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August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435

Western Culture
By: Maulana Ilyas Patel Sahib
Allah Taala declares in His Glorious Quran: It is
He (Allah Taala) ho re!eals u"on His sla!e (Ha#rat
$asulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) clear !erses so that He
%ay re%o!e you &ro% dar'ness to li(ht) (Surah 57, Aayah
9)* The clear %essa(e &ro% this aayah is that Ha#rat
$asulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) as sent ith +i(ht*)
,!ery as"ect that he deli!ered to %an'ind "ertainin( to
any as"ect o& li&e is +i(ht*) ,-,$.THI/G ,+S, IS
0A$1/,SS*) There is no %iddle "ath*) It is either
+i(ht) 2 otherise 0ar'ness*)
The distinction o& either 0ar'ness) or +i(ht) is not
only restricted to acts o& orshi"* $ather the %anner o&
conductin( our !arious day to day acti!ities and all
as"ects o& li&e &all in one o& the to cate(ories* +i(ht) is
the ay o& Ha#rat $asulullah(Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)* The
ays o& the 3es4 5hristians4 the 6est and e!erybody
else &alls in the cate(ory o& 0ar'ness*) More than
anybody else4 the ays o& the 6est are %ost o""osed to
the +i(ht) that Ha#rat $asulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)
brou(ht* It is4 and es"ecially in the "resent orld
scenario4 the (reatest dar'ness* It is (odless culture4
utterly i%%oral4 callous and ruthless and in short 2
decayed to the core* I& one sheds aay the indoctrination
o& the %edia and considers the realities4 one ould
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
re(ard the abo!e 7ud(e%ent as %ild* +et us ta'e a &e
basic e8a%"les:
Isla% "ro!ided an econo%ic syste% that is neither
ca"italistic nor socialistic* 6hile the Isla%ic syste% allos
the ealthy to "ros"er in a la&ul ay4 it caters &or the
need o& the less "ri!ile(ed* The bedroc' o& the Isla%ic
econo%ic syste% is that interest and usury in all its &or%s
is taboo* In direct o""osition to this syste% is the
ca"italistic syste% o& the 6est* The bedroc' o& the
6estern syste% is interest* By %eans o& this syste%4
so%e (et richer at the e8"ense o& %illions o& others* It is a
ruthless and callous syste%4 the e!il o& hich has been
e8"ounded by e!en %any 6estern riters*
9ne o& the %ost distin(uishin( as"ects o& Isla% is
the le!el o& Hayaa (%odesty:%orality) that it teaches*
Ha#rat $asulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is re"orted to
ha!e said: Hayaa is a branch o& &aith*) Thus Isla% &orbids
the inter%in(lin( o& the se8es* A %an %ay not loo' at any
o%an besides his i&e or %ahra% (one ith ho%
%arria(e is i%"er%issible)* The Quran has co%%anded
both %ales and &e%ales to loer the (a#e and not to loo'
at the o""osite se8* These and other such directi!es
ensure a %orally u"ri(ht society* In a society here the
Isla%ic %oral code is u"held4 illicit acti!ities are !irtually
non;e8istent* Marria(es by and lar(e last a li&eti%e*
In the 6est these noble !alues are des"ised and
%oc'ed* 6hat else can be e8"ected &ro% those ho
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
ha!e no !alues at all* In 6estern culture inter%in(lin( and
sha'in( hands ith all and sundry is a tri!ial %atter* In
&act a o%an in the "resence o& her s%ilin( husband %ay
hu( another %an ho is a &a%ily &riend) ithout any
hesitation* /ot only is it culturally acce"table4) it ould be
rude) not to do so* 6hat an utterly !alue;less and &ilthy
syste%< It is co%"ounded dar'ness* It is as Allah Taala
describes in the Quran: 0ar'ness u"on dar'ness* I& he
brin(s out his hand (in &ront o& hi%) he ill not be able to
see it* And the one &or ho% Allah Taala does not "ro!ide
any li(ht4 he (certainly) has no li(ht at all) (Surah 24, Aayah
40)* As a result o& bein( ithout any li(ht &ro% Allah Taala4
absolutely &ilthy "ractices see% cultured and one
co%"letely &ails to see the utter i%%orality in it*
In 6estern culture4 "orno(ra"hy is art4) %arryin(
so%eone o& the sa%e (ender is acce"table4 li!in(
to(ether ithout %arria(e is &ine hile drin'in(4 (a%blin(
and &ornicatin( is a%use%ent* 6estern culture has
sun'en to a le!el ay belo ani%als*
The "ri%ary "ur"ose o& clothin( is to co!er the
body* Thus Isla% ad!ocates that clothin( %ust truly co!er
the body* The clothin( %ust be thic' enou(h to ensure
that the satr ("art o& the body hich is necessary to co!er)
is not !isible throu(h it* It %ust be loose enou(h to ensure
that the sha"e o& the satr is not distin(uished* Isla%
ad!ocates si%"licity in attire* The (ar%ents o& the 6est
are %ade ti(hter and %ore re!ealin( by the day* 0ue to
the ty"e o& clothin( orn4 a &ather can easily distin(uish
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
%ost "arts o& the anato%y o& his dau(hter and a son o&
his %other and sister 2 and no one e!en bats an eyelid<
6hat an i%%oral and sic'enin( culture<<<
The "i!otal &ocus o& 6estern (ar%ents is "ride and
sho* The (reat obsession ith desi(ner labels is "roo& o&
this* ,!en a &a'e desi(ner label ill do 2 one can sho
o&& ith it< This entire culture is &a'e4 hollo and decayed*
It directly contradicts the teachin(s o& Ha#rat $asulullah
(Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) ho declared: He ho ill dress
in (ar%ents o& sho (i*e* he ears (ar%ents in order to
sho;o&& a%on( "eo"le)4 Allah Taala ill clothe hi% in
(ar%ents o& dis(race on the day o& Qiya%ah)(Mishkaat)*

