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What is a repetitious reflective sound due to parallel walls?

a. echo delayed sound heard a fraction of a second after the direction of sound is heard
b. flutter
c. noise unpleasant or unwanted sound
What is the study of reactions of humans to audible sound?
a. psycho acoustics
b. environmental acoustics study of effects on environment upon audible sound
c. electro acoustics study of sound generated by equipment
What is the distance between two similar points in succession waves traveling in one cycle?
a. sound a sensation felt by the brain resulting from the distance of molecules in the air
b. frequency rate of repetition of a periodic phenomenon
c. wavelength
What is the amount of sound energy produced by the source?
a. magnitude
b. decibel unit of loudness of sound
c. velocity at speed of sound normal temperature and pressure
What is the reflected sound that gathers in a central portion of the room?
a. dead room one characterized by large amounts of absorption
b. live room characterized by very small amounts of absorption
c. sound foci
What is the persistence of sound after the source of sound has stopped?
a. reverberation
b. resonance state existing in a system which is set into oscillation
c. pure tone simplest kind of sound composed entirely of sound waves of a single frequency
What is a utilization equipment which is generally industrial built in?
a. alternator a generator of alternating current
b. ammeter device used to measure rate of flow of electricity
c. appliances
d. capacitor device for storing electric energy
What is a surface, material, device, or obect that scatters light or sound from a source?
a. dimmer controls intensity of light
b. diffuser
c. rectifier device used to transform !" to #"
d. illumeter device that indicates light intensity in $ootcandle
What is a flexible armored conduit used to encase electrical wiring?
a. regulator controls the flow of current to the distribution elements
b. entrance cap cap that receives the service drop
c. utility box box used for maintaining light control devices
d. greenfield
What is an electromagnetic force flowing between the positive and negative terminals?
a. flux
b. voltage electromotive force
c. phase number of !" that flow in a conductor
d. watt rate or measure of power used or consumed
What is an electric device having a resistance which can be adusted?
a. regulator controls the flow of current to the distribution elements
b. ohmmeter instrument used to measure the resistance of a conductor
c. rheostat
d. insulator materials that resist the flow of electric current
What is the unit for quantity of electricity?
a. ohm unit of resistance
b. coulomb
c. volts unit of electromotive force
d. candela unit of candlepower
Furniture Design
What do you call the study that deals with human measurements?
a. anthropometrics
b. ergonometrics deals with space planning in relationship with man%s activities
c. ergonomics human factor engineering
d. carpentry is a process by which woodworks are manufactured and produced
Which &hilippine furniture is specifically designed for giving birth?
a. kapiya is a modified church pew
b. comoda is an exquisite chest drawers
c. butaca
d. gallinera is a wooden sofa that features a cabinet compartment below the seat
Which &hilippine furniture is usually used to store pillows and mats?
a. almario
b. aparador refers to a wardrobe with mirror attached to the door
c. paminggalan is used to store food and utensils
d. diban is a daybed
What is escritoire?
a. arm chair with closed arms is called bergere
b. a writing desk
c. hanging or standing shelves is called the etagere
d. crowning ornament on furniture is called finial
Who designed the '(arcelona "hair)?
a. *e "orbusier designed the adustable chaise lounge
b. !lvar !alto designed the cantilevered chair
c. *udwig +ies van de ,ohe
d. +arcel (ruer designed the cesca cantilevered chair
-t is a chair made of molded fiberglass rest on a cast aluminum pedestal
a. tulip chair
b. chaise is made of nylon stretch fabric over urethane foam
c. ribbon chair is made of tubular steel frame cobered with rubber webbing and pre.foamed latex foam
d. gyro chair is made of reinforced molded fiberglass
Materials and resources
-n fabric construction, what kind of weave requires an intricate series of hole.punched cards that tell the machine
which threads to drop?
a. twill weaves are those in which / or more thread pass over or under set of threads, skipping at regular
intervals to produce irregular effect
b. pile weaves are produced by loops of tuffs of yarn that stand out from the surface of the fabric
c. satin weave has a few interlacing and long floats
d. acquard weave
-n general finishes, what do you call the finishing process applied to fabrics for the purpose of removing fuzz of
protruding fibers?
a. gassing
b. beetling is the process of closing the weave and creating a heavy and compact appearance
c. crabbing is a wool finishing process to prevent creases of other forms of uneven shrinkage in later
stages of finishing
d. fulling is a finish applied to wool fabrics, it is a pre.shrinking process
-n special finishes, what do you call the finish that is given to loosely constructed fabric or fabric with low thread
a. slip.resistant finish
b. napping is a mechanical finish of subecting the surface of a fabric to a brushing process to raise the
fiber ends
c. antiseptic finish is a chemical treatment designed to make a fabric bacteria resistant
d. drip.dry finish also known as wash and wear, it dries smoothly and need a little or no ironing after
-n fabric design, it is a kind of applied design in which the block is pressed down firmly by hand on the fabric until
the color and design are transferred.
