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P O K E M O N R U B Y / S A P P H I R E

HI N T S :
A N Y T H I N G ( V I NA Y ) :
Battle Tower: See r!e"#:
Note: This trick requires a link cable. Mix records with at least three friends. Then,
go in the Battle Tower. In one of the battles, you might see three of your friends
!okemon. "ou can tell if your friend named it or the mo#es are similar. In mixing
records, there are ways you can tell that it really is your friend. In the M.$. room,
there are four different color slots: red, green, blue, and yellow. If your friend
went in red slot, then he%she is a &ooltrainer. 'or exam(le, when battling in the
Battle Tower it should say )&ooltrainer *your friends name+ wants to fight,). "ou
can also choose who you are.
Information in this section was contributed by -ndre .eward.
$ed: &ooltrainer
Blue: $ichboy
0reen: Bug catcher
$%&l!"' Roa#: Se&ret Tra!"er:
"ou may ha#e noticed a head (o((ing out of the trees when you are on &ycling
$oad. .he does not ha#e a bike, but she is in &ycling $oad. 1se the following
ste(s to find her. 'irst, go to the Mau#ille &ity cycling road entrance and enter
&ycling $oad. "ou should see an o(ening between the trees. "ou should see a
trainer without a bike and then battle her. Note: 2o not use fighting !okemon in
battle as she is a !sychic.
Information in this section was contributed by .wee &hoo 3ng.
$%&l!"' Roa#: B!(e ra&!"':
0o to the .easide &ycling $oad 4ust below Mau#ille on $oute 556. 1se the Mach
Bike . .tart at the to( and go down as fast as you can and try not to crash . -t the
bottomm a (erson will tell you your time and how many times you crashed.
Information in this section was contributed by 'lunky.
Dewor# Tow": Ea)% tra!"!"':
Talk to the man by the gym. 7e will gi#e you the 3ld $od. -fterwards, go to the
ocean east of town. 1se the 3ld $od and battle Magicar(s. 8ee( using this
technique until you get your !okemon to higher le#els.
Information in this section was contributed by (okefreak.
*allar+or Tow": E'':
0o to the hot s(ring and talk to the old lady to get an egg.
Information in this section was contributed by 7iyoto.
,a-ar!#'e: Rea&. -ol&a"o:
"ou can tra#el u( the rugged (ath from 9a#aridge to the #olcano by ho((ing u(
the stone lines on a -cro bike. They are round stones in a straight line of no more
than fi#e on e#ery ledge going down.
Information in this section was contributed by bestlaw66:.
,!l%&o-e $!t%: $lear O/t Sale:
-fter you become the cham(ion of The ;lite 'our, go to 9ilyco#e &ity. ;nter the
huge market on the roof. 3n certain days, there will be a &lear 3ut .ale with good
items for a .ecret 7ideout.
Information in this section was contributed by Michael.
,!l%&o-e $!t%: E0tra &a":
<hen you sa#e u( enough money, go to the roof of the 9illyco#e 2e(artment
.tore and buy == 'resh <aters, 9emonades, and .odas in a row. ;#ery so often,
you will see a message that reads ).core, the machine dro((ed an extra can,) or
something similar. This is useful, as all three ty(es are #ery chea( and effecti#e
healing items. "ou can sa#e a little extra money by getting the bonus cans.
Information in this section was contributed by ste#en lewis.
,!l%&o-e $!t%: *a"):
2efeat the ;lite 'our, then go to the fan club house in 9ilyco#e &ity. Three (eo(le
will congratulate you and become your biggest fans.
Information in this section was contributed by 8en <right.
<hen you com(lete the !okemon 9eague, you will ha#e three or four fans. If you
notice, the (eo(le on the to( (art of the building will say that they like other
trainers better than you. 7owe#er, once you ca(ture about 5>? !okemon, two of
those fans will become your fans. 3nce you ha#e all @66 !okemon, they will all
become your fans.
Information in this section was contributed by .ergio Torres.
,!l%&o-e $!t%: Ga1e *rea(:
-fter defeating the ;lite 'our, go to 9ilyco#e &ity. 0o into the inn and talk to the
man there. 7e talks about some (eo(le who call themsel#es 0ame 'reak. If you
go u(stairs you will find them, 4ust like in &eledon &ity in Pokemon Red, Blue,
and Yellow. -lso, go in front of the inn kee(er watching tele#ision. 7e will get mad
and yell, )7ey you, down in front, Mo#e I cant see the tele#ision,).
Information in this section was contributed by Nights 2reamer.
,!l%&o-e $!t%: Ea)% lotto w!":
<hen you go to the 9illyco#e 2e(artment .tore, sa#e the game at the front desk
where you draw a lotto ticket. 2raw your lotto ticket. If it is a losing ticket, turn off
the game and try again.
Information in this section was contributed by mac6?=5.
,!l%&o-e $!t%: Ite1):
3nce you go to Team -quas or Magmas hideout in 9ilyco#e &ity, do not lea#e
until you ha#e collected the Master Ball, ;lectrode, and Nugget.
Information in this section was contributed by 7aAaseg maron.
,!l%&o-e $!t%: Art 1/)e/1:
In the northwest corner of 9ilyco#e &ity, there is an art museum. "ou can talk to
the curator of the museum on the second floor. There are fi#e blank (aintings on
the second floor. The curator will tell you that he is looking for modern art
creations. "ou can fill the (aintings with (ictures of your !okemon. ;ach of the
(ictures re(resents one of the ty(es of contests: &ool *red border+, Beauty *blue
border+, &ute *(ink border+, .mart *green border+, and Tough *yellow border+.
"our !okemon must be at least at le#el B6 *B? for Tough+ to get (ictures
com(leted. "our !okemon must also ha#e eaten all the !okeblocks it can. "ou
must win the master rank !okemon contest with the abo#e requirements. -fter
you winning it, an artist will a((ear at the stairway to the contests, and will show
you a (icture they made, saying that they were s(urred to make them better than
usual due to your !okemons fantastic a((eals. They will ask whether you want to
ha#e it (ut in the art museum. .ay )"es), and you will find it on the second floor.
<hen you ha#e filled all the (aintings, there will be (eo(le there, and if you talk to
the curator, he will gi#e you a 0lass 3rnament as thanks for filling u( the (ictures.
The 0lass 3rnament is a glass #ersion of a statue of a !idgeot that can be (ut in
your .ecret Base.
Information in this section was contributed by bestlaw66:.
,!l%&o-e $!t%: Tea1 A2/a/Ma'1a3) .!#eo/t:
3nce you get to 9ilyco#e &ity, you will notice your enemy team is u( to something.
They say they will head to Mt. !yre and you will see them walking away. "ou must
follow them. "ou will go inside the mountain, which is Mt. !yre. <hen you get in,
you will notice this is where !okemon are buried. 2o not go u( the stairs or you
will get lost. 0o to the exit on the left *on the first floor+. To find the exit, walk u(
a few ste(s, then turn left. <hen you get out, go north. 9ater, you will battle
them. <hen you win, you will see that your enemy contains the 3rb. Next, the
team runs away and you will get the 3rb *Blue forPokemon Sapphire and $ed
for Pokemon Ruby+. 0o to .late(ort &ity. 9ater, when you get there, talk to
&a(tain .tern. Then suddenly, your enemy will steal &a(tain .terns submarine.
-fter that, go to 'ortree &ity and head south on $outes 5@6 and 5@5. 'inally, when
you get to 9ilyco#e &ity, heal at the !okemon &enter, then battle May%Brandon at
the 2e(artment store. 7er%his !okemon are: .wellow le#elB5, Numel le#el B@,
<ailmer le#el B@ and her%his strong one. If you choose Mudki(, she will use
.ce(tile. If you ha#e Treeko, she will use BlaAiken. if you chose Torchic, she will
use .wam(ert. <hen you defeat her, sa#e the game and heal. Then, go to the to(
of 9ilyco#e &ity and s(eak to the gentleman for a 'ree Berry. -fter you s(eak to
him, go right then down. "ou will see a house. 0o inside for the TM .lee(. 0o out,
talk to the old man, and he will tell you where the enemy base is located. <hen
done, surf north until you cannot go further, then go to the right. "ou will see a
ca#e. <hen you enter it, you are in your enemys base. Note: 2o not get this
confused with .hoal &a#e.
Information in this section was contributed by Cimmytly.
Ma/-!lle $!t%: De&orat!o" Tra#er:
0o to the Mau#ille &ity !okemon &enter to trade decorations. Trade it with a
craAyDhaired man on the left of the !okemon &enter *first floor+ near the
bookshelf. "ou must ha#e all eight Badges for him to a((ear. 7e has a 2uskull
2oll, Ball &usion, a tire, and !retty 'lowers. .elect anything desired and trade him
something that you do not want.
Information in this section was contributed by Cimmytly.
Ma/-!lle $!t%: U"!#e"t!!e# e'':
0o to the west of Mau#ille &ity and .urf. 0o to the grass and kee( looking until
you find a )/) as a !okemon. The egg should hatch when you find it in a box or in
your grou(. Its name will be )Bad ;00). The egg will take a long time to hatch.
Note: "ou must defeat the ;lite 'our and fight in the Battle Tower to find it.
Information in this section was contributed by Coel &arrillo.
Ma/-!lle $!t%: Stro"' Po(e1o":
-fter catching a !okemon, go to Mau#ille &ity. 0et the Mach Bike. !ut one or two
!okemon in the 2aycare. .te( on your bike and ride 4ust a little bit and go back to
the 2aycare. "our !okemon will be stronger.
Information in this section was contributed by sarda (remsoekh.
Ma/-!lle $!t%: Ea)% e04er!e"&e:
In Mau#ille, there are trainers who will rematch you. $ide the bike for about
fifteen or twenty minutes then talk to the trainers you already fought. $e(eat this
until your !okemon are le#el 566.
Information in this section was contributed by Aachfamilyguy=E.
M!ra'e I)la"#:
0o to !acificlog Town and talk to the old man facing out the window. If he does
not see it, get different !okemon. The required !okemon are random in each
game. If he sees it, surf right until you see the island. <ynaut are the only wild
!okemon on this island.
Information in this section was contributed by nicholas5.
In order to access Mirage Island, you need a Mirage friendly I2. <hen you start a
new game, a randomly generated Mirage number is created. If one of your
!okemons I2 numbers matches the Mirage number, you can go to it. 3n Mirage
Island, you can find 9eichi Berries *which only grow there+ and <ynauts.
Information in this section was contributed by 2iony $osa.
Train a grou( of !okemon to high le#els. Then, defeat the ;lite 'our and go to the
man in !acifalog Town that tells you if he sees Mirage island. If he says he does
not, re(eat these ste(s until he says that he sees it.
Information in this section was contributed by 0ofurhill.
Mo))#ee4 $!t%: S.oal $a-e:
'ly to Mossdee( &ity and surf north. 'ind two girls that are on an island with water
on their feet. If you want to battle them, you can. Northeast of them is a ca#e
o(ening. This is the o(ening for .hoal &a#e. The ca#ern is .hoal &a#e.
Information in this section was contributed by .kuleye5.
Mo))#ee4 $!t%: S.oal Bell:
To get .hoal Bell, fly to Mossdee( &ity and .urf to the north of the gym. 9ook for
an island with twins on it. 0o inside the ca#e there. If it is low tide, tra#el through
the ca#e and get four .hoal .alt. 9ea#e and return in six hours and it will be high
tide. <hen it is high tide, tra#el through and get four .hoal .hells. 0o to the first
room in the ca#e and gi#e the (erson the .hoal .alt and .hoal .hells and he will
make the .hoal Bell. The bell is a hold item that restores when you attack. "ou
can also find .(heel in the ca#e. .(heel is the first form of <alrein, 0lacia of the
;lite 'ours best !okemon.
Information in this section was contributed by &asketdude.
Mo))#ee4 $!t%: S.oal $a-e: Sa1e t!#e le-el:
This trick only works when it is low tide in the .hoal &a#e. <hen it is low tide, go
into the .hoal &a#e and sa#e the game. if you turn it back on, no matter what
time it is, it will still be low tide until you lea#e the ca#e. This also works if you
want it to stay at high tide. 7owe#er, as soon as you lea#e the ca#e will return to
whate#er tide it is scheduled to be at. Its schedule is as follows:
Information in this section was contributed by -dam Mc&lain.
B a.m. to = a.m.: 9ow Tide
= a.m. to B (.m.: 7igh Tide
B (.m. to = (.m.: 9ow Tide
= (.m. to B a.m.: 7igh Tide
Petal+/r' $!t%: M%)ter% e-e"t:
0o to the !okemon &enter in !etalburg &ity. Talk to the man next to the com(uter.
Tell him )M".T;$" ;F;NT I. ;G&ITIN0). the man will mention that you entered
the secret message. Turn off the 0ame Boy -d#ance. Insert an eD$eader in one
0ame Boy -d#ance,Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire in a second 0ame Boy -d#ance,
and link them together. .wi(e the card in the eD$eader and (ress A on 0ame Boy
-d#ance with Pokemon Rubyor Sapphire. .a#e the game. 0o to the old mans
house in Mossdee( &ity, and Nils or -strid should be there. &hallenge them to a
Information in this section was contributed by T-Hfan?6E6 and sni(er wild.
1se the following ste(s to acti#ating Mystery ;#ents. "ou need two 0ame Boy
-d#ances, a Nintendo eD$eader, a 0ame Boy -d#ance link cable, and Pokemon
Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire. "ou must ha#e at least fi#e badges. 2efeat Norman,
then #isit the !okemon &enter in !etalburg &ity and talk to the (erson next to the
!&. <hen he asks for a (rofile, enter )M".T;$" ;F;NT I. ;G&ITIN0).
