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~ Reflection Journal ~

Guidelines and Guiding Questions

Each week as you prepare for the exhibition, you will be writing down your
reflections in a journal. These reflections may include:
 the progress you are making (the steps you do each day, the plans for the following
 thoughts about how your group is working together
(the decisions you made, the tasks each member has solved, the
materials used)

 what you are individually learning (the information you include in your project)

Here are some questions/ideas for you to think about as you complete your reflection

 How is your group working together? What are the successes or problems?
 What do you think about the quality of your exhibition so far? What are the
strengths or areas that can be improved?
 Who are you working well or not working well with? Why?
 What have you done to help or hinder your group?
 Are you on schedule or falling behind? Why or why not?
 What do you find interesting as you are working on this exhibition?
 What are you learning from working on this exhibition?
 How do you feel as the exhibition is getting closer? Excited? Nervous?
 What are your favorite parts of doing this exhibition?
 What are you proud of in your work on this exhibition?
 Discuss how you are doing using the PYP profiles and attitudes ("I've been an
inquirer because...")
 What goal or goals do you have for yourself for the rest of our exhibition work?

...and of course, feel free to come up with your own questions or ideas.

At the end of the exhibition, we will be collecting your

The quality of these reflections and the effort you put into