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in the Brazilian
2 WIND BLATT 1/2005


Dear Readers,

As the following pages will show,

the first WINDBLATT issue in the new
year will contain a newly adapted
layout. The ENERCON magazine thus
follows our Corporate Design. The
table of contents indicated hereafter
is also a new idea. We are, of course,
looking forward to getting feedback
from you.

Yours sincerely,

Prime Minister Böhmer (left) and Aloys Wobben lay the foundation stone.

Aloys Wobben,
Managing Director ENERCON GmbH Minister impressed
Page 2: Laying the foundation stone
A new building for ENERCON in Magdeburg
Prime Minister at ENERCON
olfgang Böhmer was positively im- current buildings, infrastructural possi-
Pages 3-5: Interview with Pedro Vial
Wobben Windpower in Brazil
W pressed when he was invited to
participate in laying the foundation stone
bilities as well as future projects.

of the new ENERCON administration The company has just finished the con-
Pages 6-7: 10 Years with SAP building in Magdeburg-Rothensee in the struction of a building for up to 100 ap-
Put money on the right horse middle of January. The Prime Minister of prentices. During the tour through the
Saxony-Anhalt was really enthusiastic production site at Rothensee, the guests
Pages 8-11: Climate change about this highly developed production had the opportunity to visit the new rotor
It is getting warm in Europe site built in his state. blade production for ENERCON wind tur-
bines of the type E-70 (2 MW).
Page 9: Info Service After ENERCON Managing Director Aloys
Wobben had given Wolfgang Böhmer a While having a look at the E-112 rotor
Pages 12-13: ENERCON News warm welcome, he had the honour of blade production site, the guests were
To meet requirements of grid laying the foundation stone for the new told that the series production of the
operators ENERCON administration building. The 4.5 MW turbine is constantly being im-
modern building will be finished by the proved. In autumn, the new generator
Pages 14-15: ENERCON News end of 2005. The administrative sections impregnation and coating system will
Environmentally friendly of several ENERCON production plants as be ready for production. The new blade
New tower production well as ENERCON Sales and Project mould construction section in Rothen-
Tower: Shades of green Management in Magdeburg will have see will be used for the first time in Fe-
their headquarters there. bruary.
Page 16: Solar Prize
Congratulations to Aloys Wobben Afterwards the guests visited the entire “As soon as these projects are realised,
ENERCON site, which is about 310.000 m2. more than 3,000 people will be working
During this tour, ENERCON Rothensee for ENERCON in Magdeburg and thus for
Cover photo: ENERCON wind farm Managing Director Volker Ziem gave the the wind energy sector”, Volker Ziem
in Brazil (Porto do Mucuripe/Fortaleza). Prime Minister some information about explained at the end of the event.
1/2005 WIND BLATT 3

“Cautiously optimistic”
WINDBLATT interview with Wobben Windpower Manager Pedro Vial

For a couple of months in our local currency only if the manu-

facturers can obtain at least 60 per cent
the tariffs for Brazil’s new
of national contents of the wind farm
feed-in law for renewable energies during the first phase. In the second
have been official. phase, which goes from 2008 to 2022,
only those manufacturers who have at
least 90 per cent will be eligible for local
financing. And local financing is a very
obben Windpower Manager Pedro good thing because it would be in local
W Vial from Brazil describes the new
situation in a WINDBLATT interview.
currency, and then it would be cheaper
for investors. So the owners of the wind
farms want to have Brazilian financing,
WINDBLATT: You have waited for a very but they can only apply for it if they have
long time for the things happening in this national content. Therefore, if our
Brazil. Are you pleased now? competitors establish themselves in
Brazil, they will have a better chance.
Pedro Vial: I am cautiously optimistic.
Cautiously because there were so many Wobben Windpower Manager Pedro Vial has a WINDBLATT: Where are the best sites for
things that happened during those nine reason to smile. wind turbines in Brazil?
years, that we can only celebrate when
the wind farms are in operation. But I am selecting the manufacturers of the wind Pedro Vial: Mainly in the North East of
optimistic because Brazil is a windy turbines. So we are in close contact with Brazil, where the winds have very high
country. We had a lot of work to con- the investors trying to sell as much as medium speed and are also very gentle
vince people in Brazil that wind is a fan- possible for those already selected. Now winds, with no gusts. That place is
tastic complement to our huge hydro we, ENERCON and Wobben Windpower, probably one of the best in the world. We
power. Now, I believe there is a general hope to get a nice piece of it, to produce have average wind speeds of around
idea of all the benefits that wind can machines and install wind farms. Until 8 to 9 m/s. Our wind farms over there
bring. Wind will come in Brazil. God is now, we have sold a total of 208 MW, for have proven that these are very good
willing! three investors. conditions. All the North East Coast of
Brazil is like that. In the inland of the
WINDBLATT: What’s the situation on the WINDBLATT: How is the situation for North East there are also some windy
market right now? other turbine manufacturers on the Bra- areas, as well as in the very South of
zilian market? Brazil’s inland, not as high an average
Pedro Vial: We were all anticipant after as in the North East, but very good if
so many years, waiting for the law and Pedro Vial: I believe that all those manu- compared to the average in Europe.
the regulation. Finally Eletrobras, which facturers who install or have already in-
is the big state owned utility, has select- stalled a factory in Brazil will have a WINDBLATT: Does the new law include
ed the projects for wind, biomass and better chance. Because until now some any rules about the regions for installing
small hydros. In the first phase of the of our competitors have only promised wind farms?
law, wind will have the possibility of in- the Brazilian Government that they intend
stallating up to 1,100 MW, and the others to install a facility in Brazil. But the truth Pedro Vial: For the first 1,100 MW, no
(biomass/solar) the same amount. And is that nothing is really going on. If they Brazilian state can have more than 220 MW,
this up to December 2008. Many projects don’t build a factory in Brazil they have although you are not forced to install in
are chosen and the investors are already to import the machines. And the law every state. For the second phase this is
there. They signed the PPA contracts with says that the Brazilian official banks will open. So during the first phase the
Eletrobras. Now they are in the phase of finance investors with special conditions government wants to encourage people
4 WIND BLATT 1/2005