!ress Sele&t for more word o(tions. 7e will say you are a club member of the
Mystery ;#ent &lub. .a#e your game and turn off your 0ame Boy -d#ance. Turn
on your game. -t the )&ontinue 0ame), )New 0ame) and o(tions screen, it will
read ) Mystery ;#ent). Take one 0ame Boy -d#ance, (ut in the game, take your
other 0ame Boy -d#ance, (ut in your eD$eader, and link them u(. The eD$eader is
on to(, with a 0ame Boy -d#ance on to(, with an .! between the , and Rbehind
the screen.. "ou will ha#e to scan the card. If you scan a Berry, go to Norman to
recei#e it. If a trainer is scanned, go to Mossdee(. ;nter the house to the lower
right of the !okemon &enter. The door that was locked will now be o(en. Talk to
the old man standing in front of the door. The trainer you scanned will be waiting
in the center of the room. .ome battleDe trainers also a((ear in Battle Tower.
Note: "ou can scan all you want, but the only challenge you will ha#e in the room
is the last one scanned. if you win, the trainer will disa((ear, taking you out of the
Information in this section was contributed by 8yle !feffer.
Ro/te 556: Ea)!er Po(e*a") w!":
If you battle the two !oke'ans standing next to each other *entering from
.late(ort &ity+ se(arately, their !okemon are less (owerful.
Information in this section was contributed by Huriki.
Saar! 7o"e: Kee4 e"&o/"ter!"' Po(e1o":
"ou must ha#e the -cro bike to do this trick. ;nter the area with the desired
!okemon, then hold B. "ou will start 4um(ing, but do not mo#e. -fter each battle,
hold B without mo#ing and you can still encounter !okemon. This effect ends once
you run out of .afari Balls. Bunny ho((ing the bike will not count as ste(s,
allowing your to remain in the .afari Hone longer.
Information in this section was contributed by -aron &. and cal#in.anslow.
1se the following trick to go in the .afari Hone and get a !okemon without getting
(ut out. 'irst go in some grass. Then, find one little (iece of grass that you like.
Mo#e from left to right in the same little )(iece of grass). "ou will get attacked
normally, but your s(ace will not run u(.
Information in this section was contributed by Bluebasket@.
&atch a 3ddish and train it until it learns .weet .cent. Then, go to the .afari Hone
and go to the nearest (atch of grass. 1se .weet .cent and a !okemon will a((ear.
<hen you are finished, 4ust use it re(eatedly. "ou !okeballs will run out, and you
will ha#e exit, but you will get more time.
Information in this section was contributed by .iriusBlack566.
If you catch a Tro(ius on $oute 55=, it will know .weet .cent. "ou can go to the
.afari Hone and use .weet .cent when in tall grass *or anywhere else !okemon
can be caught+. - !okemon will come out e#ery time. .ometimes #ery rare ones
will a((ear.
Information in this section was contributed by 8atanacraAe.
Saar! 7o"e: U"l!1!te# t!1e:
0et the -cro Bike from the Mau#ille &ity bike sho(. 0o to the .afari Hone. 0et into
the grass. Take out your bike and bunny ho( in a single (lace by holding B.
Information in this section was contributed by dancingbuffalo?I.
S(% P!llar:
To get to .ky !illar, go right of !acifidlog Town. "ou will see an o(ening when you
go east, u( toward the rock. "ou will see a AigAag line with rocks forming it. "ou
ha#e now found .ky !illar.
Information in this section was contributed by .kuleye5.
Slate4ort $!t%: E"er'% G/r/:
-fter defeating the ;lite 'our, watch the TFs. ;#ery once in a while, it will say that
the ;nergy 0uru is ha#ing a sale. 'ly to .late(ort &ity and go to the market area.
7e is the man in the middle stall on the left side. "ou can buy Items that raise
!okemons stats *!rotien, &arbos, Hinc, &alcium, Iron, and 7! 1(+ for half the
(rice. Be careful, though. ;ach !okemon can only use one ty(e u( to six timesJ
you can only use six of each ty(e *six !rotiens, six &arbos, etc.+. -lso, 7! 1(s
may not work on all !okemon *such as .hedin4as+.
Information in this section was contributed by 8irbygod.
Slate4ort $!t%: Tr!&( Ma)ter3) .o/)e:
"ou can find Trick Masters house abo#e .late(ort &ity. .ometimes you ha#e to get
a 7M mo#e to com(lete the le#el. There are tasks to com(lete and trainers to
battle. "ou ha#e to find a scroll and memoriAe it, then go to the door in the back.
"ou will see Trick Master. Talk to him and he will gi#e you a (riAe. If you want to
see him again, you will ha#e to wait for him.
Information in this section was contributed by -lex $..
Note: you need the &ut 7M for this side quest. <hen you reach a house that has a
sign that reads )Mo#e three ste(s to the left and two ste(s u(), you will know that
you ha#e reached the Trick Masters house. <hen you walk in two ste(s left, a
message reading )"ou are being watched) will a((ear. ;xamine the to( right
corner of the table from the to( and you will find him. 'ollow his instructions and
examine the scroll. 0o in and look for another scroll. It will say that you found the
(assword. 0o all the way u( to the to( right by cutting trees and defeating
trainers. "ou will reach a room where the Trick Master is located. 7e will reward
you with a $are &andy and lea#e through the long hallway. "ou will a((ear back in
the house. $eturn here later for another one of his so called tricks.
Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han.
The second time you #isit him, he will be hiding in the cabinet near the scroll.
;xamine the cabinet and he will let you in the maAe. This maAe is full of tra( doors
that you cannot fall through. This is (robably one of his easiest maAes, but you
will ha#e to fight a lot of trainers.Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han.
The third time you #isit the Trick Master, you will need the $ock .mash 7M. <hen
you go in, he will be hiding in the (lant to your right. ;xamine it, and he will gi#e
you another maAe. "ou ha#e to ste( on switches to go through the maAe. .mash
the rocks that might be on the switches.
Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han.
The fourth time you #isit him, you will need the .trength 7M. ;xamine the to(
window and you will find him. 0o in the maAe and (ush some boulders around.
0et the scroll and he will reward you with a s(ecial !okeball.
Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han.
The fifth time you #isit the Trick Master, he will be hiding in the (lant to your left.
;xamine it and he will a((ear. This maAe requires no skills or 7Ms, but you ha#e
to answer fi#e questions. If you answer the questions incorrectly, you will ha#e to
begin again.
Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han.
The sixth time you #isit him, he will be hiding in the to( right cabinet. ;xamine the
to(Dmost right s(ace to find him. This maAe is like the gym with the flying
!okemon. It has re#ol#ing doors e#erywhere. "ou can find a 0litter Mail inside,
and once you get through he will gi#e you a Magnet.
Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han.
The se#enth time you #isit him, he will be hiding in the right window. ;xamine it
to find him. This is like the se#enth gym you faced. "ou ha#e to go through arrows
that (ush you around. $emember that the le#ers can go back and forth. "ou can
get the Tro(ical Mail inside the maAe. 3nce you are done, he will reward you with
a !! Max.
Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han.
-fter you defeat the ;lite 'our, return to the Trick Maters house for his last trick.
<hen you enter the house, the are four chairs *(ads+. ;xamine the one at the
bottom left to find him. 0o in and you will realiAe that this maAe is like the Ice
&a#e in Pokemon Red/Blue. .lide through, and you will e#entually finish it. The
Bead Mail is your goal for the first (art of the maAe *bottom+. 3nce you get the
Bead Mail, go for the scroll by sliding through the to( maAe. 3nce you get to the
end, kee( talking to the Trick Master until he gi#es you a $ed Tent. This is the last
maAe that he will gi#e you.
Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han.
<hen you finish the Trick Masters last trick, wait there until after he lea#es. &heck
the three or four (ads to find a Nugget.
Information in this section was contributed by 8ris8amB.
The Trick house (riAes are as follows:
Information in this section was contributed by Niall 9o#lake.
$are &andy: 'irst time
Timer Ball: .econd time
7ard .tone: Third time
.moke Ball: 'ourth time
Taunt TM: 'ifth time
Magnet: .ixth time
!! Max: .e#enth time
Blue%$ed Tent: ;ighth time
So/t.er" I)la"#:
This location is only accessible through a 0ame.hark code, through a Nintendo
(romotion, or the !okemon &enter in New "ork &ity. 3n .outhern Island, you can
find 9atios or 9atias de(ending on your game. In Pokemon Ruby you will find
9atias, and inPokemon Sapphire you will find 9atios. It is your one and only
chance to ca(ture these su(er rare !okemon in your indi#idual game. In addition
to ca(turing these !okemon, you will also be ca(turing the .oul 2ew, a hold item
that increases .(ecial -ttack and .(ecial 2efense when held by 9atios or 9atias.
To do this, first collect at least fi#e 0ym Badges. 0o to the !okemon &enter in
!etalburg &ity. Talk to the man standing next to the com(uter. <hen he asks if
you want to make a new (rofile, answer )"es). &hange the four words to read
)M".T;$" ;F;NT I. ;G&ITIN0), then select )38). <hen asked if your (rofile is
38, choose )"es). .a#e your game and turn off the (ower. <elcome to the
Mystery ;#ent &lub. 2efeat the ;lite 'our and the !okemon 9eague &ham(ion.
.ee Norman at !etalburg &ity to recei#e the ;on Ticket. Board the .. Tidal at
9ilyco#e &ity dock and board the ferry to .outhern Island. 'ind the monument in
the woods where 9atios or 9atias awaits. .a#e your game. If you are defeated by
9atios or 9atias or accidentally run away, you will not get another chance to
ca(ture them. &a(ture 9atios or 9atias *they will be holding the .oul 2ew+.
Information in this section was contributed by .ergio Torres.
"ou can obtain an ;on Ticket from a (romotion, such as (reDordering Pokemon
Coliseumor by mixing records with a (erson who has an ;on Ticket. To use it,
defeat the ;lite 'our and get the 'erry Ticket. 0o to 9ilyco#e &ity and talk to the
ferry lady. .he will get the ca(tion to talk to you. "ou will then be taken to the
.outhern Island. Then, go to the forest and go straight. Talk to the stone.
2e(ending on the game, you can catch a le#el ?6 9atias *Pokemon Ruby+ or 9atios
*Pokemon Sapphire+. Note: Bring a lot of Timer and 1ltra Balls.
Information in this section was contributed by neo tran.
Bra!lle 1e))a'e):
-t the fast current near !acifidlog Town on $oute 5B@, there is an underwater ca#e
filled with Braille. This is what the Braille messages say:
-: Those with courage, those with ho(e.
B: 3(en a door. -n eternal !okemon waits.
&: But, we sealed the !okemon away.
2: <e feared it.
;: In this ca#e we ha#e li#ed.
': <e owe all to the !okemon.
0: 'irst comes $elicanth. 9ast comes <ailord.
!ut $elicanth as your first !okemon on your team and <ailord as the last on your
team then read the Braille message again. This o(ens three doorsJ one on $oute
555, another around $oute 56?, and one around $oute 5@6. There are more
Braille messages that can be found.
Information in this section was contributed by doodlequeenB666.
Island &a#e: -: .to( and wait. <ait for time to (ass twice.
2esert $uins: $ight, right, down, down. Then, use .trength.
-ncient Tomb: <ith new time, ho(e and lo#e, aim to the sky in the middle.
Po(e1o" $o"te)t:
In !okemon &ontest houses, you may enter your !okemon into a contest for a
chance to win a medal. 7owe#er if you enter without any !orok le#el u(s, you will
ha#e a #ery low chance of winning. The way to raise this is to go out and find the
trees with berries on them, then (ress A. "ou will then recei#e 5 to E berries. If
you now go to a !okemon 7ouse, you will see small gray machines on the right.
The em(ty one on the to( is for multiD(layer. 'or now, find a house in a city that
only has a man at the bottom. 0o to the other side of the machine and (ress A.
"ou will then be asked to (ick a !orok *berry+ and throw it in. The s(inner will
come down and start mo#ing. The ob4ecti#e is to (ress A 4ust when the s(inner
hits your arrow:
&ircle <ithin - &ircle: 2irect hit *much faster+
&ircle: Near hit *slightly faster+
G: Miss *slower:
The faster you *and your o((onent+ get the s(inner mo#ing, the better. 3nce the
meter at the to( hits the end, it is o#er and the results and the fastest $!M the
s(inner was mo#ing will a((ear. "ou will then recei#e a Blended !orok. The le#el of
it de(ends on how fast you got the machine going. The a#erage a((ears to be 55.
Next, o(en your .(ecial Items !ocket and go to your )!eA dis(enser) ty(e item
*which you must ha#e to (lay the game DD it is obtained from the girl in the first
contest house+. "ou will then (ick a Blended !orok and feed it to a (et, making
one of his !okemon &ontest stats *#iewable in the !okeDNa#i+ go u(. .ome can
e#en raise multi(le stats. The more you do this, the better chance you ha#e of
Information in this section was contributed by 8etay.
H!"t: Ite1) t.at !"&rea)e a+!l!t!e) !" &o"te)t:
3nce you ha#e a !okemon that has a condition at the maximum *for exam(le,
&oolness or Toughness+ by gi#ing it the color !okeblocks it likes, take it to the
!okemon &lub in .late(ort. Talk to the man on the sofa. The man should gi#e you
a .carf to go with the !okemons condition.
Information in this section was contributed by .ergio.
$ed .carf: Increases &oolness in &ontest
Blue .carf: Increases Beauty in &ontest
!ink .carf: Increases &uteness in &ontest
0reen .carf: Increases .martness in &ontest
"ellow .carf: Increases Toughness in &ontest
-fter obtaining a Milotic *e#ol#e from 'eebas with Beauty+, you can win beauty
contests easily. Teach Milotic .urf and 2i#e *a((eal combos+, Ice Beam, and
another beauty attack. Make sure Milotic is holding the Blue .carf and is abo#e
le#el B6.
