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mvi 1854

Each Adult missionary should complete one of these forms and send by regular seamail to:
Mission Services - Box 968 - Joliet, Illinois
Au^-ust 16. 195^
Name in full CHAIilu-S V7ILLIAM SELBY
Complete address on fi^lH P. Q. Box 49. Aparri. Cagayan. Philipi^ines
Complete home (for forwarding) adHrpgw Eairfield. Hebraska
Name and address of hometown n^wapappr Pairfleld Auxiliary. Eatrfield. Nehr. (Weekly)
Names and addresses of other newspapers which mi^t carry stories of your work...
Hastings TrihuTie. H?,stings^ Mpbra.gVp ?
Place of Rirth Glenvll, Nebraska
Day Mnnt-fi ATiril Vpar 1921
Where baprispH?. Fn.irfl <*1 q , ITeHraska
What age? ?
On back of page please describe any special circumstances regarding conversion.
Marital status: Married__J^ Single. Divorced Widowed., Married at what age.20_
List children by full name giving place, day, month, and year of birth;
Name Place
Day Month Year
8 Jione 19^6
9 August 19^8
20 Sept. 1950
Richard Charles Selhy
Robert William Selhy
Schooling (High School and on):
Name and Location of School
iairfiel?. Hign School
?nlrfield. -i^'Voraska
Cincinnati Bible Seminary
Eastinga, ITebraska
Number of Years
ilearly five
Major Degrees with date
Dinloma 1939
A B May 3, 19/;.5
Personal File - Page 2 - Name. V. Selliy. ^
What things influenced you to become a missionary? Your own story in some detail might be
influential in leading others into fulltime service (use a separate sheetdf^you need more space)?
The Challenge preccnted by the need of the Gospel and a missionary in iTorthenn Luzon.
Describe briefly in outline form the nature of your daily duties.
Teaching in the Aparri Bible Seminary, studying for sarae.
Counselii.g with the students, supervizing their "Self Help" work.
Office work, handlyvmoney matters, keeping contact with Evangelists and Evangelistic Jfork,
Which of the following teWs most nearly describes your missionary status;
Evangelist. Bible College teacher5 Public School teacher,Home maker.
DoctorNurse _ Social worker Office workerOther,
Father's name and home address (if living): deceased
His occuaption- Is he a Christian?,
What positions of leadership has he held in the local rhnrrh?
Mother's full maiden name,'^^^'^^^ Lillian Jacobs jg g^e living?
Is she a Christian? Her occupation if employed outside of hnmp Hone
What leadership positions has she held in the local church?
Name of forwarding agentIsuis
Address, Telephone,
What are his or her duties:
Should money be sent to forwarding agent only? In what form? If it can be mailed to
you please indicate how in what Chsck, Bank Money- Ord^^r nr Int^rnrtional Oi-dfT
E)oes your forwarding agent serve without salary?
What problems do you need help with, that Mission Services might provide?
^ .W
Each Adult missionary should complete one of these loms an^send by regular seamail to:
Mission Services - Box 968 - Joliet, Illinois
ngfp Ai:u:ust l6. 195^
Name in full - Poberta (Eidfc^'ay) Selby
Complete address on fipin P. 0. Box l|-9. Anarri. Oagayan. Phill-p-pinea
Complete home (for forwarding) aHrfrpaa ^airfield. !Tel3raska
Name and address of hometown np-wwpappr .^AXHPIiHILI) AUXILIARY, SKlrfield, (weekly)
Names and addresses of other newspapers which migjit carry stories of your work...
Hastings Daily Tribune. Hastings, l^^elir.
Place of Rirt-li. Monmhis.
Day_S MonthVpar 1920
Where baptised?, Palrfield^ -:fn:ir.-n;r.--L
What age?, 17
On back of page please describe any special circumstances regarding conversion.
Marital status: Married-JL Single
Divorced, Widowed.
List children by full name giving place, day, month, and year of birth;
Name Place
T.lnvf! SpThv TT Sunerlor. Hehraska
Richard CbarT^p Selbv
Robert William Selbv
Schooling (High School and on):
Name and Location of School
Pairfield High School
n-i DP Bi"blc Seminary
Cincinnati, Ohio
Manila. Phili-p-pinea
Blast in,. Nebraska
Number of Years
iTearly five
Married at what age 2q
Day Month Year
8 Jtme 19l!6
9 Aug. 1948
20 Sent.
Degrees with date
A B l-4ay 3, 19^5
Baptized "by Hotert 3. Hanson, and greatly influenced "by him and his wife, Eleanor Vfolfe
Hanson, in entering full time Christian service.
Personal File - Pa^e 2 - Name.-Sfliis^_ Selty
What things influenced you to become amissionary? Your own story in some detail might be
influential mleading others into fulltime service (use aseparate sheet if you need more space)?
My desire to serve my Lord wherever there was a need; The challenge presented "by this
Held of Northern Luzon; my desire to go v;ith ray husband and helu him in whatever he
chose to do.
Describe briefly inoutline form the nature of your daily duties
xeacning in Aparri Bible Semir^ry, studying for same,* counseling with students.
Caring for Horn and children, including teaching two older bovs their school work
Office work.
Which of the following terms most nearly describes your missionary status:
Evangelist Bible College teacher W Public School teacher.^ Home maker
(ray own children)
Doctor Nurse Social worker Office worker J2QL. Other
Father's name and home address (if living): T?nv .T. h. iyftbra.hn.
His occuaption Pprrapr-Qar'^cnter-rhnihanic jg he a Christian?_i2
What positions of leadership has he held in the local rhnmh? ibne
Mother's full maiden name Mnm'p I'prip BiipbrinTn ig she living?
Is she a Christian?yas Her occupation if employed outside of hnmp
What leadership positions has she held in the local rhnrrhf . hnna
Name of forwarding iinnp
Address Telephone
What are his or her duties:
Should money be sent to forwarding agent only?-_do In what form? If it can be mailed to
you please indicate how in what form?.Ghsck^ llnnav Order nr Interriational M-iney Order
Does your forwarding agent serve without salary?.^
What problems do you need help with, that Mission Services might provide?
Charles TTHliam SisJ.by ( April 14, 1921 in Glenvil, Kgbragka), Richard C. fiBlby ( Aug.. 9,
1948 in Manila, Fhilippines), Robert "W. ( Sept. 20, 1950 in Hayings, Nebraska),
Lloyd Siby ( June 8, 1946 in Superior, Nebraska), and Mrs. Roberta ( Ridgway)
^eiby ( Nov. 8, 1920 in Memphis, Nebraska).
The Charles ItV. Selbya atye mis aionfiries te- cdTA6^S(
^ WtNorthern Luzon, Ilocano Field) Dua dft, Apparri, Cagayan, Fhilippines.
They received training in Cincinnati Bible Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio^*both rsceive^lx^
A.B. Degrees in 1945. They served a four^^ear student ministry near Madison, Indiana
nrey ministered to the Church in Clay Center, Nebraska years.
The Selbya are sponsored in their missionary -work by Indianola
Church of Christ, Colunbua,- Ohio. The Philippine Mission work began in 1926 by
Broi^^ind Sister Leslie V^olfe in Manila. Charles and Mrs. Roberta Selby started
the Northern Luzon mission in June 1947. Their work consists of teaching in the
Aparri Bible Seminary, counseling with ,students, superviziug their " Self-Help" work,
office work, handling money matters, and keeping in contact with the evangelists.
Roberta ghares her husband's "work" and teaches their boys their school work too. ^
Their-rooord ofservice is FirgL TerrngFhilippines, June 1947 - Aug?lOSCK^
Cijouiiil 195? - Mnvnh innn.
Thu^i &i'0 uu fui'luugh*Tlmj nvn ^Irnning thei^- fnT^m -in Miw Di n i !} ! a.
Tk&u 4 ^ S Tecd>Hcf
i FFiar^civ way Joii I u>~e^
Aa Koa^y *9r2- M'a,rcC\ #*?
Furlough y^dress:
Charles Y<, and Mrs^ Roberta Selby
Fairfield, Nebraska.
f'*e t<l BJc/rexy;
n -. ^

Froprt>- vi.
Associated with Philippine Mission,
Churches of Christ
71 Gastambide St., Manila, P. I.
Aparri, Cagayan, P. I.
In a recent letter, Bro. Faustino
Peneyra wrote: "During May and
June I spent most of my time out
side of Aparri and for the 12
places where we had rallies and
preaching services and D V B S,
we had 104 baptisms."
He further stated that the num
ber of students enrolled in our
Bible Training School in Aparri
had doubled over that of last year.
There are seven full time students
this year, and about 14 others
who are taking the full schedule
of classes in the morning, besides
High School students who can
take only the night classes.
This Training School is playing
a very important role in our pro
gram of reaching the Philippines
for Christ. Young people are re
ceiving training here, mostly on
a part time basis, and are going
back to their homes and home
Churches, and are taking places of
leadership among the people of
their own communities. We hope
to develop this training 'School into a
full fledged Bible Seminary in the very
near future.
Another Evangelist writes that he
has won five negritos, among others, to
Christ during these summer months. We
feel that this is a great victory, since
for the most part the negritos have not
been touched with Christianity of any
kind. It is our prayer that some time
before long we will b able to find one
of them to train as an Evangelist and
send him back to his own people with
the Gospel.
We receive letters regularly from
the Evangelists in Northern Luzon, and
almost all of them bring news of victor
ies being won for Christ in that section.
There is truly a great field there, and
it is "white already unto haiwest." We
are eager to return to our work there.
The Lord is truly onening doors for us
and we dare not r-afuse to enter them.
Pray for us.
Several Churches have responded to
^ur plea for living-links for our native
Evangelists in northern Luzon. We have
been sending help to nine men each
month, not paying them a salary, buft
just giving them enough to help with
their expenses as they travel over wide
territories preaching the Gospel. Of
these nine men, two are not yet support
ed by any particular group. We would
appreciate hearing from any Church or
Bible Class that would like to take one
of these men as their living-link at
$20.00 a month.
Charles and Roberta Selby
Lloyd, 5; Robert, 1; Richard, 3
After a year in the States, prepara
tions are being made to return with our
family to the Philippines. We have writ
ten for our passport and visas, and
hope to saiJ from the west coast the lat
ter part of October. The past year has
been a very enjoyable and profitable
one for us. We have traveled in many
of the 48 States, have spoken in the
Churches and camps concerning the
Lords work in the Philippines, have
made countless new friends, and have
enjoyed the fellowship with all our
Christian brethern everywhere^ We ap
preciate the opportunities you have
given us to become acquainted with you
and to acquaint you with the work in
northern Luzon. W& ask for your pray
ers and continued support as we return
to take up our work in this needy field.