6estern culture is in direct o""osition to the
Sunnah* Isla% teaches us to ash our hands be&ore
eatin( and to sit and eat* The 6est teaches that standin(
around and eatin( is cultured* Ha#rat $asulullah (Sallallahu
Alaihi Wasallam) has e%"hasised u"on %en to +,/GHT,/
their beards (to at least a &ist len(th)* The 6est teaches
sha!in( it o&& (or at the %ost s"ortin( a short &ashionable)
beard)* Ha#rat $asulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has
arned %en &ro% earin( any (ar%ent in such a ay
that it han(s belo the an'les* The 6est and its sla!es
insist on o""osin( this co%%and* Isla% teaches
the husband and i&e to be conscious o& their duties to
one another and to &ul&il the sa%e4 thus creatin( har%ony
and "eace* The 6est e%"hasises u"on each one to
de%and their ri(hts4 thus creatin( stri&e and ani%osity*
Most o& all Isla% &ocuses toards the Herea&ter
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
and re%inds us to "re"are &or the e!erlastin( li&e to co%e*
The 6est &ocuses solely on this orld 2 %a'e the %ost
%oney4 ha!e the best %ansion and car4 buy the best
lu8uries4 en7oy the best holidays and 7ust 'ee" chasin(
&un* I& you ha!e not been able to achie!e that yet4 7ust
'ee" toilin( to (et there 2 until you suddenly dro" dead<
This is the su% total o& this alien culture*
,!ery Musli% clai%s to lo!e the Sunnah and to
hate the o""osin( 6estern culture 2 the ay o& li&e o& the
.ahood and /asaara (3es and 5hristians)* Hoe!er4 in
"ractice e ha!e a"ed their rotten culture to a (reat
e8tent 2 and "aid the "rice* Ho %any do#ens o& %a7or
Musli% businesses ha!e shut don %ainly due to
beco%in( entan(led in the accursed interest syste%=
6hile the reasons &or the roc'etin( di!orce rate in the
Musli% co%%unity %ay be %any4 %ost o& it can be traced
bac' to the abandonin( o& the Sunnah ay o& li&e and
ado"tin( the ays o& the 3es and 5hristians* +i'eise4
ho %uch o& illicit acti!ity has cre"t in a%on( Musli%s
due to the ado"tion o& the i%%orality o& the 6est= The
entire &a%ily is constantly bo%barded ith i%%orality by
%eans o& the tele!ision4 %a(a#ines4 nes"a"ers
(es"ecially ee'end nes"a"ers) and other %edia* Are
e e!en conscious o& this= Are e "re"ared to sacri&ice
our entertain%ent) in order to "rotect the hayaa o& our
&a%ilies= The clothin( orn by Musli% sisters and
dau(hters is beco%in( ti(hter4 shorter and %ore
sha%eless 2 as i& all sha%e and %odesty has bid
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
&areell to the% > and to their "arents also* 6ho do they
rese%ble in their body;hu((in( (ar%ents and 6estern
styles= 0o they rese%ble Ha#rath ?athi%a (Raziyallahu
Anha)4 or the loose4 i%%oral o%en o& the 6est= 6estern
culture ishes to dra( us to the (utters* The @uic'er e
abandon it the better*
6e ha!e cursed the 5hristians and 3es enou(h*
I& e are sincere in our hatred &or the%4 let us shun their
0ar'ness*) +et us shun the 6estern culture that they are
"ro%otin(* +et us co%e bac' to the +i(ht) o& Ha#rat
$asulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in e!ery as"ect o& li&e4
be it in business4 attire4 eatin( and drin'in(4 %arria(e or
&uneral* +et e!ery action dis"lay our lo!e and ad%iration
&or the ay o& li&e o& Ha#rat $asulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi
Wasallam)* 0o not beco%e an ad!ertiser &or 6estern
culture by your attire or anythin( else* Ta'e the ti%e daily
to learn the Sunnats o& Ha#rat $asulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi
Wasallam) and i%"le%ent the sa%e in ones li&e* 9nly by
ado"tin( the Sunnah in our li!es ill e be able to
a""reciate its e8cellence4 si%"licity4 ease and "racticality*
6hen the Sunnah ill bri(hten u" our li!es4 only then ill
e be able to discern and reco(nise the e!il and
dar'ness o& the 6estern culture* 9nly then ill e ant to
ash o&& the ays o& the .ahood and /asaara li'e
ashin( aay i%"urities &ro% our bodies* 9therise e
ill continue alloin( in the 0ar'ness4) belie!in(
oursel!es to be enli(htened and liberated4) until e tri"
into our (ra!es* May Allah Taala sa!e us*
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
( Co mme n t a r y o f t h e Ho l y
Qu r a n )
By: Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi Sahib (Rahmatullahi Alaihi)