Wobben Windpower blades production facility in Pecém, Ceará State, Brazil.

not to concentrate only in the North East, 2009. But anyway we have to start buil- well as the assembly of the whole nacelle
but also in the South and South East, to ding the wind farms soon. Otherwise it for the E-48. We purchase steel towers
prove that wind can also work in all those might be difficult. The more time cus- from local vendors. The South East is the
conditions in Brazil. tomers need to make up their minds, the most industrial part of Brazil and there-
more difficult it will be for us to give them fore it is the place where most of our
WINDBLATT: What does the Govern- a good delivery time. But I am sure that vendors are.
ment's schedule look like? in the end there will be a positive de-
velopment. And today we have a very big amount of
Pedro Vial: 1,100 megawatt of wind components made in Brazil and assem-
energy have to be installed until 2008. WINDBLATT: Tell us more about the bled by us. In the North East of Brazil in
The call for tenders has been finished. In production facilities of Wobben Wind- Pécem, we have a second facility for
this context we have already signed con- power. rotor blades, which has been operating
tracts for 208 megawatt. I believe that for two years now. But we also have the
the investors should make the contracts Pedro Vial: In the South East of Brazil, in plan to establish a generator production
with the manufacturers within a short Sorocaba, São Paulo, we have the facto- and assembly of the whole nacelle there,
time in order to comply with the 1,100 MW ry for blades manufacturing for the E-70 depending on the market in the North
target. The second phase can start in and E-48, the generator production as East.
1/2005 WIND BLATT 5
WINDBLATT: You started with Wobben Pedro Vial: All of them. VW, General
Windpower nine years ago? Motors, Toyota ... All of them have multi-
fuel engines, because normal fuel in
Pedro Vial: I started officially in October Brazil already contains 20 per cent al-
1995 working for ENERCON, but I first cohol. And the pollution is extremely re-
met Mr. Wobben in 1992, because we duced. I think other countries will follow
were planning to export blades for us on this, and I hope Brazil will follow
ENERCON. A company of friends of mine Germany on wind.
in Brazil were doing those blades and
then we established this relationship WINDBLATT: What did you do before
with ENERCON providing them blades ENERCON came into your life?
made in Brazil. I was a minor partner of
this company in the past. In 1992, I had Pedro Vial: Well, I worked almost all my
the honour of being introduced to the first professional life for the Brazilian aero-
prototype of the gearless E-40 in Aurich. space and missiles industry. After I quit I
Mr. Wobben told me: “This is the future”, started a small consulting office to export
and he was absolutely right. The gearless products from Brazil, from small compa-
concept together with so many other nies to the rest of the world. One of such
fantastic technology breakthroughs that products were rotor blades. That’s when
ENERCON has developed, made our I met Mr. Wobben in 1992. In 1995 he
products the reference wind energy came to me and said that Brazil had a big
turbines in the world. potential, so he decided to establish a
factory here. At that time I had no part-
WINDBLATT: You work for a green energy nership with the blades factory anymore.
company, so you have a special relation- So he invited me to set up a factory and
ship to renewables. But what do “normal” take care of it for him. It was one of the
Brazilian people think of green energy? greatest moments of my life, because I
have been very fortunate to be part of the
Pedro Vial: God gives things to us that ENERCON family.
first we think are bad, but later we un-
derstand they were for our benefit. We WINDBLATT: Thank you, Mr. Vial. E-40 wind farm in Mucuripe, Brazil.
learn from them, and become happier.
When there was this energy problem in
Brazil, people became conscious that we
should think more of green energy. So
we decided to build small hydro power
dams, instead of huge dams, we start
planning more wind and biomass pro-
jects. We have one of the biggest pro-
grams in the world for alcohol fuel, as
you know. We have flexible motors in
Brazil which you can use with oil, with
gasoline or even with 100 per cent al-
cohol. We call them multi-fuel engines.
We have a lot of sugarcane, which we
can use to produce alcohol. That is only
one example of our biomass projects.
The Brazilian people are becoming really
aware that we should use more green

