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Did you knowthat
the Eiffel Tower can
growup to an extra
6 inches in the
summer? Because
the famous
monument is made
of iron, the metal
expands when
Dear Readers,
It may be mid-August, but the holidays aren't over yet! That's why
we've made sure this issue is packed with everything fromthe
latest book, movie and music reviews to fun crafts and games, so
you can enjoy the last school-free days to the fullest.
And what better way to end an amazing summer, than throwing
an amazing party? Check out our Party Planning article for
everything you need to knowabout organising the perfect
summer celebration!
Feeling bored? Read the Crazy Creatures, Strange Sports (ever
heard of 'Wife Carrying'?) and Craving for Caterpillars articles
for some unbelievably crazy facts.
Finally, having lived in France for four years, I'mespecially
excited about this issue's Culture Page. Discover les traditions
franaises and don't forget to try the delicious french recipe we've
Lots of good music has come out
in the past few weeks, and here
are our top 5 picks:
1. Stay With Me - by Sam
Smith. This song has been at the
top of the charts for weeks now. It
can most definitely be said that
everyone loves Sam Smith's hit
2. All Of Me - by John
Legend. Everyone loves a bit of
John Legend, or so it can be said,
from looking at the charts! This
song's beautiful lyrics are
accompanied by a piano-played
3. Jubel - by Klingande. As
soon as this song entered the Irish
top 40 it was already at the
number three spot! Fair play
4. She Looks So Perfect
- by 5 Seconds Of Summer (5
SoS).This is my personal favourite
of the top 5 - I just can't get this
hit tune out of my head!!
5. Waves - by Mr. Probz. Mr.
Mr. Probz seems to have had no
probz getting the public to like
him... we can't stop singing this
catchy song!
Wipe Out by Mimi Thebo 5 Stars
Wipe Out is about Billy, a boy recovering
from the death of his beloved mother, and
about his mysterious Auntie Mary, the
woman who took him in during a hard
time. Billy loves surfing, just like his
mother who was a pro surfer; and when
Billy dreams, he dreams of his mother
surfing in her shortie wetsuit.
He feels like his mother has taken all
the colour out of the world when he
arrives at his auntie's grey house, in a
grey town covered in a thick layer of grey
fog. Even Auntie Mary is grey - grey hair,
Frozen, Directed by Chris Buck,
Jennifer Lee, 5 stars
Frozen is an animated movie about two
princesses, Ana, and her older sister Elsa.
As children, Elsa uses her magical ability to
create snow, ice and frost to create fun
games for her little sister. But one day,
while playing, Elsa injures her sister by
accidentally directing her powers at Ana,
knocking her out.
Ana is cured, but Elsa locks herself into a
room and refuses to see anyone apart from
her mother and father.
Nine years later, Elsas coronation takes
place, which causes her a great deal of
stress. That same night, during a
disagreement with Ana, Elsa unleashes her
powers and runs away for fear of being
humiliated and misunderstood.
Feeling guilty, Ana takes it upon herself to
find and help Elsa, along with the hilarious
snowman from Ana and Elsas childhood,
Olaf, and the gentle yet wild pair made up
of Kristoff and his pet reindeer, Sven.
Can Ana stop her sister from making
Arendelle into an island of infinite winter,
or will Elsa keep on misusing her powers to
hurt Ana? Find out by watching this movie!
skin, and clothes. The only bit of colour on
her are her purple-blue eyes, which are
covered with her glasses.
Can Billy bring colour back into his
and Auntie Mary's lives, or will they all be
encased in grief as thick as the fog that
surrounds Auntie Mary's house.
I really enjoyed this book, as I could
see the colour, taste the salt in the sea
air, and feel the grief that Billy feels.
Thebo paints a vivid picture with words; a
picture that has stuck in my mind since I
read the book. I would recommend this
book to anyone and everyone.
