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1he flghL for a naLlonal lan of AcLlon for 8aclal !usLlce ls noL [usL a flghL LargeLlng Lhe federal
governmenL. nor ls lL a flghL Lo [usL creaLe more governmenL pollcles and lnsLlLuLlons for monlLorlng
rlghLs abuses wlLh few resources and no real accounLablllLy measures. 1hls flghL ls ulLlmaLely a local
flghL, one LhaL musL be !"#$% "'% !(' on every block, nelghborhood, clLy, counLy, and sLaLe.
1he naLlonal" componenL of Lhe demand for a naLlonal lan of AcLlon for 8aclal !usLlce ls Lo ensure LhaL
no one sLaLe can opL ouL of complylng wlLh Lhe demands for raclal [usLlce. We wanL Lo make sure LhaL
Lhere ls no recourse Lo sLaLe's rlghLs", whlch have been used for cenLurles Lo relnforce whlLe
supremacy and aparLheld, parLlcularly ln Lhe souLh and Lhe souLhwesL agalnsL lndlgenous naLlons, new
Afrlkans and xlcanos.
1he demand for a naLlonal lan of AcLlon for 8aclal !usLlce ls a demand for sLrucLural change aL every
level of governmenL - clLy, counLy (parlsh, borough, eLc.), sLaLe, and federal. 8uL, as already sLaLed, lL
musL flrsL be waged and won on a local level. ?41- @%((&, -(%)(- A1(4 10=1>1=*%&- %0= #)+%012%(1#0-
%=#B(10+ (4, =,C%0= 3#) % 5%(1#0%& 6&%0 #3 7$(1#0 3#) 8%$1%& 9*-(1$,. upon adopLlon, lndlvlduals and
organlzaLlons musL Lhen engage ln mass ouLreach Lo educaLe more people abouL Lhe naLlonal lan of
AcLlon framework and whaL lL would enable. lollowlng Lhe educaLlon work, Lhe nexL sLep ls Lo organlze
people Lo supporL a campalgn of sLruggle Lo wln Lhe demand. AfLer you have esLabllshed a base of
organlzers Lo wage Lhls campalgn, Lhe nexL sLep ls Lo bulld sLrong local coallLlons LhaL are prepared Lo
engage ln varlous self-defense acLlvlLles and offenslve campalgn lnlLlaLlves LhaL seek Lo Lransform Lhe
lnsLlLuLlons and pracLlces of local, counLy, and sLaLe governmenLs by havlng Lhem adopL acLlon plans for
raclal [usLlce.
Some of Lhe lnlLlaLlves of self-defense LhaL are suggesLed enLall:
Crganlzlng :#B #) 6#&1$, D%($4 forces LhaL canvass communlLles and dlrecLly monlLor pollce
pracLlce, documenL pollce harassmenL (l.e. raclal proflllng, sLop and frlsk, eLc.) and abuse, and
serve as deLerrence agalnsL pollce Lerrorlsm, parLlcularly ln communlLles of oppressed peoples.
Crganlze 6,#B&,- ',&3EF,3,0-, :#%&1(1#0- %0= :%CB%1+0- LhaL seek Lo: a) educaLe communlLles
Lo know Lhelr fundamenLal human rlghLs and Lhelr baslc clvll rlghLs as a means of provldlng
proLecLlon agalnsL pollce and oLher forms of sLaLe Lerrorlsm (l.e. survelllance, enLrapmenL, eLc.),
b) creaLe legal coallLlons and cllnlcs Lo parLner wlLh Cop or ollce WaLch forces Lo flghL cases of
pollce Lerrorlsm, and c) serve as an organlzlng base Lo launch local leglslaLlve campalgns and
Crganlze 6,#B&,G- H,%)10+- #) ?)1@*0%&- Lo Lhoroughly documenL local lncldences of pollce
Lerrorlsm and sLaLe represslon Lo conLlnue Lo educaLe and lnform local communlLles and Lo
gaLher evldence LhaL can be used Lo pursue legal remedles boLh domesLlcally (ln uS courLs) and
lnLernaLlonally (Lhrough lnLer-Amerlcan Commlsslon or Lhe unlLed naLlons) Lhe and Lo relnforce
demands of varlous organlzlng campalgns.
Some of Lhe offenslve campalgn lnlLlaLlves suggesLed enLall:
:%CB%1+0 3#) :1(;< :#*0(;< #) '(%(, &,>,& 6&%0- #3 7$(1#0 3#) 8%$1%& 9*-(1$, LhaL would enLall:
o 1he creaLlon of comprehenslve ollce ConLrol 8oards, LhaL are elecLed by local
communlLles and possess Lhe power Lo subpoena and Lo Lake legal and oLher correcLlve
acLlon agalnsL pollce and oLher publlc offlclals ln vlolaLlon of human rlghLs
o Local conLrol ordlnances and leglslaLlon LhaL would speclflcally sLop represslve pollcles
llke sLop and frlsk", raclal proflllng, programs llke secure communlLles or S CCMM of
Pomeland SecurlLy
, and local law enforcemenL collaboraLlon wlLh luslon CenLers

o 1he creaLlon of Puman 8lghLs Commlsslons LhaL would legally be empowered Lo ensure
LhaL local, sLaLe, and reglonal laws and pracLlces comply wlLh lnLernaLlonal law and
sLandards of proLecLlon for oppressed peoples and groups (raclallzed communlLles,
lndlgenous peoples, oppressed peoples and naLlons, lmmlgranLs, eLc.)
o 1he creaLlon of Puman 8lghLs CharLers for clLy, counLy, and sLaLe governmenLs LhaL
refashlon Lhe arLlcles of lncorporaLlon and consLlLuLlons LhaL esLabllsh Lhe legal
framework for Lhese enLlLles Lo ensure maxlmum proLecLlons for lndlgenous and
oppressed peoples resldlng ln Lhese locales.
1hese are [usL a few ways ln whlch Lhe demand for a naLlonal lan of AcLlon for 8aclal !usLlce can be and
ls relevanL Lo local, sLaLewlde, and reglonal sLruggles for soclal [usLlce. 1he Malcolm x CrassrooLs
MovemenL (MxCM), 8lack LefL unlLy neLwork (8Lun), and Lhe naLlonal Alllance for 8aclal !usLlce and
Puman 8lghLs (nA8!P8) calls on every lndlvldual, organlzaLlon, coallLlon, alllance, or neLwork LhaL
belleves ln raclal [usLlce and ls flghLlng Lo llberaLe oppressed peoples ln Lhls counLry Lo [oln us ln Lhe
efforL Lo flghL for a naLlonal lan of AcLlon for 8aclal !usLlce Lo ensure LhaL Lhere are nC MC8L
18A?vCn MA81lnS.
lor more lnformaLlon on Lhe no More 1rayvon MarLlns Campalgn vlslL www.mxgm.org.
1o slgn Lhe peLlLlon for a naLlonal lan of AcLlon for 8aclal !usLlce vlslL hLLp://mxgm.org/Lrayvon-marLln-
1o endorse Lhe campalgn emall kallakuno[mxgm.org. 1o geL sLarLed on organlzlng on lLs behalf see Lhe
Lasks ouLllned ln our Appeal LeLLer aL hLLp://mxgm.org/no-more-Lrayvon-marLlns-campalgn-appeal/.

lor more lnformaLlon on Lhe Secure CommunlLles program vlslL hLLp://www.nnlrr.org/~nnlrrorg/drupal/Lnd-S-
lor more background on whaL luslon CenLers are vlslL hLLp://www.aclu.org/Lechnology-and-llberLy/whaLs-