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constructive solutions

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Method Statement

constructive solutions constructive solutions

1 General
1.1 At all times during transport, storage and installation, before Supercast SW30
waterstop is fully encased in concrete on all sides, protect from contact with
water (particularly rain).
1.2 Supercast SW30 waterstops shall be located in the construction joint at the point
of 300 mm from concrete basement slab level.
1.3 Under no circumstances shall swellable waterstop be placed where it will have
less than 70 mm concrete cover in all directions after concrete is placed.

2 Concrete Surface Preparation
2.1 Ensure the joint faces to receive the waterstop are smooth, sound and free of
grease, dust, dirt, laitance or other loose material.
2.2 The standard of joint cleanliness is not as high as for sealant joints, but is
required to ensure the waterstop is able to be held on the joint surface by the
adhesive (Nitobond EC) without dislodgement during concrete placement.

3 Adhesives bedding compound
3.1 Mark out the line of the Supercast SW30 as shown in the drawings.
3.2 Apply a bead of adhesive of Nitobond EC to the joint face where Supercast
SW30 will be placed. The bead size shall be sufficient to ensure all roughness or
irregularities in the joint surface are filled and the full width of the Supercast SW
30 strip is in contact with the adhesive.

constructive solutions constructive solutions
4 Waterstop Placement
4.1 Press Supercast SW30 strip firmly into the adhesive to ensure full width contact
between strip and adhesive and between adhesive and joint face. Nail the strip,
if needed.
4.2 Where Supercast SW30 strips are joined to each other (end to end or end to
face), the joining faces shall have the adhesive applied between them,
completely covering all faces. At each such junction, the strip shall have a
mechanical fixing within 30 mm of the ends of back strip.

Detail Joint
4.1 Slab and slab


constructive solutions constructive solutions
4.2 Slab and wall


constructive solutions constructive solutions
4.1 Wall and Wall

4.1 Pipe and etc