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Gillispies Class
Biology Syllabus
Topics covered in this class:
Unit 1 Biological Principles Themes of Biology, Scientific Method, Research
Unit 2 Biochemistry Composition of Matter, Carbon Compounds,
Energy Transformations, Reactions & Enzymes
Unit 3 Cell Structure & unction Parts of Plant!"nimal Cells, "cti#e!Passi#e
Transport, Multicellular $rganization
Unit 4 Photosynthesis & Respiration Cal#in Cycle, %rebs Cycle, &lycolysis,
Unit 5 '(", R(", Protein Synthesis Structure of '(", Chromosomes and '("
Replication, Transcription, Translation
Unit 6 Cell Cycle Cell &ro)th, Cell 'i#ision, Mitosis, Meiosis
Unit 7 *eredity &enetic Crosses, Chromosomes and +nheritance,
*uman &enetics, Technology
Unit 8 E#olution The *istory of ,ife, E#idence of E#olution,
E#olution of Populations and Species
Unit 9 Ecology Biosphere, Ecosystems, Communities, Energy
lo), Symbiosis, Biogeochemical Cycles
Unit 10 Population &ro)th *uman Population &ro)th, *umans in the
Biosphere, The Biodi#ersity Crisis
Unit 11 Classification, -iruses & Bacteria *istory of Ta.onomy, Modern Phylogenetic
Ta.onomy, 'ichotomous %eys, %ingdoms
Unit 12 "nimalia %ingdom !*uman Biology

+n#ertebrates, Chordates, (er#ous System,
S/eletal System, Muscular System
0123 inal E.am 4End $f Course State Testing5
6123 E.ams & 7uizzes, Pro8ects9
6123 ,abs, *ome)or/, in:class )or/9
+ strongly encourage each of you to use +nfinite Campus to /eep close trac/ of your
grades as they are posted9 +t is your responsibility to /eep trac/ of your grades9
Class Procedres:
;9 Be in your seat by the bell: sharpen pencils and get your binder!noteboo/s!boo/s
BE$RE class9
09 The complete daily agenda )ill al)ays be listed on the board9 Begin )or/ing on the
first item )hen the bell rings9
<9 Please be respectful of e#eryone in class and raise your hand if you ha#e a =uestion or
69 %eep your cell phones, MP< players, iPods, iPads, etc9 put a)ay at all times unless
you are gi#en specific instructions to use them during a class acti#ity9
>9 +f )e are ha#ing a lab or acti#ity, all stations must be cleaned and returned to their
original positions before + )ill dismiss the class9
!hat i" # $iss a da% o" school&
+f you are absent the day of an e.am or =uiz, you must approach me and ma/e:up the
e.am )ithin three school days after your return9 "ny e.am not made up )ithin three
school days )ill be graded a 19
+f you are absent the day BE$RE an e.am, you are still e.pected to ta/e the e.am )ith
the class 4e.cept in the case of e.tended absences59
+t )ill al)ays be ?$@R RESP$(SB+,+T? to find out )hat you missed9 "s/ me or as/
your peers9 ?ou )ill ha#e an appropriate amount of time to ma/e up your missed )or/9
+f the )or/ is not completed and turned in, that =ualifies for an automatic zero9 Dont
wait for me to remind you of your make-up work!
Trnin' (or) in on ti$e
Ahen an assignment is posted, assume the assignment is due the first thing ne.t class
meeting @(,ESS + post a different due date9 "lmost all in:class assignments )ill be due
the ne.t day9
+n:class assignments may be collected at the end of a class period: pro8ects may allo) up
to 0 )ee/s time9 "l)ays )rite the '@E '"TE at the top of the page for a reminderB
,ate )or/ )ill not be acceptedB +f your assignment is half finished, turn in )hat you
ha#e completed9
*e+ired ,aterials
?ou should ha#e at least a ;C binder designated for Biology to /eep your notes, labs,
handouts, etc9 Being $R&"(+DE' )ill ma/e your life much easier in this classB
Bring a pen and pencil to class every dayB +f you use mechanical pencils, carry an
emergency )ooden pencil for a bac/:up9
Te.t boo/s )ill be left in the classroom but you ha#e the option of signing out a boo/
for a ma.imum of three days at a time9 +f you feel li/e you need a boo/ at home for
the entire semester, 8ust as/ and +Cll ha#e a boo/ permanently assigned to you and it
)ill be due at the end of the school year9
The policies and rules listed in this syllabus are in addition to *enry Clay *igh School policies,
including the school policy on tardiness, electronic de#ices and attendance9