OK, the holidays are here, so time to say
goodbye to books, black boards and back
packs and get into party mode! I mean,
after all those end of year exams, don't we
deserve a little fun? Luckily a few weeks of
sunny school-free days is the perfect time
to get together with your friends and
throw a little fiesta!
Beach BBQ
Barbecues are definitely a summer party
must-have. After all the swimming and
dancing, everyone will be starving - and
there's nothing better than a tasty burger
when you're hungry! Tip: Put two or three
marshmallows on a skewer and hold them
over the bbq (seriouslyover, do not let it
touch the grill!) for a minute... mmmm.
Cocktail Table
Arrange a small table with a variety of
juices, cordials and fizzy drinks. Guests
can mix-and-match to create their own
tasty concoctions. Don't forget plastic
cups, straws and lotsa ice!
Fresh Fruit
On a hot day nothing is more appreciated
than a bit of juicy fruit. So remember, fruit
salads, smoothies, ice lollies and sorbets
are all perfect!
I scream CAKE!
Whether or not it's your birthday, this fun
twist on ice-cream cake is sure to be a hit.
All you need is some ice-cream cones,
cupcakes and frosting! Simply stick each
cake on a cone with some icing acting as
glue, then cover the entire thing with
frosting so that it looks just like an ice-
cream cone!
Hit the beach...or your back yard.
It doesn't matter if you're throwing your
party at the pool, a lake, by the sea or in
your garden, with a few decorations it'll
feel like you're in Hawaii!
Paper Lanterns: These colorful decorations
are a cheap and pretty way to add a little
tropical flare to your venue. All you have
to do is hang 'em up everywhere!
DIY Parasol Ball: Open a few cocktail
umbrellas and stick them into a large
orange (make sure you cover the whole
orange in parasols). You can use it as a
table centre piece or hang it up with some
Night Stars: Fake shining stars by
wrapping garden lights around the trees.
This will add a beautiful glow when the sun
In the Shade: A few parasols here and
there will add to the summer vibe, but will
also keep your food and friends nice and
First rule of party planning - create the
right atmosphere. So, put aside the well-
loved ballads for one afternoon and create
a playlist of up-beat party tunes that'll get
everyone dancing and singing along!
our top 5 pick:
-Summer, by Calvin Harris
-Shower, by Becky G
-California Gurls, by Katy Perry feat.
Snoop Dogg
-Good Time, by Owl City feat. Carly Rae
-Rude, by MAGIC!
Water Wars
Even if you aren't by a pool or the
beach, you have to have some way for
your guests to cool off. Tell everyone
to bring bathing suits, and hand out
water balloons, water guns...and run
for cover! Tip: make sure you have
some buckets of water, so people can
refill their "weapons".
Outdoor Twister
This is an easy outdoor twist (pardon
the pun) on the well known game
Twister. You need four cans of spray
paint (yellow, green, blue and red)
and four sheets of card paper (white,
yellow, green, blue and red).
1)First, cut a large circle in the center
of the white paper.
2)Then using the sheet like a stencil,
spray four rows of 6 circles directly on
the grass, changing colour for each
3)Instead of a spinner, make cards
and place them in a bowl. Cut out 4
paper cards for each colour. Label the
first green card with 'left hand', the
second green card with 'right hand',
the third with 'left foot' and the fourth
with 'right foot'. Do the same for the
other colours.
How to play:
1)First, choose a "caller" to pick a card
at the beginning of each turn.
2)When the caller calls out the name
of the body part and colour on the
card, the player must then place the
designated body part on the
designated colour. For example, if you
pick a green card labelled 'right hand',
you must place your right hand on a
green circle.
3) Take turns. If you get a card that
says you must move a body part
which is already on a circle, you still
have to move it.
4) The last player standing wins.
*Only feet and hands may touch the
Rackets, Balls & Shuttlecocks
Since you always have some lying
around, it's a good idea to put out a
football, volleyball or some badminton
rackets. This way, you and your
friends can get warmed up before
jumping in the pool and guests can
have short little matches throughout
the party!
by Maya Brennan
Bands, (enough
fit your w
Hook/ Crochet Hook,
"S"/ "C" Clip,
-Your fingers!!