During the past year we have been
traveling throughout the United States
speaking concerning the work in the
Philippines, and generous offerings have
been given for that work. Each month
we have been sending a little more than
$200.00 to the Philippines for the Ev-r
angelists, and have been able to pur
chase much equipment to take back with
us, including a Chev. Suburban carryall.
It is estimated that about $3,000 will
be needed for our Steamship tickets,
freight on our equipment, custom ex
penses, Philippine government taxes,
and travel and shipping charges to
Aparri. This money is urgently needed,
and will be received with extreme
gratitude. If you individually or youir
Church group would like to be among
those to help the Selby family get back
to the mission field, please send your
gift for this fund within the next six
weeks. Acknowledgement of each gift
will be made.
At present there are six adult
missionaries working in the Phil
ippines, Mrs. Carrie A. Wolfe,
Miss Ruth L. Smith, Mr. and Mrs,
J. Willis Hale, and Mr. and Mrs.
Barton McElroy and family. The
McElroy's have been in the Is
lands only a few months, but have
fit into the work in a fine way.
Ruth Smith writes, "We are look
ing forward to having you folks
and Carlson's back with us. Con
ditions are much better. Import
controls .re being lifted on many
things. Much building ig being
done. Bro. Faustino Peneyra in
Aparri writes, "As to your inquiry
regarding the Huks, we have not
heard of any lately in the Cagayan
Valley. Glad of your plan to re
turn. We look forward to the day
when you will be with us again."
After a trip to Aparri Brother
Hale writes, "As far as things are
concerned here in the Philippines
it appears to m-e to be much bet
ter. The people travel freely.
There is practically no dissident trouble.
In fact the Army has done much toward
making vast sections of the country
peaceful. You have a great opportunity
and you can expect to se much fruit
from your labors in the next few years.
The brethern ar anxious for you to
come back and were all very happy at
the announcement of Bro. Peneyra of
your return near the close of the year.'*
A recent letter from Mrs. Wolfet sta
tes, "We are indeed glad to hear you say
that you ar coming back. You are real
ly needed in the Lord's work over here.
Things are better than they were when
you left for the States and the govern
ment is really rounding up th groups
of Huks." And again, "I have lived
through many years of troubled times
over here and I feel safer now than I
hav felt for a long time. The brethern
here say that we are not in any way a
hindrance to thenr in doing their work.
The very reason that you are here is ta
help to make this a truly Christian
country and help to bring about law and
order in the districts where you live by
your preaching and teaching and win
ning people to Christ. I know the Lord
will bless you as He has in the past and
w do hop you will not be discouraged
but that like Paul you will press on in
this great service for our Lord."
Plans for the future in Aparri include
a Bible Seminary and Christian High
School for which we need buildings, and
another missionary family to take charge,
of the educational work in the Seminary
' the pHi"^.Tppr^
.i- We have received
ahout the situation in the FhiliTjf'i'fff^'''.
asking this question most refer to the po
litical situation which d.o^s have *: very
important "bearing on our work here both
now and in the future. The recent election
is a very encouraging sign to all of us
here, Ereedom of expression at the pells
is iji^rtant in any democracy ana that was
enjoyed here during the last election. The
cho-nge of administration was needed and
greatly desired and is showing much vigor
in meeting and solving man^v of the pros-
sing problems that fsice this country/ We
look iorwaro to much progress in the right
direction in the conin,j: four years.
Another important :^>ictor in the Fhiilu-
pine 8it''iation is t/*.e Religious Pi"t*ire.
The Philippines U: still 35^to 90 urr cent
Roman Catholic. Although the^'' ay but
few cases of -opfn op^iosition of-fer id by
this group, yet there is much undercover
opposition to all religious v.'ork other
than their own. There is incrcasi^-g evi
dence that a great deal of agitating iv.
being done both from the pulpit and in the
Colleges and Universities for the Union of
Church apd State, Of course this involves
the abandonment of the Oorstitiitr! on, which
will take a lot of doing, We do not antic
ipate anything this drastic but we are
vwitchlng it with interest.
Among many of the non-Catholic reli
gious groups we find the great en^ho.sis
being placed upon Christi-T. T^rity through
denominational union. The United Church of
Christ of the Philippines is on'- of tii-'se
latest efforts. The 1)1-.oiples of Christ
and the UCMS arc o, pert of this effort.
Within this group much emphasis is i:)laced
upon the "social gospel". In way of oxajn-
ple, just a fev/ days ago two cf our stud
ent preachers heard " s'^rmon preached by
^ Disciples of Christ pr'-achcr which dealt
with prfipering seed fo.' pV'atiny. and con
toiu- plowing of n hill sin'-, etc. The plea
for Pestoratior of Hew Test-cm' at Christi
anity has for many years been oomnletely
abandoned by the Disciples, and the result
in many dorcd ard dying Church'-s.
The opportunities that arc thus -nresont-
ed to us by the improved political situa
tion p-nd by th'" "social gosTiel " enphasis
on the part of deaominoti'^nalism shoulu be
appo-rf^nt to all. It Is b- comin/c somewhat
safer to travel now, and we are receiving
calls from former mcciple Chr-Lr-hos to vis
it them. There ar' many pl.acec, T am sure,
wherp those who once heiard cwid '^eoptad
the simple Hew Testament Cospel woxxld wel
come IIS if they just kn^w that th'U'e are
^till those who preach the Cosp-' 1 o.s they
once knew it. We want to reach those peo
ple. With aoveral young capable, faithful
preac.h rs n'^-aring the completion of their
trnininr in ti'c Soninary we look to the
fut:ire witn high hopes. These young men In
particular arc manifesting much seal for
evangelistic v/ork. Our plane for the sum
mer 00.1:1 for several two-we'~]c evangelistic
meetings to be preached by these young men.