Information in this section was contributed by mike sums.
The !okerus #irus makes your !okemons stats go unusually higher when they
le#el u( when fighting wild !okemon.
Information in this section was contributed by -ndy.
"ou can get !okerus by battling wild !okemon on $oute 56@. 1se a (hysical attack
such as Tackle.
Information in this section was contributed by 0oldenMag6 and &hris Bessette.
There is one way to guarantee to win at the lottery. .a#e the game at the lottery
lady the day before you want to win. The next day after sa#ing, talk to her. If
there is no match, try again. This will guarantee a gift. If you match two I2
Number, you will get a !! 1(. Three matches will win an ;x(. .hare. 'our matches
will win a Max $e#i#e. 'i#e matches will win a Master Ball.
If the lottery ticket is not what you want, sa#e the game before you (ick a ticket
*not in 9ilyco#e, as it will be the same each time+. If it does not match, turn off
the game. <hen you turn the game back on, it will not recogniAe that you ha#e
already had an attem(t, and you can try again. It is #ery difficult to get different
tickets each time. 8ee( flying to different (laces, or try different days. It will
e#entually be different each time. 3nce you get different tickets, kee( trying until
you win the following:
Three matches: !! 1(
'our matches: ;x( share
'i#e matches: Master ball
Note: If you need to catch $aquaAa, 9atios, or 9atias, kee( trying until you win a
Master Ball. 2o not waste Master Balls on $egis, as you can catch them with about
56 ultra balls.
Information in this section was contributed by $ebeccanmanley.
Traded !okemon ha#e different I2s. "ou will ha#e a better chance of winning. 0o
to 'ortree to trade !ikachu for .kitty. ;#ol#e .kitty into 2elcatty with a Moon
.tone. 0o to $ustboro and trade .lakoath for Makuhita and trade Bellossom for
&orsola at !acifilog.
Information in this section was contributed by $ebeccanmanley.
Berr% 1a)ter3) w!e:
Note: The Berry Masters 7ouse is located on $oute 5@B.
Information in this section was contributed by -lan Medeiros.
To get her rarest berry, tell her )-N0$" -B$-).
Information in this section was contributed by sni(er wild.
To get Berry Masters rarer berry, try )0$;-T B-TT9;), )&339 9-TI3.) *if you
ha#e a 9atios+, or )&7-99;N0; &3NT;.T) *when you ha#e a &ontest !ass+. <hen
you get the berries, do not Berry Blend them. !lant and water them often so that
you can get more berries. Berry Masters wife only gi#es you the rare berry for the
quote once.
Information in this section was contributed by B9-HIN0 .NI!;$ GGIG.
Talk to the Berry Masters wife. .he asks you for a good saying. If you tell her
)-N0$" -B$-), she will gi#e you a 9um Berry. If you say )0$;-T B-TT9;), she
gi#es you a .(elon Berry. Two other sayings are )&339 9-TI3.) and )&7-99;N0;
Information in this section was contributed by Nancy &hurch.
Se&ret Ba)e):
"ou can only ha#e sixteen items stored in your .ecret Base.
Information in this section was contributed by refuAe.
<hen you are trying to find a good base for yourself, look inside e#ery different
base you find. The interior of the rooms differ from (lace to (lace, though some
are the same. If you already ha#e a base and want to see inside others, sa#e your
game, enter it, and make it your base if it suits you.
Information in this section was contributed by CaMHie.
In order to get a .ecret Base, you will need TM EB .ecret !ower. Take the road
between the 0ym and !okemon &enter that leads north of Mau#ille. &ontinue
north (ast the rocks. "ou must use $ock .mash. 0o through the fiery ca#e. 0o
north of some ridges. - man will be staring away from you at a large (ine tree.
Talk to him and he will gi#e you a TM. The TM can be taught to mostly any
!okemon. <hen you are at a big mountain, you will see a little square. <hen you
examine it, it will say there is a small indent. If you ha#e a !okemon that has
.ecret !ower, the game will ask if you want to go in. - hole a((ears, and you will
automatically walk in. The game will ask you if you want to set u( .ecret Base
here. -nswer )"es). The screen will flash and a la(to( will a((ear. That la(to( is
the same as the com(uter in your own house.
Information in this section was contributed by ;dwin &han and &or(us Badchild.
.ecret Base ty(es are bush, tree, stone wall, and inside ca#e.
Information in this section was contributed by -dam.
The following .ecret Base is one of the three best in the game. It is located in the
desert near the granny rest sto(. Because it is a desert, you will find !okemon,
the fossil you want, get rest at the granny sto(, race downward to a ruin, ha#e
s(ots to (lant berries, and ha#e ultimate access to the many bases on the rocky
area behind.
Information in this section was contributed by Cammin@6=.
Note: If you use .ecret !ower on the right side of a tree .ecret Base, it will be a
different .ecret Base than if you use .ecret !ower on the left side.
Information in this section was contributed by Bob Nelson.
If you forget where your secret base is, go to the little boy in one of the houses in
Mossdee( &ity. Talk to him and he will tell you what $oute your base is on.
H!##e" 1e))a'e:
-fter you unlock the three rare !okemon, the !okemon in the ca#e on the road
after the town with the tree houses, the hidden messages is )<ith new time 7o(e
and lo#e -im to the sky in the middle).
Information in this section was contributed by cody fuller.
Delet!"' Po(e1o" "!&("a1e):
Trade a 2itto from Pokemon Leaf Green or Pokemon Fire Red, then gi#e it to the
2ay &are. 0i#e it a !okemon that you want the nickname you want to be deleted.
<alk to the <instrates 7ouse and talk to all four family members. Then, walk to
Ferdanturf Town and walk back to the 2ay &are. The old man should be out of the
front gate and should ha#e the egg of the !okemon that you wanted the name to
turn back to its original name. That !okemon will be at le#el ? *if it has a first or a
second stage e#olution+. 'or exam(le, .wam(ert will be at le#el ? at basic form,
no matter what !okemon you chose. Note: This does not work with 9egendary
Information in this section was contributed by Bobby Fadhana(anich.
Re)tart 1/)!&:
<hen you ha#e the bike, (ress Sele&t then Sele&t again after you register it to
start the music from the beginning.
Information in this section was contributed by TI0$;EH.
E"#!"' )e2/e"&e:
-t the end of the game after you defeat the ;lite E, the credits will a((ear. 2uring
the credits, !okemon (ictures will flash on the screen. These (ictures only show
the !okemon you ha#e caught, but not any others.
Information in this section was contributed by truran(.
$/t tall 'ra)):
0o into or face tall grass, then use &ut to cut it down.
Information in this section was contributed by .mart'an:.
8/!&( Solar+ea1:
1se .unny 2ay, then on your next attack use .olarbeam. This attack will remain
on the field for fi#e turns. 3nce all of the .unny 2ay effect is o#er, the !okemon
will absorb sunlight or you can 4ust do this combo as long as desired.
Information in this section was contributed by 2igimonE666.
Ta(!"' !te1) ro1 Po(e1o":
The following are recommended mo#es to take items: Trick *-lakaAam+, Thief
*obtained in the museum+, 8nock 3ff *7ariyama, &rawndaunt+, and &o#et
*9inoone at le#el BI+
Information in this section was contributed by Corden.
PP Re)tore:
Throughout 7oenn, there are berries. If you grow the 9e((a Berries. you can use
these instead of ha#ing to return to the !okemon &enter to get your !! le#els
back u(. .tart by re(lanting them as you get them. <hen you get to the Berry
Masters garden, if you (lant his whole garden with them you can get many of
them o#er time. The more you (lant, the more you get. "ou can build o#er 566 of
them u( in your storage.
Information in this section was contributed by 3lredneckishere.
$.a"'e t.e 'e"#er o t.e 4er)o" !" t.e o4e"!"' )e2/e"&e:
In the o(ening sequence before the game, you see either a boy or a girl charcter.
To change the gender of the (erson in the sequence, turn off the 0ame Boy
-d#ance. Turn it back on again and (ress , K R K A while watching the title
screen and sequence. $elease the buttons as soon as you see the gender change.
Information in this section was contributed by 7eather and &hristian <ood.
Better )lot 1a&.!"e &.a"&e):
This trick is not guaranteed to work e#ery time, because it requires some skill.
<hen at the slot machines, instead of looking at the reels and getting diAAy, look
at the !okeball at the side of the screen. Try to (ress A when it is in the exact
same (osition. If done correctly, you should ha#e made a score or at least get
Information in this section was contributed by .haun$obbie.
9at&. tele-!)!o":
-fter you become league cham(ion. watch tele#ision for rare !okemon sightings
and s(ecial deals at sho(s in .late(ort.
Information in this section was contributed by Ceremy .chrag.
The (rograms to look for are as follows.
Information in this section was contributed by $yan -..
The ;nergy 0uru in .late(ort &ity will sell the goods for half (rice.
$are !okemon sightings will be unco#ered in s(ecific (laces.
The Mau#ill 0ame &orner will sometimes raise the slot (ay outs for a fixed time.
0oods will be sold on the roof of 9illyco#e 2e(artment .tore for s(ecial (rices.
There will also be sightings of 9atias or 9atios.
Rotat!"' 4eo4le are attra&te# to %o/:
Note: "ou must ha#e the $unning .hoes. <alk, run, or ride on your bike u( to a
(erson that rotates *looks north, east, south, and west re(eatedly+. Now run
*hold B+ around the rotating (erson and he or she will watch you in e#ery
direction, as long as you are near.
Information in this section was contributed by $uby 2uckworth.
R!#!"' +!(e #ow".!ll:
<hen tra#eling downhill on a bike you do not ha#e to (ress Dow".
Information in this section was contributed by wayne reel.
Ea)% e04er!e"&e:
8ee( finding the inter#iewers on $outes 55>, 5@6 and 555. "ou will ha#e double
battles and can get a lot of ex(erience (oints. If you use ;x(. .hare you can get
about @,666 (oints each (er win.
9ea#e the one or two !okemon that you want to increase le#els at the 2ay &are
&enter. 'ind one of the )sand waterfalls) that you can only get u( with the Mach
Bike. .te( directly in front of it and hold the D:4a# *orwar#. ;#ery time you
walk into it, it (ushes you back. This counts as a ste(. Ta(e the D:4a# in this
(osition and allow the game to run o#er night. -n -& ada(ter or 0amecube 0ame
Boy !layer is required.
Information in this section was contributed by Coe <ood.
Instead of s(ending a long time to raise your !okemon le#els *es(ecially the one
you will be using to defeat the next 0ym 9eader+, 4ust (ut the desired !okemon in
the 2ay &are &enter. Then, go to $ydels cycles and get the Mach Bike. $ide on
the bike, and constantly tra#el around the area of trees between the 2ay &are
&enter and Ferdanturf Town. Note: 2oing this will cost some money.
Information in this section was contributed by 'oilBall'ool6E.
-n easy way to get money and ex(erience is equi( a strong !okemon with -mulet
&oin, then kee( fighting the ;lite 'our.
Information in this section was contributed by -sian-ssassin55.
-ttach ;G! .hare. !ut the !okemon you want to gain ex(erience in front of (arty,
then fight someone. <hen the battle starts, switch it out for a better !okemon.
The !okemon you start with does not get harmed, but it will gain double
Information in this section was contributed by !ikachu@=@.
!ut the two !okemon you want to get lots of ex(erience for in the 2ay &are. Then,
get an -cro bike. 7ead north from Mau#ille. 0o into the desert and go north until
use see a muddy section of the wall. 0o to the s(ot in front of it, facing it. Then,
sa#e the game and (osition the 0ame Boy -d#ance so U4 will always be (ressed.
-llow the game to idle like this for a few hours. Note: Make sure you did not use a
$e(el or ha#e an egg with you. <hen you return and check on the !okemon in the
2ay &are, they should ha#e gained lots of le#els.
Information in this section was contributed by &&ercek.
0i#e an ;G! .hare to a weak !okemon and defeat the ;lite 'our at least two or
three times. 2o not gi#e the !okemon an ;#erstone or they will not grow after the
le#el they e#ol#e at.
Information in this section was contributed by B6mber=5.
1se this trick after you reach the se#enth gym for easy ex(erience to get le#el
566 !okemon for the !okemon 9eague. &hange all the switches so that you can
get to the gym leaders. Immediately after getting off the sliding ram( thing, hold
1(. "ou should go in a circle with three ste(s each time around, then slide back
and do three more ste(s. Ta(e U4 and lea#e your 0ame Boy -d#ance idling like
this while charging. Note: Make sure you ha#e one or two !okemon in the
2aycare, as they will be the ones getting the ex(erience (oints.
Information in this section was contributed by Cacob <ood.
Ea)% 1o"e%:
To earn money, go to the inter#iewers *0abby and Ty+ on $oute 555, then on
$oute 55>, and finally on $oute 5@6. 1se -mulet &oin to earn more money.
Information in this section was contributed by !aolo 'elten.
Malcom In The Middle reere"&e:
3n or near the shi( that sunk is a young cou(le named 9ois and 7al. Those were
the names of Malcoms (arents in the sitcom.
Information in this section was contributed by Mark .onnenberg.
Master Codes [North America]
3ld ;dition
2;66--'2 @;B26?26
BE?IE;'; @B'EEB'@
New ;dition
-@;?IE'; 6'B?>-?E
BE?IE;'; @B'EEB'@
Ferify this code $ate this code I would like to re(ort a (roblem with this code
Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: Spiritual on 3ctober @B, @66>
rating: --- Sapphire Master Code [North America]
2;66--'2 @;B26?26
BE?IE;'; @B'EEB'@
;nter the abo#e code in order to utiliAe any other -ction $e(lay codes for !okemon .a((hire.
