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1 July 2005

ISA Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Program

This question is from the Level III study guide, Domain 2, Loop checking.
Level III represents a professional who has a 1!year total of education, training, or
CCST uestion
#rogramma$le Logic %ontrollers&
'. Use sequential logic control.
(. Perform PID control with the same capability as DCS.
%. Have limitations in flexibility of control strategies.
D. re programme! using flow charts an! P " IDs.
CCST ans!er
#e use la!!er logic to program programmable logic controllers $P%Cs&' where a series of
complex logic chec(s are require! before something is turne! on. %a!!er logic is useful
for simple but critical control systems or for rewor(ing ol! har!wire! relay circuits. s
P%Cs became more sophisticate!' it has also been use! in very complex automation
%a!!er logic $sequential logic& is a rule)base! language rather than a proce!ural
language. *rung* in the la!!er represents a rule. #hen implemente! with relays an!
other electromechanical !evices' the various rules *execute* simultaneously an!
+he rules are typically execute! sequentially by software in a loop. +he best answer is '.
1 July 2005
ISA Certified Automation Professional (CAP) "rogram
This question is from the %'# study guide, #erformance Domain III, )ystem