Note: This art o! Ta!seer is the remainin" ortion o! Surah Al#
$a%arah Ta!seer an& hen'e 'onne'te& (ith the re)ious 'hater o!
Surah Al#$a%arah Ta!seer*

Yet, here you are, killing one another, and
driving a group of your own out of their homes,
supporting each other against them in sin and
aggression and if they came to your as
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
prisoners, you would ransom them, though
their very epulsion was unlawful for you! "o
you, then, #elieve in some part of the $ook, and
dis#elieve in some other% So, what can #e the
recompense of those among you who do that,
ecept disgrace in present life% &nd, on
"oomsday, they shall #e turned to the most
severe punishment' &nd &llah is not unaware of
what you do' (Verse 8)*
This !erse recounts ho the Israelites bro'e the
"led(e they had illin(ly %ade* Allah had laid don three
s"ecial in7unctions &or the Israelites:
A* They should not 'ill one another in an
internecine ar*
B* They should not &orce their on "eo"le into
C* I& they &ound ranso%4 and (et hi% released*
The Israelites disre(arded the &irst to in7unctions4
and acted u"on the third alone hich they su""osed
easier to be carried out*
It ha""ened li'e this* There li!ed in Madinah to
tribes4 the As and the 1ha#ru74 ho ere hostile to
each other4 and ould o&ten (o to ar* In the Bani
Quray#ah and the Bani /adir* The &or%er had &riendly
relations ith the As4 and the Bani /adir* The &or%er
had &riendly relations ith the As4 and the latter ith
the 1ha#ra7* 6hen the As and the 1ha#ra7 ent to ar
a(ainst each other4 the to tribes o& the 3es also too'
"art in the battle4 each on the side o& its on &riends* In
these battles4 %any 3es lost their li!es or ere

August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435

rendered ho%eless as %uch as the non;3es* In other
ords4 the 3es o& the Bani Quray#ah tribe had a share
in the slau(hter and e8ile o& the 3es o& the Bani
Quray#ah tribe had a share in the slau(hter and e8ile o&
the 3es o& the Bani /adir tribe4 and !ice !ersa*
Hoe!er4 hen so%e o& the 3es beca%e "risoners o&
ar4 each o& the to 3eish (rou"s ould "ersuade
their res"ecti!e &riends a%on( the non;3es to acce"t a
ranso% and the release the "risoners* 6hen they ere
as'ed hy they shoed such solicitude &or the
"risoners4 they ould say that it as obli(atory &or the%
to (et "risoners released* But hen so%eone ob7ected
to their hel"in( the non;3es in slau(hterin( the 3es4
they used to re"ly that it ould be a real dis(race i& they
do not (o to the aid o& their &riends4 e!en i& they ere
not 3es*
So4 the "resent !erse e8"oses their du"licity and
their "er!ersity* The Holy Quran indicts their beha!ior
as sin and a((ression4) and this su((ests that the
Israelites ere in&rin(in( on to 'inds o& ri(hts D the
ri(ht o& Allah4 by disobeyin( Hi%E and the ri(ht o& His
creatures4 by in&lictin( "ain and loss on the%*
The !erse "roceeds to re"ri%and the% &or
acce"tin( certain in7unctions laid don in the Torah4
hile re7ectin( others4 and &olloin( their on hi%s in
both the cases* At the end4 this lon( !erse announces
the (ra!e "unish%ent &or such %isdeeds the Israelites
ill ha!e to bear in this orld as ell as in the other*

August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
(To be continued, Insha-Allah)
Tas-heelul Ahadeeth

Sayyiditina Ayesha Ha#rat /abi A'ra% (Sallallahu#
Alaihi#Wasallam) that she said to Ha#rat /abi A'ra%
(Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam):9 $asoolullah (Sallallahu#Alaihi#
Wasallam)< In the day o& 3ahiliyyah (i(norance) Ibn 3adan
used to %aintain &a%ily ties and &eed the "oor* 6ould
that bene&it hi%=) Ha#rat /abi A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#
Wasallam) re"lied: /o< He ne!er said on a sin(le day o&
his li&e: 9 %y Sustainer4 &or(i!e %e<) (MFS+IM)
It is clear &ro% the abo!e Hadeeth that Abdullah
Bin 3adan as a !ery (enerous %an* 6e learn &ro%
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
another !ersion o& this Hadeeth (as recorded by Ha&i#
Ibn 1athir) that besides %aintainin( &a%ily ties and
&ul&illin( the ri(hts o& the "oor4 he also lo!ed entertainin(
(uests and &reein( sla!es (i*e* he ould "urchase the
sla!es and therea&ter set the% &ree)* Hoe!er4 he as
not a Musli% D he le&t the orld ithout I%aan in Allah
Taala and His $asool (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam)* Sayyiditina
Ayesha +Raziyallahu#anha, there&ore as'ed Ha#rat /abi
A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam) hether Ibn 3adans (ood
deeds ill be o& any bene&it to hi% on the day o&
Qiya%ah* Ha#rat /abi A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam)
re"lied in the ne(ati!e*
6e learnt &ro% this Hadeeth that I%aan is a "re;
condition &or the acce"tance o& all (ood deedsE no (ood
deeds ill be acce"ted ithout I%aan* The aayaat o&
the Quran and Ahadeeth in this re(ard are &or too
%any and cannot all be %entioned in this short lesson*
/e!ertheless one such ayat is as &ollos: And those
ho disbelie!e4 their actions are li'e a %ira(e in the
desert D the thirsty thin's that it is ater until4 hen the
reaches it4 he &inds nothin( >)
It %ust be re%e%bered that I%aan includes
I%aan on e!ery &unda%ental as"ect o& the Shariah4
es"ecially I%aan in all the A%biya (alahi salatu
asalaa%) thus4 ith the ad!ent o& Ha#rat /abi A'ra%
(Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam) I%aan includes I%aan on the
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
Quran and Ha#rat /abi A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam)*
Ha#rat /abi A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam) said4
No one !rom my -mmah, .e( or /hristian, hears o!
me an& then &ies (ithout ha)in" 0rou"ht 1maan on
that (ith (hi'h 1 (as sent e2'et that he (ill enter the
!ire,3 (MFS+IM)
In other ords4 e!ery 3e and 5hristian ho
does not belie!e in Ha#rat /abi A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#
Wasallam) and the Quran is a disbelie!er and ill
there&ore not enter 3annah* Thus his (ood deeds ill be
o& no a!ail to hi% on the day o& Qiya%ah*
The Fla%a e8"lain in the li(ht o& certain
Ahadeeth that the 'u&&ar ill be rearded &or their (ood
deeds in the orld only D their reard ill be ealth4
rule ('in(do%) etc* they ill hoe!er not recei!e any
reard in the Herea&ter*
I%aan is a condition &or the acce"tance o& all (ood
deedsE no (ood deeds ill be acce"ted ithout