WINDBLATT: What kind of cars are

equipped with these motors? Wobben Windpower production facility in Sorocaba.
6 WIND BLATT 1/2005


Bet on the right horse

Ten years successful work with SAP software

On the 30th January 1995,

ENERCON installed the company
software SAP. It is absolutely
clear today that ENERCON
made the right decision.

NERCON SAP expert Ernst Loesing

E remembers: “When I started working
for ENERCON in 1994, all clients wanted
to buy our new gearless E-40 turbines
and material management had to deal
with bottlenecks. It was absolutely ne-
cessary to install a sophisticated com-
pany software.”

Besides material management, other

SAP Sales Manager Claus Peters (left) and ENERCON SAP expert Ernst Lösing in a meeting. company areas, such as the financial
1/2005 WIND BLATT 7
accounts department, also argued for the When starting to use SAP for new pro- products which can be used at very low
introduction of an ERP system (Enter- duction sites, the ENERCON SAP experts costs. The quality of these products was
prise Resource Planning). At that time, were able to benefit from former work so satisfying on a trial basis that mean-
ENERCON was a really small company and thus take over entire structures from while they are being used for other areas
with only 350 employees. The wind tur- ENERCON in Aurich. as well (e. g. remote monitoring).
bine manufacturer decided to install an
entire software system and not to follow Today, eight ENERCON employees cen- In the meantime, SAP is being used for
the widespread habit to use internal pro- trally manage the SAP system in Aurich. almost each company area: mySAP CRM
grammers. “If we had not decided in favour of SAP (Customer Relationship Management)
at that time, but of another software, makes the entire customer planning and
SAP was a well-known company at that we would have probably had to change service possible. Project Management
time. In 1972, five former IBM employees our supplier three times and program uses SAP to create its plans necessary to
founded the meanwhile largest ERP sup- large ranges on our own”, Ernst Loesing realise the construction of a wind farm
plier. The SAP concept is till today: To guesses. If ENERCON had done that, from road building to nacelle mounting.
offer a uniform software for all company Loesing would not have seven colleagues The so-called optical archiving method
areas as many companies are subdivided in his department today, but sixty and the serves to transfer scanned invoices, for
into several departments, such as finan- IT budget proportion of company sales control purposes, to the SAP operating
cial accounts department, material ma- would not be below one per cent, but area of the responsible employee and af-
nagement and sales. The company con- largely above the average of about three terwards forward them to the financial
cept worked. SAP got more and more per cent. accounts department.
customers and individual safety thus in-
creased as well. Since the licence fee for the Oracle data- For the future, ENERCON is planning
base and the server operating system to further develop the SAP system and
“At that time, we were looking for a com- Windows NT, which SAP requires for thus use it for all production sites, so
pany software that could still be used in operation, is very high, ENERCON chan- for Brazil and Turkey as well. The next
ten to fifteen years”, Loesing explains. ged to the considerably cheaper SAPDB step will then be to evaluate reports
About two dozen software companies database and the operating system concerning for example customer satis-
hoped to work together with ENERCON. LINUX. Both are so-called open source faction.
Out of the two dozen only SAP still exists
today. However, this tendency was not
People who
foreseeable at that time. work with SAP Database-
growing in
900 gigabyte
According to Ernst Loesing, the next step
was hard work: “We wanted to use the 800
SAP standard solution. For this reason, SAP in
we had to completely change our com- 700
pany structures.”
ENERCON has used more and more logistics, project-
SAP modules over the years: Service,
500 accounts management,
Project Management, Sales and Produc- Aurich production
tion Planning were added to the basic Euro-Change
and SAP in
software system. Claus Peters, SAP Sales 300 Magdeburg
Manager Manufacturing Industry for
in Aurich
Northern Germany, has been responsible 200
for ENERCON for four years. “ENERCON
decided to use the entire range of SAP
solutions. This way, interface and inte-
gration problems, which often occur 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004
when combining the systems of several
1995 1997 1999 2001 2003
software suppliers, do not appear”, he
explains. This ENERCON graph shows the number of people working with SAP and the growing of the data base.
8 WIND BLATT 1/2005


