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2.1 About the Com!"#$
Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited (BPBL) is a renowned paint company in
Bangladesh. The Company was introduced on 6
June 19! as a pri"ate co. limited #y
shares registered under the Company $ct. %n &ecem#er '(()* the company issued
)+ shares to the Berger paintsic and listed with &ha,a -toc, ./change (&-.) and
Chittagong -toc, ./change (C-.). BPBL pre"iously was ,nown #y Jenson 0
1icholson (J 0 1). The name o2 the company was changed 2rom J 0 1 (Bangladesh)
Limited to Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited on January 1* 193(. Currently BPBL4s
num#er o2 shares is '!13395(. %ts $uthori6e capital is Ta,a 5(( 7illion and its paid
up capital is Ta,a '!' million. (www.#erger#d.com)
Figure 2: Some Products of BPBL
2.2The H%&to'%(!) B!(*+'ou", o- Be'+e' P!%"t&
Berger* the mar,et leader in the Bangladesh paint mar,et is one o2 the oldest names in
paint industry and the country4s ma8or specialty paints #usiness with product and
ingredients dating #ac, more than ')( years to 16(.Lewis Berger* a 9erman
national* 2ounded dye 0 pigment ma,ing #usiness in .ngland. Lewis Berger 0 -ons
Limited grew rapidly with a strong reputation 2or inno"ation and
entrepreneurship culminating in per2ecting the process o2 ma,ing
Prussian Blue* a deep #lue dye* a color widely used 2or many
.uropean armies: uni2orm. Production o2 dyes 0 pigments e"ol"ed
into production o2 paints 0 coatings* which till today* remains the
core #usiness o2 Berger. Berger grew rapidly #y esta#lishing
#ranches the world o"er and through merging with other leading paint 0 coating
Berger has #een in"ol"ed in paint #usiness since 19)( in Bangladesh when Berger
paints are 2irst imported 2rom Berger ;< and then 2rom Berger Pa,istan. %n 19(*
Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited (BPBL) erstwhile Jenson 0 1icholson had set up
its paint 2actory in Chittagong at an estimated in"estment o2 T<.5 million. The
shareholders Berger paints are Jenson 0 1icholson (J0 1)* &uncan 7acneil 0 Co
Ltd and &ada 9roup. &uncan 7acneil su#se=uently sold their shares to ma8ority
shareholder J0 1 group. The &ada group:s shares ultimately "ested with the
9o"ernment o2 Peoples are Berger paintsic o2 Bangladesh a2ter the independence. The
name o2 the company was changed 2rom J0 1 (Bangladesh) Limited to Berger Paints
Bangladesh Limited on 1st January 193(. %n &ecem#er '(()* the company issued )+
shares to the &ha,a -toc, ./change (&-.) and Chittagong -toc, ./change (C-.).
>ith the entry o2 Berger Paints into Bangladesh mar,et* the company has #een a#le to
#ene2it more than ')( years glo#al paint industry e/perience. ?"er the decades*
Berger has e"ol"ed to #ecome the leading paint solution pro"ider in this country and
has di"ersi2ied into e"ery sphere o2 the industry@2rom &ecorati"e Paints to %ndustrial*
7arine* and Coatings.
Berger is one o2 the leading companies in the glo#al paint industry. They o22er all
,inds o2 painting solution in decorati"e* industrial or marine segment 2or #oth
decorati"e and proacti"e purpose. Berger paint started its sailing into the sea o2
Bangladesh 2rom pre li#eration era* to #e precise in 19)( the main #usiness 2lourished
in the post li#eration phase. %n Bangladesh the ma8or milestone o2 Berger paints are
gi"en #elow
1./0 A -tarted operation in Bangladesh #y importing Paint 2rom Berger ;.<.
1.00 @ .sta#lishment o2 Chittagong Bactory
1.10 A 1amed as Berger Paints (B&) Ltd. 2rom Jenson 0 1icholson (J01)
1..1 A B7C. in Chittagong Bactory
1../ A .sta#lishment o2 Berger paints Tight Can 7anu2acturing Plant at Chittagong
1... A .sta#lishment o2 7ost 7odern -ate@o2@the@$rt Paint Production Plant in
2002 @ Construction o2 own #uilding 2or the Corporate ?22ice in &ha,a
2002 A .sta#lishment o2 Powder Coating Plant at &ha,a
200/ A Listed in &ha,a 0 Chittagong -toc, ./changes and issued )+ shares to the
Berger paintsic
Co'o'!te O--%(e$ 3Berger Douse4* D E 3* C E '* -ector !* ;ttara 7odel Town*
T4o St!te5o-5the5A't F!(to'%e& $ -a"ar* &ha,a and <alurghat* Chittagong.
