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Daily Technical Analysis Levels Daily Technical Analysis Levels

for 22 August 2014 for 22 August 2014

Prepared by Nicola Duke Prepared by Nicola Duke

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Page 4 $"%!P "#D)*+
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Talking4+ore5 is uni6ue in that it is the only audio service in the 7orld that is available 24 hours a day and e5clusively
for +2 traders8 /t is delivered by our highly skilled tea9 of Talking4+ore5 analysts around the clock fro9 #unday
evening through to +riday evening8 $very 9e9ber of our tea9 has a different 9arket speciality and each one has a
nu9ber of years e5perience 7orking for an invest9ent bank: hedge fund or financial ne7s agency8
;ost i9portantly Talking4+ore5 analysts are co9pletely independent and neutral in their opinions8
Daily vie7: !earish continuation day cable is no7 trading side7ays to end the 7eek8 #till no
signal to buy:9uch better support lo7er do7n8 /n a declining channel < 7atch for breakout8
*ard to reco99end selling here but there is no reason to buy yet8
*ourly vie7
%esistance 18--1, 18--&0=9a>or? 18-14- 18-1-1=last 7eeks lo7? 18-@A1
#upport 18-,,4: 18-,21: 18-4,04,-=9a>or? 18-&@0
Daily vie7 < +ound support at the at 18&241 fib level8 Above 18&2A1 should see us retest
previous support =beco9es resistance? at 18&&&2
#hort target is 18&1,08 Do7n trend intact for no7 but remember there are MASSIVE shorts
in EURUSD the risk of a short squeeze higher is er! high8
+our *ourly vie7
#upport 18&241 18&110 18&1,0=9a>or?
%esistance 18&&00 18&&1@ 18&&&2 18&&4, 18&&A, 18&4,0 18&,0 =9a>or?
Daily vie7 !ullishBB *a99er double botto9 against last 7eeks lo7 4 bullish fibonacci pattern
still in play: / like this long setup8 Above 08A&4, confir9s double botto9 targets 08A4,,
+our *ourly Cie7
%esistance 08A&2@=9a>or? 08A&4, 08A&1& 08A410
#upport 08A2@@ 08A2&@ 08A20@=9a>or? 08A1&&
Daily vie7 .e are >ust shy of the ;arch high in "#D'P( at 104812,: / 7ould be surprised if 7e
didnDt test it < it is ;A'0% resistance8
.e are trading side7ays belo7 this level: 7orking off overbought conditions8 .atch for sell
opportunity at range highs: or a break above8 !lue bo5 on chart is a fibonacci pattern sell Eone8
+our *ourly Cie7
#upports 10&81,=9a>or? 10&84, 10&80-
%esistance 10480&=9a>or? 104810 1048@@
Daily vie7 < bullish side7ays consolidation day8 #ide7ays consolidation still bodes 7ell for
$"%!P longs and daily closes above @080&, neckline level8 .e have 9ade an A!F)D e6ual
9easured 9ove fro9 last 7eeks highs8 Longs still look good =if slo7?8
4 hour chart vie7
#upport 081A@0=9a>or? 081A-@ 081A44 081A&&
%esistance 081AA@ 08@0&,=9a>or? 08@0--=9a>or? 08@1,,=9a>or?
Daily vie78 Dark cloud cover bearish reversal candle off A14- resistance and channel rail8
%esistance at 'an prev highs is 08A1,- but the fibonacci targets for this s7ing is higher at
08A1@0 3 08A210
.atch for a pull back to 08A112 3 08A10A to be support before a 9ove higher
Daily chart vie7
#upports 08A112 08A10A 08A0A0 08A0&A 08A01-41A=9a>or?
%esistance 08A14-=9a>or? 08A1,-=2014high? 08A11,4@0=9a>or?
Daily Cie7 Dark cloud cover bearish reversal daily candle and a 4hour vie7 sho7s triple top off a
good level 180A@2
This is a good looking sell setup G should take us to the 1801 handle
+our *ourly vie7
#upport 180A1@421 180@10 180@444,0 180@04 =9a>or?
%esistance 180A@2 18102- 1810,, 1811&, 1811@@4181200=9a>or?
Daily !ullish into resistance 1&1810 ='une lo7s H 'uly highs?: this could be a nice range trade
lo7er but 7atch for a rally =or short s6ueeEe? else7here in $"% 7hich could li9it8
+our *ourly vie7
#upports 1&18-0412 1&18,0 1&18&&: 1&181A
%esistance 1&1810 1&@81, 1&@824 =200A triple top?
Daily vie7 < bearish day into support area 7hich 7as 'an high and ;archHApril lo7s8 A good
level to buy off if the dollar rally slo7s8 *o7ever buyers be7are the 7edge pattern line fro9 'an
lo7s is a bit lo7er G could 9ean a retest of the lo7s 88 or lo7er8
+our *our vie7
%esistance 12A2 12A- 1&01=9a>or?
#upports 121@=9a>or? 12-@ 12-, 12&@=9a>or?
'I( "# .T/ crude
Daily Cie7 < Do>i day: support at a good level A2811 and *ead and shoulders target fro9 the
'une highs8 Not a reversal pattern 7orth but this is a good cluster Eone of fibonacci levels so 7e
could get a reversal going8 G A18,0 is the bigger fibonacci target and the 'anuary lo7s8 All the
oscillators are oversold so 7e could see 9ore side7ays or flag pattern
Daily vie7
#upport A&811 A2811 A18,0=9a>or? A182&='an lo7?
%esistance is at A,8,0 A,8@0 A-8,0 A18&0 AA8004AA8&0=9a>or? AA8@0
Daily vie7 < 7e broke above the &@82fib A&&, resistance and this should no7 be support for a
9ove to A41, =,0I retrace9ent?
+our *ourly vie7
#upport at A2,0 A11,=9a>or? A0@- A0,0=9a>or? @A0A
%esistance A&&@4,0=9a>or? A411 A41&=9a>or?
Daily vie7 < At ne7 highsB And hovering above8
A 7ord of 7arning G ;arkets that 9ake ne7 highs and then >ust sit there 7ith no ne7 buyers or
9o9entu9 are a big flashing 7arning light to 9e G see 7hat happens today but a break of the
rising 7edge sho7n is a sell8
+our *ourly vie7
%esistance 1AA& 2000401 2011=9a>or?
#upport 1AA1 1A@04@&=9a>or?: 1A1@ 1A,0 1A44=9a>or? 1A&0