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1 Expand CATIA Computer Aided Three Dimensional

Interactive Application
2 Save extension of sketcher . CATPart
Does CATIA!" #ork on $nix
& Is it possi'le to increase the si(e of
plane 'oundar) representation *
%es, Tools-.ptions-Infrastructure-Part
" Difference 'et#een ne# file and
ne# from file////.
If )ou save an existin0 file in another
director) #ithout chan0in0 the file name, )ou
#ill onl) 'e a'le to open one of these files at
an) 0iven time.
If one of them is alread) open )ou #ill not 'e
a'le to open the other. This is 'ecause 'oth
files have same $$ID. To avoid this
happenin0 each file must have it1s o#n $$ID.
This can 'e done ') means of the 2ile34e#
To create a ne# document #hose 'asic
characteristics are same as an existin0
document .To do this close document )ou
#ant to cop) if not alread) closed * select
2ile34e# from...
After selectin0 the existin0 document from
#hich )ou #ant to create a ne# one * click
open. An exact cop) of existin0 document is
displa)ed #ith a default name.
The onl) difference '5# this document and
alread) existin0 one is that the ne# document
is 0iven a ne# $$ID ') 2ile ---ne# from...
6 Is it possi'le to directl) enter in to
sketcher #ork 'ench
7 8hich is the tool used to exit from
sketcher #ork 'ench to part desi0n
#ork 'ench
Exit sketcher
9 8hat are default units for :;T ;m, k0, sec
< 8hat is use of construction elements Construction elements aims at helpin0 u in
sketchin0 the re=uired profile
1> 8hat is S?ETC@ T..:S in
sketcher #ork 'ench and explain the
importance of it+
S?ETC@ T..:S in sketcher #ork'ench are
the commands, #hich find their ver) use in
creatin0 sketches. S?ETC@ T..:S are
namel) Aeometric * Dimensional
Constraints, Construction elements and Arid
option. The) pla) a ver) important in
sketchin0, #henever #e #ant to constrain a
role sketch #e use these options and if #e
#ant to convert an) entit) into a construction
element once a0ain these come into action.
11 Difference 'et#een 0eometrical and
dimensional constraints+
Aeometric constraints is relationship that
forces a limitation '5# one or more 0eometric
Dimensional constraint is a constraint, #hose
value determines the 0eometric o'Bect
12 8hat is S@.85@IDE mode Sho# mode ena'le us to see all the
components presentl) opened and in @ide
mode #e can hide the desired elements from
the vie# for time 'ein0.
1 Is it possi'le to hide specification
%es, #ith help of 2
1& 8hat is use of Cut Part C) Sketch
This task sho#s ho# to make some ed0es
visi'le. In other #ords, #e are 0oin0 to
simplif) the sketch plane ') hidin0 the
portion of the material that is not needed for
1" @o# do )ou measure arc len0th+ 8e can measure an arc len0th ') the help of
;EAS$DE ITE; command. some times #e
need to customi(e the option for arc len0th if
it is not checked earlier usin0 customi(ation in
;EAS$DE ITE; command.
16 8hat is meanin0 of true dimension
17 8hat )ou mean ') IS.-Constraints If all of the de0rees of freedom of 0eometr)
have 'een taken up ') a consistent
com'ination of dimensions and fixed
0eometr), that 0eometr) is said to 'e IS.-
C.4STDAI4ED. Aeometr) that still has
some de0rees of freedom is said to 'e
19 ;ention the color code for
IS. Econstrained, under, and over
constrained elements
Areen, #hite, purple colors respectivel)
1< Difference 'et#een stacked
dimension and chained dimension
mode #hile usin0 auto constraint
In stacked dimension all the dimensions #ill
'e measured #.r.t the reference.
In chained dimension the dimensions #ill
'e measured one #.r.t other .
2> 8hat for Animated constraint
command is used
This task sho#s ho# constrained sketched
element reacts #hen #e decide to make one
constraint var).