Europe is warming up
Plants and animals show signs of a changing climate

Climate change below it transmits data concerning air In more than 3,000 meteorological of-
temperature, air humidity, pressure con- fices spread over Germany, employees
has already started.
ditions and wind per GPS to the German like Janssen collect climate data. They
Worldwide. Weather Service (Deutscher Wetter- transmit warning messages for shipping
Even in our neighbourhood. dienst, DWD) in Emden. Walter Janssen and air traffic, create weather reports for
has already let hundreds of such bal- the media and supply climate scientists
loons rise in the sky. The balloon bursts with data.
he white balloon is rising higher and at one point in time and its transmitter,
T higher. After one minute, it has al-
ready reached a height of 300 m. In
supported by a miniature parachute, falls
down to the ground. The transmitter is
Mild temperatures

90 minutes, it will be approximately equipped with a label advising the per- “This is an old climate diary. It shows
30 kilometres above the ground and due son who finds it to dispose of it. This pro- that forty years ago, there were the same
to a decrease in pressure, its diameter cedure is done four times a day – and mild temperatures as today: 7.1°C in the
will have been increased from one meter Walter Janssen has already been work- morning and even 9.1 °C in the evening”,
to the diameter of an entire house. While ing for the German Weather Service for Janssen points to the pencil-written
the balloon rises, a sensor mounted 40 years. weather data. Only the sum of thousands
1/2005 WIND BLATT 9
of data measurements from all over
Germany, within a period of time of
Due to the emission of CO2 and other
climate gases, climate change caused by Info Service
100 years, is evidence that there is a humans is a reality with catastrophic
February / March 2005
temperature rise of 0.6 °C in our lati- effects for many poor countries in the
tudes. According to Walter Janssen, the world – most of them often not recog- 15-17/02/ LAREF 2005
2005 and “RIO 5 – World Climate
data delivered by the meteorological nised. But even in our latitudes, signs are
Rio de and Energy Event”
office in Emden is not enough to be proof becoming more and more obvious. Janeiro Organiser, or information from:
of real climate changes. “But I notice that (Brazil) RIO 5 – LAREF –
the weather has changed. Formerly, I Peter Triloff is an expert for plant pro- Organization Office
ice-skated a lot, even on the Ems-Jade- tection at the market community Boden- Phone +55-21 2233-3953
Canal from Emden to Wilhelmshaven”, seeobst in Friedrichshafen. He says: “Cox Fax +55-21 2518-2220
he remembers. However, in the past few Orange and Boskoop apples are be- www.rio5.com
years, this is no longer possible because coming more and more rare at the
the ice layer is not thick enough. Bodensee. There are too many damaged 16/02/2005 Course “Grid Connection
apples.” Fruit farmers instead change to Madrid of Wind Turbines”
Same time, another place, but same sub- Asian and New Zealand apple kinds such (E) Organiser, or information from:
DEWI Deutsches
ject: At the 10th UN Climate Conference as Fuji, Braeburn and Gala. These apples
Windenergie-Institut GmbH
in Buenos Aires, Bill Hare from the Pots- have a longer growing phase and require Phone +49 4421 4808-0
dam Institut für Klimafolgenforschung more heat. Since 1989, the market com- Fax +49 4421 4808-43
(PIK) presents results from the current munity has collected climate data at the seminar@dewi.de
climate report of his institute. If the Bodenseee. According to Triloff, climate www.dewi.de
global average temperature increases by change is already visible.
23-24/02/ Manager meeting
2.5°C to 3°C, the rice harvest in China 2005 regenerative Energy
will decrease by 10 to 20 per cent. At Climate scientists agree on the fact that San Pedro Organiser, or information from:
the same time, South Africa will be con- especially south-western Germany will Sula AMIK, Agency for Marketing and
fronted with a complete harvest shortfall. be affected by climate change. Triloff (Honduras) international communication
In regions where fish meets most of the feels the same. “If damage by hail and Phone +49 221 310 18 41
Fax +49 221 310 18 43
protein requirements of the population thunderstorms increase, there will soon
this food source will no longer be there be no fruit farmers anymore”, he pre- www.amik.de
for half of the population if the tempera- dicts.
ture increases – a dramatic perspective 23-25/02/ Fair “GENERA”
against the background of a growing Migratory birds stay 2005 Organiser, or information from:
world population. Madrid IFEMA- Feria de Madrid.
(E) Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I
Olaf Tschimpke, president of the German 28042 Madrid - ESPAÑA
The group leader of the European Parlia- Society for Nature Conservation (Natur- Fax +34 91 722 57 88
ment at the world conference, the Euro- schutzbund Deutschland), expects con- www.genera.ifema.es
pean Representative Karl-Heinz Florenz siderable displacement of ecological genera@ifema.es
of the conservative party CDU told the balance due to climate change. Till now,
16-18/03/ “ENEX – New Energy”
German newspaper ZEIT that the aim is the lapwing was considered as a migra-
2005 Organiser, or information from:
to find new partners and to make plain to tory bird. But in the meantime, it more Kielce erneuerbare energien
them that climate change is no children’s and more often spends the winter in (P) Kommunikations- und
game, but probably the greatest danger Central Europe. German migratory birds Informationsservice GmbH
for today’s and future generations. leave later and return up to eleven days Phone +49 7121 3016-0
earlier in spring than 40 years ago. The Fax +49 7121 3016-100
At the climate conference, people from house martin returns on average ten www.enex-expo.com
India, Argentina or the Fiji Islands talked days earlier from Africa than 30 years
about droughts and flood disasters in ago. Some animals no longer cover large 18/03/2005 Windenergy planning
their countries. The environment organi- distances, such as a white stork from a Hanover in Baltic states
sation WWF invited representatives of stork farm in Loburg (Germany), equip- (D) Organiser, or information from:
BWE Service GmbH
these countries to come to Buenos Aires ped with a satellite transmitter, who did
Phone +49 541 3506 033
to make sure that the suffering of mil- not fly to Africa, but spent the winter Fax +49 541 3506 050
lions of people does not disappear from in the mild, Spanish Extremadura. Dr. A.Horbelt@wind-energie.de
the climate experts’ sight. Markus Nipkow, Nabu expert for bird www.wind-energie.de
10 WIND BLATT 1/2005

