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AP Physics 1

Fall 2014 - Elizabeth Pate

Overview: AP Physics 1 is a semester long algebra based physics course. Students will be learning physics
concepts and problem solving at the college level. The majority of this course includes mechanics topics with a
brief introduction to electricity.
Lab oteboo! " #raph ruled composition noteboo! $Some students may need two.%
#raphing &alculator
Contact Inforation:
'mail " patee(pitt.!1)
*ebsite "
&all,Te-t " $).)% /01"2/34
5astery of Test,Project Standards $067% " Tests will be divided in to specific content standards. #rades will be
determined based on how many of those standards a student demonstrates mastery for. Students will have the
opportunity to reassess on the individual standards that they did not master on the initial test. 8f upon
reassessment a student demonstrates mastery of a standard9 they will receive credit for the standard without any
penalty. Projects will also have standards on which they will be graded. For ore inforation abo$t
stan"ar"s base" #ra"in# %&'!() *lease visit elizabeth*ate+weebly+co an" view the ,-hat is &tan"ar"s
'ase" !ra"in#./ tab+
Reassessment Eligibility " A student is eligible to complete reassessments for a test when they have all of
the items for that unit completed in their lab noteboo! and they have completed the additional practice
problems for those standards only. Students who are not successful on their first reassessment
opportunity9 most li!ely need to do additional wor! with those standards9 and,or receive some individual
tutoring. :eassessments will be completed during ;le-.
<ther $167% " The =other> category will include ALL assignments that are not content standard assessments. The
types of assignments in this category are outlined below.
0ab 1oteboo2 Chec2s " <n each test day lab noteboo!s will be collected and graded based on the
assignments that we have completed for that unit. All assignments must be complete and all wor! must
be shown to receive credit. oteboo! chec!s are to ensure that each student is completing all of their
assignments. A lab noteboo! that is re"submitted will <L? receive credit if it is done the ne-t time
they are collected. ;or e-ample9 Sally turns in her lab noteboo! on unit 1 test day and is missing some
items. <n unit ) test day if she has completed the missing items from unit 1 she will still receive credit.
@owever9 if she turns it in at any point after that she will <T receive credit for the missing items.
&t$"y !ro$*s " Students will form small study groups of 1"/ students. They will choose their own
groups but will need to choose students with similar schedules to their own. These study groups will be
reAuired to meet outside of class to wor! on coursewor! and additional wor! to help them prepare for
the AP e-am. Study groups are meant to support and e-tend student learning and therefore student
performance on assessments and projects. Students who do <T put in wor! outside of class time *8LL
<T be successful in this course or on the AP e-amB These study groups will receive a grade each 2
wee!s based on the time they put in and what they were able to accomplish during this time. For ore
inforation abo$t st$"y #ro$* re3$ireents an" #ra"in#) *lease visit elizabeth*ate+weebly+co
an" choose ,AP Physics 1/ an" then ,&t$"y !ro$*s/+
Other Assi#nents " Any assignments that do not fit in to the above categories will be counted as
=other> assignments. This will include getting papers signed9 progress reports9 and Aui++es. Cui++es will
be given often in class to ensure that students are completing assignments which may include watching
presentations at home9 finishing class wor!9 or wor!ing a few homewor! problems.
Aca"eic Inte#rity4
*hile 8 am a huge supporter of collaborative group wor!9 8 ta!e academic integrity very seriously in my
classroom. Any student caught violating school,county honor code will be subject to conseAuences.