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August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435

s "o#e $or Chil%ren
By: Hazrat aulana A!u Talhah uhammad
"zharul Hasan ahmood Sah#!
#ran%lat$d By: Hazrat Mufti Afzal Hu%ain )lia% Sahib

Three $h#ldren %ho s&o'e from the
Ha#rat Abu Hurairah +Raziyallahu Anhu, narrates &ro%
Ha#rat /abi A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam) that there
ere three children &ro% the nations o& the "ast ho
s"o'e &ro% the cradle* (In other ords they s"o'e be&ore
the nor%al a(e at hich a child be(ins to s"ea')
A* +a,rat Eesa (Alahi salatu wasalaam) is one of
them and his incident is %entioned in the Quran
itsel& under cha"ter AG in Surah Maria%* The
cru8 o& the incident is as &ollos* Ha#rat Maria%
+Alahi salatu (asalaam, as un%arried hen Ha#rat
3ibraeel +Alahi salatu (asalaam, as ordered by
Allah Taala to blo into her slee!e by %eans o&
hich Allah Taala caused her to concei!e*
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
Peo"le carryin( hi%4 her nation be(an to rebu'e
her sayin( that she hails &ro% a chaste &a%ily*
Ho could she be(et a child hereas she is
Peo"le no be(an thin'in( ill o& her* At this
"recise ti%e Allah Taala (a!e Ha#rat ,esa +Alahi salatu
(asalaam, the ability to s"ea' hilst still in the cradle< He
said4 -erily I a% the ser!ant o& Allah Taala* He has
(i!en %e a (di!ine) boo' and %ade %e a /abi D
"ro"het*) (SF$AH MA$IAM)
This as the incident o& Ha#rat ,esa +Alahi salatu
(asalaam, s"ea'in( durin( his in&ancy and (i!in( testi%ony
to the chastity o& his %other*
B* -he worshipper from $ani israaeel named
.urai/' The second child ho s"o'e be&ore the
nor%al a(e at hich a child be(ins to s"ea'4 as a
child ho (a!e testi%ony in &a!our o& a orshi""er
&ro% a%on(st the Bani Israaeel na%ed 3urai7* The
details o& his incident are as &ollos*
3urai7 as an ardent orshi""er o& Allah Taala
&ro% a%on(st the Bani Israaeel ho had built hi%sel& a
"lace o& orshi" herein he ould orshi" Allah Taala*
9ne day hilst en(a(ed in salah his %other ca%e to hi%
and called out to hi% to do so%e or' &or her* 0ue to hi%
bein( en(a(ed in salah4 he be(an to as' hi%sel& in his
heart4 9 Allah Taala %y %other or %y salah=) He then
chose to continue ith his salah*
The ne8t day hile en(a(e in salah a(ain4 his
%other ca%e to hi% and called out to hi% to do so%e
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
or' &or her* He a(ain be(an to as' hi%sel&4 9 Allah
Taala %y %other or %y salah=) ?or the second ti%e he
chose to continue ith his salah*
9n the third day a(ain hilst he as busy ith his
salah his %other ca%e out to hi% and called out to hi% to
do so%e or' &or her* A(ain he chose to continue ith his
salah* +is mother #lurted out a curse on him saying,
0You should not die until you see the face of an
unchaste woman!1
/o the le!el o& orshi" &ound in 3urai7 beca%e
co%%on tal' a%on(st his "eo"le* 9ne day a o%an ho
as 'non &or her beauty said to the "eo"le4 i& you
"eo"le say so4 I ill seduce 3urai7<) The "eo"le be(an to
ounder ho she ould be able to do such a thin(*
/e!ertheless4 she beauti&ied hersel& and ca%e to
the orshi" "lace o& 3urai7 and tried to seduce hi%4 but he
as un%o!ed and least inti%idated* She no decided to
co%e u" ith an e!il sche%e* There used to be a
she"herd in the area ho used to s"end the ni(ht in the
orshi" "lace o& 3urai7* She seduced this she"herd and
&ell "re(nant as a result o& the a&&air* 6hen the child as
born4 she be(an clai%in( that the child as as a result o&
an illicit relationshi" ith 3urai7<
The "eo"le be(an to rebu'e 3urai7 and beat hi%
u"* They e!en ra#ed his "lace o& orshi" to the (round*
He as'ed the% hat as all this about* They said that he
had co%%itted adultery ith such and such o%an and
she has no (i!en birth to his child* 3urai7 as'ed the%
here as the child and that they should brin( the child to
hi%* In the %eanti%e he en(a(ed hi%sel& in salah* 6hen
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
the child as brou(ht to hi% he addressed the child and
as'ed the child ho his &ather really as* This child ho
as but 7ust a &e days old s"o'e out4 My &ather is so
and so she"herd<)
(To be continued, Insha Allah)
*+) &),-A& ."AMA
A& *+)(/ ",') 0,/
+A1/A* /AS.".""A+