said. The climate scientist refers to the
large IPCC report from 2001 which re-
flects research results from international
climate experts, based on simulations
and measuring data, concerning climate
change caused by humans.

The latest annual report of the German

Weather Service says: “In 2004, there
was a lot of damage caused by thunder-
storms and dangerous meteorological
conditions in Germany.” Stock thinks that
in future, the sea level will rise and
extreme storm tides will often occur.
South-western Germany will probably be
plagued with flooding and snow on low
mountain ranges will be scarce. “There
is already a shift from continuous rain to
torrential rain today”, Stock explains.
Nutrients are washed out of the soil and
the danger of erosion is increased.

Wine from Brandenburg

Climate change is particularly affecting

the German state of Brandenburg: “Ger-
many’s sandbox” soils do not store water
very well. In hot summers, as in 2003,
field crops wither. Stock fears that as of
2030, such hot summers will be normal.
This would be the end of wheat cultiva-
tion in this region.

Walter Janssen from German Weather Service lets a balloon with measurement transmitter in the sky.
Wine is now being cultivated in the
gentle hills of Werder at the Havel. Wine-
protection, says that an increasing num- ble railway industry for 20 years. Espe- growers can be happy. When Manfred
ber of south European bird species breed cially in lower reaches, the business of Lindicke started to plant wine in 1985,
in northern areas. Due to progressing cable railway operators is becoming this was a risky experiment. Today, the
climate change, adaptable species could more difficult. And since Demling often “Werderaner Wachtelberg” is an estab-
replace less robust ones – the possible climbs mountains, he dares a subjective lished wine type. The vineyard is located
beginning of a dramatic species loss. assessment of climatic conditions: “It to the west of Berlin, at the 52nd latitude,
seems as if it is becoming warmer.” Of the so-called “Arctic circle of wine”,
Strange times for instinct-changing birds course, there is still snow in this region, which was the northernmost limit for
and cheering snow canon manufac- but only a few weeks a year. winegrowing for a long time. But in the
turers. “Within the last three years, the meantime, wine is successfully being
demand for snow canons increased by Within the last 100 years, the earth cultivated in England and Scandinavia as
30 to 40 per cent in German-speaking temperature has increased by 0.7°C. well. “Winegrowing is definitely moving
countries”, Hans-Peter Demling explains, “With much goodwill, we can interpret north”, Manfred Stock (PIK) notices. “In
Sales employee of the Swedish snow the temperature rise during the first the regions where only white wine was
canon manufacturer Areco Snow system 70 years of the last century as a natural formerly cultivated a good red wine
Ges.m.b.H for Austria, Germany and event. However, the extremely rapid in- grows today. And in the regions where
Switzerland. Before becoming a sales crease since the 70s cannot be explained there was not any wine at all, a good
employee, the Austrian worked in the ca- like that”, Dr. Manfred Stock, PIK expert, white wine can be found today.” Stock is
1/2005 WIND BLATT 11

of feed-in laws
In order to stop global climate
change, CO2 emission and thus
fossil fuel combustion have to be re-
duced. In Germany, the further de-
velopment of renewable energies
started with the adoption of the
Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (Re-
newable Energy Law) in 2000.

