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Application Form

1. Personal details


First name: Surname:

Nationality/Citizenship :



Mobile phone:


2. Secondary/Higher education
Please give details of your educational qualification:

Name(s) of school(s)/college(s)/
Country of study
From To Subject/courses
Level Grade

3. Tertiary education

University/Title of degree

From To Subject/courses
Class expected/


From To Degree Title of research topic
or course

Details of any scholarships, awards or prizes won at school and university/college

4. Other skills, qualifications and interests

Detail any other qualifications/skills e.g. knowledge of foreign languages (indicate
proficiency), keyboard skills, computer literacy

5. Describe any work experience you may have had

Name of employer

From To Type of work - placement, part-time work

6. Other essential information

Date available for employment

7. Competency profile

We are looking for evidence of how effective you demonstrate the following competencies
required for this job:

1. Being Creative
The ability to generate new ideas, think innovatively and use creative tools and lateral
thinking to secure business advantage.

2. Results Driven
Driven and committed to achieve results and get things done effectively and efficiently.

3. Adaptable
Being receptive and adaptable to change and positively promotes the value and benefits to
be derived from change.

4. Influencing Others
Ability to motivate others to take the most appropriate course of action through effective
persuasion and presentation.

5. Commitment to Growth
Continuous commitment to self-development and growth. As a leader, takes responsibility for
the development of others.

6. Puts First Things First
Focuses on what is important and is disciplined in planning, addressing priorities, and
delivers to the highest standards.

7. Customer Focus
Strives to consistently exceed the expectations of clients and colleagues alike.

8. Team Player
Is supportive, respectful and demonstrates a positive regard for others. Works effectively as
part of a team and leverages off others strengths.

Please give one or two examples from your recent (last five years) experience when
responding to each question. Examples may be from work, education, leisure or voluntary

When answering the questions, remember:
Give one or two examples to demonstrate evidence of the competency. Please be
specific in your response.
Give specific examples of things you did and outcomes you achieved.
Be concise. Its important that you are able to express your thoughts in a brief and
impactful way.

The information you provide will be used as a basis for deciding whom to shortlist for the next
stage of the selection process. If you are shortlisted, come prepared to discuss the examples
you provided.

Being Creative
Describe a situation where you came up with a creative/innovative solution to a challenging
situation. Please cover: a short description of the situation or problem to be solved; the
methods you used to generate your list of options; how you chose your solution; what was
the final outcome.
Situation: Decline in the sales of some varieties of mangoes during internship in metro cash
and carry
Methodology used: Fish bone(ishikawa) analysis to know the causes of the problem and
pareto analysis to know the major cause of the problem
Solution to the major cause of the problem( i.e the unawareness of the different varities of
mangoes among common buyers): Mango awareness programs in Metro cash and carry
store .
Main activities in the awareness programs:
1. Hoardings displaying information about the mango variety(Origin of the mango
variety, medicinal value, etc)
2. Different recipes of the mango variety(Pickles, desserts) prepared on the shop floor
3. Samples of mango varieties made available to taste for the buyers.

Results Driven
Please give an example of something you achieved which you feel most proud about.
Please cover: what your objective was; any obstacles you encountered; how you overcame
them; what was the final outcome.

First things first
In this job, you will need to be able to manage differing priorities. Please describe a situation
where you had goals to achieve, with the input of others. Please cover what the situation
was; how you organised your time; how you prioritised; how you planned and resourced; how
you got the cooperation of others; what was the final outcome.

Situation: Attracting more companies to the college for placements to achieve the target set
by the placement office for the year 2014
1. Preparing placement brochures
2. Initiating a contact with the companies
3. Maintaining contact with them
4. Making them available for the placements

Approach to achieve the goals(Planning and Execution):
1. Time management: During free time in the college and after the college time in hostel
2. Prioritising:
a. Searching for company contacts through students(Internship &-
(Alumini) teachers
b. Contacting them
c. Distributing placement brochures to the companies
d. Maintain contact with them
e. Placement Procedure is explained to the companies

3. Planning:
a. Designing placement brochures for the college:

showing numerous activities that help to build a positive image for the co9lle9

Commitment to growth
Please describe how you have contributed to the development of another specific person
or group
of people; what is it that you did that enabled them to grow and develop; how did you
measure your success.

Customer focus
Please describe a time when you have had to meet internal or external customer
expectations; please cover how you identified the customer needs and concerns; how you
took personal responsibility for resolving the customers concern; what was the outcome.

Describe a situation when you had to demonstrate your ability to adapt to change. What
was the situation and how did you approach it? Please cover the particular circumstances
and how you went about it.

Influencing others
Please give us an example of when you persuaded someone to do something they initially
did not want to do. Please cover, what was at stake or the consequences of not having
influenced them. What exactly you did; what the outcome was.

Team player
Please describe a time you worked together with a team. Explain the objective the team
faced, your role in the team, how you influenced the direction the team took and what
exactly you did; what was the final result.

8. Referees
(Please provide two referees. One of whom should either be an academic or past employer)













Signature: Date:

When completed, please email this form to the contact person listed in the advertisement.

Receipt of your application will not be acknowledged unless you specifically request.