a. roller printing is a machine counterpart of block printing, designs are engraved on rollers
b. stencil painting is method of fabric painting in which the design is cut on a cardboard wood or metal
then color is applied, penetrating only the cut portions
c. block printing
d. discharge printing is another method of fabric design wherein the color is removed from the fabric
using chemicals, thus, creating design
-t is a kind of shade that consist of two rows of lightweight fabric seamed to fall into deep scallops.
a. roman shades have a flat surface when extended down, drawn upward by a cord and the surface
overlaps in horizontal folds
b. pleated fabric shades are factory manufactured and can be insulated, also called accordion shades
c. honeycombed shades have smaller pleats and are usually made of a heavy polyester fabric
d. !ustrian shades
What do you call the horizontal bars separating the glass pane?
a. casing is the fittings into the wall
b. mullions
c. frame is the wide molding covering the casing and the framing
d. muntins are the vertical bars separating the glass pane
What is also known as a synthetic chemical refrigerant?
a. ammonia gas used as refrigerant with water
b. freon
c. plenum an air compartment or chamber
d. effluent liquid which is discharged as a waste
! material which stops the transfer of heat is also known as?
a. humidifier device used only to add humidity in the air
b. conduction heat is transferred through materials
c. insulation
d. evaporator a process which refrigerant from liquid to gas
What is a cooling or heating element which is made of pipe or tubing?
a. damper device used to vary the volume of air passing a duct
b. coil
c. freon synthetic chemical refrigerant
d. relay device to control the thermostat
-t is a platform or car for hoisting or lowering passenger or freight.
a. governor stops car and grips counterweight in case of emergency
b. sprocket assembly where the endless belt of steps pass around during operation of an escalator
c. elevator
d. relay device to control the thermostat
What is a closed vessel in which liquid is heated or vaporized?
a. closed nipple pipe fitting with outside threads use for connecting pipes
b. condenser vessel where vapor is liquefied by removal of heat
c. damper device used to vary the volume of air passing aduct
d. boiler
-t consists of #" motors and the shaft of which is connected directly to the brake wheel and driving sheave.
a. gearless traction
b. hydronics the art and practice of heating and cooling with water
c. governor stops car and grips counterweight in case of emergency
d. hoistropes steel wires used to compensate cars and counterweights
0he receptacle in which liquid is retained for deposition of sediment is called?
a. drain pipe for wastewater
b. dip . lowest portion of a trap
c. catch basin
d. effluent liquid waste
0hese are vertical pipes which receive discharge from water closets.
a. standpipe vertical pipe used for the storage of water
b. septic tank receptacle for organic discharge
c. sludge accumulated or settled solid waste
d. soil stack
-t is a loud thumping noise that results from a sudden stoppage of the flow in water lines.
a. back siphonage backflow due to negative pressure
b. water hammer
c. escutcheon a flange used on a pipe to cover a hole
d. spigot end of a pipe that fits into a bell
What do you call a vertical pipe installed primarily for the purpose of providing circulation of air to and from any
part of the drainage system?
a. soil stack vertical pipes which receive discharge from water closets
b. fumigant gas, fume or vapor used for the destruction or control of insects
c. standpipe vertical pipe used for the storage of water
d. vent stack
-t automatically closes to prevent the flow of fluid in a reverse direction.
a. closed nipple pipe fitting used for connecting pipes
b. check valve
c. cistern reservoir for liquid
d. flush valve valve for controlling the flushing of fixtures
-t is the method of rendering a pipe fitting waterproof by using oakum or lead
a. caulking
b. disinfections process of inecting chlorine gas into the water
c. escutcheon a flange used on a pipe to cover a hole
d. fumigant gas, fume or vapor used for the destruction or control of insects
What is known as the deformation in which parallel planes slide relative to each other so as to remain parallel?
a. fatigue periodic reversal of stresses
b. shear
c. strain elongation of material subect to axial force
d. deflection deformation that accompanies bending of a beam
! column that is subected to both direct axial stress and bending stress is known as?
a. equilibrium state of a body in which the forces acting on it are equally balanced
b. cantilevered proected beyond it supports
c. eccentrically loaded
d. long column concrete column whose load capacity must be reduced, according to code requirements,
because of its slenderness
What is known as an imaginary line in a beam, shaft, or other bending, where there is no tension nor compression
and where no deformation takes place?
a. neutral axis
b. maximum moment bending magnitude wherever the shear passes through zero
c. torque the product of the force and lever arms which tends to twist the body
d. yield point unit stress at which deformation increases without any increase in the load
1nit stress in a bar ust before it breaks is called?
a. vertical shear tendency of one part of a beam to move vertically with respect to an adacent part
b. ultimate strength
c. yield point unit stress at which deformation increases without any increase in the load
d. working stress in the design of structures, the maximum unit stress permitted under working loads by
codes and specifications
-t is the tendency of a force to cause rotation about a given point or axis.
a. shear a deformation in which parallel planes slide relative to each other so as to remain parallel
b. stiffness ratio of the force applied to a structure to the corresponding displacement
c. moment
d. inertia state of rest or motion
-t is a method of concrete building construction in which floor 2and roof3 slabs are cast usually at ground level and
then raised into position by acking.
a. lift slab
b. flatslab concrete floor system which has no beam
c. cupping distortion of the board in which the face convex or concave across the board
d. seasoning kiln drying