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Itar Yonis have always been a mysterios an! titillatin" sb#e$t

%or many in this worl!& 't there are some $ora"eos (erson
havin" stron" will (ower who have even (t his li%e in !an"er
an! ma!e ( min! to !o resear$h in this !ire$tion an! have
move! ahea! in their en!eavors& An! whenever s$h thin"s
have ha((ene!) they have e*(erien$e! s$h e*(erien$es whi$h
$an be $alle! meta(hysi$al) those moments where they have to
$hoose between li%e an! !eath& I% seen in real sense) then it is
not a((ro(riate to $arry ot s$h (ro$e!res withot any
"i!an$e or $orre$t "i!e or ne$essary se$rity (ro$e!re& 't
history is $reate! by only those who moves beyon! $ora"e
an! "oes till its +nal limits& ,a!hna worl! is enli"htene! by the
%a$ts (rovi!e! by them who have $onsi!ere! li%e to be live!
with $om(leteness rather than #st (assin" it an! have never
hesitate!& Thro"h this e*(erien$e) yo will -now the nee! o%
a((ro(riate (ro$e!re an! assistin" a$tivity& An! those who
(lay with it withot a((ro(riate se$rity (ro$e!re) %or them.&
Is Aatma Aavahan $orre$t) we have alrea!y !is$sse! re"ar!in"
it& An! now is the time to n!erstan! tre e*(erien$e..This
tre in$i!ent was tol! to me by %amos an! $om(etent Tantra
,a!ha- o% Varanasi) ,hri Arn /mar ,harma 0i& The time when
he was !ee(ly !oin" resear$h on Aatma Aavahan an! were
"ettin" !ire$tly intro!$e! to meta(hysi$al e*(erien$es alon"
with titillatin" %a$ts& He ma!e ( his min! to $onta$t one very
hi"h1level sol an! %or this (r(ose) one !ay he starte!
(ro$e!re on one me!im in se$on! (hase o% ni"ht& Pro$e!re
ha! to be s$$ess%l sin$e his motive was to e*(lore abot
Meta(hysi$al worl! thro"h that sol rather than !oin" it %or
entertainment& ,$h in%ormation $ol! only be $allin" hi"h1level
sol& ,ol arrive! in that me!im an! now the me!im was
n!er $om(lete $ontrol o% sol& A%ter some (reliminary
2estions1answers) sol re2este! water %or !rin-in" thro"h
that me!im&
,harma #i halte! %or some time a%ter tellin" it& He tol! that at
that time I saw that there was no !rin-in" water available in
se$rity $ir$le& An! "oin" otsi!e se$rity $ir$le %or water was
!ire$t invitation to !eath sin$e sol whose aavahan ha! been
!one was havin" hi"h1level $a(abilities& Then that sol sai!
that I wish to ta-e him %or some time be$ase it is ne$essary %or
me to visit some (la$es to!ay an! I will retrn ba$- very soon&
,harma 0i !i! not have any other o(tion then to "ive a((roval&
A%ter some time) sol sai! thro"h the me!im that I have
retrne!& Please "ive me water) my throat is very !ry& Hrry (&
,harma #i sai! that in some way or the other) while sittin" in
se$rity $ir$le I trie! to (ll the water m" (la$e! otsi!e that
$ir$le& 't while !oin" it) m" tilte! an! all water %eel on
"ron!& Now what to be !one& ,harma 0i sai! that I saw that
eyes o% me!im have altere! an! there is white %oam li-e
material $omin" %rom his moth&
't why it ha((ene!& 3hen I as-e!) he tol! me that s(irital
level o% $alle! sol was m$h more than that o% me!im an!
that sol was so (ower%l that he $an netralise any (rayo"
within se$on!& 't I tho"ht that it will ha((en within some
mintes& 't it too- a lot o% time an! now the $ir$mstan$es
were $om(letely be$omin" a!verse& Now I was not "ettin" any
soltion to move ot o% this (roblem& An! it seeme! that this
me!im $an !ie any moment& That time) I was rememberin"
neither the Mantra nor the (ro$e!re be$ase time was almost
over& Then withot thin-in" at all) I threw the rosary whi$h I
always wore in my ne$- on me!im& ,he "ot a blow an!
tmble! on 4oor& That sol le%t instantaneosly be$ase this
rosary was ener"ise! by hi!!en (ro$e!re an! ha! been
witness o% my varios sa!hnas&
3hen sitation restore! to normal) I as-e! me!im whether
she has e*(erien$e! somethin"& ,he "ave me !es$ri(tion o%
s$h (la$es whi$h he has not seen be%ore& 't a%ter this) I (t
an en! to even thin- o% !oin" s$h (rayo" on any me!im an!
starte! sin" other hi"h1level (ro$e!res&