Ferify this code $ate this code I would like to re(ort a (roblem with this code
Ferified by: magaman.ubmitted by: Chaos Swordsman on 'ebruary @B, @66:
rating: --- All Wild Pokemon are Male [North America]
;nter this code so that e#ery !okemon you encounter are Male.
Ferify this code $ate this code I would like to re(ort a (roblem with this code
Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: xegaldis on Cune @@, @66>
rating: --- Attack Codes [North America]
;B>>'&5' 2;>B:-B: -bsorb
5=2I:>BB B@:B>E>= -cid
=&5?EB-E E5I5?-6= -cid -rmor
EB-2=?-' :;'?-@&= -erial -ce
2??>E?;I E;I'@;&> -eroblast
-I5@E5@2 BB;-IB?' -gility
:?;>:@?@ IB'-?I5@ -ir &utter
:>&2B;>E >;>=6EI= -mnesia
&6@2B::I '@-='>II -ncient(ower
?2E:BB-B :>66;'&; -rm Thrust
:@''B-?? >&@I-?I: -romathera(y
2;6=6:@& 5-BI5&B; -ssist
==;':?:@ >2@?;6@? -stonish
BI@B5E@? 6?I6>'-2 -ttract
B6B2I2I6 6-55B26B -urora Beam
->I&'@E6 ==&B::2B Barrage
5E;@I62@ @'@;I=BB Barrier
E@:2&::; >2-IBB-6 Baton !ass
>2:E2B>: 5;E2>;B> Beat 1(
-E?-B62; :I?2???6 Belly 2rum
I&>B&I&@ I2B=BI-- Bide
BB@;>?B- 266:==B- Bind
B-EB-?>B ;:@@B;E& Bite
6?:5-6?: I?;2@6;B BlaAe 8ick
=EI>&=?' ?-@@'>=? BliAAard
-II6;'II IE:;>EI; Block
66>;='?= =II:6-&B Body .lam
;;;@I2?; ';B-'2I5 Bone &lub
-I6&2E:& 2I::-@6' Bonemerang
@EE::I&B I>'B:BI? Bone $ush
-I-6'E&? =5>B?;;; Bounce
:BE:&>&2 ;6::II-- Brick Break
:@?E&&56 &?=B>6?: Bubble
26'>;B@? @I&-:?=6 Bubblebeam
2B?B@5?- ;-6:6EI6 Bulk 1(
6;@5'@&6 ;-'&EBIB Bullet .eed
&?B6E52E B2?@'5>I &alm Mind
&&I@:>?@ >'2B':;; &amouflage
5B'@'&:E ';&&26=@ &harge
'B-:E=?I I-B;5>5- &harm
E&25E6B> @;B&&-@5 &lam(
;2I>5B'E =BEE6'&& &omet !unch
2?;'5>;= =?@BB56- &onfuse $ay
B>-B;I2@ 6BI'>?-6 &onfusion
B&:BB6B2 I'6I-':E &onstrict
BI-;26?2 ?B6BB&I@ &on#ersion
B5&-;BI- B&&;;@@E &on#ersion @
:-->6@BI :>E?&&66 &ounter
'E;B:=B' =->22;== &osmic !ower
E5;E&B6> ==&?I&B= &otton .(ore
>65I>@B? BEBE>=?B &o#et
-&B;>:&2 @=';6&2: &rabhammer
I&&B'B=@ B&>;@BB: &ross &ho(
B;52?@5B ;:=B:;65 &runch
B>@B6=@2 2':II:E> &rush &law
=BE>BB@: @IB2:>B@ &urse
>-?B>=;6 =B5E?-:I &ut
2=?'B?&6 '5B:BB;I 2efense &url
'5:=55B5 -225&I&B 2estiny Bond
>B?6;6;& 566:=@BI 2etect
=6&-=B?' -I'B-B5: 2ig
--EB6='> 2'&;:@;B 2isable
>5@>?-6I =&I&;>:= 2i#e
I?B>II2B =-@->5;@ 2iAAy !unch
?6B5:E;= B6=-==B6 2oom 2esire
'E2I6'E? ;=:B2'BB 2oubleD;dge
>=?26B?B ?B6':5B2 2ouble 8ick
@BB':=I2 -;:??-;- 2oublesla(
B5IE-BB@ 5=:>@?;I 2ouble Team
@&''IB'@ I:=5@B>@ 2ragonbreath
E??B'>E' ?BB>-5?' 2ragon &law
B@>;@@2: BBBB&I&2 2ragon 2ance
E'''?:2B -;6&'E5B 2ragon $age
>65':6:? @>;2;&:- 2ream ;ater
52B@B@-2 ;BE&>@&B 2rill !eck
?B2?'II& E=6>@I:? 2ynamic(unch
2;:5IB&' @'@E'2-E ;arthquake
??B-E&5I 26;>=>>B ;gg Bomb
@I'=2@BB =:?=':@6 ;mber
2BBB@'>@ ;B'B5-'5 ;ncore
&&2'6:>2 :BI56@EI ;ndea#or
>&E'B66: ;&E'E?EE ;ndure
&?B:>BE? B=>B=>?; ;ru(tion
;=@:;>'@ B->;::'' ;x(losion
@&=B:6?> B:@I@@>6 ;xtrasensory
5B=:5?;B -2@;E2&= ;xtremes(eed
'6@252': 222B@666 'acade
&2:-;E>& =&;&I=I= 'aint -ttack
5>5B6&6B ?E@BEE52 'ake 3ut
=2@E-&-; 6>52@=&E 'ake Tears
=B5@@2E; I@:2@';: 'alse .wi(e
:>2BI;2I &;?=-I2? 'eatherdance
&E-@I6BB ?BB>'&=B 'ire Blast
2E>5;-B2 E--I>5;; 'ire !unch
=I?@>-:E >6-I22B: 'ire .(in
&=E:BEIB I-2I=-BE 'issure
E-IBE=6? 2&;B@@EB 'lail
5BE6B56B B=&?&=?2 'lamethrower
&E?-2&;5 6@-@625- 'lame <heel
?''B56;B ''6&'?>5 'lash
6:'B-&5; 5=?>I'B: 'latters
B>2?>:&@ >B'B@2>B 'ly
EI'2&>E@ &=;5::;& 'ocus ;nergy
5'5-2'-= @>;@>BB: 'ocus !unch
2B>';;@; &II'IB-& 'ollow Me
I>;I5>56 ?='5E6B> 'oresight
5B?I22-& B:?;=?>B 'rustration
==6=--22 >E=''?2: 'ury -ttack
==I@;6E? 5'?@5&2@ 'ury &utter
?56:5:B? @I2>@:B& 'ury .wi(es
;B-2-26I ->;;'BE: 'uture .ight
@-&:E65= @=&?&2:> 0iga 2rain
6&=6B?E= 5E-?'5E& 0lare
5@252E5; >B;B??;2 0rasswhistle
'?:2:2@2 2=?2I>I; 0rowl
&=I&-B52 I>->6&=I 0rowth
IE:;'':' 5-=>;B@& 0rudge
6-@>5;@- 22>&66>@ 0uillotine
5':'-:EB 2-B@2'&' 0ust
E'BII;>E :5??2B@? 7ail
@B-->-@& '?B-&B6> 7arden
:>-;@;'B @>;5B@'; 7aAe
6=;;?>B@ 5:-E5:;B 7eadbutt
:I=E:&'= B6B66:&= 7eal Bell
E@EB?&5@ @&-I'E;& 7eat <a#e
-@;?'&@B ?BE&I&;= 7el(ing 7and
5=>&5&B& ''&;:;25 7idden !ower
6>2=5@?' >55;;BB? 7i Cum( 8ick
>?2B2B=5 B5-'?I6@ 7orn -ttack
BI5B:>>: &'5E=&?; 7orn 2rill
?B;5@B2= B&B6&B=; 7owl
&&I&>@5E 562:=E>= 7ydro !um(
?=;B56?6 @;::26IB 7y(er Beam
2=2=@B6E 6?E'E=6B 7y(er 'ang
=@I-:5'; ??5:-B2- 7y(er Foice
@B6@I@2> B@?E22&B 7y(nosis
5@E2@@@? BB=@?&=E Ice Ball
I==:@IB5 ?@'&EB;- Ice Beam
I6I>B2>? =-B-55=? Ice !unch
?@'I=@E> -6>=;>26 Icicle .(ear
&6E@;B>? ?::2B2B? Icy <ind
E@?@&?52 -?;'>2BB Im(rison
B?;=-:6? I=55;&BE Ingrain
-?>?@I6: :'=E5@>@ Iron 2efense
@-6>B=2E :6:?:>;& Iron Tail
?B=E&E&B BE?B2=?5 Cum( 8ick
-&?BB;': &&E:&B=5 8arate &ho(
56>2E=;@ EBBB'25B 8inesis
'-B2I?=B -:@;E-&= 8nock 3ff
2:=>I6:= -B-B@I;& 9eaf Blade
-E6&6B6- >E=:-B'> 9eech 9ife
2=E>&>-> 2;=>B&=? 9eech .eed
?E6?-;>: >->I=B6: 9eer
BE:B=?E' &E>I:IBI 9ick
=?&@B>55 ?62;2-E- 9ight .creen
2?';EE6: I:=&B2B' 9ockD3n
&=B;I2B- EB@>;>E5 9o#ely 8iss
6@=':B;> -@;@@:6> 9ow 8ick
-@I22&?E 5=E-?;IE 9uster !urge
25=-22I> I6:E?E?? Mach !unch
?-&@:E?2 2@B?:&>& Magic &oat
B:B?-BE; :5I?B'=I Magical 9eaf
->BB26;; >2B&B:'= Magnitude
@&';I5B> @@EEE-:2 Mean 9ook
?E;;66B> 55=&@2;: Meditate
:'E26=E2 ';@??>B= Mega 2rain
;B->--5' 6;BE5B'? Megahorn
&=2I2I'E B6&2'&?6 Mega 8ick
=B2&;;:5 =EI@6BE> Mega !unch
B-;&-&-@ 6&:>5'6' Memento
B:B5E@>I -5@@6;:= Metal &law
6>@;52?; @E=@B>I= Metal .ound
-6>'-B-' 25=BE&I- Meteor Mash
?II:>65B >5E'-'5> Metronome
E'>5':5B @-;;-5;: Milk 2rink
>>B6@'>5 52>>?>B@ Mimic
&BIE>?E- >22E;':@ Mind $eader
IB5-=;=E 5-:6&&': MinimiAe
22:B;5B> '2E:='=B Mirror &oat
?'EI-2;- '52?==@= Mirror Mo#e
5?&E&-B5 5=-?'=>5 Mist
5-E;?'2; 'B=>&>@@ Mist Ball
I?2I=@6& >2;2:2?- Moonlight
B-;B&BIB ->E>&-;B Morning .un
B?>::=25 IBE52;=> Mud .hot
I&@2>B26 @E-@'5@@ MudD.la(
5@EBE>B2 66:IE:'6 Mud .(ort
5:2I=?;& B>5;>@=@ Muddy <ater
2&-I6E5@ &B>6'?:> Nature !ower
BEB55;=; -EEI:5=2 Needle -rm
?=B'>@B; 2I'-E=I; Nightmare
@>-@;5=5 ??'B'&B= Night .hade
=5EB5B'B &;IE?;@? 3ctaAooka
22-=B>I= -E'62>5? 3dor .leuth
5;66E?I? 5'=@2EB6 3utrage
2552>B?E '22?2;25 3#erheat
IBI;::EI &':?';=B !ain .(lit
=BB62&-E B=I=?&-2 !ay 2ay
BI-56;-& -I6=&B;> !eck
=>6B=:62 I?=:?@?I !erish .ong
5=I;B5>I >I6@'-B- !etal 2ance
B5>&B:26 &E':E52> !in Missile
>-5>I';: 25;625>' !oison 'ang
--B@B;'? &-=;IB;- !oison 0as
5'IIB6;I E@2;>?;= !oison(owder
=E>?;B?; >@&>E>@@ !oison Tail
;'E>@?-5 EEI@'56' !oison .ting
2E:=B::6 ?6;2>;I@ !ound
2=;B>=BI =&I:B-65 !owder .now
;;BE:&&? 62B6>B6> !resent
E5EI?@;5 I-;'''B2 !rotect
:6'&:''E 66?EI2=B !sybeam
&>5'-EEB :?E@?&&> !sychic
:B?E@BB& E'&I5?I= !sych 1(
52=2B>6? -'@BB-:& !sywa#e
B6>I&&>? B==E@E&E !sycho Boost
=;2&E;=? B='2IE;' !ursuit
:2@:&>== E??;'I?5 Luick -ttack
?=-B@-I? '?;?::II $age
@2BI'>-6 5-@B'@65 $ain 2ance
-EIB:5BE ?-I5;BB= $a(id .(in
IB':&?B' B@;I=-2B $aAor 9eaf
B25>=B-@ &=6'2BIB $aAor <ind
BIB>'6'B ?-I;65B; $eco#er
@B;B>;EI >=II':?? $ecycle
'@2'B5:; >5II&@;: $eflect
'B?;5-;; B5@:2@I' $efresh
>I-B6-6= ?65&BE@B $est
:&BB;@BB >:B>2?=5 $eturn
66;'?>52 ?B>6'>@I $e#enge
>:?'>?:> B-5'>=&6 $e#ersal
@&5E&'IB =E?-->>; $oar
&66&2II> -&&;B>26 $ock Blast
@==6B=@& 6E>&E->& $ock .lide
=E&6&6:& 6E;@'>E= $ock .mash
2&>-5@:E :-2'@-=I $ock Throw
B@@;&5'2 B&?>?2>: $ock Tomb
B->5BI>5 =:>;@I5& $ole !lay
@---;E=E 2=I;&5'E $olling 8ick
&5BB'B?- BI?&=2@> $ollout
'B-&-:B- 65B&:?'? .acred 'ire
=@I:I=B- EI2@=@;; .afeguard
=;:22BB& 6'&-B>-2 .andD-ttack
&6'E=B5- -B;==22B .andstorm
?-?B5:=? 2=B6'2&5 .and Tomb
?&2?B;65 -'E-:?B2 .cary 'ace
25B>65?B 56:-5:6- .cratch
B2B2'6B6 66IB56?I .creech
=5@&:;EI =:?I@;?B .ecret !ower