0rom the teachings an% a%#ices o$ 0a2eehul3.mmat4 +a5rat

Mu$ti Mahmoo% +asan Sahi! 6angohi (Rahmatullahi-Alaihi)
Compiled by: Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Rahmatullah Sahib Kashmiri
(Daamat- Barakatuhum)
(Continued from the previous issue of AN-NOOR)
Some incidents concerning Shaikhul-
Hadith, Hazrat Maulana Zakariyya Sahib
One person dreamt that there were three graves in
England. One was Haaji Imdaadullah Sahibs, the second was
Hazrat Gangohis and the third was Hazrat Sahaaranpuri's.
Bees were coming out of all three graves and fying away. I
said, Surely, this is the Fayz (blessings) of these three buzrugs
emerging and dispersing.
Another person dreamt that there were four tents. One
was occupied by Hazrat Nabi-e-Kareem +Sallallahu alaihi
(asallam,, another by Hazrat Moosa Alaihis Salaam, the
third by Hazrat Dawood Alaihis Salaam and the fourth by
Hazrat Isa Alaihis Salaam. Tese four Ambiyaa Alaihimus
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
Salaam came out of their tents, sat down at one spot and
began discussing something but not a word could be heard.
Tereafer, they went back to their tents. I commented, "Yes,
all the people of the book respect and profess to follow these
personalities, whereas in reality, these three are assistants
and supporters of Hazrat Nabi-e-Kareem +Sallallahu alaihi
(asallam,. Each one of them desires that his ummat should
also join Hazrat Nabi-e-Kareem +Sallallahu alaihi (asallam,
and make an efort."
During this period, an article was published by a priest in
America, which stated, "Islam is a great threat to Europe. Islam
has reached the doors of Europe." It hasn't reached there by the
force of the sword, rather through the eforts of our
Some incidents concerning Hazrat Maulana
Thaanwi (Rahmatullahi Alaihi*
Hazrat Maulana Taanwi +Rahmatullahi Alaihi, once came
to ahaaranpur for treatment. Hazrat Sheikh +Rahmatullahi
Alaihi, prepared Talbina (a sweet watery dish which is white
as milk and made with four, honey, ghee, etc.) and sent it to
Hazrat Maulana Taanwi +Rahmatullahi Alaihi, along with a
leter stating that he had checked the ingredients of the dish
with Hazrat Taanwi's doctor who reassured him that it was
not in confict with Hazrats nature and temperament and it
strengthens the body and heart. Hazrat Sheikh +Rahmatullahi
Alaihi, also wrote that eating it has been encouraged in the
Hadith therefore it is being presented to Hazrat
+Rahmatullahi Alaihi, and Hazrat should please partake of it.
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
Tus, Hazrat Sheikh +Rahmatullahi Alaihi, mentioned its
material beneft, its harmlessness and also outlined the
Deeni dimension of it. (i.e. it has been encouraged in the
Hazrat Taanwi +Rahmatullahi Alaihi, received the gif and
read the leter. Tereafer, he replied, My beloved friend. In
your extreme love for me you forgot to abide to the usool
(principle). You have mentioned the Hadith frst. Now I fear
that if I do not like the taste of this food, then it would mean
that I dislike something which has been encouraged in the
Hadith. Had you frst presented the dish to me and mentioned
the Hadith to me upon my liking it, it would have been more
comforting. Terefore, your gif has been kept aside awaiting
your reply." (Tese personalities were so careful about the
Hadith that they could not tolerate a disagreement with the
Hadith even as far as taste is concerned, whereas taste has
nothing to do with Shari'at. It is a natural thing.)
Who can have greater respect for Hadith than them?
Hazrat Taanwi +Rahmatullahi Alaihi, did not return the gif
for this would have hurt Hazrat Sheikhs feelings. He also took
this into consideration. Hazrat Sheikh +Rahmatullahi Alaihi,
replied, "Hazrat, frstly, taste is dependant on the expertise of
the cook. An excellent cook would turn something ordinary
into a delicious dish and an inexperienced cook may spoil an
exquisite dish too. Hence, if this dish does not turn out to be
tasty, then we would understand that the food which has been
encouraged in the Hadith was beyond the capacity of those
who had cooked it as they did not prepare it well.
+To 0e 'on'lu&e&, 1nsha#Allah,
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
Statements an" Ane#"otes o$
%a&ee'(l-Ummat) Ha*rat +a(lana
+($ti +a'moo" Hasan !an,o'i

