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By : Sheila Meirizka
Along with the development of technology, people can get their needs easily.
However, it causes a human being not concerned with their friends, relatives, and also their
People nowadays only focused on what they need, if people have found what they
need they become not respect with others. For example, if we see people in a restaurant,
theyre not focused with their friends who talk with them. People only focused on their
gadget. As a person in society, its really annoying for me but sometimes Im like that too.
Yup, but nothings perfect. Globalization change anything. In fact, humans need to care about
the various aspects of life. In another aspect, we need to concern about our environment.
And for now, we need to think about our environment. As you can see, theres a lot of
cars in the highway. In a big city like Jakarta, the supply of the clean air is not enough. But
not only in Jakarta. It also makes the city around Jakarta being like that, such as Bandung. But
now, in an era globalization, a small city like Solo, Jogja, Malang, and etc also get traffic jam
in the highway. The temperature in city get hotter because the effect of global warming. The
more pollution is released, the hotter temperature we get. And if nothing gonna change, I
think our world will be end soon.
We need to do something together to change it. We need to concern about our
environment. In Ensiklopedia Bahasa Indonesia,
environment is a combination of physical
conditions which include the state of natural resources such as water, solar energy, minerals,
as well as the flora and fauna that grow above ground or in the lake, with institutional
covering human creation as decisions on how to use the physical environment. The
environment consists of the biotic and abiotic components. Component of the abiotic
component is all that lifeless such as soil, air, water, etc. While the biotic components are all
things that live as human, animal, plant and micro-organisms. It will be a good environment if
theres a balance between that components.
Our would getting worse because our own behaviour. We forgot that our world wont
be long lasting if we always damaged it. We didnt have the ethics of environment. And these
are principles of the fundamental ethics of environment by Sonny Keraf:
the attitude of
respect for nature, the principles of responsibility, solidarity, loving and awareness of nature,
didnt harm, live simply and in harmony with nature, justice, democracy, and moral integrity.
From the explanation above, I think this is the time, the time to change. When we got
an useful technology because globalization, we also need to be more care with our

environment. We can start to a simplest thing like throwing litter in its place, try to using a
bycyle if we go to somewhere, try to not using a plastic bag but use a fabric bag, and etc. It is
beautiful to have a modern life but also have a good environment, right? So lets change it!

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