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Actor/Actress Talent Agency Agreement

This agreement is entered into by and between ________ Talent Agency (the "Agent") and
_______________ (the "Actor/Actress").
1. Actor/Actress hereby engages Agent as sole and exclusive agent for a term of _______ (__)
months commencing with the date hereof (the "term").
. Agent!s duties hereunder shall be to use reasonable efforts to "rocure and or negotiate the
engagement of Actor/Actress!s services as an ___________ in the entertainment# concerts#
recording# stage# film# television# literary and related fields throughout the world# including but
not limited to merchandising# advertising# interactive media or any other technology now in
existence or hereafter utili$ed. Agent may advice and counsel artist in the develo"ment or
advancement of artist%s "rofessional career.
&. Agent agrees to "erform the services s"ecified herein. Actor/Actress understands that Agent
may render other or similar services to other "ersons# firms and cor"orations. Actor/Actress
re"resents that he/she is free to enter into this Agreement and does not have and will not have
any contract or obligation that will conflict herewith.
'. Actor/Actress agrees to "ay Agent ____( "er)cent of the gross com"ensation (shall not exceed
ten "er)cent of the com"ensation "ayable to Actor/Actress exce"t for em"loyment in concert
fields# which shall not exceed twenty "er cent) earned or received by Actor/Actress for# or in
connection with*
(i) any contracts for# or engagements of# Actor/Actress services (collectively and individually
hereinafter sometimes referred to as "em"loyment") now in existence# exce"t to such extent that
Actor/Actress may be obligated to "ay commission on such contracts to another agent# or
contracts entered into or negotiated for during the term# including# but not limited to# all gross
com"ensation therefrom# and "ayments thereon# that are earned or received by Actor/Actress or
become due or "ayable to Actor/Actress after the ex"iration of the term# and
(ii) for# or in connection with# the negotiation or renegotiation of an original or "re) existing
contract# including modifications# renewals# additions# substitutions# su""lements# re"lacements#
or extensions of or to such contracts# and as a result thereof the Actor/Actress enters into a
negotiated or renegotiated contract.
Agent shall continue to "erform obligations hereunder after the term with res"ect to all
em"loyment with res"ect to which Agent is entitled to commission# "rovided artist ex"ressly
re+uests Agent to do so.
",ross com"ensation" includes all forms of com"ensation# money# things of value or other
emoluments (including# but not limited to# salaries# earnings# fees# residuals# royalties# securities
and shares of "rofits or gross recei"ts) received by Actor/Actress or any "erson# firm or
cor"oration# "artnershi"# -oint venture or other entity now or hereafter owned or controlled by
Actor/Actress (hereafter "my firm") or in which Actor/Actress may have any right# title or
interest# from such contracts or engagements and modifications# renewals# additions#
substitutions# su""lements# re"lacements# and extensions of or to such contracts or engagements#
whether or not "rocured by Agent or by anyone else as well as from any form of advertising#
commercial tie)u"s or infomercials using Actor/Actress%s name# li.eness# or voice.
/. Agent%s commissions under this Agreement shall be "ayable as and when gross com"ensation
is received by Actor/Actress or any other "erson or entity on Actor/Actress%s behalf. 0rom all
gross com"ensation sub-ect to this Agreement which Agent receives# Agent shall have the right
to deduct the amount of any and all commissions that are due and "ayable to Agent hereunder or
under any other re"resentation agreement between Actor/Actress and Agent. Agent will "rovide
artist with a recei"t for all fees# de"osits# consideration or "ayment which agency receives on
behalf of Actor/Actress. 1uch recei"t will "rovide the date and amount of fees# de"osit or
"ayment and the "ur"ose for which it was "aid# and the signature of the "erson receiving the
2. 3n the event of failure of Actor/Actress to obtain em"loyment or a bona fide offer therefor
from a res"onsible em"loyer# in the fields of endeavor s"ecified in this agreement for a "eriod of
time in excess of four consecutive months# such failure shall be deemed cause for the termination
of the agreement by either "arty4 "rovided# however# that the Actor/Actress shall at all times
during the "eriod of four consecutive months be ready# willing# able and available and to render
the services re+uired in connection therewith. 5otices of intention of either "arty to terminate
must be given in writing to the last .nown address of said "arty. 3n the event Actor/Actress
acce"ts em"loyment "rior to any written notice of termination# said right of termination is
deemed waived as to all "ast "eriods of unem"loyment but not as to future four consecutive
months of em"loyment.
6. 3f within four months after the end of the term hereof# Actor/Actress acce"ts any offer on
terms similar or reasonably com"arable to any offer made to Actor/Actress during the term
hereof# from or through the same offeror or any "erson# firm or cor"oration directly or indirectly
connected with such offeror# the contract resulting therefrom (oral or written) shall be sub-ect to
all of the terms hereof# including the "ayment "rovisions of 7aragra"h ' and / above. As to the
"roceeds of any motion "icture# film# ta"e# wire# transcri"tion# recording# or other re"roduction
of Actor/Actress services covered by this Agreement# Agent%s right to "ayment under 7aragra"h
' and / shall continue so long as any of these are used# sold# leased# or otherwise dis"osed of#
whether during or after the term hereof. Additionally if Actor/Actress enter into any em"loyment
agreement which would have been otherwise covered by this Agreement within four months
after the termination hereof# and such em"loyment agreement was "rocured or substantially
negotiated through the efforts or services of the Agent# such em"loyment contract shall be
deemed to have been entered into during the term hereof.
897T395A:; <. All dis"utes and controversies of every .ind and nature whatsoever between the
Agency and Actor/Actress arising out of# or in connection with# Agent%s re"resentation of
Actor/Actress (the =Agency >elationshi"")# including but not limited to commission dis"utes#
shall be submitted in a timely manner to final and binding arbitration before a single arbitrator
regardless of whether either "arty has terminated or "ur"orted to terminate the Agency
>elationshi". 1aid arbitration shall be in accordance with rules of the arbitration "rovisions of
the _______________ 8?@991A 95A* ABA>3?A5 A>C3T>AT395 A119?3AT395 (AAA)
9> DAB1;.
The Agency and Actor/Actress will attem"t to mutually agree on an arbitrator within &E days
after either "arty first notifies the other in writing that it intends to invo.e the arbitration
"rocedures and they will utili$e rules of the ______ "rocedures for selection of an arbitrator only
if the "arties fail to mutually agree. Any award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any
court having -urisdiction thereof. T@A 7A>T3A1 FA3GA T@A >3,@T T9 A T>3A: CH DI>H
35 ?955A?T395 F3T@ A5H 1I?@ ?95T>9GA>1H 9> ?:A3B.
J. This instrument# together with any forms the Agent and Actor/Actress execute# sets forth the
entire agreement with res"ect to the fields of endeavor recited in 7aragra"h of this Agreement.
This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding u"on Actor/Actress and Agent and
res"ective heirs# distributees# executors# and administrators.
1E. 1hould any "rovision of this Agreement be void or unenforceable for any reason# such
"rovision shall be deemed omitted and this Agreement with such "rovision omitted shall remain
in full force and effect. This Agreement does not modify any "rovision in any union or guild
agency agreement governing services herein# "rovided that the agent is signatory to the
union/guild and the artist is a member of such union/guild.
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