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Weekly Technical Analysis Weekly Technical Analysis

for week commencing 24 August 2014 for week commencing 24 August 2014
Prepared by Nicola uke Prepared by Nicola uke

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Talking6/ore7 is uni8ue in that it is the only audio ser9ice in the world that is a9ailable 24 hours a day and e7clusi9ely
for /4 traders: 2t is deli9ered by our highly skilled team of Talking6/ore7 analysts around the clock from $unday
e9ening through to /riday e9ening: &9ery member of our team has a different market speciality and each one has a
number of years e7perience working for an in9estment bank; hedge fund or financial news agency:
<ost importantly Talking6/ore7 analysts are completely independent and neutral in their opinions:
GBPUSD weekly 9iew
We now ha9e a 9ery unusual , red weeks; and this last one a big red marabu=o bearish week:
-able has not declined 0 weeks in a row was the 11,+ $terling e7change rate mechanism crisis:
There is no crisis now so the chances of a bounce week or some consolidation back and fill are
rising: After blowing through the first fib target at 1:++%0 we are sitting on the (0week simple
mo9ing a9erage >one that cable likes?: We could see some support here and a backtest of
1:++%0 to start the week: Weekly marabu=o line resistance @ust abo9e at 1:++(0 should cap:
3b9ious weekly short target below at 1:+20%
aily 9iew
"reakaway gap lower on $unday open to 1:+(4+ support and the lower rail of the channel that
has contained it since the )uly swoon began; 2 am looking for a mo9e higher to test of 1:++%06
(0 before continuing lower:
EURUSD Weekly 9iew
After three weeks of do@is then the market finally broke lower with a big marabu=o mo9e into
1:%%4+ support: /ibonacci rules say ha9ing re9ersed at the +1:0fib of the 2011high62012low we
should go to the %0:2fib ne7t at 1:%14+ 5 this is also a good weekly support 5 resistance le9el:
aily 9iew
$unday gapped lower into 5 @ust through 1:%2 support: "etter support 5 weekly fib target is
lower at 1:%1(0: "elow that is all important 1:%01, >(0A retracement of rally from 2012 lows?
1:%24, should hold as resistance on any retest:
AUDUSD weekly 9iew
$till consolidating sideways abo9e April <ay lows: /ibonacci pattern fa9ours higher if we could
get some momentum going:
aily 9iew
August lows retested and bullish hammer keeps hope for the bullish gartley fibonacci pattern in
play: .a9e to clear pi9otal 1%20 resistance for this to go higher; until then this is a range trade
and we risk the range lows at 120+ retested:
USDJPY weekly 9iew
.uge breakout week; broke abo9e <arch highs at 104:24 and confirms double bottom and
target of 10,:420: "efore that we ha9e to clear the dark grey trendline on chart which is from
the 1110 5 200, highs and the 10(:+0 cluster of resistance
aily 9iew
/riday was a hugely 9olatile long legged do@i day and $unday night sees us gap abo9e those
e7treme highs:
10%:01 should be good support on any retest:
EURGBP weekly 9iew
2nside week after finding some support; "ullish bat /ibonacci pattern: 2 still fa9our buying dips
for minimum first target of 0:00,4 and then 0:01(, /eb14 lows
aily 9iew
This pair lo9es to mean6re9ert so could pullback to 0:,1(0 to buy this week: "elow 0:,14( my
bullish 9iew is wrong for now:
USDCHF weekly 9iew
After three weekly shooting stars B do@is this pair ripped higher to make new highs for 2014 and
flips the weekly trend to bullish: Weekly bullish marabu=o
"igger picture this chart is bullish and #$-./ should hold the <ay low and rally back to
0:12+(6,0 and then 0:1461440
aily 9iew:
"ull flag pattern measure rule >using pole? pro@ects target of 0:1%
!ood $upport to buy at 0:1010 and 0:111(
Weekly 9iew
"ig picture 9iew is we reached the (0A retracement of the 2001 high and sold off: We rallied to
the (0A of that sell off and are stuck there now: None of this is bullish yet unless we can break
up through these big fib le9els:
aily 9iew
$upport at 1:00(0 keeps the bull 9iew ali9e
1:010( keeps the bear 9iew ali9e
we need to break out of this range
EURJPY weekly 9iew
o@i week; failure to close abo9e )uly highs: 3scillating and forming a wedge at 2001 highs le9el
keeps bullish argument ali9e: Cery o9erbought #$)P* might ha9e an effect:
aily 9iew
Not the best looking yen trade out there 2<3:
GOLD weekly 9iew
The middle of a wedge and between the +1:0 5 %0:2 fib is a hard place to trade 5 we are still sat
here: Watching the trendline from ecember 201% low for a break or a long entry
aily 9iew
Watching the trend6line support
OIL #$ WT2 crude weekly 9iew
"earish acceleration after 2 do@i weeks: .5$ target has been met but !artley fibonacci pattern
says lower and the trendline from the 2001 low:
aily Ciew
39ersold but the trend is lower: Ne7t support 11:+0:
14:1+61(:00 good le9el to reload shorts:
DAX weekly 9iew
"ullish continuation week: While #$ stock inde7es are making new highs the A4 is struggling
to retrace back to (0A of the decline from the )uly highs:
aily 9iew
$till looking for 12,0 and 1+20 ne7t
S&P weekly 9iew
New high >marginal?: 2 like to see buyers pile in when a market makes a new high; otherwise if
the price @ust sits there its a flashing warning to get our to me:

aily 9iew
2f you look left you will see the patterns seems to be that the market makes marginal new highs
then price rolls o9er and corrects before mo9ing higher:
$omething to watch out for this week as we head into Dabour ay holiday weekend: