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The Maha-Intrapreneur Award 2009 is instituted by ventures. The motivation of launching the award
Praj - global leaders in biofuels plants, in association came from Mr. Pramod Chaudhari who envisioned
with SIBM, Pune. The Maha-Intrapreneur Award the concept of Maha-intrapreneur. Through the
endeavors to recognize individuals with Maha-Intrapreneur awards, Praj wishes to promote
intrapreneurial skills within companies, NGOs and the 'culture of intrapreneurship' within
government organisations, who undertake the organizations, thereby building a strong support for
responsibility of converting ideas into profitable the intraprneur.

WHO IS AN INTRAPRENEUR? Intrapreneurs have the motivations and execution

• The term 'intrapreneur' was coined almost two skills to make “the big idea” come true, thereby
decades ago. In simple terms Entrepreneurship fostering transformation and growth within the
within existing organizations can be called as organization they are associated with.
'Corporate Entrepreneurship' or
'Intrapreneurship'. INVITATION
Praj Industries Limited in association with SIBM invites
• Intrapreneurs are those managers who are result- nominations (through the organizations) for the “Praj
oriented, ambitious, rational, competitive, with high Maha-Intrapreneur Award” for the year 2009.
risk taking ability and questioning. They are
challenged by innovation at the same time have an TAKEAWAYS FOR THE WINNERS WINNER
understanding of their organization and a belief in
their colleagues. • Recognition on a larger platform for the awardees
as well as their organization.
• Intrapreneurs are comfortable with change, have
clarity of direction, thoroughness, a participative • Awardees can be invited to share their success
management style and an understanding that they story on various Employers' Associations and
need to work with others to achieve their goals. forums.
• 'Intrapreneurship' is an entrepreneurial way of • Enhanced brand value for attracting and retaining
thinking, acting and feeling of a work community. talent for the award winner's organization.
Intrapreneurs are students of circumstances and • Organizations can propagate “Culture of
look for ways to increase business or improve the Intrapreneurship” within. Success stories of the
business they have. They have a stake in shaping awardees can be published in trade journals,
the organization and know how to present it to magazines, company website etc.
customers with confidence, pride and assurance.

'A' Category - For Industry and Business : C
Sr. no Type of Organization Sales Turnover for 2008-09 Awards
1. Small and Medium Scale Organizations Rs. 50 crores upto Rs.500 crores 2 awards
2. Large Scale Organization Above Rs.500 crores 2 awards

'B' Category - For NGOs, Semi-Government Organizations, Societies and Trusts :

Sr. no Type of Organization Awards
1 NGO, Semi-Government, Society, Trusts 2 awards
Maha Intrapreneur Award 2009

'C' Category - Organizers will announce following awards:

1. Appreciation of the Intrapreneurial qualities exhibited by a Government Official

2. Life Time achievement award to felicitate an eminent individual who has exhibited Intrapreneurial traits
during his/her overall professional journey

WHO CAN APPLY? • Short listed nominees will qualify for Phase 2
'A' Category - Nomination Criteria for Industry and evaluation.
Business : Phase 2 :
• Nominees' total work experience should be more • The nominees would be invited to Pune to share
than 10 years. He / she should be associated with their achievements and experiences in an interactive
the current organization for at least 3 years. session with Panel of Judges.
• The nomination will be accepted through the • Based on this, the Panel of Judges will give their
organization and not as individual entry. recommendation to the organizers.
• An Organization can nominate more than one AWA
Award winners will be felicitated with a trophy of
• Nominee's achievement references should be
“Praj Maha-Intrapreneur Award” and
provided for last three years i.e. 06-07, 07-08 and
08-09 for specific parameters mentioned in “Certificate of Appreciation” at the hands of
application form. distinguished guests in a gala function in the
first week of December 2009.
'B' Category - Nomination Criteria For NGOs, Semi-
Government Organizations, Societies and Trusts : HOW TO APPLY www.mahain

• Nominees' overall experience should be more than • Log on to the web site (URL)
10 years. He / she should be associated with the for
current assignment for at least 2 years. online application.
• An organization can nominate more than one • The web site provides necessary
nominee. details about the award process
and important dates to be
• Nominee must be holding responsible rank &
remembered along with the
position with significant contribution in Financial
Application Form.
Years 07-08 and 08-09 .
• Considering the busy schedule
EVALUATION CRITERION (Category A and B) and work pressures, organizers
Applications will be scrutinized and evaluated by an can provide assistance to the
independent Panel of Judges appointed for this nominees to compile and
purpose. The evaluation process will be in two complete the application form
Phases - to meet the schedule date of
submission. Assistance and
Phase 1: help can be provided on
• Nominees will have to submit an application along request as follows:
with a write-up covering the parameters of – SIBM students shall assist the
Leadership, Innovation & Risk taking, People nominees to complete the
management, Strategy formulating & implementing, application form.
Business Process and Results (refer questionnaire).
– SIBM students will audio record
• Applications will be scrutinized, evaluated and short the narration of achievements
listed based on the highest overall score on the pre- of the nominee based on the
determined parameters by the Panel of independent evaluation parameters.
Maha Intrapreneur Award 2009

RULES AND REGULATIONS • The organizers will take all reasonable steps to
• Praj Maha-Intrapreneur Award steering Committee protect confidentiality of the applications forms and
reserves the right to alter or make any changes in information therein.
the “Award Scheme”. LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF 15

• The application form and any other documents, APPLICATION FORM (PHASE 1)
supplementary material submitted by the nominee Applicant-organization should forward the duly
will be retained by the organizers. completed “Application Form” on or before
15th September, 2009.


Events Dates
Launch of Praj Maha-Intrapreneur Award 13th July 2009
Last date for submission of Application Forms (Phase 1) 15th September 2009
Preliminary Scrutiny & Evaluation of Forms (Phase 1) 30th September 2009
Final list of Short-listed nominees in Phase 1 and 1st October 2009
communication to short listed nominees for Phase 2
Interaction of nominees with Panel of Judges (Phase 2) 5st October 2009 to 20th October 2009
Declaration of winners 15th November 2009
Award presentation ceremony 1st week of December 2009

About Praj Industries Limited About SIBM, Pune

Praj is a global Indian company that offers innovative Established in 1978, Symbiosis Institute of Business
solutions to significantly add value in bio-ethanol, bio- Management, Pune is in its 30th year of service to the
diesel, brewery plants and process equipment & student community. The flagship brand of Symbiosis, it
systems for customers, worldwide. Praj is a knowledge is recognized as one of the best B-schools in the
based company with expertise and experience in country. SIBM, Pune is also ranked fourth among Indian
Bioprocesses and engineering. It has one of the largest business schools consistently for 3rd year by Business
resource bases in the industry with over 450 references Today magazine. SIBM, Pune provides Corporate
across all five continents. Led by an accomplished and Education through its diploma programs to various
caring leadership, Praj is a socially responsible corporate corporates. Combining theory with practical business,
citizen. Praj, which has been a founding member of classroom teaching with Management Development
Global Growth Companies (part of World Economic Programmes, SIBM, Pune offers its students a classic
Forum), is listed on the Bombay and National Stock mix of academic and business knowledge.
Exchanges of India.

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