We have just compl'='ted a two-week meeting
her^ in Ap^Tri, The Seninnry students
spent each ^ft'^moon going from house to
housr irviting proT'le to the services, I
did the prcnchlng In English '^ach night.
Tiie Seminary closes Mo.r. 5 and the
follov.*ing M>n. the Campbells will leave
for Ilo^ron^ Isabf-la, where Pro. Campbell
x/ill preach c two week evorgelictic meet-
i>*g, and I ehall leave for Ilocos G>jir to
visit the work there for throe weeks. The
Campbells will join me for the Ilocos con
vention and we will then t-'o to W'-nila for
one we'"k and the convention, tlxere, Prom
Unpllr; they will return tn Aparri while I
lip into Abrr for two wek", returning
to Aparri o^ Apr, Th" corv'-=ntion here
will bp Jipr. Enllowinc that will
bp a month, .and ^ half of evangelistic ral
lii-s c.-d ?ibi!' Institutes here in the Cag-
Oi.ir ov^r-all proiTan t'^ meat the situ
ation as it -'xists h''re in the Philip-
pines c^Ils for o.n evc-r expending Semino.ry
and an all-out effort to bring the estab
lished ^hurchos to a self-supporting bas
is, thus enabling us to use the funds
scut to us to support well trained and
faithful Gv^ingelists in completely new
fields, oponirg new Churches and bringing
them to self-supportIrg basis, We ask
for yoxxr faithful pray^TS .ond support
th'it we miyht sec the acconplishnent of
these aims v/ith God^s help. C. W, S#
The Campbell's are. now living in their
new home. The homes of bnth families are
essentially completed, v/ith the exception,
of porvxrient v/indows. The present windows
are nipo. and b.amboo. As the Lord provides
they v/ill be replaced with glass windows.
Do you like to hear from us? We are
o.iw.ays happy to receive and answer mail
from you. We would be glad to give any
sppcin.i inforTao.tior. that v/ould be of help
to you ir. yonr meetings, V/e may be omit
ting the third's you would like most to hear
about, 80 write to us,
This paper would be inccmplote. without
a note of thanks to all our colaborers;.
We ere grateful to the Churches who send
literature, to our monthly s'nxp'^rters, to
individuals oTid Churoheji who have helped
build our homes, and to oil who have sent
contributions and gift p-ockages. We know
there tiave been prayers, for the work pro
gresses, Thanks to you, thanks to (Jodl
A A R A_I r-i H I. S T I A IT j? Tf S
' ii-ncAit) ftj.xti
PeTvi-ii/iry 25, 195^
Nr. and firs, Ghni'lcs V. SeXhy ' " Pox Ararri,
Nr. and Mrs, 1-orval A. Canp'b'*ll Oa^^.yan, Phlliprjines
{\3^.-U-' A YS^, Jj/ Pr-j from the narket or sfashore carrying every
I have alwayn fo'.t that first ij.r'jres- thing fron vegetables to fire-wood in "has-
siona are apt to be the most lasting ones^ ketv'j on their heads. The bns station is
but by this time we fina that niany of our busy v/ith scores of neople crowding into
first iranreasions 01 this place have van- "the nade-over trucks or busses, which are
ishcd. True, we see things almost every lo-aaed on top wit'i sacl:s of rice, co,gos of
c.ay that cause tiB to wouuer, laugh, or chickens, fire-wood, nir-a, or coconuts,
sigh, but we do not feel half as stzvange, As evening cones on, the tropical sun-
as thozight we would. It brings to us sot r^h-.tn its vivid jjicture, and d- iXmsss
tiic th^'Ught, that though tne world is a settles over th-- city. Then come the dim
big iXace, yet it was erc.c/fcd by the aajric iitreet lig:hts. Someone plays a record over
Creator, and thus cr.uiot hGlr> but be the a lo\id-S7>elcer in the T.:ark. This will an-
came in many v/ays, haiyico a political or religious neeting.
VTc liked A]<vrri fron the start. It is So it is, that many who began their day
snail, peaceful, h:-a ccoled by th^ sea- before daybreak, nay ena. it by squatting
breezes, Theire are more beautiful si.ote, for hours listening to stieeches until the
for strong v/inds deprive Aparri of nearly raidniyht hour.
all trees, a distant view of the city To me, th<"-se are a handsome -neople,with
reveals little nore thiin a large cluster-VGll grroomed hoir, and freshly l.'unoercd.
of nipa shacks. Few of the town's streets c.lothoc. They are strorv from doing v;ork
are more than dirt and chuck holes, but the iifirn vff^y, Thoy o.re ouick tempered,
ti-affic is not groat, and we cv-u) choose a bzit t>wy have a oti-nng love for fanily.