Le+!) St!tu& $ Berger paintsic Limited Company
T#e o- Sh!'eho),e'& $ ' types (Boreign 0 Bangladeshi)
No. o- Em)o#ee& $ 56((7gt.@!('* >or,ersF-ta22@1)3) as o2 &ec
2.6 V%&%o" !", M%&&%o" o- Be'+e' P!%"t& B!"+)!,e&h
The "ision and mission o2 Berger paints Bangladesh Limited (BPBL) is "ery
transparent and tangi#le. Berger emphasi6es highly on the ethical commitment to
produce #enchmar, =uality product. Gision 0 mission statement o2 the company isH
IBerger paints shall remain as the #enchmar, in the Paint industry #yH
Being an inno"ati"e and technology dri"en company consistently deli"ering world@
class products ensuring #est consumer satis2action through continuous "alue added
ser"ices pro"ided #y highly pro2essional and committed team.J
2.6.2 M%&&%o"$
IBerger paints shall increase its turno"er #y 1((+ in the ne/t 2i"e years. Berger paints
shall remain socially committed ethical Company.J
2.6.6 T!+)%"e$
The tagline o2 Berger paints is ITrusted worldwideJ and this tagline are used all o"er
the world and the tagline interprets that Berger paints assures supreme =uality and is
always ready to ser"e its customers to its #est.
2.2 Co'o'!te Ob7e(t%8e 9 St'!te+#
2.2.1 Co'o'!te Ob7e(t%8e$
Berger paints mission is to add "alue to li2e* to outper2orm the peers in terms o2
longe"ity* customer ser"ice* re"enue growth* earnings and cash generation.
Berger paints wants to #e the employer o2 choice 2or all e/isting and 2uture
2.2.2 St'!te+#$
The company4s strategy is to #uild long@term partnerships with the
customersFconsumers. >ith their support* Berger paints aim to ma/imi6e the
potential o2 its #usiness A through a com#ination o2 enhanced =uality o2 product*
ser"ice* creati"e mar,eting* competiti"e pricing and cost e22iciency.
2./ Ob7e(t%8e& 9 Fu"(t%o"& o- the Com!"#
2./.1 Ob7e(t%8e& o- the Com!"#$
?#8ecti"es o2 Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. is as 2ollowsH
To continue as the mar,et leader #y wor,ing in Darmony with Customers*
.mployers and .mployees.
Consistent sales growth* increasing producti"ity and de"eloping new products
#e2itting consumer needs.
To achie"e total consumer satis2action #y ensuring higher =uality with
reasona#le price.
To #olster customer satis2action 2rom which one can get an array o2 ser"ices
pertaining to painting.
To pro8ect itsel2 as an ethical and socially responsi#le company.
2./.2 Fu"(t%o"& o- the Com!"#$
9i"ing a comprehensi"e and sustaina#le painting solution.
Pro"iding #est customer support.
Connecting consumers to technology through speciali6ed ser"ices.
-trong distri#ution 1etwor,ing* Berger has reached almost e"ery corner o2
>orld@class range and dura#ility* B.C9.C is always ready to answer to all
weather conditions.
-tri"ing 2or the impro"ement o2 Kuality o2 >or, Li2e (K>L) with
competiti"e ad"antage.
Berger 2ollows %nternational Kuality 7anagement -ystem -tandard* ISO5
.001$ 2000 to ensure the intended le"els o2 =uality are achie"ed and maintained.
2.: The O'+!"o+'!m o- Be'+e' P!%"t& B!"+)!,e&h L%m%te,
Berger paints Bangladesh Limited (BPBL) is a 7ultinational Paint Company. 7r.