Arrange your bands in your chosen pattern
(if you have one) so that you are prepared
for making your bracelet.
Twist your first band into a figure of eight/
infinity shape and put it over your index
and middle fingers. Add another two bands
over your two fingers normally.
Pull the bottom band over the top band.
You do this by pulling the band off of one
finger at a time. When you've finished this,
add another band.
Keep doing this until you are happy with
the length of your bracelet.
To end your bracelet, keep doing the same
stitch but do not add anymore bands.
There you have it! A beautiful rainbow loom
bracelet that you can make in any colour
you like! Be prepared for compliments!! ;)
Skewered, deep-fried and
displayed in market stalls,
these scorpions are a
traditional Chinese street
food. And yes, you eat them
whole - stingers, eight legs
and all! Ranging from small
(around 1 inch) to big
(around 4 inches), they are
said to taste crunchy, slightly
bitter and have a crab-like
flavor. Would you be brave
enough to try one? I'm pretty
sure they take all the venom
Mopane Worms are a popular,
traditional food in southern Africa.
Despite their name, they are actually
large colorful caterpillars, so called
because they are usually found on the
Mopane Tree.The insects are dried,
then are either eaten raw, boiled,
added to stew or commonly cooked
with tomatoes, peanuts, chilies and
onions. Apparently, they taste
salty, so
maybe we've
discovered a
alternative to
crisps? I'm
licking my lips
Chapulines or grasshoppers are a popular snack in Mexico,
especially in the state of Oaxaca. Once collected in a net
and thoroughly cleaned, they are fried or toasted on a
Comal (a clay cooking surface) with chili, lime, and garlic.
You can find baskets full of them at markets and they can
be eaten on their own or in a Taco. Now I love Mexican
food but maybe, spicy grasshoppers is taking it a step
too far?
I will shamelessly admit that I am terrified of spiders so, you'll understand
why I thought nobody would eat one. My mistake. As it happens, fried
spider is Cambodian delicacy especially, in the town of Skuon. And they're
not just normal arachnids either, oh no, they're a
species of tarantula, about the size of
your palm! The little darlings are deep
fried before being eaten and are said to
have a crunchy skin and soft flesh. By
the way, there are also live ones for
sale if you'd like to cook them at home!
Hachi-no-ko, a.k.a. wasp or bee llarva, are a traditional Japenese food.
After being carefully harvested from their nests, they are cooked in sugar
and soy sauce. They are said to be slightly crunchy, and to have an
unusual sweet and rich flavor. Would you try these - err, delicacies?
The practice of eating insects is called Entomophagy. Did you know over over
2 billion people consume insects worldwide? Believe it or not, most are
nutritious and some even claim Entomophagy might be a solution to world
hunger. What do you think?
- In France it is possible to marry a
dead person (how creepy is that?)
- The French did not invent the
'Croissant', it was invented in
- Kilt were originally made by the
French not by the Scottish.
- French shepherds invented stilts
to get through wet marshes.
- To punish an adulterous wife in
medieval France, they would make
the towns people would make the
wife run after a chicken through
the town naked...harsh!
by Caoilte Brennan
Carnival is a time of celebration
all over France that takes place
just before Christians began the
fasting season of Lent. The first
Carnival in France took place in
Nice and to date is the most
famous French Carnival. The Nice
Carnival is known for giant
cardboard masks, floral floats and
its flower parades.
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday is a
day when Christians would have a
feast to empty their cupboards
before they started fasting. They
would eat food high in fat like
pancakes and Beignets (a kind of
doughnut) to get them through
the fasting season known as Lent.
Today, people in France continue
the tradition of stuffing their faces
on this day.
