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3rd Quarter Physics Project: Simple Electric Motor (SEM)

a. Students will work with a partner (dyad).
b. Working alone is allowed.
a. Students will provide their own materials.
b. A list of the materials needed for the SEM project will be provided.
c. The materials for the SEM project should be complete and must have the
correct specifications as indicated in the list of materials. They are also
allowed add-ons.
d. Groups with incorrect, incomplete or no materials will not be allowed to
make the project; they will automatically get ZERO (no project make ups)!
a. The materials in the list must be purchased before the scheduled project
making date.
b. Students may practice ahead of time. They can refer to the how-to videos
posted online and read the procedure in advance.
c. A rubric scoring guide will also be given ahead of time to students so they
may refer to it from time to time when they make their prototypes.
a. The schedule will be posted in the Physics Laboratory (Room 3002/3003)
and through Maimar Rola; it will also be announced by the teacher
b. The students must be present on the scheduled date they are to execute
the project; in case of absence, students must present an excuse letter for
consideration. His/her partner must be present and reason valid to be
c. There will be no other schedule for project making other than the date
given to their class.
d. Venue for the project execution is the Physics Laboratory or their
classroom during their Science class period.
e. It will be an on the spot project making and presentation.
f. Students will be given 30 to 40 minutes to finish the project then their
output will be evaluated right after.
a. A scoring rubric (given earlier to the students) will be used to assess the
final project output.
b. Students must submit the rubric to the teacher for the project evaluation
right after they finish.
c. Dyads without scoring rubric will not be assessed (since the rubric is in the
list of materials) and hence get ZERO.
d. The finished project should have the best quality and functionality.
a. Students will submit a How-to paper on the day of their on the spot project
b. The formatting, design and other details of the How-to paper should be as
what the SEM Scoring Rubric describes.
c. There should be only two (2) pages.
3rd Quarter Physics Project: Simple Electric Motor (SEM)
Here’s the list of the materials and tools you need to make the SEM project. Please put in mind
that you are discouraged to spend too much; be resourceful in acquiring the materials, if there’s
no purchase needed then do not buy anymore. Be creative in your presentation (the look and
feel of the final output); you may put add-ons i.e. switch or etc… Practice and be sure you have
a working prototype and most of all, have fun! ;)

Take note of the following variables*:

• diameter/thickness of the wire
• number of loops/windings (for the wire coil)
• shape of the coil (circular, oval or flat)
• size of the coil (big or small diameter)
• size, shape and number of the magnets
• diameter of the copper wire
• number (or voltage) of dry cells

List of Materials for the SEM Project

Quantity and Where To
Name Price Remarks
Specifications Buy?
The given price is for 2-
pcs/pack, Extra Heavy Duty
Hardwaremaxx or
1 1 pc.*, 1.5 V* dry cell or battery P61.50
in any
You may also buy popular
brands such as Energizer or
The tapes come in varied colors
but black is the most common.
electrical or If you want to be creative, there
2 1 roll*
insulating tape
P6.75 to P22.00 Hardwaremaxx or
are some colors for you.
in any hardware
Buy only the quantity that you
need (you don’t need much).
You may buy it by meter or per

The price depends on the

P6-P7 per meter
2 meters* or 100 #22 to #27 Davao Times, diameter, length or weight of the
3 gram* copper wire
or P67.00-
Palma Gil St., DC wire. Be sure you buy just what
P78.50 per gram
is needed.

You may ask other groups to

share with you.
No purchase needed. You may
scour your house – in the
4 1 piece* magnet n/a n/a kitchen or in your old battery-
operated toys, broken speakers,
etc… Just be resourceful.
P36 per box of
50 pcs. (clips)
large paper clips NCCC Mall Dept. You may share with several
5 2 pieces or large safety Or Store, School groups; take note that you only
pins Supplies need two pieces.
P13.50 per pack
of 36 pcs. (pins)
You only need a very small
6 1 small sheet sand paper ? Any Hardware sheet. When you buy, share with
other groups.
This is a part of the materials.
Do not lose this otherwise you
will not be graded or allowed to
make the project.
7 1 piece Scoring Rubric n/a n/a
Present after the project
execution for immediate
If you want, you may include a
switch for your motor.