9erald < $dams is the Chairman o2 the company. 7s. Cupali Chowdhury is the
7anaging &irector o2 the Company. -he is also the head o2 the e/ecuti"e
management team. ;nder her there are si/ 9eneral 7anager in BPBL. There are
#asically si/ departments in BPBLH Treasury 0 Binance* Budget 0 Cost control*
7ar,eting* Duman Cesource 0 $dministration* -upply Chain and %T 0 system. %n
each departments there are di22erent le"els o2 e/ecuti"e* managers* o22icers are
The positional hierarchy o2 the company is as 2ollowH
1. 7anaging &irector
'. &irector
!. 9eneral 7anager
5. -enior manager
). 7anager
6. $ssistant 7anager
. ?22icer(i*ii*iii*i" )F 7anagement Trainee
The ?rganogram o2 BPBL in short 2orm is gi"en in the ne/t page.
Board o2 &irectors and ./ecuti"e 7anagement TeamH
B?$C& ?B &%C.CT?C-
1) 7r.9erald $dams A Chairman
') 7s.Cupali Chowdhury A7anaging &irector
!) 7r. <.C. &as A &irector
5) 7r.7asih ;l <arim A$d"isor 0 Board 7em#er
)) 7r. $nil Bhalla A&irector
6) 7r.-u#ir Bose A &irector
) 7r.Jean@Claude Loutreuil A &irector
3) 7r.$#dul <hale, A &irector
1) 7s. Cupali Chowdhury A 7anaging &irector
') 7r.$#dul <hale, A &irector Binance
!) 7r.%=#al <arim A97@&ha,a Bactory 0 Pro8ects
5) 7r.1a6muddin Delali A 97@Chittagong Bactory and J01 Bangladesh
)) 7r. 7d.7ohsin Da#i# Chowdhury A97 A7ar,eting 0 -ales
6) 7r.7ohammad $hsun ;llah A97 ATreasury 0 Binancial $ccounting
2.0 The Com!"# P'o-%)e
ORIGIN$ ;nited <ingdom
5!F!* Chatteswari Coad Chittagong@5(((* Bangldadesh
.mailH #erger#dLspnetctg.com
>e#siteH httpHFFwww.#erger#d.com
Berger Douse
Plot@3* Coad noH '* -ector noH ! ;ttara model Town* &ha,a@1'!(
PhoneH ('@39)!66) (Dunting)
1) &ha,a Bactory 1a#inagar* -a"ar
PhoneH ('@(35)(*('@(3(91
') Chittagong BactoryH
'@&* B%&C Coad* <alurghat* Chittagong@5'1'
PhoneN (!1@6(5'
.mailH in2oL#erger#d.com
$lthough Berger paints opened many more plants around the country #ut % was a#le to
collect only these 2ew data4s.
1) Power Coating PlantH 7ou8a@ Ta,sur* 1a#inagar* -a"ar
') .mulsion PlantH 7ou8a@ Ta,sur* 1a#inagar* -a"ar
1) BananiH DouseE '5* CoadE 11* Bloc,@ B* Banani* &ha,a@1'1!.
PhoneH ('@93'5'3* .mailH decorL#erger#d.com
') &hanmondiH DouseE !9FB (1.>)* CoadE 16 (new)*&hanmondi* &ha,a A
PhoneH ('@31'6669* .mailH dOcorPdraL#erger#d.com
!) ;ttaraH DouseE 1* CoadE)* -ector E 1* ;ttara* &ha,a@1'!(
PhoneH ('@3913')(* .mailH dOcorPuttaraL#erger#d.com
5) ChittagongH PhoneH (!1@66133(
)) <hulnaH PhoneH (51@'''6'
6) -ylhetH PhoneH(3'1@'3!1'!
) ComillaH PhoneH (31@6!5(!

There are many sales o22ices which ha"e #een opened recently #ut % was a#le to
collect only these data4s.
1) &ha,aH ''* Te8gaon %ndustrial $rea* &ha,a@1'(3
PhoneH 9391* 939'(3..mailH dh,salesL#erger#d.com
') ChittagongH 5!F!* Chatteswari Coad* P.?.Bo/@ !)!* Chittagong@
PhoneH (!1@61)39!@5* (!1@6''3'..mailH
!) -ylhetH $ntarango* (* -hahi .idgah(supply road)*<a6itullah*-ylhet
PhoneH (3'1@'3!1'!..mailH sylhetdepotL#erger#d.com
5) BograH !1* Piari -an,ar -treet* <atnar Para* Bogra@)3((
PhoneH ()1@6')6. .mailH#ogradepotL#erger#d.com
)) ComillaH '15* $shra2pur* .PQ Coad* Comilla@!)((
PhoneH (31@6!5(!*'95(. .mailH ComilladepotL#erger#d.com
6) Ca8shahiH 53'* Camchandrapur* P.?. 9horamara* ThanaH Boalia
PhoneH ('1@!)1'. .mailH ra8shahidepotL#erger#d.com
) <hulnaH -ha#u8 Baag* ' <.&.$. $pproach Coad* -onadanga* <hulna@9(((
PhoneH (51@'''6'. .mailH ,hulnadepotL#erger#d.com
3) 7ymensinghH !(5* 7ash,anda* 7ymensingh
PhoneH (91@)1)5* (115(!(693
Jenson 0 1icholson (Bangladesh) Limited
(* .ast 1asira#ad %F$
Bai6id Bostami Coad*
PhoneH (!1@63'56'
July* 19!
B<SINESS LINE$ 7anu2acturing and 7ar,eting o2 high =uality paints.
The principal acti"ity o2 the company is to continue manu2acturing and mar,eting o2
li=uid and non@li=uid paints 0 "arnishes and coating throughout the year.
Berger paints Limited Company
(.nlisted #oth in &ha,a and Chittagong -toc, ./change)

2.1 Some o- the P'o,u(t%o" Item& o- Be'+e' P!%"t&
The Product and -er"ice range o2 Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. are as 2ollowsH
Cegular Coatings
%ndustrial Paints
7arine Paints
?utdoor Paints Protecti"e
Color Ban,
Te/tured Coatings
Deat Cesistant Paints
Coo2ing Compounds and .po/ies
Powder Coatings
Dome &Ocor
2.. A'e! o- Oe'!t%o"
Berger paints operate in three ma8or segments o2 the paint industry.
2...1 De(o'!t%8e P!%"t&
The o#8ecti"e is to #eauti2y the sur2aces with production 2rom corrosion and
This #usiness category mainly targets household segment
Products are #eing o22ered to the consumers through dealer networ,
Product 2ul2ills the aesthetic "alue o2 the consumer
7a8or re"enue earning area o2 BPBL
2...2 I",u&t'%!)
Tailor made products to cater to the speci2ic needs o2 customers
Products gi"e protection to the sur2aces in e/treme situation li,e se"ere
Da6ardous en"ironment* high temperature* mo"ement o2 hea"y materials and
machinery etc.
&irect mar,eting approach is #eing used to promote the industrial coating
7ain customer groups are 9arment Bactories* Chemical Plants* Bertili6er
7anu2acturing Plants* and Consumer &ura#le 7anu2acturing Plants etc.
2...6 M!'%"e
Products are #eing o22ered mainly through direct mar,eting approach
&oc, Mards* Bangladesh 1a"y* Passenger ships are the main use groups
7ar,et is mostly concentrated in &ha,a and Chittagong
?ther segments o2 products o2 BPBL areH
2...2 I""o8!
Berger Paints has recently introduced complete wood coating solution under the #rand
name inno"a in colla#oration with Bec,er $croma %talia -pa*leading wood coating
solution pro"ider in .urope.$ launching program was held in hotel -heraton on 7ay
'((3.>ith this strategic alliance*the 2urniture industries will get the opportunity
to en8oy the .uropean wood coating 2inish in Bangladesh.
2.../ Po4e' Bo",
Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. Das introduced PowerBond* -ynthetic Cesin.
PowerBond is a premier =uality water #ased adhesi"e that gi"es the highest #onding
strength suita#le 2or 2urniture industries. This product is lac=uer proo2 and resistant to
heat and water* ha"ing high co"erage which will add "alue to the related industries.
2...: W!)) Putt#
>all Putty is a water #ased putty 2ormulated with special #inder* which ma,es the
sur2ace stronger. %t co"ers the crac,s and une"enness o2 sur2aces and ma,es the
sur2ace smooth and well prepared 2or top coat applications.
2...0 The'mo)%"e
Kuality road mar,s is one o2 the "ery important criteria to meet #enchmar,ing
e/cellenence in road sa2ety and smooth mo"ement o2 tra22ic. TD.C7?L%1. Coad
7ar,ing Paint 2rom Berger promises to ensure this =uality in the country wide
Thermoline* the Dot 7elt Coad mar,eting Paint 2rom Berger* is another 2eather in
Berger C0&4s long trac, record o2 de"eloping high tech industrial coating. %n this
"enture* C0& o2ten wor,s in colla#oration with the world4s leading manu2acturers
and ,now@how "endors.