21 @o# man) dimensions are re=uired
to constrain the ellipse
22 8hat are different conic sections Ellipse, @)per'ola, Para'ola
2 8hat is rho value for ellipse,
para'ola, h)per'ola
Ellipse has D@. value of
Para'ola has D@. value of
@)per'ola has D@. value of
2& 8hat is splineF did )ou use it in )our
2" 8hat is pol)nomial de0ree of curves
in !& and !"
26 @o# the spline is represented in
27 8hat is 4$DCS
29 @o# man) t)pes co-ordinate
s)stems are there
2< Difference 'et#een trim and =uick
In trim option #e can extend a line alon0 #ith
trimmin0 of other un#anted elements. In
=uick trim
> 8hat is proBect D silhouette ed0es ProBect D silhouette ed0es in sketcher #ill
sho#s ho# to create silhouette ed0es to 'e
used in as 0eometr) or reference elements.
1 8hat is use of sketch anal)sis To check #hether the sketch is full) closed
such that sketch can 'e used for further
operations in part desi0n .
2 8here do #e use axis Shaft
Difference 'et#een axis and
construction elements
Axis is visi'le in part desi0n mode
& Can #e redefine sketches %es
" Can axis 'e converted in to line or
vice versa
6 @o# man) axis can 'e created in a
sin0le sketch
As man) as )ou #ant
7 @o# do #e chan0e sketch1s
reference plane
9 8hat do mirror command does in
;irror command in sketch #ill create a cop)
of the sketch a'out a reference plane.
< If I don1t #ant the relation 'et#een
ori0inal and mirror elements #hat
should I do
Explode it
&> 8hat is use of isolate in sketcher
Isolate is used #hen d 0eometr) is proBected
onto a sketch in order to 'e modified and used
as part of the sketch1s profile
&1 Can #e select non planer surface as
sketch plane
&2 8hat are different options availa'le
in =uick trim, 'reak and ru''er in,
'reak and ru''er out, 'reak and
Creak and ru''er in removes part of the
element, #hich is clicked.
Creak and ru''er out removes part of the
element, #hich is not clicked.
Creak and keep keeps 'oth part of elements
after 'reakin0.
& 8hat is meant ') CATIA P1, P2, P P1, P2, P indicate the different t)pes of
&& 8hat is the ?ernell of CATIA C 4EGT
&" Is it possi'le to directl) enter the
part desi0n #hen #e start the
CATIA instead of assem'l) desi0n
%ES @.8+
&7 8hat are all the earlier names 0iven
&9 8hat is the 'asis for CAD
soft#ares1 classification+
&< 8hat is kernel+ The kernel is the 'asic indispensa'le part of
an operatin0 s)stem that allocates resources,
such as lo#-level hard#are interfaces and
"> @o# man) de0rees of freedom are
there for points * lines, circles and
ellipse in t#o dimensions+
De0rees of freedom for points * lines is 2,for
circles it is 3 and for ellipses it is 5 in t#o
"1 8hat is meanin0 of mean
"2 H 8hat is the difference 'et#een
spine and spline+
I1J. SpineK Creates a curve passin0 throe1
point on a plane * normal to one or more
other planes.
I2J. SplineK Creates a curve passin0 throe1
several points havin0 tan0ential Curvature
" H @o# man) t)pes of environment
are availa'le to start CATIA
I1J. 2rom desktop LmotifM
I2J. 2rom console LdtermM
"& 8hat is the use of 2.D;T..:
"" 8hat is hlr and nhr+ 8hat is their
@lrNhidden line removal
4hrNno hidden line removal
Their purpose is to visuali(e the solids in
different modes
"6 8hat is the difference 'et#een
IS.:ATEK Deletes lo0ical link 'et#een the
SEPADATEK Separates lines, curves * faces
from their links #ith other elements. EGK - A
curve is considered as separate #hen it is
linked to onl) one surface.
"7 8hat is the difference '5# PADA;ETDIC S.:IDK- Delational model is
parametric. i.e., one to one relation.