Extra credit will be given for

add- successful integration.
1 piece Switch P15 Electronics,
Claveria St., DC
Be creative. You may also
include other add-ons. Your
creativity and imagination is the
etc. You’ll also need: Scissors, long nosed pliers, battery holder/case, and wooden board (5”x10”) for the base.
*These are things you might want to experiment on to get a better working
final output than your current prototype. Try playing with these variables by
adjusting their values and see for yourself if you get better results! Enjoy! ;)
3rd Quarter Physics Project: Simple Electric Motor (SEM)

Scoring Rubric

The Motor: 8-10 pts 5-7 pts 1-4 pts No point
Durability • The motor is • The motor is • The motor is • The motor is
seen to withstand seen to withstand seen to slightly seen not to bear up
future wear and future wear and withstand future future wear and
tear. tear. wear and tear. tear.
• The contraption • The contraption • The contraption • The contraption
is very sturdy. is slightly sturdy. is not sturdy. is not durable.
Functionality • The motor is • The motor is • The motor is not • The motor is not
working perfectly. working well. properly working. working at all.
• The motor is • The motor is • The motor is not • The motor is not
freestanding. freestanding. freestanding. freestanding.
• The coil support • The coil support • The coil support • The coil support
is not wobbling wobbles slightly wobbles when in wobbles when in
when in operation. when in operation. operation. operation.
• The coil turns at • The coil turns
the center and • The coil turns off • The coil does not
slightly off center center and shifts to turn at all.
does not shift to the and shifts to the left
left or right. the left or right. • The coil windings
or right.
• The coil rotates • The coil rotates are not uniform and
fast it appears like • The coil rotates very slowly. not properly wound.
fast for a moment
a blur. • The coil windings
then slows down
• The coil windings are not uniform and
and stops.
are uniform and not properly wound.
properly wound. • The coil windings
are slightly uniform
yet properly wound.
Materials • Complete set of • Complete set of • Incomplete set of • Incomplete set of
materials. materials. materials. materials.
• Correct materials • Some materials • Most materials • Incorrect
are used as found used are not in the used are not in the materials are used.
in the list of list of materials.
list of materials. • Add-ons are not
• Some add-ons • Add-ons are not incorporated.
• Relevant add- are incorporated.
ons (i.e. switch, incorporated.
etc…) are
Appearance • The motor is • The motor is • The motor is • The motor is
very neat and neat and clean. pretty neat and dirty and not
clean. • The different clean. presentable.
• The different parts of the motor • Some parts of
parts of the motor are distinguishable the motor are
are distinguishable and presentable. distinguishable and
and very presentable.
The Group: 8-10 pts 4-7 pts 2-3 pts 1 pt
Creativity and • The finished • The finished • The finished • The finished
Originality project shows a lot project shows project shows project shows zero
of creativity. some creativity. limited creativity. creativity.
• It also shows • It also shows • It also shows • It also didn’t
originality by using originality by using some originality. show originality.
a unique approach a unique approach
that truly enhanced that truly enhanced
the project. the project.

Resourcefulne • Most of the • Most of the • Some of the • The

ss materials/tools materials/tools materials/tools materials/tools
used are not used are not used are used are
purchased but purchased; some purchased not purchased;
recycled or reused recycled or reused recycled or reused recycled or reused
objects found objects were used. objects. objects were never
anywhere were used.
Time • The dyad or • The dyad or • The dyad or • The dyad or
Management individual finished individual finished individual finished a individual did not
early or before the just in time. few moments after finish on time.
time allotted for the the time allotted for
project execution. the project
The How-to
8-10 pts 5-7 pts 1-4 pts No point
Format • The paper has • The paper has • The paper has • The paper has
acceptable, mostly acceptable, some acceptable, unacceptable,
relevant, logical, relevant, logical, relevant, logical, irrelevant, illogical,
satisfactory and satisfactory and satisfactory and unsatisfactory and
well designed well designed well designed badly designed
format. format. format. format.
• Appropriate font • Appropriate font • Inappropriate • Inappropriate
style, size, color style, size, color but font style, size, font style, size,
and other the other formatting color; the other color; the other
formatting styles. styles were not formatting styles formatting styles
• Has the correct chosen wisely. were badly chosen. were badly chosen.
number of pages. • Has the correct • Has the wrong • Has the wrong
number of pages. number of required number of required
pages. pages.
Organization • Extremely well • Well organized. • Somewhat well • Not organized.
• Has logical organized. • Has no logical
• Has logical design (procedure, • Has somewhat design (procedure,
design (procedure, etc.) that is easy to logical design etc.) that is easy to
etc.) that is easy to follow; transitions (procedure, etc.) follow; the
follow; most are somewhat easy that is easy to transitions are hard
transitions are easy to follow. follow; some to follow.
to follow.
• Enhances the transitions are not • Does not
• Enhances the effectiveness of the easy to follow. enhance the
effectiveness of the project to a certain, • Slightly effectiveness of the
project. favorable degree. enhances the project.
effectiveness of the
Content • Completely • Mostly accurate; • Partly accurate; • Not accurate;
accurate; facts facts were mostly facts were facts were
were precise and precise and explicit. somewhat precise imprecise and not
• Reflections and explicit. clear.
• Reflections and/or realizations • Reflections
and/or realizations are mostly proper and/or realizations
are proper and and sincere. are partly proper
sincere. and sincere. • Reflections
and/or realizations
are improper and