&?6E@B=E 2>@;55I6 .eismic Toss
E==5:22- 5E:?&BB2 .elfdestruct
I'@E-I;E E?5EE'?- .hadow Ball
E@B2?2&@ =B:'EB@- .hadow !unch
-B2>@'I= E'I:BB'E .har(en
=@=6>22? ?@@'2:;? .heer &old
>B;@;>:? 2:&2=@IE .hock <a#e
'5B-E;2E 55-=I?5> .ignal Beam
5E=B?='B 65B2B>6? .il#er <ind
?-2B>BI> I6@==;5' .ing
:B:&-B&: @-;'@-5? .ketch
>?B&E@=@ &-B?B;?@ .kill .wa(
?BB'??6: I@25@->& .kull Bash
?@6I&BB6 E-55B&B> .ky -ttack
2E?E>BI> ;6IE6@BB .ky 1((ercut
?:B@5&IB 6=B&@2:B .lack 3ff
==>>>BB? B>B'??:B .lam
2BB?62:5 IB2;'B>B .lash
''2>?E'' 'BE=?B6= .lee( Talk
B=;>2==B >-?6-6>= .ludge
@&'-=?=@ EE'IB@&6 .ludge Bomb
B@?&;I@2 B>;I=--: .lee( !owder
E>@>&BI: ;5:B5B:5 .mellingsalt
:I22:-== 5;BB5'I= .mog
E2';E&B= @-I52I5@ .mokescreen
EB=@2E@I 6@?&-;E= .natch
=I6@262> ?I'BI:?B .nore
&=BB6BB= '=2B''BI .oftboiled
=56;@655 B-=?&-6E .olarbeam
>5B-5?'E 65=::2B@ .onicboom
E':?&B?E >&B'-=>- .(ark
?>B5>?2> ?5@2=I6: .(ider <eb
'@?>?B'> :EB?5;IE .(ike &annon
-??=:B?; >B?'6>-B .(ikes
22;E=B>& :B2=B=2? .(ite
B'25-@B: ;I:IBB': .(it 1(
?B'&2&@I 2@=IB2:5 .(lash
-B=;:2B? BB2'@;-= .(ore
E2-I'B5B 5>=':@5@ .teel <ing
?&>=;5I& 2E?->I-: .tock(ile
-?BBBI&6 E;5B5>=- .tom(
->IE5@2' ==2&'-B? .trength
I':2'B;: B?6>;>5; .tring .hot
5B-@-2>E 5E=:2?I- .truggle
@B?&;6?B 5>26>-:@ .tun .(ore
>>'5>;&= ';2&IB=- .ubmission
EB;;6I@? ;??-5'=B .ubstitute
6>2@>6;- ?E&BI?'& .unny 2ay
:--@2B2- ;2I:B6E: .u(er 'ang
2>:-?:&E :6;-'&I@ .u(er(ower
-&>:':B2 =@IB:-=B .u(ersonic
?IBB6B=& I5&?->2- .urf
IE?BI56> 6B@B>&@E .wagger
->-'5B@B &52>6I'; .wallow
:=B&BB'& I;2&6@-; .weet 8iss
I2I=;I6? BE>5?I2' .weet .cent
?6I?5B=2 ;;@6I=?B .wift
:55B-&B' :@-?I&-@ .words 2ance
>>'&55?= @66B'=6; .ynthesis
>2&>?E'& 5@:I'B>I Tackle
I=;5&'5B ?22&-'>& Tail 0low
EI::II5@ 6:-B;'B: Tail <hi(
6E5BB;5E I&?@?'=& Take 2own
:@'=5@>2 BE5?>;:; Taunt
&-E@@'2' '@?--?@' Teeter 2ance
?6:BI?26 B>@=5>'? Tele(ort
'6&-5-&= >B=B'-'5 Thief
B2@:'@6> E&BB'6=- Thrash
5&BI@B@E B@>@22B= Thunder
6@&'-&I' 6?;;6B&@ Thunderbolt
:@I?6'I; =&B5'&E: Thunder(unch
2-2&-E?6 I=;BB;B- Thundershock
I>:&B>@; :B6:26I6 Thunder <a#e
E&B;?;'2 =65&B:?E Tickle
B&=>6&5- 5;IB@=I? Tornment
5@-BB225 '@2=@@;? Toxic
>&;B:>66 @=B-B>:' Transform
56I'';I: ?EEB;B?6 Tri -ttack
:?-52@EE II?-B==' Trick
I&EE'BI2 55:'?662 Tri(le 8ick
?:&5E=>> BB?B?=?> Twineedle
B;:BE=E@ =@>2&;&- Twister
&:;-I:2: -&BBB?IB 1(roar
;>2EB>E? ='2@:2-> Fice 0ri(
B25&252I 2&E?I;@I Fine <hi(
6BB5I&56 -&5IB6=@ Fital Throw
>@=;:E=' ':->?:B' <aterfall
@@-;B:&B =B''@>2& <ater 0un
@I=2@526 =52E;?-E <ater !ulse
6&B>BB2B ;&62'@;- <ater .(ort
->-B>55- --@BBE=I <ater .(out
:;;>&BI: 'I&;-?6@ <eather Ball
5B>E>@I= -?-?-2'I <hirl(ool
-I&5-I;E 6?>B2?-6 <hirlwind
E@='2B?; @6E-5&:I <illD3D<is(
&:'E->>I E5B?@E&= <ing -ttack
'2I2E&6B :'>B>=:: <ish
;5>='?BB >?>-&2B5 <ithdraw
256:@'5? B=B6B?EB <ra(
:5&&665I 5>>B-:-? "awn
22'BIB5B ?2;-:?B2 Ha( &annon
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Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: Spiritual on 3ctober @B, @66>
rating: --- Eon Ticket Code [North America]
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Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: Spiritual on 3ctober @B, @66>
rating: --- Infnite Money [North America]
;nter this money for infinite money.
;?5;=:&B :>?>;E;B
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Ferified by: 'antum.ubmitted by: xegaldis on Cune @@, @66>
rating: --- Legendary pokemon [North America]
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Ferified by: makar5o.ubmitted by: xegaldis on Cune @@, @66>
rating: --- Level 30 Togepi [North America]
'>>E?-?> &:;E&6&I
EB=@=-;2 ::-B=>BB
':''B?-B 2?BI?=@'
==B-E65; B:2;B?2?
@-=55BB: ;?'?5>'-
6E&?'??5 E=5-BE>6
6E=@I>6? 6;E2B?-:
&5E2:B@5 :5&'@::@
&=I&@5&6 -6=:;;2I
=@:@2B&5 BBB&@;;5
=&B;=B-' 6B&BIBB:
B-26->;B ?5E-;:-:
5';&?'?: ?B?-'I2=
?;'=-I-- =BE-I=I;
I5BB;-?B '>-265IE
5='---=6 2=I>;2BI
>22;='B; ;;2B'@=5
;';:;?25 '?@6E2E&
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Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: Spiritual on 3ctober @B, @66>
rating: --- Masterballs in Slot 1 [North America]
This code will (lace masterballs in slot one.
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Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: Spiritual on 3ctober @B, @66>
rating: --- One Hit Kill [North America]
;nter this code for one hit kills in battles.
=>=?22EI =E-B>BB2
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Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: xegaldis on Cune @@, @66>
rating: --- Pokemon Codes [North America]
665 D B19B-.-1$
?B=>2I6= ?>&E=?-B
66@ D IF".-1$
I-?@2=:; &&6I'E@:
66B D F;N1.-1$
B@?I'6'' 2-I-';6E
66E D &7-$M-N2;$
I5'?:?2E BIEB@'6-
66? D &7-$M;9;3N
EE@?>I'- >B6B6I-2
66I D &7-$IH-$2
?=@IE6BB &2E@'@B>
66: D .L1I$T9;
=56>';>> &?==66II
66> D <-$T3$T9;
-E:IBB&2 ?B62;:@?
66= D B9-.T3I.;
&6&E;:-5 5@@=2-=6
656 D &-T;$!I;
25;:=55? 2=2BB5B6
655 D M;T-!32
?@@E2>'I ?B:5&:'B
65@ D B1TT;$'$;;
=@&;@;B@ ;;'6=?:6
65B D <;;29;
6-B=?':? 5B>2E?B:
65E D 8-81N-
IE?=B-B6 ?@&;6EE?
65? D B;;2$I99
===?&2&@ I;&5:=5>
65I D !I20;"
->B??=-: 56'5:=2B
65: D !I20;3TT3
&I:B2:6I @B&B&I6E
65> D !I20;3T
5>6?&:'> -E@-=B-?
65= D $-TT-T-
=>;5IE'B E=B;':55
6@6 D $-TI&-T;
=>@6@;:B =-5'&B-'
6@5 D .!;-$3<
>I;'E=:> :=625I@:
6@@ D ';-$3<
;;:@:;'- @==>B&@=
6@B D ;8-N.
&5:;EB=B ?BIE?&E>
6@E D -$B38
?'@2IE-& B6B2665I
6@? D !I8-&71
2-'?'-2- 6?=E&-E2
6@I D $-I&71
'-552-62 B;?5BB?:
6@: D .-N2.7$;<
;&>&B->B BI26'?BI
6@> D .-N2.9-.7
@@='@5'I 65=5=;@I
6@= D NI23$-N 'emale
I:&':;'2 &-IBB-:?
6B6 D NI23$IN-
B?@@I6-2 2-5IB&;E
6B5 D NI23L1;;N
'?-B'?'B ;;>B&;2&
6B@ D NI23$-N Male
B@='=B>6 I6;:B?;=
6BB D NI23$IN3
&B=B2@>' B556>?&B
6BE D NI238IN0
I@?@B>BB >E@=?@=B
6B? D &9;'-I$"
--@&;:B& ;B5&;5-=
6BI D &9;'-B9;
':2I>B;@ E::6B-6:
6B: D F19!IG
:2;:E&?I :BB'2&2-
6B> D NIN;T-9;.
2B-6-@>6 ?>==2&B5
6B= D CI009"!1''
&'>-EB25 :E&B:2;2
6E6 D <I009"T1''
EI?'@'-5 2BEB;=5=
6E5 D H1B-T
:&E>@>>- 6@>B@5:I
6E@ D 039B-T
:EB52@@I 5I>@E>5:
6EB D 322I.7
5>-B=>B; =>B&=B-?
6EE D 0933M
B-:@'>&& -=>26B@5
6E? D FI9;!91M;
EI-6;5IE B@2=EBB?
6EI D !-$-.
'?::=I2& ?&B;B'BE
6E: D !-$-.;&T
=BE=>&;2 B2EEI?II
6E> D F;N3N-T
&BB5@>@I 5'?B;>=E
6E= D F;N3M3T7
?>EE2I-& E'6B5?E6
6?6 D 2I09;TT
EB:IBI@> ':&@I&=B
6?5 D 210T$I3
B>:6BBB' 'BB=='=-
6?@ D M;3<T7
B;>IE=:6 666>='>6
6?B D !;$.I-N
B;:&EIB6 :6:6'26;
6?E D !."21&8
-;-@?EB; -'B=&6I5
6?? D 03921&8
I2>BI-E' '@2;E>2&
6?I D M-N8;"
;'I=2@?: E526=;5B
6?: D !$IM;-!;
E&@=&&:B E52=B5:&
6?> D 0$3<9IT7;
?&-;;I@B I>?:B:5I
6?= D -$&-NIN;
;2-EIBB& I>&'5=5I
6I6 D !39I<-0
=&6>5-5' 2:B6;:??
6I5 D !39I<7I$9
'-=--226 =6:;?2B=
6I@ D !39I<$-T7
;>5-5&2; @B5;B2B5
6IB D -B$-
=@:5'?=I :IE==;2B
6IE D 8-2-B$-
B5B5I:-I =:B:-?E:
6I? D -9-8-H-M
=;I>E->= ':&'6-;6
6II D M-&73!
5-EB:&?5 2'IB?;BB
6I: D M-&738;
5=BE'B&2 B2--=25E
6I> D M-&7-M!
?:=???>- @&&&::I2
6I= D B;99.!$31T
;B6'6:6B :5?=5B'@
6:6 D <;;!INB;99
'B->=BI> 25=;-B6&
6:5 D FI&T$;;B;9
B>22=BBB I?:B6-BI
6:@ D T;NT-&339
B5BB6?I& E2B;EE=6
6:B D T;NT-&$1;9
:6?-6@B2 -6?6>&@;
6:E D 0;3212;
E-B?=B?; :-:&I>EI
6:? D 0$-F;9;$
I::-5EIB 'I?E@&B?
6:I D 039;M
BB;:I;EB B65>=@BB
6:: D !3N"T-
-BI??6-B 5B6666?E
6:> D $-!I2-.7
&=;?I>&- EB6'BBI@
6:= D .93<!38;
B;6=&6E@ =';B=6=&
6>6 D .93<B$3
@2;-6&I@ B@E=25''
6>5 D M-0N;MIT;
25I5I==? 5'>I6>BB
6>@ D M-0N;T3N
-'2=B?'& 5EI>:@B?
6>B D '-$';T&7)2
?6&-&>E= 2@>>II5E
6>E D 23213
=-'&;>&B @::B265'
6>? D 232$I3
:B->EIB& E'6B?E@>
6>I D .;;9
BB;@5->I 5:BE&?@:
6>: D 2;<03N0
=E@?:B5I -?5==I>E
6>> D 0$IM;$
==>666E: >5EBBB=-
6>= D M18
>@I'E&B= 'I:5@:B?
