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This is a legally binding agreement.

In consideration for the Property Owner/Agent renting a residential room to

the Renter. The mutual benefits and obligations provided in this Agreement, the receipt and sufficiency of
which consideration is hereby acnowledged.
The Property Owner!
The Agent!
The Renter!
Type of Property!
Address of the Property!
This Agreement is a "onth#to#"onth Rental Agreement and shall begin on!
"onthly rent shall be payable on the $
day of each month in the amount!
The Renter shall pay the Owner the following refundable security deposit!
All rent payments shall be addressed to the Owner payable in chec or money order. %o cash payments will be
&hen the Renter vacates the premises the Owner may use the deposit solely for the purpose of! Repairing
damages for which the Renter is responsible, cleaning beyond normal wear and tear, and paying due and
unpaid rent and/or utilities. 'nder no circumstances shall the deposit be used by the Renter for rent or other
charges due during the term of the Agreement. In the event of default of the Agreement by the Renter,
Owner(s recovery for damages and Attorney fees shall not be limited to the amount of the deposit.
If rent is not paid within five )*+ days after the agreed due date, the Renter agrees to pay a charge of ,$*.--
)not more than one day(s rent+ for late rent and ,.*.-- for each dishonored ban chec, unless waived by
written agreement. If the Renter is unable to pay rent when due, the Owner has the legal right to serve the
Renter a notice to pay rent or vacate within three )/+ days, as provided by 0alifornia 0ode of 0ivil Procedures
1ection 2$$3$.
Rent includes the following! 0able T.4., 5lectric, 6arbage, 6as, &ater, &i#7i Internet access. And use of the
following within the residence! 7ront Room, 8en, 9athroom)s+, :itchen )Refrigerator, Range "icrowave,
'tensils+ ;aundry Room )&asher, 8ryer+ 1wimming Pool and all yard areas.
The Renter shall not have access to the following areas within the residence! 6arage, Pool Pump <ouse,
1torage 1heds located in the rear of the Residence and upstairs 9edroom. %o guest vehicles shall be pared
on the residence driveway.
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%either the Premises nor any part of the Premises will be used at any time during the term of this Agreement
by Renter for the purpose of carrying on any illegal activities as outlined per federal or state code.
The Renter will obtain written or oral permission from the Owner/Agent before doing any of the following!
applying adhesive materials, inserting nails or hoos in walls/ceilings= painting, wallpapering, redecorating=
installing additional electrical wiring or fi>tures= placing or e>posing anywhere inside or outside the premises
any placard, notice or sign for advertising or any other purpose. .
Renter may have the following items on the property! "otor 4ehicles= personal property shall be store within
the rented room, storage room or assigned areas. Any personal property which is considered to be of illegal
nature shall not be stored within the residence and cause for termination of the agreement and notification to
the proper law enforcement authority. 4ehicles which the Owner reasonably considers unsightly, noisy,
dangerous, inoperable or unlicensed are not permitted in the general area of the premises or the on street
The Renter shall not eep or have on the premises any article or thing of a dangerous, flammable or e>plosive
character that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire on/to the premises or that might be considered
ha?ardous by any authority or responsible insurance company.
The Rental is for the residential use of the signer of this Agreement and is limited to one )$+ occupant. The
Renter will not sublet, assign, share, rent space, or maintain guests beyond * days a month without the prior
written consent of the Owner.
1ub@ect to the provisions of this Agreement, apart from the Renter, no other persons will live in the Premises
without the prior written permission of the ;andlord. Any person staying $A days cumulative or longer, without
Owner(s written consent, shall be considered as occupying the premises in violation of this agreement and the
Agreement shall be terminated for cause.
Renter agrees to the following conditions! :eep the premises as clean and sanitary as the condition of the
premises permits= regularly dispose of all rubbish, garbage, and other waste in a clean and sanitary manner=
properly use and operate all electrical, gas, and plumbing fi>tures and eep them as clean and sanitary as
their condition permits. %ot, nor permit anyone on the premises within her/his control to, willfully destroy,
deface, damage, impair, alter, or remove any part of the structure, facilities, or eBuipment. %ot to cause or
allow unnecessary noise especially during the Buiet times under the city or county noise and/or party
ordinance)s+ )$-!-- p.m. to C!-- a.m. P1T+
The Renter will promptly notify the Owner/Agent of any damage, or of any situation that may significantly
interfere with the normal use of the premises or to any part of the dwelling, furnishings and appliances supplied
by the Owner
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The Owner shall eep the rental property tenantable, safe, sanitary and in compliance with all state and local
housing, building, and health reBuirements applicable to the rental property= shall maintain the mechanical
eBuipment and utilities in good operating condition= shall maintain the 1wimming Pool in good repair and in
clean/safe condition= have sole responsibility of the general maintenance of the property.
The Owner/Agent and the Renter shall conduct a pre move#in inspection of the room prior to the move#in. The
Owner/Agent shall inform the Renter of any needed repairs. The Renter shall note any needed repairs, wear
and damage at the time of the move#in within the inspection form provided by the Owner.
"O45 O'T I%1P50TIO%1!
'pon notice of intent to vacate, either initiated by the Renter or the Owner, notation shall be made by the
Renter and the Owner, of any needed repair, damage or wear within the move#out inspection form provided by
the Owner. &ithin two ).+ wees after the Renter moves out, the Owner shall return the deposit to the Renter
with accrued interest, if any, less any deductions the Owner is entitled to under this agreement. If any
deductions are made, the Owner/Agent shall provide the Renter with a written itemi?ed statement of e>penses
and receipts for cleaning or repairs for which deductions were made from the deposit. The cost of repairing or
replacing items damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be paid by the Renter who willfully or through lac
of due care caused or permitted the damage.
%otices and reBuests shall be made in writing and given to the Owner/Agent at the Owner/Agent(s address and
to the Renter at the rental property
The Renter shall be given written notice of rent changes not less than thirty )/-+ days in advance of the day the
rent is due.
As reBuired by law, the Owner/Agent may enter only for the following reasons! )a+ in case of an emergency= )b+
to mae necessary or agreed upon repairs, decorations, improvements and supply necessary or agreed#upon
services= )c+ e>hibit the dwelling unit to prospective or actual renters or purchasers.
The Owner/Agent shall give thirty )/-+ days written notice for periods where the Renter has resided in the
premises less than one )$+ year and 3- days where the Renter has resided in the premises over one )$+ year
as provided by 0alifornia 0ode of 0ivil Procedures 1ection $$DA. Renter shall give thirty )/-+ days written
notice to Owner with intent to vacate the premises.
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The Owner/Agent shall give written notice within ten )$-+ days of any non#momentary change in the
If a dispute occurs relating to the rental of this property, either the Owner/Agent or the Renter may
see mediation before filing 1mall 0laims or other civil action. The prevailing party may recover her/his
reasonable costs and attorney(s fees incurred in a legal action to enforce or interpret the provisions of this
agreement or to recover possession of the rental property.
In compliance with the law, the Owner/Agent may not threaten to or actually reduce or terminate any services
to the Renter, raise the rent, or evict the Renter if the Owner/Agent(s purpose is retaliation against the Renter
for seeing administrative remedies!
The Renter may report housing, building, or health and safety code violations to the 0ity or 0ounty
9uilding Inspection 8epartment, the 0ounty 5nvironmental <ealth 8epartment, and/or other
6overnmental authorities.