path down the center. Sometimes, when I Th^y are bound in superstitions and custom
go sho-jJidiig alone, I feel very strar^e, but adent at Ic^rnirit^ nqv; ways. They are
with people taring and liorse-flrawn cra*to n mixture of the Orient, the Islander, and
weaving ai'ouiict me. Other times I am not the Anerican, I'rs. H, A. Cnmbell
conscious that I an in a foreign country, - - - -
'Fir>a shacks ao not look half as straz^e on SCHOOL iTTLS
the inside as they i.o from the outside. :iCHQOL'8 Well, school is not
Most of them ar*^.- very snail, but they are quite out as \-ie ^/rite this to you, but it
honelike. The }>eople mal'e use of all na- will be by the time t'rv-t you receive it,
terials at hand, anci get alon^c on very It rch 5 is the closing cay and wc are
little money. planning for a big closing progr.'im. We
One thing that made a very early .in- have had the usual ut'S enc. aowns dui'ing
jiression UT^cn no, v/as the way the city the ye?'r, but we exTiOct to finish on an
wakes up. As soon as the cocks begin to "up", 70 students have enrolled during
crow, we hoar t'lo ino-ustrious polishing of tiie year and. 50 have been able to finish,
the floors tiu't gnos on in each home,first We are really Tiroud of the students that
thing. The swish, swish os tne coconut f\re studying to 'iresent themselves as un
husk, canced alor..;^ untrcr one b'^.re foot of ashamed workmen of God, Their weekly
a boy, is 0 prevalent so-usd. Sellers of contact with the faithful, and the skep-
bread go along tne streets calli::g, "Tina- tics shows that they are growing in grace
pay." The bo.nging of cars heard as and knowledge. Aparri Bible Seminary has
poonle come t^ the well to d.rp wat-r. The p-roved its worth. Pray that we v/ill have
men carry tv;o fivega-llon cans at once on oven greater opport''ziiities of service
a pdle across their shoulders, while the when we open for the ard year in -kjne,
women carry sintf,le cans on their heads.
Breakfast for them is prepared very early, que iTBi POEMITOHY - "'e donH have It
and they are_s--on e.bout^their daily tasks yet, but. -it. la a. ia'aot--on.--.o''-ir-suiataGr-*s--
of harvesting, pouhdir^^, fishing, shrimr) program if we osdieet to have room for new
crying, or laundry, .Already many people students when classes start. We ho7>o to
ho.vG been "to mss", and the streets are R-bio to rent the bays* dormitory for an-
fj,lled with, ciiiltircn on their way to seven other year, but if wc can not, it will
o'clock classes. Tne m-'rket is alive with nean building two domitories this summer,
o.d woinen scillngj their vegetables and Already we have received some gifts for
chickenG. 01a-fas]?lonea sewing machines ^hc Se'mino.ry, but it will take much more.
fvi-e busily etlgagcd in tailoriu; shops that
open right onto the sidewalk or street, P03TAGD RATES from the XI. S, to the
All day long ther'^ is a contin'zal proccs-. pRtllnTiinos are ordinary mail, 25''
sion of women on the streets going to and Mail.
The Ilocano Field
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W, Selby
Mr. & Mrs. Horval A. Campbell
P. p. Box k9 Aparri
Cageyan, Philippine?
August I95U
lie,are happy to report that wi-lh the
combined efforts of students, missionaries
and evangelists, I5U souls have been bap
tized since March 1st. Most of these have
been "sron throu^ the efforts of the facul
ty and students of the Seminary. After
the close of the Seminary on liferoh 3 stu
dents and faculty vjent in all directions
preaching the Word. The Campbells went to
Isabela for a tv;o week evangelistic meet
ing and a preaching rally. Student
preachers'went to Ilocos Sur and isabela
and later to Nueva Viscaj'a and others
stayed in the province of Cagayan for the
summer. Bro."Selby visited Ilocos Sur and
Abra in }.5arch and April, and during that
time the missionaries spent a week in
Manila where tiiey attended the convention
for that area.
During the summer months there were sev
eral trjo-week evangelistic meetings- held
by the students, and the missionaries as
sisted in seven preaching rallies, and
five short Bible Institutes. As much em
phasis has been placed on the indoctrina
tion of members as on nov; converts, still
the 13k were brought to Christ; one now
church established, and others strength
ened and greatly encouraged.
The beginning of school has not marked
the end of our evangelistic efforts.
There arc still several evangelists v;ho
arc receiving regular help from tho His-
sion who are working faithfully, and .we
have two evangelistic meetings planned for
this month. The first in a small barrio
about 1; miles south of hero, and the other
in Aparri. The students will preach dur
ing tho first meeting and Bro. Poneyra the
otlior. liany of tho students will bo doing
personal v/ork during tliese meetings, and
at least six of tho boys will do personal
evangelism each after-noon in Aparri dur
ing the school year. Six of the boys have
regular preaching points whero thoy go
each week-end. All are doing a very good
v/ork. We praise the Lord for victories
won, and look forward to even greater
victories in Him. C.VJ.S.
Seventj?- (70) students are enrolled in
the Seminary thus far. This is the same
as our total enrollment for last year, so
we can expect more to come for the second
semester. Others would come now if we
could help them buy their food. Besides
the seven that our two families are help
ing witli our own funds, -the mission is
helping 21. Help is pledged for only four
of these, and unless contributions in
crease., some of these will have to be sent
home". - -- - - - -
I7e were able to rent a house for the
boys again this year thus we were able to
put off building a dorm for them. We had
planned to build a dorm for the girls be
fore school started but we were unable to
do so. Instead we have taken class room
space for them. As a result, the girls
and classes are boih 6ver-crov;ded. About
tiie only complaint we hear is "napudot"
very hot. I agree with them on this.