2...1 Veh%()e Re-%"%&h
BPBL recently added another segment in its wide range o2 product line. %t is "ehicle
re2inish. %n this segment BPBL manu2acture color 2or automo#iles.
-?;CC.H >>>.B.C9.CB&.C?7
7a8or 2unctions* responsi#ilities 0 other necessary aspects o2 the ma8or departments
o2 the company are descri#ed #elowH
M!'*et%"+ De!'tme"t
;ntil 199(* #usiness practice o2 the Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. >as "ery much
conser"ati"e in terms o2 mar,et presence. %n 199!* mar,eting department started.
Therea2ter Berger has #een growing "ery rapidly in terms o2
mar,et share and sales growth. %n 1995* 8ust a2ter the year o2
launching mar,eting department* sales growth was !5+. Berger
is en8oying 53+ share o2 the total paint mar,et and esta#lished
itsel2 as the champion o2 the mar,et through its commitment*
o22ering the most =uality paint and pro"iding the ma/imum "alue 2or customers4
money* to the customers.
Total #usiness o2 the Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. is categori6ed into three ma8or
heads. These areH
$lthough three categories comprise the total #usiness o2 Berger* contri#ution o2 the
&ecorati"e sector is 3)+ (app.) o2 the total turno"er. Because o2 its contri#ution*
&ecorati"e is considered the main #usiness o2 the organi6ation and is getting more
Three categories o2 paints are promoted to the mar,et under three #rand names.
&ecorati"e is o22ered to the mar,et under the #rand name o2 ICo##ialacJ and
%ndustrial 0 7arine are o2 RJensolinJ 0 I-ea#orneJ respecti"ely. 7ar,eting
department handles mainly decorati"e paints.
The ma8or acti"ities o2 mar,eting department are as 2ollowH
.stimation o2 sales growth
Preparing 7ar,eting 7i/
PromotionFCommunication 7i/
F%"!"(e De!'tme"t
&irector A Binance who is assisted #y Binancial Controller (BC)* $ccounts 7anager
and Cost $ccountant 7anager* heads 2inance department. Three sections A 2inance*
personal accounts and costing* per2orm all acti"ities o2 the department.
A(t%8%t%e& o- F%"!"(e Se(t%o"
Binancial Controller is responsi#le 2or all the acti"ities o2 this section. This section
handles a#solute de#tors (customer related) related all acti"ities.
B%)) P!#me"t S#&tem
Bills are considered as e/ternal 0 internal. Payment o2 internal #ill is made as early as
possi#le. But e/ternal #ills are paid twice* 1(th and ')th day o2 the month* in a month.
$ll #ills are appro"ed #y &B7 pro"ided that there is no pro"ision 2or G$T and
amount o2 #ill is not more than T,. )(((. %2 the amount o2 #ill is more than T,. )(((
to T,. 1(*(((* then* 97 decides on the #ill. Therea2ter* only authori6ed person to
appro"e the #illing amount is 7&.
P'%8!te A((ou"t& Se(t%o"
$n $ccounts 7anager who deals with -alary Payment* 9roup %nsurance* Boreign
$22airs and issues related with corporate heads this section.
Co&t%"+ Se(t%o"
$ Cost $ccountant 7anager who is assisted #y 2our ?22icers heads this section. 7ain
2unction o2 this section is to 2ind out per liter Production Cost o2 a paint category. This
section 2inds out 9ross Pro2it (9PS7CPA &ealers4 Commission A Total Production
Cost) o2 a speci2ic category o2 paints and shows more than one price points #y
considering di22erent 97 percentage on total production cost o2 that paint. %n
addition* this section calculates the total costing and 9P o2 PTC (Pre Treatment
Chemical) and other 2inished goods imported 2rom a#road. 7oreo"er* this section
per2orms in"entory "aluation acti"ities including 2actories and depots. Costing section
prepares pro2ita#ility analysis report 2or most o2 the paints. %2 pro2ita#ility o2 any paint
is not satis2actory they in2orm rele"ant authority.