Other countries have already adop-

ted laws similar to the German law
(e.g. the Netherlands and France).
However, these countries use a
kind of full-load hours model. Since
2001, French wind turbine operators
have received 8.38 cents for each
kilowatt hour of electricity generated
during the first five years of opera-
tion. In the following ten years, their
carrying out the study “Climate Adaptility ges spruce trees. During the last deca- payment will reduce in dependence
of European Wine Production (CLAWINE)” des, Bavarian forest authorities changed on the amount of electricity produ-
in order to examine the relation between pure conifer forests to mixed forests ced till then.
climate change and winegrowing. mainly containing deciduous trees as
these can better deal with heat and
In the full-load hours model, site
Early blossoms drought. “Douglas firs and red beeches
are particularly adaptable”, Marc Ku- quality depends on the amount of
In 1981, in the context of a forest re- batta, Internationale Holzbörse GmbH in full-load hours: The more full-load
search project that took place near Munich, explains. In the past years, these hours, the less payment. A 2 MW
Göttingen in Germany, Hartmut Diersch- American tree types were planted in wind turbine for example produces
ke of the Albrecht-von-Haller institute for Germany as they are resistant to fungal 4,500,000 kWh, which correspond
plant science started to collect data of decay, insects and drought.
to approximately 2,250 full-load hours
flowering phases of plants in beech
forests. His studies show a clear ten- After the climate conference in Buenos per year. But a 2.5 MW wind turbine
dency: The relatively warm passage from Aires, Manfred Stock and his colleagues which produces 4,500,000 kWh only
winter to spring leads to early flowering: are fully aware: The Kyoto report about has 1,800 full-load hours per year.
Since the middle of the past century, stopping climate change, which will Below 2,000 full-load hours, the
snowdrops and forsythias have been come into effect this month, can only be payment for electricity generation is
flowering about 3.2 days earlier per de- the beginning: “We have to rapidly take
reduced in the sixth year of opera-
cade. For half a century, the growing further measures in order to considerably
tion. This means that good wind tur-
season of important deciduous trees has reduce global CO2 emission.” The Envi-
increased by up to 2.3 days per decade ronment Ministers of the European Union bines are not paid out according to
in Germany. have already decided to further reduce their technical properties. This way,
the emission of greenhouse gases. Till there is no incentive to further deve-
Drought and bark beetle infestation show 2050, 50 per cent less gas than in 1990 lop system technology.
how climate change, for example, dama- shall be emitted.
12 WIND BLATT 1/2005

1/2005 WIND BLATT 13

To meet requirements
of grid operators
ENERCON receives certificate for turbine properties

nce again, ENERCON takes a leading department for electrical engineering, Holstein, one wind turbine connected to
O position in technological develop-
ments on the energy market. ENERCON
said. the grid was tested hundreds of times.
In the first step, the test results are
is the first international wind turbine The “Forschungsgemeinschaft für Elek- checked for compliance with the grid
manufacturer which was awarded a trische Anlagen und Stromwirtschaft connection regulations of “Vattenfall
certificate for turbine properties usually e.V.” (FGH) (Research Centre for Electri- Europe Transmission GmbH”. Vattenfall is
only characteristic for power stations. cal Systems and Power Economics), a a transmission system operator in the
traditional institute for the power indus- new German states. In the next years,
ENERCON Managing Director Aloys try in Mannheim, issued the certificate. especially large wind farms, requiring
Wobben received the certificate which The Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Tech- power-station-like operation, will be
again proves that advanced technology nik (DATech e.V.) (German Accreditation connected to the Vattenfall grid.
has its place in Northern Germany. Body Technology) founded a certifying
body at this institute, just for issuing Not only German but also foreign utility
Continuous research and development such certificates. Dr. Karl-Heinz Weck, companies and grid operators are obser-
deliver important results for a leading FGH associate and head of certifying ving how wind turbine manufacturers act
position in the wind energy industry. body, thinks that the certificate is an on the power station market. ENERCON
“Due to the support from the Managing important instrument to classify wind expects other manufacturers to follow
Director and owner Aloys Wobben, our turbines for customers and grid ope- suit since this certificate proves for the
development team was able to work rators. first time that the certified wind turbine
on a target for several years and to types actually meet the corresponding
successfully complete the projects”, The first certificate refers to the 2 MW grid operator regulations for grid connec-
Stefan Hartge, head of the development ENERCON wind turbine. In Schleswig- tion.

