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I. Write the letter of your answer for each question on the answer sheet.
You will be given 30 minutes to complete Part I & II exam.
1. USB stands for?
a. Unlimited Storage Bus
b. Universal Single Bus
2. It is a computer bus primarily designed for transfer of data between a
computer and storage devices.
b. USB
. If 1 byte is e!ual to " bits# $ow many bytes in 1 %egabyte?
a. "#&&&#&&&#&&& bytes
b. 1#&&&#&&&#&&& bytes
'. It is a device t$at modulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital
information# and also demodulates suc$ a carrier signal to decode t$e
transmitted information.
a. Antenna
b. (scilloscope
). It is t$e brains of t$e computer and t$e most important element of a
computer system.
a. %emory
b. *rocessor
+. $ttp,--www.station1+".com is an e.ample of?
a. a U/0
b. an access code
1. 2$at is t$e default 3le e.tension for all word documents e.cept for o4ce
2&&1 version?
a. .ppt
b. ..ls
". 5eature of (4ce application t$at presents appropriate words or alternatives
to te.t wit$ s$ort 6ey of s$ift7f1.
a. Spelling 8$ec6er
b. 9ictionary
:. To erase or delete t$e c$aracter to t$e left of t$e ;as$ing cursor you s$ould
use t$e,
a. 9elete 6ey
b. <nd 6ey
1&. 2$at is t$e default 3le e.tension for an e.cel 2&&1?
a. ..ls
b. .doc
c. .ppt
d. ..ls.
11.2$ic$ mac$ine performs tas6 under t$e control of a set of instructions called
A. %icro computer B. %ainframe 8omputer
8. minicomputer 9. 8omputer
12.A $ardware device t$at is t$e intermediary a computer and a p$one system?
A. %odem B. 6eyboard
8. spea6er 9. $ardis6
c. Uni!ue Serial Bus
d. Universal Serial Bus
c. 9=9
d. 089
e. Universal Serial Bus
c. 1&&#&&&#&&& bytes
d. >one of t$e above
e. Universal Serial Bus
c. %odem
d. /outer
e. Universal Serial Bus
c. 8*U
d. ?ard 9is6
c. a directory
d. a server
c. .doc
d. .doc.
c. @rammar c$ec6er
d. T$esaurus
c. <sc 6ey
d. Bac6space 6ey
1. 2$ic$ of t$e following refers to t$e p$ysical e!uipment or components of an
<lectronic 9ata *rocessing System?
A. Software B. ?ardware
8. 5irmware 9. 8entral *rocessing Unit
1'. 2$ic$ is t$e standard input device t$at accepts letters# numbers and
commands from t$e
A. Aeyboard B. scanner
8. digital camera 9. mouse
1). 2$at is a U/0?
A. 8omputer software program
B. A type of U5(
8. T$e address of document or BpageC on t$e world wide web
8. an acronym for Unlimited /esource for 0earning
1+. A set if program designed to e4ciently manage t$e resource of t$e
computer system
A. (perating System B. Utility program
8. 0anguage translator 9. 8onverter
11. It is a moving pattern or bitmap t$at appears on your screen after your
computer $as not been used for a speci3ed amount of time.
A. *attern B. Bac6ground
8. 2allpaper 9. Screen Saver
1". T$e large area of t$e screen t$at serves as t$e bac6ground
A. 9es6top B. Screen Saver
8. 9es6top 2allpaper 9. 2indows
1:. T$e pictorial representation of computers# programs# folders and networ6.
A. Icons B. 8lipart
8. 9es6top 9. 8omputer @rap$ics
2&. It means to press and release a mouse button.
A. 9rag B. 8lic6
8. *oint 9. *ress
21. ?ow would you save a document in 2ord?
A. 8lic6 on 5ile-Save B. Alt 5 7 S
8. *ress 8rl 7 S 9. All of t$e c$oices
22. 5older icon t$at browses all icons for all drives and directory including t$e
8ontrol *anel and *rinter 5olders.
A. /ecycle Bin B. %y 8omputer
8. Inbo. 9. 8ontrol *anel
2. Dou $ave drawn a rectangle around a section of a ;yer and want to c$ange it
to a das$ed line. 2$ic$ button do you select?
A. B. 8. 9.
2'. T$e $eading of a ;yer is Eust plain te.t and you would rat$er create special
eFects wit$ te.t. 2$ic$ button do you select?
A. B. 8. 9.
2). 2$ic$ of t$e following is t$e basic unit of t$e spreads$eet?
A. 5ormula bar B. 8ell
8. active 8ell 9. Status Bar
II. Please identify the following parts: 2pts. each
*art I.
1. 9 11. 8 21. 9
2. A 12. 8 22. B
. B 1. B 2. B
'. 8 1'. A 2'. 9
). 8 1). A 2). B
+. A 1+. B
1. 8 11. A
". 9 1". A
:. 9 1:. 9







1&.9 2&. A
*art II.
2+.%<%(/D soc6ets
21.I9< 8able connector
2".8%(S Battery
2:.SATA connectors
&.=I9<( 8A/9 GpciHe. or agpI slot
1.A@* port
2.USB port
.0A> GrE')I port
'.%I8/(*?(>< port
).S*<AA</-?<A9S<T Gline out portI
/egarding Test B# answers doesnJt re!uire t$e e.act words but must $ave t$e
Liga Cit!
8omputer Tec$ S6ills *ractice Test
Na$e% &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Year an' ()*+%
#ire*tin, <ncircle t$e letter of t$e correct answer.
