le+el of functioning
9 paralysis-
- Community based rehab program
- 'eferring client dto supprt group and rehab center
Herbal medicine: ,: appro+ed by ;OH
-#agundi//// 7777CHEC< ON#"NE7777
-asthma. colds. coughs
7albularyo= Hilot
- in the hierarchy of healers and specialists in Philippine fold
medicne. the albularyo may be re1ered to as the >general
practioner> knowledge able in most of the folloric modalities////
6- The H"#OT ambiuously refers both to the manghihilot/ the
manghihilot speciali3es in techni2ues and tretments applicable top
speains. fractures. and musculoske?letal conditions/
6- The magpapaanak 9hilot-. besides prenatal +isits and deli+ering
babies. often performs the suob ritual/
- (O@ is a post partume car or t6 modality/ it has been used
to dri+e way e+il spirirts away
6- The mangluluop speciali3ed in diagnostic techni2ues 9 surgery-.
usually referring the patients after diagnosis///
7herbal medicines
#- #!*N;"
- #!("%!N* @!TO
@- @!A!@!(
@- @!B!N*
- O'*!N"C *!;EN"N*
(E ON#A N!T'!# )ET"#"CEE'(
- 9H</4 P.5/C/4.
- harvesting
- collect only healthy parts of the plants, also from healthy plants
- harvest when ;owering
-spatuyuin sa hangin at malilim na lugar
- avoid sund dryig
- torage
- use colored containers
Charcoal at the bottom of the container
-close tightly
2Basic Principles:
avoid the use fo insecticides on palnts
?se clay pot and remove cover while boiling at low heat in preparing(cookign
teh herbal medicine.
Corect dose
use only the part of the plant being advocated
use oodne kind of herb for each disease
top use of herbal medicine at the 3rst sign of untoward sreacion $ allergy%
Hitex negundo
- 5he ;owers are blu and bell shaped indications:
- 4ysneterm cold and pain
- skin disesase and wounds
-headache, ,rheumatism, contusions
9ge 6eaves needed
-resh 4ried
9dult I5BP G5BP
J-') y(o >5BP )5BP
)-I y(o '-K5BP '5BP
-wash leaves and rins
-boil in ) cups of water
- simmer in low 3re $ 'K mins%
- 4o not cover the pot $clay pot%
-9ll ow to cool
-<& 95#*9 9!4 C<?:#:
-drink in > parts $ am, nn, pm%
-<& -.H.&:
-4rink every Ghrs
#!("%!N* @!TO:
-Peperonia pellucida
-9 weed with heart-shaped leave sthat grow in shay poart sof the garden and
/ndication: gouty
9694: '() cup 5/4
Decoction[means nilalaga]
$ same as lagundi%
-allium sativum
/!4/C95/<!: &egulatin gBP
4ecreasing cholesterol level
- -ried
- &<asted
- oak in vinegar
- blanched ein boiled water
88!?&/!: 96.&588
C9?5/<!: take on a full somach to prevent stomach and intestinal ulcers...
@!A!@!( 9*ua+a-
Psidium gua0ava l.
- 9 tree about G-K meters highw ith tiny white ;owers with round ro oval fruit.
-its for dressing of wound
-for toothache
-antiseptic cleaner
- mouth infection and gingivitis
- 5oothache
- 4iarrhea $ >-G times a day %
-use to clean wound at least B/4
-gargle - warm decoction $meaning ng decoction is nilalaga%
AE'@! @EN!
-%entha Codifelia
-"N;"C!T"ON: *eneral @ody pains. cough and colds. swollen gums
and toothache. nausea Dfainting
-P'EP!'!T"ON: decoction 9same as lagundi-. Paultice 9apply tio
a1ected area
-@lumea balsamifera
-"N;"C!T"ON: diuretic e1ect. anti-urolithiasis
-P'EP!'!T"ON: decoction 9same as lagundi-
;ECOCT"ON: boil = steam
-"N;"C!T"ON: )Or ascariasis 9eat seeds 5hrs before going to bed-
-NOT TO @E *"EEN @E#OB N;E' F y=o
T(!!N* *@!T
-"N;"C!T"ON: stomach disease ;iarrhea
7777 (C"ENT")"C N!%E B"TH P"CT'E
;E(C'"PT"ON O) P#!NT 9 @'"E)-
P'EP!'!T"ON 9 (TEP @A (TEP-
%(T @E "N POBE'PO"NT (#";E