Ihe five of us, including Bro. Peneyra,
are teaching a total of 5^ hours each v/eek
'in 18 courses. We have increased the num
ber of night classes to give a wider
choice of courses for the students. Four
are expected to bo graduated iaiis year and
several otliors will receive tr/o year cor-
tifioatos. Tlio school is answering the
call for trained workers. N.A.C.
We feel that a ne%7 step in Evangelism
has been taken in the Ilocano Field v/ith
the v/ork being done in tho Provincial Pri
son in Ilagan, Isabela. Our evangelist,
V. V, Valentin, v/ho lives and works in
that area, has carried on alone there for
several months, lifter having been denied
tlie privilege of taking the prisoners off
the grounds for baptism, his appeal to us
for a metal baptismal tank was answered by
the Church of Christ of Lennox, California
which provided the money. A suitable tank
and-Wooden frame wore constructed by Bros.
Selby and Campbell, and delivered to tho
prison v/horc it was assembled. The first
baptismal service was hold July 18, at
which time 21 wore baptized. Please pray
that these men will_ have ^e opportunity'
to rebuild their lives for Uhrist. -D.M.C. ~^T-Td v/ish that each one of you might visit
us and soo this field of labor. Since
that is not possible, v/o v/ould like for
you to visit us through pictures. Vic now
have throe sets of colored slides with a
script that tells about thorn, in "Iho lib
rary of MHssion Services, Joliot, Illinois.
(Box 968) ITc hope thoy will give you a
better imdorstanding of tho avork v/o are
trying to do here.
Also, you nay visit us by stopping at
our a:.splay bon+h at the Seventh National
Miseiomry Convention to bo held in Toledo,
Ohio, in Iloveirbor. Hrs Fcm Campbell,
mother of Norval Campbell, will be there
to visit \7ith you and explain the display
and our work. D.M.C,
Our policy here is to answer all lottors
and contributi.ons \7ithin a few v/ccks time^
Anytime that you send a contribution, but
fail to hear from us within throe or four
months, pl.easo v/rite again. Ecmcmbor that
your jottor or our reply could be lost in
the mail. Thus far, v;e kncnv of only one
contribution bh-t was lost and it was re-
covorod. You can send either personal
checks or interne.tional money orders. Air
mail takes about 7 days, regular mail v/ill
reach us in from 1+ to 6 weeks. -D.H.C.
Imagine yourself as one of idie countless
millions in the world v/ho have never had
tlie opportunity to read in their ovjn lan
guage the story of tlie Saviour* s life and
death for them. Then try to realize how
much it v;ili mean to then v/hen they can
road and see the story in a short while
from the "Life of Christ Visualized" books
which are now being printed. In the
Hailippinos, English is spiken and v/ritton
by mny, bxit there arc thousands of otliers
who speak only iiicir o\7n dialects. Ilooano
is one of the major dialocts of the Phil
iSinco '.70 can not v;rito and spoak Ilocano
fluently, one of iho members of the Aparri
church, a college student in Lianila,
translated the material and Roberta typed
it for printing. Bro. Pcnoyra wrote the
plan of salvation in the Ilocano dialect
and it is being printed on the back of the
Our half of -tho cost for the 2000 copies
wo ordered is ^il60. Our name was omitted
from the first list of those missinns v/ho
wore ordering those books and so xw have
received no special help in this project.
Tho Campbell's living-link church in
liTashington Court House, Ohio sent 0160.00
to the Standard for this fund, and tho
Indianola Church of Christ at Columbus,
Ohio, living-linlc church of tho Solbys,
sent y200. Our oihor living-linl: churohos
may have contributed to this project also.
How gratoful wo arc to these and all
other churches and brethren who are help-
inr. with this_evangelistic effort. Sn-rdy
God will bless then for sending the Gospel
into the whole v/orld. R.R.S.
Beginning with this issue, our news
letters will bo printed and mailed in the
U, S. A. Hic great increase in foreign
postal ratos from tho Philippines has mado
this chango necessary. Hovfevor, there arc
some advantages in this chango. The norts
will bo much fresher v/hcn it roaohcs you,
and the savings on postage and onvclopos
will permit us to send nc^7s more often.
V.'o arc very gratoful to llr* and Mrs. Thurl
Car.pbell and various members of our livings
lirJc church in Vfashington Court House,
Ohio, v/ho will take caro of this work for
u: D .11. C
Hiilippinc Mission Churches of Christ
c/o Thurl G, Campboli
322 Western Avcnuo
Washington C. H., Ohio
Porn 35U7 Hoquostod
Tho lot iimnediately south of the lot
where our houses are is for sale. A
Christian friend in the U. S. has loaned
us the money v/ith which to buy it. This
is the ideal location for the girl's dorm
itory. Wg would like to build iininediatol3^.
Some money has already been received for
this building, but much more is needed.
Gifts designated for the Seminary Building
l^jnd will be gratefully received and
faithfully used for ihis purposo.
Tho work in Horthcfn Luzon is growing,
and as it grov/s our financial burden bo-
comos greater. Out cxpondituros each
month average around O800.ii. Of this about
U200 goes into student support. Only .iij.O
of this has been pledged. 'Vfo pray tiiat
there will be otliors v;ho vdll pledge to
send a gift each month to help underwrite
this very important program of leadership
training. Ton dollars a month will sup
port one student, and vdll support
five. If ^'our. church or class is looking
for a missionary project, hen? can you make
your missionary money count more for
Christ than by training a future Filipino
preacher? C.VI.S.