6=6 D .7;992;$
;===566- &65;-@56
6=5 D &93".T;$
@'5B=:2> 5';E-=>?
6=@ D 0-.T9"
?;6:I5I2 B=;:5'B>
6=B D 7-1NT;$
6:>>--2? B;=?=:@6
6=E D 0;N0-$
2?:6&:'' ?>@=;B>B
6=? D 3NIG
5-B2@B>2 =>=-BI&&
6=I D 2$3<H;;
IIBB?@;5 @I?B'I:=
6=: D 7"!N3
6I5;B'>? I6B;E5B:
6=> D 8$-BB"
B>>:I>-; 'B;B?I'6
6== D 8IN09;$
6=B5&'=2 B6I@22;I
566 D F39T3$B
?'&='B:: @2>I>=';
565 D ;9;&T$32;
B='&2:EB ;5@>E:='
56@ D ;G;00&1T;
B>=BB--> -E?'B;2&
56B D ;G;001T3$
:B6&=IEI -2==B;;6
56E D &1B3N;
5=''B@>> 6=-5@2B&
56? D M-$3<-8
&&I>'22@ >-=BB:E:
56I D 7ITM3N9;;
?6B->>6E @B?:@6E:
56: D 7ITM3N&7-N
:?-66-?B 6?'B';I?
56> D 9I&8IT1N0
B@5?B2>' ?6&;BB?'
56= D 83''IN0
-'@E:E>E =@>-&@=B
556 D <;;HIN0
&I::'5>- -5-E2EBB
555 D $7"73$N
:I>>=5B@ 2?@6@=->
55@ D $7"23N
&B&I?:@- =&@'B@6;
55B D &7-N.;"
=BI:>@;B 2=E-BBI;
55E D T-N0;9-
B:2I:;2@ 5622I;:2
55? D 8-N0-.87-N
=?-B-52- @'=2;:>=
55I D 73$.;-
6-B?=?E2 -'2=B2?;
55: D .;-2$-
B->E:B5> &:--E=&:
55> D 0392;;N
';56>?&; >=@I-B&E
55= D .;-8IN0
&?->@I:I 6'I:2'-&
5@6 D .T-$"1
5>2E=:E' 6B:?2>2>
5@5 D .T-$MI;
5:B6'&'' I:I'E2@E
5@@ D M$.MIM;
E2B2BB5: EBI:?I&?
5@B D .&"T7;$
'B=&2I-& 6@:=BE:;
5@E D C"NG
;:?2I;BB @;=26@:?
5@? D ;9;&T-B1HH
;5=B2&BB 6-6=I6B@
5@I D M-0M-$
?;B&:>'' >5B@B:6>
5@: D !IN.I$
::I>?5I6 ;E'&52II
5@> D T-1$3.
525'>'E> 'E=@?I=B
5@= D M-0I8-$!
@'B>:?=@ 6E@:-E=B
5B6 D 0"-$-23.
;';;:IE= :6-B=B;E
5B5 D 9-!$-.
'?2-&BB6 2;2?@?II
5B@ D 2ITT3
>BB'??'2 @:=6@IE'
5BB D ;;F;;
@@52>5?? E=E>@E:B
5BE D F-!3$;3N
@@I2:&-B B&'?6'@I
5B? D C39T;3N
I=-;I&>; -:&>I>B?
5BI D '9-$;3N
&EB2@II2 '2@=56B@
5B: D !3$"03N
&&?=2>:> B-I'2?6>
5B> D 3M-N"T;
6>2--BB@ 2=&&BE6@
5B= D 3M-.T-$
?&5?&B'5 ';5@'=BI
5E6 D 8-B1T3
5E?;-2:@ 6&I;E6EE
5E5 D 8-B1T3!.
5==@B6'E >:??EB&5
5E@ D -;$32-&T"9
II?>@E=B 6''>>-2@
5EB D .N3$9-G
E;>2=I>5 B>-BB?5B
5EE D -$TI&1N3
B>B-BB6: 5@:=6I?2
5E? D H-!23.
>5B;?::' &IE-B5B-
5EI D M39T$;.
?->;B&:: 5'II5'6B
5E: D 2$-TINI
EB=2E6IB @>-BE'>B
5E> D 2$-03N-I$
B:>65I2? -=B;IBB6
5E= D 2$-03NIT;
>5&2>-B' EE2I=2>B
5?6 D M;<T<3
IE=2-552 -&B>@;I-
5?5 D M;<
5B;--I=I I?6=?6B?
5?@ D &7I83$IT-
I5E5=--2 5'?-B@&2
5?B D B-"9;;'
;=&;B&:: 'B@?B22&
5?E D M;0-NI1M
B2II-@E? =E-'EBE?
5?? D &"N2-L1I9
BB@'B;-B B5>B>B5E
5?I D L1I9-F-
@='B6-'5 6-I:5&EE
5?: D T"!793.I3N
=EE2B6B2 'E?>@E&'
5?> D T3T32I9;
@-B:;:-I 22>&;IB6
5?= D &$3&3N-<
;&2>2I=? 6;?'>?=?
5I6 D ';$-9I0-T$
&62B6-25 -->&BBE;
5I5 D .;NT$;T
66B;BE=B >'IBB6&:
5I@ D '1$$;T
I&B'''&= ?'2?5E=;
5IB D 733T733T
::&-&;'B >6&:I>EI
5IE D N3&T3<9
IB:@>562 >&I-5:'=
5I? D 9;2"B-
5II D 9;2I-N
'B-BB>=B @2I&?E-6
5I: D .!IN-$-8
B-;B>=;& B&?@:-;:
5I> D -$I-23.
2&:I&E;> :-?6B'IB
5I= D &$3B-T
B225:-II E?2-;;-E
5:6 D &7IN&731
&:@E''2@ E2-;->:&
5:5 D 9-NT1$N
'';B'=:> '>6=@&62
5:@ D !I&71
B5E=6B-@ =?:2=&EB
5:B D &9;''-
?2>&5'6& &=B?:E6>
5:E D I009"B1''
6E-;?@'' -&&B==:E
5:? D T30;!I
;=:>2B'; =&IB&6B'
5:I D T30;TI&
2I-2-=2- BE:'2IB@
5:: D N-T1
22BB--=& 5;BI-:?'
5:> D G-T1
@2;&2=2- @=@E5?'B
5:= D M-$;;!
B@IEBI:- B@:B>=B:
5>6 D '9--''"
?=@'B=-I ?6BB='2@
5>5 D -M!7-$3.
5?BBB?&& B5'&B=EI
5>@ D B;993..3M
B?-@?&E? 5@>E=>-&
5>B D M-$I99
EB'B@2=B 5B62B?&I
5>E D -H1M-$I99
2>>&@E5& =>I';--@
5>? D .123<3323
&>IEB&I@ @I-&=;'B
5>I D !39IT3;2
@6-I-525 25I5@E'&
5>: D 73!!I!
>B>2B'?' 22;I&6-?
5>> D .8I!933M
;:=IEE-B =>-E>=&I
5>= D C1M!91''
-6=:@=E6 -65?BBE-
5=6 D -I!3M
>-?6B2-- I;:--@I;
5=5 D .1N8;$N
IB6&?=>; B;'>2E:I
5=@ D .1N'93$-
>?I&56'B >;I;I:E'
5=B D "-NM-
66I5>>?: 2E&?>'B6
5=E D <33!;$
;?6-:5BB ?@5;BI&'
5=? D L1-0.I$;
E&I6?'-I -E-E='B5
5=I D ;.!;3N
;2;:2&:= B6IEIB2I
5=: D 1MB$;3N
=5IIE-2- ::>'&2-;
5=> D M1$8$3<
=;';E:'; 5'@?:2:E
5== D .93<8IN0
'BB'I52? 5'>2@&&>
@66 D MI.2$;-F1.
B:6?-@IB B-;5'=B@
@65 D 1N3<N
>6B@@I2; ;B6@:'BB
@6@ D <3BB1'';T
B-'@E5@: I6;?EE-&
@6B D 0I$-'-$I0
6?525;=2 -5B>@;:-
@6E D !IN;&3
@&I''&-: 6E65>E=B
@6? D '3$$;T$;..
&6BB6?=B =EB'E?@;
@6I D 21N.!-$&;
BB-6>EB; 2::I>@':
@6: D 09I0-$
'=56B?:B B=B;'E&@
@6> D .T;;9IG
2=>BB:6@ 5??BEBE6
@6= D .N1BB199
2626B@-6 E'E@:6'6
@56 D 0$-NB199
5:B;B25@ 2-;5>>B@
@55 D L<I9'I.7
B-=@5E:I -'6>'&??
@5@ D .&IH3$
B=>B:65: 6B-2@@B6
@5B D .71&89;
B2B'&2=5 IB;BB:?I
@5E D 7;$-&$3..
BB6=E'BB ;>'?2E'I
@5? D .N;-.;9
';IE:5?= E6B:2I?5
@5I D T;22I1$.-
>;5>?@:& :B---IEE
@5: D 1$.-$IN0
B5?'I5-E >?EB5E>5
@5> D .910M-
>2&@I;B; BEI@EB6@
@5= D M-0&-$03
B=6?:>@= 226B22'6
@@6 D .<IN1B
:>:I=-:; B&B=B>?I
@@5 D !I93.<IN;
EBB=5':? B@--I>?;
@@@ D &3$.39-
I=E?->'' =I-B??;@
@@B D $;M3$-I2
'B5=B'-B B>I?'6>B
@@E D 3&TI99;$"
B?=?56B; I;B@'?B-
@@? D 2;9IBI$2
'6>2'BE2 =?@5BE-:
6-EI>'-B BB&=:;-B
@@: D .8-$M3$"
2I-=:;BB E=B='&@'
@@> D 731N231$
E2-@B25E ;5IB=::E
@@= D 731N233M
:22=@6?2 ;@E6?6-I
@B6 D 8IN02$-
2&E=BB&> -B:B2?E'
@B5 D !7-N!"
B56=-6BI @2E6=@@'
@B@ D 23N!7-N
?@I:IB:@ -I;5-BE?
@BB D !3$"03N@
&B@E:2-2 IBB&6-2>
@BE D .T-NT9;$
2-=:@2;: ?=;6IE5@
@B? D .M;-$09;
-=-2=-:: >;-5B5EB
@BI D T"$301;
??56;26: B-E;'BEI
@B: D 7ITM3NT3!
>E>@I->5 E;B;@E=E
@B> D .M33&71M
>;B2BB=- ;6B>IB:5
@B= D ;9;8I2
:5-6:'BB >II6E;5=
@E6 D M-0B"
:&:6:6B> ?:>:6>>6
@E5 D MI9T-N8
-@=2-BB' -BB';B?2
@E@ D B9I..;"
?BB=>252 EEE;@>B6
@EB D $-I831
-56:56;E ;E:@26'>
?B65B2B@ 5>B2>&:E
@E? D .1I&1N;
2@?-E-:: -I:?'I=-
@EI D 9-$FIT-$
-E-=::B& @&:E'@2=
@E: D !1!IT-$
B;;BI265 '-:EBB?B
@E> D T"$-NIT-$
6-B;?@I6 6B>?&?B?
@E= D 910I-
E;;&';=' @:2>@@E6
@?6 D 73D37
B2I>'B>B EBB@B5>?
@?5 D &;9;BI
-B-BEIIB -=B2;&I'
@?@ D T$;;&83
:>&22B>6 'B:&=B;=
@?B D 0$3F"9;
>?@:::;? =B-2B55I
@?E D .&;!TI9;
BB=;'I:- I5>B?'&'
@?? D T3$&7I&
6?5E;E5: BI&BB'>2
@?I D &3MB1.8;N
:6=E:'II 2:-?>;&:
@?: D B9-HI8;N
B'@E2;B6 5-BBB=&;
@?> D M128I!
B:'>:I6@ E'6?255I
@?= D M-$.7T3M!
2?26>';: I@B:&;:?
@I6 D .<-M!;$T
'BB6>E;@ I>@'-'2?
@I5 D !33&7";N-
;=:&??I> ?@&&;BB'
@I@ D MI07T";N-
52@@'2-2 522@>@?'
@IB D HI0H-033N
66-B:@B> ;6:26'5'
@IE D 9IN33N;
B66?B@B- '?'@-?-E
@I? D <1$M!9;
I;=B2?55 &''2'B&2
@II D .I9&33N
I=?-2;:> B:;?>?I5
@I: D B;-1TI'9"
B62@=?@' 2&B:B:@>
@I> D &-.&33N
?=&=-BB- BB-B=>@6
@I= D 21.T3G
;?&2&?I? :@B2:=EE
@:6 D 93T-2
B'BI5>=? BE65@=B:
@:5 D 93MB$;
B22-'5&> 5=?B2?E6
@:@ D 912I&393
BB'>22-? B:&5IB:E
@:B D .;;23T
2I=&I@?@ >'E5=>5?
