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Evelyn Mahlaba is Regional Director: Africa at South African Tourism.

Her primary responsibility is to oversee both the strategy and operational implementation
of South Africas destination marketing work in various key markets in both East, West and
Central Africa.
Her position as Regional Director: Africa is one that carries enormous responsibility.
Amongst her many responsibilities, she assists South African Tourism in building
relationships with the African travel trade to enable those partners to easily sell South
Africa to millions of African tourist to ensure sustained tourist arrivals growth for
destination South Africa.
Evy (as she is affectionately known) has a wealth of experience, an enviable and sterling
track record in travel and tourism. She began her service at South African Tourism in 2004
as Global trade Relations Manager. In this position, she was responsible for developing the
global leisure sales strategy and the marketing tools needed for its implementation.

She worked closely with South African Tourism trade Relations managers, in the various
markets across the world, in the interpretation, application and localisation of strategy for
optimal results in this role. Her contribution continues to benefit the destination, as the
travel trade community as well as media remain valuable and powerful partners of the
destination marketing team as South African Tourism.
In 2009, Evy assumed the role of Regional Director: Asia, Australasia and Americas and she
served in this role until her recent appointment (in April 2014) when she took up her
current post of Regional Director: Africa.
Evy possesses a rare combination of creative intelligence and a sensible practicality,
bringing her immense knowledge of the industry. She is also known for seamless delivery,
outstanding people skills and great leadership thats characterised by consummate
communication skills. She is an unrivalled team player.
I am passionate and excited about my new role to lead the marketing work that South
African Tourism does on the African continent. I am fortunate to count excellent and
inspired marketers among my colleagues. We share a fervent desire to invite the world to
come and visit South Africa: a country we love and we believe in completely. I look
forward to inviting more of our African tourists to South Africa.
Evy has also worked for South African Airways, the Airports Company of South Africa as
well as Sun International. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communications degree
from the University of the North West. She also has BA in Business Management degree
from De Montford University in the United Kingdom (UK).