Com7ile% -y8 +a5rat Maulana Mu$ti 0aroo2 Meeruti Sahi!
9Daamat- Barakatuhum)
Matters 7ertaining to +a%ith
2on3ueror of 4ran
The con@ueror o& Iran is Ha#rat F%ar
+Raziyallahu Anhu, hi%sel&* The con@uest o& Iran had ta'en
"lace durin( his rei(n o& 1hilaa&a* There&ore4 the e8tent
o& hatred that the Iranians ha!e &or Ha#rat F%ar
+Raziyallahu Anhu, is understandable* They ere ori(inally
&ire orshi""ers* A&ter 7ihad as a(ed a(ainst the%4
the o""ortunity to re&or% the% did not arise and they
there&ore re%ained de&icient* /either did they beca%e
Arabs nor Persians nor Tur's*
Another noteorthy "oint is that the closest
nei(hbourin( land to Arabia is Persia* Allah Taala
%entions in the Quran:

+4i"ht a"ainst the ku!!ar (ho are 'lose to you,

59:6278* This !erse holds true &or the Persians*
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
In another !erse4 Allah Taala says:

+9ou (ill 0e 'alle& to !i"ht a eole (ho are )ery !ier'e
!i"hters* 9ou (ill either !i"ht them or they (ill 'ome to
you in su0mission*, 54::6;8
This !erse re&ers to the% as ell*
Reconciling the ahadeeth pertaining to the
sunnat salah of 5a/r
6hen a "erson reaches the %us7id hen the
7a%aat o& ?a7r has be(un then one o"tion is to 7oin the
salah ithout o&&erin( the sunnat salah and the other is
to &irst o&&er the to ra'aats sunnat outside the %us7id
and then 7oin the salah* I& you 7oin then you ill ha!e to
re%ain sittin( a&ter the salah until the sun has risen a
little and therea&ter o&&er the to sunnats o& ?a7r*
This is because i& you o&&er the sunnat salah
hen the 7a%aat has be(un you ould be (oinin(
a(ainst the hadeeth that states:

H9nce the 7a%at be(ins no salah besides the
?ar# salah can be o&&eredI
I& you do not o&&er the sunat salan then you ill
be actin( contrary to the hadeeth that states:

August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
H0o nor lea!e the% i*e* the sunnats o& ?a7r4 e!en
thou(h horses %ay tra%"le you<I
I& you o&&er the sunnat i%%ediately a&ter the ?ar#
salah then you ill be contradictin( he hadeeth that states:

HThere is no salah a&ter the &ar# o& ?a7r until
There&ore4 Ha#rat I%aa% Abu Hani&ah
+Rahmatullahi Alaihi, adopted the following method so that the
apparently contradictory ahadeeth may be reconciled: if one
will be able to join the imam in the salah afer reading the
sunnats, then he should frst ofer the sunnats of Farz and
thereafer join the imam. If one will not be able to join the
imam if he ofers the sunats then he should frst join the
imam and ofer the sunats afer sunrise.
Esta#lishing a sunat through a da6eef (we3k*
A sunat can be established through a da`eef hadeeth.
However to establish a sunnat-e-mu`akkadah (emphasized
sunat) one will need a qawiy (strong) narration.
Hadeeth then said, I had a copy of sifr-us-Sa`adah. I
recorded in its footnotes all those ahadeeth through which
sunat are established.
(To be continued, Insha-Allah)
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
.otions $or t'e
A Translation o$ Dawa-e-Dill
-y8 +a5rat :eer 1ul$i2ar Ahma% a2ash!an%i Sahi!
Continued from the preious issue of !"-"##$
ALLAH Ta/ala/s messa,e to '(manity
Ha#rat /abi A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam) ould
recite the Holy Quran to the%* The recitation had such
a "ro&ound e&&ect on the% that they ould say4

This is nothin" 0ut tra&itional ma"i'<

HAl;Muaddathir JK:BK D 9nly rele!ant "ortion o& the
Aayah is docu%entedI
They ad%itted that there as so%e 'ind o& a
&orce ithin it4 hich is hy they ould say4

=o not to listen this >ur?an

HHa;Mee% Sa7dah KA:BG D only rele!ant "ortion o& the
Aayah is docu%ented
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435