If an) chan0e in dimension that ma) reflects
on other dimensions.
4.4PADA;ETDIC S.:IDK- Developin0 a
solid ') usin0 surface, face, solid primitives
etc.,there is no one to one relation.
"9 8hat is ;aster 85S and Detail
Each model can have one ;aster 8orkspace ,
in #hich area the model is created and
A model can have (ero or more #orkspaces
called detail #orkspaces.These are auxillar)
#orkspaces that contain elements that are to
'e duplicated to several locations in the
;aster #orkspace.
In addition, Detail #orkspace can also 'e
or0anised into separate li'rar) files usin0 the
:ICDAD% 2$4CTI.4.These can 'e shared
#ith man) models to allo# or0anisational
1 Expand
Computer Aided
IDesi0n5;anufacturin05En0ineerin0J, Product
:ife c)cle ;ana0ement, Product Data
;ana0ement, !irtual Product ;odule,
2 Is it possi'le to create pocket or
0roove as first feature
@o# to 0ive tolerance to particular
2irst, 0ive the dimension and usin0 ri0ht click
select ADD T.:EDA4CE from the
contextual menu and specif) the tolerance.
" 8hat is use of create datum Deactivates the link '5# parts
6 Can )ou pad open and intersectin0
Possi'le for open profile #ith thin pad
option .4ot possi'le #ith intersectin0 profile.
7 Difference 'et#een PAD and
A PAD is used for sin0le profile and
;$:TIPAD is used for multi profile sketch.
9 Can I take portion of the one sketch
for creatin0 pad
%es, usin0 the ;$:TIPAD option .D usin0
simple PAD and in simple PAD select A. T.
PD.2I:E option.
< 8hat is DDA2TED 2I::ETTED
It performs draftin0, filletin0 * pocket
1> Can #e use arc as axis for creatin0
shaft feature
11 8hat is difference 'et#een from top
and from side option in stiffener
In stiffener from side, extrusion is performed
in the profile1s plane and thickness is added
normal to profile1s plane and vice versa
12 8hat kind of profile should 'e there
for creatin0 stiffener
8e can use #ireframe 0eometr) or
su'elements of a sketch.
Profile ma) 'e open or closed 'ut condition Is
that closed profile Ps extrusion must 'e normal
to sketch.
1 Can I 0ive t#o different an0les for
same face of solid ') usin0 draft
4o, it is not possi'le to 0ive t#o different
an0les for a sin0le face of a solid usin0
DDA2T 'ut it is possi'le if #e use
1& 8hat is power copy A set of features that are 0rouped under to use
in different context and havin0 the capa'ilit)
to adapt chan0es #hen pasted.
1" 8hat is user feature creation Creates h)'rid feature, intended to 'e stored
in catalo0s and instantiated later on.
16 8hat is difference 'et#een create
desi0n ta'le from current parameters
and from existin0 file
1J reate desi!n ta"#e $rom current
parameter %a#uesK &Check this option #hen
)ou #ant to create a desi0n ta'le from a
su'set of the document parameters. %ou Bust
have to select amon0 all the document
parameter values.
2J reate desi!n ta"#e $rom pre&e'istin!
$i#e( &Check this option #henever )ou #ant to
create a desi0n ta'le from the values of an
external file.
17 8hat is the use of the option
PDuplicate data in CATIA model1 in
desi0n ta'le+
Check this 'ox #henever )ou intend to reuse
)our document on an operatin0 s)stem
different from the one, #hich is used to create
the desi0n ta'le.
19 Is it possi'le to add some more
parameters to existin0 desi0n ta'le
%es, #e can add parameters to the existin0
desi0n ta'le #ith the help of ASS.CIATE
1< Difference 'et#een P.8ED C.P%
* $2C
Parameters can 'e edited in po#er cop) #hich
is not possi'le in $2C
2> Difference 'et#een PASTE *
PASTE option in contextual menu ena'le us
to simpl) cop) and paste one feature from one
location to the other 'ut PASTE SPECIA:
option let us to maintain the link 'et#een the
pasted feature and the ori0inal one .An)
chan0es made to the ori0inal feature #ill 'e
seen in the copied one if #e #ant and #e have
li'ert) to delink the ori0inal and copied
21 Different option in PASTE
As result, As specified in part document, As
result #ith link
22 Is it possi'le to create ne0ative 'od) %es, usin0 I4SEDT menu and I4SEDT
C.D% option.
