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Determiners: articles

1- a/ an goes only with a singular noun ( when we 1

mention something )
we use a before a consonant and an before a vowel. BUT it depends on the pronunciation of the
following word,
not the spelling ( a school, an elephant, a university, an honest man, a harpy , a hero, a uniform, a
holiday, a European,
!- with a plural or an uncountable noun we use some ( an amount of )
3- the goes with both singular and plural and with uncountable nouns (when we "now which person/thing
we mean-
- - - - # bought a radio and a $D player, but the CD player didn%t wor"&
'- ( ( )ero article is use to e!press a general meaning" or generalisations
#- $rite the missing wors ( - , -n , .he or ( ( if no wor is missing %%) & use the numeral ' one()
$omplete (1 story about (! theft of (/ river barge:
this is (' true story about(0 man who chose (1 worst possible time for his crime& #t
happened in 2ondon in (3 summer of (4 153!& (5 man stole (16 &&barge on (11&&
+iver .hames (in case you don%t "now, (1! barge is (1/ river boat used for carrying goods&
(1' owner of (10 barge soon discovered that it was missing and immediately informed (11
police so that they could loo" for it& 7ormally (13 river is 8uite (14 busy place, and it would
be difficult to find what you were loo"ing for& (n this day, however, there was (15 doc" stri"e,
and so there was only (!6 barge on (!1 river& (!! thief was 8uic"ly found and arrested&
B- $rite the missing wors ( - , -n , .he or ( ( if no wor is missing %%)&
*ou may use ' some(" the numeral ' one(" too)
- silly mista"e
.his is also (1 true story& #t shows how (! plans can sometimes go wrong and how (/
people can ma"e silly mista"es& .his too happened 8uite (' long time ago9in(0
&&1535, in fact& (1 scene was (3 old people%s home in (4 small town in (5
north of England called (16 &&(tley&
(11&& owners of (1! home wanted to put (1/ fence around it to ma"e it more private&
(1' wor" began soon after (10 $hristmas when (11 wor"men arrived in (13&&lorry
with plan"s of wood which they put up around (14 building&
:#t was (15 very nice fence,; said (!6 of (!1 old people& <ut there was (!!
(!/wor"men forgot to leave (!' &&gap for (!0&&lorry to drive out through& .hey had
to come bac" (!1ne=t day to "noc" down part of ( !3&fence &
:>hat (!4&silly mista"e;, said another resident&; #t was so funny we had to laugh& #n fact it
was (!5& most fun we%ve had for (/6&&long time&;
Complete this con+ersation between these friens" ,artin an #nna.
$rite the missing wors ( - , -n , .he or ( ( if no wor is missing %%).
*ou may use 'some(" too)
,artin) '# thin" we ought to boo" (1 holiday& >here shall we go?(
#nna) '>hat about (! ,cotland? # thin" Edinburgh is (/ beautiful city& # love going there.(
,artin) '(' weather might not be very good& >e went there at (0 Easter, and it was free)ing,
+emember. (
#nna) ' >e could have (1 wal" along (3 @rince%s ,treet and up to (4 castle& -nd #
wanted to go to (5 +oyal ,cottish Auseum, but we never found time(.
,artin) ' $an%t we go somewhere different- (
#nna) ' >e could spend some time in (16 Bighlands, # suppose(.
,artin) ' >hen # go on (11 holiday, # want to do something more rela=ing than climbing(1!
mountains& -nd # find it pretty boring(.
#nna) ' Bow can you say such(1/ thing? (
,artin) '-ctually, #%d prefer somewhere warmer and by (1' sea& # thin" (10 $orfu would
be nice& >e might get (11 sunshine there& # Cust want to lie on (13 beach(.
#nna) ' Aartin, you "now, #%m not at all "een on (14 beach holidays(.
1-the 4-a 7-the 10-the 13-a 16-the 19-a
2-the 5-a 8-0 11-a 14-the 17-the 20-one
3-a 6-the 9-the 12-the 15-the 18-a 21-the
1-a 4-a 7-an 10-0 13-a 16-0 /
the /
19-a 22-a /
25-the 28-a
2-0 5-0 8-a 11-the 14-the 17-a 20-one 23-the 26-the 29-the*
3-0 6-the 9-the 12-the 15-0 18-the 21-the 24-a 27-the 30-a
* the most fun= superlative
1-a 4-the 7-0 10-the 13-a 16-0 /
2-0 5-0 8-the 11-0 14-the 17-a
3-a 6-a 9-the 12-0 15-0 18-0