One of the first chapol sorviocs of tho
oppning of tlio Scmirjvry this year was
"Report Night". wish it were possible
for you to have been here to hear the
thrilling reports of the v/ork which the
-Students did. duringtliei-r-vaoati-on.They-
have so much zeal and willingness to "go
and teach" wherever there is a need.
This jrear 17 girls v/ere out in DVBS
work, who taught in 28 different places.
They taught II76 children in 5U weeks of
DVBS. This is a great increase over last
year. We buy materials and pay the tra
veling expenses of tho girls, besides giv-
then >)5 for two weeks work. The
ohurchoc arc beginning to realize the need
for toaching their children, and arc as
suming more of the financial rcsponsibili-
tj'' for it oach yoar. This year thoj"- gave
a total of (it3,00.
'Jhilo tlic girls arc attending the Sem
inary, three to six toans go to tho near
by places each week-end to todch idio
children. The girls also prepare special
music, teach 3'oung pcoplo, and do personal
work. Pray for then. R.R.S.
t>ec.54.e35, P.jj.ana ii
WashiiiEton C.H.,C(h.io
Permit No. 55
"The Ilocanc Field" ""
F. 0- Bex Aparri
I -V Prrv.-Ehilipnines
^-Qe^r.ber 19^4^ -
Joplin, Mo.
:5oa8on s Greetings V/hat joy v;e have in rereiaberinr each one of vov in
tne 2->.arr.e of CTiriet Jesus our Lord Let us together hear'arain the voice of
t:i0 e^ngels through the Sacred V/ord"Be not afraid; for behold I briny -ou
good tidings of peat joy vrhich shall be to all the people; for there i^ bom
to you this^ daypn the city of David a Saviour, who is C.irist the Lord. Glory
to God in tne highest, and on earth peace anong men in vdiom he is well nleased."
my yep surrendered life in Cirist be your abounding joy and your faithful
stewardship be your standard of prosperity during the ICev; Year .
S^^eting, package, end box from, you all vdll open to us a little bit
-of homo-,--^very- pre-eiouo I'eft^b^-ance- you--serrd- he-iys-t-o-apan- the-tiire-snd-- ---
distpce that v;e are av;ay from you. \ie thank God for p'ou" daily, and pray that
toge.nerpe may make Jmown to lost millions, God's wonderful gift of Salyation,
You are in our hearts and v.^e trust that we may "remain in yours". '
Your fpllow-laboi-era in CTirist,
The 3elbys and Car.pbells
Kr, &I-Ira, CSiarles W, Selby
?:r. &:rg, Norval A Campbell
Dear Friends in Christ,
The approaching .season Imcwn as Christ
mas, is celebrated somewhat differently
here than in tho States 1/e .can not srealc
for the way it is done .in Manila, There
it might resGmble tho Stateside manner
more, btit here in Aparri there is little
of the commercial aide seen. Aparri, tho,
has no city nev/spaper in which to oush
buying. There are both good and bad
things to be found in tho celebration
just as are found back home.
About a week before Christmas there
will begin a constant stream of "Carrol-
lers", as they call themselves. They go
around tJie tov.n in groups of all s.ge8,
stopping at each house to play and sing or
dance. Some of them knov: '"'Silent Mght"
but more often they sing a native tune.
Over and over v/e hear the san:e one, accom
panied hy all sorts of instruments from
3'erosen cans made into fancy drums, to
loomemade castanets. Some of the groups
wear fo.ncy costvm^es. They come a1-, all
hours of the day and night, and v/ill not
go av.y-until thej'- are given a "present".
Last year v.'o kept hard candies on hand for
this purpoBG, but the older ones vdll
almost demand money. Cur most disgusting
experience was when "shrimp" women danced
their way right into the house just as v/e
vrere opening our gift^ iipom .home., The^r
wenC~av/ay muttering when We vrould not give
them wine. As the season progressed, some
of them roturnod already filled with wine.
This continued until "Three Kings Day",
January'- 6, V/e hope'to have a fence arcur^d
our lot before Christmas comes this year.
It is the custom also to give gifts of
appreciation to such grouts as the Postal
and Telegraph employees, police department
sn.d airport officials. For these we pre
pare sacks of fruit and cookies. Some
vdll openly ask for a gift.
Christmas trees are used some but suit
able ones are not plentifr.l. The most
common decora'Vion is one or more huge
home-made stars. These are made much as
kites arc madea framework covered with
colored tissue paper. They are often very
clo.borr.to with a place for a candlo in
side. V/o see them at almost every door.
V'e'lLce the way the season is celebrat
ed by the church here. There is a nice
program, Christ conterod, by tho young
people on Christmas eve. Tlien on Oiirist-
maa morning there is a worship service.
Of co^'.rse the Seminary CJioir presents its
program earlier, About Doc. l4, to enable
the students to go home. On Nov.' Year's
Day thoro is another "vrorship service. Last
year it -.ves follov/od by a big di?mer at
tho Peneyra house, featuring Lechon (roast
pig). Even the Clvristmas season reflects
the more relaxed life in the Tropics.
Aoarri Bible Seminaipr is in its third
year, 71 have enrolled for this year.
Four students are expected to be grad
uated in larch, many girls will receive
two year certifico.te3 in Bible work.
Horenia Ibe, a fine third year student
was forced to vdthdraw from school at the
end of the.first seiriestor duo to tho death
of her mothor. Hcrenia is I5 s.nd has 5
brothers and sisters younger thai'i she whom
she ivill have to mother. V/e miss her.
