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Plaintiff(s) will file the Judge and Adversary

TYPICAL CASE FLOW: complaint and the Proceeding Number

Adversary Proceeding Adversary Proceeding will be assigned by the
commences. Court.

The next business day, case

At any time from commencement to
managers will quality control the
closing, the plaintiff, defendant or
filed documents and will make
Pre-trial hearing is held. other parties may file pleadings
needed corrections (or enter a
The parties will inform the appropriate to the case. Although
notice requiring the attorney to do
Court of the status of the these vary from case to case,
so). Then, the Court will issue the
Adversary Proceeding. common pleadings include pre-trial
summons and scheduling order
compliances, motions, objections
setting the hearing date and
and agreed orders.
disclosure deadlines.

Will Adversary
Proceeding be set Yes
for Trial?

Adversary Proceeding is
No set for trial. Discovery
deadlines are set. A
deadline may be set for
dispositive motions.

Motion is filed to dispose of

Adversary Proceeding, e.g., a
Motion to Approve Settlement, The parties will file
Motion to Dismiss, or Motion trial briefs and
for Default Judgment. exhibits as set
forth in the Order
for Trial.

The Court enters

the Judgment that
Trial is held by the
disposes the

Disposition of Adversary is
entered by the Court. Case
will remain open for at least
10 days before closing to
allow the appeal deadline to

The Adversary
Proceeding is closed by
the Court.