1. ?ow many perip$eral devices can a master Bluetoot$ device communicate
wit$ in a piconet?
a. 1 b. 2 c. ) d. 1
2. T$e I9< interface is usually installed on t$e mot$erboard in w$ic$ of t$e
a. <.pansion slot b. >ort$ Bridge c. *8I bus d. Sout$
. T$e >ort$ Bridge controls t$e processor# memory# *8I Bus# 0evel 2 cac$e and
all A@* activities.
a. True b. 5alse
'. If a new $ard drive is installed in an old computer and t$e system does not
register t$e total capacity of t$e $ard drive# w$at is t$e most li6ely cause?
a. T$e $ard drive is malfunctioning
b. T$e $ard drive is not read correctly by t$e BI(S.
c. T$e $ard drive is not compatible wit$ t$e computer.
d. T$e computer mot$erboard is damaged.
). Software obtained wit$out informed consent is generally 6nown as
a. 8omputer =irus b. TroEan ?orse c. %alware d. 9is$onest
+. T$e cloc6 speed of t$e A@*." e.pansion slot is 2++%?L.
a. True b. 5alse
1. %ost computers today use an en$anced version of I9< called KKKKKKKKKKK.
a. AI9< b. <I9< c. UI9<
d. II9<
". 99/ S9/A%# wit$ a certain cloc6 fre!uency# ac$ieves nearly KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
t$e bandwit$ of a single date rate S9/A% running at t$e same cloc6 fre!uency.
a. 2 times b. times c. ' times d. ) times
:. 2$ic$ of t$e following wireless devices s$ould be used to connect a printer#
6eyboard and mouse to a laptop?
a. /SH22 b. Ir9A c. Bluetoot$ d. USB
1&. T$e primary connection met$od for an internal laptop $ard drive.
a. *8/A% b. *90 c. *ATA d. *ST>
11. 2$at antiHvirus software updates are called.
a. 5i.es b. 9e3nitions c. Upgrades d.
a. T$ic6 " pin data cable c. T$in " pin data cable.
b. T$ic6 1 pin data cable d. T$in 1 pin data cable
1. If a new I9< $ard drive is not recogniLed# 3rst c$ec6 t$e KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.
a. Mumper Settings c. 9river
b. Basic Input-(utput System d. 8ables
1'. I9< drives use a KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.
a. 1& pin ribbon cable. b. 2& pin ribbon cable c. T$in 1 pin data cable
d. '& pin ribbon cable
1). BI(S is a program t$at is made accessible to t$e microprocessor on an
a. <*/(% b. <9I c. <5TA% d. <*(*
1+. 2$at s$ould be done if a second $ard dis6 drive is not being recogniLed by a
computer system after 3nding t$at all t$e cable connections are in place?
a. 8$ec6 to see if t$e volumes or logical drives $ave been formatted
b. 8$ec6 to see if t$e $ard dis6 drive $as been formatted
c. /einstall t$e /A%
d. 8$ec6 to see if t$e second $ard drive is detected by t$e BI(S
11. A laptop s$ould be used on a soft surface to prevent over$eating.
a. True b. 5alse
1". Bluetoot$ tec$nology can transmit up to w$at distance?
a. 1& 5eet b. 2& 5eet c. & 5eet d. '& 5eet
1:. 2$at is t$e most common video /A% tec$nology on laptop video cards?
a. /A% b. 99/ S9/A% c. SI%% d.
2&. If USB ports are not wor6ing wit$ any USB devices# w$ic$ s$ould you do 3rst?
a. Test t$e USB devices by connecting t$em to a diFerent computer
b. 0oo6 at t$e BI(S to con3rm t$at USB functionality is enabled.
c. Buy new USB wires
d. 8$ec6 t$e Eumper settings
21. A KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK can cause a computer to reboot.
a. 8*U (ver$eating c. %emory overload
b. >ew $ardware installation d. Accidental unplugging
22. T$e best way to secure a networ6 from crac6ers is
a. 8$ange t$e default SSI9 c. Use 2IH5I protected access
b. Broadcast t$e SSI9 in clearte.t d. 0ower t$e signal strengt$
2. T$e output from a power supply is rated as KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.
a. 2atts b. ?ertL c. =oltage d. ($ms
2'. T$e amount of time t$at /A% ta6es to write data or to read it once a re!uest
$as been received from t$e processor is called KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.
a. Access Time b. /A% Speed c. *rocess Time
d. /A% *rocess Time
2). A 89H/(% $as data encoded in a spiral trac6 KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.
a. Beginning at t$e outermost edge and ending at t$e center
b. Beginning at t$e center and ending at t$e outermost edge
2+. 2$ic$ type of *8 8ard slot can ta6e all *8 8ard types?
a. Type I b. Type II c. Type III d. <.press 8ard
21. T$e principle by w$ic$ data is read from a 89H/(%.
a. 80= b. 8A0<A c. 8A* d. 8%TS
2". %ost computers today use eit$er a 99/ or 99/2 type of memory for t$eir
main system memory.
a. True b. 5alse
2:. If a computer wit$ 2indows N* will not boot up property after upgrading a
video driver you s$ould 3rst KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK?
a. Use t$e 0ast Anown @ood 8on3guration feature
b. /oll Bac6 t$e driver after starting in Safe %ode
c. Use t$e /ecovery 8onsole feature
d. Upgrade t$e operating system.
&. 2$at most li6ely e.plains a 6eyboard not wor6ing properly# after upgrading
t$e memory# w$ere t$e touc$pad is wor6ing?
a. T$e 6eyboard is malfunctioning c. T$e /A% is not compatible.
b. T$e /A% is not installed properly. d. T$e 6eyboard connector is not
seated properly.
II. Please identify the following parts: 2pts. each