Wind power continues to grow in 2004 in the EU

Industry statistics released today for Netherlands passed the 1,000 MW thres- (240 MW), Portugal (224) and Italy
the EU wind energy market show that hold in 2004, indicating that important (221). In 2003, 5,477 MW were in-
cumulative wind power capacity in- new European markets are emerging. stalled in Europe, and the wind power
creased by 20 per cent to 34,205 MW market increased by 4 per cent in
at the end of 2004, up from 28,568 MW Climate change has been prioritised in the 2004.
at the end of 2003. G8 by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. At the
Davos World Economic Forum he said that The future growth prospects of Europe-
5,703 MW of wind power capacity were “we need to work much harder to find an wind power is reliant on creating su-
installed last year, representing a wind ways to implement the vast range of low- stained markets in other European
turbine manufacturing turnover of some carbon technologies that have already be- countries on a scale similar to those in
5.7 billion Euro. The further rapid pro- en developed”. A high level task force Germany and Spain, with a cumulative
gress that the industry is capable of concluded that G8 Governments should wind energy capacity of 16,629 MW
delivering is constrained by barriers “generate at least 25 per cent of electri- and 8,263 MW respectively at the end
such as grid access and administrative city from renewable energy sources 2004. The 34,205 MW installed in the
hurdles. Whilst the market for wind by 2025”. The top five European wind EU by the end of 2004 will, in an aver-
energy in most European countries is energy markets in 2004 were Spain age wind year, produce some 73 TWh
still largely undeveloped, Italy and the (2,065 MW), Germany (2,037 MW), UK of electricity.
14 WIND BLATT 1/2005


awarded certificate
Environmental management and energy-saving

Since ENERCON works partment in Aurich is only one example reusable packaging and kanban sys-
for environmental awareness within the tems.
in the area of environmental
company. Furthermore, adequate heat
technology, the company tries insulation raises new buildings to the In the context of ENERCON’s environ-
to decrease the direct and standard of a low-energy house. mental management, the Germanische
Lloyd Hamburg carried out the environ-
indirect negative influence
Environment-friendly materials are used mental certification almost unnoticed.
on nature. during the entire energy-saving pro- “In July 2004, an expert of Germanischer
duction process. Examples are the intro- Lloyd was in Aurich to determine the
duction of a new, solvent-free impregna- environmental status of our company.
tion method during generator production, Afterwards, we prepared the certification
he photovoltaics installation on a the particularly environment-friendly in- for 2004. And now we are possessing
T new rotor blade production building
as well as on the roof of the research de-
jection process for the new generation of
ENERCON rotor blades and the use of
the certificate DIN EN ISO 14001, just in
time for the turn of the year”, David
Kolecki, ENERCON environmental officer,
explains. It was only possible to receive
the certificate this quickly because
ENERCON had already been on a high
environmental management level. In
general, the preparation time takes about
one and a half years. The certifying body
explicitly underlined both the fast and
pragmatic realisation of improvement
suggestions and the employees’ high
identification with the environmental ma-
nagement system.

The standard requires complete deter-

mination of all environment-affecting
factors, documentation of regulations,
manuals and continuous legal confor-
mity. Furthermore, ENERCON sets its own
high standard, for example, when carry-
ing out emergency exercises, such as
simulating an environmental accident,
or limiting the truck speed to 120 km/h.
The gearless turbine systems are espe-
cially environment-friendly as there is
much less lubrication oil required.

Last but not least, ENERCON employees

have the possibility of using pool bikes
Solvent-free impregnation method during generator production. for car-free lunch breaks.
1/2005 WIND BLATT 15

Well known
shades of green
A survey of Ipsos GmbH for empiri-
cal legal research among German-
speaking wind turbine and solar
system owners and possible ope-
rators shows that 97.3 per cent of
the interviewed people associate
different shades of green, which
ENERCON uses to design its tower
bases, with wind energy. According
to 81.8 per cent, the tower colours
stand for a certain manufacturer
and 74.5 per cent were even able
to concretely name ENERCON as
wind turbine manufacturer using
these colours. A further 3.6 per cent
selected ENERCON from a list of

This makes clear that the different

Production of concrete towers at WEC tower production in Magdeburg, Germany.
shades of green in the lower tower
part, typical for ENERCON wind tur-

New tower facility bines, are well-known and mostly

associated with ENERCON. A total
of 110 surveys were conducted and
Production on 90,000 m 2 in Northern Germany evaluated.

