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1. Names (describe them)

* The Invigilator (Colin Salmon)- The role of the Invigilator is to monitor the test
and ensure that all of the test-takers follow the rules. One rule proscribes
talking to the Invigilator, which several of the test-takers do, ending up in their
ejection from the testing room. Salmon's calm and cool demeanor in this role
gives each character's removal its own quiet, inevitable power in the movie.
* Blonde (Nathalie Cox)- Blonde is the only test-taker to show compassion,
when she makes sure that White receives the anti-convulsion medication that
he needs. Her sensitivity plays an important role in the movie's outcome.
* Deaf (John Lloyd Fillingham)- This character turns out to be the mole. He
receives his name because he refuses to pay attention to anyone else in the
room, at least at first. When he ultimately returns, after Blonde finally answers
the question that comprises the assessment, he is really the CEO of the
company conducting the assessment. The entire examination serves as a
personality test to see which of the respondents is most suitable for the needs
of the company.
* White (Luke Mably)- White plays one of the more ruthless characters until he
starts realizing his own deteriorating physical condition. He has the disease to
which the hiring company has made a cure, but no one gives him any until he
starts to seize on the floor. The actor's ability to carry off the role of the crazed
paralytic after coming off as the group's leader is one of this movie's strong
* Chinese Girl (Gemma Chan)- Shes desperate and more aggressive than the
others, shes the one who got disqualified first because of her aggressiveness,
she didnt follow the instruction and she didnt think about the consequences
of her actions.
* Brunette (Pollyanna McIntosh)- She gives her trust easily that she doesnt
know whats the consequence of it. She was tricked by White into burning her
own paper and that why she got her disqualification.
* Dark (Adar Beck)- She has a kind heart and conscience. Even if her action will
result to her disqualification, she still helped White.
* Brown (Jimi Mistry)- Mostly, hes playing safe. He gave up easily, he didnt
even fight White he just accepted his defeat and left.
* (Chukwudi Iwuji)- He is the religious one among the group. He may think
aggressively at times but he was never arrogant.

2. What were the instructions given to the examinees?
* Do not leave the room for any reason
* Do not try to communicate with himself or the armed guard
* Don't spoil your paper (accidentally or intentionally)
Not obeying the rules will result in disqualification.

3. Give the names in the proper order of disqualification.
* Gemma Chan as Chinese Girl (disqualified for writing on the paper)
* Pollyanna McIntosh as Brunette (tricked into burning her paper)
* John Lloyd Fillingham as Deaf (has a breakdown and eats his paper)
* Adar Beck as Dark (tries to call for help when White is about to die)
* Jimi Mistry as Brown (forced to leave at gunpoint by White)
* Chukwudi Iwuji (gets shot by White)

4. Describe the test used by classifying the test as to the mode of
response, ease of quantification, mode of administration, test
constructor, mode of interpreting results and nature of answer.
Mode of Response: Oral Test
Ease of Quantification: Objective Test
Mode of Administration: Individual Test
Test Constructor: Standardized Test
Mode of Interpreting Results: Norm-Referenced Test
Nature of Answer: Intelligence Test

5. Give the test question (if any) and provide the answer/solution to the
question (if any)
Question: "Any questions?"
Answer: No

a. What domains of learning were assessed by the examiner? Explain
b. Personal learning in the story.
We learned how people can get desperate on how far they would go to get
something that they really, really want, and what things they are willing to do
to get it. Also, we learned that it is always important to listen carefully to the
instructor when taking an exam and we must always follow the given
instructions in order to answer it properly.

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Educ106: Assessment of Student Learning (Movie: Exam, 2009)