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Solving Problems - The Technique of No-Choice

This is how the technique works: faced with a problem, one doesn't feebly sit back and wait
for things to happen. Neither does one toss a coin, or consult an astrologer, and hope that the
outcome will prove the right one. Not at all. The very definite action to be taken falls into four
1. ee yourself to be the !round or "ottom #ine for the pros and cons of the problem to arise
from $ as many of them and in as much detail as may be. %ncourage them to arrange
themselves in all sorts of ways. #ive with that display, brood on it, sleep on it, but don't go
hankering after a decision. &s entertaining the problem in all its aspects, as the creen for
them to come and go on, as their 'irror, you remain neutral. &mong the e(hibits, however,
you may well find, prominently featured, a dateline for the problem's solution. "rood on that,
). *ne morning on waking, or during the day when you are preoccupied with some chore, the
completed pattern of things to come arrives, spontaneously and unannounced, from the
"ottom #ine. o inevitable it seems, so conclusively does it resolve your problem, that you are
left in no doubt that here is the right decision, arrived at in the right way at the right time. +t
has been immaculately conceived in you and for you but not by you. ,ertainly not by you the
human being. &ccordingly, it arrives carrying the authority of its parentage, which is the real
-ou, the ource, the .orld's "eginning and the .orld's %nd.
/. Now it is the turn of that decision itself, of that seemingly so right design, to go on display
above your "ottom #ine: and to reveal its limitations and weak spots. &ll manner of doubts
and difficulties, and dilemmas about how to give effect to the decision, are now likely to
appear. &gain, you don't solve them by choosing between possible alternatives. -ou stay with
them till they, in turn, are ripe and ready to resolve themselves.
0. 1inally, the plan is implemented. .ith interest, perhaps with awe, you watch it take shape.
&t no time do you feel that you are moulding or forging that shape. +t forms in you as cloud$
shapes form in the sky, or intricate patterns in a kaleidoscope.
uch, then, is the technique of No$choice, resulting in no stress of the superfluous and to(ic
sort. +t works. +t works creatively, coming up with unforced and unpredictable and truly
inspired solutions that you couldn't possibly take personal credit for. &nd it works like that
because, to tell the truth, it is not a technique at all, not a useful dodge for relieving you of the
pains of indecision, and certainly not a recipe for a quiet life at all costs. No: it works because
it's the way you are built, the way you function in any case, whether you reali2e it or not. &ll
this choosing one thing in preference to another is illusory, a great cover$up. eparate
individuals, as such, are powerless to make the slightest difference in a universe where every
one of them is tightly controlled by the rest. 3retending otherwise, pretending that, as our sole
selves, we e(ercise free will, is as absurd and dishonest as it is vainglorious $ and stressful.
*nly the ource of all, under the sway of none, has free will4 and only deeds which are seen to
proceed from it, which are referred back to it, which are felt to be its own deeds $ only these
carry its marvellous smell, the smell of an originality and rightness which belongs solely to
that *rigin. To live the choiceless life that we have been describing is not fatalism. +t is not
giving up the struggle and accepting that one is a machine within a 'achine. +t is to identify
with the 'achine's +nventor, to take one's stand in 1reedom itself. +t is to be one's ource, to
choose what flows from it, and to perceive it as very good. 56ouglas 7arding8