2 @o# do )ou differentiate positive
and ne0ative 'od)
A positive 'od) is the one #hich #hen
assem'led #ith another 'od) it 0ets added
and ne0ative 'od) is the one #hich #hen
ASSE;C:ED #ith a positive 'od) #ill 0et
su'tracted and it #ill 0et added if C..:EA4
.PEDATI.4, ADD is used instead of
2& Difference 'et#een assem'le and
add, remove
In ASSE;C:E the nature of the 'odies to 'e
assem'led are taken into account. It means, if
a ne0ative 'od) is assem'led #ith a positive
'od) it 0ets su'tracted. Cut if #e use ADD
command for the same t#o 'odies then the)
#ill 0et added irrespective of their nature IQve
or -veJ.DE;.!E command is same as that
of the ADD and thus it #ill not respect the
nature of the 'odies.

2" 8hat is use of DE;.!E :$;P Demovin0 of material that is not ph)sicall)
connected to an) 'od).
26 8hat is Deframe on and center
Rooms on particular o'Bect selected, proBects
it to the center of the screen
27 8hat is use of Deorder+ The capa'ilit) of DE.DDED command
allo#s us to rectif) desi0n mistakes ')
reorderin0 operations in.
29 8hat is use of P$::I4A
DIDECTI.4 in Di' option
It s#eeps the profile #ith respect to a
specified direction. To select this direction
select a plane or an ed0e.
2< @o# do I create a plane at an an0le
to another plane
$sin0 the option An0le54ormal to plane in
P:A4E command.
> 8hat are different t)pes of couplin0
modes are there in loft
Datio, !ertices, Tan0enc) Dicontinuit),
Curvature then tan0enc) Discontinuit)
1 8hat is si0nificance of simplified
representation in PATTED4
8ith this #e can make an) o'Bect invisi'le
2 @o# I can place the instances on
'oth sides of ori0inal feature
$sin0 Do#1 * Do#2 options
Is it possi'le to pattern the t#o or
more feature1s at a time
%es I') multi selectin0 the features and then
selectin0 the pattern.
& 8hat is meanin0 of explode in
Deactivatin0 the link '5# patterns and makes
them as independent entities.
" 8hat are the ne0ative modelin0
6 8hat are all the limitations of $ser
2eature Creation I$2CJ as compared
#ith the Po#er Cop)+
1J In $2C datums cannot 'e used as inputs
of the features.
2J Su'-elements cannot 'e used as the inputs
of user features. ExK -The face of a pad
cannot 'e used as input.
J 8hen creatin0 a user feature, it is not
possi'le to edit Iadd5removeJ inputs after
leavin0 the DE2I4ITI.4 dialo0 ta'.
Click the CA4CE: 'utton and create the
ne# user feature creation.
9 H.8hich is the 'etter to split the
solidK - aJ surface 'J plane cJ face+
Plane is the 'est option to split the solid.
< Is it possi'le to split usin0 the SE8
&> 8hat is a 2$4CTI.4A:
A 2$4CTI.4A: S$D2ACE is the element
that defines the face on a solid.
&1 8hat is I$A and its purpose+ I$ANInteractive $ser Application
Its purpose is to customi(e the CATIA user
&2 8hat is the difference '5# solid
modelin0 and solid editin0+
& 8hat is the difference '5# Affinit)
and Scalin0+
Scalin0K Desi(in0 the 'od) to the scale #hich
)ou specif), in all the directions e=uall).
Affinit)K Desi(in0 the 'od) to the scale
#hich )ou specif) in a particular direction
onl), specified ') )ou.