Candlemas Carnival
Candlemas or Chandeleur is a
special time in France where
candles are lit at midnight to pay
tribute to the last day of the
Christmas season. But lets face it,
what the French look forward to
at Candlemas are the Crepes and
other delicious treats.....but
mostly the crepes!
by Caoilte Brennan
France is known for it's gourmet cuisine. These french snacks
are incredibly simple to make and taste just dlicieux.
2 slices of bread
1 slice of ham
grated cheese
Butter both slices of bread.
Place the ham on the first slice and
sprinkle some cheese on top.
Sandwich both slices together, then
heat in the oven until the cheese is
melted and the bread toasted. Bon
apptit! by Maya Brennan
Orcas (Killer
Did you know Orcas are
also called Killer Whales?
Orcas get the name
Killer Whale because
they are very violent to
other animals in the wild.
Another native name for
an orca is called
Orcas live in pods. Pods
are groups of marine
mammals of the same
species. If another
animal that is not part of
the pod attempts to
comes into the pod, the
males will kill that
animal. Orcas can swim
100 miles a day in their
In captivity orcas are
kept in 1% of their
natural spaces and they
are slaves to
entertainment. The
whales in captivity die at
the age of 25-30 years
old whereas, female
orcas can live up to 100
years old while the males
live to 50 years so long
as they are in the wild.
Their dorsal fins can be
up to 6 and a half feet
by Roisin Clarke
by Roisin Clarke
Gurning or Face pulling Sport.
Gurning competitions are thought to have been
founded in 1297 at the Egremont Crab Fair in the
United Kingdom. Gurning is a 'face pulling' sport
where the contestant who makes the ugliest face,
traditionally through a horse collar, wins. The
competition takes place in mid-September ever year.
England's best known gurner is Peter Jackman.
Wife Carrying.
Wife carrying takes place in July every year in
Finland. This sport involves a husband to cross an
obstacle course whilst carrying his wife on his back
as fast as possible. The winner's prize is his wife's
weight in Beer! To participate in this event the 'wife'
or female participant must be over 17 years old and
weigh at least 49 kgs.
by Creevan Brennan
In this issue's FutureJOB Interview we
asked american photographer AJ Abelman
a few questions about her job. AJ is
currently working for a larger wedding
photography company and managing the
studio as well as designing the albums and
editing photos etc.
She also photographs children, families,
animals, etc. and is the Director of Social
Media. In addition to this, she's a
photographer for PALS Programs which
has summer camps for children with Down
Syndrome .
When I was in high school, I took a
darkroom photography class. I learned to
shoot with film and to develop my own
film and prints in a darkroom with all of
the old-school chemicals and stuff. I loved
the slow, beautiful process of the whole
thing. It made me fall in love with all the
work that can go behind creating
photographs- much more work and art
than what we think about when we take
quick photos digitally or with a cell phone.
Even though I don't shoot film as often
now (I only do it as a hobby as it's too
slow in the professional world), it will
always be my first love!
For all of my childhood and up until college
I was very involved in musical theater. I
took classes in singing, acting, dancing,
and even worked professionally as an
actress for awhile. Up until I chose my
college, I wasn't sure which I wanted to
I got my Bachelor's Degree at Columbia
College Chicago and did a few internships
as well. I also worked at a newspaper in
college which was really helpful in learning
different skills, working quickly, and
challenging myself.
I love getting to create photos that
capture a beautiful moment and last a
lifetime. It makes me so happy knowing
I'm providing these memories for clients
and that they'll look at them fondly for
years to come.
The field of photography is always
changing, technology-wise. There are
always nicer cameras, better equipment
coming out and it can be expensive to
keep up with!
Remember that it doesn't matter what
kind of camera you have! Brilliant work
can be created with any kind of camera-
do your own thing, practice a lot, and
work hard! Never turn down an
opportunity to document something! Don't
try to recreate work of other
photographers. Look at lots of other work
to see what you like, but show the world
how you see things! It's your unique vision
that will contribute to the world.
Got questions about your future career? We interview professionals from
all around the world to get the answers!