Othe' Se(t%o"& %" F%"!"(e De!'tme"t
G$T and $udit acti"ities are also included in Binance &epartment. $cti"ities o2 these
two sections are #rie2ly descri#ed #elowH
$n internal auditor per2orms audit@related acti"ities in Berger. The person who is
responsi#le 2or auditing* reports to &irector@ Binance directly. ./ternal auditors are
also employed 2or time@to@time #asis. %nternal auditor audits sales depots twice in a
year* generally in June 0 1o"em#er. $nd yearly audit o2 total organi6ation ta,es
place once in a year.
This section assesses G$T amount that has to #e deposited to 9o"t. e/che=uer on the
#ill paya#le to the e/ternal parties. 7oreo"er* some e/ternal parties deposit G$T
amount in 2a"or o2 Berger Paints and that amount need to #e ad8usted with 2inancial
acti"ities o2 Berger. $n $ssistant 7anager* reporting directly to the &irector@Binance.
and an ?22icer manage the acti"ities o2 the section.
Su)# Ch!%" De!'tme"t
7ain responsi#ility o2 this department is to collect raw materials at right time 2rom
right "endors at right price and at right =uantity. 7oreo"er* this
department also purchases re=uired machinery and other
stationery necessary 2or the organi6ation.
Fu"(t%o"& o- Su)# Ch!%" De!'tme"t
To 2ind out material and machinery sourcesH This department continuously
scans the
%nternet* Literatures and other related pu#lications to identi2y new sources
2rom where raw materials 0 machinery can #e collected.
To communicate with the sourcesH They communicate with the sources and
collect in2ormation regarding price* =uality* terms and conditions o2 payment
0 other rele"ant matters a#out raw materials and machinery.
To #uy raw materials* machinery 0 other necessary items 2rom internal
(domestic) and e/ternal sources.
To de"elop new "endorsH >hen raw materials source is "ery much limited*
Buyers ha"e to accept un2a"ora#le terms and conditions #ecause o2 not ha"ing
su22icient #argaining power.
To gain ade=uate #argaining power this department tries to de"elop new
"endors in areas where they are in disad"antageous position.
To reduce the cost o2 raw materialsH %2 access power to di22erent "endors is
high* this department collects raw materials 2rom the su#stitute "endors to
get some types o2 ad"antages (such as lower price) pro"ided that this source
meets all other criteria.
To 2ind out su#stitute raw materials.
To send the sample to C0& 2or assuring the =uality o2 the raw materials.
To pro"ide support to the 7ar,eting &epartment in de"eloping container.
To pro"ide new ideas regarding raw materials* pac,aging* machinery and help
to reduce cost.
To support C0& to ma,e new 2ormulations.
To suggest maintenance department 2or doing their 8o#s e22iciently.
To #uy gi2t items 2or mar,eting department.
To #uy shade cards 2or 7ar,eting &epartment 2rom %ndia 0 -ingapore.
To collect color #an, materials 2rom %taly.
To #uy raw materials 2or Jenson 0 1icholson.
The organi6ation4s #usiness philosophy has turned into I7ar,eting ConceptJ 2rom the
pre"ious I-ales ConceptJ. Bor e"ery year a target o2 sales is esta#lished #y
considering current mar,et si6e* mar,et growth rate* consumers4 pre2erence trends*
go"t.4s plan to de"elop in2rastructure* 2oreign aid a"aila#le 2or -ocio@economic
de"elopment o2 the country* trade policy o2 the go"t. and some other issues related
with the #usiness o2 the organi6ation. Then* total yearly target is #ro,en down into
monthly target.
&istri#ution is the way o2 dispatching the produced items as per the re=uirement o2
di22erent depots. Birst* the distri#ution department hands o"er the container wise
re=uirements o2 "arious products to the plants. Then the distri#ution department plans
the truc, loading 2or di22erent depots. %n this purpose they gi"e the 2irst priority to the
Pro8ect Ce=uirements* second priority to the critical re=uirements o2 the depots and
third priority to other re=uirements that are not termed as critical #y the depots.
&uring this process* the &ha,a depot is gi"en the most priority* as there lies a huge
"olume o2 #usiness.
&ecorati"e paints are #asically sold through Company4s registered &ealers* whereas
%ndustrial 0 7arine paints are #asically sold through personal selling.