And %a'e noise durin( its recitation
HHa;Mee% Sa7dah KA:BG D only rele!ant "ortion o& the
Aayah is docu%ented
They ere a&raid o& listenin( to it4 lest they
ould be a&&ected by it* In Ma''ah4 hen Ha#rat /abi
A'ra% (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam) ould recite the Quran at
ni(ht4 the elders o& the Quraysh4 his staunchest
ene%ies4 ould secretly listen to his recitation*
Such is the %a(netis% o& the Holy Quran* I&
those ho belie!e in it recite and listen to it4 its
e&&ecti!eness is %ulti"lies*
There&ore4 e should recite and learn the
Quran ith lo!e* Today4 due to our in!ol!e%ent ith
sins4 e ha!e been de"ri!ed o& the (reat blessin(s o&
the Holy Quran*
(hy dont %e der#)e en*oyment from
re$#t#n+ the Quran,
A "erson is su&&erin( &ro% a cold4 and you "lace
%us' and a%ber in &ront o& hi%* I& you as' hi% ho
the &ra(rance is4 he ill not 'no4 des"ite the &act that
these are !ery ell 'non and e8"ensi!e "er&u%es*
This is because he has a cold4 and is there&ore
de"ri!ed o& the en7oy%ent o& "er&u%e*
In the sa%e ay4 a "erson %ay not deny the
&act that the Holy Quran does ha!e (reat %a(netis%4
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
but hen he is su&&erin( &ro% the in&luen#a o& sin4 he
is de"ri!ed o& these onder&ul e&&ects* There&ore4
e!en i& he does recite the Quran4 he does not deri!e
en7oy%ent &ro% it* .ou %ay ha!e seen a "erson
recitin( the Quran ho4 hen so%eone "asses by4
lea!es his recitation and starts loo'in( at that "erson*
To hi%4 there is no di&&erence beteen his recitin( the
Quran and readin( an ,n(lish no!el* 6hy is this so=
The heart has not yet acce"ted the blessin(s o& the
Quran o& the Quran*
6hen the heart be(ins to acce"t the blessin( o&
the Quran4 then (Subhan Allah<) one i%%erses hi%sel&
in the Quran hile recitin( it* Then his state beco%es
totally di&&erent* The Sahaabah (Raziyallahu Anhum)4
ould recite one Aayah o& the Quran re"eatedly all
A n#+ht too short-
Ha#rat ?ati%a A#;Lahraa (Raziyallahu Anha)4 stood
one lon( inter ni(ht4 a&ter Isha "rayer4 to "er&or% to
ra'Mat o& /a&l "rayer* She ent on recitin( the Holy
Quran4 and hen she ended her "rayer4 she realised that
the ti%e &or the ?a7r "rayer had al%ost arri!ed< She raised
her hands in dua and said*
9 Allah< I had only %ade an intention
to "er&or% to $a'aMat< .our ni(ht
is so shortE it 7ust "assed aay li'e that<
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
Such ere the "eo"le ho ould co%"lain
about the ni(hts bein( too short* 3ust try to i%a(ine
ho %uch en7oy%ent they deri!ed &ro% the Quran<
(To 0e /ontinue&, 1nsha#Allah,
0amily -on%
BR"./"./ 01
CH"23RE. ". "S2A
By: Hazrat Maulana +r* Muhammad Habibullaah Mu,htaar Sahib
*ranslate% !y8 -$nab Rafi. Abdurrahmaan Sahib
(/&ntinu$d fr&m th$ 0r$1i&u% i%%u$ &f AN-NOOR)
A %arn#n+ a+a#nst !e#n+ d#so!ed#ent
0o not lau(h in their "resence4 es"ecially i& it is
not a thin( to lau(h about*
0o not "arta'e o& the &ood that is be&ore the%
hile ha!in( %eals*
0o not eat be&ore they be(in eatin(*
0o not stretch out4 lie don4 or slee" in their
"resence4 e8ce"t i& they "er%it you to do so*
0o not enter a roo% or house be&ore the%4 or
al' in &ront o& the%*
Anser i%%ediately hen they call you*
$es"ect their &riends durin( their li&eti%e and
a&ter they ha!e "assed aay*
A!oid the co%"any o& those ho disres"ect and
are disobedient to their "arents*
Ma'e dua &or the%4 es"ecially a&ter they ha!e
"assed on4 &or they ill bene&it &ro% it*
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
5onstantly re"eat Allah Taalas ords4

(My lord< Ha!e %ercy on
the% both as they cared &or %e hen I as little)*
D Surah Israa HBanii Israa;eel4 AJ:BKI
R#+hts of relat#)es
The /obel $asul (Sallallahu#Alaihi#Wasallam)
co%%anded the %aintainin( o& ties ith relati!es*
They are in this order: "arents4 (rand"arents4
brothers4 sisters4 "aternal uncles and their i!es4
children o& our brothers and sisters4 %aternal uncles
and their i!es4 &athers sisters4 &olloed by relati!es
ne8t in ran' and "ro8i%ity* The /obel $asul (Sallallahu#
Alaihi#Wasallam) said that %aintainin( these ties as
instru%ental in obtainin( Allah Taalas hel"*
children these ri(hts hen they are youn( so that
they obser!e the%* The /obel Quran ur(es one to
de!elo" ties ith 'ins&ol' and to be (ood and 'ind to
It has co%%anded one not to cut ties ith
'ins&ol'4 ter%in( it an act o& rebellion and %ischie& that
attracts se!ere tor%ent*
Preser!ation o& ties is a si(n o& belie& in Allah
Taala and the day o& @iya%ah*
It ensures a lon(er li&e
and increases in sustenance*
It dri!es o&& a(ony at the
ti%e o& death*
The nation that "ractices it4 attains
"ros"erity and abounds in riches*
Their sins are

