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Fundamentals of Grammar | Unit 1

Lesson Number: 3
Lesson title: 1.2 Properties of the Ism-Status (Word After Of)

Quick Review: How many types of words are there in Arabic? 3. Ism, Fil, Harf.
- Ism: Person, Place, Thing, Idea, Adjective, Adverb . . . and more - Fil: A word stuck in the Past,
Present or Future tense. - Harf: A word that makes no sense, unless another word comes after it
- The Ism has how many properties? 4. Status, Number, Gender, Type.
- There are 3 forms of status, which 2 do we know so far? Doer & Detail Status

Lesson Objective: 3
Status: The After Of Status & How to create questions from a sentence.
- The Messenger of Allah taught us. Whos the doer? Messenger.

- Whats the detail? . . . Of Allah? No. today Im going to teach you that of Allah is not a detail.

- Now imagine the phrase of Allah isnt there. Just pretend it says The Messenger taught us

- So what are the details? . . . taught Cant be a detail because thats a Fil, us is detail.

- (Remember) when I say doer or detail, I mean doer of the Fil and details about the Fil. So your
questions are really about the Fil
- For example: I ate lunch outside yesterday quickly whats the Fil? Ate.
- When I ask Who ate? that gives me the doer, the doer question has the Fil in it
- When I ask, What did I eat? Where did I eat? When did I eat? How did I eat? The word Eat kept
coming up in my questions. So even the detail questions are about the Fil

- Now turn the phrase Of Allah into a question, what would the question be?
- If I turn The messenger into a question, Id ask Who taught? answer is The messenger
- If I turn us into a question, Id ask Who did he teach? answer is us
- What question do I need to ask, to get the answer Of Allah? . . . Whose messenger was he?
answer is Of Allah * the answers of your questions has to be in the sentence.
- When I ask the question, whos messenger was he did I mention the Fil? No. unlike the doer and
detail question.
- so that phrase of Allah is not a detail of the Fil taught it has nothing to do with the Fil
- the skill I want you to develop is how to ask the questions

- Islam teaches us respect. - Whats the doer? Islam. - The Fil? Teaches. - The details? Us & respect.
- Figure out how to create questions from this sentence. * First question must be about the doer.
- To give you the answer Islam what would be your question? What teaches? (Doer question)
- To give you the answer us whats your question? Who does Islam teach? (Detail question)
- For Respect whats your question? What does Islam teach? (Detail question)

- Our parents will pray for our success Whats the Fil? Will pray
- Whos the Doer? Parents. Whats the question behind the doer? Who will pray for our success?
- What will they pray for? Our Success (detail)

- Now for the 3
status (we have figured out Doer and Detail) 3
status is After Of Status
- going back to the first sentence: The Messenger of Allah taught us
- what word came after of? The word Allah. The word Allah is after of status
Fundamentals of Grammar | Unit 1

- Islam teaches us respect. Is there any of here? No. So theres no 3
status (only doer & detail)

- Our parents will pray for our success.
- Think carefully, in English is there another way of saying our parents? Parents of ours.
- So which word would be the 3
/After Of status? Ours
- Is there another after of status in this sentence? Success of ours so Our is the 3

- 1. I was eating too much chocolate
2. My teeth began aching
3. My dentist gave me a root canal

- Whats I in the sentence? Doer. Was eating? Fil. Too much chocolate? Detail - -
- Whats the question behind too much chocolate? What was I eating?
- Whats the question behind I? Who was eating?

- My teeth began aching is there another way of saying my teeth? Teeth of mine
- Is My Doer status, Detail status or After Of status? After Of (because secretly My
comes after of) * sometimes you have to discover the Of
- Whats Teeth? Doer or Detail? Doer

- Whats My Dentist? Just looking at My Dentist is there any status there? My is After Of
status, because you can rephrase to Dentist of Mine
- Whats Dentist? Doer
- Whats Gave? Fil (it cant have any status)
- What about Me? Detail
- What about Root Canal? Detail

- Now make questions out of the (Bold) words from the last sentence
Dentist? Who gave me the Root Canal?
Me? Who did the Dentist give it to?
Root Canal? What did the Dentist Give me?
- Notice how in the questions for Doer and Details, the word Give (the Fil) is mentioned.
The doer and detail questions will always have the Fil mentioned in there

- Question behind My is Whos Dentist was he? *notice this time the Fil wasnt mentioned

- * In the Doer and the Detail question, the Fil comes up

- * In the After of question, the Fil doesnt come up
* The After Of has nothing to do with the Fil [Thats really important]

- Now Im going to give you 3 words which you must never forget.
Instead of saying Doer status, were going to say

Status, Instead of Detail status were

going to say

, and instead of After Of, were going to say status.