&& 8hat is use of ;EDAE E4D
S;EDAE E4DT option #hen checked .4
#ill trim the extrusion to the existin0 material.
&6 8hat is the use of :A8 function+ The usa0e of la# function involves the
creation of 0eometr) to control the differin0
aspects of a surface.
&7 8hat are TDA4S:AT.DS, explain+
&9 8hat are solid primitives+
&< 8hat is the use of ADU$ST
"> 8hat are the differences '5# solid
and #ire-frame modelin0+
1 8hat is thickness of surface Infinitel) less
2 8hat is h)'rid modelin0 ;ixture of solid and surface modelin0
Is it possi'le to set the default colour
for surface
& 8hat is class A surfaceOOO
" :ist the different commands
availa'le to create surface
Extrusion, revolve, s#eep,fill and multi
6 Difference 'et#een Boin and heel Uoins the surfaces, trim the un#anted
proBections on the surface
7 8hat is use federation option does
in Boin command
The purpose of federation is to re0roup
several elements makin0 up Boined surface or
curve. This is especiall) useful #hen
modif)in0 linked 0eometr) to avoid
respecif)in0 all the input elements.
9 8hat is default value for distance
o'Bective in Boin command
>.>>1 mm
< @o# does the option Nearest in
proBect command #ill affect+
It #ill sho# it1s si0nificance #hen there are
more than one profile in a sin0le sketch and if
#e #ant to proBect all of them on a surface
then #e have to c)ec* it o$$+ ot)erwise the
onl) profile, #hich is nearer to the surface,
#ill 0et proBected and others don1t.
1> H.8hat is the difference 'et#een
face, * surface+
I1J. 2aces are infinitel) thin elements that
represent the 'ounded exterior definition. .f a
part. 2aces can 'e planar or 'uilt on existin0
I2J. Skin is infinitel) thin elements that are
incorporate or 0roup a series of faces to0ether
to completel) define a feature of part.
11 H Is it possi'le to do shell operation
on sphere+

12 8hat is healin0 of 0eometr)+ This task sho#s ho# to heal surfaces,that
is,ho# to fill an) Isli0htJ0ap that ma) 'e
appealin0 'et#een t#o surfaces.
1 8hat is distance o'Bective Iin
healin0J +
It is the maximum 0ap allo#ed 'et#een t#o
healed elements
1& 8hat is P2ree(e elements P in
If this option is checked , the selected
elements under Pfree(e elements1 #ill not 0et
affected ') the healin0 operation.
1" 8hat is smoothin0 of curves+ This task sho#s ho# to smooth a curve,i.e.,
fill the 0aps and smooth the tan0enc) and
curvature discontinuities,in order to
0enerate 'etter =ualit) 0eometr) #hen
usin0 this curve to create other elements,
such as s#ept surfaces for example.
16 8hat is P;aximum deviation1 in
smoothin0 curves command+
;aximum deviation is the allo#ed deviation
'et#een the initial curve and smoothed curve.
17 8hat is PTopolo0) simplification1 in
smoothin0 curves command +
If this option is checked then it automaticall)
deletes the vertices on the curves #hen the
curve is curvature continuous at these
vertices,thus reducin0 its num'er of se0ments.
1 8hat is difference 'et#een
product and component+
Product is a collection of components,
#hereas component is a collection of
2 8hat is save extension of
assem'l) file+
. CATProduct
8hat is save mana0ement+ It saves all the modified files under
different folders and files simultaneousl)
& 8hat is visuali(ation mode+ In this mode, onl) partial data is loaded to
the memor) of the hard disk
" 8hat is desi0n mode+ In this mode the data is full) loaded to the
6 8hen #e use propa0ate director)+ In save mana0ement, #hen #e #ant save
the component files in the same file in
#hich product is saved then #e use
automaticall) all the child files #ill 'e
propa0ated to this particular director).
7 8hat is scene +#here #e use it
0ive an) one example
Scenes ena'le capturin0 and restorin0 the
state of components in an assem'l) in a
saved vie#point.