new ENERCON production site is digit million range will be spent for the tory. Furthermore, transformer units and
A currently being built in Emden, Nor-
thern Germany. In the future, prefab con-
site construction. During a press confe-
rence, ENERCON Managing Director Aloys
cables are inserted into the lower tower
segment at the production site. This
crete towers for wind turbines will be Wobben designated this project as am- procedure avoids time-consuming instal-
produced there. Work has already started bitious. lation on site.
on a rented surface of 90,000 m2 (incl.
storage) in the harbour of Jarßum. The Towers for about 50 to 70 E-70 turbines When ENERCON selected the production
entire construction work will likely be and for five to twelve E-112 turbines will site at the harbour in Emden, logistic
ready towards the end of 2006. be produced in the first production year. advantages played a decisive role. “We
This way, up to 100 new jobs will be would like to use the Rhine to transport
ENERCON already has prefab concrete created at the ENERCON production site in turbines to the interior of Germany”,
tower production sites in Magdeburg Emden in the following years. Wobben said. The export volume to foreign
(Germany) and India. The factory in Emden countries via the harbour of Emden will
will be double the size of that in Magde- Prefab concrete towers have many ad- increase as well. Experts estimate that
burg. The prefab concrete towers for wind vantages for wind turbines: Series pro- the movement of goods in the harbour of
turbines of the type E-70 and E-112 will duction leads to quality-conscious and Emden will on average rise from five to
be cast in a production hall with a length weather-independent manufacturing of six million tons in the following years.
of about 300 m and a width of approxi- large quantities and complicated pro- ENERCON activities will play an important
mately 75 m. An investment in the double- duction steps are automated in the fac- role in this context.

ENERCON International sales offices
ENERCON GmbH, International Dept.
Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 25
28199 Bremen · Germany
Phone: +49 421 2441520
Fax: +49 421 2441539
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Wind Power Inc.
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696 Kettles Street, Pincher Creek
Alberta TOK 1 WO · Canada
Phone: +1 403 6272923
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e-mail: wpi@windpower.ca
Congratulations (photo f.l.): Eurosolar President Hermann Scheer, ENERCON Director Aloys Wobben, Franz Alt. Bredkaer Parkvej 62 · 8250 Egaa · Denmark
Phone: +45 87 430388
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Ideal precursor
e-mail: kristensen@enercon.de
c/o Zaki International Trading
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Axiom House, Station Road
Stroud, Glos. GL5 3AP · Great Britain
Phone: +44 1493 782018
Fax: +44 1493 789094
n ten different categories, 14 world leader in the wind ener- the possibilities for a complete
I people recently received Eu-
ropean Solar Prizes awarded
gy area. Due to continuous
technological innovations,
replacement of nuclear and
fossil energy by renewable
e-mail : info@enercon.co.uk
ENERCON S.A. · 20, Pentelis Ave.
15235 Vrilissia · Athens - Greece
Phone: +30 2106838490
Fax: +30 2106838489
e-mail: enerconh@otenet.gr
for the eleventh time by Euro- ENERCON is able to construct energies. INDIA
ENERCON (India) Ltd.
solar in Berlin. turbines with a power of Kolsite House, Plot Nr. 31
Shah Industrial Estate
Veera · Desai Rd., Andheri (West)
4.5 MW. According to Franz Alt, There is still another reason Mumbai 400 053 · India
Phone: +91 22 56924848
In this context, ENERCON Ma- Wobben’s purposefulness, vi- for satisfaction at ENERCON.

Windblatt is printed on mainly recycled paper. Printed with Ökoplus printing ink.
Fax: + 91 22 26730085
e-mail: mktg@enerconindia.net
naging Director Aloys Wobben sion and creativity decisively Sunjut won the prize for tur- ENERCON Service Italia S.r.l.
Via G. Della Casa 7· 82100 Benevento · Italy
was awarded a special prize contributed to today’s success bine operators. The Turkish Phone: +39 082 425257
Fax: +39 082 4336883
e-mail: info@enerconitalia.it
for his personal commitment. of wind energy in the renew- textile company operates two PORTUGAL
c/o Gellweiler Lda.
Franz Alt made the speech on able energy area. ENERCON E-40 wind turbines, Travessa do Alecrim, 3 - 2°
1200 Lisbon · Portugal
the laureates and said that in which generate enough energy Phone: +351 21 3407160
Fax : +351 21 3407169
e-mail: aesteves@gellweiler.pt
1984, Aloys Wobben had foun- Hermann Scheer, president of for its textile production. In or- SPAIN
ded ENERCON in a really un- EUROSOLAR, emphasised that der to realise the first wind farm c/o València Parc Tecnològic
Av. Juan de la Cierva, 27
E-46980 Paterna Valencia · Spain
promising market environment. the laureates of the European in a Turkish industrial area, Sun- Phone: +34 961 366461
Fax : +34 961 366469
Today, 20 years later, the Solar Prize are both ideal and jut had to overcome numerous e-mail : enercon.spain@enercon.de
former pioneer company is a practical precursors showing bureaucratic obstacles. c/o Energy Converter AB
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