@:E D N1H9;-'
::B5IB>@ &@6?;26I
@:? D .7I'T$"
;:5B@6&; I>225I=-
@:I D NIN&-2-
B5'&26@: ;IEB>6:B
@:: D NINC-.8
@>B;B&62 ;?B'E&;-
@:> D .7;2INC-
='2>;'I: B&22B6&6
@:= D T-I993<
I6>;62;I E>=-65'E
@>6 D .<;993<
IB&5@?=: @B5':2BI
@>5 D .7$33MI.7
B?'EI?&: -&IEB5B@
@>@ D B$;933M
'--2B6=> @5E@&&6E
@>B D .!IN2-
B6BB'EE2 @652E&?@
@>E D <IN0199
&'BI'5;B ?B':';I-
@>? D !;9I!!;$
BB'B:>&B 26@:;I&&
@>I D .1$.8IT
BE=&B';5 ;B=562:6
@>: D M-.L1;$-IN
@B;2'?:@ B?>@:5-&
@>> D <-I9M;$
'@?=I-;E B'56I=>2
@>= D <-I93$2
&>BE':@> @5;:-BIB
@=6 D .8ITT"
'B2&>='2 ?56@I'@2
@=5 D 2;9&-TT"
:5:?&>-B :2&525&;
@=@ D 8;&9;3N
==;=&':; 5;5@25-6
@=B D B-9T3"
2-6';55& ;;=2B6E5
@=E D &9-"239
;I&''EBB B?EEB'>=
@=? D N3.;!-..
@?=:>I@? -''@:-'E
@=I D T3$83-9
;5=5>';- -=IB=I;I
@=: D .-B9;";
;>=B2>I; >6E2I@>'
@=> D B-$B3-&7
>>I2I@6@ @;:;I6'E
@== D <7I.&-.7
-2'??:I& E:@;-=EB
B66 D 91F2I.&
2BB:@&?& >'55??=B
B65 D &3$!7I.7
:@@6-I6B 5;-&'B&?
B6@ D &$-<2-1NT
5=B6555& >'>E=EB:
B6B D ';;B-.
'25@5B;> ;2B2:&@;
:&E5B2BI ==;=?6>E
B6? D &-$F-N7-
?B@5-E2E &I&'?-;:
B6I D .7-$!;23
B5?:;='E I-:B2>-;
B6: D T$-!IN&7
=&-I=-&- ==B=B@B-
B6> D FIB$-F-
B?=IB=;> ':E&'2E6
B6= D '9"03N
'?BE2@:E ?:6I>6&5
B56 D M-817IT-
-2>2&E;@ ::B@>I'>
B55 D 7-$I"-M-
-B6-2@2? I2666BE'
B5@ D ;9;&T$I8;
=@2II2>6 :2?'=B;;
B5B D M-N;&T$I&
:@->=&&6 5=5&BE?'
B5E D N1M;9
B6EEIE-2 &2@@@=6-
B5? D &-M;$1!T
5':2B:?; ;2>=&BI=
B5I D .!7;-9
2';?@@2- ;I;&@@B>
B5: D .;-9;3
@:-526:- =-'-@='5
B5> D <-9$;IN
'2E;-52B &I=B?6&B
B5= D &-&N;-
5E:6-==B ;:2=:?B&
B@6 D &-&T1$N;
;5EB':@> 5>I6?I&>
B@5 D .N3$1NT
B?=2-;=; EEB=-6&@
B@@ D 09-9I;
'6;;?2': B6@''2-B
B@B D 91N-T3N;
-?;?'BB2 =B2>B?=E
B@E D .39$3&8
=:=6&I@6 :IE&E>B@
B@? D -H1$I99
B@I D .!3IN8
E22;>:BI :B2?;=:-
B@: D 0$1M!I0
BB6B@:=- 656?BB;-
B@> D !91.9;
5B5I&B;E -;&>&BI:
:;>222;? 6I?B?6E;
BB6 D M-<I9;
5@?;@I-= :6-&>:2;
B'I:2B=2 ?'=>-;>5
BB@ D M;2I&7-M
&I:5>@6& 6-:B;B&5
BBB D .<-B91
''@E>&2: :&I2&B6@
BBE D -9T-$I-
:=I5I?;6 2'-I56'6
BB? D <"N-1T
B&:25=;@ ;I;E5=;:
BBI D 21.8199
B-?>---5 @I6=>-6-
BB: D 21.&93!.
B@>-:2;' :;B-=?>B
BB> D $3.;9I-
-6&:E5I& :=B&5;&-
BB= D .9-83T7
BB?'2I6? >B=>=B5?
BE6 D FI03$3T7
6@@:-IB> @:=&>-'=
BE5 D .9-8IN0
B@=E=>@& 2>--E?-=
BE@ D 019!IN
=;B?E'E: 'B-&=E?'
BEB D .<-93T
5EB@6>I= E655@:B:
BEE D T$3!I1.
-6:;@-&: -@=>;I;E
BE? D <7I.M1$
:BE>-=:@ B;--B'B=
BEI D 9312$;2
5B>I='2: ;:&;'2?6
BE: D ;G!9312
6B&??52B >':5;&B'
BE> D &9-M!;$9
=B2=B@&> 5';>B?:I
BE= D 71NT-I9
-?E@;;6- 6BB5@>?6
B?6 D 03$;B"..
>@5>6?B> I-6-:@;-
B?5 D -B.39
E'@'?:&: 5E>IB:B>
B?@ D .71!!;T
>-B2E='@ E>@'6B;2
>&=E&I6B BEB:E6->
B?E D .;FI!;$
B5EB:-@E ;BB?B=@=
B?? D H-N033.;
B=?;6E2B =252EI-'
B?I D $;9I&-NT7
6B='&B@? &?='-BE6
B?: D -$3N
B>I2I@;5 &6&6;B6=
B?> D 9-I$3N
6@6EE6@6 @-'I6&'&
B?= D -00$3N
E2E@@;?= ;-5B2=I@
BI6 D &-.T'3$M
I56I@B=- '?I?EIE'
BI5 D F39B;-T
6=>''I5E :;@62=@:
BI@ D I991MI.;
E>2:5&:B 5I&@?@@-
BIB D 9I9;;!
6B>=6?=? 55;:>&:;
BIE D &$-2I9"
BBB6B=2; ?2'&&6::
BI? D -N3$IT7
5?'B'>B2 :2E2'2;?
BII D -$M-923
'@;I5':2 ?=:;E>E5
BI: D $-9T.
>B?I?&?2 25=B;=56
BI> D 8I$9I-
>EB@5BEB '=2>>>2B
BI= D 0-$2;F3I$
E&E@2'6- B=-BB;@:
B:6 D B-03N
;;EE;I>= @?2@I>;-
B:5 D .7;903N
E>::I&2& ?E-E>@2:
B:@ D .-9-M;N&;
>BB56'B- 6'&I=6'6
B:B D B;921M
E:??'6&B @;'=2;;:
B:E D M;T-N0
5>'I2-@2 ;5B5IB&?
B:? D M;T-0$3..
:'EE@-2: :?::I2=:
B:I D $;0I$3&8
;;E>&;BB 22=B-6&?
B:: D $;0I&;
B>;I65E5 =>EI'I>2
B:> D $;0I.T;;9
:=2'-&'& &;B5B6'=
B:= D 8"30$;
B:25B&&@ 2'II:>E=
B>6 D 0$3123N
'I??EB>2 B--?&:5:
B>5 D $-"L1-H-
'E?'?I>E ?6>@IB@@
B>@ D 9-TI-.
==@EE=6' I:EB??2:
B>B D 9-TI3.
B6;'I;;> -:5EB>2=
B>E D CI$-&7I
>=&'6=E5 B'@=B2>5
B>? D 2;3G".
>>':&B>; ;;BI6B?6
B>I D &7IM;&73
BIBE5;@; @I>-E=-B
Ferify this code $ate this code I would like to re(ort a (roblem with this code
Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: Spiritual on 3ctober @B, @66>
rating: --- Rare Candy in PC Code [North America]
This code will su((ly you with rare candies in your !&.
Ferify this code $ate this code I would like to re(ort a (roblem with this code
Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: Spiritual on 3ctober @B, @66>
rating: --- Shiny Pokemon [North America]
.hiny !okemon encounter
Ferify this code $ate this code I would like to re(ort a (roblem with this code
Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: xegaldis on Cune @@, @66>
rating: --- Steal Trainer's Pokemon [North America]
BI&?BI>- 6>B;>''E
I'2I6>26 B=5?52?5
6>E5=:&- B;-I2;E'
>;>>B;'' =@;=II62
Ferify this code $ate this code I would like to re(ort a (roblem with this code
Ferified by: this code is un#erified.ubmitted by: Spiritual on 3ctober @B, @66>
rating: --- Steal trainers pokemon [North America]
Ferify this code $ate this code I would like to re(ort a (roblem with this code
Ferified by: bybyblue, I5=su(erfly.ubmitted by: xegaldis on Cune @@, @66>
rating: --- Stone Codes [North America]
== Thunder .tone in !&
@B-BB'56 6E5&&BB;
== 'ire .tonein !&
'I--'->B E2@I?'@@
== <ater .tone in !&
E?:BE'3I M ?=5;&2==
== 9eaf .tone in !&
'II>BB&= 5E2B5@IE
== Moon .tone in !&
2:6>>5I' &5@6:;BI
== .un .tone in !&
?6&5&2== 2=IB?>BE
(OR try these cheat codes to
catch the pokemon from the frst
3 regions)
Ga1eS.ar( a"# Pro A&t!o" Re4la% $o#e)
- 0ame.hark or !ro -ction $e(lay cartridge is required to use the codes featured
Nort. A1er!&a" -er)!o"
(M)a)ter &o#e or Pokemon Ruby:
;E<A$=<> =>?AB@A=
A<B@D;EA A@6;E;E5
(M)a)ter &o#e or Pokemon Sapphire:
;E<A$=<> =>?AB@A=
=?<B*=*A =5@$*?E;
All w!l# Po(e1o" are $.ar1a"#er:
=<*$BD>E >ABA;BE@
Note: No other code exce(t the Master code should be on when using this code.
&atching two &harmanders then resetting the game with the code off is recommended.
All w!l# Po(e1o" are Mewtwo:
?6<>5E<* 5<A*ED=B
Note: No other code exce(t the Master code should be on when using this code.
&atching two &harmanders then resetting the game with the code off is recommended.
*!r)t )lot !" P$ ;; !te1):
D><5D$<D 5;@BAD$>
Ma)ter+all) !" !r)t )lot o P$:
-ll codes abo#e from 9ee 7attery.
All +a#'e):
65**@$DB 66555
-ll codes abo#e from ariel.
Mo#!% w!l# Po(e1o":
'irst, change the Master code to:
6666>BBB 666A
566?A=>A 666@
Then enter the code:
=>66@#>> 6<???
665D6*B: 3ld !okemon
55BD5;B: New !okemon
-ll codes abo#e from $2.kiI=.
$at&. a"% Po(e1o" ro1 t.e ol#er -er)!o"):
;nter one of the following codes, and you will only encounter that kind of !okemon until
you ha#e reloaded your game. This also effects the wild !okemon encountered by
walking in grass, ca#es, and while surfing. This will not work when fishing. Note: 3nly
one code can be acti#ated at once. The !okedex numbers are dis(layed as the old
numbering system.
665 : B/l+a)a/r:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AD=<5>A* >=>?D=DA
66> : I-%)a/r:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AB=AA<?B B><6;<AA
66? : Ve"/)a/r:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?BA>*6A@ @D>E5@5*
66A : $.ar1a"#er:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
DB=$<6$D =5*D<AA@
66B : $.ar1eleo":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6=B6<D<5 BB$BD;A=
66< : $.ar!Car#:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AB<?;BD> =A*A<=B@
66@ : S2/!rtle:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B$D$BA6< >*>*D@<?
66= : 9artortle:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
><=?A;$= <?**B?$E
66; : Bla)to!)e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B*D>AAB$ 5*E?>;<A
656 : $ater4!e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?B=$$>B* ;B*A?B5=
655 : Meta4o#:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D$@>BDAE ?A>6@;>*
65> : B/tterree:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
??E**B@$ E5@;A*BB
65? : 9ee#le:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;A=<D;>A <?B*=DB$
65A : Ka(/"a:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$$E$;*<E BA>A6*5>
65B : Bee#r!ll:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*?D;;>=6 A;*AEED$
65< : P!#'e%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5?;BBA?> >D$?B<$=
65@ : P!#'eotto:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>*@B6*>* >B@5@?EA
65= : P!#'eot:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5?<B;B?; ;BBD=6EB
65; : Rattata:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
EB$A;E>> A@B5B@*>
6>6 : Rat!&ate:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<6$;D$5B 5AD;B>><
6>5 : S4earow:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6>> : *earow:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>?<=;=A@ DA;5=B=D
6>? : E(a"):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6>A : Ar+o(:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B@BD<;*6 @$?B?56?
6>B : P!(a&./:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;DAA5B** 6B5>6D?;
6>< : Ra!&./:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$E@B@@;B AEA;?BB6
6>@ : Sa"#).rew:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@D*$A$BD >6BB=?B<
6>= : Sa"#)la).:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$*$@55B; 6B=B;@5*
6>; : N!#ora" *e1ale:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B<AB6555 $<B66BB$
6?6 : N!#or!"a:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6BA?>;E6 $EB?;A=A
6?5 : N!#o2/ee":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$?B656*B <DB6ED6E
6?> : N!#ora" Male:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A?=><>A> =>B*=$*6
6?? : N!#or!"o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
??DBE6=A 6?@AB;$A
6?A : N!#o(!"':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6?B : $lea!r%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E=EAB=A* ><$=AB<B
6?< : $lea+le:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6?@ : V/l4!0:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>@<A*B;> A?A<?B$$
6?= : N!"etale):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>@B=5BE6 B=$$$>DA
6?; : D!''l%4/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B5=A$@E6 E<<@A5=A
6A6 : 9!''l%t/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@$ED$A$* *;B$BB>5
6A5 : 7/+at:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A@B;<@>@ B5BB>;>A
6A> : Gol+at:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
**?A6DD5 D*BAEB5?
6A? : O##!).:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E*@>?@>A *?5EB*<A
6AA : Gloo1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A?=<B6A? ;DEBB6<A
6AB : V!le4l/1e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AA>@A=AA *===*5$;
6A< : Para):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
EAD?6>B= ?;==D=A*
6A@ : Para)e&t:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@A$*$;E; =>$D>@=E
6A= : Ve"o"at:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6$$B<D>A $;*BA??A
6A; : Ve"o1ot.:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D*D***6A =;5;BB>=
6B6 : D!'lett:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
BA@5;;E$ <<A*;A5=
6B5 : D/'tr!o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B$$6*BAA 5A6A@D?$
6B> : Meowt.:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B*?=*D?* BD@A5>A?