9 8hat is difference 'et#een
coincidence #ith same option and
contact constraint
Coincide t)pe constraint are used to ali0n
Elements. Dependin0 upon selected
elements )ou ma) o'tain
To create coincidence constraint '5# axis
s)stems, the) must have the same direction
and same orientation in product.
Contact t)pe constraint can 'e created '5#
t#o planar faces Idirected planesJ
The common area '5# t#o planar faces can
'e plane Iplane contactJ, a line Iline
contactJ or a point Ipoint contactJ.
< @o# man) de0rees of freedom
#ill 'e there for a component in
1> In an assem'l) ho# do I measure
de0ree of freedom for a
Activate the component and then 0o for
11 8hat is use of stop manipulated
on clash command+
It #ill stop the movement of component
#hen clashed
12 8hat is the function of Po%er#oad
properties1 in contextual menu+
It 0ives a#a) us the option not to cop) a
particular component into the draftin0 from
assem'l) ') Bust selectin0 itIthe particular
componentJ usin0 the contextual menu #ith
Po%er#oad properties1
1 H.8hat is the difference 'et#een
parametric and nonparametric
I1J. Delational model is parametric. I.e.,
one to one relation.
If an) chan0e in dimension that ma)
reflects on other dimensions.
I2J. Developin0 a solid ') usin0 surface,
face, solid primitives etc.,
There is no one to one relation.
1& 8hat is DES? command+ This command sho#s us ho# to vie# the
relationship '5# different documents and to
o'tain information a'out their properties.
Iuncheck Tools-options0eneralloud
reference documentsJ
various document t)pes
C:AC?not loaded in the current session
DEDnot 'een found.
1" Different t)pes of CAC@E :.CA: CAC@EA read or #rite
director) located locall) on )our machine
and used to store CAD files. The first time
a component is inserted it is tessellated.
This means that the correspondin0 CAD
file is computed and saved in the local
cache as #ell as displa)ed in the document
#indo#. The next time this component is
re=uired, the CAD file #hich alread) exists
Iand not the ori0inal documentJis
automaticall) loaded from the local
CAC@E.the user is normall) responsi'le
for the local cache.
DE:EASED CAC@EA read onl) cache
that can 'e located an)#here on )our
net#ork,several directories can 'e defined
for released CAC@E. If a CAD file can not
'e found in the local CAC@E, the soft#ere
'rouse the released cache directories in
their listed order to see if the CAD file is
located in one of them.If the CAD file is
still not found, the component is tesseleted
and the resultin0 CAD file is saved in the
local CAC@E.the site adminstrator is
normall)responci'le for the released
The default maximam CAC@E si(e is
">>;C.8hen the maximam si(e is
exceeded, the automatic deletion of CAD
files Ion first in.5first out 'asisJis tri00ered.
16 A'out EDIT :I4?S This task sho#s ho# to displa) the
document links.
.nl) direct links i.e. external documents
directl) pointed to ') the active document
can 'e displa)ed usin0 the Edit:inks..
Command.this activated inactive document
must 'e activate 'efore displa)in0 their
4ote that )ou can also select an element
from the 0raph to displa) its links.

17 8hat is CSA tree+ CSANCatia Solid Aeometr)
It is e=uivalent specification tree in !&
1 @o# do I come to kno# #hich
release of catiav"
@E:P EA'out CATIA !"
2 8hat is si0nificance of CAT Settin0s
8hat is different mode licenses
& 8hat is the purpose of I$A+ I$AK Interactive user application, used to
customi(e the CATIA user command
" 8hat are CATIA sessions+
6 8hat does CSA tree explain+
7 8hat are ;$:TI ;.DE: :I4?S+ The ;ulti ;odel :inks are functioned in
automatic updatin0 of the chan0es made
onto the part 'od).This can 'e achieved ')
to00lin0 .4 the icon ?EEP :I4? 8IT@
SE:ECTED .CUECTS in Tools3.ptions.