Abu +aa'uud and #irmidhii*

Suurah 2i%aa3 4:3 363 Suurah 4%raa 5Banii 4%raa6$$l3 7:"67*
Suurah Ra8d3 3:"53 Suurah Muhammad3 47:""6"3*
Bu,haa6rii and Mu%lim*
Bu,haa6rii and Mu%lim*
Abuu 9a8laa*
#abraa6nii and 4bn Haa,im*
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
"ardoned and their la"ses are e8"iated*
Accordin( on
the day o& @iyaa%ah ill be easy and entry into 7annah
is (ained*
By se!erin( bonds on distances onesel&
&ro% 7annah*
The 'ee"in( u" o& relations ele!ates
ones ran'*
There&ore4 instill these !irtues in the %inds o&
children so that they lo!e their relati!es and ill re&rain
&ro% brea'in( ties ith the%*
R#+hts of ne#+h!ours
A nei(hbour is a "erson ho resides ithin &orty
houses to the ri(ht or le&t4 abo!e or belo ones house*
There are &our "rinci"les around hich a nei(hbours
ri(hts e!ol!e: not to cause the% di&&iculty4 "rotectin(
the% &ro% one ho intends to har% the%4 dealin( ith
the% a%icably4 toleratin( and &or(i!in( their bad te%"er
and rudeness*
3o not harm your ne#+h!our
A "erson %ay har% his nei(hbours or cause
the% di&&iculty in !arious ays* Adultery4 the&t4 abuse4
litterin( etc* are so%e o& the acts that har% ones
nei(hbour* Adultery is the orst o& o&&enses* It has been
strictly "rohibited* ?ornication ith the i&e o& a
nei(hbour has been ad7ud(ed %ore o&&ensi!e than

4bn Hibbaan and Haa,im*

Bazzaar3 #abraa6nii and Haa,im*
B,haa6rii and Mu%lim
Bazzaar and #abraa6nii*
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
adultery ith ten o%en*
5o%%ittin( the&t at a
nei(hbours house is also a serious cri%e*
+To 0e 'ontinue&, 1nsha#Allah,
6reat :ersonality
Rahimahullahu Taala
-y8 +a5rat Allamah Muhamma% (!n ;usu$ Salihi &imash2i Sha$i<i
(/&ntinu$d fr&m th$ 0r$1i&u% i%%u$ &f AN-NOOR)
+a,rat 4mam Sahi#7s /urisprudential skill in the
light of the other 4mams
(CK) +a,rat +asan 4#n &mmarah +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,
Ha#rat 1hatib +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, narrates that
Ha#rat Abdullah Ibn Mubara' said: I sa Ha#rat Hasan
Ibn A%%arah +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, holdin( the reins o& Abu
Hani&ahs horse and addressin( hi% thus4 By Allah
Taala< 6e ha!ent co%e across anyone %ore elo@uent4
"hiloso"hical and itty than you* /o doubt4 you are the
leader o& the 7urists o& your ti%es and this is an
acce"ted &act* And those ho ha!e !erbally abused
you4 ha!e done so solely out o& the 7ealousy they harbor
a(ainst you*)
(CN) +a,rat 8asim 4#n 96an +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,
Ha#rat 1hatib +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, narrates that Ha7ar
Ibn Abdul 3abbar +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, said: A "erson once
told Ha#rat Ibn MAan Ibn Abdur $ah%an Ibn Abdullah
Ibn MasMud +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,* 0o you "re&er to be
a%on(st the sla!es o& Abu Hani&ah=) Qasi% re"lied:
Ahmad and #abraa6nii*
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
Ghre is no other (atherin( as bene&icial as the
(atherin( o& Abu Hani&ah +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,*) He
therea&ter added: 5o%e4 let us "roceed to his
(atherin(*) 6hen he reached the Ma7lis acco%"anied
by the other "erson4 he (the other %an) clun( onto
I%a% Sahib and re%ar'ed: I ha!ent seen a %an li'e
this*) I%a% Sahib)4 Ha#rat Qasi% +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,
adds: as !ery "ious and (enerous*)
(CG) +a,rat $ishr 4#n +arith +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,
Ha#rat 1hatib +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, narrates that
Ha#rat Bishr Ibn Harih +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, said: I& you
desire "iety4 hold &ir%ly onto Su&yah Thari and i& you
as"ire to beco%e ac@uainted ith intricate reli(ious
issues4 then hold &ir%ly onto Ha#rat Abu Hani&ah
(CJ) +a,rat +ammad 4#n &#u Sulayman +Rahmatullahi#
Ha#rat Say%ari +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, narrates that
Ha#rat ShMubah Ibn Ha77a7 +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, said: I
heard Ha#rat Ha%%ad Ibn Abu Sulay%an +Rahmatullahi#
Alaihi, (the Fstad o& Ha#rat I%a% Sahib +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,)
sayin(: Ha#rat Abu Hani&ah +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, used to sit
be&ore us ith di(nity4 res"ect and Ta@a* 6e used to
nourish hi% ith the PIl%*) Shubah adds: I ha!e been
o!erso%e ith &ear due to this state%ent %ade by
Ha#rat Ha%%ad +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,* Ha#rat Abu Hani&ah
+Rahmatullahi#Alaihi,, by Allah< 6as blessed ith re%ar'able
intelli(ence and %e%ory* Peo"le ha!e le!eled baseless
accusations a(ainst I%an Sahib4 the re"ercussions o&
hich they ill &ace be&ore Allah Taala* I a% !ery ell
aare o& the &act that PIl% is a close co%"anion o&
Ha#rat Abu Hani&ah +Rahmatullahi#Alaihi, 7ust as I a% aare
August 2014 Shawwalul Mukarram1435
o& the &act that the li(ht o& day o!erco%es the dar'ness
o& ni(ht*) +To 0e 'ontinue&, 1nsha#Allah,
Letters to t'e E"itor
(n%e!te% to (slamic scholars
Dear Editor,
A!%ul -aasit aasti
:ulwama =ashmir
CA10S R40.3-
Fayyaz Ahmad 5aroo
Annual e>ams con%ucte%4 results %eclare%
an% 7ri5es %istri!ute%