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Daily Technical Analysis Levels Daily Technical Analysis Levels

for week Tuesday 20 August 2014 for week Tuesday 20 August 2014
Prepared by icola Duke Prepared by icola Duke

Page 2 !"P#$D %#&#$D
Page ' A#D#$D #$D(P)
Page 4 %#&!"P #$D*+,
Page - #$D*AD %#&(P)
Page . !old /T0 1il
Page 2 DA3 $4P-00
Talking5,ore6 is uni7ue in that it is the only audio service in the world that is available 24 hours a day and e6clusively
for ,3 traders8 0t is delivered by our highly skilled tea9 of Talking5,ore6 analysts around the clock fro9 $unday
evening through to ,riday evening8 %very 9e9ber of our tea9 has a different 9arket speciality and each one has a
nu9ber of years e6perience working for an invest9ent bank: hedge fund or financial news agency8
;ost i9portantly Talking5,ore6 analysts are co9pletely independent and neutral in their opinions8
Daily view: "earish outside day we have dropped to 18..'0 fib and 18''02 support level
overnight8 /atch for "o% 9inutes but 0 a9 looking for support here for a swing long trade8
*lose below 18.. says the trade is wrong8 /atch the channel for direction8
,our +ourly view
&esistance 18..20 18.24.<9a=or> 18.2.2<last weeks low> 18.?@2
$upport 18.-.4: 18.4-05-.<9a=or> 18.'?0
Daily view A /edgeBcoil has broken downwards and is an e6cellent short trade on a pullback for
the ne6t target level of 18'1-0
,our +ourly view
$upport 18''0. 18'2@. 18'240 18'1-0<9a=or>
&esistance 18'''- 18''2- 18'4-0 18'-0 <9a=or>
Daily view !ov $tevens prediction that the ,ed will be the first 9a=or *" to hike rates sent the
A#D#$D lower overnight so no daily close above the pivotal 08@'22 we were watching8 08@220
needs to hold as support today to keep bull hopes alive or we risk new lows and back to the
botto9 of the range at 08@2108 08@2@0 here at the open is a good level
+ourly Ciew
&esistance @'2?<9a=or> @'-2<9a=or> 08@40-52
$upport @2?? @220 08@2'? @'2?<9a=or>
Daily view bullish day to new highs give us fibonacci targets of 10'8-0 and 104800
"earish A"*D pattern noted yesterday is negated by the new highs
,our +ourly Ciew
$upports 10'800 10282? 4 102842<9a=or> 102822
&esistance 10'8'? 10'8-0<9a=or>
Daily view cable has hit potential support level and %#&#$D broke resistance so this does not
bode well for %#&!"P longs and chart shows us holding below ?0'- resistance which is likely
the new neckline8 0 still favour longs but have taken so9e profit and waiting for consolidation or
a pattern entry to rebuy8
4 hour chart view
$upport 2@@2 2@?0<9a=or> 2@22 2@44
&esistance ?0'-<9a=or> ?0..<9a=or> ?1--<9a=or>
Daily view8 "ullish breakout back to the top of the range @1045@114
$elling this range has worked three ti9es previously but eventually all good things stop working8
The price action is suggesting test of 2014 highs fro9 (an at 08@1-.'
,our +ourly view
$upports 08@0@0 08@0'@ 08@01.51@<9a=or>
&esistance 08@104 08@114<9a=or> 08@1-.<2014high>
Daily Ciew "ullish and back at the 180@0 resistance 4 -0D retrace9ent of the 2014 decline fro9
;arch highs8 0f we 9irror the price action in ;ay in this price range we should see sideways
trading 4 a leg lower again before we can break higher8 o co9pelling trade set up here today8
+ourly view
$upport 180?445-0 180?04 <9a=or> 180240<9a=or>
&esistance 180?@2 180@20 180@'0 180@?0<9a=or>
Daily view fought back above last weeks lows and held is bullish but A"E*D e7ual 9easured
9ove rally is bearish short ter98 Long targets re9ain 1'.820
$hort ter9 bearish fibonacci pattern could send us back to 1'2 4 1'.8?0
+ourly view
$upports 1'.82.: 1'.8-@ <9a=or> 1'.841 1'.822
&esistance 1'2812 <9a=or>: 1'28-05.0<9a=or> 1'?800
Daily view A another inside day has us back at the 12@- breakout level8 This is still the
unbroken key support level8 A break below 12@- has target of 122?
,our +ourly view
&esistance 1'00 1'2452- 1'42
$upports 12@-<9a=or> 12@18?0 122?<9a=or>
OIL #$ /T0 crude
Daily Ciew A crude has found support after falling through the fibonacci level at @4824
This is a key level for a reversal here: but so far the price action is not too pro9ising8
"ack below this level there is no fibo target til @18-0
0 prefer buying against @4824 for now
,our +ourly view
;a=or $upport @-800 @48.0520<9a=or> @'811
&esistance is at @-8-0 @-8?0 @.8-0 @28'0 @@8005@@8'0<9a=or> @@8?0
Daily view A hit yesterdays 9ini9u9 target of @''? then reversed8 "ulls i9portant support
@2-0 4 9a=or support @12-
,our +ourly view
$upport at @2-0 @12-<9a=or> @0?. @0-0<9a=or> ?@0@
&esistance @''?5-0<9a=or> @411 @42'<9a=or>
Daily view A has hit botto9 of key fibonacci resistance Fone8 Above this Fone we will 9ake new
highs <target 2012>: a reversal here G we should 9ake a new 2014 low below (uly lows8
/atch out for ,1;* 9inutes8 0 favour the bearish view and will atte9pt s9all shorts against
this level8
,our +ourly view
&esistance 1@2?: 1@?05?'<9a=or>: 1@@1: 2012
$upport 1@-0 1@44<9a=or> 1@'0