The Seminary Choir presented their
oanto.ta on^JTec^har if sn-Aan
al for Christmas vacation,
Sinco the beginning of school in June,
students and faculty of the Seminary havo
held tv/o evangelistic meetings resulting
in 24 souls brought to Christ.
Each week-end students and faculty are
busy somoplaco in 'the Lord's v/ork. About
l4 students go to points outside Aparri
while many of the others teach afternoon
classes in different sections of Aparri,
Norval, Dondc-na and Roberta each teach
classes in the Bible School in Aparri,
v/here llorval also preaches each Sunday
night. Charles has been working vdth tho
Toran Church just south of Aparri,
During our one vroo'c 3er:'otor vacation
several students v;sro doin^ evcngc-liiitic
work in different places, Vir^ilio, a
senior strident, opened the v.'oid: in a vil
lage where -kG Gospel had net boon preach
ed, Sergio and Josus visited nany ncvr
placeo where Vney hope to open now work,
Joso prcp,ched c'^er^' night in different
placoa, A four day 3iblc Institute v;ao
hold at this tis-.e in Burgos, Ilocos Sur,
Ero, Selby vras i-blo to toaok in this,
Roberta anci Dondona v;orhod vory hard
with the Se:i:inai-y choir getting the annual
Ohrisx.'ooi? c-'iifcata ready for presentation
just befoiv. Ghristmas vacation,
Our .work here is expanding and for this
wo arc grateful, but it could grow factor.
Additional money for building and operat
ing would increase our value in the work,
Uo have avoided plunging oursclvea into a
financial crisis and then asking you folks
at home to bail us out, but we do list
here some rce.l needs v/hich wc urge you .-to
accept as projects. This ^d.11 personalize
your efforts in world evangelism.
Student Support - JlO a month will feed
a student, 21 students aro being helped in
this way. Only 5 receiving pledged
help. Train a preacher and it v/ill' bo
your voice preaching to the Filipinos,
Dormltorios - Wc rent the boy'o dorm
for 522,50 per month, but have no assur
ance that wo can rent it after this year.
The girls are living in class room space,
thus limiting both classes and number of
girls. For $2,000 each, wo con build two
dorms, Vvhat greater living memorial could
you build at such a low prico?
Ey^pnr.olistic Support - V/o have some
fine p.rnaohors ready to go out from the
school, per- month will keep a full-
time ovoiigolist supplied ^d-th his needs.
How about matching voi^.r preacher's salary
a:id support 4 to 8 native evangelists?
Books, Books, Books - Wo can use any
books that Seminary students can use in
tho States, (Xir Seminary library'' is very
small but greatly needed, host of the
students arc too poor to buy books for
themselves. Ask your preacher to help,
Ilocano Tracts oiid Helps - Very little
of anything is printed in Ilocano and tho
people road every scrap that they can got#
Donominationalista are printing Ilocano
tracts and helps* V/e must do tho samo
Philippine Mission Churches of Christ
c/o Thurl G, Campbell
522 V/e stem Avenue
Washington C, H,, Ohio
^dth the truth, Vfe appreciate the English
Bible School literature that you send, but
Ilocano literature is \irgontly needed,
^100 would be. a-good start for this work.
Money for Booh, I - Yes, wo need 2,000
ccplos of "Life of Ohrist Visualized" in
Ilocano to -go v.'ith our Book Ill's, but wc
havo no money for it, our share.
If you help God, Ho will help you on-
svrcr your prayers in our behalf, -N.A.C,
It would not bo possible for us to car-
ry on the v;ork hero v/ithout the faithful
stowardo of God in America who send gifts
of money regularly. Each quarter vro soad
a financial report to our living-link
churches accounting for all of the gifts
received and showing ho\.^ tho money wa.g
Used, We would liko to give all of you a
brief styamary of those financial reports
for the first three quarters of this year
30 that 3''ou too n^y Icnow how v.'c arc using
tho Lord's monojr on this field.
On Jonuary 1st of this year wc had
5776.93 on hand, most of \/hich had been
put into a special fund for building a
dormitoi'y v/hich wo noed very badly. Total
receipts from the States for the first
throe quarters of this year havo boon
06,718.62, Total .expenditures for tho
aomo period have been'$7j2p2,25. Of this
latter figure, .'52,859#65 was spent for
evangclists and cvangolismj ^954,22 for
students taking advantage of our "Self-
help" programj Travel and Oar repair,
'?99857 was received in dosig-
natcd gifts for the Oampboll and '=;--:1hy
houses; $5^1,99 was spent for tho Somin-
aryj lights, rent, repairs, oupplios etc#;
$267#70 was used for DVBS among the
churches; C257*55 for postage and box
rental; $95*95 ^*01' travel for students go
ing out to work with churches on the wook-
onds during school; and $49,65 for mis
sion supplies. The balance was spent for
books for resale, registration of our cars,
bank charges, Book I of "Life of Ohrist
Visualized" in Ilocano, and other inciden
tal things noccssai'y to oji effective v/ork.
You will notice that our expenditures
have oxcocdcd the receipts considerably#
As a result v;c have had to use from tho
balance v;hich v/o had put asido for tho
dormitory. Wo are praying that we ^-dll be
able to build this fund back up shortly#
Monthly pledges for tlio work v/ill do it#
300.54,65, P#L.and R.
Washington C,H#,Ohio
Pormlt No.
I-Ir.- Chester A. Williamson
516 r. Wall .
Form 55^7 Requested