6B? : Per)!a":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6BE$>BD? @=@A<=AE
6BA : P)%#/&(:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@6$E$65; 5>*6A@B6
6BB : Gol#/&(:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?>E=B$?@ @@5>$*6=
6B< : Ma"(e%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
DAAB6$?B BB<55=5>
6B@ : Pr!1ea4e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B=>*B$B< $;BA*AED
6B= : Growl!t.e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$D@6A@AB A>D=<5*>
6B; : Ar&a"!"e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?6;;D??$ A;E<<A6A
6<6 : Pol!wa':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A*6;6=*? <B6*E5BD
6<5 : Pol!w.!rl:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$>;$?>@@ 6<?E<@E;
6<> : Pol!wrat.:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=D$=?A$* B*E$$AB<
6<? : A+ra:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B@?=$*EB B5B$<5$*
6<A : Ka#a+ra:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<@$A5>=< 6E?ABD=?
6<B : Ala(aCa1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$;5;BAD; <=AAD>A<
6<< : Ma&.o4:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=AD>$=BB EB?D@A?;
6<@ : Ma&.o(e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6<= : Ma&.a14:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD:
6<; : Bell)4ro/t:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$*>E?B6; ?B?6A><E
6@6 : 9ee4!"+ell:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
66?6$ABB A*A?BB5>
6@5 : V!&tree+el:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5D*?B=$A D$@6E$B=
6@> : Te"ta&ool:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<B$AE;$B >A$A5=;A
6@? : Te"ta&r/el:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6@A : Geo#/#e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?;;*@5@6 DB5;;B5E
6@B : Gra-eler:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6@< : Gole1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
56?*B<@$ >*5A;6A?
6@@ : Po"%ta:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=@@A<;B? =*<>6;*>
6@= : Ra4!#a).:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5;BBAD?* $=A6$A>=
6@; : Slow4o(e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A$E$BA@= A$B$B;?$
6=6 : Slow+ro:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*E@$AADB @<@>B5D=
6=5 : Ma'"e1!te:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?$5@AEA; BD$;D@6B
6=> : Ma'"eto":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B=BD5?$B E?E@D;B?
6=? : *aret&.3#:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;5>56<6$ @AB;6=E6
6=A : Do#/o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;>6BE?$@ ?E66?B;$
6=B : Do#r!o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6>>B=6A5 5;AB*E>;
6=< : Seel:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=E$5;A5> *DA@BBB*
6=@ : Dew'o"':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E5=D56<; 56B?E?6$
6== : Gr!1er:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
EB@*;$?* DB?5;>*B
6=; : M/(:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@>;5<6A; *=*@?B@@
6;6 : S.ell#er:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;>A>6?6E >A*5;E=<
6;5 : $lo%)ter:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*B6@=B?? 5A;;$@>A
6;> : Ga)tl%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;;B=A=A= ;5@B;E**
6;? : Ha/"ter:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@*5AB?@B <$66E;@B
6;A : Ge"'ar:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
BA;A;@B= A>>5EB*A
6;B : O"!0:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
BAD;A6DB <=*$@<=*
6;< : DrowCee:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6;@ : H%4"o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*ABB<?>5 =E;><BDB
6;= : Kra++%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D=?*A$$> @D?5EBB@
6;; : K!"'ler:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
**6*A?5* A66E*>>6
566 : Voltor+:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
ABD>$6$6 *B$<=A;?
565 : Ele&tro#e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6$>???$D 5A5@?6A@
56> : E0e''&/te:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=D>*;E@> =@5;>B6B
56? : E0e''/tor:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@AAA*<5A 5>D=>=5B
56A : $/+o"e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D;E?==A* ?@B66E?*
56B : Marowa(:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$BAA=BD5 5D6>=DA>
56< : H!t1o"lee:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
56@ : H!t1o"&.a":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
56= : ,!&(!t/"':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*B=>@B@$ 5<5>>B@=
56; : Ko!"':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B*;?*=@* B$5AB@;5
556 : 9eeC!"':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D;<<DA5B ==BBB@?A
555 : R.%.or":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@DA;$=$@ =BA;$?DA
55> : R.%#o":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;6@5DA5E BB>B;$5;
55? : $.a")e%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
55A : Ta"'ela:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
566D5B5= A<<A>D6<
55B : Ka"'a)(.a":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=*ABEA6; @556@==B
55< : Hor)ea:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6>A65$** *>@A>6B>
55@ : Sea#ra:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B65<6E>= ED<B<=E$
55= : Gol#ee":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>;6<566> <;BB<=**
55; : Sea(!"':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<@<B6BB; ;6A$;DE?
5>6 : Star%/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D@D;A66$ @B*B@AA$
5>5 : Star1!e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6E>@B>*A B56;5AA<
5>> : MrE M!1e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6;>>D;A> $5E<=6BA
5>? : S&%t.er:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>=BE*BB? <=DEAB<;
5>A : D%"0:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*B6*$=AE DAB>5<$*
5>B : Ele&ta+/CC:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5>< : Ma'1ar:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$<AA*=D5 A5B;A>D<
5>@ : P!")!r:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AE*BB=B? 6?*AB@>5
5>= : Ta/ro):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5DBBB@*> *A$$>BA@
5>; : Ma'!(ar4:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6A<B=;>A E<@B@AE>
5?6 : G%ara#o):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B<5B<*6A D>*6@5*>
5?5 : ,a4ra):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A=?A$@;< E?=B6B=*
5?> : D!tto:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?<5?AA>B >$$5B5@>
5?? : Ee-ee:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AB@=A5AA *6>E55=@
5?A : Va4oreo":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D=>AED*B *>?B>@AA
5?B : Dolteo":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5=B6*6B5 AA*B5A>*
5?< : *lareo":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AB<>>@A5 B?*=A*=B
5?@ : Por%'o":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<EE<6$BB @A<D**6?
5?= : O1a"%te:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5DBD<>5B A*D<B>;B
5?; : O1a)tar:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>?*>6E$< 5?<=*BA?
5A6 : Ka+/to:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?>A>B?E6 A6DB=6D;
5A5 : Ka+/to4):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>6B=?5=E ?;>B@EEB
5A> : Aero#a&t%l:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$AAB<A<? DB?>?@$?
5A? : S"orla0:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5AA : Art!&/"o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5AB : 7a4#o):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=?E>B6BA ;$;>@EBE
5A< : Moltre):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*=DE$?$$ A65AB6;A
5A@ : Drat!"!:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5A= : Dra'o"a!r:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=B?A5**6 A?$6E@=<
5A; : Dra'o"!te:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@;<E<=>A >B>6=DDB
5B6 : Mewtwo:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A$@@BA?* $AAED$B<
5B5 : Mew:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B@B5BD*A ;B$E*A$$
5B> : $.!(or!ta:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B?;$@E5? DD@;B*@>
5B? : Ba%lee:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?;D=>?E? ;EB<$;AA
5BA : Me'a"!/1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A>*@*=?@ @*;@ADEB
5BB : $%"#a2/!l:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
EA;;B6A< ?D66B*;5
5B< : 8/!la-a:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B;$$$@BB DA$>;E>>
5B@ : T%4.lo)!o":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5B= : Toto#!le:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<<;;E*@6 D@B6?DA?
5B; : $ro&o"aw:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
??$B$;6B DA<AD;D$
5<6 : *eral!'atr:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E5*6*E*A D66?<$DA
5<5 : Se"tret:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<$>DBDBE 66=A@B5*
5<> : */rret:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>B?AA?$@ A=>;>6;*
5<? : Hoot.oot:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5<A : No&towl:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5<B : ,e#%+a:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B*>*D?>D ;A5<;?BA
5<< : ,e#!a":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5$D@6@=* A@?=AA?A
5<@ : S4!"ara(:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B*;@BEA6 A?6BA=6<
5<= : Ar!a#o):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5<; : $ro+at:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B<*$>@;> ?AE*E?*;
5@6 : $.!"&.o/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D@6D565= A6>5>AB*
5@5 : ,a"t/r":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>D>$$AB= >5BDD56$
5@> : P!&./:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;6AE$EEB A===*=AE
5@? : $lea:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6=$>AA@D >6;<B<AE
5@A : I''l%+/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5@B : To'e4!:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=>><;*$= ;B@;*DBA
5@< : To'et!&:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E?B=5$;B AE<B>*;A
5@@ : Nat/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B<?B<6?* B5E=5A=5
5@= : Fat/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AB;=>?AE ?*5<=?AA
5@; : Maree4:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6@=?E;<B $B5<BB*=
5=6 : *laa%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*B56A>=B B>==E>;5
5=5 : A14.aro):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?$EBA?>> @AA=<<5=
5=> : Bello))o1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*66==?;5 6$<BDBE?
5=? : Mar!ll:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5=A : AC/1ar!ll:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E=?>E*?@ <AD6E<A>
5=B : S/#owoo#o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5=< : Pol!toe#:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B$<$D5@; E5=$?5E*
5=@ : Ho44!4:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B5B$=?6@ <;E*;$>$
5== : S(!4loo1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E?>EA6*E $B?@**?B
5=; : D/14l/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$6?*$*E* =A$B?@BA
5;6 : A!4o1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5;5 : S/"(er":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5<B$<=;B A*;AA5@@
5;> : S/"lora:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?<=?=BE@ EB?<@$?A
5;? : Ya"1a:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
EB66=A<E ;AA**B$@
5;A : 9oo4er:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<*6@5$A; <?**A;6>
5;B : 8/a')!re:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
<@?@B?;> E@*BB$>A
5;< : E)4eo":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E*=A56B$ @>$E*<?E
5;@ : U1+reo":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E*@6=*D5 $BE=B666
5;= : M/r(row:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;=*=$=*@ EEA<B@B;
5;; : Slow(!"':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A?D><5@$ $>*5AD*B
>66 : M!)#rea-/):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>65 : U"ow":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
56;;=*B6 <B<BB$;;
>6> : 9o++/et:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E$AEB;A6 >$<?$A<B
>6? : G!raar!':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A5?@@A;6 E?<>A@DE
>6A : P!"e&o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A?$?A;B* A@@A*6<@
>6B : *oretre)):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
BB=5B6<@ 6?B6?;B>
>6< : D/")4ar&e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A*=DA=EA ;??<=?AB
>6@ : Gl!'ar:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@>;*?AAB BB565=D6
>6= : Steel!0:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
5*E<>E5A 5?6$D>*=
>6; : S"/++/ll:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@@$@5;@D B6>B=BB<
>56 : Gra"+/ll:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$*>>??6A ;>;E;<AE
>55 : 8w!l!).:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$;BB55?< *ABB6>?<
>5> : S&!Cor:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
*=DAB*AE D>$5?<*B
>5? : S./&(le:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A;AD=$B= B<6>B@DA
>5A : Hera&ro)):
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
@@;D<EB* ?5?;E**<
>5B : S"ea)el:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>5< : Te##!/r)a:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
EDEB>**6 ==A<<B@;
>5@ : Ur)ar!"':
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
><6@*A=* AB*;A6*A
>5= : Sl/'1a:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
E>=;;;A@ ;><;=?A*
>5; : Ma'&ar'o:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AB=E55;= <E66ABAD
>>6 : Sw!"/+:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>>5 : P!lo)w!"e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AA<=DA;$ B??$=;@>
>>> : $or)ola:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
DDE**B?A E$B@A>?*
>>? : Re1ora!#:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>>A : O&t!ller%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>>B : Del!+!r#:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B$5*EAE$ ;*5=5=A5
>>< : Ma"t!"e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?A*=DB?5 6A>E;D*;
>>@ : S(ar1or%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;>DE?$DA <B$5A56<
>>= : Ho/"#o/r:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$AB*6A6B B6E<>6D?
>>; : Ho/"#oo1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D=D;;$A; BA;DA@D$
>?6 : K!"'#ra:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>B5=BBA5 DB5?A$*<
>?5 : P.a"4%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
$B$B6>D< $A5*E?*A
>?> : Do"4.a":
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
B=A<$B5< 5>E$ADEB
>?? : Por%'o">:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6AEA56$? =DB65A<*
>?A : Sta"tler:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
;$6BB*6> A>=B@BB$
>?B : S1ear'le:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A;D@EA<@ 56?D6DA=
>?< : T%ro'/e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?D>6?6E> B>A6$A$E
>?@ : H!t1o"to4:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A?B@$A?B =B$?=6D5
>?= : S1oo&./1:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=$>=@*@* E?;B6A<E
>?; : Ele(!#:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>A6 : Ma'+%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
D@@AEBB5 E<?>;>DB
>A5 : M!lta"(:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>A> : Bl!))e%:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
65EA6@B* @;?$=<*>
>A? : Ra!(o/:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A?**??D5 *?<=$DE<
>AA : E"te!:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
6$=6?@A< BE5D;DB>
>AB : S/!&/"e:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=6@BBBDB E?;>B=6<
>A< : ,ar-!tar:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
>$=EA>;< =AD=D<E?
>A@ : P/4!tar:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
=A5=E6B5 B$B?$E?=
>A= : T%ra"!tar:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
?>D<<B6; A6?BA56?
>A; : ,/'!a:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
BAB$<@<A B5**D$5$
>B6 : Ho:O.:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
A?@6<BE* <@D*?@E*
>B5 : $ele+!:
?;E;>A$A A5?<A;DD
AAE$>@E= AB**5BA6

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