If at any time during the term of this agreement, the Renter abandons the premises or any part of the
premises, the Owner/Agent may, at their option, enter the premises by any means without being liable for any
prosecution for such entering, and without becoming liable to the Renter for damages or for any payment of
any ind whatever. If the Owner/Agent(s right of re#entry is e>ercised following abandonment of the premises
by the Renter, then the Owner/Agent may consider any personal property belonging to the Renter and left on
the premises to also have been abandoned, in which case the Owner/Agent may dispose of all such personal
property in any manner the Owner/Agent will deem proper and is relieved of all liability for doing so.
Owner(s fire and e>tended insurance coverage covers the building only and the Owner(s personal property
The Renter is hereby advised and understands that the personal property of the Renter is not insured by the
Owner for either damage or loss and the Owner assumes no liability for any such loss. The Renter is advised
by the Owner that Renter(s Insurance coverage is reBuired by the Renter. The insurance cost will be included
with the monthly rent, with the coverage initiated on the Renter(s motion. The Renter shall inBuire to the
Owner(s insurance agent regarding a RenterEs policy of insurance. The Renter is not responsible for insuring
the Owner(s contents and furnishings in or about the premises for either damage or loss, and the Renter
assumes no liability for any such loss.
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Additions and/or deletions may be made by having both parties initial each change with addendum=
however, any verbal agreements will not be considered in compliance of the terms and conditions of
the Agreement and shall not waive or release the ;andlord or Renter from the stipulations outlined
within the terms of the Agreement.
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