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Daily Technical Analysis Levels Daily Technical Analysis Levels

for 27 August 2014 for 27 August 2014

Prepared by Nicola Due Prepared by Nicola Due

Page 2 !"P#$D %#&#$D
Page ' A#D#$D #$D(P)
Page 4 %#&!"P #$D*+,
Page - #$D*AD %#&(P)
Page . !old /T0 1il
Page 7 DA2 $3P-00
Taling4,ore5 is uni6ue in that it is the only audio service in the 7orld that is available 24 hours a day and e5clusively
for ,2 traders8 0t is delivered by our highly silled tea9 of Taling4,ore5 analysts around the cloc fro9 $unday
evening through to ,riday evening8 %very 9e9ber of our tea9 has a different 9aret speciality and each one has a
nu9ber of years e5perience 7oring for an invest9ent ban: hedge fund or financial ne7s agency8
;ost i9portantly Taling4,ore5 analysts are co9pletely independent and neutral in their opinions8
$unday nights gap lo7er support level holds a retest8 *onsolidation pattern <possible botto9ing=
pattern for9ing 7ith necline at 18.. but no7 potential double botto9 if 7e clear the necline
targets bac to 18... <that level again>=
+ourly vie7
&esistance 18.-.' 18..'0<9a?or= 18... 18..@2<;ay lo7= 18... <9a?or=
$upport 18.-'-A: 18.-27: 18.4-04-.<9a?or= 18.'7- 18.2A'<9a?or 3 short s7ing target=
*onsolidation range belo7 the unfilled $unday gap broe lo7er and no7 ?ust shy of testing
18'147 7hich is $& level <3 'Afib 2011 high42012 lo7=8
+ourly vie7
$upport 18'1-. 18'14A<9a?or= 18'017<9a?or=
&esistance 18'242 18'247<9a?or= 18''00 18''1.
Daily vie7 $till stuc in the 7edge of last ' 7ees8 A brea long 7ould send A#D#$D bac to
the top of the range since April at @4.0 so a nice &B& trade8
,our +ourly Cie7
&esistance 08@'2A<9a?or= 08@'4A 08@'7' 08@410 08@4-.
$upport 08@2A7 08@2'A 08@20A<9a?or= 08@1''
Daily vie7 D do?i day8 $till up here at nosebleed levels and consolidating 10'87- good support
for no7: pull bac to 10'80@ should be good support on any retest8 DonEt fight the trend yet8
,our +ourly Cie7
$upports 10'87-<9a?or= 10'84- 10'80.
&esistance 10480'<9a?or= 104870 1048AA
Daily vie7 D bearish inside day8 ,ailure to hold 087@4@ <-0F retrace of the rally= negates 9y
long vie7 for no7 and need to see ho7 the 7ee closes8 No co9pelling trade here
4 hour chart vie7
$upport 087@4@4-4 087@'04'4 087A@0
&esistance 087@744A0<9a?or= 087@@7 08A0'-<9a?or= 08A074<9a?or=
Daily vie78 AT @1A- #$D*+, has 9ade A"G*D e6ual 9easured 9ove s7ings fro9 the ;ay lo78
The price action and bull flag suggest higher prices but this point even if it does not hold 7ill
liely be a pause level8 "ull flag pattern pro?ects 08@' so technically still a buy dips 9aret8
,our +ourly chart vie7 D bearish shooting star off resistance
$upports 08@14.<9a?or= 08@1-.<2014high= 08@1'' 08@2704A0 08@'<9a?or=
&esistance 08@1A04A-<9a?or= 08@210 08@2'7 08@'1'
Daily Cie7 after tripping the stops above co9ple5 double top 180@A2 price is reversing8 "elo7 8
"elo7 180A70 sets up 180A04 3 180774
,our +ourly vie7
$upport 180A70 180A444-0 180A04 <9a?or= 180774
&esistance 180@704' 10@8A- 18102. 1810-- 1811'- 1811AA4181200<9a?or=
Double topped at 18'A 3 continues to head lo7er as %#& is under pressure8 %#&(P) should find
support 7hen %#&#$D does
,our +ourly vie7
$upports 1'.8A. 1'.8-@ 1'.8'.442
&esistance 1'7810 1'7842 1'7870 1'A800 1'A824 <200@ triple top=
Daily vie7 D "roe higher fro9 consolidation range around the 127. leveL8 And price has
returned to breaout level8 This is an entry point for bulls8 A 9ove higher here is a good bullish
hourly reversal buy signal8 Ne5t resistance 12@2
+ourly vie7
&esistance 12@2 12@. 1'00 1'07<9a?or=
$upports 127A 127A<9a?or= 12.A 12.- 12'A<9a?or=
OIL #$ /T0 crude
Daily Cie7 D $ide7ays consolidation: no bounce8 /edge or pennant pattern could beco9e a bear
flag8 @-800 3 @-82' still loo lie good areas to reload shorts for @18.0 !ood level for bounce
longs but not a good enough level for s7ing longs yet8
+ourly chart
$upport @'811 @2877 @18-0<9a?or= @182'<(an lo7=
&esistance is at @-80042- @-8@0 @.8-0 @78'- @@8004@@8'0<9a?or= @@8A0
Daily vie7 88 Previous support often beco9es resistance so the DA2 is banging its head here
and also the .18AF retrace9ent of the rally fro9 lo7s of '7s ago8 A sell entry for do7ntrend
,our +ourly vie7
$upport at @-2- @411 @'-0 @1.A<9a?or=
&esistance @.1A<9a?or= @74A @7@0
Daily vie7 D $till nocing around 2000 and holding above8 No price action to sell yet8 /e could
be here all 7ee 888
,our +ourly vie7
&esistance 200041 2017<9a?or=
$upport 1@@1 1@A04A'<9a?or= 1@7A