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Escondido, CA. and North San Diego County USA (760) 755-7343 • http://www.linkedin.com/in/gregalarue/ 4321glar1234@gmail.com


Delivering Value and Technical Expertise


Results-driven Network Professional with over ten years of proven success in network design, implementation, and management. Dependable self-starter who supports mission- and business-critical networks and information systems around the clock. A deep diver with superior troubleshooting skills across LANs and WANs - able to deliver optimal network connectivity and application availability, as well as speedy recovery from outages or system failures.

An Expert in multi-site environments. Able to work confidently with service providers and WAN carriers to turn up or integrate new remote locations, design and test complex end-to-end QoS policies, solve productivity-killing routing problems, and manage edge routing and security equipment.

Accomplishes project objectives without supervision and consistently earns the confidence of peers and internal representatives. Represents organization with professionalism and expertise, and will expect to assume full responsibility for internal and remote networks and all LAN / WAN related tasks.


Routing and Switching Troubleshooting WAN Connectivity MPLS VoIP / QoS Voice VLAN Separation Network Design / Architecture

Routing Protocols Multi-layer Switching Voice Quality Testing • Voice Quality Analysis Network and System Integration / Re-addressing IP Subnet Design VLANs


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Configuring BGP on Cisco Routers Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Implementing Cisco MPLS Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Juniper Networks JNCIA-EX Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) - Windows Server 2003, XP CompTIA A+ Certified Technician

Henry Schein Orthodontics

Jan 2012-July 2014


Carlsbad, CA.

Sr. Network Engineer Managed wide and local area network operations for the company’s 4 manufacturing divisions in California, Florida, Nevada, and Indiana. Ensured smooth, reliable flow of ERP and database transactions across the WAN between HQ office and remote sites. Supported users in sales, engineering, and manufacturing at all locations to deliver networked services, email, shared resources, invoice printing, and VoIP communications.

Re-designed the data infrastructures at all of HSO's locations and converted existing LANs to an all-Cisco environment:


Configured and installed redundant core R/S platforms(Cisco 4510s and 6509s)at all sites using HSRP for fail- over and fail-over recovery.


Replaced IDF switching gear at all locations with stack-able Cisco 3750X switches; connected all IDF switch stacks to MDF core switches using redundant 10gb fiber runs and STP logic for survivability.


Prepped the LAN switching equipment at all locations to carry VoIP / video traffic and readied all user stations to transfer from a digital phone system to full VoIP.


Re-cabled warehouse environments at 3 sites to account for user expansion, future growth, and improvements in wireless technology.


Modernized aging wireless equipment at all locations with a centralized wireless control system, resulting in a great leap in productivity for mobile office workers and warehouse users with scan guns.

Completed a WAN migration project for all four of the company's manufacturing facilities, connecting each site to corporate headquarters in New York:


Managed the delivery and turn-up of new 20mb fiber circuits at all sites, then configured and installed new Cisco 2921 CE routers. Set up BGP neighbor peering with AT&T PE routers and confirmed connectivity across MPLS to NY headquarters location.


Configured new user, voice, and server VLANs at all HSO sites and completely re-addressed each facility to comply with the corporate IP addressing schedule. Added new address blocks and subnets to BGP configuration and tested voice quality across the WAN.

Managed internet access and security for all sites:


Replaced older Cisco security appliances at the Carlsbad site with a Palo Alto UTM / firewall. Result: a far greater capability to protect the company's business operations from internal and external threats through intrusion detection/prevention, web filtration profiles, and alert monitoring.


Configured secure access over site-to-site IPSEC VPNs for remote office workers and outside vendors, as well as client-based SSL VPN access for remote sales associates.

Frequently relied upon to research technological solutions, such as cloud-based disaster recovery, and deliver analysis and implementation recommendations to management. Provide detailed and up-to-date network documentation and topology drawings for management and corporate technical directors.

Carousel Industries


Network Engineer Provided pre-sales and post-sales network engineering solutions for Carousel’s customers: design, staging, configuration, and deployment of converged networks supporting data, voice, and video. Integrated IP-based Avaya communications equipment into converged data networks. Supported customers at a high level by delivering complex routing and connectivity solutions across MPLS, METRO-E, and DS3 environments. Designed end-to-end QoS policies using LLQ and class-based WFQ, analyzed IP voice quality and packet marking integrity at the LAN level and across the WAN.

San Diego, Ca.

Provided connectivity across MPLS for new customer offices: worked directly with WAN carriers and ISPs to gather information, configure new edge routing/security appliances, add BGP or EIGRP routes, and test L2/3 performance.

Configured and deployed Cisco access, distribution, and core layer switches and routers.

Configured / deployed Juniper EX-series switches, Juniper SSG and SA platforms, and Extreme L3 POE switches.

Delivered accurate and reliable VoIP network testing and qualification using synthetic RTP traffic.

Reported VoIP readiness test results to customers and delivered QoS consultation services for large deployments connecting multiple remote sites.

Designed and configured DHCP strategies and scope options on Linux, Windows, and Cisco platforms.

Installed and configured VMware ESX environments supporting virtual Windows/Linux servers.

Inter-Tel, Incorporated


System Engineer Enabled interconnectivity over WAN architectures for multiple customers. Configured and installed Cisco and Adtran routers, Cisco POE switches, fax and voicemail servers, and VoIP gateways at customer locations.

Santa Ana, CA.

Facilitated seamless transition to new services through coordination with WAN and ISP service providers. Delivered high-level support and training to customers and IT departments.

Configured and installed Cisco and Adtran routers, Cisco POE switches, and 3rd party VoIP gateways at customer sites in Southern California.

Supported technicians during installation of Inter-Tel and Mitel 3300 ICP communications platforms, IP phones, and new cabling.

Contract Network Engineer


Provided wide variety of engineering services.

Various Locations

Representative Projects

Feb. 2006 April, 2006 TEK Systems / H&R Block Tax Services Installed Windows XP systems, Win 2003 servers, and secure communication software for new tax offices and kiosks.

Oct. 2005 Feb. 2006 Hudson Highland Group / Lehman Brothers Financial Services Multi-site network migration project: integrated over 2500 users, PCs, and IP phones in six major cities to new domain. Established user connectivity to new services across the WAN, restored printer availability, trained users in new login procedures, and monitored WAN performance and bandwidth usage.

April 2005 Oct. 2005 Vector Resources, Incorporated Selected by management to perform network topology design, proofreading of logical layouts, reverse engineering services, and network pre-planning and staging for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

July 2004 Oct. 2004 Arcata Associates / NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB User and workstation migration project at a high security complex: transitioned approx. 800 users and PCs from Windows 2000 to XP with minimal disruption.

American Home Equity Corporation


Network Consultant Managed network re-addressing and upgrade project for corporate offices and remote users.

Irvine, CA.

EDUCATION Studies in Information Technology Stanbridge College Irvine, CA.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Ongoing studies Emphasis on Cisco Service Provider (SP) studies