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7th Sept 2014
External Dose Forms
- Cosmoceucal Formulaon
& Manufacturing
by Mark Webb
A day long workshop overviewing ex-
ternal dose forms their formulaon,
manufacture & applicaon.
Aer publishing Bush Sense - Australian Es-
senal Oils & Aromac Compounds in 2000
Mark went on to lecture for the next 6 years at
ACNT, Sydney and also TAFE NSW.
In 2007 he relocated to Brisbane, to take up
a consulng role within the Biotechnology in-
dustry specialising in the research, develop-
ment, formulaon, quality management and
manufacturing of aromac products.
For the past three years Mark has been private-
ly consulng to the food, beverage, essenal
oils and personal care industries. He has also
lectured at The Health Arts College, Melbourne
in Aromac Medicine and Aromatherapy.
He is a full member of the Australian Cosmec
Chemists Associaon and a member of their
Naturals & Organics working group.
Mark is currently working on his new book
Aromac Cuisine Food as Medicine which
combines two of his life passions aromacs &
food. He is also working upon the long awaited
2nd Edion of Bush Sense.
External Dose Forms Workshop $198 (GST
inc.) per person
Combined with Aromac Cuisine Workshop
$297 (GST inc.) per person
Includes full lecture notes, aendance cer-
cate (for CPE) and morning & aernoon teas.
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So why would you want to make your own per-
sonal care or cosmec products anyway?
To tailor the product(s) to your requirements
and control what actually goes into them is
probably the biggest reason.
To formulate products from the ground up to
be therapeuc in nature - where every ingre-
dient is there for a specic reason & purpose.
These cosmoceucal products can be very
powerful therapeuc agents, parcularly when
tailor made for an individuals needs, rather
than for the very typical mass market/lowest
cost scenario, where ingredients are in the for-
mula at less than ideal levels to make what are
called label claims.
To cost eecvely prepare products for end cli-
ent treatments at a fracon of the cost of simi-
lar or oen lower quality commercial products.
To gain enjoyment from the formulaon and
manufacturing of products for clients, family &
Workshop Content:
Cosmec Chemistry 101 - Learn about the
dierent classes of ingredients generally
found within each type of cosmec or per-
sonal care product and how they aect the
appearance, texture and skin feel of these
types of products.
Therapeuc formulaon - Learn how to for-
mulate cosmoceucal products and make
appropriate selecons of ingredients that t
the required therapeuc outcome, product
look and feel and client requirements.
Emulsions - Since 80% of all cosmecs are
emulsion based we will spend some me
looking at the basic types of emulsions, the
history and developmental chemistry behind
how emulsions science has developed over
the years. From Cold Cream to the latest
polymer based high end products.
Balms & Ointments - Learn when a balm or
ointment is the beer choice as a delivery
vehicle compared to other external dose
forms. Discover just how simple (or com-
plex) these products can be and the best and
quickest methods for manufacture.
Spritzs - Oen mes a liquid based spray-
able soluon is the most appropriate deliv-
ery method, a good example is an aer sun
(sunburn) cooling & hydrang mist. In this
secon we will look at the types of surfac-
tants & emulsiers suitable for this type of
product, the uses for spritz based products
and some sample formula.
Gels & Serums - Another important class of
cosmec ingredients are the hydrocolloids.
These substances act as thickening or gelling
agents and viscosity modiers. We will look
at a variety of naturally derived and man-
made hydrocolloids and see when each is
appropriate across a variety of applicaons
and uses.
Preservaon - Dealing with microbial con-
taminaon and product stability are key
points to address within formulaon. We
will look at the opons available.
By the end of this workshop you should feel
competent to:
Understand the various types of chemi-
cal components found within a variety of
cosmec & personal care products.
Understand the therapeuc formulaon
technique & apply it to the formulaon
of external dose forms.
Discover when each external dose form
is appropriate and for what type of dis-
eases or condions each is best suited.
Venue - Om Shan College
2a Barker St, Gri th Shops,
Gri th ACT 2603
Ph: (02) 6281 6181
From 9am ll 5pm (1 hr. for lunch)
Aromatic Cuisine
- Food as Medicine
6th Sept 2014
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